The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana on April 18, 1930 · Page 1
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The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana · Page 1

Tipton, Indiana
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Friday, April 18, 1930
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r of March 5, 1879. VOLUME XXXV, XO. 1C9. ii LOSS oe Preliminary Report on Small Towns Shows Population Decrease. TIPTOU IS 1x07 IN YZT Xaval Flying Mortality Cut in Half in Last Six I Months. Washington, April IS.—Naval aviators during thej first six months of the fiscal year flew 21,510 hours, as compared to each fatal accident and 14,340- hours per fatality. In the preceding fiscal year they flew C,558 hour per fatality, so that there was more thin a 100 per cent improvement in the ; first six months of his fs- cal year, the figure /or - hich are believed to constitute the best record.every made by my military organization. There were nine fatalities during the period. ' 1 ' Bin FOR UNION Windfall., and Kempton Re, ports Both Show Smaller Counts From 1920. FRANCE PLANS I GOT IN DEBT of Frankfort,! for this district, and it i The first preliminary census report for this section has been is-; sued by W. A-. Irvin supervisor shows a consistent loss in population far the small towns in comparison with the government figures for the 1920 count. A report on Tipton is not, available.; -but it is believed.there will be lit-! tie gain in population, and it is j probable a loss will be shown, if; this first report' shows a consist-; ent trend. j In a list of over twenty towns, i including Sharpsville, Windfall j and 'Kempton, only two towns j 0ho \v an increase in population j since 1!I20. These two towns are! Carmel and Westlield, and in- J creases are accounted for by their closeness to Indianapolis, they be- Luther B. Tansey Is Facing Charges of Having Made Fraudulent Marriage. French Statesman Will Attempt to Form.United States of .Europe. IS RELEASED ON BOND NATIONS INVOLVED Court Overrules Objections to Report of Fielding as Guardian. How British Tax Affects-, - i Men of Moderate Means London, April 18. —While relatively few Britons pay the full, rate' of; the income tax, vast; numbers, jare obliged to. pay something! beginning on incomes as-low as $675 for single persons and $1,125 for married ..persons. U-nder the new rates an unmarried man /would pay approximately $254 on an income of $3,000; S442 on •'• >' 1.000: $629 on $5,000; $2,348 on -$12,500, and. up to §43.190 on $100,000. A married man without children-would pay' $528 on $5.000; triple that amount or. $10,000-and up to $2,964 on 515,000. - . LONG LIST OF PRIZES FOR YOUNGSTERS Kiwanis Easter Egg Hunt for Kiddies Is Open to All Children. EGGS ARE NUMBERED No | Definite Proposals, But Will Merely Stress Possible Benefits. Will Cancel Debt to Swedish Match Company Before 1 End of June. BONDS ARE SOLD HERE New York, April 18.—The French Government will repurchase <from the Swedish Match Company ami its American subsidiary, the International Match Corporation, the issue of $75,000,000 "French 5 per cent bonds which the Swedish Match interests bought from the French 1 government in 1927 in connection i with a twenty-year agreement I concerning the French match mo- in reality suburban centers. --Lno|»oly; 1 _-according to advices re- for SharpsvTlIe: ce .^ d here yest - rdiy ^ . • in 192U is not given as it was The population it not incorporated at that time, Sharpsville is given a count of 512 The town is probably larger than 1 it was ten years ago. Windfall: shows a count of 734 a?ainst S01 t in 1930. Kempton shows a count of 46S against 49S ten years ago. ^Atlanta is given a population of 551 aiidiu,the 1920 census it was C78. •• In 1920 Tipton had a population of 4507. -in 1910 the count was 4075 and in 1900 the census Higginson & Co., American bankers for the Swedish match interests. The French Government sold the bonds at 93% and will | repurchase them at: 103%, giv- \ ing; the Swedish Match organiza- | tion a profit of $7,500,000. In order to finance, the pur-. | chase In 1927, the International Match Corporation, took, $50,000,! 000 of the bonds.and in!turn sold to the American public, through • Lee, Higginson & Co., a . like amount of its own twenty-year. 5 shows :!7(i4. In 1920 the county, population is given at 16,152. It' per cent debentures at 98%. The is feared the county and city AvU i-.remaining $20,000,000 ' — show a decrease for 1930. The census takers for Tipton have finished their work and a preliminary jreport on the city should be coming in soon. The enumerators in the .county are still at work and a report for this unit will be delayed. The following is the report by Mr. Irvin for. this section: Clinton count} - — '30 lv Mictiigantown _419 Rossville 625 Union Twp. _ t _677 Kirklin — L _644 : Carroll county—• Camden 537 Montgomery county— Wayhetown 662 Wingate 408 Waveland, 642 of the 'French bonds were taken by the Swedish Match' Company and the parent company, the Kreuger & , (Continued on Page 7.) '20 Farms Veteran's Funeral. .430 i 595 ! 680 695 597 I • , 691 i 464 3 14 109 Funeral services for Alonzo Merritt, Civil War veteran, were conducted in the Methodist church at Kempton Friday morning at 10:30 and were attended by many friends of t'hls.long time resident. The services were very -! impressive a fitting tribute being r ! paid this (veteran. Burial was in the Kempton cemetery beside the _ I wife whose death occurred in 4 j 1909. Friday morning i court Judge Mount made several entries touching pending estates and made . a ruling on- the evidence given in the trial of objections to the report of Dudley Fielding as guardian of Hardin H. Bunch.. The Court .approved the" report and discharged the guardian * from further liability; overruling objections of Roy B. Smith and Glen H., Smith. Objections had been made to the charges of the guardian for services and to a charge for a heating plant. The evidence given in the trial | of the case, showed both were just and should be paid out of funds of the estate. Luther B. Tansey is facing a charge of entering.into a fraudulent marriage with Althea Ponsler of : Cicero and - is • a. case brought on the relation of the State of Indiana; the girl wife is asking $1,000 damages. - Mrs. Tansel, charged that on May 22, 1929, her husband was arrested on a paternity charge and agreed to marry her and that they were married ,on the 23rd of May, 1929., According to the complaint they separated. January 1st of this .year and she is now at the home of her parents in Cicero. Tansey who denies' the charge, was released on a recognizance bond,signed by his father Clyde Tansey. Leavell & Bates, through their attorney ij. F. Pyke have filed suit for foreclosure of a chattel mortgage against Loyze Sharp, The demand being for $140 principal, ^48.37 interest and $30 attorney's fees, " The Board of Childrens Guardians has filed an application to Have the custody" of Martha Beam placed in Its hands. The'applica­ tion states that, the parents James Beam and Pearl Beam are separated and that for the best interests of the child her custody should be awarded the board. , Judge Mount has approved final reports in the estates of the late Jennie E. Place and Samuel Collier. Mrs. Gertrude DeCroes is executrix of the estate of Mrs. (Continued on Paze 2.) ° •New Richmond .389 436 2| Ladoga _ _ 829 1010 j 111 New Market! _. .318 }403 I " , Tipton county— 1 Sharpsville .512 5 Wind _JP____ .734 801 . Kempnm _' 469 498 i "6 Fountain, county— i Newtown -_ 264 329 10 Hillsboro __• -445 537 3 Mellott 340 14 Hamilton county- i;| Westfield -687 574 1 Atlanta •__ __ -551 678 6 Carmel 598 4 Noblesville, i " Ward 1 ____ 1315 1333 . 3 Howard county-^- Green town . 1021 1163 St. Paul's Cathedral Again Menaced as the Leases of Nearby Buildings Expire WOULD HURT MERGERS situation, Washington, | April j 18—'Regulation of the. activities of holding companies in the consolidation of railway systems is essential, biit the Senate res <j >lution| introduced by Senator Couzehs of Michigajn with that aim! in- View would i ' I - ! : i i only serve to freeze the present Daniel Willard, & presi- Ohio dent 'of the Baltimore railroad has outlined I to' the Senate Interstate mittee. Mr. Willard jsaid he agreed with Senator Couzens in that Commerce Corn- some consolidations now pending might well be held tip pending further - [regulatory J legislation. His chief criticism was aimed at the structure of the proval of Interstate] while not ;" resolution :0 6n. STEALS MAIL Registered Pouches After Beinj? Landed From Airplane! Minister has, immediately on his return from London,- taken-up [again liis study of plarisj for the HOLD THREE SUSPECTS formation of 1 a European federation! which he launched! list September "between the pear, and the cheese." • ' . ! ' _' ;. He has no full-blown. plan ready. That is not I his way of working. He threw 1 out ; ;a sugges- Chicago, April mail from the north- was ,stolen last truck in whic'i it Tied] from the mu| was! kidnapped. •Five pouches, two containing registered mail of driver! Adolph wasj set free, and] a half-mile to 1S- Paris, April IS.—Within the next tjwo weeks, it is expected French Foreign! Minister, Aristide Briand, will sendvout to'' those | twenty-seven >! countries | Moth g r of ! eX -Commissioner Join H. Waller Died Taken whose j i representatives attended! his luncheon at Geneva on Sept. 9, last year, the . and! questionnaire which he then promised them orf his .suggestion for a federated Europe.' ; Not | discouraged by any lack of ! unity among the European eoun- ajt the London naval confer- ience, and with his faith in the usefulness I minlsh'ed, conferences, undi- Freiich i Foreign -The 'I night, and the driver of the was being car nicipal ! tion for. a solemn declaration of airport i P er p e tual | peace between France and the United States, and a Ke'I- undetermined §tehno, ! finally he'rah nearly tlelephone first news of the robbery. \ • AJ. R. Mensing, pilot, bf Oshkosh, :> Wisconsin, 'dropped his plane on the flooaMighted airport and- helped Stehno load the mail into the truck. Stelirio, driving down the airport road, found his patch block- forbiddiiig Ltemporarily_ the "ap-j e d iiy a sedan crosswise I on the .1 consolidation! by the Commerce' :Commission acting to stop the work of holding companies in continuing to acquire blocks of stock for merger purposes. A possible solution of this question,!;he indicai- ed, lies in the. requirements that the commission must : approve consolidations before 'actual merger of physical take place. properties can testimony. Mr. : Willard a word picture of his efficient ra^li^ay opera- humane consideration I • ! • i • . .! In his! sketched i ideas for tion with for laborJ Regarding the Couzens resolur tion, Mr .il Willard ! said:; "There highway. Five men, all' j armed, surrounded him and ' compelled him! to drive the truck behind the street, were Later sedan to a [deserted side There the mail pouches transferred to the sedan i ..... .. | ' Stehno was set 'free. . cjhicago police have three suspects they believej were implicated Ihey -being'..Thomas Holding and! Ray Keating} mail {robbers who escaped from! Leavenworth, audi Danny McGepghegan: ' logg , pjact - embracing ail nations ! was; the result. This time again I he is ; ust throwing out an idea, but jit is an idea to which he b'e- j lieves, especially since j his suc- j cess[ list' September,'! that all European nations will j respond, for tht; need of its.realization is feltjby all. ; '.''.- | ; ' ; ^t llrst he thought he would issue a simple questionnaire to each of the twenty-seven governments, j asking them to consider his suggestion and give! their replies to some of his veijy general proposals for both economic and political getting-together. . More mature!\consideration, -however,' it; is said; has led him to think that (Continued on Page 4.) • ItKLLS PEAL. (Continued on Page 5.) Kew Paatiy Shop. Mr. and Mrs. William Granger, who recently came here from In- dlanapollB to open a pastry, nnop, ; an ^rell pleaaedwith the patron- '»gni : i»l »iSi public baa (Wen them sfBfS the openinK Wedneadar. '-nui^ra, iMntbdlB tbe Glea«on ikl^Mft'ijHi Nortk |uin ntraU^ London, April 18.—A possible new threat ito-the fabric of St. Paul's Cathedral has' been indicated by Canon Alexanderjn an Interview with - Major G. B. T. Athoe, Becretarjp of the incorporated Association of Architects and Surveyors. Canon Alexander told Major Athoe that the fact that the leases of buildings contiguous to St. Paul's, both on the north and soutfi aides might soon' expire was causing:jthe utmost, nnaaal- ness to-the ;desn and ithe^chapter. •To- aadersUnd , what 1 , ^j»t meams/'ftba. Caaoa. aald, i"oaa baa bed of.wet sand twenty feetldeep. Springs pass under the cathedral frorn^ the northeast and soutjiwest and keep the sand wet, which is essential if the cathedral is preserved from danger. "If when the leases expire deep foundations were made for .new buildings the springs would;. be cut off from the north side .and the water would drain off - from the south." • : tie Canon recalled the jdea of a "sacred area," a proposal made in lllMo the Cttrl ^Corporation In i^rd to U^V^ag of f ^ dationsj in Um^lwighborhood,, pi a|t^fiPaHL_ SEEKS [RlBLEASE. 1 | - I ••: • Rome Commemorates Last Sup| per of Christ, Apostles. : Rome, April 18 " . r.':.-:• I-.. T - I- '!' John Craps Partlowi . Trying to _f]eti Out of Prison. • 1 ; John Cjraps Partlo^ has fired |a< petition for- his releape from : the] Indiana State prison jat Michigan; City; where he is serving a' one io yearsp sentence ]-on |aj having recelvjed stol'j fourteen charge if eh goods! Ho entered prison after* losing a;ten years fight!to keep; Tke^ former ' Tipton [resident^ waSj^ntlctedj-o^-helhf /fa ^Terice' (or^BuMgaatomobiles •an 'd/waa' "ifSl up with MbWbaHi -The, bells of St.' John Late;ran, ''mother, j church of Christendom," rang out 'Thursday, answered by i those | of a 11 JRome's 400 churches onjithe, ! occasion of commemoration ; of ; Holy. Thursday, feast of the insti- ti'lion of the 'Eucharist, recalling, the last supper of: Christ with the apostles. .--i : -j What is believed to be.the table; used; at the epochal, repast was bro l'ght forth -from- jits - repository in- St.j John LateiWft and; {exposed; for [the veneratlojn of the large! congregations ITwo skuils, re-< garded; as those of. St.- Peter- and' St. Paul, were-also"on vle^rthereii as, well as a reputed part of ^ the pllUr;|towhlch'Ch(lit-was: hound when !sc6urge^iblthe l fhoussj^'ofl Friday Morning. LAST' RITES- SUNDAY Finders Limited to Three Each of the Hidden Treasures. The response to the call for prizes for the annual Easter Egg hunt to be held at the Tipton park Saturday afternoon was more generous than anticipated and 500 prizes are listed. The grounds will be policed ">y the Boy Scouts and the hunt wilf start promptly at 2 o'clock Saturday afternoon. When any~ one child has found three eggs h? must qnit. Eggs are numbered and they should be taken to the firm or person having the corresponding number in order so claim the prize. This egg hunt is late Jacob Waller, of Prairie! for children up to 12 years of township, died Friday morning at jage and the youngsters will be di- 2:30 o'clock at the home of her ivided into two. groups, daughter, Mrs. Dora Tingle and | The Kiwanis Club wants it un- family at Hortonville, death be- ! d -rstood that every child of 12 or ing due to complications due to. underpin the county is invited to her advanced years and to pneu- I this hunt and there will be nome- monia which.. developed two j thing fov every one taking part, weeks ago. : I Adulrs are welcomed to see the * .Mrs. Waller would have been fun. 91 years of age May 25th. She] The li.n of prizes, donors'and .had been in remarkably rood; numbers am as follows: health until two weeks ago. Fun- j KUanis Club, gold egg, 35.00 erai services'will - be held Sunday 1 in gold. afternoon at 2:30' p. m. at the! Kiwanis Club—% gilted egg. Sheridan ' Christian. chnr.:li of i S2.50 in gold. iMrs. Amy "Waller, widow of the which she ha'd been a faithful 1 —Danner Brothers, 10 bags member many years. Burir.l. will °f candy be at Sheridan cemetery. 2 —C. , Mr.s. ; Waller is survived by four daughters, Mrs. Tinglt. Mrs. (Continued on Page 2). A. Taylor, abstracter. 2i >C. I 3^—F- 1 Leonard, chief of polled , 2 25c prizes. INJURIES WERE FATAL. Is Improving. - -s~ Ther'e is an encouraging ]\xn- provement in the' condition of MrsJ wjilliam Schall of West MaoV ison! street who was opjerajed up; on, Monday morning at the Methodist hospital at Indianapolis for gall duct icomplications. Word 15 Mr. Schall! from the r hospital Thursday {evening, said she was doing very nicely and-, as well as expected and her condition favorable for; complete recovery.. , Xohlc MrLiiin Died AYhilc on Way , to Indianapolis Hospital. • Noble McLain of Evansville who •• was struck by- an automobile; driven' by C. L. O'Banion Thurs-' day night while walking along j the Range. Line road, died before j reaching the Robert 'Long hospi--j tal at Indianapolis, .a-c-oi ding to j word -received in Tipton. Imme-j diately^on receiving the word, Mr. • . •' i : ^i- ». Idox. photos, postcards. O'Banion and Floyd N. Ramsay, • • ,„ . ' t . ;-••'» 12—iLee Leatherman •left for -Indianapolis. McLain-was a cabinet worker I and was said to have been on lm way from Evansville, to Grand Rapids, Mich., where he had se- 4—-Willis A. Kendall, auditor. 25c. 5—fCommercial Hotel. 2 25c prizes. 6—Callahan's Garage, 2 25,^ prizes. 7—Philip Walsh, at Standard Oil Station, 2 25c prizes. 8—County Clerk's Office. 4 2or prizes. .9-"-J. .Paul Jones, insurance, 4 treats.' 10—;Citizens National Bank. 5 SI.00 savings accounts. 11—Mendenhall's studio, % undar- ! taker, 4 25c prizes'. 13—Hull Brothers, implement ! store. 1 toy tractor and plows, j 14—'Kroger Store, 1 box cherry cocktails. Baltimore Stamp, Worth $10000, Found j by Natalie S. Lincoln on an 1848 Letter cured employment. After being ( i5 _ T1 pton Building * Loaft struck- by the machine of the , Asaoclatlont . 50c> 25c> 2 5c prizes. Tipton man McLain stated he was . 16 __ Court street Barber Shop; mnrned but had no children. ^ hair cut. - ~~ • ' " • • • . . I 17 —Suite & Barrum, 1 foot stool. IS—M. Haas A Sons, 2 rneri- chandise prizes, 19 j -Washington, - April 18.—Miss Nataliejj S. Lincoln, edltof of the D. A. R. Magazine' and writer 'of! detective stories, never ' got-- the thrill out of weaving a mystery) plot) that she dtd the other day In discovering among some old ;fam- U ]r lettiers a rare stamp, said by philatelists !;to be worth t'io.OOO, ,!|The;>tainp, one of the "provli- lonalilasusstbz ^.postmasters" ir red letters, - the postmaster stamped "paid." I - Owing to its fine preservation a| high appraisal has been, placed' upon It. Even the envelope to which lit Is attached Is nnfaded. addressed to Dr. Nathan Smith Lincoln,' an -officer- in the Civil War, and for'years a prominent physician - here. /Dr. Lincoln' in,1848 was a senior at Dart" mouthy Collage. •'. |-- - • .'-.-'"Tnelsiettsr was [from his uncle; Home Trade Shoe store, I i merchandise prises. - , pair tennis shoes. had ! 20—'Max Gross Clothing Co. : . The- letter was Miss Lincoln's father, Xfr ,V Nathan Rynb,Smith, of Bal- ttmore;aendlng\hlsv regrets th.*t ha^could'.not attend the eollagaj Store, 10 5*. barber show- 1 -* 21—'Leavell * Fuller, 3 Me prizes. . 22—Club Cigar prices. . [ 23— M * N Shoe Store. 1 aabr {tennis shoes. / 24—'Moore's- hair cuts. - 25—Toung ft Mason— t chandise prises. : SC^wiiliam ance, 3 treats, ;:. tl—mwm Froat frac,:- lolIn »rfsjw :i ^.-:.^%\ISlail' ,--.,' i; .,.J )-;j»-^ rr^taa fcrtaftreata.,-,.,",- 'f^l^M

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