The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 22, 1930 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 22, 1930
Page 3
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BLYTIIiWLLE, (ARK.) COUUIBK-NEWS Sixteen Dead in Nation's Greatest Air Disaster Insistence on Aclicn by| League A!sc \Vi! F...I •• man-ass London iMeelinp! EDITOR'S NOTE-Thls is Ihe, fourth and last of a series of Lt'rlesj my Milton Drcnner. European man-' ager for NEA Service, on the p.-cb-: Icms before the London nr.val ilk- ' armament-conference. i By MILTON liltONNKK : SKA Service \Vrili-r LOSDON— Tlie success ol failure of (he Lcndon navr.l coi^'ercn 1 ? v.ill dc]>eni t3 a picat extent Oil (lie attitude of Fr.ince and It.ily. I Snne sort of compromises v.'ill' be neceseary it the confeu-nce is. to ~"Kie lo aprcment, 'me French are ureirared to, make dcn.ands, 13 which England- and (he United Slates will lind it i extremely hard to agre?: and Italy.' In turn, ir ready to outline a pro-! gram that will nnki> the f'ron:h; emit loud cries cf protest. . i Prance hns throe main de-' mantis: ; Flrft, that fh? confjrrrj'-. 1 ; ' decisions will nut be ftn'il, lint uUI bt merely nreparnloiy for i the Lca»u= of Nations ' disarmament or rcrmri-,' j' '• which the whole <iu?st:on cf disarmament hv :Ur, sea and i land will be discussed. ' | Secind. that France must ' nave a larger number of criiis- rrs than Hie 5-5-.V1.7S liaftle- Bhip ratin accepter! at the Washiuplon conference \vould allow. • j Third, that the ?Mi(Scn ci i the submarine must not even ! be considered. The Italian altitude is not quite' so plain but it seeing apparent tint i H will consist of two points: Fbrsi, lhal the Italians will ] be willing to join America ami i England in :i m.ive for the total i abolition of the submarine. Second, that Italy must have ; naval pirily with France. ! Ill these five pcints Ihere is enough material to tax the best '• brains in the conference to the utmost. | The firsl French demand will : . undon^'.cd.'y bz unacceptable to the United States, in view of the United States' abhorrence cf co- cperaiion with the league. j The second French demand will'; viot go down \vell with cither the' United States or England, eipe- I cinlly England. j The- third French demand, of course.- cuts squarely across the j Anglo-American desire to do a;vay! with the ubm&rine. i Den-anil Vary Widely ! The fivsi Italian demand, on the ether hand, lines Italy and Frr.nce ' up on opposite tidis of tli2 ii-nce: t and the second Italian demand is | sure to bring sharp opposition' frcm Prance. The second French demand Incidentally, will nn' be ': highly arcept.nble to Italy, either. : Of Ihe three French demands, • the mast cherished is the last. It: is a curlf m fact that ivhcreas the j French Parliament, the French' press and the French public are ' deeply enamored of the submarine : as the country's best naval weap- j on. French naval strategists are; looking upon it with a ro-,1 i Adr-iral Castes, the leading French j naval tactician, recently published | a book declaring that the subma- i rine is utterly unable .to dispute i surrpnificv with the surface ship,] and French naval leaders generally share his views. I PAGE THRKK BEST; MELLOW Treasury Head, However 1 {indorses Proposed Transfer to Justice Department WASH1NC1TON, Jun. 22. (1)1')— Tlic irensnty department lias conscientiously tniidi! every ellort lo cimy out (lie iv.suon&lljllltlcs of pro- hlblllcm enforcement during tin last ton years, the secretary of thu UiMsury tolil tlie house expenditures committee today. Declining lo express his iwrson- nl views KS lo prohibition or whct,V or It lias hnu n fnlr lest, Uie secretary endorsed Hie (rending Wll- HaiiLson bill iiroiioMnK to trAnsfcr Hie enforcement ucilvlilej lo the jmtlre JCjutilnicnt. Mellon snld lie I thought the cnlorccnuMil tusk log! tcully belonged lu the \n\v onforcc- •nicnl Hgriicy of the Kovcrnmeiit. I lie thought the Industrial alcohol I unit did uok logically bblang to I elilier dcii.irlinenl, bill imlll u bet- In place lor It Is found he »»ld It should be left In the trensury. After he had read his ttnUnwU cxpre.uhiK his views about th« pro- ixxwd legislation Re present »tl« IRC*. Republican, Chicago, sought to net Mellon to express nn opinion upon [iiotilbliluii. This was ol particular interest bccaUSD of attacks made by some drys In con- burrau hns done everything possl- Mi; lo enforce ihr | aw r "01 course |t luis dime cverylhliij wsslble. ThlH legislation does.nnl raise the qu^tlnn of rindency of Koveinmenl. Js is moro of n rite- nnm p.inieiilnr organization of lilt tlon of imikliiR enloreement worit more effective." VIENNA, Jim. 18. (UP)— Amory the njosi |X>|)ular pj-ewnts hi VI- CIIIIR ore little bcxjks of tlclfii Issued by Die Stale Theater, and OIKKI, these tickets being accepted In exchange for regular ilck'cn tor any perfonnnnce between January 1st unil June aoth of cadi ycnr. Mv Uiiir Win Kullliii: Out and It \Vns So (.ray mill Thin Thiil I wits Worried AGKD r>f> NOW HAIK IS iVO LONGEK "1 think every woman In the world «ho l:i inuring tiny or losing her hair .should know nbont this TTcmlciful i.i-a's null- Tonic, which they are advertising mnv," declared Mrs. J. A. 1're-ton. N. W. Jii'r'r' rrmnrtnijio "hnlr Elr.tlon, I3ox M. Detroit. Mich. "I i down In Tampa, Fla. work us n clerk hi a popular store I Anyone 11 seems may git Ihe here In Detroit and npuenrniico Is ty. l run 05 and my hnlr Is real black, (he same as when 1 was a rlrl." writes Mrs. I'rcslon, who like thousands of clhci-; have been iwuilnj In lellcifl.of prair>c to Mrs, Lea .since she b'i'-iiu Inlr.iduclnii •?aich for bodies In the blackened wrfckngo of the huge T. A. T.-XI.'irtdux nlr liner, which became a twisted Mazing Inferno for f.ixlc-cn persons when the plane crashed in a cleaving near San C t:y.fnlo, C:ii:r.. In shown in tills Courier News NEA Scrvln CJ. diaries A. Lindbergh, acting in the capacity cf vice president o' the uir line. i:. heading the invcsllgatlmi ..• the tlis-isier Ihi in Amciicnn av:nticn InMcry. All aboard the tii-molorccl,. all-metal F-ird plane-several of (hem persons prominent hi Los Angeles were i killed v.-hcn the craft fell and burned in a forced landing wllhin an ir.ur i-.iler laklnB off from Agua CalieiUe. MeMcun race triLck resort Waterway Cities Are Inland Ports showcd a totnl When the nine-foot stage have been eMemled (o MlnnccrpD- lls on the upper Mississippi and lo Kansas Cily on Iho Missouri an increased tcnnage. will be shown np.d every principal commercial and industrial center will be a potential port iccelving freight by water and sending it farther Inland by rail and truck'or vice versa. The accompanying pictures show automobiles moving In large quan- lities by the water route at less transportation cost than by rail. From Dulrait. an:l other manufacturing cities these automobiles are moved to points on the Ohio river where they ure loade:! on barges lor ?. 1,SOO or 1.500 mile trip by water to Memphis, f'cw Oriei'm or Mobile; carscss of sugnr. cofTce, canned goods an-1 pro;lucts from the south b::inj- bron-hi buck Inland. Cillcs along the Upper Mississippi along the Missouri, tiie Ohio I and the Illinois river arc equipping themselves n-ltli terminals lo load 'from rail to wmer or vlco versa and as the sen-ice Is extended en these unterivjijs alfordlnif a means of cheaper »;iler transportation, industries thai luivc moved to the seaboard \\ill return to the Mississippi Valley. Storage warehouses will be built | in the cities alo:ij these main riv- jers for receiving and dislrbnlln!; | commerce mid ilia increased wealth [and population Hint comes with n [greater volume of commerce, will follow. ! The Mississippi Valley Assccln- j tion Is aiding In every way po33i- }b!e to get ail of tte mcts available to show the American people that | money expended In tnc dcvelop- • ment of those nnlural arleries of 1 commerce Is nn Investment that [will pay handsomely In the saving of transportation costs. The automobiles shown unload- Upper:'A load of automobiles entering Ihe industrial canal between'" 1B ln ")? accompanying picture New Orleans and Lake Ponc'iartrnin, enroute to Mobile. ' i s3^ rC io CI S7^) Cr ' ^ ^ S ''-h! n ^ ° f fr<lln Lower: Autcmobiles—360 of thcm-leaving barges at MciniihU wharf''big item fo 'automobile dcalc!'5 b ntid under Iheir own power. users when service can be extended nine-foot 'stage sh"ii Recce School Attendance Good Despite Bad Weather grcss that Mellon was formerly In- teresled In distilling and 1 hM not been energetic In lnw enforcement. "Do you think law enforcement has ben elllclcnt?" Igoc asked, "I don't see whcro that qlieitlon can be ralwnl In considering thb transfer legislation," Million-replied. "Do you think the prohibition Inland Waterways System Affords Stimulus to Trade! dtcate that they already have the strongest submarine fictilla in the world. French submarine tonnage is listed at 82.2-19, with the United States second with 80.179 tons; furlherm-ore, the Frmch i.nttna- rines on the average, are larger and more powerful than the American subs. ! French Army Greatest ', France now hns the world's' ~" greatest army' and the world's i w "en President Hoo-rr's pias erway cities witii each oilier and greatest military air force. Ob- I for improving Ihe Milling the 0.- with the gulf ports, viously, this wealth of armaments : ^ miles of °' !r in l' ; n.'l walcnvay p nr t of this system—1.000 miles i is not aimed at either the United ?£ slem shail nnvc b * c "' 1 carried on:, of the Ohio river-was complete;! I Slates or Japan. The only other' ' her(! W1 " ? c channels with a stnn- ] as t year, and already a vast ainouiu ! possible enemies fir France Francs " arrt mnc - fo0 ' mitninum depth ron- of varici i lomiag(! is mm - m g on u . are Germany, England and Italy. I ne <^f _'^ numerous inland vviu- The 1.200 miles from St. Louis to ' Anglo-French relations are gccd; i ~ " , "' ' Kcw Orleans is now usable by 1000 and Germany has almost no army, I naval strengths were exactly equal tcn targes and on the part of this although her navy Is growing and ! they say Italy would really be the r °ute from Cairo south an army -she has a great fleet of conimer- | stronger, because part of tile Fre'.'.ch of nien and thousands of machines cial plnnes. But Italy—well, | force w.-.uld have lo be kept out on ' aie nl w()rk controlling tlie river iy Franco-Italian rivalry may prove i the high seas. So France has been '"event Hoods and incirlently cre- a big stumbling block for Ihe con-' suggesting that the Italian navy be " tl "8 a dee P dependable channel ference. ' Last year the cities .along the O f Ohio river shipped and receive:) by the v.',iler routo Dial to the other rivers. Despite the season, the attend, since of tlie Recce mini school Is unusually good, fu-ccrdlng lo Miss Winnie V. Turner, county supervisor of rural schools who eixint yesterday visiting classes there. A unique feature Is that of the 27 pupils In Ihe classes above the fourth grade, that 20 of them are boys. There are 22 children In the Ic'.ver classes ranging from the first through the third grade. This Is one of the smallest schools in the county bill maintains n good average attendance of its enrollment. Postpone Manila Mseting The Monila group meeting of the teachers of rural schools In Mississippi county has been postponed because of the high water.. This group, which had planned to meet Friday, will meet. February 1 wltli the Lcuchville group. Cvciythlnu, especially at my aiic of 55 years, Yon cuu Imiiiilne how badly f fell, My hnlr war, fulling and wu.s terribly Ihln— turning grny rapidly, too. My ncalp Hchrd and re.'illy friends were noticing It. l.ucky for mo a friend of mine In Washington. ,'nmo results. In fact Ihe Tonic Cc.. Ihcnlwocd, Mil., fiman- tvea money hack without oirlibl' or qticsllon If it falls to delight nny mcr. Local druggists are. fea. luring'3 Hair Tonic. Easy lo apply nt home by riibblmc a f.civ drcpi Into tin! acalp with flnjer a friend of mine In Washington. I lips. ChiniKC Is so gradual cx- Ind., rei-cmmejided's Ifalr Ton- (H'fts do not detect. Pleasant and Ic, which I couldn't get In the drug stores tn Dctrclt. She told mo such wonderful things about, Ix'a's I wrote for II and after .using Ihe lirst. bailie 1 scut for six more and lhauks (o Lea's my hair Is thick, full of life anil lustre nnd back lo lu original color. 1 haven't n gray hnlr hi my head and everybody raves about my hair being BO prel- perls, ol comic doesn't slain. Dally ap- pllcu'lons few weeks, woika the.- magic—then occasional use year tiller year kccpj hnlr beautiful, sculp Invigorated, no nmllsr '.icw: old you' may bs. If drugiilsl will not obtain of his Jobber for you. Bend dollar bill for bottle by re- lurn mall with full directions, l.ea Tonic Co., Brcntwood, Me'. Adv. BETTER STICK TO "STANDARD" The harbor at Halifax Is 10 miles long. BreakUp;^ that TnV o TfcoxEne Cotil C»p*ul«r. * root: ^ a »nt<sxllo BivoinicUtr, Lotttrril^I tkin anythlnz rou have ever u:fil fcr colds, or > 3:1 r IIK, n*y Luck — f^'^ i THOXINE I COLD CAPSULES Klrby-Beil Dru; <jo. and Klrby Drug CO. . The French insist they must have many cruisers and submarines to kept exactly equal to the French , for nnvigntton. Mediterranean fleet. To Ilnly. however, this kind protect their Mediterranean com-' equality would be quite imacccpt- municatlons with their vast cm- i able. The Italians are quick to plrc In North Africa, whence Ihcy i point out that In case of war France draw food, raw materials and army j could quickly bring In her Atlantic recruits. They also point out Ihat • fleet and have a considerable sup- France has a large and growing'ciicrity. They also say that they merchant marine which needs pro- have a merchant marine that Is tectlon - rapidly growing in size and import- On the ether hand, the Italians ancc and that In case of war they alsc have an African empire; less' wciiit! have to keep tlie sea lanes large and less well-populated lhanlcpen for the hundreds of iham- France's. but important nevcrlhe-1 ancs of Italians in Brazil, the Unit- lesi. And the Italians—who, like ct Stites and elsewhere who would the French, openly discuss the pros- come h'tnc to fight. t*c>5 fnr a Franco-Italian dar—! Allied With Others Insist Ihat their navy mi , s t be • Nor Is this all. France and Italy coiml to the French navy so that i ore Jealous of each other's African Italy cannot be put ofl from her i empires and they are at cross pur- African communications Two Fleets Says Franca pcscs in the Baleans. France has niado allies of Jugoslavia Czecho- But France points out that this slovihia and Rumania; Ilaly has is impossibic. Tlie French In fact, cultivated the friendship of Bul- clalm that, they really need two g.iria and Hungary, and has made fleets; one lo safeguard their in- Albania a firm Italian ally. Albania terests In (he Mcdltetrnnean, one to incidentally. Is swrtlng lo build a look after their interests and jhlp-; navy, which in case of war crr.nd ping In the Atlantic and the Ens-' be cciinwd in with th: Italian llsh channel. If Prcnch and Itallrm forces No More Gas In Stomach and Bowels If you to b« permanently Heved of g as fn slomach and tak« [tanlnwinn'i C.M Tablets, ore piepnrcd especially for iloni and «11 Ihe bad eftcc.13 reiullii presiyre. »hlch i g»« from :h« . That empty, gnawing feelinft *L the pit of th« stomach "HI d1>&ppur; that • nxious, nervous (cc 1 .ir.^ with neatt pal. fJtJtkifi will van/ifi. asirf )•<>« »*lll again be able to take a cVx.' btcath without rfltcomtoit. That drowsy, sleepy fetling after Dinner x-[|l b« rep'.* it4 by a dejire for fnteitnlnnienl. tlloilind *1l) een.«e, Yc-jr limbs, nuns »"•* finccis will ry> longer [*tl cclJ And "»o to ilc!p" bt. f*uss UacilrrtAnii'i 0^* r.ibJel* pi event ft fiom Ir.teiEcTlnff «!th the ctreuli. lirm. Gel (Sc ^tdtlnc. fn the yellow pick»co. at «nw rr*od drar »tott. Price )l AKvays on hand at CITY DRUG STOKE We have secured Ihe services of an experienced furrier, who will be here on Thursday and Friday of this week, January 23 and 24. Have your Coals, Chokers, Collars and Cuffs made in latest style or repaired. ESTIMATES FREE Road Maps And Information Free ftfforc staning that m.-r, assure yourself of the best rtmte ly writing the "SlflnJarJ 1 ' Touring Sfn. 1 - icf, 2134 St. CrSmkj Aw-, New Orleans, IM., far maps and latat road in* /tmnadon. MOTOR OIL must and docs give superior service under any and all road and weather conditions. Its undisputed leadership in quality and in volume of sales has been brought about by the most painstaking care in its manufacture and distribution. Made from the most carefully selected crude oils, it undergoes many such tests as are pictured above. The photograph shows an automobile testing room in a Standard" Refinery, where nil ixrad conditions are brought "inside," for close scrutiny of the reaction of oils and fuels to differences in speed, temperature, humidity, and load. The tunnel in the .foreground is an air duct for forcing air against the car at various rates of road speed. The rear wheels of the automobile rest on drums, which indicate on a dynamometer the amount of nurse power developed. Why experiment with "unknown" motor oils? Have your nearest "Standard" Dealer, indicated by the bars-and-circle trade-mark, serve you. Have your crank case drained, flushed, and filled with "Standard" Motor Oil, and your motor will run smoother nnd your costs run lower. STANDARD OIL COMPANY OF LOUISIANA P A 1 101 WE SELL "STANDARD" PRODUCTS 777 TIRE & BATTERY STATION CORNER WALNUT AND FIFTH SHEETS

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