Panama City News-Herald from Panama City, Florida on September 16, 1973 · Page 11
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Panama City News-Herald from Panama City, Florida · Page 11

Panama City, Florida
Issue Date:
Sunday, September 16, 1973
Page 11
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Chipola Schedules Welding Course M^RIANNA-Vocatioiiiil T('i'liBi(';il l^ivisioji of Cliipolji .Jimi(|' C'olU.'yc will offer M Tfi clocKt limir coiiisc In wddijif,', Th («^(?l ^.ss will hcgiii 'riiosdiiy, S{'i )rM5, at ir.:\0 p.m. in room l.'JIi^'^Fp'f' for ihf cniirsi' will Ijc $12.«|fTpayablc at the tiiiu' of ri'i^Wiation. The' t' will mcey^uesday, afid Thursday.s f roMplO p.m. t6 9; 301). tn: T |M|t 'Oursy is designed to prow^ 'opportunities for tho s t iHl ^n t w i t li 0 \i t /prior piigh Honor |For Reynolds c|SPLEY -Eddit' Reynolds, soiij^f Mr. and Mrs. Pat Rcyhplds, ha.s Iweii chosen by tlio'lSaiiie and r 're.sliwater Fish Co(^i|iission as the outstanding wilMfe officer of tlie year for his.|l $trict. ^ employe of the comji^lssioii foi' seven years, Rejfftplds is scheduled to travel to^jtiot. Springs, Ark., to re^ll^^ent Florida in the Sditineiast Law Enforcement Association meeting Oct. 14-17. ^ experience to developc? hasic skills in welding and for those with sl<ills to upgrade tlietie ahilities. Those short courses in weldinij; will he offered each .sontestei' so tliat a student will Hoarse liniment? LONDON (UPl) - The modical weekly, Medical New.s, gave humorous definitions for nnedical and psychological conditions: Hiccups — Bucking bronchi. Hermaphrodite — A bisexual built for two. Patent medicine — Medicine that's not what it's quacked up to be. Head cold - Rheum at the top. Lesbian — A mannish depressive with delusions of gender. Laryngitis — Conversation peace. Artificial insemination — Inoculate conception. Expectant mother — Momsoon. Manic-depressive — One life is easy glum, easy glow. l)e able to complete the 2,'100-hour curriculum by altendinn classes only at ninht. If a sufficient number of peoj)le ai'e interested In a full-time (.'Vetiing pro^i'am iri welding, a will be offered from 3 p.m. to!):HOp.m, Short courses in appliances service , drafting and'blue print reading have a few class posit ion;- open. These meet on Tuesday and Thursday nights from B:30 to 9:30 p.m. Registration for these classes will soon be closed, so Flashbacks CHECK THESE! SPECIALS BIG BOY RECLINERS Reg. $149.95 NOW $79 95' (Caih A Carry) $289" 2 GNIY HURCULON COVERED EARLY AMERICAN 3 PC. LIVING ROOM SUITE Reg. Price $569.95 ONLY 2 HIDE-A-BED ^19995 SWIvilloCKER $5995 BAY MATTRESS & UPHOLSTER CO Rt9. $99.95 Now Only 6 PC. BASSET BED ROOM GROUP Triple Dresser-Chest Head Board-Frame-Nighf Table Plate Mirror Rtg. $1195.00 Now $599.95 4718 HWY. 22 CALLAWAY (From the Files of the News-Herald Week of Sept. 16-Sept.22) TWENTY FIVE YEARS A(U): -YOUTH FORCED INTO STREETS FOR R 0 M A N C E - M 0 d e r n apartments are so small there's no room for romance, a New York educator has said. "The dwindling size of city apartments", .said President Bryn T. Hovde of the new school for social research, 'compels young people to conduct their courtships on the streets, in commercial places of amusement, in public parks or in automobiles, rather than in one another's houses.'." -"NEW YORKERS ARE TALKING ABOUT...Joe DiMaggio's biggest hit. Cover Girl Evelyn Frye, Elizabeth Taylor's crush on ex-army great Glenn Davis.Tennis star John Howard (Diana Barrymore's ex) now Sandra English's...Champ Joe Louis's 'oath' last night that he'd never fight again, regardless, etc...Carol Lynne; the ice star, who got her annulment last week..." FIFTY YEARS AGO —"Miss H.C. DozTer is supervising architect of the new Federal Reserve Bank building in Jacksonville. She is a graduate of the Massachusettes Institute of Technology, and one of the three original women members of the American Institute of Architects, who have blazed the path for women in this wide field of activity...Home building is naturally a women's sphere, as she knows what to do in planning for comfort and convenience." interested persons should r o n I a (' 1 t h i; Vocational-Technical Division of Chij)ola .Junior College. These courses are set up to meet the needs of (he individuals participating. More information may be obtained by phoning 482-'19;tt, ext. 129 or 145. Now You Know Q. I reserved a room at a motel near Disney World., and .sent a $10 jJepo.sit. When I got there they* were all filled up. They said they would mail me my money but I have not received it. What can I do? A. Your money .should have been returned immediately. Report your complaint to the Department of Business Regulations, the Carlton Building, Tallahassee, Florida. Q. I live in a high rise condominium on the beach and was wondering where the safest place would be in the event of a hurricane. Because I am an elderly person, evacuation would be difficult. A. In a recent speech. Dr. Robert'Simpson, director of the National Hurricane Center said . that if a person must stay in the area during a hurricane, the safest place would be on the third floor or above, in a high rise building constructed on deep pilings. He said the first and second floors usually are subject to flying debris. WORLD ALMANAC FACTS 1 The Harvest Moon, the full moon nearest the Autumnal Equinox, ushers in a period of several successive days when the moon rises soon after sunset. This phenomenon gives farmers in north temperate latitudes extra hours of light to harvest their crops before the frost comes. The World Almanac notes. The 1973 Harvest Moon falls on September 12. Get away to it all. 52 weeks a year. rELL. ME HOW TO GET IN ON THE M JN AND GET AWAY TO IT All.! Send me your free brochure on Top of the Gulf holiday condominiums. iSy VA South Thomas Avfiiiic I 'aiuimfi Cily Bwich. \'^oM,^ imOl NAMi; . I aw , sTAri'. , /II' -.-I This oftc .MiiKi is nol iiv.niliibio wlioif; ntDhihilml hy l.'iw Come on, get away... any weekend ... every weekend. With a Top of the Gulf holiday condominium you can get away to the fun and relaxation of beautiful Panama City Beach any time you choose. This weekend go deep sea fishing on a "party boat"... next weekend play golf and go water skiing or scuba diving. Lfjter you can dine on succulent red snapper or lobster with all the trimmings. There is a large variety of activities sucli as fishing tournaments, sightseeing trips, plays and art shows... even an international gopher race! And, right outside your front door, there is swimming in the surf, sunbathing and building sand castles. With a holiday condominium, you can leave your steaks in the freezer and your surf board in the closet and they will be there when you return. And you don't worry while you are away because you know that it is being maintained and watched while you are gone. A Top of the Gulf holiday condominium is the modern way to have a vacation home. It comes with a fiilly equipped, total electric kitchen, wall to wall cariJeting in your choice of colors, washers and dryers on each floor and many fun features such as party pavilion by the pool, lounge areas on each floor, tennis courts and a boardwalk over the dunes. Send for our free brochure and floor plans. Get in on the fun... get away to it all! Preconstruction prices $19,900 to $27 ,000. $ 100 reservation (fully refundable at any time) TOPOFTHEi Gel awav lo it iill! Exhibit and Information Center open daily 9:00 A.M. -6:00 P.M. Telephone (904) 2:34-6628 I ii'V'i'li i|IIIII'III Miiii<ii|t'nu'nl IIVI 'Iill i|)', I .mil ('i iin|iiiiiu liii DPOFTHE/I- 94 NKH !S-lll<JKALll, I 'ununm t it>, r la., .-iimun,,, .n PRICES GOOD THRU MONDAY OPEN SUNDAY 10 TO 7 O O O U *J O tJ (J U U W VI U U 1./ !_/ W V ^J>J^J^J^J^JiJ^^o,o o n - .o.o.a_o o OPEN WEEKDAYS 9 TO 9 Po°o< " n o.,o^o^o^o^o...o o...o„o^o^o, — - o o.o o„o„o„o„o o o„< ECKEIID O rugs Early Bird... PHOTO GREETING CARD SPECIAL! PAK OF 3 SYLVANIA FLASHCUBES GIVES tZFUSHES REG. $1.49 MAGICUBES REG. $1.69 O O O w NEW! PACQUINS HAND LOTION z 46 < o°o°o°o°o°o°-°°o>:o:o; % % .°? ?d % % % % 'o°cF o«o «0-0 ^o,.o o"o"o"o O o o 0«0_0„0_0_0 O O O O O O • O «0, N O«O^O«.O-»O«O „0„ O O ' «o„o^o„o^o^o^o.o^o O ' •o°o°o°o°o°oW<' o°o°o°o°o°o°o°o°' .°oWo°o°o°o°< oooooooo. >Wo°o°o°o°o°o' OOOOOOOOOOv jO O 0.0 OO.O. UO «o, o„o„c I o o UO _o, UO«0, O^O^f '«o„o o^o^c I o o 1 o o ololc U0-.0 uo„o, o^o^c m I o o ) o o ) O 0 ozpz< I o o UO«0, o^o^< uo„o, o„o„< I o o o^oJ 'o°o°c 10 oz. o_o_oro.o_o o'o'o_o"o;o"o , >«o„'5„o o„o„o o„o„o„o o„o„o O 0 0 '"''^ P^rl PK^ P^J PK> '?PX\ ,'o„o"o„o ip%AAAA Ko-o°o°o°oWo°i '°P°o°oWo°o°i °APri 1 ' 0.0 O 0^0 KODAK 'TRIM-LINE" CARDS • 24 KODACOLOR CARDS RfG 5 99 4.88 • 24 BLACK & WHITE CARDS REG 3.78 2 .99 KODAK "SLIM-LINE" CARDS • 24 KODACOLOR CARDS REG 7 58 5.98 • 24 BLACK & WHITE CARDS REG 438 3.49 • 5X7 ENLARGEMENT • SEASONS GREETING FOLDER (10 FOR $8.99) , REG. I SOc 99 REDWOOD & ALUMINUM FOLDING CHAIR lICHTWflGHT fOLDING ALUMINUM CHAIR WITH CAllfORNIA RIO. WOOD SLATS REG. 7.99 IREG. 16.99) REDWOOD & ALUMINUM CHAISE 14^^ SWINGER GRILL REG. 26.88 1999 LARGE COOKING AREA- RUSTPROOF PORCELAIN y COVER - IDEAL FOR ROAST \lNG. SMOKING, GRILLING 8 0Z. SCENTED OR UNSCENTED ARRID EXTRA DRY ANTIPERSPIRANT REG. ggc BLACK & DECKER fLECTRIC ROTARY MOWER Starts and stops with press of a switch. No gas or oil to fuss with. Double in- siilaKd - no grounding necissaty. MODEL 8000 LIMIT 1 WIND PROOF! CIGARETTE LIGHTER REG. 69^ t°rPl )'^0"0 "o"O "0"0"0''0"0 "o '0"0"0'O~0"0'O'0"O"O'O"0"O"O"0 O O^j-o-o-is-o--^^ PrPn°rP)i^^^ 165 cr. BUFFERIN TABLETS I 39 !/> IN. X 50 n. GARDEN REG. 2.29 NORTHERN ELECTRIC "COOL MIST" HUMIDIFIER LIGHTWEIGHT. POflTABLE, STUfiOV UNIT - W TO 12 Hfl, 0Pffi4T(0N ON ONE fiaiNG. 1 GALLON MODEL 96 (LIMIT I) REG. 9.97 REG. 1.82 DOROTHY GRAY "ONCE A YEAR SPECIALS" LIH/IIT 1 Pree ; NATURAL VITAMINS &H(ALTHAIOS MOISTURIZING 4 OZ. HAND CREAM HORMONE HAND CREAM - 4 OZ. . TEXTURE LOTION* 16 OZ ORANGE FLOWER FRESS 2 MINUTE MAGIC LOTION • 10 OZ. REG. 2.50 • REG. 2 50 • • . REG. 5 00 REG 5 00 2 50 VALUE DEPREE ... 100 CT. • 200 lU (LIMIT 1) NAT'L VITAMIN E. OEPREE... 100 CT. MULTI-VITAMINS .THERAGARD M .. OEPREE . .. ADULT 60 CT. REG. 3.98 - LIMIT 1 GERIGARD VITAMINS • REG. 4.98 REG. 3.98 LIIMIT1 7 OZ. VAN WYCK 5 SPEED MIXER 6" WHIPS, CREAMS, MIXES, FOLDS, BLENDS. MODEL VW55 REG. 8.99 LLOYD'S 660 ELECTRONIC CALCULATOR INSTANT ADDITION, SUBTRACTION & MULTIPLICATION - 8 DIGIT DISPLAY PANEL - OPERATES ON 4 "D" CELL BATTERIES OR AC ADAPTER REG 99 95 ESKIMO ROOM AIR COOLER WELDED CABINET BUILT-IN WATER PUMP • 3 GALLON CAPACITY REG, 29.99 21 99 BAMBOO WIND CHIMES mi VO-5 LIQUID REG. OR HERBAL SHAMPOO 43' P,PJ^J^J^^ PJ>J^J^J^ P^'^J^^ I I ,0-0 o"o"o w PROTEIN 21 CONDITIONER .'o°oVo°o°. 0 0 0 0 0' ro„o"o"o"o PJ^J^J^J^ o o PM^ f CO fo to GREAT FOR PATIOS REG. 99c 100 CT ONE-A-DAY VITAMINS WITH IRON DR. WEST TOOTH BRUSHES GIRLS' PANTY HOSE 49*J 3 TYPfS REG 56 14 Pr ^0"0 0 o o o o i„o„o„o„o„c . , *o°oWo°oWc |-o?o°o°o°o°o?o?o?o°o?o?o?o?oVo°c o o c MEN'S DECK i SHOES i HEAVY-DUTY OUCK UPPERS ;o°o°( AND THICK CUSHION INSOLES >°o^o; REG. $3,49 'p ^i 'n°rPrPn°^OrP^OA'rP^'^rp"o"o°^^^^ 0 0 0 0 o^cPcPt WE FILL MORE PRESCRIPTIONS THAN ANYONE ELSE IN FLA. This allows us to sell consislently lor less Volume keeps our drugs Iresh loo So Imno your M.;«I pfescriplion fo Eckerri s » name you can Inisl lor quality odd low low [incef

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