Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on January 12, 1898 · Page 21
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 21

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 12, 1898
Page 21
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JOHN GR/IY'S White Bed Spreads, Marseilles and Honey Comb Quilts, special prices during January On a very large stock whico is thoroughly complete in particular prices to suit all. Come in and inspect the stock before it is picked over. A. S. Everett, A.M ,M.D. Practice limited t.i Dyspepsia and the rational aeatment of Chronic Gastric and Intestinal Disorders. Consultation and Prescriptions by mail. Flat E,, 6158, Greenwood, Ave, Chicago, Ills. Insurance and Loans. unoe »nd Bonds written in flrat class companies. Money to loan 6 p er cent, S. M. Closson,3l9 Pea.rl St. HAfflA GETS IT. Has Just thefieqnired Number of Votes to Elect. Terrible Cyclnne Passes Orer Smith—Deaths May lieach JFiftj People. Fort DR. C. D. EVJERSOLE'S DEI2TAL PALLORS Over Porter's New Drug Store, Corner of Fourth and Market Streets. New Undertake rs . 303 Market itreet, Hoppe Building, Daniel Killian & Co. CM1« promptly attended Ui, day or night. Mr. KflUaB was for many years foreman for CharlfB L Woll. Telephone old 891. new 317 El- S Hunt, —DENTIST— All the latest ligooveries in medicine and Appliances to relieve pain in extraction or fllt- tiaf of teeth. Modern methods, modem prices, Afl work guaranteed. Office over John Gray'n on C TJ Telephone No. 328. Fourth ntreet. McConnell & IrtcConnell $50,000 6 per cent Money to Loan. Call now Office Opposite Court House. DAILYPHAEOS WEDNESDAY, TAN. 12, 1898. OITY NRWS ' Bananas lOc dozen—JToley. Mrs. Wall, of the Southslde, is quite elck. Pat Klnney has recovered from a abort illness. James Murdock, or Lafayette, was in the city today. S. B. Boyer, who was quite sick, is able to be about again. Eastenrl Pleasure club danoe at Dolan & McHale's b;ill Monday night. Tomorrow oar dr!;ed fruit sale commences. See our iildewalk display. Traut. Agent Duesner, of the Western Union Telegraph company continues quite sick. All jackets from'i!5 to 50 percent discount during our underwear sale. —Trade Palace. Harry Staata, the base ball player, has gone to Indianapolis to sign with a team of that city. Two tramps, housed last night at Seminole Indians Threaten to ATenite the Death of Some of Their Tribe, Special to the Pharos. Columbus, O , Jan. 12—The Democratic steering committee de- clcled upon Jepcha Oarrard, of Cincinnati, as new fusion candidate for United States senator. Indications are that no change will be made in IJanna'svote LATER—Sanna received seventy- three votes; McKlsson, seventy, and Lentz, one. Hacraa declared elected for both short and long term. Terrible CjcJone. Fort Sffl-itb, Ark,, Jan. 13.—A cyclone visited this city last evening leaving death and ruin in Its wake. Some of the best rusldences and sev era! fine public buildings were demolished. Eighteen dead bodies repose in morgue and others are oeing searched for IQ the: debris. Roughly estimated the total deaths will reach fifty. To add to the terror and horror of the scene fire broke out in tbe debris and added victims to the already apalllng number. The Semimn! : e Uprising. Mupkohee, I. T. Jan. 12,—Official circles here are alt astir over ne*s of Seminole uprising and Marshall Bennett, wno was to leave fur Washington, has postponed his trip, and will leave ooday with bis deputy for the scene of trouble, A troop of cavalry i* now on the way to Seminole naoion and will arrive there sometime today. W. C. ROUTE Has Purchased the Biddle Farm am mil Enlarge His Business. The Biddle farm, located on the southslde of tbe Wabash river and bordering the east line of the Vandalia railroad track, has been purchased of the Union Central Life Insurance company by W. C. Eoutb the Southslde butcner and pacfeer, the consideration bslng $4,300. In conversation wlto a Paaros representative Dodsiy Mr. Eouoh stated that within the year he would remove his buildings from their presen 6 iocaiilon to the Biddle farm and enlarge his plant to three times its present capacity, giving continuous employment to between fifty and sixty men. The new plant wiil be first- class In every respect, and will be supplied with a complete system of drainage. The Vandalia company will put In a switch, which will make the shipping facilities equal to those of the present plant. Mr. Bouth's enterprise Is indeed commendable. THE WALT0.1 OIL FIELD. The Well on the I3nmga,rner Lot May be Abandoned. Pumping at the Walton oil wel bas been discontinued and the wel may be abandened. Tlae well, it i iiaid, does not furnish enough oil to justify pumping. It Is now believed that the Chicago company, which drilled In the well, will locate anotb'B well farther west. It is surmised that the oil pool Is west of the preseni well. The Bunker Hill company wll have their well on the Shafer lot ID next week. FIRE AT BCttXETTSYILLE. Be- Tbe Residence of Charles Million strayed. The residence of Charles Million at Burnettsvllle, with the entire con tents, were destroyed by flre at J o'clock this morning. Tbe origin of the flre is unknown The loss Is about $1,000; lnsuraE.ee 1600. the county jail, were ordered outdf town this morning. Mrs. Ellen Kell;r, who has been visiting Mrs. Flo frells, returned today to her home ai Goshen. A. B. Keeport wiis summoned from Indianapolis today on account of the dangerous Illness ol! his mother. The next meeting of the Northern Indiana Teachers' association will be beld at Kokomo Murch 31 to April 2. Mr. and Mrs. M, E. Fraz.ee entertained the Tuesday night club last evening at their home o:a Market street. Our .ISth annual remnant and Unen sale opened to tQe greatest day's business in our hi.'itory. Iion't miss It.—Bee Hive. Rev. 0. M. Fili.more, of Peru, is here assisting Rev. H. C. Eendrick, pastor of the Christian church, iu' a five weeks' series of revival meetings. "The Conflict of Evidence," the new BUial story j nat started in the Pharos, (is pronounced remarkable *od fascinating 07 those who have re*d it. Otto Voss, tbe young man who met his death yesterday morning in such a shocking caanner 1 bad a heart of gold and an exceptionally bright mind, fle i»ai n-jver mown to i;nrc a deaf ear to thoiie In need, and his original expressions will lire in the Blndi ot those with whom he was •lowly associate*. It was his habit feftforv leaTlng 101- a day or any part •( a day, to firit hunt np bis. mother and Md her good bye. Parks Martin Reflected. Hon. Parks Martin, chairman of the Democratic State Central committee, was unanimously rselected a member of the state committee from the Second district yesterday. The newly elected nembera of the state committee will meet at Indianapolis next Tuesday, at which time the committee will oe reorganized. Mr. Martin, the present chairman, will perhaps oe re-elected without opposition. He was chosen to succeed Sterling K. Holt after the latter resigned and left the organization disorganized in the campaign of 1896. Mr. Martin brought order out of choas and when the election oc curred, the Democrats of the state were in good fighting shape, and, although defeated, the party was not routed. It had fought a great fig'ht. It made no retreat. It remained camped in the vicinity of the forces of organized greed and in the coming struggle, under the leadership of Parks Martin, It will vanquish the now divided enemy. Only Three Dajs to California. Via "Sunset Limited" from Chicago and St. Louis. Composite car with barber shop, bath room and library; ladles' parlor observation room car; compartment and drawing room sleeping cars and dining cars. An ideal winter route, not so far south, but just south enough to escape high altitudes and snow blockades. Complete particulars and illustrated pamphlets mailed free to any address by your local ag.-ent or James Charlton, G. P. A., 0. & A. E. E., Chicago, 111., or H. C. Townsend, G. P. A., St. L., I. M. A S. By., St. Lotus, The Fair and clearing Thursday. tonight and DIRECTORS Of the CItj National Bank Elected— Directors of ihe First National Organize. The directors of the City National bank, successors to the State National bank, met yesterday afternoon and elected the following directors: W. H. Bell, J. T. Elliott,, G. W. Funk, John Gray, J. C. Ingram, A..P. Jenks, (J. Newell, W. C. Penriock and Isaac Shideler. All of the old directors were re- ilected with the exception of I. N. Crawford, who is succeeded by C. G. Newell Votes were also cast for the following stockholders: M. Altman, W. J. Brown, G. W. Bishop, S. M. Closson, H. D. Case, I. N. Crawford, J. M. Douglass, A. N. Doaali'son, J. D. Ferguison, Peter Fries, Eli Greensfelder, John E. (Jeiger, Chris Hleber, Barney Helms, E, E, Harty, E. Kistler, E. F. Kleckner, L. F. Loree, John Lux, Eufus Magee, Chas W. MeGortnick, J- F. McCormink, Harry H. Neat, W. C. Routh, John H.. Eohrer, O. B. Sargent, Wm, t Schultz, Geo. A. Schaefer, Wm. Sehrt, Harry A. Thompson, S. W. Ullery. Tbe directors met this afternoon at 3:30 to elect officers. THE FIRST NATIONAL. The directors of the First National bank met this morning and elected tbe following jfficers: Pres.—A. J. Murdock. VicePres.— W. T. Wilson. Cashier—W. W. Eoas. Assistant Cashier—John F. Brookmeyer. Said to Hare Been Responsible for Vtreck On ihe Painnundle at Conrerse Last A'lgbt—A Bear End Collision. A rear end collision on tbe Panhandle at Converse, Shortly after midnight, last night, Is said to have been due to the Ignorance or carelessness of a flagman, and an investigation is being conducted in the "captain's" office this afternoon. Freight train No. 19 collided with the rear of freight train No. 71. Both were west-bound. After the caboose and five empty refrigerator cars had been ditched, a fire -broke out and they were entirely consumed by the flames. The fire started from the stove in the caboose. Engine 512, a "bog," which has heretofore pulled the state line local, was pulling train 79, and the force at the collision was sufficient 10 turn- her almost entirely around on the track. She was in charge of Engineer Webb Pittman. Luckily the crews of both trains escaped injury. No. 79 was ia charge of-Conductor Gleason and Conductor Goats was on Nu. 71. The track was blockaded 'or several hours. The company is cut several thousand dollars by tbe wreck. Union Services. Union services, continued over rom last week, were held and will be held each evening this week at First Presbyterian church. The >rogramme includes a short sermon >y a minister designated at each meeting, devotional exercises led by Rev. Belderwolf and singing by the union choir, directed by Prof. Mch- horn. The public is invited. "Parading In Stolen Bobes." Tbe pastor's theme at the Ninth treet Christian church, this even- og will be "Parading in Stolen Robes." The good men who do not beiieve in church are especially Invited to be present. There was a good audience last night in spite oC he bad weather. BANK STATEMENT. Report of the condition of the At Locansport, in the St«te of Indiana, at the close of its business, on tbe Hth, DAY OF JANUARY, 1898. RESOURCES. Loans and discounts $163.811 21 Overdrafts (temDorarilr)- - -fUS H Other stocks, boiids and mortgages... 12.500 (K Furniture and totures „ 2.471 2- Current expenses _ — 1.997 38 Currency - JSS.KS 00 Specie IT 089 U5 Cash it«ms 381,30 Due from banks and bankers -- W.5S4 67-64,043 (K Capital Stock paifl in $100,000 00 Surplus tund - iCOO 00 Discount, exchange and interest 5,496 76 Individual deposits on demand - JJ2S.21S 98 Banfc deposits-, 9,668 20-135.SS2 18 Total...- - $345,388-91 State of Indiana. County of Cans ss: I, W. C. Thomas, Cashier of the Lojransport State Bank, do solemnly swear that the above statement is true to the best of my knowledge and belief. W. C. THOMAS, Cashier. Subscribed aad sworn to before me this 12th day of January, 1897. EMMA COHNWEIA fs&iL.I Notary Public. Correct, attest: B F. KEKSLING. JOHN". C. DEWKNTIR, w. M. GKAFFIS. Directors. THE NEW COMMITTEE. Indiana Democrats Choose Members tbe State Cemmitle. of The Indiana Democrats chose members of the state ceatral committee for the respective districts of tbe state yesterday. The following commltteemen were chosen to serve for the ensuing two years: First District—John W. Spencer. Second Dfstrico—Parks M. Martin. Third District—W. A Cox. --• Fourth District—Lincoln Dlxon. Fifth. District—Frank .4.. Horner. Sixth District—U. S, Jackson. Seveoth District—Thomas Taggart. Eighth District—Vernon Davis. Ninih District— Willard H. Nor- rls. Tenth District—Edwin J. Forest. Eleventh District—Dr. Marshall T. Sbively, Twelfth District—Thomas B. Marshall. Thirteenth District — Peter J. Kruyer. Messrs. Spencer, Martin, Horner, Taggart, Marshall and Kruyer are members of the old committee. Hollenbeck Acquitted. In 'Squire Laing's court today harles Hollenbeck was acquitted of he charge of malicious trespass, pre- erred by W. S. Henderson, who con- acts a saloon on Twelfth street. It was alleged that Hollenbeck took a bg belonging to Henderson. Clerks' Unien. Regular meeting tonight of the Dlerfcs 1 Union at the council cham ter. 'By, order of Fred Davis, presl ent. ADDITIONAL ITfiXS. CHICAGO MARKETS Received Dally bj W. W. Mllner, 6. A. B. Building. 81 Chicago, Jan. 12, 1898. Wheat — May opened aic 90j@90Jc; tiigh, 91 lc; low, 90Jc; closed, 90J@ Wheat— For July opened, Slf^Jc: closed, Sljc. Corn — May, opened, 2!)J@fc; high, 29|c; low, 29 £c; closed at 29 Jc. Oats— For May ojwned, 23fc; high, 23tc: low, 23|c: closed at 23fc, Pork— May opened, «9.40; high, 19. 50; low, 19.40; closed, »9.4T. Hogs— Opened 5c higher. Becelpte of bogs 29,000; estimated receipts of hogs for tomorrow, 36,000 heftd. For mixed, »3.50@3.67; for heavy, I3.55<3«3.&7; rough, $3.45(^3.50; ight, t3.50@l3.B5. Cattle— Becelpts, 115,000; 16,000. Cattle sterag,10c.bl«ber, Curb,90Jc; Pats, 8JrJ-8f»c7 Calli, 91-90}.»lc. Choice raisins 3c lb.—Traut. 25c can baking powder 13c—Foley. Frank Klnney is on the sick list. Country butter 12ic pound—Foley Attend muslin underwear sale tomorrow—Trade Palace. A force of men are engaged in cleaning the paved streets. Da-fid A. Elder has returned from a sir months' tour of the south. Oma pound can baking powder and nice center table for 50c—Traut. The big mmlin underwear sale commences tomorrow—Trade Palace. Tremendous crowds attended t&e Lsee Hive's 18th annual linen and remnant sale. Frunk Shell and family, of Tipton township, left today for Arkansas, where they will locate. On tomorrow Jacob Hershberger will uhip a car load of select horses to the Brftalo, N. Y. market. For'sale—The choice of three fresh cows: all first-cUss. Inquire of Chas. Capp'le, Pleasant Valley dairy farm. Peru Journal: Mrs. Frank Albert and children have returned to Logansport, after visiting Valentine Weldner and family. Capt. and Mrs. George Book, of Denver, Ind., are visiting in the city, Mrs. B. was formerly Mrs. Dogj?ett, of this city. E. J. Smith, general organizer ol the Clgarmakers' International union was in the city today. He lefc this afternoon for Canton, Ills. While his home is at Evansvllle, lad., his office is at Chicago. Samuel F. Kinzie. nf Adamsboro, died at 5 p. m. yesterday. The funeral will ba held at 1 p. m. tomorrow from the Dunkard church at Mexico, Miami county. The cortege will leave the nouse at 10 a. m. Look in ancl see the rush for the grand bargains in short ends, muslins, prints, sheeting, linens, dress goods, etc., aill odds and ends, at the Trade Palace big sale. Come in and flew the crowd. No advertisements, as prices are cut too deep to admit of them. Miss lia Ridabaugh, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Radabaugh, died last evening at 10 o'clock at her home, 22* Pratt street, of consumption, aged 34 teara. MlH Kadabangh wasi a ferj popular young lady, bav- lng : ;taught school here for »everal j-eai?. The time of the funeral will iknaoa . •. . ., .. -.. WABASfl CHANGES Of Magnitude Said to be Under Consideration, With a View to the Ultimate Surrender of. tne Eel River Soad— Eailroafl Sews. The sale of the Ohio end of the Wabaeh main line under the Compton judgment of 0510,000 ia again spoken of, and the St. Louis Glooe- Democrat speaks as though a sale might possibly be suffered and the line from Toledo to Montpeller built, the survey of which was noted in our columns yesterday. But with it all the road officials do not say much. Concerning this matter the Toledo Bee of last Saturday said: "According to a special telegram surveyors have started from Montepelier, O., on a proposed new line of railroad from that city to Toledo. It is further announced that the Wabash isj behind the scheme, which Js to openj up a new Toledo-Chicago line, j Whether this movement is simply aj bluff for the benefit of the Comcton} claimants, or whether the Wabash really means to open up a new line between Toledo, Ohio, and OMJ- cago, and then surrender its tracks between Toledo and the Indiana state line to the Com piton claimants cannot be determined at this time. The fact that tbe surveyors are at work, coupled wlDh the further fact that the Wabash a planning to build a fine new passenger station and increase its yard facilities at Montpelier, seems to have considerable significance. j Is is satd also that a party of surveyors will begin surveying a line from Butler to Fort Wayne, a distance of about thirty miles, which would indicate that the Wabash has some idea of surrendering the old Eel River tracks. KAILKOAT) NEWS. Jack Ryan, the Vandalia freight engineer, is again on duty. Grlen Reist has secured a position as stenographer in the Panhandle offices, During 1897 the Wabash railroad's hospital at Peru cared for 312 patients. During the year there were hut two deaths aad these were the result of accidents. The Union Traction company has secured a right of way from Anderson co Eiwood. If a franchise can be secured from the Eiwood city council the company will begin about March 1 to construct a branch line from Anderson. Tbe new management of the Wagner Palace car company is said to be infastng new life into ths service. It has been decided after carefully can- "asslng the situation to drop colored waiters and cooks and substitute white men in their places. A slight freight wreck occurred on the Michigan division of the Vandalia, near Moran, Sunday night, caused by an extra train north in charge of Engineer Dykeman and Conductor Mancourt breaking In two and running: together in the fog. Terre Haute & Logansport train TSo. 64, nortb-txrand, crashed into the rear ead'of extra freight No. 153 on the C. & E. I. at Otter Creek unction about 8 o'clock yesterday morning. The front of the Vandalia engine was crushed in and the caboose on the other train was mocked to smithereens. The crashed imbsrs Ignited and made a raging fire of Intense beat. Some bituminous coal iln two of the adjoining cars also caught fire and .there was A Great Slaughter SALE OP FINE WINTER SHOES Which must be closed out at one-third their value to make room for. our large Purchase of Spring Goods. These shoes are first class and must sell. Come while the skes are here and get your rioice. ELP~W1NTER. Shoe Store, 510 Broadwaj, Helenblazes! That's what the man. said wiiem ois laundi-y came home yellow, om md faded. Then he concluded to ;ry MARSHALL'S LAUNDET, md his linen was returned, as white as snow and without being ,orn in the least. Call up phone LlO and have our wagon stop for your work. NO PAINING DANGER! Teeth extracted without pain or ,fter effects, such as sore mouth, ore gums, etc.i Absolutely safe and painles. Tbe most natural-looking artificial Teeth on new method PLATES, guaranteed to fit. Tbe finest and best method of CROWN and BRIDtoE Work. 10f No charge f or extracting without pain hen new teeth are to be supplied. Dr. W. T. Hurtt, 311 1-2 Fourth Bt. Over Fisher's Drag Stor nmrc nnciNPCc nnrrurii 1 HALL a UUMMW rULLKafi, Established 1887), (Incorporated 1884). Jmploj-s mere persons than any other similar nstitution in this part of tbe country. Hall's Business College Hag secured more pOBitlouB Tor worthy young 1 men and women during the past year tlioa »fl ' er commercial schools in ttispart of th« te combined. Hall's Business College las better rooms and <e better equipped than any of its competitors. Hall's Business College Enrolled more student* during tie year 1897, ban during any previous year. II you want to secure a position attend...... Cor. Broadway and 6th Street. C.F. MOOHB PresL a Dig conflagration, light breeze, which, fanned burned for several hours, or until It was ex- by a division of the Terre Hauile fire department which had M«n called to the scene of the wrack. The T. H. & L. train waa ia charge of Oanductcr Thomas Perttnn and THR First National Bank Locannport, Indiana. . CAPITAL $250,000 A. J. MURDOCK, PKESIDBHT, W. W. BOSS, CABHIEB, J. F. BROOKMEYBR, ASST. CABRTJCK. A. J. Murdock, W. B. Brioghunit, Dcnnta" Tm. S. 8. Bice, B. F, Tantii. I M. 3»rwood, W, T. VTllton. • BanMng fa all it* Department! promptly and carefully done. Safety to Customers and utookliolder tu>BBb.t for, Strong Reserve Fond Maintained. AMUSEMENTS. D OLiK'S OPERA. HOUSE. •VTU. DOLAK, KAKAGKR. Saturday, January 15th, '98. The Natural Irish Character Comedian, TOM NAWN In the Laughing Success. Shanty OLD HOMESTEAD EST IRISH" By QPEE READ. BIG STAR CAST Two car loads of Special Scenery. A Perfect Natural Play; Magnificent Production. the B«*trtttal ?7ToteohidMl 3wthe Pannr Goals. See (t4ge -Effects. Seethe Grand Display. PEIOES ....... 25c, 35c, 50c and 76c. Engineer Edward Vtguetaey. It If laid that at tbe time of tbe ascldent the tog w is so dense that tba trainmen could not >ee fifty feet ahead. Tbe trainmen eacttped injury. M!M Marshall, bai returned to fee* homa in Tndlnnapolli, after with KIM McSfltt in tbli cllj.

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