Ukiah Daily Journal from Ukiah, California on July 15, 1974 · Page 3
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Ukiah Daily Journal from Ukiah, California · Page 3

Ukiah, California
Issue Date:
Monday, July 15, 1974
Page 3
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Monday, July 15, 1974 Ukiah Daily Journal, Uklah, Calif.—3 By JACK ANDERSON WASHINGTON - In an ironic twist, the White House's high priest of snoopery, Charles Colson, was himself recently bugged as he uttered some of the Watergate scandal's most indiscreet confessions. Colson, when he was the top White House hatchet man, was fond of flipping a switch and tape recording friends and enemies alike. A few days before he went to prison for obstructing justice, however, he was secretly recorded as he bared his soul to Washington businessman and sometime private eye Richard Bast. Colson had come to Bast to interest him in investigating the Central Intelligence Agency which Colson felt had set him up for all his troubles with federal prosecutors. We have nbw heard the taped conversations. . The White House tapes were marred by the clatter of cups, the shuffling of paper and the President whistling jocular tunes. • Bast's hidden microphones picked up the buzzing of bees, barking' dogs and the clink of glasses filled with Johnnie Walker Black Label. Unaware of the turning reels, Colson speculated that the Central Intelligence Agency planned a "Seven Days in May" takeover of the government. He also asserted that the Pentagon, practiced extortion to keep President Nixon from arresting military men who stole his, secrets. In sometimes hostile, sometimes contrite language, Colson described President Nixon behind his back as being short on "guts." . Behind Colson's back, Nixon had been equally critical of Colson, the White House tapes' show. Colson complained to Bast that the President was always on the verge of coming down hard on the CIA. But, Colson groused, Nixon was talked out of it by presidential staff chief Al Haig who feared it would "take down the whole intelligence community." "That's where I got to be critical of Tricky Dick with this kind of lack of guts here," commented the tough-talking Bast. * Sadly, Colson agreed: "I criticize him along with you. For that reason." Beside Bast's swimming pool whose fountain made background water music over a "mike" secreted among poolside flowers, the two men discussed how Nixon could rid himself of. CIA and military spying on the White House. "He's got the message," brooded Colson. "And he's thinking about it. He's got a helluva problem. . . Nobody understands this. .. He can't do W as hi n g to n Me r ry-g o-r ou n d How snooper was bugged it himself." Colson explained that Nixon could not fully trust anyone in the White House to carry out his orders and "he can't just sit in there with a machine gun." The skeptical Bast asked why Nixon didn't simply order arrests if his. National Security. Council was being spied on by the military, as recent testimony has confirmed. "If he tried to do anything about it," signed Colson, "they would have disclosed a lot of his documents that he was worried about protecting, that they had been stealing. . . right from Kissinger's briefcase." "In other words," replied Bast, "they practiced extortion on him." "Subtly," agreed Colson. "And the President let them get awaywith it?"" "Yeah," the former White House confidant conceded. As to the CIA, Colson said that one of its former agents, Howard Hunt, while in the White House, was in contact directly or indirectly.with CIA clandestine bigwigs. Colson said he never knew whether the CIA infiltrated the White House "to knock (Nixon) off" — figuratively speaking — "or whether they were in there just to spy. . ." "Maybe they were trying to pull something similar to a 'Seven Days in May' deal (a fictional military coup)," suggested Bast. "Could have been, could have been," mused Colson. "I can't Ann Landers Workaholics are hiding Dear Ann Landers: You've printed several letters about workaholic husbands. May I add a comment based on many years of experience? I am married to one. Like those who are driven to excesses in eating and drinking, the person who is driven to overwork may be using his "industriousness" as an excuse to hide from something. In my" husband's case, he is hiding from me and his children. Mr. Success finds it infinitely safer and more comfortable to stay in his structured work role. Members of his immediate family demand something from him in terms of emotional output. At work he doesn't have to be bothered with relating to people in a meaningful way. At the office he can hide behind his mahogany, desk and fancy title. This man even avoids social functions because he is so unsure of himself. He is a prominent member of the community, knows a great many people, but he has no friends. If you look at my husband's bank statements, his stock portfolio, and his performance in the business world, he's unquestionably a star, but if you examine his role as a husband and father, he's a dismal failure. I'm not bitter —I'm just on to him. —His. wife * Dear Wife: Thanks for a real zinger. And now that you're "on to him," why don't you get on to yourself? You ARE bitter or you could never have written that letter. I'm not suggesting that the man doesn't deserve every word you laid on him, but for your own sake, lady, talk to S Veterinary Viewpoints One in a series on animal health and pet care presented as a public service by the Mendo-Lake Veterinary Medical Assoc. Can your cat catch your cold? No. But she can certainly contract a wide assortment of her own respiratory infections. The same severe weather conditions that produce a greater incidence of colds in people also are responsible for the increased frequency of' respiratory disease in the cat population. The veterinary association further notes that more than two dozen different viruses capable of producing respiratory ,diesase have been isolated from cats. With so many different respiratory ailments, no wonder our feline pets sometimes appear to catch our colds. But you can rest assured that, although you and kitty both have the sniffles, neither of you are responsible for the other's misery. Most cats recover fairly easily from their "colds;" generally within a few days. However, there are some respiratory diseases of cats that are; quite serious. If your pet continues to sneeze or have runny eyes for as long as a week, becomes listless, or stops eating, you should contact your veterinarian. Those sniffles and irritated eyes. can sometimes develop into full blown pneumonia. Just as with his owner, the sooner a, cat is brought to the doctor the more readily the disease can be cured. Questions about animal health or pet care may be sent to "Veterinary Viewpoints" co P.O. Box 613 Ukiah, Ca. 95482. Questions will be answered if accompanied by a self-addressed stamped envelope. a counselor and unload some of that hostility and anger. Your husband will never change, which I'm sure you know. My guess is that you have the guy pegged perfectly. So now, get some help for yourself so you can accept, in your guts, his' personality defects or make other jiving arrangements. Dear Ann Landers: In the past, our criminal justice system has been oriented almost exclusively toward the criminal:' law enforcement, apprehension, trial,"conviction and, hopefully, rehabilitation. ' The only thing the innocent victim of a violent crime got out of the system was a trip to a hospital in an ambulance, and the victim had to pay for the ride. A small but growing group of states has acted to correct this gross injustice. My own state, Washington, now has an excellent program to compensate and assist innocent victims. (So does your state, Illinois.) Ofcher states with such progr ( ajns include Hawaii, Alaska, Maryland, New Jersey, New York and Massachusetts. These programs cannot be successful, however, if the citizens don't know they exist. Will you help us spread the word by letting your readers know that compensation and assistance may be available to victims of violent crimes, upon application to their state crime victims' compensation board or division? Thank you for passing the word. .—Calvin Winslow, Administrator Dear Calvin: Your letter has made it possible for 54 million citizens to know these laws exist in some states. Thank you for educating a large segment of our society. And now may I say a word to my readers who don't know if their state has such .laws? Please .write to your state representative and ask him. If you don't know the name of your state representative, telephone the public library. The librarian will tell you, if you will give him (or her) your address. . Inform your state representative that you WANT this law passed and be sure to let him know you are a constituent. Nothing is so important to a politician as the people who decide whether or not he remains in office. Advertisement "Miracle Cure?" 5,000 YEAR OLD CHINESE HEALTH REMEDY FOUND PEKING (Special)-Health researchers in China have nncover- ered an amazing rare old Chinese herb remedy that, possesses spectacular healing finalities and reportedly has been used for 5,000 years to cure or give relief to a host of the most common illnesses suffered by mankind..Dramatic .claims are^being made that this "miracle herb" called ginseng may actually hold the kev to a longer healthier life. Indeed, there is one historical case of a user living to be 256 years old. Helps Many Illnesses Like acupuncture, the many healing properties of this remarkable herb were once considered "folklore and'superstition", but modern researchers around the world are suggesting that it may actually regulate, many of the body's processes to increase SEXUAL potency, help heal ULCERS, relieve AHTHRITIS, check graying or loss of HAIR, improve OICFSTIOW slow down MITKMOSCLKHOSIS, relieve ASTHMA, overcome !•' \ - TICl'K. improve OIARETIl: conditions, relieve iutl.mimatioii of the URINARY TRACT, help chronic IN'SOMNT \. relieve RACKACIIES and PAINS, and generally improve your health by increasing your body's .potential to heal itself. Safe, No Side Effects Ginseng is not a drug, bijt an herb' or vegetable that is e\. tremely rich in vitamins and minerals. What's'more, this' aiua/nig. natural remedy is eoinplctely safe and non-to\ie with no side effects. Unfortunately, high- grade ginseng is in short supply and brokers and processors around the world are bracing themselves tor a "run" on the market as the herb's purported ."near miraculous" healing properties become more widely known to the general public. Now Available in U.S. Now you can get a generous 50-day supply oi this ania/ing_ natural herb in capsule form direct from a major supplier by sending Only $10.00 in check, cash or money order to Herbs, 300 N. Kings Rd., Los||^ngeles, Ca. 90048. This wonder herb is said to have helped millions of other people, and jt may 'help your health problem too. Isn't it worth a try? say there was a conspiracy to. do it, but I will say that was the practical consequence of their actions." Nixon's theory, said Colson, was that the CIA were coming in to. spy. . . Who knows what they want... The whole house of cards collapsed and maybe that's what they wanted. "Right now the frightening thing is that there is no one controlling the CIA. I mean nobody. . . Their own files hang them high as a kite." Colson excitedly rustled a document from his briefcase and said, "Look at this thing." As he described it to the unseen mike and a tape recorder slipped under a mulch bag, it was a note he had written after visiting Senate Watergate cochairman Howard Baker, R- Tenn. Baker had given him quotes from a secret CIA, memo. 10 injured in trani derailment VAN NUYS (UPI) - Ten persons suffered minor injuries Sunday when two monorail cars at Busch Gardens derailed and . careened into a steel guidepost 66 feet above ground. A total of 15 persons were trapped on the amusement park tram when a wheel of the vehicle slipped off the track, causing one of the cars to crash into the guidepost. The collision shattered glass panes on the trams. It took firemen using an aerial ladder two hours to,bring the 14 park visitors and their tour guide down from the ride. The firemen were called in when attempts to repair the car failed. Five of the injured were taken to Valley Hospital for treatment of minor cuts. They were Alfred Bloom, 56, Highland; Charlotte Reese, 39, and Linday Hayes, 54, both of Riverside; Teresa Garcia, 34, Rialto; and Alexandria Martinez, 62. How's the weather? By United Press International Forceful winds capsized boats and spun .a 747 jetliner in Chicago and tornadoes cut a destructive path through lower Michigan Sunday. At least two persons were killed. The sudden, but powerful storms spawned tornadoes < which destroyed rural homes throughout lower Michigan. A motorist was killed,in Oakland County, Mich.,' when a tree crashed onto his van. Fierce winds tore through Sanilac County, Mich., uprooting trees, downing power lines and causing injury to at least three persons in a trailer park. Thousands of persons who had flocked to Chicago beaches seeking relief from the 99- degree heat scurried for shelter as skies turned a dark grey and the winds kicked up dust and began to howl. The Coast Guard in Chicago was swamped with distress calls from weekend boaters caught in the unexpected storm. Dozens of boats were swamped or overturned by raging winds. One woman drowned in Lake Michigan about four miles off its Chicago shore. The boat she was a passenger on overturned. Two other passengers were . rescued. Thunderstorms also produced wind damage at Pontiac, 111., Terre Haute, Ind,, and Choru- busco, Ind., Northwest of Fort Wayne. Skies, in Northern California will be mostly fair from Wednesday through Friday except for variable fog and low clouds along the coast and occasional cloudiness fieai^ the Oregon border, the Weather' Bureau says'. Temperatures will range from the 90s to the 50s. In Central California, it will be fair except for variable fog and low clouds near the coast and a chance of afternoon thundershowers in the Sierra Nevada. High temperatures will range from 103 inlands to the 60s near the coast lows will be in the 50s and 60s. Alan H. Berman, D.P .M. Announces the relocation of his office for the practice of General Podiatry and Foot Surgery. 215 W. STANDLEYST. UKIAH, CALIF.95482 For Appointments Call 462-4707 Infant, Children and Adults by Appointment. YOU'RE INVITED! TO THE LARGEST STOCKED DEALER IN NORTHERN CALIFORNIA'S GIANT MONTH LONG....... v> x 400 ROLLS QUALITY CARPET WAREHOUSES CROWN INTERIORS IS TWO YEARS OLD! HI-LOW INSTANT INSTALLATION KITCHEN CARPET COMMERCIAL • SHAG INSTALLATION GUARANTEED FOR AS LONG AS YOU OWN THE CARPET!! FREE ESTIMATES FREE COFFEE AND COOKIES! DOOR PRIZES! FREE LINOLEUM BATH -FLOOR- WINNERS ALL MONTH LONG! Free Entry With 20 Yard Carpet Purchase FROM AND UP DRAPERY ANNIVERSARY EXTRA: Free Lining With Trend of The Times Consolidated Textiles! SAMPLE ROOM SIZES INCLUDES: CARPET PAD, AND TAX 12x9 - 12 yd '89.00 12x12 - 16 yd. *117.76 12x15 - 20 yd. »147.20 14x15 - 23.33 yd »1 71.71 15X20 - 33.33 yd *245.31 SPECIAL! CARPET sq. yd. INSTALLED! HAVE CARPET FROM $ 2 95 SQ. 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