Garden City Telegram from Garden City, Kansas on August 20, 1963 · Page 3
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Garden City Telegram from Garden City, Kansas · Page 3

Garden City, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 20, 1963
Page 3
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Kearny County 4-H Blue Ribbon Winners Listed LAKIN — Nutbread nibblers i Pamela Wright, Carl Joiner, and cookie crunchers were hard John Crone, Rhonda Riedl and it work last Thursday as the Kear-] J. D. Rice, ny County Fair got into fiiilli Beef — Joe Rishel, Betty Dav- swing. Judging of the nearly, reserve champion Angus; 4-H exhibits comprised the major; Donna Davis, Kenneth Davis Jr., portion of the day. Here is a list of blue ribbon winners in the various 4-H divisions : Linda Loeppke, champion and over-all grand champion; Carl Joiner, Carolyn Joiner champion Hereford 'and reserve grand Electric-Larry Heinitz, chain- i c h a m p i o n over-all; Catherine ' Joiner, reserve breed champion; Rodney Scheuerman, Roger pion, Sandra Loeppke, and Linda Loeppke. Woodworking — Robert Riedl, Richard Line, (2); Larry Patterson, reserve champion; Charles Rice, champion. Landscape design — Carolyn Joiner and Tommy Fross. Notebooks and booths — Dennis Kuhlman, Dale Wilken and Robert Heinitz. Prairie View, reserve champion; Southwest Kearny, grand champion; Sunset. Home Improvement — Charyl Patterson, reserve champion; Annette Zubeck, Betty Davis, Catherine Joiner, and Vicki Henderson, grand champion. Sheep — Hal Scheuerman, Rodney Scheuerman (4) and reserve champion; Roger Scheiuerman (3) and grand champion. Swine — Chuck Dyer, Annette Zubeck and Sandra Loeppke. Horses — Steven Grusing, Charles Rice, Lyndell Taylor, Peggy Taylor, Cathey Wright, AIR CONTROL CO. HEATING AIR-CONDITIONING SALES, INSTALLATION AND SERVICE 112 S. Main BR 6-8072 Wt Service Atl Makes! Mobil* Sheet Metal Shop Scheuerman, Jan Rishel, Carol Lohman, Joe Rishel, Vicki Lohman, and Michael Maune. Crops and Garden — Marilyn Enslow, (5) and champion; Myrthe Lackett, Betty Davis (4); Donna McClaren (2); Marc Williams (2); Donna Davis (3) Kenneth Davis Jr. (4); Catherine Joiner, Billy Dyer (2); Valentine Hernandez, Chuck Dyer, Etnah McKinney, Robert Riedl, Larry Wilken, Joe Rishel, Jan Zubeck, (2); and Steven Grusing. Entomology .. Carolyn Joiner, Kenneth Davis Jr., Betty Davis and Donna Davis. Photography — Jan Rishel, Donna Davis, Robert Heinitz, (2); Mikeal Maiune (2); Richard Line, Cynthia Moreland, Annette Zubeck, Kenneth Davi s Jr., and Joyce Line. Rabbits — Carl Joiner (2); Bobby Buck, (3); Lois Henderson, (2); and Sheri Henderson. Poultry — Damon Grusing, Carl Joiner, Linda Loeppke. Foods — Lorra Lohman (3); Mikeal Maune (2); Tommy Fross (2); Sonya Eveleigh (3); Janice Spencer (2); Mary Lou Brown, (4); Eutli Enslow, Gayle Line, Janice Melton (3); Peggy Taylor, Margaret Williams,' (3); Rhonda Riedl, Janice Patterson (2); Diana Berry, Valentine Hernandez, (2); Peggy Gerber, Rhonda Henderson, (2); Janie Glower, Susan Litton (2); Martha Nordyke (2); Hal Scheuerman (2); Pamela Zubeck (2); Larry Patterson, Johnny Reynolds, Mary Brownlee, Chuck Dyer, Marianne Nordyke, Catherine Joiner (2); Myrtle Tackett (7); Etnah McKinney (4); Janice McClaren, Joyce Line (3); Ivy Reed (5); Sandra Loeppke, Carolyn Joine r (7); Sheri Cartwright, Linda Waechter (6); Vicki Henderson, Pamela Wright, (2); Joan Brown, Vicki Lohman (2); Cheryl Patterson, Barbara Summers, Elaine Butler, Cindy Shaw (2); Linda Loeppke (5); Linda Grusing (4); Linda Michel (3); Vicki Lohman Mary Ann Enslow, Carol Lohman (4); Cynthia 'Moreland (3); Jan Rislvel (3); Sheri Henderson (4); Marilyn Buck (5); Bonnie DeKeyser, Marilyn Enslow .(3); Karen Reynolds, Patsy Novack (2); Dorthea Walton, Annette Zubeck Lois Henderson (2); Cathy IF YOU WANT PROTECTION LIKE THIS ACTUAL HOSPITAL CASE South Centra! Kansas ,-, DIAGNOSIS: Diabetic Leg Ulcer CHARGES $553.50 33.15 43.00 92.00 40.00 165.05 926.70 i \ 4 $876.70 PATIENT PAYS 40.00 x 10.00 $50.00 Room, meals, nursing 27 days Semi-Private Room @ $20.50 Drugs Laboratory Services Medical Supplies X-Ray Miscellaneous— Operating Room 118.50 Anesthetic 7.50 Inhalation Therapy .60 Electrocardiogram 11.00 Physical Therapy 9.00 Intravenous 13.45 Traction . 5.00 TOTAL Patient's Blue Cross Deductible Patient Paid BLUE CROSS PAID Blue Shield paid $262.50 toward physician's charges JOIN BLUE CROSS-BLUE SHIELD This actual case illustrates why more people are better protected against the cost of hospital, medical, surgical care with Blue Cross-Blue Shield than with any other Plan. There are four ways you can subscribe: • EMPLOYEE GROUP . .. where 5 or more work. • ASSOCIATION GROUP . . . through many business, professional and farm associations. • NON-GROUP . . . individuals under age 60, in good health, with no Blue Cross-Blue Shield group available. • SERIES 60 ... individuals over age 60, in good health, with no Blue Cross-Blue Shield group available. We invite you to compare Blue Cross-Blue Shield . . . benefit by benefit with the plan you now have. Mail this coupon for complete information without obligation. Then you decide, if your security is worth the best . . . Blue Cross- Blue Shield. Kansas Hospital Service Assn., Inc. •• ® Kansas Physicians' Service [BLUE CROSS - HUE SHIELD OF KANSAS I 1133 Topeka Blvd., Topeka, Kansas j Send information, without obligation | NAME | ADDRESS CITY -COUNTY- EMPLOYED BY- of Firm) ADDRESS- DO 5 OR MORE PEOPLE WORK THERE? YES NO_ M/ age is: D btlow 60 My spouu's 491 is: Q below 60 D 40 or over Q 60 or ov«r u. ? I Wright (2); Mary and Marilyn Enslow. Hernandez Clothing -- Harriet Turssel (4); Linda Grusing, Linda Patterson 2); Cynthia Moreland (2); Sharn Fisher (3); Donna Davis (2); Bonnie Gingerich (3); Don^na dcClaren, Janice McClaren, Catherine Joiner (2); Joan Jrown, Vicki Lohman, Barbara Summers (2); Bonnie DeKeyser 2); Marianne Nor dyke (2); Cristina Rider (2); Jan Rishel, Jnda Waechter (2); Mary Ann Snslow (2); Vicki Henderson, iandra Loeppke, Pamela Wright 2); Cheryl Patterson, (2); Carolyn Joiner (6); Joyce Line, Nina Lindner (4); Linda Trussell 4); Joyce Reed (2). Line (3); and Ivy Torfay in History Tic the Arm* Young Hobby Club Neighbors Don't Object Family Has Yard of Skunks By DARWINNE HAKANSON Pratt Daily Tribune ' PRATT, Knn. (AIM—When is a skunk not objectionable? Jn Pratt it's when the nnimnl belongs to the ltrornc llonrn family. , he Itoarns, who have a jinme confoision whether a loose skunk lias escaped from the Hrarn cor- nil or wandered In from the countryside. Usually the wild skunk resolves the question In no uncertain terms. A citizen may call Uoarn nnd tell him one of his animals Is breeder's permit which allows ; \ wtsc \ n (heir yard. Hcnrn mnkes them to raise skunks in captivity and sell them for pets, keep 14 of the animals in their backyard Neighbors don't object because the skunks have been deodorized. But one skunk looks much like another and sometimes there is ii quick trip to reclaim It am then discovers, while carrying It home, that the animal didn't be long to him after all. The llearns' oldest skunk Is •<• year-old Sweet, Pen, She had a litter of four last year, only two this season Another female had a llller of five. Newborn skunks resemble little rats, dark-skinned and hairless. Rut they are members of the weasel family. All are flesh-eaters hut as delicacies they like June huRs and grasshoppers, Itearn s nld. Their regular diflt Is dry do« food with occasionally some hamburger or feq* 3 f'llv Tctcgritltl Tuesday, August 20, 1943 raw f>;',Bs which seem to make their coats silkier, "They don't care for lablo scraps,' 1 Hearn said. The skunks are usually kept in' a wire pen but they are great Umnelers, jjolng underground to escape both extreme hot weather? and winter cold. -Whether buying or solliiva, us* ••••Ic'vnm Want Adai LITTLE LINKS Miniature Golf Course In Flnnup Park Now open nlqMly «t 6:30 p.m. Opon At 2 p.m. on Sflt. A Sun, Only 25e for 19 hole*. Civil War Ends Officially By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Today is Tuesday, Aug. 20, the 232nd day of 1963. There are 133 days left in the year. Today's highlight in history: On this date in 1847. Gen. Win- ield Scott led U.S. troops to vic- ory in the battle of Churubusco, Mexico. Scott had only 8,000 men compared to 20,000 Mexicans under Gen. Santa Anna. On this date In 1794, Gen. Anthony Wayne defeated the Indians at the battle of Fallen Timbers in Ohio. In 1866, the Civil War ended of- 'icially. In 1930, the first comprehensive demonstrations of the possibility of televised talking picture recep- on in homes was staged in New York City. In 1948, the U.S. government demanded withdrawal of Soviet Consul-General Jacob Lomakin torn New York on the grounds of improper diplomatic conduct. Ten years ago. . .The Soviet Unon announced that it had tested a hydrogen bomb—an event con- : irmed by the United States as laving taken place Aug. 12. Five years ago. . .Gov. Qrval Taubus of Arkansas reiterated us refusal to use his powers to enforce public school integration as urged by President Eisenhower. One year ago. . .A Panairdo Brazil DCS jetliner plunged into he bay on takeoff from Rio De Janeiro with 15 killed and one missing among the 104 persons aboard. More Than 400 Rioting Chinese Shot to Death HONG KONG (AP)-JMore than 400 rioting Chinese were machine- gunned to death by Communist troops recently in Chao Yang, Kwangtung Province, press reports said here today. About 1,000 laborers fled to the hills after the incident, the re ports said. Tiny Swing Is for A Doll By CAPPY DICK A miniature swing for a doll o a stuffed animal is fun to mnk< from heavy cord, a piece of stou cardboard and some artificial flowers. The swing may be tied to a low hanging tr«e branch. The size of th c swing seat must be determined by thc size of the doll or stuffed animal. Cut the cardboard (or corrugated board) to the proper size, then make a hole near each end as in Figure 1. Thread the heavy cord through the holes, passing it beneath the seat. Tie the ends of the cord to the tree branch. To decorate the, swing so it hag a festive appearance, tie small artificial flowers to the cordis. If you prefer, you can lie bits of colored crepe paper to tlh-e cords, instead of attaching flowers. Balance the doll or stuffed animal on the seat of the swing and fasten it there by tying the wrists to the swing cords. If the doll has a tendency to slip off, the upper legs may be tied to the seat. To swing the doll, simply push the swing as you would if you were using a real, full-size swing. Tomorrow: Arithmetic Puzzle Contest! Win A Magic Sot I Challenge to Atheist Center TOPEKA (APi—Establishment of a Christian center at Stockton has been proposed by a Topeka man as a challenge to an atheist center which is planned there. The Rev. Maiurice J. Lang III, former pastor of the Willard Community Church and a minister at the African Methodist Episcopal Church in Manhattan and Newton, said the center could be set up if reaction i s favorable. Lang said he would use a cor poration he formed two years ago, the Christian Evangelistic Asso ciation, which has been inactive since it was founded. Lang is now employed by a parking garage in Topeka. The atheist center i s planned by Mrs. Madalyn Murray of Baltimore, who visited Stockton last week to inspect land she has been offered. Critics Rounded Up ISTANBUL, Turkey (AP)—The Turkish government, operating under martial law since an abortive coup last May 21, has rounded up 40 leftist critics in secrel weekend raids. Army authorities declined com ment. New In Garden City A COMPLETE LOAN SERVICE LOANS from $25.00 to $1,000.00 or MORE Meet Our Manager A liberal loan policy with prompt, friendly, one-day service. Loans to consolidate indebtedness and reduce monthly payments, to pay tax«s, medical or personal expenses, or for any worthy purpose. Loan plans to suit your convenience. Loans made by mail or telephone to all surrounding areas. RAY KANTOLA Your Money Mas Use the MP 1 -1 & 1 Plan 1 Phone Coll 1 Visit 1 Place to Pay FINANCE CO., INC 422 North Main Gordon City Kansas , Dial BR 6 7669 Other Wid-PId oflicos in Kansas: Groat Bond, McPhorson,' Liberal, Hutchinson. 'Aanhattan ERASERS BALL POINT PENS Giant size green Rub Kleen Erasers ELMER'S GLUE 29c 59c BUY THEM BY THE DOZEN for school, home or office use. Retractable point. PENCIL TABLETS DUCKWALL MAMMOTH 29c The best buy In town. 108--8"xl2" sheets. BIG CHIEF 78 • 8" x 12" sheets ATTACHE CASE 14'/i" X II" x 6" Loch closure. Post typo han> die. Pormagunrd mlge. STENO NOTE BOOK 80 • 6" x 9" sheets ZIPPER BINDER $199 3 • l'/j" hoavy duly rings. Armour guard otlgi. 2 pockets. LOOSE LEAF BINDERS Burlap cover with disappearing handles Permaguard edge. 3 • 1 1/2" rings. Com plete with 75 sheets ol filler paper. FLANNELETTE - LEATHERETTE 3-l'/ 2 "rlngs VINYL HEAT SEAL 3 • I'/z" rings, novelty designs CANVAS CLIP BOARD Pearllzed finish with 6" heavy duty chroma clip. Laminated (or extra strength. KINDERGARTEN RUGS Cotton cut pile, foam back. Machine washable. Size 24" x 44" 97. COOKIES Delicious and fresh. Choose from sugar, frosted fruit, coconut circle, honoy jumbo and oatmeal. Phi. FILLER PAPER A fine quality five hole filler paper In either wide or narrow line. Save at this price. M *J 300 SHEETS 4«jC TYPING PAPER 63c A fine quality paper at big savings. 300 SHEETS ,. CRAYOLAS Shop Duckwall's for the type of crayola that you need for any grade. Size 8's 15c Size 16's 25c Size24's 35c Size 48's 75c Size64's „ $1.00 WEAREVEH iNTROVUCTORy OFFER INK CARTRIDGES FREE INK CARTRIDGE PEN WOOD PENCILS Famous eagle quality with brass ferrule and soft rubber eraser. Jl if 4k 24 pencils ...... PENCIL BOXES Multiplier-Divider .: ...... ROLL TOP ALARM CLOCKS Contains pencil and eraser A dependable time piece with 40 hour movement. STUDENT LAMPS PENCIL SHARPENERS CREEPY 19 Flexible arm desk lamp with translucent plastic shade. Compartment base. plastic. Turtles, Beetles, Spiders and Ants. COWBOY HAT SPACE CAPSULE

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