Ukiah Daily Journal from Ukiah, California on January 23, 1978 · Page 6
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Ukiah Daily Journal from Ukiah, California · Page 6

Ukiah, California
Issue Date:
Monday, January 23, 1978
Page 6
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6 -:Uklah Dally Journal, Ukiah, Calif. Monday, January 23,. 19>8 Dai ACROSS 1 Clubfeet; 5. Composition for two 9 Steal 12 Lightweight 13 Bear (Let.) '14 Age 15 Air (prefix) 16 Was cognizant of 17 Author Fleming 18 New.York ball 60 Minyan, 45 Compass point 46 German submarine (comp. wd.) 49 Avidly 53 Water sprite 54 Pounce 56 God (Fr.) 57.General Eisenhower 58'Luxury ' 59 Heating , apparatus o Answer to Previous Puale ••Hi•••DD• mam club 20 Cpm^di'an Kay'e 22 Highway curve , 23 Mistake . ' 24 The most (prefiJc) 27 Cuts 31 Dissenting vote 32 Beehive State 34 Position 35 Hard 37 Army acronym 39 Hebrew letter 40 Redolent 42 Unfastened 44 Energy-saving time (abbr.; 61 Ditches 62 College administrator Sheinwold on bHdge Strange coup foils defensive maneuver DOWN Normandy Invasion day Animal waste chemical Make money Men's party Fists (si.) Vases Compass point Meretricious German negative 10 Persi \1 T.',Quite a few 19 Son of Isaac 21 Branches of • learning . 23 Flesound^ 24 Open a package 25 Eulogize 26 Novice By ALFRED SHEINWOLli Many , years ago, Ely, Calbertson called a certain, bridge play "The Coup Without a Name." Later bridge writers have called it the Sc;issors Coup because it cuts communication between 38 Respiratory or- the, Opponents, gan 41 Stable worker 43 Necessitated, 45 Back of neck (Pl.) 46 Entity 47 Two-wheeled vehicle 27 Woodworking 48 Work cattle East dealer Both sides vulnerable NORTH • A 10 J984 0 J4 * K Q 10 8 4 tool (pl.) 28 Doe 29 Needle case 30 Mail 33 Strained 36 Energy agency (abbr.) 49 Orient 50 Sacrament 51 Songstress Home 52 Chinese currency 55 Water (Fr.) WEST • 8 7 5 4 -^v^ 5 2 0 Q72 * 9 7 6 3 EAST • QJ62 ^ kl 0 A K 10 9 6 3 • 2 SOUTH • K93 V K Q 10 6 3 0 85 • A J 5 East 1 0 - • Pass, South 19. 49 • West Pass • Ail Pass North 3 9 Opening lead — 0 2 Cast takes the king of diamonds and returns his singleton club, expecting to lake the first trump, lead a diamond to the queen and then ruff a club. South can foil thie plot by cutting communication between East and West; he must prevent West from'gaining the lead. After winning the club return at the second trick declarer myst cash the top spades and lead the riine of spades. When West plays low, declarer discards dummy's remaining diamond. EXCHANGE OF TRICKS East wins an unexpected spade trick but is robbed of an diamond trick. Moreover, he is robbed of the club ruff since West cannot gain the lead. South can comfortably draw trumps and run the clubs. South might get away with this coup even if West had a spade honor. When South leads the nine of spades it looks as -though he intends to ruff in dummy. If West has a spade honor and fails to play it, South may achieve an impossible as well as nameless coup. DAILY iQUESTION As dealer, yoU hold: Spades A10, Hearts J 9 8 4, Diamonds J 4, Clubs K Q iO 8 4. What do yoii say? ANSWER: Pass. You have an optional opening bid, but should pass because your long suit is a minor and because too much of your strength is in the form of jacks. Change both jacks to low cards and give yourself A-Q instead of A-10 of spades, and you would open the bidding with one club. IT U;A5 A TWELVE ^ JNCH RULER? I SEE,.. ITS THAT ICIP FROM SCHOOL AGAIN... HE U;ANT5 HIS RULER...- SHALL r TELL HIM A TRUCK RAN OVER IT? LINUS CAN'T WALK TO SCHOOL U)ITHVOUT(DPAV.. He HAS A SORE THROAT !• CAN'T WALK. TO SCHOOL -ALONE ..THAT KIP WHOSE RULER I BORROWEP ' ' UJllL 6ET ME... I DON'T ^ SUPPOSE you UIOULP VOLUNTEER TD Pf ?OTEa ME .a •DON'T SUPPOSE" IS A GOOD UlA 'i' OF PUTTING IT.' 7 BLONDIE By Jim Raymond WATCM DAISY CMASE THIS FRISBEE ( Today's Almanac) ( Television Highlights MONDAY 8 p.m. CBS, Animated Special. "You're a Good Sport, Charlie Browh." Charlie enters a bicycle race over an obstacle course. 1 NBC, Little House on the Prairie. Caroline and Charles recall their courtship on. their anniversary. ABC, Special. "Roots: One Year Later.", A ALLEY OOP look' at the influencfe of Alex Haley's bestseller. PBS, Consumer Survival Kit. Cars- Feet-Life Insurance. 8:30 p.m. CBS, Animated Special. "Rikki-Tikki-Tavi." An adaptation from Rudyard Kipling's "Jungle Book" narrated by Orson Welles. PBS, VThe Treasures of Tutankhamun." By United Press International Today is Monday Jan. 23, the 23rd day of 19^78 with 342 to follow. The moon is approaching its full phase. The morning stars are Mercury and Saturn. The, evening stars are Venus, Mars and Jupiter. Those born on this date are under the sign of Aquarius. American patriot John Hancock wa^ born Jan. 23, 1737. American actors Randolph Scott and Ann Sothern were born on this date — he in 1903 and she in 1923. On this day in history: In 1845, Congress ruled that all national elections shall take place on the first Tuesday following the first Monday in November. . In 1931, 17 Communists confessed they had conspired with Leon Trotsky to undermine thte Soviet regime,of Josef Stalin. In 1977, Vice President Walter Mondale arrived in Brussels and affirmed' the Carter administration's commitment to the North Atlantic Alliance. by Dave Graue DUST.' BUT ^ UNLESS r MISS MV WHAT COULD J GUESS, ITS RAISED MAKE SO .VBY THE MABCHINS MUCH JPECTOFA raOMAN HBZE.' TAkOE THE HORM AND SO ON AHEAD! WHENNOU SIGHT OUR VVAGONS, SOUND THE VA/APMIM/Sf , ALLfYOOP by Dave Grau* SOUNDS ^ YES/HAN2 ^ MUgr HAVE ALERTS? , " • PEOPLE.' ...THOSE ARE HORSEMEN FROM OUR CAMP/ BUGS BUNNY by Sfoffal & Haimdahl YA CVM OUIT NOW/, \ I FUbDSV/ I'VE BEEN ^ TRYIN' r BREAK TH' LEASE ON THIS ODINT FER SIX MONTV4S/ BUGS BUNNY HOW ABOUT SOME SERVICE.^ IM Fteo US Pji on by Stoffal & Heimdahl YOU WERE SUPPOSEPTO SET MAM.' THESE ARE SPARE'RIBS.' ' p. BEETLE BAILEY ByMortWolker "I HERE, KITTY, ) A KITTY, KITTY J- ( BEETLE, JUST ONC£ X'P LIKE TO SEE yOU JUMP OUT OF BED IN THE MORNIN6// I -Z3 TNC BORN 1X>SER by Aft Samom IS cbmic WHEU wu. /TAMP MOU \UIU. wm FRANK AND ERNEST by Bob ThovM PAYROLL DEPARTMENT SHORT RIBS TWE'HUNS Ai^E AeOUT TO SACK AROuMP HERE, DO NOT REPfR To 5icK PflY ERKflE by Frank Hill Ij DENARI BAcH AN Bt^TBRPRlSlHG BUSINESSMAN... ...SHOULD TAKE ADVAMTAOe OP= EVERY-TRffNR- \ 1-11

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