The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 11, 1936 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 11, 1936
Page 5
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BLYTHEVILLE, (ARK.)' COURIER • NEWS mm FOR Rickey Disciples Head x > Clubs; He's Baseball's jMost Povyerful Figure *By HARRV GRAYSON' , ' NEA Senice SporU Writer ' NEW YORK—The far-flung St. Louis Cardinal organization furnishes .Other major i league clubs with' executives as well as players It develops league presidents and places'jlls- prodOcts • high In the council? .ol baseball f It. has raade Sts ,'dlrecW,' -Branch Kickry, the WggesC ngure in the business No plecfc or baseball legislation U "pawed Without the approval of-'the boss" ,\* ' " '' '" graduate of, the Cardinal system "'succeeded another •Khe'n \yarrtn Crandall Giles replaced island Stanford MacPhai president &nd genera of 'the Clnt-innnll Reds as !,vic« president ' ' T}ie cardinal influence Is left li botK major \\heels It vias Rickey •nha*. straightened out, the s^d American League situation in st Too Mtny Red-Heads: Mammons Asks Inquiry HOPE, Ark — Coach toy II. ttamniohs complained last night ;hnl the Do queen high school football team pulled a "Red Orange", act on: the Hope team when It upset the Bobcats this | season, 12 to 1. I)n Queeii/hnd seven or eight red-headed boys on tho . team when they played us and the following week only one red head appeared In the line-up against Pre.wolt," Ha in man's iald ^•That's oi^e of the reasons I 'would like to ascertain the siatus of 10 or their plovers," the' coach said. HarnmoiK said : that he liad filed no formal protest members, pfltha team but, had asked j! b.' Clnry. or Fordyce, presidents of , ! tlib Arkansas Ath- lello Association, lo clear -up. eligibility status or 10 players, FRIDAY, DECEMBER 11, 1936 DOUBLF/PLAY not always profitable, But nlckcy and hli' partner, bam Breadon, real!?£<l that baseball could-hot survive tin a irmjor Male 'without minor league'feeders and/were the first,' big league magnates to • do something about It. ter o f self-prcservatfon'vhen RJck- took Hemnrklng Hint, football suprem eottonvood trail, (he judges report B'B largely was responsible for the;- Introduction of Donald L Barnes and the Ihe- junior »h«el St. < Louis' Working heajl 'of 'an inveslmei as general manager and sccrelary, Is William O DeWltt, who spent IT.years \\ith the Red Birds, rising Iroin a vendor of peanuts and pop- cotp to be assistant general manager and Rickey's right-hand man tt a as Rickey who took Rogers Hcjnsby back Into the Cardinal 'organization when he was dismissed i*y the Chicago Cubs and who drew up Ms_' conlracl as manager of the Browns under the late Philip de t calesb> Ball ,l^(Iiict of Cardinal S>stem American Association en the \etevan Thomas Jefferson Hlckey retired, George Millard Trautman stepped from Uie presidency of the Cardinals' Columbus farm to 1 the presidency of thj American Association. Trautman succeeds Giles as ehalrman of the executive commlt- tee"or the National Association, •whjch. replaced the old national "boafd of arbitration. Giles served in that capacity for tliree years and aisrf acted as president of the In- terhaUonal League following the death ot Charles H Knapp'of Baltimore last July, otles met with great " success as president of the Cardinal Rochester farm Pfcil,'B«rthlen5e, who was director "of athletics. at > the UnUersity of Jlfchlgan" wheln Rickey 'coached basijjall there, wen I j r0 ni the Cardinal office .to the presidency of the Sacramento Coasters , • If naturally folloVs that an, organization controlling j manv clubj and; hundreds ' of ^players turns ' • a club points out, If near monopolies exist L. S. U. End Stands Oul; Yale Places Two On Magazine's Eleven NEW VOBK, nee. 11,—Selection* lor Collier's All-America football team, which Is n perpetuation of the All-America founded by Walter Camp, were announced today. The players are: ! Ends: Kelley, Yule; TInsley, ! Louisiana State. ,. . Tackles: Widsolh" Minnesota; Danlcll, Pittsburgh, j Guards: Held, Novlta&lern; Starcovlch, Wiishlngtoii. ' . • j Center: WojclechowlcH, Fordlmm. Qimrterback: 13 a ugh, Texas Christian. Halfbacks: Frank, Ynle; Bulvld, Mnrtjiieltc. ; Fullback: Francis, Nebraska. In awarding the Walter Camp gold football to these players, the Judges voted Frank, 'ilnslcy and funnels the three outstanding plajeis of the year. TInsley, incidentally, was the only member of the 1935 All-America to bo no*, there v-ere worse ones in the I ni V' 10(1 " 8 , ain °" "I'M™," 1 tenm ' . . ' .. . 1 ifnmnrlf 111 IT Mm r. frvJ noil tiimt-nnt Hcydler resigned. Rickey would do, _. , . ,, . . a whale of a Job as baiball com- ™ r6 '" ° r - more .,«"»'' '«<> to , OI "> . . i ,, l -">»> | n . m , o( . cfll'llTtK, lllfrtf-cnnllnnnl mlssloner His talent, energy, and progressivenoss should be nil baseball's Instead of being devoted to one organimation. Armorel, ,Yarbro Divide Cage Doubleheader Here Tile Armorel and Vnrbro chonls divided a basketball donbleheader at -the armory here last night, the Armorel boys winning a,nd the Yarbro girls triumphing The Armorel boys \\on, n to C, outclassing the Yarbro quintet In decisive fashion ullh Pruitt nnd Estes leading the scoring parade i The Yarbro girls won about as easily, 10 to 8, with,Whittle counting six field goals' Smith made the only goals for Armorel Manila Independents .Defeat Dell, 24 to 17 over seventy Inter-sectional games." Ten colleges are represented In the 103U All-Ameilca, Yale being the only one to have two men named— Frank nnd Kcllcy. "Nineteen thirty-six was n year -that belonged largely to offensive football," the judges slated, and hey voted Yale's '26-23 victory vei Princeton (he most thrilling itiglc game of the year. More cf- eellve use of forwards i"'d laterals nnd bellcr deception , were jlycn as chief reasons for the ii'ciikdown • of ilcfcnslve strength. "The most difficult selections his fall fell to the center and the mcks.". Hie report said. "Star ccn- crs Included Ray of Dartmouth, one of the best; Wojclechowlcz of Tordlmm, Stewart of L.S.U., Her- vlg of California, Gilbert or Au- urn ftTHl Basrnk of Duqucsne. "The best, backs included Frank. or \ale, Murray or ^Pennsylvania, Bulvld of Marquette, Bnimbaugh Harry Grayson remained : for Jack Torrnnce to demonstrate It to me for Hie first time. Torrance has the "most, potent left, Jab I've fiver stal propelled by n heavyweight, . • •..•'/ ••: '.. "He Inimciies hi.?, career with more co-ordination nnd a much finer background than Jess Wll- lord or Camera. Jack Torrance, who nte lilmself] "A majority probably expected out, of an Olympic championship, .lo sec a lumbering giant or the nniicurfi to have conquered Ills ap-' C-nrnern tyj«, or ft colorless fellon like Willard. : "Instead they saw a 200-pound athlete with (he sj«ed of a lightweight. You've read and heard that before, but this time It. Is the unvarnished truth. NoL.strice'-:jack Dempsey came (o New Orleans in 1018 to train for his match with Carl Morris have 1 seen a heavyweight entitled to Ihe tag 'a possible champion 1 as Is Jack Torrance. "I'm .assuming that.'Torrance will train faithfully and' make the sacrifices to .'succeed Also that he can 'take If and stand petite. For the next few months Torrance, pared down to a mere 200 IMimds, will bo. led nothing but. the choicest, assortment or sliini- blobmns and roundheeK For Baby Jack surprised even his fondest admirers In his bow as a professional pugilist In New Orleans the oilier night, Mike Jacobs has Torrance. and no one reallws the riti(? rxwslbll- illes of R uiganllc collegian wllh Ihe athletic background of the luminary more Broadway ticket MANILA, k^— The • Manila -In- , dependent team defeated the Dell Independents in a rough nnd 'ougl\ basketball game In the local gymnasium 1 Wednesday' Anight 14 'to 17 of. P James, Vanzaijt, ware hlghspolnl •*ien, for; Ma"nila. !s ,Jie' | IVJapilarin- ^e-iCardinal- organization, „„_ up ^the.besl' i>layers,'"executlves— and ( 'pubjlclty,purveyors \ r .. , "OW Joe Csvr, chief ot the pro- motlonal^ or new business bureau of the National Association; Traut- map, and BlU'QrilBth, the Columbus club's new publicity man, or- gaAlzed a school of Instruction and clinic uhlch saw many a minot league owner taking notes at the Motitreil meeting- , • Qrifflth'nrst trotted out a promotional ,display at'Hhe minor league meeting of, four jears ago It insisted of 3« exhibits laSt jear There were'60 this .winter' Rkjkey Kept Small Leagues Tojethrr Dunns Depression !(. may be true that Independent minor league owners no longer can compete with any degree of suc- cesi^ against major league chains originated by Rickey, but the fact remains that the Cardinal organization did more toward holding smaller circuits together during thf depression than any other. It staked little fellows when the going was roughest in return the,',CardInals got the pick of the athletes at the end of the cam palgh These arrangements were \VHEEUl^a,.W. J Xa '(UP)— W. J Emmerlh, city, building 'ii'ispe'clor has entered, his annual. period 9 fi'jll-beard growing' ErnmeiUi's cus ' 1 "being Phil Weintraub, below, introduces the missus, the former Jeanne Holsmnn, nbove, whom the new Cincinnati Bed took as his bride, in Waukcgan,, 111, Both are residents of Chicagcv The Reds last Jail. purchased Wcintraub, former New Voriij Giant'outfielder, Irom Roches-' ter, where he played first baso v and was one ol the leading I ' • ternatio^al League hitters. Louisiana State than the old scalper. With the boys already comparing Torrance with Jim Jeffries, Jacobs should make the Great American Sucker Tour of prlmo Camera look like a whirl around n kerosene circuit without even having to call upon the Bis Boy of the Bayous to prove that he can take K punch without losing his speed and head. Torrance weighed 320 pounds when he returned from Berlin last summer and told Jacobs that he would like lo lake a whirl at the beak busting business. Jacobs sent Herb Brodlc to New Orleans to develop the large blond who tossed the 10-pound shot to a new world record while it student at I,, s. U., where he also played heaps of tackle and was the varsity basketball center. Brodle was a 'good enough lightweight to fight Rocky Kansas and the late Joe .Welling. He was der the management of the late Paddy Mulllns, Hie Bowery character who handled Mike O'Dowd and ol' Bar' Wills. It wasn't Torrance's feat that Impressed the critics, for up. "Torrance showed' that he has the spirit of a good fighter. One might even say he displayed the 'killer' Instinct, for he did not-give Plynn a chance from the time his first snappy jab cut a gash in the Irishman's month and made hln ready for the 'kill' until the finish ." Ample Room Even for One as Bulky as Torrance SOONER COACH Chicks Arc Banqueted, . Entertained at Manila Tom Stieth:im, above, succeeds 'Major Lawrence McC. (liilf) .Jones as 'director of nthlclirs nnd head fODlbnll'coiicli of the University of, Oltlnliom.i. Slid- harn, who played taclilc al Haskell Institute, went to Uie Soonors as line conch with Major Jones two years'' ;ifi[). Major'. Jones has been ir;ms- leircd by tho War Department. to Fort Lonvcnworth. Dlgby. and stresses the all-Important fact that Torrance is not muscle-bound anywhere, including between the ears. . Dick Burke, former president of the National [ Flag Cruiser Ordered Built By Australia CANBERRA (UP) — The Australian government has taken one Owen Ftynn of Augusta, Me., obviously was a setup. It was the manner In which Baby Jack disposed oT Plynn In Just two mln- tes. Others started raggedly: and came with a rush at the finish. In most games today the winning team lias lo play itself put to win. One human system can only bum .up so much energy. Football is largely competitive energy or fight: on a given day. This explains the "Prom all these hcad-over-heels torn foi the . •d dlsastroilf Ij —the" • ^ >haved oft 'by ,cou'rt house -employes " ' at of Duquesne, Francis or Nebraska, Bngh or T. 0. U., Parker, of Duke* Dickens of Tennessee,- Faiaschl or Sanla Clara nnd Goddard of Washington Stale," " In "summing up their opinions of the r more than 400 Icnms In the neld this year, of which only one In Ihe upper tier, Sanla Clara, remained unbeaten, the Judges remarked: "In the,' dramatic, .swirl and 'coimlerswiil - of- football fortune nnd football skill, -' where die breaks of Ihe game played an Impressive pact, one point remained unchallenged.' While the East took over hei lost leadership In 1930, tlieTe. Is no. longer' any nll-conqiter- Ing system or any section that re- nmlris supreme .ror two or three consecut ivc - seasons. "Stiong teams came to high peaks and fell away under the turns o( fortune, from all these outlandish form reversals, there vere two .teams tlraV stopd out as lasscsslng : nll-scnwin ' strehglli. They were -Loulslann State'In the South and Minnesota in .-the Mitl- :lle- West.. And . Pittsburgh wasn't fat awny." Read Courfei; ', >Ne«s 'Wojit 'Ads, iieavy grind of modem schedules. The Army Air Corps paiachute .raining school is' located at Cha'- milc Field, 111, aiid Its jiersonnel Is diillecl hi malntennnce, repair- Ing, packing and construction- of 'chutes. The bourse extends over a period'of tliree: months. Dr s. Wert & Wert OPTOMP.TRISTS • Over Joe Isaacs' Store ••WE MAKE 'EM SEE" Phone 540 "Torrance ays Brodle. will be champion,' "Jack is Just about he rosiest heavyweight in boxing nd packs. «• punch in both hands, le learns quickly. He was jabbing 'ell arter'only three weeks. I de- lopMi his left hand first because didn't want him to start out ight-handed crazy." Speed of Lightweight; Best Since Dempsey, Etc. It was an Interesting experiment n New Orleans, and my most trnst- d operatives' were at Ihe ringside. Their reports,astound me. "I dtd- I't see Je(Tries In his prime, bui or more tlian: 25 .years I've heard about the boljermaker's left anc lighters' who'' knocked out opponents .with a Jaii,'; writes Fred Digby, who has. seert.and written abou all the better , heavyweights fron Jack Johnson Vo' : Jlni Braddock. "I and one-time Louisian , commissioner, asserUs that Torrance looks much more formidable todny than Wlll&rd did a yew before he lifted the title from Jack "Johnson's cosely cropped noggin. / Torrance, 23, stands 0 feet 3 and has a reach of 79 inches. Until he buckled" down to train- Ing, Torrance's .boxing experience consisted of a couple of gymnasium sesslons : ; with schoolmates. Now some predict that he will move in- 6 the select class of heavyweights n less than six months. It Is to be hoped that they are right, for .there is ample room even "or one as bulky as Jack Torrance^ It: might be advisable to wlth- iold the verdict/until the socking shotputter. Is hit solidly and willi authority , by .someone of some worth, however. It unwise to build Torrance up on a none-too-firm foundation. There Is loo much of him to fall. Members of '• Ihe Blytheville Chtcknsaws, Coaches Carney Laslle and;James puckctt, and several fans were guests or most ardent Manila football fans at aii informal banquet lust night at the First Baptist church in Manila. The table was arranged In style, decorated -In school colors, with miniature goal posU Tor the place cards. Qold football souvenirs were given the members of the team. William E. (Bill) Armstrong acted as master of ceremonies. Dr. W. P. llutclili'is, father or Max, one of the ch'lck backfleld aces, gave the welcome address, and Coach Ijaslle the response. Miss Lucille Curtmlght rendered a musical number after which the graduating Chicks, Captain Byron "The Ripper" Walken, Max Hutchins, and Onell Craig, were introduced. Speaking for all three Captain WalXer expressed regret, over leaving but said he felt sure those remaining would carry on in good style. Lloyd "Tear" Wise discussed the prospects for 1937, and fYed S. Sa- llba, a. member of the school athletic committee, outlined the proposed big H conference, R. s. Hudson, Manila banker and lawyer, In the principal told of 'the relative value Blytheville football s had to the little city, others who spoke brlelly Included; Prank Whitworth, Assistant Coach Puckett, J. P. Friend, Judge Doyle Henderson, and Bob McKennon, of Manila. . , A two course turkey menu was served. Open All Night ROAD 1 AND WRECKER SERVICE. Phone 633 Tom Little Chevrolet Co or a leader lor a squadron or destroyer cruisers, aimed to protect Australia.against sea raids. The cruiser, which will be armed ffllli'six-Inch guns, will'be built at :h'e Cockatoo island dockyard. While the custom of-Slaving cruisers .constructed in .England will still be continued for a certain time, the Commonwealth government has decided , that the local Industry has. now reached a point where .it can- manufacture every part, of modern warships. This ws thoroughly proven in the recent construction here of two sloops. It ts the intention ot the government to make navy construction a.permanent industry here that will give employment lo a large number of specialized'work- Peler the Great, staid hippopotamus of the Bronx 200, weighs two and a .half tons and Is 33 yeais old. . ' Gregory I,,who was a follower of Benedict and . was made pope in 590, was the first monk-lo take the papal • office. Wrecker Service Gas OPEN ALT, NIGHT PHILLIPS SERVICE CENTER Phones 77T - 810 Play Billiards! Wholesome Recreation : Moderately Priced Blytheville Recreation Center 316. W. Main - Former Home ' of Bell's Pharmacy GARNER APPLETON MARVIN CHAPPELL For?tiis?'''Clifistmas GLOVER Get "HIS" Gift at, R. P. HUGHES & CO. ClOTHB* /' They all look alike... but me is a Strange But True For Their, Christmas Announce plans for that new home to start with construction the first of the year...well help you plan and help you to g« j »n P. H. A. lain, consult with Us totUy. EAST ARKANSAS BUODERS SUPPLY CO. smoothness anJ case of n champion fencer in action is a thrilling treat for any one to experience. In whiskies, too, smoothness counts for a great Heal. Windsor, a champion in its price class, is wonderfully smooth and easy. It has a rich, round, ripe flavor that distinguishes it as one of the soundest of all straight bourbons. Yet it is mild and light. Judge Windsor by the standards that you apply to a champion. You will no( be disappointed! Ufinteor «.PROOF-STRAI6HT_BOURBON WHISKEY PATIOXAI, nirrrunis raouccis CORTOJUTIOM TotV .- Marked for the rare distinction and individuality of your clothes. For this is one of a group of very exceptional suits by TIMELY CLOTHES, in genume imported fabrics. In weave, pattern and drape there's that "some- tiling different" about these suits - as easy to recognize as it is difficult to imitate. And remember, there.are more men who can afford this price than there are suits. We, advise your immediate inspection!. 50 up MERIT SUITS §22.50 UP amas r-Robes . ? -Cocktail .Jackets Treasure Island Robe-Pajahia Sets Beautiful print pajamas with matching robe. • . $7.50. ' Lounge Pajamas Most attractive patterns with long comfortable coats find silk fringed sash. • H50 Sleep Pajamas A great assortment of colors and styles. $1.95 Up Evans House Slippers The nation's finest house slipper . . --. opera style or padded sole. $2,95 • 13.50 HUDSON Cleaner - Tailor - Clothier

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