The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 22, 1930 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 22, 1930
Page 5
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'•PAGE SIX ; tHE ! BLYTHEVILLE COURIER XFWS 1 . THE COURIER NEWS CO., PUBLISHERS . C. R. BABCOCK, Editor .'..-• . H. W. HAINES, Advertising Manager Sole : National . Advertising Representatives: •'.-.'The Beckwith''Special 'Asency, inc. New York, ::. Chicago, St. Louis, Detroit, Kansas Oily, Atlanta, .'Philadelphia, Sari Francisco, Los Angeles. Published Every Afternoon'. Except Sunday. Entered'as second class mailer fit the post office at. Hlythevllle, Arkansas, under ac: of October 0, 1911. Served by (he united Press. SUBSCRIPTION RATES By carrier in the city of lilythevlllc, 16c per week or i $6.50 per year In advance. ' By moll within a tndlus of 60 miles, $3.00 per year, $1.60 for Efci montlis. Me for ihrce months; by mall In posliil zones two to six. inclusive, $0.50 per year. In zones seven and eight, $10.00 per year, payable In advance. We FeariWqr-Bul That : 7s Not Enough Never has tliere been .-as much talk itbont world pesice as in Uie lust 12 months. The iipproadiing naval eonferencu at London is Ijiingiiig (his iie.-ice l;ilk to a focus. The hopes of tlie world are high again. People are beginning to realize that the slogan of tlie hist wnr—"the war to em! war"—nwy, lifter all, be brought to fruition. This in an accomplusliment. It has only been within recent years Hint people have dared to dream of a reign of ensuring peace. The lasl wnr frightened us—no question about it. It gave us a dark vision of the human race blowing its own head off, nnd (he fright born of that vision is pushing us into naval conferences, anti-war treaties and world court agreements at a rate we never would have thought possible. But the'job isn't dune yet, anil there is iio.'sensc in our being too hopeful. H. M. Tomlinson, the British war correspondent and novelist, sounds a time- • ly note of warning. The .fear that has brought us tins far on the road to peace will not, lie. says, take us all of tlie way, "It 'is no good thinking a wholesome fear of war will prevent war," he says. "That is but a negative virtue. What we want is a positive desire for p;ace so passionate if it is threatened that statesmen and diplomatists will fear the democracy rather more than they fear, the wrath of God - • • /. ^ ••. i -•. i "Let them once rcaliEu 'that war means the march 01 a populace on its own .capital to prevent an iniquity, and war-minded statesmen and officials will go the way of the plague rats and smallpox. "Let us make no mistake about it. Reduction of armaments is not good enough. It is no good talking that .way in this age of machines manned by myriads of .organized craftsmen with their standardized opinions. Airplanes and submarines to destroy homes and cut off sea-borne supplies can be made like fountain pens when required. "Let our governors know that we not only do not want war, but desire peace as we do sunlight, and let 11,07,1 understand that if we don't get it Americans OUTOU1MYAY will attend drastically to Washington and Londoners to UK; neighborhood of Whitehall—und peace will then be its natural to us as money is to bankers," That bit of advice mijfht be taken to heart by every Ainerittiti. It is, after till, the old story once more—we can have anythiHg on earth we want, provided only tintt we want il badly enough. We can have peace, from now to the end of time, if we really want it; if we want il, that ic, enough to insist, in season and out of sea-on, that we are going to iuu'c it. The London conference is iinjjorti'.nt, but what liapiKiis afterward will be more important. Our statesmen are on tbe rjtfbt p;iU). The nsl is up to us. A Jury In Three Hours In New Jersey another of I hose "sensational" munlcT iriiiJs opens; and tlie unusual feature of the first day's procedure was the fuel thai the jury was .selected and -sworn in in only three hours. Usually in a bijr murder trial it takes anywhere from a day to a week to jfcl a jury, under our archaic American court procedure. We're all familim- with the process; the endless, fatiguing (u > lay that it involves is so common, in fact, that when a jury happens to be chosEii promptly we're deeply surprised. There is no real reason, however, why three hours time wouldn't be .sufficient to select a jury in rmy criminal casa. That il so seldom is simply prove* that our court procedure is in H reat need of revision. Job had ills trials, of course, but in thos sopranos couldn't broadcast. e [lays Sometimes a briile can't take her cake and eat It, loo. This winter ccilahily 1m aijciit for the grcundhcf. been a swell press Seme astute research expert discovers that pools hardly ever are athlete;. Even though quite a few of them are long-winded. Bald-headed people are usually diplomatic £«ys a doctor. You'll have to admit they're pretty smooth. A headline says "U of Chicago Adds 423 s n- dents for Quarter." Must :,avc opened a de- paitmen! of Scoitlsh education. A mcvlc producer has been trying to find a haughty princess in casting- a new show. Why doesn't ho ask the girl who sells tickets a; any theater? A comedian recently was chosen on p. jury trying abcamifu] young woman for the murder of her hi'iband. Moil of the others were ccmmc- dlnns, too. COHF!IKl?-NIi\VK i Here's \Vhat P __ T :_ r ___^j\L_ 29 8 Cj 15 12 \&> L12_ V- 3O Q 6 16 13 23 20 3 "31 10 "1 17 u 24 £?t •W , 4 II 8 18 IS 25 a a . T 5 2 12 9 19 16 26 f:o iilw| 1 rs f i r e St e[ lay -° r llK ' mtml1 '' Vl: ' Vl reposed Calendar Looks Like i F 6 3 13 10 20 17 .2.7 s 7 * 14 n 21 18 28 C.5 s 1 26 8 2 15 o 22 M 2 27 9 IS 10 23 17 FEB I T 3 23 10 4 17 n 24 1C NA/ 4 pg II 5 _j 3 \z 25 19 T 5 3O 12 : 6 19 13 26 20 ide adoption by on lii'.crnallona . dates under th» F 6 31 13 7 20 14 27 21 S 7 rat 14 e 21 15 26 22 , ™£™»**™^- W "" ™£l calendar would limMa J^'S"*, ^""g. ^^1 ricieU always l:e exactly f,,,:- . 13 months of exactly four v::cit; bhthday oirFek 15- <3t Pa H'"> av L VT" " m " 1 "- anU loli - ''"•'"• ° m dliy W0llld bc lotl ovcr ' Uay on March M;i>coratbn Day iv"l% w-iv lh« r "'M rhani!S 3ivln'i •'•>; ,™,!d fit In ut the e:,-J us a ca June 10; Col;,, ibuJ liav o Ocl will always fall r,n the same date- Holiday. 5. Tnc Foilrtl , cf Ju | v „„;, ,,„,.,.,. tJlhirr hoiitiiiys i] 1: ,i i nvc (] , dates v,ll! S !v /:l y s [„„ on ,^ M1|J . • l the picture above shows v;hr.t mas would be m ,,l. .,„...,, f<vtn r :i- nrsl two months of lliis year : would always fall on /iuril 8 a-i.-i dny of the week— • wcakl be like under the new cnl- ! Thanksgiving Day And there wlfi he ni'e Prldav f>r ' iiisir. me stimll flgiires in each Nov 2S would alwsys b- 1 1 13th in every monl>i of tl-n ' -- •' " 1 " av " S|II)W lllc dalc un * n '•'''-' ' ™* '= H'-* ea !minr which ;« 1 ThL'sc are th- ouisland ' !n ' osi ' n , t cnlcmlnr - Ti) = year v:ouli! :bch:g nrue:l throughout, the world v .ilons cf l!'e new 1'i ni'Miil J ' } cmlar. now belny nrfied for wni-lV • 1 SIDE GLANCES = — . — H\L L_i,un, inr exainpje, on t.. 1 , now. Its i^xinsors 11)1 of Hfi'CHil-cr. I'Ji'J. «-j|l bf imivfisully Must ho!iday= would uc'. ne-v thc ni-xt decade. By Gt.-orn-e Chirk predict lint i'. adopted v.itln : - mctchanis and rcbbed Ilicin of a I fruitful field. France la.s been I j hardest .'lit. CEpeci.iUv tije charn- j:agne mere lanLs. who have never - WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 22, Washington Interested;but Prospects {or- Early Adoption Are. Not Bright II) KODNBY UtlTCJlEIC • NCA Sernce Writer WASHINGTON-Calendar slm- _ plincallon Is rapidly becoming on ,; Issuu of more Imnudiate Interest and Hi: champion* of j>i;np!l(U'.itlon are working for results • by 1933 which will ba the easiest year to change the calendar this side of fn (he United States 'the. favor- Jle'"i:e«' calendar" Men iippe.irs to Ire that of » year divided Into 13 months of 28 dnys each, with ne extia day—the 355th—to be known come 13 times a year In th; [ a ., of a superstition difficult to'over' come, the regular occurrence of the seventh day Sunday vvculcl i,-- nterrupted ones each year o.:i-j twice In leap years. 'Birthdays aiH pnnlversarles would have to b° changed. Jewish rabbis are amona th* bit erest foes of this propos;d calendar, basing their convictions on the Old Testament nnd the continuity of the sequence of Die seventh-day Sabbath.-The Sev:nlh pay Adventists and ths Seventh Day Baptists support them. liiser;- Jng "Year Day" 'means that th- Sabbath must, come on an eight i .dny once each year. Nevertheless,-more than a hu-i- drcil large American business eo-i- cerns are now using n system which divides the year periods for own busir.e:sej and the calendar simplification movement is backed by a h:s: o; the largest naiUnnl trade, financial, sclentilict educational and labor organizations nnd scores of .very prominent men and wo:n->i serving o nthe National 'Commifc-> on Calemlar Simplification and i;i subcommittees. One of the U. s. Chamber . . r o; Commerce referenda showed a majority of business HI-MI favorin" calendar change by intE-iut-inir Mayte ilia!. 1Ja rrot disenie was started by vaudeville actors «U1, that jcko about a ef ether fellows. The Italian princess was married recently And the world ciisccvered that thf name of the kin" was Victor Emmanuel. By Williams for the mnr- one wc'lmvc noiv'ar,.- lll .,« r . the Volstead Business and economic life has • to measure its progress in months • Ci II1 T^T ~ ' "'"' wecks ' st!Ulstical comparisons 'Stockholm IS Wearing , aie Ilow not so'good because there : rnnnnn ID I ,• : ?' c mo " ths of 2 ». 29. 30 and 31 JUU,UUU In ropulaiion (ia >'s and each year a given date ' falls on a different day of the :. Without the same numb3r as "Year Day" nnd not by any other imme. January first would be Sunday anil a given dale in any month would always fall on conference mr e ,,ii, rn i-n n ,V r , UlC I 1 ' 00 *' T " e llew N '*"°"*' Committees Formal "»e ,nd J v ' bCU ' t ' e " H T T whole mowmem i5 '<"••' -I.HC .11 u Julj. headed toward the Leanue of Na Why C-hnnse r s urged lions which, at the Instance of m-" Ihe nl ah, u,- Bl , m ,, nts for s ., t . jntemational Chamber of Co": Ituumr K ,,,h „ ,,,,,,,| al . ,„,. [I1C „ Dinted a comn Itte o > lanin 01 .-.' in ""Oij.iOl, 1930, according In n month a mou'.h can- nct . uc divided into equal sued by the city statistical bureau" u ? ei! " lis J ' ear cnn '' be compared tc a preliminary estimate just is- ) vith ft vresk last S' e3r because It lnrlt.dlng thc industrialized rural lsnt thc same wee ' : "iHerent days ° r tho week have different values to different businesses, and so with months. A month with Mvc Sundays Is different than a month wit.i disiricts around the city, greater Etcckholm 'new has U35,u^j mn.n,.- fnts. or about 10 per cent of the whole population of Sweden. Near , "• • t-nouai a new type of suburb recently has grown up-the garden city with beautiful private villa.; ami bungalows. Dies Singing Anthem FLUSHING, England tUP)-Rob- - ert Bird, a local farmer and Ian-! v.-ould four Sundays. Statistics are so vital in these days that all this mea:is a great deal to business. With the 13- mcnth calendar, all months would have the same number of workdays. Saturdays and Sundays— and thus be directly comparable family and business ,II'M died 5 "»P lifi «l. clerical "••'•« iu»ii - i -•—1..1J u\_ onii^fiiiit.-u, iriiicii cicncai Jile joining in sing- I work and expense would be saved :mj an anthem-at a service at Si. 1 and there would be a faster turn l-.-ers church. He died before the over of money with 13 monthlv c^igrejaticn sang. "Nearer .My Cod ! settlements. To Thcc," which was to hive been "' nrxt united hymn. Sevcn-th Son Has Seven The chief arguments in opoosi- tion are: Confusion, complications and expense would result, from calendar change. The number 13 is not dlvis- able by- two, three, four 'or six i he mmd n * ' b> ' months - '3 scvcn!!1 i st05cl ot ?2 ° f " J «s' IJicsatnc as you'd i.'d at I'ulm licarh." France Drink Problem in Is Opposite to That Here WART, MA-/ STTUL. BE OM SAME: sueaecK Bu A LOMOr OFF A Ti-V PAP5.R. RE MILE A A EMO TO F F"!s"dlt' nvnii* f I'AHIS—Fiance-has a drm;-. ]-•• b.' merer-. Im dr.v*n'«p :i °i"W C:1 ™ : !c:n thai li thc- direct rcvtrrr of • of hv.-s lor fa, illMtlr.',: the "export :lu- cue i:i Hi!- United stai- . |and tramp-:laliui ,,f .j,;,,,., Ti ' .. . fn the UnlU'.l Kt.Mc-i ^.v/.n-1 h«; has p/e;.ei;tc!l to m- Clnmb-r !mc:u officials and private uti/.:.:is j c[ Bep-.itles ard a do! -I't on il"» trying to lir.d v.ays :•.. ,r,.,l:c : entire question of wlnr-makln? and '"'" [' n:1K 1no 'T ' ho '""""""VmK of vMiryard ov.-n- A blj campaign of prop^uaiKiajcrs will be held i.-. startlns. -nrlnk more wine" (si Ak-j vast difOrcwe In the ,lts jlotraii. anri It Is being pirhc:!! price cl wm- |,, i',r di"ri-t- and Too a .M«h y io ril ilnnk I*""' '' *"''' f''"'" F '"™ '"' '''^ reason fort: Is u,.- f.ict | Uans^rialir!/';; nd'^a^'ls "partly hat Frtnch win; trap- cro«rs blamed fo r .;•,,. src ai l-irrcise In ha,: been havln, hnp.,, w c,opslp rlc c ar.rt I. ... h,™ d tint som- icr .'^lerai years in a ro-.r. ; thlni; ran br- ,h lie ^ix,,,., ii,i s to Tl-.r wine makers' wr.r,:),-.; „! develop th? ,,-.arket. THE OVERFLOV^.' ' eye en Us present pli^lu. Jl n.-ls Victor Buc.liib. r.>r of Ihc MuntclpM Council, ubr, Issued the official npprnl ;n , and drink more. Coutxi;;^; caille nnaly-ed various «i:... w-hich (here \vas a f.npi'.i. found that many were REMIT ; He nlsc discovered a bit ; i ; ct champagne. Ciovtrnmcnl Is llclpint; njcps by the Knvrrmneir. :i lle;e the sllualloti me bcm- f - ; , 'kind's mtst'lthdil drink." j Tl:!r!reii r.ii-.rr wlnc-producln? countrlra an- ul-.h the French so- ; cle;y In ;t- c.unpaicn. Already li'.i- commercial. iv-Tlniltmal literary and arlistir infrrsLs are pledged to a vinous iiti'.l-jirolilblltnn rally, and they war.: !he medical pro-; fcssloii to help. They want doctors to vouch ;cr the hrsllh-glvlug. proverllrs ol Kocd wine. I Prohibition in the United States' fd.jh»s been a severe blo-.v to ivlnc' business closings-in... -- -- vould involve Increas";! bookkeeping.'Friday the 13th would" study simplification. The csm- niitlee studied 185 proposals. TJIO one most favored, next to th; ili- month calendar, is a 12-nmii.i lilan which equalized the rout- quarters of the year. In 1927, the league suggested to all nations selection of committees to sound public senii- jnent and report. Secretary of stacc Kellogg sanctioned unofficial r.-p. resentation from several of our yov- crnmenfdepartnients on the American committee and the chairman is George Eastman, a vigorous supporter of simplification. Our committee was the first to repart, tD the league, citing prepondcfaii 1 .opinion in favor 'of the 13-nuiiih fixed calendar but expressing tilt- belief that "the best plan waiilil emerge after discussion in an international conference. The league is now awaiting rc- ports from committees of olheV nations. Its assembly has placed the subject of'calendar reform on the agenda of the next meslln.; of the Pourih General Confere-nc'; on Communications and Trans!' In 1D31, a conference of offlcli! government delegates. Some definite international program .is Itks- ly to emerge from that, conference, although! ' it does not seem likely that^the calendar will be changoii by 1933 as many of th? simplification enthusiasts hope. "Marriage is like eating mushrooms—you never knov/ if you ar-; sale until il is loo late.' B. King-Hamilton. i / Wants make the mail BABIES are born with but one want—food. When men ftTOw old, their wants again become few—quiet corners, tnondly faces, peace. But in the years between, men and women are living and developing to the full extent of their powers. Then their wants are legion. People today are wanting and getting more things that make ior complete living than ever before To these common needs of every one of the advertise-' ments in this newspaper bring invaluable opportunities or satisfaction every day. It is the function of the advertisements to enable you not only to get what you want—but to get the very best that your money can buy. They help you to decide which automobile, which set of furniture, which radio to buy. Ihey assure you that your wants will be more than met—that they will be wisely and completely satisfied. Thc minutes you spend in reading the advertisements may bring you years of satisfaction

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