The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 1, 1940 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, January 1, 1940
Page 3
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BT.TTHEVn.,LE C.AKK.V COURIER NEW! Spawn Of "Terrific Tiling Self Sufficiency Gains As II Duce Keeps Oul Of War ROME (ui.)_uai y t . afriPll Olll •Mussolini's Riwlst precept of "Live Dangerously" durluij the past 12 months, yei as the year 1939 came to a close it still remained aloof 'ran the European conflict in « slate of armed preparedness, ready l° BO to war iiijaliisi Commuiilsui or take :m active part In a wn- t-ral peace settlement. t 0T |' e !Cai ? tim<ls out '» the Ws- fuhicss \ V it h which" Bcniio C 'M?isso- llnl KKsciicd himself m i he mtoi- natimml field and the way in which ie developed self-sufficiency wlth- ijMhe confines of the Italltin Em- Nine Eve-nls Significant The most significant Italian events or 1039 in their chronolo"- ical order follow: 1. Dcvclopnifiit of Italy's claims upon Prance, including Djibouti Tunisia, Suez and Corsica. 2. Occupation of Albania by Kalian armed forces and unio'i of Albania with Italy, 3. Collaboration of Italian le"ion- ary forces in Die final drive against Republican Spain which resulted in the complete victory of Franco. 4. Setting up of a military alliance with the Reich government 111 lurthcrance of the Rome-Berlin axis. 5. Peace efforts on ihe part of the government to prevent war before the conflict started on Sept 1 6. Declaration of Italy's non-belligerent stand without, however altering lt s position outwardly in the Rome-Berlin axis. 7. Building up of a peace buttress m the Balkans, through n scries of friendship treaties and efforts at friendly arbitration, aimed at ironing out all differences among these smaller states. 8. An unexpected shakcup at. the end of the year involving the government, the Fascist party and Italy's armed forces. 0. Pronouncement, of an anti- Communist policy which became mlesisified when H\issia attacked Finland. Shipping Activities Kisc -•-.y-.wy.vv-iy-vjvvwy - V L-l • ,'.* t «S-^ 'Frozen 5 Grace PAGE THREE N<:\v Tadics Nraissiuy As H«iK! Building Cains Slowly KO.VCi.-Vlrlunllv do il'' iih Una- In the (Irst th<- Kliio.,l,Ljiai U . sl , ho'itll- . the ulilmvii' Air command has ', UMli lu'Hi nuiklii" painful '••is loiviml n-!ilkatlr>n oi (i,.n- i mid Chlaiir. Kui-slicit-d pro- >W plain's. '" ^ ' " X ' <>ln ' iine'w pliuii'is roam ihe' skies IVI|iliii! to e.'anton and from Mmiiiiliul to Ihe fiir-iVMlfin ,,,,,i till of Cli The book dosrs on ,he la s l pagf «r () ,e |«, year of «, e ~n, e Vtnme Tlli ,. lk . s BV WILLIS THORNTON I 1 d his bus,,, :s,s or At the same time, Italy developed a self-sufficiency campaign through autarchy, an elan extension of commercial and shipping activities as the European war got underway. . From Britain,. .Italy took over principally shipping. Prom Francs" Italy won away tc:itlle and leather goods markets while it replaced Germany in the manufacture of hospital and sanitary instruments Also, Italy increased efforts to develop Die cinema, which has been virtually nbaneioucd by the warring nations, and there is'every reason to believe that Rome's Cinecitta— Cinema City may become the Hollywood of Europe. Italian dressmakers also threatened at the close of the year to rival the famous style-houses of Paris, which, under the stress of war, have had to cede as never before to Italian influence. Cheap Tower Produced In the realm of self-sufficiency Italy made record strides, attaining such achievements as extraction of industrial alcohol from sugar cane, the substitution of cheap electricity for gasoline in almost all public conveyances and the perfecting of \vool fiber derived from miik. At Bergamo, n newly invented nuinrchica! automobile capable of running on water Instead of gasoline was successfully tested, propelled by the electrolysis of water the ear ran 14 miles over an uphill road. The- most important state reform during Die year took place in March when the King Inaugurated thc Chamber of Fasces and Corporations which replaced parliamentary form of representation by entirely economic representation wherein both big and little business, trades and arts, white-collar the Tcrrlfflc Thirties will Ij For John Q. citizen, averag. the Forties are a clean, that better unopened bcok. (him ci-t •. to g et John has managed along. »e still has thc same job when the IKiO's opened. Beit it is poration now allccted by national reniila-jthe ' lion of a Wage and Hour law, and | 000 oping some form of public assistance "cip Through thc Warm Security Ad- was ministration, he hopes to ••»' - lilgh chiincc to go on a farm i - mice Cor- j further security for '» one of the 012,- Elincr says i|, b ill)| hnrd to of re- Only »l ai <Jhl» '"ii,T Uilnow MshU-rs - uiul most of ii'si- tin- HHwIiui-iilluicd-lo iMve I hi- J:i|i:nu W S (irf , n .|iosUIoii, Ni,| iv Hutu Ihive bomWni; w.tiad- n.s could be muslereil In „ nine), Unable le> re^Hiito with sheer •(•niiih of numbers, the- chines ale neloptcd u makeshift | V n c of uerlUa" rnleLs In „„ effort It, M-OI-C qultk, sui-iii-lsliii! successes Sui'iirlsi- mows Slnick. 'Avid- within H fortnlaht In Oc- oljcr. Ilii- Clilmwe struck at Han- kow, the imiin Japanese Imsc In Cemnil Chlnu. Us |,, B u , ompl)) . n . UM'ly small number of planes two ' sciuudrons. (he Chinese scoreel' two "siicwssra." While Japnni'.se plnnc-s were ic- I lurnliiB from their iiuionUsihl. rnlels over Ha'chwuii pi'ovince, two |s<|tiadrons of Chinese bombers swept In low over Ihe city to unload their ciuuo of bomlw. The John rcHecIs often on technical 1 ,,!,,,,,, ».. <' , . ' " progress. He knows that he K etV , , i '! mi llllt " fcw »""- • •• '"• '•'"'•ute'.s before thc raid a " littler automobile or clcclrlc re frieeiatcr or radio for the same or ess money Hum in 1030. But lie has .seen (lie new machinery cllnii- iiixllno the jobs In .steel ml'lls coal mines, and all industries. lie knows (hut production In most lines must raise far beyond Japanese —- planes, ob- AI-IIIMI lii the early moriiliii; elnrk- More Ihan 211 Japanese] bombers were reported to have been destroyed in the mid. for their . Watching cure-fully 1^,^ r^i T. :,rz: STurv 1 '' ciiii; - c ^ .,,. , ,.. . , , 'ni'ii.v pnc.lLce! tills nm'fnvmnnr',. , i., His pay is a little higher, Just about compensating thc cost or living nun. ni s own sons Hie sircain of new i ~- —. -.~*.i ,m,, nun i mju yijuijip ILT whom IJMfl mpinc ..«,». ,* ' '^iiiier tolas worKed by n strenuous elTort to unionize' the beglnnlnp of benefit*,,n,i!.I n, e > >roiiuctio » and thus make,show him - h^ry. His hours m ^ 0 ,,J J-^o^ - P** ^ ,-t where ^S^SS™f J< -^^'"K ~- •xs^^zi^i'tSi^*"'-»" ' ~~ ' '' ' by rnld- , "" S "° Skt>te " l » New VoA rink, displays Ilie grace which 1ms made her, nt ti,e nge ol 12 ' Ell B'i>"el'ti iircat. ngurc skating star. wiis (heir usual custom, « niehl of W j!.()00 feel. Mtirdermi" fire "from anli-idrci-alt batteries (jrccled Ihe unsuspecting piiuis. whl!ll (ho Illllte Was e.'lldl'd. nni' f,% households during Ihe ycnr ended in August,, 1938. Tlic study shows lhal where prices rose sharply the llfllfjtli^l.r ~..J .1 . . J househol ""'' cut down on quantity lcss to kce l' tllc tola ' sallsf(lcl »V «»cl nsserl en. set their 0 ,i the once of the YniiBte n m i Kliilliii/ rivers. This full, however, till- Jap- Heitiui to iippronch from the tnctlcal Social Security Act I'UISUC ASSISTANCE - \ ""-jv '- -nnig. » i/ rto&iri I (\i\t;i His sinLc has a sales tax of 3 per f roil ONK OJ' SFVKV fPll t /111 nirn»i.t KI.. „ i_i... . . _ . . ' ^" . on Oct. M. TI,C Chinese bombers approaches the Hankow airdrome- shortly after noon when ma-it of Ihe Jnpunc.w we-st uiui the south n s i inniieiu'M- | 0 outwit the pursnlls. The .•ie.itrhll^ht.*; sur- rouiKllnj; tin; city outlined «ppro.\i- inntcly the urea to be bombed. One iilBiil, the Japanese concentrated on the Industrial n rca In t he wi-slcrii suburbs. They droppcel heir bomlw h> o,t urea Ijoemded by sei-achlighLs-but leaincd the next day ihey hnil hit only rlco nclels. mllL's n-uin the objectives The .wnrchll(jhts hud been mewoel to mark H viiludeM eireei. China campaign. " s . n «»trn,utton to the Ivce 'M feet In dlamctei e'stlmated to ! !0 more thtm to " Ic r and 3800 Wonien smoke one-tenth of the •15 billion clfc'nrels used In Eiraland In a single year. H.C.L Burdens White Collars !„. j a p an 9STM|JAS0 m ^ House Built In 1850 Still Stands At Edge Of City! —•• ••••« tutu, omwv.uilivi workers and labor were all pigeonholed and directly represented on an equal economic footing. The occupation of Albania was carried out in February within six days, Italian aviation playing an important ro!e. Immediately after the occupation was completed Italy launched a redevelopment campaign of Albania which was being increased a,t the end of the year in connection with Italy's selfsuffi- cicncy campaign and general war preparedness. Defense 1'osilion Improved Bui most important was the strategic position which Italy ac- ejuircel as a result of unioii with Albania. Today Italy Is able to shut off the entire Adriatic by artillery placed on the heel of the Kalian boot and by artillery set up along the coast of the Albanian port of Vaiona. Separated by 44 miles, these two points are capable of crisscrossing their fire in miel- Atlrlatlc. The successful conclusion of the war in Spain, hi which Italian legionnaires helped Franco, \vas hailed here as another indication of Italy's military prowess. The withdrawal of nil Italian land nnel air forces from Spain was also emphasized In Rome as showing the disinterested attitude of Italy In thc Spanish <var which was do- ! scribed by thc Italian press as a ' "crusade asnlust communism." i Although Italy hati two military *••• "MiiM\.i* "J*\iJJiuthL plniies, with their fuel supply still de-op and lasting elfect upon arch- l "™Pta»lshed alter their own raids """ Philosophy atiel design ' wcro Ulmblc l ° 'alte oif. A running Itccturnl ' "-^l^iij lunl UUhJUl], particularly in this country where nil influences merge in (he peaceful mclliiiR pot of n dcinocrncy." Purely National Trend Forecast As Result Of War Crisis NEW YORK (UP)_War in various parts of tiic world and the Lev! said lhat ,..„„., abroad had stalemated ; sir's," not only, in \vnrrlne~natton.s I but also in mcst neutral countries The notable exception, he said was iliijy, wiitcij i:, planning nil international exposition In io.)i despite the European war. Study Atiroitl Curb til Travel nnel study abroad — "a .„ v*«, i\ i ;ULIiniy etas-fight between the Chinese ami Japanese pursuits from nnolhci near-by field took pliice over a 200-milu course, with thc Chlneso TOiinirli *""'"'"• tuuiac, witn the Chinese. 'n°"l"r,n ! !f cr , U »B »'ey sl'«t ''own two of lie Japanese. The raid tosses were age tanks. 1 planes and inii- stor- "• "• mi; NuiHI unci me. "" —im.-> uvcii mou{;nt' conseqiienl, /light of architects to!" standstill because cf tttli Tlivltn.1 f.1 _ 1 .. .. ... . 1 . ... Ihe American architect and of e uieatcst Influence on American architectural design and construction"—has been brought almost to the United Stales will have n stimulating influence on American architecture, according to a (luring J939 n . ' " 1C!d(: by world condition.',-. Lei-l sale!. does not mean (hat are shut off from outside ieli he added. "It'docs mean that we uim-imuon—niter which thei- ciri cannot send our American youth take the time to consolidate their Jtilinn 1 "broad to sliuly and to apply what rear and mon up thp n,'h±. '" Clr At least M per cent of Jnpiiu's offensive ability, military cxperUs say. Is baseel on control of the air. Chinese troops In .j !sn y P0 sl|) 0 tis flbaudon them when Japnncsc IJBhl bombers subjected them to day-long fire, nnd leveled the for- l«l ; tlficatlons. Japanese Iroops elrivliij; [ on an objective can sweep straight we , through without encountering nuy K. " uinssi'd Chinese bccaitsc of ncrial observation—after which they can nuill in 1850 — ,vs It Looks No What is believed to be the old- was erected adjoinhxr , h , • • , house near nivtlu>i-ii)» i<= th, i,m,^ ..... .i"J° ln '"K the original . Clarence Xcvi of New York, chair- ' they have learace'i'to mir'ilrcble,..-, jman of the Foreign Reunions We shall still | JD subjected to for- |(-ommittec of the American lost!- ci K" architectural Influences but euie oi Acnitccls. prcdictctl that ''i •* more eilrect nianuer for inanv Ihe United Slates would make def- of (he host, minds of other coun- lllltll nfiVOTlnoo !n..,n..,l ~ ,!_,. l,.,^« .. - here. mite advances lowarrt a distinc-, Wcs arc .,., B llaylllln , lcr( nnl%:nal architecture be- j Their culture will be applied dl- f world strife rcctly by (hem to American prob- est house near Blylheville is the Walker residence, one-half miel east of this city on the Barfield roael which was built about 1850. Although thc original structure has been aeieieei lo several times, there yet remains thc first log liousc of two rooms. At the time lie cut the logs from :hc woods for his new home here the late John H, Walker selected this site because il was slWill;- Higher than some of the other ground. Nearby he staked out the amily cemetery where thc Walkers buried their dead during those days before the War Between the . It was not long until more room vas needed for the growing family and two rooms were added upstairs with a stairway on the outside. All of the doors had wooden hinges. ^Later another house of four rooms successes during the year—Albania aiUI Spain—Mussolini developed a reputation as the No. 1 peacemaker of Europe. REDUCE SENSIBLY With a course of Swedish Mas- sa,;c anrl Vapor Balli.s. Healthful and Invigorating. MRS. RUTH LAWHON At Margaret's Beauty Shop and there now three small buildings on the lot John B. Walker, who owns me Property and who was the four h DOT,A,- n »: _r .. . . JL tUUI III cause of worlel strife. Two i:\posilinns Help •'The past year in architecture was one of extreme contrasts- of peace and war," Lev! sa ld, "It wil- ncssceS the construction of two - lems, of which they were formerly ignorant." Ouriiig summer months, steel ,. n ,, generation of this family In n Brcnl illlcrn '' 1 " ol "l expositions in the land now part of the WilkVr lhc Unitccl Stat " nml thc flestruc- Parfc and Fair Grounds nn ™ tion c( " le archi l e <:turc of the memb ast nmi o! o wo , - - ...... Brcnl illlcrn '' 1 " ol "l expositions in ! wcrkcr ' s " rc supplied with quanti- rounds member how he used to « canoe at the door of hU house slid ride to the Mississippi river 111 a boat. This was past nmi o! thc n ' U ' e time tl Houses ere Rev. H T older u» K „, ' ' " E;lcl1 in Europe is sure to have of BUmdrops and salt. The gumdrops provide energy and thc salt is cooling. New Tactics Employed Unable to concentrate sufficient pursuit planes to eicfcnd various cities, thc Chinese have adopted new tactics. For months, Japanese bombers on thc way to Chungking flew over the little Yangtze river port of Wnnhslcn. In August, as —"PRESCRIPTIONS.-- Safe - - Accurate Your Prescription Druggist Fowler Drug Co. Main ln and their ',a 11 of their .... ave been torn Mrs. c. B. ° r ' a '"ember of I the Robinson family and who hn the spent her life here, believes tha her | the Walker house Li the oldest hous left, here and this is said to be tin conce'nsiis of members of othe families who lived here then, ;i now. and descendants. The house Is now occupied b' lives in another house on (hi Walker property. WE WILL BBY YOOR GpBERNMENT LOflH COTTOK George //. McFaddcn & Bro's. Ageticy E. C. PATTOS, flgent Grand Leader Building ilOHEJIOW TOKYO (UP) _. Japan's ,vhite- collnr workers are i;oln R without new clothes mid eutlnu plainer food in an effort, lo make pre-war , -ar salaries cover llvlnu cosl.s, which soared iihout 35 per cent c elm-Ing two years e>f llu: China hcs- tlllllps. Munitions workers are profiling by the' ilomrsllc Industrial boom and branching out into hitherto unknown Ilnerles. as well as cut- liiB foods previously included only In Ihe diet, of (lie wealthy. But the cilice workers, whose salnrlcs have not. been Increased, nro skimping on foods and carefully preserving old clothes to make their Income sunk-lent. Thc sl<illslk'3 bureau of the cabinet lias Jusl completed 11 survey of conditions In 500 average NU-WA Laundry-Cleaners Phone 180 For lYoniiil Lntimlrv and Cltvininir .Service OTHfin SIZES ROPOlVriONATULY LOW // AT TODAY'S LOW PRICES! As Cftc Per Week Low As On Our BODCET PLAN PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. GAY & BILLIKGS, Inc. Phono 76 Farm & f Cityi! LOANS LOW INTEREST RATES EASY PAYMENTS-LONG TERMS | Fnslesl closing ser vicc of any mortgage loan l company doing business in this stale. FLORIDA BROS. & CO. Life Insurance Fire Insurance Investment Securities Osceola, Ark.

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