Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on February 26, 1952 · Page 7
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 7

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 26, 1952
Page 7
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Phond 4600 for a WANT AD Taker Public Welfare Expenditures In County Total $68,007.72 EVENING TIMES, CUMBERLAND, MD., TUESDAY. FEBRUARY 26, 1932 SEVEN Public welfare expenditures in Allegany County last month totaled $63,007.72. A financial and statistical report by the State Department of assisted In Garrett County last month with each receiving an average of! $36.89 totaling 410.218.55. ; In Allegany County, 310 families { received an average of $85.11 each; with each case receiving an average of $26.53. A total of $2,635-37 was paid In Allegany County for the foster care of 57 children with each child receiving an average payment of $46.23. In Garrett County, $843.45 was spent for foster care of 21 children with each child receiving an average of $40.16. ' The Worry Clinic By Dr. Georje W. Cr»ne Public Welfare said the county'for aid to 850 dependent children board paid $25,737.37 to assist 681! totaling $26,334.18. A total of $9.-: •ged persons with each receiving j 937.40 was expended m Garrett in average 'grant of $37.32. | County to assist 128 families with .13715 dependent children with each: There were 277 aged Individuals Nutritious Food for Lent Dorothy Wise Home Economist wrse 1 POTATO , CHIP* A receiving an average of $77.64. There were 24 needy blind individuals assisted in Allegany County with each receiving an average of $39.58 totaling $949.92. In Garrett County, $262.43 was expended to assist five needy blind persons with each being granted an average of $52.49. During last month, 139 permanently and . totally disabled persons were aided in Allegany County with each receiving an average * $39.60 totaling $5,504.65. / total of $2,629.20 was spent in Garrett county to aid 73 permanently and totaled disabled people, with each receiving an average of $36.02. In Allegany County, $6,745.23 was expended from the general public assistance funds to assist 172 cases with each being granted an average payment of $39.22. There were 31 cases assisted from the $822.37 public assistance funds in Garrett County E.dltor'« Note: God know» psychology better than we do, so he taught us to set up » code ol moral values, beginning with respect tor the Sabbath. Nervous breakdowns are part; of the price people pay for refusing to follow God's psychology. You can't Ignore 1 religion without suffering erosion of the soul. CASE C-330: Jim J., aged 21. Is an outstanding student at West Point. "Dr. Crane, we have suffered a i terrible blow," he began. "It was Maryland Institute of Fine Arts «>r: when go of our stu d e nts were dis- 25 years, will be featured at the Tri- charge( j for cheating on exams. "It gave us a black eye before the Schuler Painting To Be Exhibited An original oil painting by late Hans Schuler, • director of of those 90 West Point cadets, seem to think it is a minor offense to cheat and violate their oaths. Yesterday I told you about a previously upright farmer, who be- No sir, it is moral uprightness that makes a man. And that old-fashioned code, called the 10 Commandments, is still as modern as tomorrow's sunrise, despite the sneering reference to "horse and buggy" days. I was reared in one of those old fashioned "horse'and buggy" homes where my mother even prepared the food on .'.aturday to reduce to a minimum all Sunday work. We also the! the! State Art Ehlbit in the Cumberland gan to suffer from this same! did no buying on Sunday. erosion of the soul. And he soon began to erode the moral integrit;- not only of his far better than w« do. when he ordered us to break our week day slavery to ordinary duties. It stops nervous breakdowns! 'Copyright by the Hopfcins Syndicate Inc.) Trash Fire Checked West Side firemen were called last night to Lee and Greene Streets when papers in a sidewalk trash can ignited. No damage was reported. family, including hi 4 only son Tom, but also of the entire community. That's the tragic way it goes with all moral decay. Let one rotten apple appear in a barrel of good fruit, and soon the other apples develop tiny spots of decay. ! pected us military leaders to set an I Oh, they may be only pin point in Mrs. Howard L.j example of honesty. I size at the beginning, but soon the Free Public Library from March natior)> lor the public certainly ex- 3-31. His daughter, Briggs. Prostburg, said the study of chrysanthemums measures five feet high and about eight feet in width and was completed by her father in 1940. Schuler, who studied art in Paris and did many works of sculpture, is well-known for his talent. He died last year. Although his painting will not be in competition with other entries of the exhibit, residents of the area will be given an opportunity to view Schuler's work. The annual exhibit, according to Mrs. .William' C. Van Newkirk, chairman, includes paintings, wood carvings, sculpture and other phases of art. The event is being sponsored ocally by the American Association of University Women and the dead- ine for entries is tomorrov. And to this day I have never studied on Sunday, nor did I ever iRec Board To Consider | Three For Director Three applicants are being considered for the recreation director post here. The .Cumberland Recreation , Board Is slated to meet later thlt I week in the office of Mayor Thomas JS. Post, Clifton Van Roby. chalr- iman. said yesterday. do so in college. Oh, I often studied till midnight Saturday night. But never on Sunday. And I never suffered in school marks, from deferring to Sunday. Indeed, I have never yet seen an instance where I was worse off because I respected Sunday. . For God understood psychology "And those men had been put on their honor, too! How do you account for such a terrible thing?" Moral Decline Ever since 1932. America has been in a serious moral decline. The old emphasis on pride in one's output became secondary to shorter hours, higher wages, and "get by with anything you can." "Sow the whirlwind," wind runs and ye reap the a moral truism that is being demonstrated today. The national has recently seemed shocked at the expose of gambling on the part of college athletes, who accepted bribes to throw basketball games, or even shave down 'the score to benefit the gamblers. . Many college students, even when placed on their honor, as was true entire barrel : spoiled. Back To The Bible We were told, after 1932, that the old things were obsolete. In sneering disdain, the past was catalogued as of the "horse and buggy" vintage. But the 10 Commandments and Christ's crucifixion on Calvary were also "horse and buggy" milestones in man's moral evolution. Speaking solely as a psychologist, may I remind you that morality is the chief factor that separates man from lower animals. It isn't our higher I. Q. for brainy men may be wolfish or bestial, as remember Hitler, et al. HOUR DRY CLEANING SERVICE Call and Delivery CITY CLEANERS & DYERS PHONE 3856 1851 ' COOD COODS COME IN] .LITTLE PACK AGES j 1952 High quality ..» low cotH WE BELIEVE NO HEARING AID NEED SELL FOR MORE THAN $75 If any $200 Hetring Aid IN YOUR OPINION in any way outperform* * $75 Zenith, YOUR MONEY BACK (under our UNCONDI- ^UEARIUG' TIONAL 10-cUy return privilege) HK«ltll«W . ANDYOUARETHESOLEJUDGE. AIDS *- Ion* Conduction Devic« Avo(loW» al Moderate Extra Coil „ New PERMAPHONE '* Re*erve Battery Switch * Fingertip Tone and Volume Controls Batteries for All Aids—On-the-Spor Repair Service OPEN A BUDGET OR CHARGE ACCOUNT FEBRUARY FINAL SPECIAL LADIES' FLAT HEEL GREEN or RED STRAP CASUALS CANDIDATES FDR MAYOR AND CITY COUNCILMEN CANDIDATES FOR MAYOR -The following persons have Hied statements and posted the proper fees qualifying them as candidates for nomination for Mayor of the City of Cumberland, Maryland, under Section 10 of the Charter of the City of Cumberland (1950 Edition, being Article 1A of the Code of Public | Local Laws of Maryland) as amended by Chapter 477 of the Acts of the General Assembly of Maryland, 1951, at the Primary Election"to be held March 4, 1952, in the City of Cumberland. Maryland, and wJiose name* shall appear on the Official Primary Ballot in alphabetical order, a* follows: WILLIAM H. BUCHHOLTZ 713 FAYETTE STREET ROY W. EVES 101 WASHINGTON STREET CHARLES W. HENSELL 435 VIRGINIA AVENUE S. RUSSELL MINTER 307 SOUTH CENTRE STREET CANDIDATES FOR CITY COUNCIL The following persons have filed statement* and posted the proper fees qualifying them as candidates for nomination for City Councilmen of the City of Cumberland, Maryland, under Section :o of the Charter of the City of Cumberland (1950 Edition, being Article 1A of the Code of Public Local Laws of Maryland) as amended by Chapter 477 of the Acts of the General Assembly ol Maryland, 1951, at the Primary Election to be held March 4, 1952. in the City of Cumberland, Maryland, and whosa names shall appear on the Official Primary* Ballot in alphabetical order, as follows: J. WALTER BYER ' FRAr4K J. DAVIS JEREMIAH T. DEFIBAUGH WILLIAM J. EDWARDS WILBUR E. FOGLE AGNES R. GRIMES EDWIN M. HORCHLER WILLIAM V. KEEGAN JOHN J. LONG EDGAR REYNOLDS LUCILE W. ROEDER KEITH T. SISK GEORGE H. TEDERICK RAYMOND F. WHITEHAIR r 2— Saint Peter and Paul Hall Fayctte Street 2— Saint Peter and Paul Hall Fayette Street ILLUSTRATED. .. Graceful. 7S Bell Shaped sleeve, tuxedo front. 2S inch length. Expensive Looking Virgin Wool Sunshine Tweed And Only .... One of a group of flattering styles . . . taffeta lined ... in luscious spring shades. Misses' sizes. nr fort]/ .wen bnltimorc street REGULAR 5.95 VALUES Women's & Children's Bedroom Slippers $1.00 You want 0 cabinet that will "hold up" . . - that will be firm and rigid even when Its shelve! are loaded with heavy canned goads! You'll be sure with these Walters. They're better-built. of heavier-gauge »teel thot't electrically-welded »o it's practically like one piece. THE FAMILIAR WAITERS STYLE NOW AT LOWER PRICES THAN EVER BEFORE SINGLE-DOOR CABINET $-£.93 Wall Cabinet Ensemble PHONE 2708 FOR AN EVENING APPOINTMENT ! 405-413 VIRGINIA AYE. 36 GREENE STREET 613 MARYLAND AVENUE 208 GLENN STREET 225 COLUMBIA STREET 216 PIEDMONT AVENUI 638 WASHINGTON STREET 621 BEDFORD STREET 310 CUMBERLAND STREET 518 RIDGEWOOD AVENUE 615 LOUISIANA AVENUE 808 TROST AVENUE 306 BEDFORD STREET •186 THOMAS STREET 701 HILL TOP DRIVE PRIMARY ELECTION NOTICE Primary Election will be held in the several Wards and Precincts of the City of Cumberland, Maryland, for the nomination of two <2> candidates for Mayor and 'eight (8) candidates for City Councilmen 'on TUESDAY, MARCH 4, 1952 From Seven O'Clock A. M., to Seven O'Clock P. M. POLLING PLACES 1— Precinct 1— West Side Fire Station Greene Street and Walnut Plac« 1— Precinct (A-K) 1— Precinct (L-Z) 1— Precinct 3— Mt. Royal Avenue School 1— Precinct 4— West, Side School Paca Street 1— Store Room 119 N. Centre Street 2 — Canada Hose House 402 N. Mechanic Street 1— Mrs. Emory Wilson's Residence 430 Columbia Street 1— Mrs. Emory Wilson's Residence 430 Columbia Street 2— Thomas B. Cumiskey's Residence 310 Franklin Street 3— Clarence Riser's Storeroom 712 Bedford Street 1— City Hall Rotunda 2 — East Side Fire Station Frederick Street 2— East Side Fire Station Frederick Street 1— St. George Motor Company Building 215 S. George Street, 2 — Charles Borar's Residence 318 Maryland Avenue 2— Mrs. Mildred Trezise Residenci 315 Maryland Avenue I—Helen Wolford's Residence 743 Maryland Avenue 2— Clara KimmPiVs Residence Third and Sprir.ertale Streets 2— Clara Kimneii'f Residence Third and Sprir.zdale Streets 3— Soirh Er.d Fire Station Third anri Rare SrJeeU 4— Miss Krir.a Cnarlw.ek's Residence 401 Gr.inr! Air:i;;<! »— John Hun-.hird School 1220 Elia Avenue eh?.s S.'hoM i Avenue 7—.= . T Brirr-rr.arkle O'.'.'.rn WALLACE G ULLERY City Clerk Ad». T—Feb. 25-2627; N—Ffb. 26 27.21

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