Ukiah Daily Journal from Ukiah, California on July 15, 1974 · Page 5
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Ukiah Daily Journal from Ukiah, California · Page 5

Ukiah, California
Issue Date:
Monday, July 15, 1974
Page 5
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Egypt Answer to Previous Puzzle 1C , A 52«« 33 Dread inrS^i 5 ^ 38 Fore? n J? C'tyn Prussia w a n*U 12 Dwelling places H Masculine nickname (pi.) 15 Persons beyond hope (C6II.) 16 Domesticated 17 Lively frolic 19 Bitter vetch 20 Movies actor, Charles—21 Perform 24 Wilkes , ; Pennsylvania 25 Medicinal plant 28 — stone (found in 1799) 29 Brazilian macaw Warwickshire 37 Candlenut tree 40 Loam deposit 41 First man (Bib.) 42 Great seas 45 Flower part 47 Juts out 48 Egyptian god 49 Egyptian bird 50 Wingless insects • Covelo comments Your Monday, July 15, 1974 Uklah Dally Journal, Uklah Ollf.- tomorrow by the stars 30 Assumed name 7 Cyprinoid fish 31 Embalmed 8 Brythonic sea bodies god 9 Sigmoid curve 11 Classify 12 Concur 13 South African 18 Royal tombs of Egypt 20 Nocturnal mammals 21 Turkish regiment 22 Inner part 23 Social events 24 Stand 25 Upper limbs 26 Log float 27 Margarine 28 Asian country (NEWSPAPER ENTERPRISE ASSN.) DOWN < 1 Human group 2 Sacrificial table 3 Articles 4 Ramble 5 Individual 6 Not any 29 Egyptian god oflife 32 International group Cab.) 34 Lock of hair 36 Top quality (coll.) 37 Worship 38 Obsession 39 Hoard 40 Lingers 41 Seed covering 42 Kimono sash 43 Young animal 44 Man of Yale 46 Order of Saint Francis (ab.) 1 2 3 4 6 1 6 7 8 9 10 - • 11 12, 13 14 15 16 Hi 7 18 I 19 22 23 - 24 : • 26 27 28 • 30 • 3, 32 33 J 35 ^•36~ w 38 39 40 1*1 42 44 > 45 46 47 48 49 50 15 Sheinwold on bridge Chess players enjoy bridge Many of the leading American chess players enjoy bridge as well. In fact, in some chess clubs more bridge than chess is played, and today's hand comes from just such a club. / North dealer BothsideVvilrrfrable NORTH * 52 <V J5 O AJ984 *AK73 WEST EAST 4) 10 9 8 6 4 7 <?8 AQ 10942 0762 OKQ10 3 • Q 10984 +J6 SOUTH * AKQJ43 V K763 O 5 * 52 North East. South West 10 1 1 « Pass 2 0 2 <? 4 4s All Pass Opening lead - 8 West opened the eight of hearts, and East won with the ace. East .returned the queen of hearts and announced "Check." This term, used in chess, means: "Your king is about to be captured. Save your king or resign." It certainly applied in this case. If South played the king of hearts, West would ruff.., And what would South do with the rest of his small hearts? He couldn't ruff them in dummy, since West would overruff. And South couldn't eat the small hearts, for his opponents were watching him too closely. Fortunately, chess players are resourceful types. "Check, but not checkmate," South declared. And he played a small heart at the second trick. Queen Wins East's queen of hearts won the second trick, somewhat to his surprise. He returned to the attack by leading the ten of hearts. South played low again, and West ruffed with the six of spades to shut out dummy's trumps. But now the defenders were all washed up. They could TO UKIAH SUBSCRIBERS of the UKIAH DAILY JOURNAL PLEASE do not make advance subscription payments to your CARRIERBOY. If you wish to pay your subscription in advance, 3 - 6 - or 12 months, please pay direct to the UKIAH DAILY JOURNAL. Carrlerboys receive full credit each month. Mail and Auto Routes must be paid in advance. not capture South's king. No matter what West returned, South could draw trumps. And then South could safely cash the king of hearts and his other high cards to. make sure of the game contract. Daily Question As dealer you hold: Spades A K Q J 4 3, Hearts K 7 6 3, Diamonds 5, Clubs 5 2. What dp you say? ANSWER: Bid one spade. Don't make a shutout bid in first or second position When you have full values for a normal opening bid of one in a suit. Second Arts Council meeting held A second meeting was held last Wednesday night for the purpose of forming an Arts Council for Mendocino and Lake counties. Attending and representing various interests in the arts were about 30 peopje including painters, actors, poets, singers dancers, mimes, craftspeople and art ap- preciators. The council will promote all forms of artistic expression by providing a center for the arts and by financing and sponsoring a wide variety of artistic events. A non-profit corporation will be formed to obtain government and institutional grant funding and private contributions. The first and second meetings were called by Larry Mitchell, an administrator with the Lake County school system. A third meeting is scheduled for July 24, at 7:30 p.m. in the Ukiah public library. Those present at the Wednesday night meeting were encouraged to reach out to any other -individuals or groups interested in helping the development of the new council. All people in the community who feel they would like to be involved in the development of this Arts . Council are urged to attend the July 24 meeting. DISARMING MESSAGE LONDON (UPI) — John Michael Bradley, 25, walked into St. Charles Hospital Sunday and said "I've had a message from God to have my right arm cut off." Hospital personnel turned him away: 1 A, few hours later he returned with a tourniquet on the newly severed arm. He explained that to fulfill "God's message" he had held his arm on a railway track and let a train run oyer it. By IN A SPIVEY SM-4SS5 COVELO — The Mendocino Pomona Grange No. 10 will hold their regular monthly meeting in the high school gymnasium Sunday morning at 11 on July 21. Following the meeting a potluck picnic will be held at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Otto Kaser. Bill Hawes has taken over the duties of Master of Round Valley Grange until a regular election is held in November. Hawes is replacing Ward Owens, who has requested a demit. The Round Valley Grange CWA officers are: Chairman, Margie Henderson; cochairman, ' Lois Nelson; treasurer, Marquerite McQueen; secretary, Ina Spivey, and chaplain, Dorothy Money. taxes. Art Keller, principal of the high school tendered his resignation to the board at a* special personnel meeting the last of June. No replacement for him has been announced by the administration as yet. The summer basketball league is still in progress every Tuesday and Thursday evenings in the gym. The eight seniors are the team captains, each having a three-man team, chosen from lower classmen. For those persons who want something to do on these evenings, the games begin at 7 o'clock, second games start at eight. Very good seats are available and the price is right. Free! For Tuesday, July 111*74 By SYDNEY OMARR Aries persons born on the 9th, 18th and 27th are more aggressive, imaginative than their contemporaries. Aries natives born on those, dates have more vision, are more capable of detecting trends, of riding with the tide, of appealing to a, wide segment of the populace. Here are the doctors, lawyers, actors and actresses. Construction of the new multipurpose room-cafeteria is now in progress at the elementary school. The new building, is being erected between the library and kitchen. Should be completed by opening of school. For all those people who did not vote for the building program and are wondering why it is being built, the taxpayers had a tax increase on the. last property tax bill, and the funds are being paid for by your Anyone who is interested in doing their geneology are invited to join us Wednesdays at 1 p.m. in the L.D.S. church hall. What is geneology? Tracing your family tree! The results can be very rewarding and frustrating at times, but is very interesting. Hopefully, we will get a club started this summer. Plans are now in the making to spend a. day or two at the geneological library in Oakland. ARIES (March 21 - April 19): Plans change as you catch up with the times. You let go of past and begin to perceive your potential. Relatives say unusual things, funny things and you get food for thought. You discover you have not really been living your own life. Now's the time to start! TAURUS _(April 20 - May 20): You get aid from source you thought moribund. What seemed finished is revived, including human relationships. Money situation is not. solid. Know it and take necessary precautions. Get more than a promise for collateral. GEMINI (May 21 - June 20): One who has your best interests at heart warns about partnership situation. Be grateful but don't believe everything you hear. Your own judgment now is most apt to be on target. Moon in your sign coincides with being at right place at right time. CANCER (June 21 - July 22): You see what will be; you gain glimpse of future. Savor it and plan ahead. Don't waste moment of revelation by wallowing in self-doubt. Have alternatives at hand; Highlight versatility. Send out feelers; let others become aware oft your abilities., Start a publicity campaign. LEO (July 23 - Aug. 22): Romance could temporarily flounder. Question of change, travel, vacation and extravagance dominates. Young person makes unusual and unreasonable demands. Emotional stability is of some concern. You're in for an exciting time! VIRGO (Aug, 23 - Sept. 22) : A contract offer is likely to be valid and to your advantage. This could involve home, property, future stability. Be receptive. You get chance to elevate standing in community. Gemini and another Virgo could be in picture. LIBRA (Sept; 23 - Oct. 22>: Adjustment at home, within family circle is indicated. Be diplomatic. Turn on charm. Use purring voice to advantage. Soothe rather than shout; win your way. Low key approach is best —know it arid act like you are aware of it. You get what you want — be sure you know what to request. SCORPIO (Oct. 23 - Nov. 21): Financial, picture is brighter than it appears on surface. Dig deep for factual information. Avoid wishful thinking. Pisces, Virgo persons could figure prominently. Protect valuables. Get professional appraisal. SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22 Dec. 21): fake slow, sure, steady steps. Avoid attempting to trip light fantastic. There are' pitfalls. Be aware of them. Study legal aspects. Take nothing for granted. Some persons are willing to promise anything. Check any tendency to be gullible. CAPRICORN (Dec. 22 - Jan. 19): Finish what you start. Get overall view. Deal with Aries, Libra persons. Solidify relations with co-workers, others who share your interests. There are secrets involved. Know it and wait for additional information. You learn if you follow through on intuitive flash. AQUARIUS (Jan. 10 - Feb. 18): New approach to special relationship is a necessity. Extravagance must be curbed. Otherwise, you could lose both friend and money. Some of your desires can be nilfuled. Others fall in category of romantic notions. You will discover which is which acceptfacts. PISCES (Feb. 19 - March 20): Standing is elevated. You get credit where it is due. This may attract envy from associates. However, one who controls purse strings is on your side and you could be rewarded. Know it; be confident and deal from tsition of strength. . 'ODAY B TOURTBIRTH- DAY you are spiritual, a perfectionist, sensitive and introspective. You draw to you persons born under Pisces and Virgo. September will be highlight month. Digestion can be a problem, but Is overcome with Bpecial care positii -CARD OF THANKS- The family of Delia B. Bisby wishes to express our deepest gratitude for'the many prayers, deeds and kindnesses extended to us at the time of our bereavement in the loss of our beloved mother. We are also grateful bereavement to Eversole Mortuary for their warm and thoughtful help. The Bisby Family ANNOUNCING THE FINISH IT YOURSELF HOUSE These days, you're not likely to find a $40,000 house selling for $25,000. But if you're willing to do some work, you can earn yourself t a bargain. We'll even finance it for you.. Here's how it ' works. CHOOSE YOUR LOCATION First, decide on the area where you'd like to live. Then find a nice piece of property and buy it. Suitable building lots can range from a few hundred dollars on up, depending on size and location. CUSTOMIZE THE HOUSE PLANS Choose one of our 78 designs. You can modify the plans to suit your family size, your way of living, and your budget. You also select the roofing, siding, and all the interior appointments such as kitchen and bath accessories, doors, windows, flooring, lighting fixtures and so forth. This way, you can make your home just what you want it to be. v OLD-FASHIONED CONSTRUCTION We do the heavy construction and completely enclose your home. You'll find that we don't compromise on quality. Our materials and building specifications are considered old-fashioned in this day of the jerrybuilt wonder, but that doesn't bother us. We've been building quality homes for almost 30 years and we're too proud to change now FINISHING YOUR HOME You can get everything you need to finish your home-right down to the last nail-from us. And we give you instructions for all the finishing woi Things like plum! ing and wiring areri as to think, even for people who've never done more than hang a picture. You can do the work yourselves, get your friends to help out, or even sub-contract some of it. The more work you do, the more you'll save. But even if you hire people to help, you'll be saving a sizeable amount by eliminating the general contractor's profits. And when you're finished, you'll not only have a home that's worth a lot more than fuioRPWNs YOU CAN MOWFY y 0U paid for it, you'll have KITCHENS AND BATHS, THE WAY YOU J \ ~ T . \ J T . , WANT THEM a r eal feeling of accomplishment. WE'LL PROVIDE FINANCING Because we believe in our homes and in the people who buy them, we provide the financing. Your down payment won't put a big dent in your savings. (The cost of your building lot can be the only major cash outlay you'll have to make.) You can finance the rest of the cost through us at competitive interest rates. And if at any time you find a better financing arrangement, you can switch over with no pre-payment penalty. 104-PAGE CATALOG If our finish-it-yourself plan makes sense to you, send the coupon to Capp Homes, and we'll mail you our full-color "Idea Book" of 78 plans. Why let the high cost of housing force you to settle ^ for less? \ n Division OP <^») evans PRODUCTS company MAIL THE COUPON OR CALL YOUR LOCAL CAPP SALES REPRESENTATIVE To: CAPP HOMES, Dept. CA-93 P. O. Box U Elk Grove, Calif. 95624 104-PAGE FULL COLOR CATALOG Please rush me your New Homes Idea Book—with no cost.or obligation. NAME : - _._ - _.. ADDRESS . . . ..;'.' '- . : : . CITY TOWN ... _ I . - . COUNTY - . . . _ 1 STATE: - ZIP • PHONE _ . . _ . • We own a building lot. • We can buy a building lot. • We plan lo build soon. LESTER BASSETT 2680 East Side Rd. Ukiah, Calif. 95482 707-462-9136

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