The Evening News from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania on April 17, 1942 · Page 16
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The Evening News from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania · Page 16

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, April 17, 1942
Page 16
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I PAGE SIXTEEN Victory HpHERE'LL be questions and an- swers galore at 7.30 o'clock over WABC when Bob Hawk's quiz show "How'm I Doin'." combined with the distinctive music of Vaughn Mon roe's band offer a half hour's entertainment. . :. 1. - ' Kate Smith will be back . at 8 o'clock with a full hour of entertainment featuring two well-known guest stars, Donald Crisp of "How Green Was My Valley" movie fame, and that sentimental gentleman of the slide trombone, Band Leader Tommy Dorsey. The usual fixtures of the Kate Smith show, Ted Collins,1 Tommy Riggs, Betty Lou, Plyn Lan-dick, Ted Straeter and Jack Miller's band will do the inbetween bits of entertaining. GRANTLAND RICE will take the spotlight of the "Information Please" program at 8.30 o'clock over WJZ. Rice will be Joining sides with his old newspaper sidekick, Franklin P. Adams, and will be able to do more than his share of question answering along the sports line. Raymond "Abraham Lincoln" Mas-sey will return to the air In "The Man Who Played God," a Charles Martin adaptation on the "Philip Morris Playhouse" at 9 o'clock over WABC. Ray Bloch's orchestra supplies the musical background for these dramatic productions. FORMER POSTMASTER GENERAL JAMES A. FARLEY, will make his debut as a radio actor at 9.30 over WJZ in "Celebrity Theater" when he is featured as a man running for Congress in "The Good Party Man," a story by Margaret Culkin Banning. Tom Powers will serve as commentator and interviewer. At 10, Glenn Miller's "Moonlight Serenade" will be heard from Hollywood over WABC. Glenn will have his usual salute to one of the .Nation's colleges and an offering of the McKenney WISE PLAYER LEAVES By WILLIAM E. America's Card George Rapee is one of New York's most energetic young tournament players. His success at the bridge table Is due in great measure to his unusual power of concentration. He is careful to analyze a hand from all angles before makinsr what AK954 VK1083 3 AJ75 48782 VQ76 KJS4 92 VA9542 A 10 7 Q864 Rape 4.AQJ10 VJ Q9862 K103 Duplicate None vul South West 1 4 Pass 1 , Pass 4 Pass North 34 Pass East Pass Past Pass . . - - - " ' - 1 . ! THIS I SEE-A I IS THAT Ikl THE ACWY AM YOU I dbfK GOOD A MLJL ' " L KJEW MAD ? J DuSTftJ' IKJ CAN'T GET AWV MEM I Hfh JUDGMENT- aQ SOME TEA- 1 i ' y I ' T THE PARLOR? SERVANTS - SO I , J JLX I . y A Uf V ) ' rVrtvCs- A A V7 - "H 3 nHNfTn rrn hired a maid- mi in cflGs X "V ' ' ' ' ' ' ' SC BACSWI THIMBLE THEATER "The Goose and the Golden Eggs" PAVST" ONE. TWO, THREE,) I I BEFORE LONG WE) I I WONT THEV BELOK4&) I FROM A GiEESKLlNGtS IIthers MlrHT BE"U meanwhile, back home JrJm FOUR v - (WILL HAVE 50MEJ TO MOTHER 7TU,k,rgi (JUE KIKI RAI5E A g EMEMV I , - FIVEJX" gF rfT&D M'LLVUM6EAeEESKj htJbjmes cb XV S.Afe, ' U7ZsexjZrc reeSKLIMGs) J00 6HIPARE ISSSpV JONES- POPl JJgy J . '15 " ,s vi v '--id-i, . S$raat " r While. Joriah ,-toop3 ' V' Vsr-f&& coulo hear mowlin&Vxxve. ancs a pet mtjuntan uoniHaltco an J"ViM I I i-' 5V PREPARED TO KORCClOfte ON BILC OAO, m' mf,r M , POUNOH6 HOOFBEAT& ftJT WERE UN ATTACK N1N6 VO.V65 AND TH0U6M . iK'iey' I V C53? . .8 A. MFE AND DEATH 6TRO&&LE WAS WO PRCMMRJEWS IM 4. hf AL TQ PIMO "THE TROUWlE, e.e.VT-A& WOUNDED, HELD tWS CT IN THE . v l v wCr2 IacaidS roFTSa T-Ba-cft roae cattle, aTAwwore to sakw 7" I fooled twice, ectioe.4. y eA-rrL.e that- fouudweo jagVftfc .- f--i.1 THE NEBBS Succesi Story . . By Sol Hes N W E 8 Dealer Opening 4 9. 17 on the Home best in top tunes played the way you like them. Marion Hutton and Ray Eberle will be on the vocals aided by the Modernaires. Commentary on the day's news will be offered by CBS correspondents, Edwin C Hill at 6 o'clock; Elmer Davis at 8.55 o'clock, and special news analyists at 11 o'clock. Early morning news at 1 o'clock All over WABC. Programs TONIGHT'S REGULAR PROGRAM 6.00. VvEAF. Funny Monty Man, Kd Hall WOH. Unci Don . WJZ. News; Muilo WABC. Edwin C. Hill. Comments 6.10. WEAF. For Distinguished Service .15. WEAF. News: Ted Steele Show WJZ. Sports. Jo Hasel WABC. Hollywood, Hedda Hopper 0.30. WOR. News: Here's Morgan WJZ. Musics,! Appetizer WABC. Frank Parker. Tenot 6.45. WEAF. Sports. Bill Stern x WJZ. Lowell Thomss WABC. The World Today T.00. WEAF. Fred Waring- Orchestra WOR. Sports, Stan Lomax WJZ. Ontario Show WABC. Amos 'n' Andy. Sketch T.1S. WEAF. News: John Vandercook WOR. Arthur Hale. Comments WABC. Lanny Ross, Tenor T.30. WEAF. Grand Central Station, Play WOR. Th Lon Ranger, Sketch WJZ. News: Dorsey Orchestra WABC. Bob Hawk Qui Show 8.00. WEAF. Lucille Manners, Soprano; Ross Graham. Baritone WOR. Cal Tlnney. Comments WJZ. Herbert Marshall, Bert Wheeler WABC. Kate Smith Variety Show 8.15. WOR. What Price VictoryT Talk 8.30. WEAF. Information, Pleas WOR. Variety Musical WJZ. Symphonic Music 9.00. WEAF. Frank Munn, Tenor: Oreh. WOR. Gabriel Heatter, Comments WJZ. March of Tim, Drama WABC. Playhouse 9.15. WOR. Sports. Red Barber 9.30. WEAF. Plantation Party, Variety WOR. Spotlight Bands WJZ. Celebrity Theater 9.45. WOR. Miss Meade's Children, Sketch 9.R5. WABC. Glnny Simma. Songs 10.00. WEAF. People Are Funny. Quit WOR. Cedric Foster, Comments WJZ. Ela Maxwell Party Lin WABC. Glen Miller Orchestra 10.15. WOR. Dane Orchestra WJZ. Boxing: Bob Pastor vs. Jimmy Blvins, at Cleveland on Bridge EE-ENTRY TO HAND McKENNET Authority might seem just an average play. To lay's hand emphasizes this point.( After the opening lead, Rapee took a long look at the dummy and finally riayed the ace of clubs. Then he led the singleton diamond. East stepped in with the ace and led a trump, which was won by South. Then came a diamond ruff, a spade lead won by South, and another diamond ruff. A club lead was won by a finesse of the ten, and Rapee cashed his last two trumps to exhaust West He tnen led a diamond, forcing out the king. West returned the seven of hearts and Rapee guessed right by playing low from dummy. Notice the king of clubs gave South a sure re-entry to casn tne long diamond if necessary. The alternative to Rapee's line of play would be to let the South hand win the opening lead and lead the jack of hearts. If a heart trick was thereby established, the con tract might be made. But Rapee's line certainly looks better, since the diamond suit might become established in three rounds, and this line offers more insurance against THE EVENING Front WABC. New York's Defense Plant Commissioner William Hodson 10.30. WEAF. Variety Program WOR. Paul Schubert, comments WABC. Olga Coelho. Songa 10.45. WOR. Th Answer Man WABC, News, Mark Hawlejr 11.00. WEAF. WJZ. News: Musio . WOR. News Reports WABC. News; Dance Muslo 11.15. WOR. Siegfried Wagener, ... Commems -, 11.30. WOR. Dance Music 12.00. WEAF. WJZ. News: Dane Music WABC. News; Dane Musio TOMORROWS EARI.T rROGHAM Morning 8.15. WJZ. Recorded Music 8.30. WEAF. Richard Liebert. Organ 8.45. WEAF. Jack Turner, Songs WJZ. String Ensemble 9.00. WABC. Deutsch Orchestra 9.15. WJZ. Breakfast Club. Variety 9.80. WEAF. Hank Lawson Knights 10.00. WEAF. Variety Musical WJZ. String EnsemDi WABC. U. S. Marin Band 10.30. WOR. Rainbow' House , WJZ. Billy Moor Trio 10.43. WJZ. Victory Twin Songa 11.00. WJZ. Maupln Orchestra 11.05. WABC. N. Y. Philharmonle Young People concert 11.30. WEAF. Arden Orchestra; Chorus WOR. U. 8. Army Band 11.55. WQXR. News: Luncheon Muslo Afternoon U.OO. WOR. Herbeck Orchestra WJZ. Four Belles. Songs 12.15. WJZ. Variety Muslo 12.25. WJZ. National Orange Hour 12.30. WEAF. Ilka Chase Entertains 1.00. WEAF. Clallicchio Orchestra WOR. Dance Muslo WJZ. Lopei Orchestra 1.15. WOR. Frank Forest. Tenor 1.30. WEAF. Variety Musical WOR. Dance Muslo 1.45. WEAF. Marin Band WABC. Golden Gat Quartet 2.00. WJZ. Laval Orchestra 2.30. WEAF. Variety Musical 2.45. WJZ. Maples Orchestra 2 55. WOR. Baseball : Yanks-Boston 3.00. WEAF. New England Musical WJZ. Lucas Orchestra 3.30. WEAF. Cowboys Victory Roundup WJZ. Boverio Orchestra WABC. Detroit Musicale 4.00. WJZ. Club Matinee. Variety WABC. Dane Orchestra 5.00. WJZ. Dorsey Orchestra WABC. Cleveland Symphony 5.30. WEAF. Civilian Defense; Muslo WJZ. Dance Or-hesti Tip" Proves io Be- Soldier's Last Coin International Newt Servic TAMP STEWART. Ga.. April 17. She was awful cute and he was "Viivalrnn. hut- Waiting for a bus near Hinesviiie, Pvt. Marshall Buell, attached to the 209th Coast Artillery, bought a soda and naid for it out of his last two-bits. Sipping the beverage, he momentarily let his change lay on the counter. The cute little waitress scooped It un with a "Thanks for the tip. sir." vt Ruell lust couldn't bear to tell her he hadn't meant to tip her . . . so he wanted tne iwo mues from town to his tent area. RETAIL PRICES OF FOOD IN THE U. S. INDEX ' Source of Dtr. U. S. Bureau of Labor Statistics iiu 1 i 110 j I WJ 'M '35 "J "37 '31 W 40 4 1 ' NEWS, HARRISBURG. BRINGING UP FATHER LI'L ABNER r r v wM - i 1 " 1 n " i , , - r zz-T : f poc SOODkiESS I I C oh-youb valETam-tkI frTn ( fZ U . . fiAlP -wwn ft I II I WACV-WHO I BUTLER WUZ DPAPTTO I MARV WAS I THIkJK I up' let ME CALL I 1 BEPO'AH SOT MIXED W BUT-THET FICKLE BEAST f WAUf-AH'LL STILL GIT A Xturl ritnp NirKMMA UP IN SflCTHER GAL'S tP RAN OFF W1F SOME OTHER K MARRIED M PINEAPPLE. 1 WHMm) WSB$ WBHflMa W3S&M EVAH BIN ABLE TO STAND f T' MARRY DIN5MORE ep . wir r7 ME-INCLUDWMAH J l JERQUE JH' HANOMKT T fefefcS VI "-"fPjt ILrT LITTLE MARY MIXUP And Such a Help! TlJ j jj rjjjjlSJV ul! "Cap" Stnbba and TIPPIE Gee, Mebbe So! ' By EdW' . ; HELLO, MPUOSV-.S VDUg 1 I SeUY WWaIS 1 "K ? j I 'tJ BETTER. BUT NO THANKS j ) COLD? TOe TlbSt? Jp WE MY LAND! YOU OUGHTT A v . SE1.F i SERV&S YOU RIGHT TO YOU, CAP STUBBS! f (f l MADN'T SAID MEBBE WE'D ELOPED KNON?l YOU STAlEDTH JJS , S APTER TW WAV YOU J 1 ITH SOMEBODY ELSE srrr-z pT s jg '"VnVr TORY 5 5 fff U I . I I WmAWr M n , K' M C V -WXA ' - I 1 1 tto t..t, M...IM. M ! I I 'M J t 4 :. 1. i . S 1 U.)Mt-,.-r- I 'in .' i , i 1 1 1 TILL1E THE TOILER IH Gets a Dry Clean ' : Bt Western y lYmZ0H. BILlM BLL, (FOR HEAVEN'S SAKE !J OKAY fiilllffll ( ." ' SSrlTwS !w3!r f ffi ' i PENNA., FRIDAY, APRIL ? Playing sareii - lCALL I 1 BEFO'AH.fiOr MIXED IjWCTTCKlEKMT 1 17, 1942 Bv George McMaous By Al Cap? a bad trump break.

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