The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana on April 18, 1930 · Page 2
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The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana · Page 2

Tipton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, April 18, 1930
Page 2
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THE TIPTOtt Din.? ;TRIBUNB t i -i .Him,; Miner-Ellis Wilson ! Mrs. E. E Cantata Life Eternal-j-Hdltou [ The parts are as follows: 1 The Lord Relgnkb. (Choir) , | Man of Sorrows,! (Alto Solo and Choir) GetBsemane, (Men's Tjro-part Chorus). (Mfary, <flaiss Solo and Choir). A Whisper pi Hjope, (Soprano and Alio Duet). Dawns the ^ew I Day, (Women's Two-part Chorus, Men's Two- part Chorus, and Choir) , Hail to the King, (Tenor Solo and. Choir)^ " ..! The Morning Is Breaking, (Soprano and Tenor Duet) ! The King Comes (Choir). | The Redeemer (Soprano Solo). The king of Ghky Ye : Shall Live Solo and Choir). The Resurrection and the Lite (Choir). i Organ Offertory!—"In Spring Time"—Chaffin. Benediction aji<i closing response. j Organ postlude-j-"On Wings of Living Light—Cleaver. Forth, Triumphant, PIONEER WOMAN (Choir). Also (Tenor , Wesleyan Methodist Church (S. C. Kinnison, pastor.) Sunday school, 9:30 a. m. • Preaching services at 10:30 a. m. and 7:30 p. no.. The pastor who | has recovered from illness will jpreach at both services. \ Young People's meeting, Friday {evening at 7:30 p. m. . 1 r ;! - • : --r-f • (Continued Prom Page 1.) Nellie Brook of Indianapolis, 'Mrs. Esther ! Lowe of Sltelbyville and Mrsi Lela Colfimaii -of .Sheridan- and three sons, Herman Waller of Indianapolis, Lon Waller of Sheridan and John H. Waller of Prairie township, j former county commissioner. She; is':also survived j; by- a number of; grandchildren jand great grandchildren. The husband has been deceased for a number of years. (Several children!;are also deceased ' and she 'isj the last survivor ,'of her family, j: :'' '.'."•./. The Waller family resided in Prairie township for many years before moving to a farm", near* Sheridan'»and later to Sheridan. Mrs. Waller! who was remarkably! !. I - - i well preserved for one , of her, years,; was able to work about; the home until her lastillnessj and done lots ol sewing aiid fancy work j arid was a. great reader, keeping) in close touch with the! happenings'of the world. Except in especially close work - she pi not need to wear glasses and was alert in all her faculties. Safe was a woman much beloved in every conimunity'where she lived and was of an unusually] happy- and cheerful .disposition! and aflovely christian woman d3-; voted to her home, her church and her, neighbors and- friends 12 YEARS AGO '....' j , April lflj'tlKr Work of register \ng all women of- the fcounty for war purposes started here. Political Annatuceneats. The Tribune, from now until the date of the primary election, will carry political announcements in - this column; payment for the same must be made in advance. Emanuel Lutheran Church (Theo. Schwajn, pastor.) Sunday school at 9:30. Easter Morning; worship ! at 10:30. Holy Communion will be celebrated in-this service. Baptist Church I (S. ! A. Gordon, Minister.) "But now is Christ risen from the dead"—what does it mean to you that He ( is risen? Have you risen from the old life of sin and despair to walk with Him in this new life of peace, and righteousness here and howj and the blessed hope of eternal glory when this preparatory experience is completed?' Next'Lord's Day we celebrate nineteenth hundredth anni- •ersary of our Lord's vict6ry over | and death making possible (Rer. F. Jos. Biisteln.) - Low Mass at 7:30 a', in. 'High mass at 10:30 a. m. Devotions at 2: SO p. m. Devotional and Benediction 7:30 p. m. Sermon with 1st and 2nd mass. (H. R. Pearcy, Minister.) G a. m. Sunrise. Prayer Serv- ; ices. 9:30, Church School. ' 10:30, Worship and Sermon: ! The Creativeness of Easter, j 6:30 p. mj. Christian Endeav­ or. 4 . ' . | Let us remember our early Testimonial meeting Wednes-j morning prayer service, at six day at 7:46 p. m. ' 'o'clock Easter morning. A reading room 'is open Wed-j Our services should be attend-^ hesday from 2 to 4 p. tn. when< cd heartily and joyously this Sun- the Bible and all authorized j day, because Easter is the great Christian science Services. I 211 No.' Independence street. . Morning service at 10:45. Sunday school for childrec D n • «er 20 years at 9:30 a. m. ! Wednes- l study. John O. Thomas is the superintendent. ! The morning worship . hour at 10:30 o'clock and the worship theme will be "The Women at the Sepulchre or the First Resurrection." The Junior church will meet at the same hour, Miss Eva Vines in charge. The Epworth League devotional meeting will be at 6:30 o'clock, for the young people. Miss Jan- alyce Rouls is the president. "Jesus taught that Teligion is summed up in Love to God and Love to Man." Sunrise Prayer Meeting. Christian Science literature may be read, borrowed or purchased. - The public is invited -to attend these services and use the (read-: lag fooia. I | i Tbja society is a branch of the * Mother Church, the First Church day of.triumph in the experience of the ch/.rch. No evening service. Kemp Methodist Church. Rctatfonsin LAWN MOWERS 4 SON An excellent Easter musical program will be given by 'the large chorus choir at 7:30 o'clock! | under the direction of the choir! ! director, Mrs. Rufli V. Morris. |. • Invite your friends to be present: [With-yOU. • j I The church school meeting atj 9:30 o'clock will be for• Bible t ' The annual Sunrise prayer meeting will be held at the West Street Christian church Sunday morning at 6:00 o'ejock. Members of all churches or any- one interested are welcomed to this service, wliidn is under the aus- picesj of the Women's Missionary society of the church. The junior church choir, in white robes will have part in the prayer service. pastor will have sermon. There will | be a brijefl business jsession at the close bfi evening worship at which it is desired that all the members of the church who are interested be present First Easter! Presbyterian Church. in First Presbyterian Churcli. at •Sunday school at 9.30 a. m Easter morning worship 10:40. Easter vespers at 5 o'clock. Christian Endeavor at 6.00 IH'Mt"%, I %%M %%W jftW 1^1" •jR 1 4 WE ARE FILLING ORDERS FOR Amoot River Privet In Lots of Any Quantity From^Up—Place Vow Order'With Vi How. BRIDAL WpLEATH 8PIREA—Two feet high, will $}«0O 1 bloom thfy season, 5 for | ,0E^A1 TREES—"Biota Orientalis,'' in limited 1*' lor . —-— morning, program part as follows: Organ;! .Prelude—.''Christ the Lord is [Risen Today ,f ' • Ashford. I Processional' of vested Junior and Adult choirs. j \ i A Call to Worship—Junior Choir. ;j. ; ' Doxology anaSiavocation. Organ j . ^Meditations—^J___Knpw That My Redeemer Liveth. The Gloria Patri and Responsive Readings in the Easter Story Junior Choir—"Christ Arose.''; ttymn 1 ! 160—-"The Day of Beef urrection," Smart. i • ,i Scripture Reading and Prayer; Anthenv—'This Is the Day.'i Schneker, Choir. | • \ ' Organ! offertory—j'The Swan," Saint Saens. ; j ; Vocal{lsoio-4"Ii*now That Mr Redeemer Liveth" ({fr. the .Mm- slah) Handel,. Htotelle Andrews ^ Sermon—"Man's- Hope of Im mortality.'! Text, I "If it were not told you' 1 I so, I would have J8.UB. |'| \\ i , V Hymn,lBf—'Llft up. Lift UB Yourlvolc0k,:'| oilfcio. I |. 'OrMn! pMilude-P'Come, |Y« „. as hrte^er CIRCUIT COURT. Mr. and Mrs. herry Barr the latter/formerly Miss Edna Tyner were rdceivin'g congratulations of. friends j having been manned on the lGtli. > •j '*.-*:* ' ]\T. D; Ulricli was here trying to interest-Tipton merchants in the erection- of a cold storage plant to. supply tho needs o£ the -city. Word was received that a ter- riffe storm had swept Camp Shelby, killing one - man,- Private Daughri Beekman oe Marion. Li''. - •• Sergeant Vann of the Belsian army was a speaker at Windfall. • ••['• • ..« • • E. E. Trimble and family moved from- North' Main street to their farm two and one-half "miles southeast of Tipton. * * * - Friends were grieved to learn that Georj--je McCorkle had died at bus home on Con'de street dlir- ing the night of pneumonia. * * * Word-was received that Mrs. Lydiu Hoffman wife of Daniel Hoffniaii had died at her home in Windfall on the 1.7th. For Judge. As a candidate for the Republican nomination for judge of the Tipton circuit court, 1 hereby respectfully solicit your support. S. A. CULVER. For County Treasurer. I am a candidate for the nomination of treasurer of Tipton county,' subject to the Republican primary, May 6, 1930. I shall appreciate any assistance given me in my campaign. THOS. B. BARTHOLOMEW. William others 'drainage For County Clerk. I hereby announce myself as a candidate for the nomination for clerk of the Tipton circuit court, subject to the decision of the' Democratic voters at the primary election to be held May 6. 1930. PARKER DUNHAM. I have announced as a Il '-mi>era tic -candidate for the nomination for clerk of the Tipton circuit court, subject to the primary election ?.Iay fi, 1930. Any support given me will be sincerely appreciated. JOHN F. HEATH. For Trustee. I hereby announce myself as a candidate for the nomination for trustee of Cicero township, subject to the decision of the Democrat voters at the primary election to be held Tuesday May S, 1930. ItfcX L. HASKKTT. •' (Continued From Page 1.) Place and the Citizens National Bank of Mr. Collier. Jesse O. Bowlih supc.rinlende '11 of Construction of the Reddington and proceedings his filed a statemen that the contractor lias reported the completion of- the drain, The statement says that on account of objections |having . been made .-th­ ine to,|> Widths of the drain by- some persons affected;'hesets out the measurements with the .statement £.nd says in his opinion the contractor has substantially complied with the plans and -specifications. The drain is in tlie Cul-- tisviHel vicinity. - . ! A cillatior. 1 was ordered for Milton! baiter to appear and shojw cause why he has not -complied with tlie terms of his parole. Salter was! given a fine : for' intox-ick- tion following an altercation with 1 ' i - ! Gideon Evans two mouths- ago and; aj isentence* suspended-, con- Hard Coal for Brooder Stoves Phone H5. lJURKHABT & CO this glorious hope for His people, j^ditioned thft he pay, the itiie and May it be a sacred day of worship for|every one who loves the Lord looks forward with joy; to fulfillment of! His promise to come again to receive unto Himself all those who Jare found faith- jto Him. The~evening worship hour j at the] "Friendly Baptist Church" will he In charged of the choir, presenting the ' true Easter { message in .both story and spng in the!beautiful story'fcahtata, "Jesus Qnly." You will gram and it will jenjoy this pro- surely make Christ -more precious to you. .The pastor's message morning worship j-in keeping with, rection theme. i , We are alway ^j delighted : to have strangers and visitors worship with us and kry to make!everyone feel at home. at -[the hour will also the resur- cpsts. |It is said nothing has been paid by the defendant. | ] . Use Tribune classified ads. "K0NJ0LA MADE ME FEEL TWENTY YEARS Y0DNGER Muntiie Man, 67, Finds Quick Relief Prom Rheumatism and' Neuritis. Bible school at lowed by the 1 morning worship hour 10:30 to llj:30. j Young people's devotional meeting at' 6:30 jp. m..Evening worship hour 7:30. ; I. |come with us and we will do the ( good"—at least we will j try our' best to do so. .. . 9:30 a, m., fol- Ih Memoriam Irt loving memory of our dear sister, Mrs. Emma Croy, who died April! 18th, 1929J just one year ago-today. . ( . . - 1 1 ' In I her casket softly steeping Among the flowers, loved ones : if *»vej • - i •• il , Lies the one weiloved so dearly ^ut whom we could not save. JRweu now retains our treasure Earth her lowly casket keeps And the sunbeams love to linger ,. Around 1 the grave where.-sister ' V >I ,^L- [• 1 Kiteh'n Tint Enamel For Woodwork and Walls Brighten Up Your Painted . Walls With This Superior Washahle Enamel. Blue Front Store TIPTON, IND. "A Good Place to Trade' I am a candidate for the Democratic nomination for trust :a ot Cicero township and will appreciate any aid that is given me in mv campaign and in the primary election. JOHN C. BOZELL. Drake Beauty Parltr Graduate of Kainbow Acadomj Call 15 for Appointment Second Floor, Masonic Bldg. M. U N. SHOE STORE Nothing Over $4.98 COURTESY OUK MOTTO an Insurance of All Kinds Life — Auto — Accident Protection for Whatever Your Personal or Business Needs May Be. LEE F. GRIFFTH INSURANCE AGENCY Plume 57. W. A. Pumphrey, D. C. CHIROPRACTOR Oilicc Over Foster Jewelry Store. Phone 254. Tipton, Inil. LOANS $23 to *300—TTonr Own Secur ity—Qivick-aod ConJidentinl Peoples Loan & Credit Co. Bin. 1, Masonic Bid*. N.. Mnin. •leepi. X«ap; ker'Jetus in thy keeping Till we reach that shining ^on^Mua, V 1 MR. NELSc;.V B.'iUBKH. • -I• 1 •• - ' i - 1 "Konjola made me feel twenty years [younger," said Mr., Nelson Barber, route No. 1, Muncie.j Sc'io time nsro t developed a: severe case of rheumatisni and neuritis.. Daily the pains became more: .evcrc jin my lower limbs, back and shoulders. - In damp-weather I was- all but helpless. A ..-disordered stomach added to my misery and I was subject to frequent vomiting spells. . ..(•. h L - - .•••> A friend: told me about >.C6n ]n- Iti and I had :,ot finished the third bottle boforo I, realized that I was on (ho way to new health: •- After six | battles;; my ills , vanished - entirely, -i Today I am free from: the pains >f rheumatism;and noifritis. Mystt raach functioHs-iij a healthy mltonetitand my .food i.Is-properly dtfc " ••• ' SPECIAL * VALUE. FREE With : every purchase of a pint or more of Jap-A-Lac. The. fibre board- \yastcbaskct (50c value) is unfinished so (bat you can enamel anil stencil it any colors you. like. " The SJI.ue Rird stencils ($1.60 value) can also be itsed for breakfast -sets, walls and oihcr : places.-' This offer is good for limited time only.. - .' % 1 | J. P. SMITH Lumber Co. Phone 72. See— YOUNG & MASON Suits and Furnishings 6 East Jefferson St. JM«, RCrnetaVijJiealtfr is i)i|ia***f«Jias bee^'ip .y^ars- -•fel ^y.enough^for Kon- Vt'SWwW'ttttfe'*'-Bri* Sf&fe'and ^ ArtvMS „«tat"dr*K»lsta fn \Vt\ own* tkfpaKhoat this entire sec^. AutomobUe Insurance FULL COVERAGE Fire Windstorm Property PubJ'c Lis Personal Adji Lc First Nil i«ft Collision ia«e >itity itment «f Ohirledlfi RADIO SERVICE Wo <Jc» AiiywherP — Aerial Work— Full Wne Accessories McJunkin Radio Shop l'honvt 20X7. Our New Spring Woolens Arc Arriving—Come and Sec Them CHARLES FOUCH Tailor and Men's Shop 108 North Maia Mrect. We Trade for Towr OM TIroi LINEBACKS West Jefferson Bt. •> POPOliAR PBlCiO* SSOKS HOMBTRADBgfltite

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