The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana on April 18, 1930 · Page 4
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The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana · Page 4

Tipton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, April 18, 1930
Page 4
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FOiJa SB* SSPTOrf SAfLf tUtBttWS FROM VIRGINIA. C. W.v Merritt and k Wife Drive Throagh to Attend Fuettl. THE minute an omelet is hot from the pan, it is puffed up, tender... at its bestl.. ! , And the minute vegetables;are fresh from the garden, all their flavor, all their juice 'arc at their high point. The way to have white wax beans while they are tender; and carrots when so crisp they cook creamy before they are . creamed . . . the way to have all ^vegetables at their climax- tune of freshness, is to pick them from a garden: of your own. And the way to grow vegetables approaching perfection is to plant Ferry's, purebred Seeds. These seeds arc perfected the way breeders perfect cattle. A Ferry-bred tomato is no more like an ordinary tomato than Ferry"-s sweet corn is like horse corn. Find Ferry's purebred Sends at tho "store around the corner." And "write for Ferry's. '] Seed Annual. This.givesjyou 73 years' experience in gardens before you start—ncivs of mulch paper—and even of better ways to cook vegetables. D. 31. Ferry & Co., Detroit, Michigan. P. S.-THE GARDENER HAS NO SECOND CHANCE, PLANT THE BEST. C. W: Merritt and wife of Roanoke, Virginia',!: arrived in Tipton, Thursday morning at 1:00 o'clock,; having been Called here by the death of, Mr. Mer- ritt's'' father; i Alonzo Merritt which took place at his home in Kemptori Tuesday. '!. .Mr. Merritt! and his wife made an ijnusually quick trip .motoring through. They left Roanoke a few minutes after 3:00 o 'clock Wednesday morning, making the trip of 540 miles in less than 22 hours. They had unusually good luck in having no machine trouble of any kind land with few exceptions good • • roads all the way. O. B. Murphy of Roanoke accompanied them. The Trip is not a new experience for Mr. and Mrs. they have driven through each year to visit the father and other relatives here. { . Funeral services for the father held Friday morning and they will return .after that, fljlrs. Merritt .is a sister of Mrs. Bob Martin and Mrs. Frank Graham of Tipton and they are. visiting with them, also.. SAW BOYHOOD HOME. ^^^^^^^^^^^ Birthplace of Geo. P. Schulenborg ' Grown Up With Locust. j« I via3> Want freth lima bean* toiih Sunday roastt? Eleven tender varieties are in this Annual. Only purebred teed* can _ produce their rich, buttery flavor. KAino MKRGER UNDER QIIZ. ANOTHER JAMJ3S COCHRAN. Just ire Department Coiircrned Olio in Madison'County Running Were Jit Conncrsvillc. Over Plan of Three Dig Firms. "Washington. April 17.—The department of justice announced that it was investigating the proposed affiliation between the ltadio Corporation, General Electric Company and Weslinghouse Electric Company in the manufacture of nuiio equipment and was concerned about it. For Democrat Trustee I'lace. James A. Cocli.ran of Cicero township is asking for the Republican nomination for trustee of. the -township and has no opposition. Mr. Cochran is sure of the nomination and will be the stand- i Mr. and Mrs. Walter Molden ; and William Hinkle of southwest of Tipton and Miss Evelyn Dorothy Messmore of! Chicago, niece of Mrs. Molden, who is visiting at the home, motored to Conners- vilie Wednesday and spent the day with Mr, and Mrs. Earl Winchester. During the day Mr. 'Winchester George F. Sc.hulehborg, custodian of the courthouse who recently made a business trip to Ripley county, visited his birthplace while there, which is near Olean. The old house in which he was born is still standing although' the roof is falling in and the land once cleared and tilled by his father is now' grown over .with a growth of locust trees some of which are large enough to cut. The place passed |6ut of his father's hands many years ago and the Tipton man found that the farm'-had been sold for taxes at i the last tax sale. Two old well? near the house, which he remembered were still thjere but these were • about the only landmarks he conld ^recall. Mr. Schulenborg left the place when he was a* lad six years of age. '' Income From Big Gas 1 Well May $100,000 a Day. THEY! DON'T REALIZE Oklahoma City, April 18 Having worked hard Gupher Reach -'' !al farming, to make' a all their lives, trying dairy pay on niggardly scrub-oak land, "Vine" Sudik and his wife, Mary, have been unable to realize yet | that they are millionaires' and will never have to work again. They have money in hundreds of thousands of dollars that rolls in upon them without work, j and they are| awed by it, be'eause heretofore the dollars came in dribbles.- '. '! j I ' I ' •' The weath came SOJ suddenly' thej old habits of unremitting toil' that it has rather stunned them; still cling to them, j Their ijvealtlv is too its [meaning to dawn fully, and, although it day] noon,' and they were liyijig in Oklahoma City, two of thej Jspns wer!e sitting, in blue overalls as they wo'ujd on a Sunday on| the acres 6t iypur oil royalties out there where the Mary Sudik.No. X Isf ; I told him I would, and if he cures me, il'll keep my word." Thatwould be'a feet that may mount' upj to more than a mil- lie n dollars and illustrates that Sudik dojes no realize the value of hiu holdings. The Sujdiks are , Bohemians'. Beth he and his wife eame to Colfax county, Nebraska, with their parents when, very young. .'- ' recent for upon! jthenv was \ Sun- to break' dairy farnip ard bearer for his party. j , 'Over in Madison -county in; who is manager of the Auburn JDuck Creek township another j automobile factory at Conners- ( . j James Cochran is running for the! ville, accompanied | Mr. Molden ' humiliation for trustee but he is • and Mr. Hinkle On a complete I INTERESTING FACTS, i Nomination for trustee — — "—«——»>:asking the nomination at the i tour of the plant Did you know that America has! hands of the Democrats. Accord- i men are employed more smallpox now then any ofjing to reports from that township j the factory is 75 the other countries? And did you j he will be nominated for the of- know that Indiana ranks at the fice. | • i head ef the list of all states? Are So far J s is known-the men are we going, to follow in the. foot-.! not relatcu , tho Madison county steps of. the Philippines? Are wo| MI| havhlg , )een . , )oni and rear . going to pay the price of our care-: ed jn Duck Crcek low]lship in lesKiiess?;- —TIPTON RED CROSS 1 CHAPTER. I that county. 1 Get a Typewriter ribbons for all; iy >ij>"m machines. Tribune Press. Shelton permanent. Pol- Shoppe. Phone 583. c-109 where 1,"000: The output of. cars per day. The guests witnessed the complete construction of an Auburn car from start to finish. Mrs. Winchester also entertained Mrs. Molden - and Miss .'Messmore in a social way, jthe day being enjoyable for I all. Mr. .Molden and- family returned home 4 late in the evening. ATTIC SLAYER IN COURT. Sxpccteci to Plead Not Guilty to Oesterreich Murder. Los Angeles, HApril IS. — The Sanhuber, attic-man slayer of Fred. Oesterreich, wealthy retired garment maker, yesterday was summoned before Superior Judge Walton J. Wood to plead .to a charge of murder. : Sanhuber recently was indicted by the county grand jury after he had confessed killing the garment maker nearly eight years ago. '.. ; ji His attorneys indicated their client would enter (pleas of not guilty and not guilty by reason of insanity. GRAF CLOSE TO HOME. YEARAGE! Therein word that every houseowner biight to know.. There's the word that ought to be the basis of your every paint purchase. There's the word that tells why Devoe Lead & Zinc Paint is the best paint investment in the world 1 It means the same to paint that mileage means to tires. ' If you plan to paint your' house, stop in and I* let us tell you more about yearage. Let us tell you why Devoe [lasts one to three years longer than other painlls—whj it spreads 15% to 40% further—why > s the most economical paint .. you can put on yon*bouse. (OntiiiiieJT Iinprovenient. There is^.jtfmtinued improvement in the condition of Miss ; May Hohbs of southeast of Tipton, who underwent an, emergency operation for acute appendicitis Sunday morning at the Mercy hospital in El wood. She is reported to be making .a daily gain in strength and her condition most encouraging in every way. Miss Hobbsican now receive visitors" at the hospital. Visited Parents. Mrs. Russell - Frohman of Springfield, Illinois, visited Wed nesday and Thursday with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. H. C. Haw ley on North Independence street and her sister, Mrs. Lawrence Myerly and . family on North Green street.. The visit was an unexpected one, Mrs. Frohman deriving through from Springfield with a friend, Mrs. Deman of Springfield. : Retpoved to Home. Thursday evening,, the. ambu lance /from tlte -Young--, store v\: Dirigible Returns From Spuin to Germany Over French Territory. Chatellerault, ' France, -.April 18.^—The dirigible Graf Zeppelin, homeward bound to Friedric'hs- hafen frqm Spain, i passed ovor this place yesterday. A wireless from" the Graf said it expected-to reach Friedricbshafdn late in the da?. • old j farm.; It's hard with-old! habits. The second son, a er on a tract of 160 acres adjoin ingjthe original hpmestjead on his farm, milking his cows, un- from the' wild hint and stayieo; U. I' i til the rain of oil . ! II gusher literally forced his Icows out. ! / • • i / • Conservative estimates of expe- \ \ • . i rienced oil men were that the well was shojoting 200,00.0,000 cubic feet of gas a day into the air, all of which was lost. Gas sells for 6 cents a thousand cubic ^feet. That vvould b'e i$12,'000 wor.K of gas a day! dissipated in air. Sudik's one- eighth of !that would be $1,500 a day or $15,000 ih~ the ten days that gotj away from him. > f| -'I The well was throwing /out 56,000 barrels of oil a day. /At '$1.40 ^>e $70,000 (5l )0 worth one-eighth a' barrel that would worth a| day, or $700[ in ten days. Sudik's of that yould be $87,500. But not all the ail was lost. j In April, 1926, he bought the lpo! acres where the gusher is now fori $50 jari acre, and in November of that; [year he sold one-half his Where tomorrows styles may seen today fee CHRISTIAN SCIENCE SERVICES "Doctrine of Atonement" it the subject of the Lesson-Sermor in all ChnrcSes of Christ, Scientist, on Sunday, April 20. Ampng the 1 citations which comprise the Lesson-Sermon is the following from the Bible: "Ms fitOe chfldren; these things write 1 onto you, that ye sin not. And a any man sin ,i we have an advocate with the Father, Jesus Christ the righteous: And he is the propitiation for our sins: and not for onri only, bat alto for. the, sins -pf the whole world.; He that saith, I knew him, and keepeth not lib command- mnits, is a bar, and the truth li not In Urn. He that saKh he abid- eth in him ought htunrtfebo so tc wa^, ovsn^aa ha walked" (I John The ' Lesson-Sermon atoo . hv clodea the >Bow ]nf .citations from If you want the one hat that is becoming to you^ that u without question of the finest quality 4- that Will hold its shape and wear well, you will surely find it in bur stock of hew Easter tjiats j j . I ;-•.:•-.'. . i •'•.'• I j The many latesjt shapes and shades enable us to give tyou the mo it expert help [in cKboiiag the one h^best mited to your 1 and gas rights on fifty acres of It' at $50 an acre. He thought at the time that this was a good bar| gain,} but| it has developed sincii that he ! bartered >' hundreds of thousands' of dollars for a mere pittance.! j : |- : Oil men have estimated that if future wells on the Sudik lands produce as Mary" Sudik No 1 has, ai d production keeps up as it should, j'Vinc" Sudik might eas| :!;• have a'n income of from $50,000 to $100,000 a day, or perhaps more. But he does hot realize the meaning of such vast sums.! "I suffer from catarrh of the said. "I am " being one of the greatest sper thej world, here fn <)k| :y.. The'other day.this saiji to me: 'Mr. Sudik, if you, will you give me two head," *e treated by cialists lahomi ;doctor I cure In fWhafsj the use of being downhearted arid blue?'' said Mrs. Su^ dik. "Ijwas just as happy when we| had only that red laud that wouldn 't jgrow anything but roughage and a few cows that got ns| up 1 b'efore daylight | every morning, thing then We laughed just as we' do now. AVe've always had a lot to lie hap- Production of Pictures for j Children Urged at Geneva Meeting. FIELD Easter ecials Authentic Styles for All the Family Men's Sails $19.90—$27.50 Crepe Dresses $6.95427.50 Boy's Suits $4.95—$16.59 Hosiery Gloves "Underwear Shoes THE BOSTON STORE (A Home Owned Store for 74 Years) To:the Boys. IS LUCRATIVE •Geneva, April Is.—The present position of the cinema, considered from a standpoint of its recrear tional, instructive and educational value.for children, was throughly discussed by the League • of Nations' child welfare committee, last week. As a result, it has been admitted that, if censorship! is a valuable measure to protect children, more and better commercial productions are necessary in; films suiting child psychology. ! i Indirectly it has been admitted !aIso that the American productions are improving, From figures given by the several delegates it lit noted that the percentage of American films censored, in j their countries lias diminished, in Germany for ^nstance, from. 20 per cent to 3 per cent since:i92S. . Baiicom 'jdhnson, advisor! from the United [ States, told thej committee that in the United States the film producers are always glad to accept 'suggestions, especially if they are j beneficial from a! commercial j viewpoint. . "' j -. The report submitted by the League's educational cinema committee to the Graphic Institute at Rome regards the whole problem as most important, cpnsiderd In the light of statistic? showing that in America, children and young people sometimes constltutei as much as. 90 per cent of movie BRIAND TO TRY. A Tipton girl'has addressed an 'open letter to the ljoys.' She asks many questions. Dear Editor: I would like to ask a few questions of hoys who think it difficult to find a good girl. ' ••. F.irst,- where do you look? How do you treat her when alone with her? Do you drop her because she will; not pet?—just talks books, church, .good tinies, likes a good show," basketball game, goes to see sick people aa- well as jolly well.ones, works at . home and| helps, others as well if she liap-i pens along and they , are busy, j plays a little music, plays games; that are clean, likes a good timej in a'clean way, goes to Sunday | school and church every Sunday! possible. .•" ' ; Well, if you look on the street^ for her, you are not very'likely to! find her unless she has a good reason. Go to. the-homes and you wilt be welcomed. When you meet her, talk to her; you will find she will not run away. But will never run after a boy; it does not make'.any ..difference how much she would like to get acquainted.. It she is quiet you will have a chance to talk more. And I don't think yor would ev'jr be aslmmpd of anything she ever did in i. public—just. -.-'Watch yourself that you don't ' - I hope to see my letter in print hut'do not try to write to. me just tiecausc I aired my views. I will sign myself, A. Girl In Indiana. (Continued From Page 1.) it will be more helpful if he^ should himself write a memorandum, recommending the idea and pointing out its necessity and the good which would result, without, however, in any way indicating the exact lines, either political or economic, which such a federation ought to take. M. Briand believes a federation, riiiist just grow. It cannot be made, much less forced. If any agreement is to l>e reached among the twenty-seven states on even smaller matters for their mutual prosperity, there must be inevitably a slow beginning. Tribune ciassi'led ads pay. ARREST TRKHIWS'SERS. One Locked l'|> By Sheriff When He Applied For Lodging. ; Five men; three of them young fellows who were rtdfng the Nickel Plate's f:tst St. Louis- Cleveland train, were arrested Thursday night and will be given audiences and In Eurbpe r although I ai hearing in the court of Squire the' percentage Is not. as high, a greater- part of the audiences. -Regarding the films now [made for children, the' report says the the audiences become bored; once the.: educational factor looms too large. To encourage the production of. better films for children, the committee; urge .3 cooperation be-, tween the jpsychologjst, the, artist and the producer. i. ! "What the cinema industries are! actually producing for child- fen," the report stales, ."is poor in quality and insfgnficant in quantity for the simple .reason that the producer-wilt always prefer to work on less. specialised and more remunerative lines." . The committe favors tariff ex- empttofl tot Alms snttrng juvenile ».-as jthe/. bast jneaas of >a^;WnJip^ tug tMBmale pwlUIK^pf |fe Rice Friday afternoon. -Special. Officer. Troutman' ar-l rested "four, of the men, one ani elderly man!; from Indianapolis who was caught In the west yards. He was brought down town -and locked up- and the officer told • Sheriff Devault that a companion with him made his escape by-running. The officer described the man as having tho appearance of an Indian. About two'hours later a man answering the description applied at the jail (or permission to Bpend the night there:^Sheriff Devault questioned him but he denied 'having ran from, any officer earlier In the night. The sheriff was sure he was-rigtit^ however, and -leading the man into the jair staled to the eld*t pSkii,>-. ''Hfsre's ,iyour; part- h ^\V ^Ch^.Ie «DW Iao|ed up.|and Wiln ^dvkn'dsaid M tW cautht ^ioo^i^^eyt/* The man then c '(«faim ^lM;^as.:-tlie. feUow.^»; Diana Theatre Tonight and Tomorrow (Tomorrow Matinee 2:1,">) Shows 7:00 and 8:45 .iu-t Look Who's Here, Folks! HOOT GIBSON In 11 Xeiv All Talking Western "Courtiii' Wildcals" Ban^. crash, zowic, zip! Match this boy cot corners ami beat railroad trains! He's l-.cadin* for the tall timber with The Girl—and a whole town is on their trail! It's all a part of the picture that will keep von laughing with its cat -up» us ft thrill> you with its action. Sec the IM>.V whose father thought he was a "cake eater" I ilk his weight in wildcats! .Hs<». the Serial "Tarzan the Tiger" And One RecT of Fun. COMING SUNDAY and MONDAY What Songi! What a Cast! What LaBghs! (

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