The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 8, 1952 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, August 8, 1952
Page 10
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TEN BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWg Greek-Bulgarian Clash 1$ Reminder that Serious Trouble Could Start There (Edttors note: Russell Brines, former chief of The Ai' bureau In Tokyo, talked to leading officials In Greece and Turkey last November during a first lund survey of Wetiern European countries, ami kepi In close touch with the i since.) By RUSSIiXL BEI1NES WASHINGTO N WV-The spearheads of nearly 300,000 well-armed troops face each other across the Greek-Bulgarian border, where ;t skirmish was fought yesterday for an outpost. Greek and Bulgarian soldiers have been mobilized ntontf the border for years. Both sides are rejicly to fight. Tlie skirmish was over tiny Gamma Island in (he Evros River winch forms tho border. The Greeks, who claim the island, snid Bulgarians had Invaded il, and opened a morlar attack to drive thorn back. Any clash between these hostile neighbors could hiive serious potentialities. They form one part or an uneasy line stretching from (he Mediterranean in 'ho North Bea. East and West l.ic Behind Behind them arc the massed forces of the West and East But most American off rein Is In Eruope believe that a border incident would mushroom Into major conflict only when tho Kremlin decides.on n bigger gamble ilinn It has taken so far. Nevertheless, the incident liluh- the status of the explosive Balkans where the first shots of World War I were fired almost 40 years ago. Greece, one of the newest members of the North Atlantic Treaty Orgunizntlon, is one of Russia's veteran opponents in the global hot- cnld war. The Greeks fought and won a bloody campaign against Communist expansion. U. S. IliippHes Aritm The United States since 1917 has .supplied arms and (mining to build a ]node)'n Greek Arjnv. High ranking Greek officers told till* reporter the Bulgarians are SooU fighters nnd art* among the best of Russia's satellite troops. The Kremlin reportedly has boon intensifying its effort in recent months to mottcrni/.e and strengthen its satellite forces, including Bulgaria, and to supply ttiem with jel aircraft. Bulgaria I.s one main invasion route from Cenlrnl Europe for any thrust toward Ihe vital Mediterranean, believed to be a prime Soviet target, For this reason Greece and Turkey form Ihe southern anchor of Allied defenses in Europe. Even if Russia has no intention of risking major warfare now in this vitnl region, the long and tense Balkan borders provide another opportunity to heighten pressure in the cold war. UN's Kentucky Squirrel Shooter And Daredevil Both Wounded By The Associated I'VRKSS The billion dollar drought In New England nnd tbe South appeared broken today and government agencies moved .swiftly to get weather-harassed farmers tack into production. The Immediate goals: 1 1. To get feed to hungry livestock on burned out pastures and prevent premature slaughtering. 2. To get fall planting starlcd. the Agriculture Department, or dered a survey of excess hay supplies In the Midwest, It directed chairmen of state agricultural mobilization committees from Iowa. Wisconsin, Michigan, Indiana, and IllinolE to look into the possibility of obtaining hay in those states. And the Farmers Home Administration worked out a plan to speed governmont loans lo hard- pressed farmers In Iho drought COP TUB-THUMPER—Robert Humphreys, above, veteran Washington political writer, lias been appointed publicity director for the Repviblicon Parly during forthcoming campaign bells. These loans will be used for seed and feed. Farmers Look lo Fall Farmers looked hopefully to possibly good fall crops lo help them recoup some of their drought losses. With New England getting rain for the third straight day, Louis A. Webster, Massachusetts market specialist, said yesterday at Boston: "There Is every Indication now that we will have good fall crops." But meanwhile, tbe consuinor was beginning lo feel Iho effects of the drought. ; At n meeting or Ihe Georgia milk control hoard at Atlanta, milk prices were boosted 2 cents a quart to a maximum of 27 cents. One cent, of the increase effective Sept. 1 wns to cover a normal Increase in operating costs, but Ihe other was to compensate farmers for drought losses and help them carry lierds through the winter. A sharp Increase In produce prices has been noted in some places. Stales Designator! President Truman yesterday designated Tennessee nnd Kentucky as drought disaster Areas and allocated three million dollars of emergency funds for use in those states. The government will font part of the bill tor liny shipped info lho.';e two states. Gov. Ilcrmim Talmadge o f Georgia wired Hie President Ihnt his slate needs more financial aid. These and seven oilier states— Arkansas. North Carolina. Alabama. :-:,sis5ippi. South Carolina, Massachusetts, Maine and 4-1 counties in Missouri have been designated as disaster loan areas. States In a disiisler area are eligible for government loans. Showers were reported in Ihe Atlantic states Irorn the Virginias southward and in Ihe Gulf states the northern Great Plains and the Eastern Rockies. The weather was mnMiy fair elsewhere. Evcc'pt for t-ooler weather moving Into Montana and the n.ikotns there was little rhuiiKC in temperatures around the conntrv. FRIDAY, AUGUST 8, 1951 SALAD DAZE—Pity tho poor housewife tint u«eslhi tv™ cucumber when her reupc says "Slice a wholo clumber ° This srmbnK K.ocer at Yatsushiro. Japan. i.s rh-ht pToiTof u Vin, .Iw cuke, which u abuut lv,o nnd , hall fert ton^ and weigh 50 AFL League Reaffirms Support Of Gov. McMath for Re-Election A statement Issuod yesterday by the API/s League for Political Education reaffirmed its support of <jov. McMnth for the Democratic nomination for Governor. And (lie presick'jit of the young Negro Democratic Association of Arkansas urged Negro voters to .support McMath against Francis Cherry in (lie Ann. 12 runoff. The union statement, signed by C. W. Mowery. the League's president, said in part: "Tile Judge Cherry men who attempt to speak for labor are either not even members of the A PL or are. in disrepute of Uie membership, having no authority lo endorse nny candidate In the name of Ilic APL." Tho politic-ill division of the American Federation of Labor also notec! Cherry's charge (hat Ms members were hand-picked. The League said LLl'K de-legates are elected nt the staie APL convention. U claims lo represent •10.000 members. The statement said: "Our Interview with Judge Cherry disclosed to us ttlat he was ellher Indifferent or opposed to our Interests. Gov. McMath on the contrary gave us direct, frank answers on every question and issue concerning labor in distinct con- Irnst to Judge Cherry who gave us no definite assurance of nny co-operation with our labor problems. "We llatjor) will express once again our continued faith and confidence In our present, governor whom we feel had done more for the advancement .of all classes and groups of people In Arkansas than any previous governor in recent years." I. S. McClinlon. president of the Young Negro Democratic Association of Arkansas, wrote in a letter to Negro voters: "Our race has advanced more during his (McMath's) three and one-halt years in oltice than in Ihe last 20 years prior to his election. Fifty per cent of Ihe opposition to Gov, MeMath's re-election is because of his attitude toward our people." McMath received n unanimous endorsement from Local 333 of the CIO United Steehvorkers Union at a meeting o! Its 300 members. A political chord of a different lone was struck at the 65th annual Veteran of All Wars reunion in Ileber Springs yesterday by Sen. John I,. McCIellan (D-Ark). He pledged his support of the proposed Greer's Ferry Darn project near Heber Springs but declined comment on the governor's race. He has been a political target of Gov. McMath. 14 California Reds Draw 5 Years, $1000 I-OS ANGELES I/ft — California's 14 leading Communists—Including a self-styled founding member of the party In Russia—are under maximum sentence of five years in prls- In and $10,000 fine each todiiy for conspiracy against the United States. The heaviest Judgment possible under the Smith Act of 1040 was levied yesterday by Federal Judge William C. Nfalhes after he upheld the Jury's guilty verdict. The defendants. Including Russian-tarn Frank Spcctor, took their sentences without Clinching. All made strong, and some defiant, statement? maintaining innocence. All 14 died Immediate notice of intention to appeal the case to the U. S. Circuit Court. War Vets to Ask Truman's Help For Their Dad WENDELL. N. H. (If) — The two war veteran sons of Carl Latva, 49- year-ohi Finnish-born mill worker ordered deported he signed a Communist membership card In 1034. say they will appeal to President Truman in the hope "he'll now fight for us." His ons, Carl and p a «i, (old newsmen last night they will send a telegram to Mr. Truman asking him to save [heir father from deportation to Finland—the country he left when a child of 13. "My brother nnd I fought for the thnigs President Truman believes* in," they said. "We hope he'll now fight for us." Thev served in the Navy In World War II. Billion-Dollar Drought Now Seems Broken in South, East NEKOOSA. Wis. in-United Na-. lions forces in Korea have lost the services of a unique Communist- killlng partnership—n keen - eyed Kentucky squirrel shooter ami a Wisconsin daredevil who tempted Tled«-srn)]ers into revealing themselves; Marine Pfc. Henry A. Friday of Nekcmsa. the decoy, and Sgt. John B. Bolliioll of Comfort. N. C,. the sharpshooter, bolh were wounded ill action July 2G according lo word reaching their families. That was the doy aller press dispatches told the world how Boil- nott had kLllcrt nine Communists with nine bullets—by having Friday walk nlonff the top of a trench until Ucd riflemen popped up to lake- a shot at him. Friday trusted lhi> marksmanship of Boittiott, who used to do his hunting around Dawson Springs. Ky. When Hie Marine Corps heard of the svitem they ordered it stopped, for fear of losim; Friday. Then finitnolt's wife learned the 1 | M-rscaill's arm had been broken ( liy ji grenade. Yesterday Friday's mo,her reported her son had s'lif- ( tL-icti shrapnel wounds and was ' ho pitati^ed in Japan. LATEST THING IN SNAKESKlN-Taking a glum firsl look at the world. Ihis baby python is the sevenlh to hatch from a dozen eggs delivered by Mama Python at the London Zoo. A foot long at birlh, the little fellow will be 15 times as long at maturity. Letters 5 Years Old Delivered As 'Private' Hoard Is Found Rhee Sees No 1 Decree Hopes For Korea SEOUL. Korea MH — Whtt«-l thatched Syngman Hhee. still th*| ihrewd political mastermind of th«| republic he helped found four year* I igo. sees no hope of peace Cor war-1 iorn Korea in his coming second I Tour-year term as president. I Peace will come, he told news-L men today, only when Russia III 'fully convinced It cannot defeat! the free nations." He hopes, however, that the Unit-i Nations forces "will be able t£j defeat and drive out our Comtnujl riisls enemy" ' during his second! term. "They Chinese Communists have I no business to be here and the! sooner they realize It, the better it I will be for all of us." I Rhee. 77. said he never had any! hope of success for the Korean ar- I mistice talks "and I have none I now." DETROIT «•>_Thousands of cast side Detroit residents today began receiving letters four and five years old as postal inspectors sifted through a basement-filling pile of undelivered and stolen mail. The letters, estimated at more than 10,000, plus tons of packages containing every form of mailablc merchandise, were recoverd in th nous of Roman Korts, a 50- yar old veteran mailman. Kortcs pleaded guilty in Federal Court here yesterday, less than six hours after his arrest to two charges of embezzlement from the mails. "I had to do it," was all the 'No Smear Drive' Drive Promised By Sen. Monroney WA S H I N 0 TO N UP, — A "no- smear" campaign In behalf of Oov. Adlai E. Stevenson of Illinois was promised today by Sen. A. S. Mike Monroney of Oklahoma. Monroney—named bv Stevenson. I the Democratic presidential noml- j nee. to heart the party's Speakers' Bureau—told a reporter: ! "We Intend to present our case • for Stevenson, and other Demo- ' cratlc candidates, clearly, concisely i and honestly, without demagogery j or smear and without personal at- ' tack. "We think we have a case and if v.-e can reach the people with it. we'll make victory certain in November." i As far as he is concerned, Monroney said he doesn't intend to take Democratic victory for granted in any part of the country, including the South. mail carrier could offer in explanation at his arraignment. Federal Judge Theodore Levin released Kortes on a personal bond pending sentence. The charges against the mailman carry a maximum penalty of 10 years In prison and a 84,000 iine. A veteran of 28 y;ars in the postal service, Kortes was only seven years from retirement when postal officials uncovered his fantastic hoard of packages and let- ers--a collection so large that two mail trucks were required to return it to the postoffice for sorting and identification. Postal Inspector Earl Wheeler said Kortes had nokeal reason for the thefts which dated back as far as 10 years. "I didn't get anything out of It," the mail carrier said," I just hac to take those things. It d dn't seem right to leave them lying around My wife told _ me I'd get caught WANTED... MORE CHERRY PICKERS Possible 200,000 Cherry Pickers Needed at Polls, Tuesday, August 12th, for Bumper Harvest of Votes. Compensation: Integrity and Decency in State Government. Pol. Adv. Paid for by Francis Cherry, Jonesboro. Super-Sensitive j NEW YORK IIP)—The Dell tele-' phone laboratories have added to ' their testing equipment a microbal- | ance so sensitive that it can deter- j mine the weight of a fragment or i lint caught floating in the air. It is ' an intricate device, and can show | changes as minute as 250 millionths: of a gram. Don't wish upon a slar lluif you had a car. Find out how economical and convenienl il is, lo finance a car under our loan plan. Conic in this week. ^FIRST NATIONAL BANK =s " ^asu^^. . *..~, ^J*\. BLYTHEVILLE OLD STILL 90PROOF KENTUCKY STRAIGHT BOURBON WHISKEY lOUISVtVlt. KINTUCKY :oo. She warned me, lime after I time, I guess she was right." I Postal officials began investigating Fortes after householders along his route complained of not I receiving packages and letters sent to them. Join The March For Better Government Vote For Noble Gill • Educator • Businessman • Farmer FOR DEMOCRATIC National Committeeman Thli AdvertlxmwM PaM For By Nobl« Gill, m*t. Ark. 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