The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 11, 1936 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 11, 1936
Page 6
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LE, (ARK.) COWUKIl WANT-AS /$1rJ * O 9 CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFO'RMA7 1 ION Daily rate per line lor consecutive insertion's: Ono time per line IOC Two times pet line per day .. 08c Three times per line per day .-. OGc! Six tiroes per line per day .. 050; Month rate per line 60c, lards of Tlianks .... 50c & 75c; Minimum charge 50c J Arts oi-dcred for three or El\j Coal & \V6od Why worry with smoke & soot? BURN SUNSHINE i Sold Onlj By i JOHN BUCHANAN "My coal Is Black 'Eilt I Treat You White" > : Phono. 107 WE SELL. Alabama & Kentucky COAL Blytheville Gin Co: For Sale MULES Foi Sale 'or Trid* Terms To Responsible Parties. DELTA IMPLEMENTS, Inc. FOR SALE —Eight go'qd- Work .Mules at a bargain. 'Sea Paul Dyruin, • 118 E.' Main. • adjustment of bU'.made, . All Classified , Advertising copy jubnu'ued by persons residing out- side'oi-the city must be'accom- panied- by cash. .Kates -may be easily computed ,fi om above table. .Vdvertkjinjj ordered for Irregular insertions takes the one time rate-, No responsibility will bo taken for.more man one'Incorrect insertion ol any classified ail. -EXPERT SEAMSTRESS. Do fancy. t work. Grace McFarland, 9131 Hoily. Phone 936. Uiiv&iory PLASTERING BOB HI ALONE., And Stucco - - Phone 350 OUR . STOCK IS NOW COMPU7VE ON Rawlings Athletic Equipment At .-School' Prices Phone 35 Shoiise-Henry Hdw, Co, J. W. SliouEe •:. , Wilson Henl-y WE HAVE THE BEST Alabama, Illinois & ' Kentucky COAL At ihe Best Price Kindling Top 'GIVE us A TRIAL We Guarantee Honest Weights Shaver-Foster Gin Co. 1'hone 278 Chickasawba & R. B. O'BRIEN'S CAFE, complMely equipped Doing uood business fpr past 16 years. BARGAIN. ' Brunswick, POOL TABLE, cpm- iplete.'.CHEAP, JORDAN SEDAN, In eood condition. A(. elve ay,ny price, P. SIMON.: Phone 764 N. W. TRANTHAM Dealer in BEECH CREEK COAL Other high grade Coal, Wood and Kindling S. Broadway - - Phone 964 TRUCKS FOR SALE International, \i, Ton, lang wheel base. International, 1 Ton, I Stake body. 1335 IK Ton Chevrolet, Stake body. 1934 lu.''fan Chevrolet, Stake body. Nabora ,Pole Trailer, Electric brakes. All in Good Mechanical Condition with Good Tires. DELTA IMPLEMENTS, Inc. For Rent: Nice coiutoilnblo bedroom,' close In. 515 • W. Walnut. Call 351. lO-ckp-17 Nice comfortable bedroom, clow IU. Mis Nolcn. 310 W. ^Walnut. 3 room fur. hu'aritnehl, Wh. Mrs. Mick. 110 W. Ash.. 27-p-k-a 2 or 3 Fu'rhlsli'cd Soonis, reasonable. DM Hearn. Wanted a or 3 room furnished npartiuent, Write liox "11," Cornier News. 11-ck-lti Sct|lcd, Unencumbered white man wants job keeping house, 1519 W. Ash, Lost Black & White lick Eellev, mute. Jimmlc Peterson, Plione (SB. APPLES Bushel $1.65 und $1.35 Home-.Killed' Meats Maiivell Fruit Stand, 130 E. Main 9-pk-lG For Rent Coir I Weather Coming ! ! With , 'Protect Your House Nu-Metal Weather Stripping Call Us For Estimates Arkmo Lumber Co. Phone 40 PAINTING-PAPER HANGING Freeman & House - Call 749 ALADDIN LAMP.'PARIS ,?."*• each, BURKE HDW. CO. COAL PRICES Delivered In Blytheville Slack Coal . . . ton S3.25 Mil Coal ton $4.75 Blue Itibbon Lump ... 'ton $5.75 White Ash Ertfl Coal ton 56.50 Rock Creek, Lump. . . toil $6.50 Ben Franklin Lump . (on $7.25 <»ltr Ren Lump .. ton 5750 Ky. Lump, 3 to 12 in. lump ton §6.50 Coal Delivered Anywhere, 'Aii: lime - - 24 - Hour Service HARRY BAILEY Phone 1505rF4 State Line Nicely furnished STEAMHEATED BEDROOM,'bath. Call SCO. 2-c-k-l-2 Nicely Furnished Board, Mrs. , J. Phone 656. Rooms wllli P. Sanders 7p k!4 NICE WARM: 'bedroom, ' Mrs. Toby Long, able. 325 E Davis. Newly rtecoiitlod 4 loom duple apartment,-..hard wood floors. '< Mrs ' Spradley,-129 E. Ash. iLASSES, wlilte gold frames In block of Hubbiml Hdw. C6. Hc- want. Uclum to Hiibbnricl Hdw. 8-ck-12 Personal PBFPI STOMACH ACfD, PAINS. TMniGEatlON lek Get fieo Bimnln doctor's ri'scrtption Udga at Kirby Broi D'ri'iis Co. 1V1FNI GB - LTiJ - ;i ~ • Ne AT ONOE Ostrex Tonic Tablets contain raw ovster invls;- oiatois and othe- stimulants Onoj disc pe|B up orgnns, glands If| not delighled. maker refunds few cents paid Call, -wilto Kirby Bros. 1 Ding store Dotels Clean, comfoitablc, stcain-healecl loom 1 ; hot and cold water, reasonable rates— day, week 01 month PFABODY hOTEL "Ihiv tlinstm.ib flopping about >ot me i!t»\«\' "Just cd,i\. After ,ilt, I!K liolitlay spirit i« niOflly give onil take." crb DrhMiX'icllni Iloiuo bAND (OP)— Af Dollvln has lh,e of (my cbViiUiy lu tins wovld. Wli .HAVE SKCtltKl) 1'HK Sl-ltVlCI-'S OF AN RADIO MECHANIC o \\lll fil^iniitco to re jour raclli) to first vines' condt- tUnv A C(i!ii|ildo I.liic of Tubes and Purls - -' l>i'st 'Pi-ken Hubbfud Tire & liut. Cv, Phone 476 Air passenger tiaffic in the United btates now Is appioxl- mntelv six tunes as large (is in 1929, and the volume has> doubled ll-p-k-15 in the hst two year's. Aftci hehnd liunclcd them the $41 he hnd left fiom his wt'A pay, Uo youthful robbSrs obligingly droie Patilck O'Mnlley to his ,hbii1e. ' HAirict Qutmby wns> the fust Ionian in Ihc' 1 'Unllcsl SUlcs "to ho!d a pilot's lictnSe flilckcni me hMsce|)llblo lo air B'ckncss If'com eyed in illnliet TEUUY A' S REALTY CO. Abstracts, -. 1 ;uids & f.inns L, M. Teir , I'rwi and Mgr. I'honc or JJblhciitle, Ark. WELDING p, BEST PRICES ' ' , '' PliOHipT BBftViCE' ! '• Barksdale Mfg. Co. ' Nntuittlly sou Will wish tho ta 1 ,! icivlcci, foi >our loved oucs (o bo as liiiprcsslvc mill dlgnindd jis'.car'o cnu nii\ko them. Herb, roniivdlcsi 6f tho cost, every minute detail rccelvo cohsldointo nt- Icnlloi). Cobb Funeral Home Wry Kindling 8TOVK W'tffJW anil good COM. At Trices You Can \ff»"l — — o Tdc U"i P- '•'•' • <'""' ' ' AHCOI.A«. 11VSCKS I'""" _rO\KS « LAI M'"V ST>»K» | CHEAT I'lKAHT «>AI I FREE Superior Cnal X: Minmr < i Pfion<> 700 GAY & KILLINGS, Inc. Coal - Feed - Kindling , »' I'HONB 70 Now l.oc.itcd al 101 Ntirth Second ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU nON rmVAHUS, Proprietor All miikcs ot Rebuilt Typewriters. Adding M»cbtn« i Calciihtora—Itcp.iirlng—I'atlb—Rtbbonj ' Mrs. .1. J. navfs—Spcricrr Corsetiere m call 421-w fnr Appointments IT !—_ New tCafha'd Shipment x MOORE'S HEATERS, CODE. STOVES. OIL & GAS BURNING STOVES, FUEL 6m .:ftEATERS SEE OUR Liberal NEW STOCK Trade-in Allowance Old Stoves for Hubbard Hdw. Co. Bus. -Opportunities NEW CLASSES OPENING Complete Beauty Course DAY & NIGHT CLASSES Stale supervised TUITION VERY.. REASONABLE See Mis. \Vm Berryman Elaine Beauty Shop Night Clubs DANCING Ev^rv -Night'- •8:30 lo 2:00 CRESCENT NIGHT CLUB Pour Miles North of Missouri Line -.^Trank "Wcnncr" Harmon, nnfl His *• ScnsaliOna! 9-Ficce Orchestra, T of Chicago If X°u Want WOOD We Have It 1 , .ECONOMY COAL CO. Clierry g, R. R. Phone 448 jl Coal, Wood Si Kindling " PHONE 244 FOR THE BEST COAL •FROM. ALABAMA, IlilNOlS, . WEST KENTUCKY. ; L. i. RICE . FRY CALL EL P. at Wonder City Coal Co. FOR ORIGINAL GENUINE : Montevallo .VND OTHER HIGH GBADE CX>AI>' PHONE 477 Floor Show Thursday Sunday - Direct From St. Louis Hubert ij.tley, .Owner ' and Proprietor Furniture WE PAY GASH FOR~ 2ND HAND FURNITUUE HiihHarifl' 2ml Kami •j... Furniture-Store Phone 1031 ; COAL, WOOD, KINDLING T Prompt Service: --Call 17 KIM'S COAL CO. •; Wanted To. Buy 1 We Buy ^ CORN & SOYBEANS Blytheville Gin Co. ; Highest Prices Paid ; For Used Furniture WadcFurnitureCo. 301-403 E MAIN WE BUY Hides & Pecans Metals and Sciap Iron BlylhDville Iron ii :MetA| Co. Cherry & R. B. .iPhOhe 443 For Sale: DWELLING, 2 lots at 200 N. 2m street, Blytheville. Will sell on terms or \v v ill trade for property in or.near Paragould. Everett Rogers, Paragould," Ark 1 . 11-1,-k-lS We Pay Highest Prices FOR SCRAP IRON, METALS, PECANS. HIDES & PURS ARIAX AUTO PAHTS 128.E. Main—Phone 176 WOOD Como ,to_ Superior' Coal Co. Onrosltn Jal(o> frnrar.GIn : Auioinotiye - LETUS CHECK YOUR MATTERY COLD WEATHER IS COMING! ; J. B. CLUNE dh tf For Sale: acres FARM land FOR ; SALE 5 Room House, bath, large lot Across from high and grade schools. Cheapest taxes In town. , ... Could be made into apartment -Jackson Service Stalion—Call g Cheap for cash. 600 Chlckasawba.j -^cALUNG^LlTcTut^T— J ' " GET READY FOR WINTER Heaters. $1..19 up ...... Radiators antl-frcezc, 78c'gal UD Texaco Oil. 2 gal. can, 89c Ne\y Guaranteed battertes, $3.25 up FOR SALE-40 acres good improv- I _ ; P1 " or Mat *'. - 7 5= >|P, . ed land' 2 3-4 miles' iiovthwest! ,"™ pr ^f s , on . '.™dtatprs cx of Manila, 3-4 mile from Highway c lla '»SCS. Heaters and park cheap'. ' 18. S3, acres-il'-m«e::wcst.-.of. Bly.- | See Us .Bctore You .Buy Anything thcvijle--oii' Highway". 18.':' Each! ' ; '— ?-•- ? or -^°y r -- Car1 -,- Iract S2400, SCOO, cash, balance i ARIAN AUTO PARTS like real. J. M. Joniz, Phone 31i. | 1^8 K. Main—Phone 176 Manila.' Klenioerg Cotton k-tt| LOO SCENTS TKOUnLii! AWR1QHT, YOU GUYS-HOlSi THAT LOAD OF SALT UP ON10 DINMV WE GOTTA MOVE FA^T,OR- WUR AN' TLlNK VV|LL GET-T'MOO IFOREAVE'DO. MY BROTHER, WLJR., AV-IVE? MEEC^OOOLA- DO SOU KEALIZE WHAT THAT MEAMS?^, HI6HMESS LOO-TH' MIGHT OF MOO IS AT ' VOLJ!J;"<toMW\M[).'lF YOUK BEOTHEE ,N- OL"TUMK SHOW UP HEe6,J.ET KK1OW, <?IGWT KIM6 6UIZ.L6 LONG, SAWALLA- WE'LL 5ECIM' VOU AGAIN t WOULOM'T COUMT TOO MUCH ON , YOUR HIGHNESS-TH'EV'EE' ~ •—' MOOVJAM5 AMD GOOD LUCK YES, OPTAIM.I kMOWi SEE TO OUR DEFEWSE5 AMD ,'M QUITE SUEE, ' THEV OH SVSRt 1 £,-u-fi-E I. I VV 1'.'. I OOVi'T A SOOOEM WO OOO OO O W-APH T(JRRS TO 1SOW- WOW'S LIKING! i COMPOUND Vt)U 60W WOW-'ARE VOU CRAZY ? WH^I'S THE IDEA, ' THREE A^ENj" A&AIMST OUR DOMT woeevf vou COLONEL. EASV) COUDLE- LOV/E5TO FIGHT, EH 1 J / HERE ACE YOUR Tt^uMt^Boys- B/EE HADAKSV. SfiCKE! I FOU1JHT SIX DIRTV FIQHTIN THAT'S MV VEAE5 IW THE NAVVC FnECKl.KS AND 1 .HI8 'THAT WAS MEAM OF you stew' ".- ALL YOI DAWCES BUT iVi war SUcHACOOb DAWCER! I'M WARMIMG YOU.' WELL, THAT CASE YOU CAM, AT LEAST; HOLD ME WHILE I OAMCE ! Mo, IT ISSJT so HOT,.... IT &EEMS Tb BE HAVINQ AN AWFUL TIME KEEP ING TIME WfTH You CLTT IN cw MS '• MV 'Sii?

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