Forest Park Review from Forest Park, Illinois on February 3, 1971 · Page 11
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Forest Park Review from Forest Park, Illinois · Page 11

Forest Park, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 3, 1971
Page 11
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FOREST'fAriK REVIEW, WEDNESDAY FEBRUARY 3, 1971, PAGE 11 nrrra A man concerned about Forest Park ... YESTERDAY / TODAY / TOMORROW JOHN HANLEY has demonstrated his ability and Interest in Forest Park by: Serving on the Board of the Park District (as a member for 8 years and past president) Serving the Forest Park Youth Commission Serving four years on the Recreation Board President, Bataan Pageant Corp. Member - St. John Ev. Lutheran Church Member - Klwanis Club of Forest Park Born and raised in Forest Park Educated in Local Schools Married and Father of three daughters Home owner and resides at 1127 Beloit Ave. JOHN HANLEY has served Forest Park well in the •> Bj.gjm a a «p a a o B a mj.g a « a «.Q a a a a n.g.a John Hanley for Commissioner Consider JOHN HANLEY for Commissioner when you vote. past.. '. let him serve you in the future. TOM CARLSON Auto Sales Since 1949 7300 ROOSEVELT RO. Forest Park Open 7 DAYS Weekdays 9 to 9 ROUND UP ALL YOUR POLICIES Get the line business package you can understand Get ^Etna's CustoniPAK it fits your business nseils exactly, provides one-pol icy convenience. And it 1 economical, too. We'd be pleased to give you full details: just give us a call. Howard Reich REICH & BECKER 52 Years of Service 7419 MADISON ST. 366-0010 * T'aJtm W«> Co, tJFE4CASUAl.1V ri ol I'k, /Kiitj Catttlli 6 UIK/ "li Jiiut«<«< (owpjiiii Candidate Mohr Urges Village Planning Howard R. Mohr, candidate for Village Mayor of Forest Park, has urged support of comprehensive village planning for the orderly regulation of government functions. : "During my term as Mayor," Mohr said, "we had an operating Planning Board as well as cooperation aiid comprehensive planning for long-term improvements in most aspects of village life. During the last four years, by contrast, the Planning Board has met once. It is time for a return to progressive, future-oriented village administration." -, ' ' "Planning is a means of directing social change and social relationships toward the ultimatejjbjectlve of orderly and harmonious community processes, primarily through control and regulation of land use and full development of a village's human and institutional resources." ' Mohr added, "It is a legitimate --• even necessary -- function of local government to preserve and revitalize the neighborhood life of the village, while promoting beneficial change. The new high- rise developments, which were properly planned and restricted during my mayoral'term, will contributed village growth and vitality, if the village concurrently expands cultural, educational and social. aspects, adequately provides for new health and physical needs, promotes an upgrading of local business districts and adequately anticipates future water treatment, waste disposal, iwlluticm, transportation and utilities needs." .Mohr charged fliat the village has not ungage'd In proper planning in recent years. "Just as one example, adequate planning would have foreseen and prevented the astounding 43%increase in village crime reported by the Police Department in 1970, when Chicago crime decreased. During my administration, planning conclusively demonstrated ^that enforcement of the over-night parking ban would lead to a drpjipjng crime rate. This was substantiated by an actual drop In criminal activity after enforcement. Adequate planning would have indicated the possible increase in crime due to security problems in the new apartment buildings - largely a theft problem. The village could have taken adequate steps for the protection of these new residents." "The village as a whole," Mohr observed, "has a legal right to protect Itself against encroachments or uses that would depreciate property values, offend residents, or be inimical to health, safety or esthetic standards. And a village has a moral obligation to the people - to take positive steps to encourage Improvements in all aspects of village life." Mohr asserted that the planning function can be performed at no additional cost: "it is not necessary to hire professional planners to meet these goals. As Mayor, I called on willing private citizens, civic leaders and businessmen to contribute to village improvement. Their expertise should again be used for the good of the community. Through adequate planning, we were able to control village, spending while engaged in such innovative programs as the annual 'clean-up, paint-up, fix-up' program, successful vapor alley lighting, expansion of youth, senior citizens' and recreational programs, and improved status and performance in all departments, especially police and fire services. In addition, the village atmosphere was improved by tighter regulation .of restaurants, taverns, liquor stores and entertainment establishments as by stricter health and closing-hours ordinances and elimination of pinballs. The water distribution system renovation was planned during my administration." "The next four years," Mohr concluded, "will demand a revival of the planning function. The proper control of new building, the disposition of the Naval Ordnance Plant, improvement of business conditions, better crime prevention, expansion of youth, senior citizens', and other social, cultural and esthetic programs all require planning and coordination among units of local government. Recently, I have been deeply involved In the Naval Ordnance property problem. Hopefully, we can obtain part of that property for village use as a park or for recreational purposes." "This is "the kind of leadership Forest Park needs. And it will get (Ills kind of leadership from me, if f am elected Mayor." ELECT Edward R. Lambke for Commissioner \-jar at eninq HOUSEPLANTS by Elsie Keli Cyclamen - The Cyclamen ts.a genus of European and Asiatic plants with attractive flowers whose petals are sharply reflexed and whose heart-shaped leaves are mottled with white along the veins. They grow from corm- like tubers. The large-flowered cyclamens of the florist which come in all shades of red as the perslcum does, as well as the white, are hybrids and developed from the constant breeding and selection. Started from seed, which comes true to color, cyclamens take from 15 to 18 months to Beach maturity. The tubers which they produce do not make as free-flowering plants as the specimens raised from seed, therefor tubers are seldom used In growing the commercial florist's variety. In Europe, however, the tubers of the small, rose-purple flowered are gathered from the wild and planted in gardens. When obtainable, in America, this species blooms in August in rock gardens In the*N. States and Canada. The pink and white variety blooms later. Diseases - A soft, slimy, bacterial rot that affects the crowns of cyclamens results in stunting, wilting and loss of leaves. Destroy infected plants. See that healthy plants are not too wet and that there is proper ventilation: Various fungi, including gray mold or blight, may also appear on the leaves of plants kept too wet. Ventilation is therefor Important to keep the surface of plants free from moisture and use care in watering. Another fungus causes conspicuous stunting and reddish-brown diseased areas In the corms, but rarely kills plants. February Chores - Finish pruning grapevines without delay and if mild weather permits to work without discomfort continue pruning other fruits and decicuous ornamentals. Cut branches of forsythia, bush honeysuckle, cornelian cherry, peach, quince, pussy willow and other spring-flowering threes and shrubs. Take clipped branches and stand them In a bucket of water, to be used Indoors and delight you with fresh blooms which develop in one to four weeks. Once Over Lirflitly by Bob Haeger KEN McQUEEN; "THE LAST IRISH CONTRACTOR", is a man who believes that the appearance of his equipment is a mirror of his organization. Tl\e rolling stock over there is as well cared for as any on the road, even though it is subjected to the heaviest kind of service. As for the automobiles in Us personal fleet, they're spotless at all times. They get the utmost In tender loving care. Of course he doesn't keep them around too long. He is known to dispose of them at the slightest provocation. They tell me he traded in a real beauty the other day when he came out of Raimondl's and found it facing in the wrong direction. 0-0-L FURTHER ON THESUBJECTOF AUTOMOBILES, aneighborof ours encountered the ultimate in salesmanship while shopping for a new car the other day. Looking over the sticker on the window, he was. quite taken back at the suggested selling price of a so-called "compact" car. • "Why, that's almost the cost of a big car", he exclaimed. "Certainly", said the salesman. "If you want economy, you've got to pay for it." O-O-L . "OUR LOCAL ELECTION is finally getting into gear, it appears. You can tell from the campaign posters which are making their appearance in windows all over town. This Is a phenomenon) which, if not peculiar to Forest Park, Is certainly given more importance here. Our more venerable political observers will tell you that you can quite accurately predict the outcome of the voting if you take an accurate count of the wiridow signs. Four years ago, they say, It was correct in every case.'We are going to check it out this time and see If it holds up. O-O-L ONE MAN'S POISON IS ANOTHER MAN'S MEAT. While grown men cry In anticipation of making their annual contribution to Uncle Sam and the Great State of Illinois, the tax preparation experts are. rubbing their hands In anticipation of their annual bonanza. The amount of your tax, of course, is simply a matter of supply and demand. The government demands and you supply. While you are suppW n E vour share of the billions your government demands, you might enjoy pondering this little rundown on just what a billion dollars amounts to:. If your wife goes shopping 40 hours a week, spending $1000 an hour. It will take her 25 weeks to spend a million dollars. Following the same schedule, it will take her 481 years to spend a billion. My wife could do it. O-O-L FRANK SCHREIBER, the often genial owner-host of Otto's Restaurant is not;, cheap. He's been known to spring for an occasional drink and sometimes even a lunch. It's a bit puzzling, then, that the following little rhyme is so prominently displayed above his upstairs bar; There's the skull of a steer above the bar In the men's grill at Otto's saloon. There are gaping holes where the eyes once were, But the horns still reach for the moon. It's a thing accursed that died of thirst Out where the land is dry. And the self-same thing will happen to you If you wait for SCHREIBER to buy

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