The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana on April 17, 1930 · Page 3
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The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana · Page 3

Tipton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 17, 1930
Page 3
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i 139— Two Phones— #j "We Lead— Others Follow" Friday and Saturday Specials Fancy sugar cured, all sizes, whole or half, per lb. — Fanc y su S ar cured, not sliced at this price, per lb. 25c 20c Eggs, strictly fresh, dozen 25c Maxwell Bouse Coffee, lb. tyc 8:30 O'Qoek Coffee, lb. 23c Tea Fancy Imperial, lb. 29c Peanut Butter 10c Fish ""^^te^ 20c Cat Fish lb. 30c Granulated Sugar 5J5gi »n, s . SSc Potatoes, 15-lb. peek . . . . 50c Lard Strictly pure, No. S Bucket 62c Sugar Wafer CJ^SJaflSc Taggarts Soda Crackers 25c Cheese Fancy Mild Wisconsin, lb. Bulk Cocoanut, \ lb. 15c Fresh Ground Beef, lb. Butter Perfection Cream, lb 42c UApC (BROOMS, 4-SoWfd, S9c) 1HV' O fioail tattnn nrh . • • • • Pears 11 size can 25c Plains 2i can 20c . 05c THE TIPTiON ARCADIA NEWS. Dr. and MrsJBert Bryant Aridersop, dinner Quests o£ Mr. and Mrs. Bob Waltz, Mrs. William Russell of La'porte visited Saturday Drumn. Mre. Russell | was enroute to Laporte . from [Bloomington with Mrsi DAILY TRIBUNE -| spent Glen At the close of the evening jthtfi where she had had several 4* the j hostess,served a diirity luncheon from I to nine club, members and! the fol- i . i i i -1 i ! 1 held • lowing guests, Mrsj Conrad students^ of the high La.p.orte in a Latin at Bloomington. One school contest of, the ents received worthy mention^ Lloyd Hill and Airs. Ray: Hildej although none received prizes. . Mr. spent and Mrs Sunday" guests of Mr. anfi.'Mrs.i Carl; ridge and daughter iJudith Mr. and Mrs. have been living in tlie Rev. Ralph Ray Wike propertyj have moved into the Orien 'Chenoweth property <^rij -Mrs. Emma Tull and and Maurice of Indianapolis guests Sunday' of| Mrs'. Sumner. '' Mrs. Raymond | Griffijth hostess to the members Wednesday 'evening at her home Wednesday stud !. enbeck, of Iridiariapoli | brand. Prizes wen Shirl Reibling, first sons Kenneth were i i i Pearl iwas ithe BridkeHClub 1 |evening| RodJ i Mrs •e awarded! to Shirl Reibling Mrs Indianapolis'; Harry Higbee, second arid Al'd -i Rodenbeek guest prize Ann.! I MrJ and Mrs. '-Ot%o Jen'seni' and who: daughter, Mary K. Mr. East South stree^. the signal, department is in the i i Ray of Nickel Plate. j . j. ; Mrs. Mary Martin visited friends in Atlanta; Monday. [ Will Pettijohni of (Indianapolis visited from Thursday until day with his wife. Mr. Pettljohn with pneumonia days here has been quite ill and- spent a Mew to returning to his work a| State House. |prior tlie Mrs. Elmer Billhymer tained at a birthday the dinner sixty-second husband ^yliich A pitchin-d inner day in honor of birthday of her occurred Sunday, was served at tlie noon hour to Mr. and Mrs. Glen Billhymer of Pendleton, Dayton 'Billhymetf anil and iJohn children of Omega and: Dr.j Mrs. Wayne BilHryme'r, son, and daughter, Ala'ry Helen. . Mrs. juests in Cicero with Mr. and Mrs. Andy i ; . • , ' ..... i Jensen. . I The Missionary Society spent Sun^ Methodist church held tleir l i • I • : - . II ular meeting Friday evening the home of Mrs. ard with Mrs. D. Mrs! Mrs Sunday Roy were Nightenhelser and.''-"' family Noblesville visitors Saturr. ot th rmedia liebnn Dickbv^r iin t reg- at I.: enter- Suri- her Mrs. Eva. Clifford, had as Sunday 'jAIr. 'and Claude Hoover . and chilareri of j near Atlanta, Miss Hattie Gold- j man, Billie Cottingham bnd Mrs, Elmer Reisinger of Noblesville. | i Mr. and Mrs. Afauriee Bock 1 arid Mr. arid Mrs. Reed jDeVan'ey of South Bend viraited Saturday night Gold Medal Flour 24 lbs. Swiss Young and Tender lb. ft Mr. Small and Mrs. and Sunday with Jake Small. Mrsi Small accom panied them home for a week's visit. Mr. DeVaney met his wife in Indianapolis asjsliejwas coming from Greenshoroulgh, North Caro Una. She was ill a few weeks ago when Mr. DeVaney went to South .Inedj Bend and remai! in Grens- borough with her mother. ' "Mr. and Mrs. j John Downing and children of Anderson visited over the week eiid with,, Dr. arid Mrs. Roy Fisher. \ ' j ,! V ^ Mrs. Harry La.vendar and' jlnd ianapolis visited from Friday until in the jHo'dson. a song charge of the prcjgra'm absence pf Mrs. Elmer The meeting opened with! and waa followed by the business session. The devotion and prayei] was given by Mrs. Mary Alosbau^hJ A leaflet was read Quear and a poem Mahan. Mrs. Otto read janother interesting aifter which'Mm. Dickover dky afternoon. : ; V '•"_-; \ MrJ and Mrs. Harold Hunt anct daughters, Doris .and-'Alene an<J' Air. alnd Mrs. Russell •Alexander Were I adianapolis" visitors Sunday. j ! Mr.| ind Mrs.. Frank Smith spent the week end in. Bunker' Hill guest! of Air. and Airs. Perry Shively. Miss Nina Bishop has returned to Inc ianapolis . to the home j of her sister. Airs. Emmett Orr aftef spendi jg several days^ at'her home here, i : Air, Aluncie were "guests over the week Air. and Mrs. Eeari Crow- end ofi der. ed the last chapter in tlie yixtbopw by M.rsj Itla! by- Airs, jjajckj Ehman -then leaflet • i explain- follpw:edj jraeeting arid general discusfeion the explana.tion. |The closed with a song and the ] iriis-j sionarjy benediction: Thirteen members were present. Christian Chnrth The choir met Tuesday even: ing at| the home of Air. and ;Mrs. E. P. Whismari and_ co npleted their Easter prograjm. I The lastjcottage prayer meeting wai; held Wed»esday eveningj at the home of Air. and Mrs. Wilis man. !. | Sunrise prayer meeting Sunday morning at six o'clock with! Airs. Whisman and clas 5 S j in charge. . • j • Sunday school 9::!0. Pieaching| 10:30: and the subject will [be "The Power of an Endiesj Life, The Senior class baccalaureate services, will be held iifternpoh at two o'clock churcli with Rev. E. E pastor of the Aletl delist delivering the address, music has been planned class. i Sunday evening i;ervice 7:30 Special_Easter music by tlie choir. Wayne Morehead and Jake Sunday with Mr. and! Mrs. Floyd.! Small took Mrs. James Hershmari Spr ngdale Nut Meo 2 lbs. 25c Matches 3 boxes . |p BOAF FLAKES—In balk, lb. .'' Fouch. Air. liavehdar| spent urday and Sunday in! the Fjiuch home. . j , Airs. James Sanders! had as her dinnei; guests Friday Mr. and Mrs. diet Hall and son Joe, Air. and Mrs. Shirl -Reibeling, i Afrs. C ence Guy, Mrs. Henry] Air,?.- Dessie Geottei. *=i t r Afr. and Airs.: Frank Smith . ii -| 1 visited in Kokomo Friday e,ven L ing with, Mr. and Mrs.; Chtlrles Bowen. ! i ' • ! • ' '< Dr. and Mrs." Lee Wherry Sat-j to Elwood Sundaytq the home p| Sunday in this • Lutes church Special by the ,1 j Air. arid Mrs. Ben Miller i grandr ' parents of Mr. Morehead. Mrs. Hershman who is a nurse will care Afrs Baker lar- and for Mrs. Miller whb Ji as been quite ill fori several weelfs Air. and Mrs. Hernian Reynolds Air. and Mrs. John Jacquier, Mrs, Lerby Startzman, Mrs. Shirl Reibeling, | Mrs. Muriel I Qwiriri [and ibk daughter Helen, Sherman Jacol Harold Knapp, Mr. and Mrs. Lew Lively | and daughter, Gedrgettal and [ Airs. Mary Reynolds, Mr. and Mrsi FSIDAT AND S^'FUlbAT SPECIALS Clover Bloom Butter, lb . .j | . I•'. '..]•• r • • • • • • • • Me 10 lbs. E-Z-Bake Flour and 2 lbs. Corn Meal for . .55c >3c for 45 <= Beef Koait,per lbi Boiling Beef , lb Liver, SIbt. for . 1 ;. AM fOI iver, 24 lbs. Bine-Ribbon Floor for 24 lbs. White Bose Flour for Oleoj Banner Nut, jib., Maxwell House Coffee ^Jelly Powder, 2 for . ...12c 1 Green Beans, large can Pure Cane Sugar, J10 .lbs Navy Beans, 6 lbs] Pumpkin, 2 large jeans Hominy, 3 large cans for Kraut, 3 small cans for Jackson Corn, per can Fancy .Kdbitavpineapp: BauBil '-',Qan. ^r«en.||elBiis . &aii^^ Prunes Spagbetti or Macaroni, "" Tig Biw ^2 ttil Wi .25c Bre^, eveiy day, 3 loaves Kraut, 2 Luge cani ibr •... Boone County Red Beau, 3 Lettuce, 2 lbs. for ! Pork Steak, lb Miller Cup Coffee | Peaberry Coffee Raisins, 2 lbs. ....98c lb., 25c ...28c ...25c . _ ..k9c PintQ Beans, 3 lbs.. .25c ....25c Catsup, 3 bottles for . 25c for 4 for 3 lbs. Pure Lard for Bijains, lb ;pdrk Shanks, each lb r i li !rj and Mrs. Vera Taylor i of .; The [members, of; the Kill Rare Klub were entertained at the home df Mrs. James Correll south of town. Mrs. Ira Trout* had charge of the program and gave the subject ."Alrtists of Indiana." This was followed by general discus- 'sibn. Following the program the evening was isperit - in playing games.! The hostess served a delicious! luncheon. ! Air. arid Atrs. Wid Burton visited i jAIonday .at Boxley with Air. and ] lAIrs. Allen Henry and family. j [ Airs. "Victoria Alosbaugh who! has been ill for several weeks was: the recipient of many beautiful j and useful gifts Saturday In honor, of her,birthday which occurred onj that day. The Sunshine Society of] the local higTi school sent her a box of gifts besides the many others sfie received. These give Miss Alosbaugh a lot of pleasure and helped pas3 many hour's away. Air. and Mrs. Newton Dickover* have traded their, residence. an<fr .' five and one-half acres of land to Air. and Mrs. Frank Nicholson f<^|^ their home and 20 acre faro*.'' just south of Arcadia. The families will not exchange places until Oct. 1. Air. and Mrs. Orien Brown of Cicero and Mrs. -Mitilda W'hisler took supper Friday evenincr with Air. and Airs..John Flannicrnn in handr of the birthday of -Mr. Klam- nisan and Mr. Brown which 'occur (Continued on Page «;.) 24-Phones»188 We Sell Purina Feeds Friday and Saturday Specials ^^$lJ91frlbs. .Strictly pure, 2 lbs. 25c JOWL BACON 15c Gold Medal None Better 1 Fine Dish Towel Free 29c COFFEE S^a...15c BUTTER ^t™' 7 '••-43c per lb. PieniC HamS Boned and Rolled lb. 24C PORK LIVER f 10c BOILING BEEF £ r 18c POTATOES ^f^47c OLEO:^^... .... 35c FISHyHaddock, lb. . ZOc AilxONIA—Full quart, ! * ir FIG BARS—Fresh per bottle '. .i. 1J C 2 Its. for • 25c CH: i. 2 IPSO—Large size, i 41 r C0TTAGE CHEESE—Fresh, boxes for 11C per lb. 18c CA: C! ttAY SOAPr-Three t ) s )e> CLIMAX WALL PAPER ikes for CLEANER—4 cans for 29c MA ; i- RSHMALLOWS—Fresh, PEANUT BUTTER— lb. box .......... ..... ^ C / Per lb. 16c HI )MINY -™ ,f r:...:.. . 5c BREAD «S TWTO '...... 25c i !••!.. 1 Bd Beans, Pork & Beans e , 2 , s 15c 6R1 ; gi SEN BEANS—Good OA PORK ROAST-Lean, ade, 3 cans per lb. 25c OUT PillSbury or Polar Bear, 24 lb $9SC Fl OUT, Noblesville Milling Co., 24 lbs. 75C ?ElACHES ^ c f 10 . J45c SOAP^iK.... 38c Navy Beans BCSI Quality, 4 ibs. 29c jpi \A )ffee f 0ur Own Santos' Peaberry, 2 lbs. 25c Sugar Cured, Lean and Slicedjb. SA W CIE-AII pork, JOA. HAMBUROER^trictly %ft^ , peflb . fresh, per lb lalforWlwIe a 1 r^f <Kt - c BtBt [per il» f MM" Per lb. .

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