The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana on April 17, 1930 · Page 7
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The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana · Page 7

Tipton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 17, 1930
Page 7
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TRIBUNE CLASSIFIED ADS FOE SALE OR TRADE REAL ESTATE FOR SALE —Semi-modern 5+00111 house; easy payments. Roy Purvis, real estate agent. c-lf FOR SALE—Semi-modern home, Columbia avenue, practically now. Roy Purvis, real estate agent. c-t£' .FOR SALE—No. 5 Underwood; a. real bargain at S35. The Tribune Press. tf FOR SALE—Fries. John D. Smith. Phone 1SX2. c-tf i"OR SALE—SO acres, one of Tip- 1011 county's best farms; 4 miles east of Tipton';- -extra fine improvements; $2;500 'cash, balance terms; no -trades. Roy Purvis, real estate agent. c-tf FOR SALE—400 bushels of corn. Mrs. William Webb. Phone 32X1. ; . p-IGS WANTED-—Wall paper cleaning.. Phone 50*9. Ray Hunlerl. p-i?l WANTEB-^To buy pony Ray Moore, Phone 130. buggy. c-172 WANTED—Hay, any kind; will pay highest price. Call. Fred Leach* Atlanta, Ind. Reverse telephone charge. ' p-168 5c a dozen. Bernie Chambers, j |r>:il North Independence; '.p-16.0 1 FOE SALE PERSONAL PROPERTY FOR SALE—Comb honey, G lbs.. $1.00. Roy Cook, UuG Maple street. \i p-171 FOR SALE—Early cabbage plants, J WANTED—Customers for the A. Nash all wool made to measure suits and topcoats for men and young men; $23.50; can bring samples to your home any time during the day or evening for your inspection. W. E. Wells, 112 West Adams St. Phone 1223. L c-168 FOR SALE —Michigan white seed '; ! potatoes, grade 2; SOc per bush- \ ; el. Phone 2X2. c-tf: I'OR SALE— Bed, springs, mat-: i tress. Mrs. . Vern.. Mainos. i .! Phono-11-10. ' c-170!' received from the office of Otto G. Fifield, secretary jof state! a list of the candidates 1 for judicial positions from) this' county and district. The list included dates for Congress,! state senate! House of Representatives, prosecuting attorney arid follows: I candi- judgei is' as S. Purnell, MISCELLANEOUS FOR SALE —- Hampshire 'male \ pigs. W. Doversbcrger & • Son. route 5, Elwood. • ! p-175 FOR SALE—Cow with <-aIf by- side; quantity of hay. Mrs. Peter Bills. Phone <JX2. . c-169 FOR S^LE —Reed -Yellow Dent seed corn; Ciirl .-Wcismilier,' i Phono Windfall.' ' p-170 FOR KALE months. Phone 31XS Duroc nnile hog, IS Ottij) iBrcitweiser, c-lffST FOR SALE —Nine feeding shoats; reasonable. C. 'S. NJirris.-Phone 24flo. c -169 FOR SALE — Fertilizer tobacco base: get our new ! low prices. Tipton Hatchery, Phone 51. c-171 FOK KALE—Soy beans, rec.leaned, first class in every [particular. .1. W. Win at ley, Kemptou. c-172 FOR SALE —Two corn planters, • one with fertilizer attachment; prices reasonable. William Kindling. . c-tf FOR SALE —Three-ypir-old sorrel mare; weight 1550i; broke: will exchange for feeding hogs. \V H. Curry. p-170 If OR SALE—fl-piece dining room \ NOTICE—I will begin my piar.O j suite, all metal refrigerator,!' c i as s, May 5; those interested Hoosier kitchen cabinet, rock-! a nd wishing lessons' Phone 17 ing chair, three 9xl2i rugs, twoj Helen Clark, Kempton. c-1-68 small rugs, bridge j lamp and j porch swing-. Phone 1439. Mrs.! LADIES—Get your Shelton per- J. W. Addleman. c-16S~! i • manent wave at the Polly Prim FOR RENT Shoppe; 5S3. be satisfied. Phono c-169 FOR' RI-JNT—-2, furnished rooms, j RADIO SERVICE—We specialize 21G Oak street. Phone ""•"'' 31S0. u-170 on expert service work -on. all makes of sets; full line tubes, batteries, etc. . McJunkin Radio Shop. Phone 20X7. c-tf FOR RENT — 4-room apartment, modern'; west side square. W.! T. Harking. _ c-tf ['CHEEK'S cleaner.and paste soap; not injurious to hands or fabrics; $1 bottle makes 15 gal T Ions of cleaning paste; will deliver; fine for housecleaning of Schmitt C-1C9 FTJR* RENT—House, 5 bath, .909 j N. Main. ' or 4229. rooms and Phone 36 c-tf! FOR RENT — Two unfurnished rooms. Phone 4270. : c-169 all kinds. ^John A. Phone 2592. water heat. Miller Hotel, Tribune Bldg., E. Jefferson St. tf FOR RENT—Modern rooms; hotjA FEW MONTHS AGO we sold to a family who moved to this vicinity a high grade piano which circumstances now require us to take back; this piano is practi-, cally^ half paid for, is in new I Mike condition, of modern de FOR RENT—Modern home, East! ; sign and fully guaranteed; wo Jefferson street; will lease for! V viU t?ansfer the, account to a FOR RENT—2 furnished rooms for light housekeeping. Bock-i over. c-170! one year. Roy Purvis, real estate agent: c-tf FOR SALE—S 'J>v and eight pigs, mixed hay and Barred Plymouth Rock eggs. . Phone 22X2. - |:{' p-169 FOR SALE — Badenothls chick starter, $4.10; Sunflower egg mash, $2.95; Reef brand oyster shell, $1.00 per .cwt. Fear-CaiiipbelPCo. c-tf FOR SALE—Library table, electric sweeper, hot jpiate, kit:hen table, linoleum, 'chairs, lawn mower. Phone 34GS, at 479 Columbia aijunne. c-168- FOli SALE—Fresh cow, calf by side; cood milker; Big type Poland male hog. CaTl L. Over^ doff. P-16S FOR RENT—5 rooms, bath, laun dry, furnace, and garage; first floor: two blocks from town; very desirable. Phone 140 hc T fore 5 o'clock. '• c-tf FOR RENT—Choice office rooms, also light housekeeping rooms, modern. Masonic Opera House " Blok. Inquire of, Charles Warne, secy. Phone 271. tf WANTED WANTED — Girl Phone 2230. . for housework. " »: • c-tf FQR-fSALE — Barred Rock baby chicks, rea ; dy April 19; price 11 %c; will deliver 100 or more • as far as Tipton.' Phone 7 on 72, Sharpsville; . Mrs. Harry Hawkins. " . • -c-168 FOlt SALE—At auction, Friday, at 1:30-p. m., household, goods of W: L. Woods, 242 "N. Bast • street; everything goes;- "Includes antique Bplid walnut ta- 'hie,-- .electric\ washer, Olobe range, etc. Tipton Auction Co. K c-168 "SK'' ? R ICES —! Barred, White and Buff Hocks; . Be$». White I.Wyan- d *ttos; Buff. Orpingtons: HS -per 100; I57.50-peri! HCpP; $110' pci- Ti 'toOD. * White and Brown LcBhorrie jrn .nCi' WANTED—Ambitious,' industrious person to introduce and supply the demand for Rawleigh household products in Curtisville (city) south :Hamilton county and various other, towns or rural districts in jthis part of Indiana; $150 to $400 a month or more profit; Rawleigh sales and service methods get business everywhere; no selling ex- perien\ce r frcquired; <w]e supply- products,'outfit—everything you need; profits should increase every month; lowest jprlces; best values; most complete service. W. T. Rawleigh Co;, Dept. INS 2 22, Freeport, IiU. Th -174 responsible party who will complete the balance on a basis as low as $2 weekly, or $S monthly; for particulars as to where piano can be, seen, etc., call, write or wire the W. W. Kimball Company, 235 N. Pennsylvania street,. Indianapolis, Ind. c-172. SUITE & BARRUM—Used furni ttire department; wood double tub Dexter electric washer; Kitchen Koc-k gasoline stove; kitchen cabinets; Globe coal range; oak davenos and davenports; gas ranges; 3-piece mohair overstuffed living room suite; nice walnut bedroom • suite; breakfast sets; nice wal nut dining room suite; porcelain top table;- library table;' typewriter desk; laundry stove; sanitary couch; dining, tables; oak sideboard; 'Heatrola; phonograph; Day-Fan radio (bat-, tery set). c-170' For Sale or Trade: 1*28 Essex coach; 1926 Oakland sport -.; roadster; 1926 (Dodge sedan: 1926 Jewett coach; 1 1924 Hup . .- coupe. • ',,--.' \\; , "•.-•'.'• SERVICE MOTOR J3Q.. LOST AND FOUND Congress—-Fred (Rep.); Harry L: (Dem.). j j i State Senator from Boone and Tipton- Henderson, (Rep.); Li. L.| (Rep.);! Ben. H. Rbckey Joint Representative, and Tipton : —Gordon (Rep.). J j Judge Tipton Circuit cojurt]—J. Matlock, Hamilton, •Francis M. ' Sliuli, (jDejn.). Howard i i. . C. Hadley, •4- !••! Frank Pyke, (Repj)j; A. cher, (Rep.); s! A. (Rep.); Glen J. Gifford, (| James M. Purvis, (Dem.). Prosecuting; Attorney— E. Roode, (Rep.);i Troy N. Hut- L. Flet- Culver, iDem.). : ; -Robert Bolton, (Dem.) not; list to, (Rep.);. Alfred! W. (Dem.); Lemuel Si Todd, The certificate jdoes » ! ;.'i,. any Democrat! candidate for joint representative' of i Howard j arid Tipton counties and "" s w j>H jtave to be filled by a j<iint meeting of the committees. i 11.; . Tuesday- was the last clay on which candidates !for state delegates could file with th^ Clerk and no additional riames were received. I The election j commissioners will now proceed to make up the copy for the ballots which' wiil be • > - t used Tuesday | May 6. SOLD CORNER LOT. Mrs. M. T. Sbicl! Sells Gnsolinc Station Site to Shell Mrs. M. T. Shiel of Co. Lansing, I Tipton,' j has sold the cornier lot at East j and Jefferson streets ito the Shell ! • ' T ! -j American CoJ, which erected !a gasoline station on! the sit!e al -fejw years ago. Mrs. Shiel owns the | Attended Keception ; For J. C. White and Family, R. W. Simpson, Union! conductor, who will manage an independent baseball |team ' in Tipton during th« summer, j in-! formed a ' Tribune man Thursday that; the .lineup vould be one of the best seen here in years. At the first tryout last Sunday;at! the park, a large number of players were, present. | j : ! 'j • The Tipton merchants are' assisting the outfit to get started, ancl the season wjll be opened here May 4, the opposing team not y^t haying been decided upon. Mr. Simpson stated it was the intention to improve the j ball grounds at the Tipton, park and bleachers will b'e erected; The also furnishing! merchants are caps and shirts. Mr. Simpson is in communication with the C. reus John' puifit at; Kokomo and will arrange^ a ga ! me with that -teani. •; He ; will also book the A. B, C. colored team of Indianapolis, which has proved a drawirg car here. All gairaes will be pltyed on the'local grounds,, the ' team haying; jnq games away, from' home, in due timie a complete lineup will tie'an­ nounced by the manager!; l >R4TIf STAlf FOR A T OGELi Exccud'oii of , Chicago Slayer ! in Traffic Row Moved to May ». .i Chicago, April execution! until ed -yesterday to 17. —A stayjof May 9 was grant August Vogel who was sentenced to die Friday morning for the! Lyle Perrenaud traffic jam. last whim slaying^ of after their automobiles had bumped fenders in a fall. Family Improved. f , t ,1 situated. ' V i The consideration is stood to have been $4,000. Death Probe. ! : uuder- Fort Wayne, Ind., April 117 Further.investigation intojthej conditions at the Allen county Snfir ay- niary were ; promised yi .'psterd?.. Thomas Lack LOSTr— Two keys tied with white string; leave at Tribune office. . c-168 LOST—Saturday morning, pair ol tan kid gloves, across street from Farmers'. Loan; please call 1396. < . finder p-169 MONEY TO LOAN FEDERAL FARM LOANS af 5% • per - cent;- pre-payine.nt! -privl<> lege: D. S. Phares. c-tf after the. death of cy, 66 years" old,| the infirmary!. Lackey's body was found parts of the chin and lips and s W. Homer Young, teudeut at the infirmary, undertaker t'h^t the mulltatibn an inmate at J with [missing, Miss Nettle Brandt,- -who suffered' a very sjerious attack fit ptomaine poisoning Tuesday, was, able to her work at the Tribune at noon ' Thursdayj al-! th ! ough still feeljing the effects of the attack. Mrs. Lottie' Wert and Miss Nellie Brandt who attacks were im' Miss Brandt was dressmaking shop all! Mrs.. Wert expected to duty at, . the suffered ; similar, provedj Thursday, able to be at! her! Thursday evening. day and report for telephone, office , Mr; Removes to Kolcouio. years, and Mrs. John Reagan, who have resided in Tipton for many have removed • their house was caused, by, Radio A quartet from rats. Program superin told the tiie Cincinnati .PLKNW. OF : , MONBY...AT. 6 pqr '• cant, from 1 to"'lO yearii.'wlife prepayment- ^Trtvllll^a; : ' besi| loan In; the Htata: ' SUndetford ' ;*^!bwd(airfort^^ , ' '';'•'•" : I Conservatory | <if Music will be heard ! Friday al ternoor - at 14 o'clock! 'K.aaterti "Uandarl time, being 3 o'cloc) heire over W.K.R ,C.. from the'JAlmi Hotel. Playing .with this qui.rtet are two Tipton girls, , Harrtd e; Harding, cello and Robartar I lrlchl' vloMi lipid goods to ^Cokomo, with the intention of : making that jplaca their future home. Both I ha'-e- many friends in this city who will miss them; sorely.-. Their proper ty'will be! occubiedvby. Raymo.-i'd Bi'eri arid wife as soon, as some improvements, completed.; f now under way,- are ones Pi Jones JFnneral: Funeral! services' for Martin; Jones, age 45, 'irho died Wednesday at JKalama w>, Mich. 1 , ; were' the hone of a niece, Mrsi Frank Berry 'Windfall: Thnrs^ day afternoon: rhe.' deceased; was: aj former 'reside! t of Wlndfajlltut] left - thxareVpeirei al yeiiNMgp.. l\ '• j Burial Br'ookBide'cema-! tery af' the north' edge of Windr fall' . • MlssesTpiarM ^Sttttt^Jandi - |r ; The reception, tendered tC.Dr, John C. White pastor, of the! Kemp Methodist xhurch^W-edriss^ day evening by the Ladies Aid society of the church with the congregation was' very largely at- tende|d/ : ^. ' '! '. Prof; D. E. Leist' gave the welcoming address in behalf of the • .' -.'•;• congregation expressing appreci !atToh' for; Rev. White's return as pastor of the church and assuring? him jof their hearty support.- during the year. During' the : evening Dr: White and his family were also {presented with a beautiful basket! of' flowers !as further ' ex pressing the. appreciation of .his membership There^ were other talks appreciative of,the return" of Dr. White and family and to ' these ': X>r White,' Mrs. White arid Miss :Helen! !^Vhite expressed their appreciation of the splendid cooperation ' ' A and loyalty of the meriibers part of the evening was giv «ni over to group singing of old songs and other happy social,features. Punch. and . wafers served at the close, of the "V : I ' ' '•».-•-. ning. were ' eve : Will Reside With Daughter. John Stroup, for many years'a resident of Tipton, has moved; his household goods frorii- the Norton property, on East North street, to K6komo; ; and "will his home Wih ley. ertyj eon his daughter, Mrs. Sani Rel­ et that place. . The goods were taken to Kokomo-Thursday by, the Coppock truck. This prop has been purchased by Gid Evans, who will occupy-it after repairs are made. John Sallee and family, -who have occupied part! pj the property have'moved to! property on-North East street Former Teacher Here. .Miss Fedora - Gable, -former teacher of Commercial. -in - the. Windfall schools was in Tipton for a. short time Thursday morning on her • way to Muncie /to spend the week end with her parents- Miss Gable is- in charge; of the commercial department/of the Monticello schools this year th'ey at this time being dismissed for the fsprlng vacation. She ! -spent' Wednesday night at Sharpsville with Mrs. Anna Kopka VariHorp. the two! having - taught together fri, i .he Windfall schools during the 1926-1927 term. Is Now Behaving Well. The court house clock, wrjich went:on a rampage Wednesday evening, and refused to striHe the correct hour or to ' register the correct time, is now back to nor- mancy, thank's to. J. 'E? Booth, the clock's doctor.. The trouble was, found: to De a l° os e.!set screw in of the bearings and' as soon this was found and adjustc*d trouble was over. The '.clock been - registering, fairly accu- tlmW !since'i89!4^ • !. one as tHe has ratd rate of six per cent per annum, payable semi-annually. Dated this 7th day of April, 1930. W. A. KENDALL, Auditor Tipton 161-67-73 County, Indiana. •Rehearsals are under way by the; Ritz Little Theatre Club for. their | second frolic presentation. The- play is to be given at the Ritz jthea'tre on Saturday night, April! 26th and.will start promptly at eleven p; m. _ • The Frolic will be an entirely I different type of show than the j last presentation of the club. It: drainage commissioner in the niat- inclutfes "a miniature minstrel ter o£ the construction, of the Legal Notice. Notice to land owners in Tipton • :Cpunty, Indiana, to pay ditch' assessments, and of intention to issue bonds. In the matter of the petition of Fred Tolle. et a 1. for drainage. Notice is hereby civen that the number with jokes, songs and, day 0[ Man ., n 19:!() nIe „ , n tne dance numbers. This number will 0 mce .of the auditor of Tipton he followed by several'vaudeville'!county. Indiana, his report of the I'above named ditch on the 28th numbers and two chorus dances. '•test of the construction of said ditch and his apportionment of The play is'to be well costumed | the cnsts thereof among the *ev- and will he a-'-welcome departure | eral tracts and parcels of land frorii the general run of shows of this- type. . Easter Service. The choir of the Kemp Methodist-church will present an Easter!~worship service at the church Phi lictn-'Psi Party. assessed, for the construction of said ditch, and the assessment' sheet thereof has been prepared- and placed in the hands of the" treasurer of Tipton county, Indiana for tile collection of said as-' sessments. and all persons whose land in Tipton county have been assessed with bonefits. desiring to pay sAid assessments in order to» Surfday evening at the church at! c their lands from all lia- _ • ... .... * biutvJthereon. may du so on or 7:30, a-service that will heofj bef ,^: the 2sth (]ay |)f Aln . U3tt rearvalue in its Easter message, j 1930, or they may do so in five. The public is.'cordially invited. (annual installments. ,,, j Hy said report it is shown -said ditch will cost .$3.590.45 and over. |and bonds have been ordered is! sued to pay for its construction . Tipton gifls '-or the Delta chap-- wi » b . e f, ? tt?l! f <*P'*-mlw 1. /'• V™ . „ ; „ , i93«>. and the first bond will Ira ter of Pin Beta Psi sorority made (llI£> am , ' |)ayabIe SepIt . mber 1( the hearts of twenty-five children I'.JI , an( i nn the same date in happy Wednesday evening when each succeeding year until all are these children were treated to a P*'<1- Said bonds to bear - inter- carefully arranged "Easter party. Tire party was held in the kindergarten room, at the Tipton high school. The hour was spent in supervised play,! ending in an egg hunt' and then the children were given-prettily, filled Easter bas- kej£, which the : girls had made and filled for them. j . N - oUcc ia hercl>y uiven that I -All .the children were glad for,„-j]] I0L . e iv,. scaled bids or propo- this happy hour. They were tin-: sals for the construction of the der the care of Crystal Stewart,' B. F. Lea veil et al ditch, locateil Harriet Zimmerman, Helen Biirk-: in ?i^ro township. Tipton can*,-.'—- . , ,. , i ty. Indiana, at the comity survey- hart. Emma Jones and Edith or . s offit . c in tlle t . nun house , a Whitler. . • • | . ! the city of Tipton. Indiana, until - *•*—: r ',2 p. m.. April 19. 1930. Legal- Notice. 1 The plans and specifications foe j i said drain are on file in the office^ Notice to land owners in Tipton! of the auditor of Tipton connty; County, Indiana, to pay ditch; Bidders will he required to sub- assessments and of the inten- 1 niit with their bids a certified tion to issue bonds. In the. mat-! check-in the sum of $300, condi- ter of the petition of Thomas j tioned that the successful bidder-' Roe.ers, et al.'for drainage. j or hidders will enter* into a con-* Notice'is hereby.given that the tract according to plans and spe- drainage commissiorier in charge! citirations for said work, and filo of the above named ditch, on the; bonds for said nndrrtakiiig. The 28th day of March, 1930, filed In j superintendent reserve* the right the • Auditor's : office of Tipton!'" reject any and all bids tiled. County, Indiana, his report of thej LEW J. RICHARDS, cost of construction of said ditch) Superintendent of 155-161-167 Construction. est at the rate of six per cent pe« annum, payable annually. Dated this 7th day of April, lU.-JO. W. c .':. KENDALL. Auditor Tiptoii 161-67-7:; County. Indiana. Notice to Contractors. and;his apportionment of the.cost thereof among the several tracts and parcels of land 'assessed for, the construction of said ditch, and; the assessment sheet thereof has boen prepared and placed in the; hands of the treasurer of Tipton j County, Indiana, for the collee-j tion of said-.assessraents. ! All persons whose lands have; been assessed with benefits, desiring., to pay said assessments, in, discharge, their lands; from all liability thereon may do! so on'or before the 28th day of j August, 1930-, or they may do soj in five - (5) annual installments.| By.said report) it is sho\vn thatj said ditch will cbsf $6,896.22 and over; arid bondsj have ' been or- j dered issued to: pay for its con-, struction, which ..bonds will be! dated Sept. 1, 1930. and the'first bond will be due Sept. 1, 1931. and pn.'tne. same day in eaph succeeding; yeaf until' all :are ; paid. Said'bonds to bear interest at the Fresh Bulk Garden Conpton& SM . MrB..,Harold i Henry arid two cl^i]d|«n ] . of Sheridan. are ! .Bpend- j|»j}tiej^eelit' -wltt'Mr '.i' Henry's parents, j Vkjg |and L; : ' Mrs.'« _ j Romeo. Henrjr'on Npirln Eut«street." Mrs. Romeo Henry has, been connjied tjf' !Jt .^e>;home'~'toT*.^e^ |k|fni^ng^t$^^ iBpileatioriaJand' is lttr Ypa more than save the first year's deprecjatioB ;in any of the cars listed below: One One One One One 1929 Chevrolet Standard Conpe. 1929 Dnrant Oonpe with rumble seat. Ford Mo4#l A Standard Conpe 0^vrol^ i Spdrt Conpe 1928 Fordor Sedan lei A Soadster 1 -

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