The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana on April 16, 1930 · Page 7
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The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana · Page 7

Tipton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 16, 1930
Page 7
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DOROTHY DARNTT SIR.L DO YOU { HO / AM? J PAttsJ I TRIBUNE CLASSIFIED ADS FOE SALE OR TRADE REAL ESTATE FOK SALE—icbrn, Call 34S6/' : hay and oats. c-167 WANTED—Wall paper cleanings Phone 509. Ray Hunter. p -ljfj£| WANTED—To buy pony Ray Moore, Phone 130. buggy; c-172 -» 1 FOR SALE—Good 5-room house, garage, 2-lots, workshop; mortgage $700;.will trade, equity for good car. Leavell i Puller. c-167 FOR SALE—I offer for sale my home at 129 North West street, • as I expect to move into a • heated • apartment. Mrs. Geo. A. Leathe'rnian. C-1G7 FOR SALE—No. 5 Underwood; a! , real bargain at 535. The Trib -I une Press. tlj . I WANTED—Hay, any kind; will pay highest price. Call Fred Leach, Atlanta, Ind. Reverse telephone charge. p-168 FOR SALE—Fries. John D. Smith. | Phone 18X2. • c-tfj MISCELLANEOUS FOR SALE—400 bushels of corn. Mrs.' William Webb. Phone 32X1. p-1158 FOR SALE—Semi-modern 5-room j house;- 1 easy payments. Roy Purvis, real estate agent. c-tf, FOR SALE—Semi-modern home, Columbia avenue, practically new. Roy Purvis, real estate agent. c-tf FOR SALE—!I0 acres, one of Tipton county's best farms; 4 miles east of Tipton: extra fine improvements; §2,500 cash., balance terms: no trades. Roy Purvis, real estate agent. c-tf FOR SALE PERSONAL PROPERTY. FOR SALE—Comb "honey. B lbs., $1.00. Roy Cook, 131i Maple street. - p-171 FOR SALE — Hampshire male pigs. :W. Doversberger &' Son, route 5. Elwood. .,Brl75. FOR SALE—Cow with -caU .by side; .quantity of hay. Mrs, Peter Bills, Phone 9X2. c-169 FOR SALE—Reeil Yellow Dent seeti ; corn. Car! Wcismilier, Phone Windfall. n-170 FOR SALE—Duroc male hog, IS months. Otto Breitweiser. Phone 34XS. c-IGS FOR SALE—Nine feeding shoats; reasonable. C. S. Norris. Phone 2495? c-169 FOR SALE—Michigan white seed potatoes, grade 2; 50c per bushel. Phone 2X2. : "' c-tf FOR SALE—Soy beans, recJeaned, first class in every particular. .1. W. Wheatley, Kempiou; c-172 FOR SALE—Two corn planters, one with fertilizer attachment; Trices reasonable. William' Kindling. c-tf FOR SALE —Badenoch's baby chick starter, $4.10: Sunflower egg mash, $2.95; Reef" brand oyster shell, ?1.00 per cwt. Fear-Campbell Co. c-tf FOR SALE—| Library table, ele;- . trie sweeper, hot plate, kitchen table, linoleum; chairs, lawn mower. Phone 3468, at 47.1 i Columbia avenue. c-168 NOTICE—I will begin my piar.oj class. May 5; those interested and wishing lessons Phone 17J Helen Clark, Kempton. . c-lGSJ LADIES—Get yqur Shelton permanent wave at the Polly Prim Shoppe; be satisfied. . Phone FOR. SALE — Fertilizer tobacco | 583 " ' - v c - 16i ! base: get our new low prices. ; RADIO SERVICE—We specialiie Tipton Hatchery. Phone 51. : on-expert, service work on all c-171 1 makes of sets; full line tubes, batteries, etc. McJunkin Radio Shop. Phone 20X7. c-tf FOR SALE—Early cabbage plants, 5c a dozen. Bernie Chambers, s 531 North Independence, p-169 FOR SALE-—9-piece dining r.oomi suite all metal refrigerator,; Booster kitchen cabinet, rock- iCHEEK'S cleaner and paste soap! ing chair, three 9x12 rugs, twoj small rugs, bridge lamp and| porch swing. Phone 149'J. ; c-167' FOR RENT not injurious to .hands or fabrics; ?1 bottle makes 15 gallons of cleaning paste; will deliver; fine for housecleaning pt alFkinds. Jqhn A. Scbmitt Phone 2592. . c-lCS FOR RENT—2 furnished rooms.! 216 Oak street. Phone 3180. c-170 FOR RENT — 4-room apartment, modern, west side square. W.; T.' Harding. c-tfj FOR RENT—House, 5 rooms and " bath," 909 N. Main. Phone '36 or 4229. STARTED heavy breed chicks; one week,* 14c; two weeks, 16c; three weeks, 18c; four weeks, c 20c; sorted good before selling; hundreds in each age; all doiiig good; they will please you; come; can not be shipped; open every day and evening. .Hoosier Hatchery, Michigantown, Ind. c-167 FOR RENT- TWO unfurnished rooms. Pfjone 4276. -169 FOR RENT— Modern rooms; hot water beat. Miller Hotel, Tribune Bldg., E. Jefferson St. tf FOR RENT—Modern home. East Jefferson street; will' lease for one year. Roy Purvis, real es-i tate agent. c-tf I LOST AND FOUND LOST—Two' keys tied with, white string; leave at Tribune office. c-16S LOST OR STRAYlED—White rat terrier, black spots; answers jto name "Peggy." Robert'. Heron,; Phone 3576. c-167 Professor; Figures | The Size | of j "Everything" Berkeley, bal., JAprll [16-j-A rough idea of how big the the cosmos is may ibe found in the com-! putations of Professor R. J .ITrumrl pier, just made public. ! Professor Trumpler, an astron-l omer of! Lick Observatory; oper-4 ated by the university, es Imatesi it would take a ray of light jonej hundred trillion years to travel] from one end of the cosmos to the other, and light!! travels atj the) rate of 186,000 miles a| Just multiply 186[b00 and then by !twenty-four and then by! one hundred and you.ha.vearough idea. As to the; universe, that is mere trifle. Once jthought to be everything, astronomers now regard it merely as one of the numerous stellar systems. Howl far beyond the fcosmos'; space jext'endti Professor Trumpler does hot even venture to g^uess. JBut lie thinks there is plenty of it. Mauston, Wis. of. assassination Clinton G. Pric 6 /OH 4- We Have Lived Throagh Depreeaions and Fukt We Are 44 Y, Cotaatry'a 44 Tears and Have Never Paid Leas Tham •% am GET THE FULL SIGIjnflCANCE OF THAT BTATBMMMtf-* . Assets, March 31,1930 1641,188.10 Undivided Profits, March 31,1930 11,22124 TIPTON BUILDING AND LOAN ASSOCIATION THE OLDEST SAVINGS INSTITOTICN IN TIPTON Talk It Over With Our Secretary, J. A. Lewto Fears Same Fate us Assassinated 1 Wisconsin Wtitrict Attorney. jkpril 16. ich as district county, —Fear' befell attor- has second, •by; sixty land 13 6.5 trillion HINDOOS. (Continued From Page'l.j) Calcutta spent itself today jin futile attack on the presicie'hpy of the General! Hospital, to! which nine Europeans injured in yesterday's clash piad been taken. Of the nine European! hospital two are [women get her fifty; were injured ing fifteen ' police and firemen. in e, ney! of Juneau prompted Frank. Schultz, of New Richmond, Wis .j to demand polled protection. Schultz was a witness at the. trial at whiclii Price; was! acquitted of '. charges involve ing prohibition law violation: j. " In demanding home, Schultz a guard for his aid he, like Price, had; received threats against his life; •' j . ' '„•'.' '. ! '. ' ! liyall T. Wright, 'ousted jboji sheriff" of Juntau county, jis_held :n jail, accusec of slaying Price! Friday Wright wps sentenced to eight months' imprisonment i in connection wit! the same conspir acy; charge. The"; charge was the on result- of .finding, a huge: still the Schultz] faiW Price was killed Sunday nig! bv an assailant [who fired shot guii slugs through a kitchen v^in dow of the Price .home, j Wright faces a preliminary hearing April 22. He asserted; he did not ftre the-shot-that killed Price, but said he knew who idid, "but lie's 100 miles j from he re > by now. PiEHPEli AT WORK. Bombay; the " 'Alto- i inclu'd-! Prowler Seen tions of ,(hc C Ievon I The officers - were i notified Tuesday night April 16.—The Great' peiiring into In Different Sue that a prowler was | seen in the West part of the city the • window of Ralil'r • homej hut effojrts- to .catchjthe fel This I is Indian ' Penjinsularj. Railway r ( ..„ ... „.„ men's Uniota today called off its i low were unsiiecessfull strike which began , Febjruary; 4. j one of severaj The men demanded! higher wages j port has come from, that; section, tijiies.'the samel re- FOR RENT—5 rooms, bath,, laundry, furnace and garage; first floor; • two blocks from town; very desirable. Phone 140 before 5 o'clock. 1 c-tf MONEY TO LOAN. and better The strike wdrking was ended conditions. • the • man having; been ! chased ! for when union leaders advised the ^OR RENT—Choice office rooms, also light housekeeping rooms, modern. Masonic Opera House Blok. Inquire of Charles Warne, secy. Phone 271. tf WANTED WANTED — Girl - Phone 2230. for housework. c-tf \jv r ALL PAPER cleaned torily; . have' canvas. Ciark. Phone 2295 .1 satisfac- L. M. c-182 FOR SALE—Fresh cow, calf by . side; u.ood milker; Big type Po- : land male hog. Carl L. Overdorf. p-168 FOR SALE — Barred Rock ba"by . chicks, ready April - 19;. price ll%c; will deliver .100 or more as far:as Tipton; •72, Sharpsville. Hawkins. Phone 7 on Mrs. Harry c-168 AMBITIOUS man or woman wanted to distribute famous Watkins line of household necessities to steady users in Tipton; bis- steady; oarnings"' assured willing workers. Write C^-.P. Gerues, 242-260 EX Naghten St., Columbus, O. I p-167 FEDERAL FARM LOANS at 5% per .cent; pre-payment priyi* lege. D. S. Phares. c r tf PLENTY OF MONEY AT 5 % per cent, from 1 to 10 years," will: pre-payment' priviliges; best loan in the state. Standerford & Standerford. crtf FARM LOANS — Best loans in state, 5 to 20 years; interest annual or semi-annual with full payment privilege. Fielding; & Fielding. . c .jf 15YRI) PARTV AT CAXAL. FOR SALE:—At atiction, Friday, - ,at 1:30 p.. m., household goods oof W. L. Woods, 242 N. East street; everything, goes; includes antique solid walnut table, electric washer, . Globe range, etc. Tipton Auction Co, e>168 KBW PRICES' — Barred; White -. and Buff" Rocks; Beds: White Wyan.. dottas; Buff Orpinirtons,, til per 100; $57.50 per j... r ; ROfl; 1110 per. 1,000 ^B* 1, 4 .•Wiltfi.iuid Brpwn tortiornn -JLin WANTED-l--Customer3 for the A, Nash all wool made to measure _suits and topcoats for men and young men; S2-3.50; -can bring 1 samples to your home any time; during the day or {evening for your inspection. W. E. Weill, 112 West Adams St; Phone 1223. i c-168 For Sale or Trade: 1928 Essex coach; 1926 Oakland sport : roadster; -1926 iDJodf* 192« Jewett coach; 1114 Hop • «onpe. i--,. . - ; SERVICE MOTOR 00. Men and Dogs Initially* Excited on Return to North America J Balboa, Canal Zone, April" ,16. -^Eight Wmbers of the By-rd antarctic expedition, returning to tho North American : mainland aboard the steamer C. A.. Larson, after nearly two years at the hot torn of the world, spent a gala evening in Panama City TuesdaV - Lauding, from the C. iA. Larsen while the expedition's dogs barked excitedly, the eight men took ta^icabs for Panama City; where they wislied to indulge a long- suppressed shopping desire and sco and talk with-persons of their own country again. Arthur T-. Walden, in charge of the dogs,'. said: . "Antarctica was too monotonous. There was no I game, no hardships,!or »Yery- thlng was too well'protected.'^ The dogs iwerei almost* as ei-; cited as .the* men at the pamKe' of the canay. The ^handlers were forced. repeatedly to silence' them.. that less. further resis'tance was! Reminded Of Her Birthday tlie several blocks two weeks, ago : I>iit men escaped, use- j Monday ;hight| the; peeper jwas | Ion North East street 'and scared a woman badly ivhen she stepped I Mrs. L. H. Rossjof kkin 1 reached her 73 milestone jin life Saturday and was reminded j of t le jevent Sunday by a. number of her relatives whoj came jto her home; at the noon hour with woll filled bankets and enjoyed a bountiful pitch-in-diiiner. A big cake with mother upon out of the back door and found him in the yard Efforts to catch this, culprit' have so far been [unsuccessful but in time! he will be stopped with a charge lof-shot. birtliday-r it baked! ("I The Daily Wheeze by the Tipton bakery adorned tlie And is this .the ancestral; Film Star (newly! married). center of the table. 1 ' ; j.l ThoBe present tjo partalte of the dinner wetje Mrs. {Gebrge Holman of near Atlanta. Ajlljof Mrs. -Ross's children, Mrs. Dora|Robliins| Mrs. Iris Honnold andihusbaid of Atlanta, Mrs. Will Butler and family of near Arcadia, Will Ross land Ross ren pre- Hall. family of Tipton and Franki at home. The grandchild iientjWere MrJ andjMrs. Ltjyalj Tom' Baker and wife of Sheridan, Mr. and Mrs. John Nay {of Evanston, Illinois, Mr] and Mrs.; Jack Honnold of Atlanta, Fredl Robblns of Purdue -University, Mr.: and Mrs! Willis Funke of Alexrandia, Art Wiliaijis and[ wjfe of Tipton and Miss iHesterl Rosa at home. There were two. great grajnd 'children [present Lon Baker, daughter of Tom Baker and. wife and Barbara Ann Williams, daughter of Art Williams andlwlfe " It is salti that tlbe tt. S. navy; Is the largest* distributor pictures, in! theworjd. .__ „ T honie? JBridegroomr^-It is', precious. '•• jFilm Star-4-Sa.y, it looks mighty familiar. Ar4 you sure I haveh married you before? i INEVAD, OPEWELL. Mr. and Mrs and Mrs. Susan, Tunhj Henderson Henderson were Monday dinner guests of Mr and Mrs. Lester IWarner near : Wind fall, i I Mr. T and . MrsJ Jesse t se iWelctter and babe - of I Sharpejville were Monday guests <ol Mr. • and Mire. Lewis Rogers and sons Jack land Jean.:- - • ••• | . • . h - | 1W. W. Shields of Kokomo. Mb Bertha Thomas!; of FairfjeH, j Mr and Mrs. Jesse ^hlojd^ were Tuesday - afternoon, guests of • Mrs James -Shields. • >Mr. and: Mrs. and. 8 on -Herbert Wayne,;Mr. Bobby were Sunday dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. Herman' Crb'usore and daughters north of-Windfall. M^s.- Sarah McKay and Deleie Shields of Kokomo were - - the week! end guests of Mrs. James Shields. / Mrs. Leslie Graham, M. B. Graham j of Windfall, Mr. and Mrs. Scott Reeder were Friday guests of Mr. (and Mrs. -Ralph Graham. Mr. krid Mrs. J. H.'. Pickett 'were' Friday afternoon guests of •Mr/ and Mrs. Wm. Pickett of Ne- vadaL • Mr. and Mrs. Carl Richey and babe' of Nevada were Wednesday evening guests of Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Bogue and son-. . • Mrs. Walter Blessing and daughter Rosanna of "Windfall;) we're . Thursday dinner, guests of her sister,. Mr. and' Mrs. Tunis; Henderson. ' r .. yi. W. Shields of kokomo was the jThursday afternoon, guest'of his mother Mrs. James Shields; - : ! i - ;The Helpful: Hint club met at. th'elhome of Mrs. Koral '.Dark • f ' * Thursday afternoon with thirteen members and three visitors- present. The afternoon was spent in con 1 ests and a social good time. Refreshments; of ice cream, cake and coffe/, the dining- room' being decorated in.keeping with Easter. Thej next meeting will be May 8th| with Anna-Henderson. - iMrs..Sylvia Bogue, Mr. and Mrs. Sam Bogue, son Andrew of Windfall were Friday, guests' of Mr.| and Mrs. Ernest .Bogue. j Mrs. jEtta Harper of Kokomo was .the Thursday guest, of her sister Mrs. HowardDewitt and family. [ '''•'.'.'-' - . Ijtary Henderson/spent Sntur- dayj with Mrs. Hubert Henderson and son Max of Gaston. .' | Savannah Barkl'ey spent Satur- dayj night and Sunday night guest of Edith Forsythe of Nevada. j Joe Beatty of Kokomo 'visited from Friday until Sunday^' with MrJ and Mrs. Tunis Hende'reon. .', j lllr. and Mrsi Hubert Henderson' and son Max -qf Gaston, Mrs. Susan Henderson were Saturday, night and Sunday guests jofj Mr. and Mrs. Fred Henderson land daughters Mary and Phyllis, Mr. •and Mrs. .Ralph ^Henderson -and children of Windfall were afternoon guests. | Savannah Barkley: was the. Friday night guest of ' Mrs.'! Ralph Phillips of Sharpsville.. ! ' | Mrs. Beatrice Hutto andjda.ugh'- ter] Mary Lou of Sharpsville, Mrs. family, Iter Hayes re- wefe dinner guests Sunday of Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Davis of Kokomo. Jeanette Browning of Windfall spent Sunday night with Viola Hannah'. , - j "Mr. and Mrs. Frank Thompson who. have been living in I Sharpsville for some time, are!moving to the : Pulley farm recently vacated by Max* Bowlby apd family..' J-' . ' . I CURTISVILLE. Lester Warner 'and' mother Mrs. Lizzie • turned home with her and! visited until Thursday. -| [Susie Davis spent.'from jThurs­ day until Monday with Vier parents, -Afr. and.Mrs. Theodore Dav- j of Kokomo. '•'•.,'.'''• '\_. I Mrs. Jane Barkley - „andj Mrs. Sarah : Browning .'of Rock Prairie were' Sunday afternoon guests of Mrs. Sunday school attendance 57; collection. ?2.63. . iM. C. Marshalland family spejnt Sunday- at Noblesville with Elmer Whitmore and family. Francis Marshall and wife of Richmond spent the week end here with Gilbert BIcbaniel arid wife. Sunday guests of William Jones and Wire were Harvey Brown and wife. Arch Francis and Ralph Francis -and family all of Windfall. . Frank Dunlap and family of Elwood and Ed Kane and family of Alexandria were the Sunday guests of Mrs. Lydia Dunlap. Mrs. Gilbert Hpoten and children of Peru, Mrs. Minnie Hoover of Tipton; Mrs. Willard.-Miller of Logans"port' visited here Thursday with Clyde Kinder and family] ••• William Riley and wife of Indianapolis were the Sunday; guests, of Casper.Riley and wife. ' Qra Goings and wife of Elwood visited here Sunday with Lewis Heineman and wife. EdlParr and wife visited at Dundee Sunday . with Lester IIII- lan and wife. .. Loral -Brown and family of Seven. Mile Ohio, spent the week end here .with Ed Brown and wife. Scott Edwards and wife of Elwood" spent Sunday here with Rbscoe Edwards and wife. ' Aubrey Wann and wife of Noblesville and Chris Parr of Bioom- irigton visited here Sunday evening with M. C. Marshall and family. Ed.Cole and family of Hobbs were the Sunday guests of Floyd Perry and family. ) j - Charles MiDaniel or Anderson j spent-Sunday here with his. par-1 enits Gilbert-M.cDaniel and wife. I Sunday guests of Godfrey] Wetsmiirer and wife wer6 Roma I Lewellyn and family of Blwood.| William Weismiller and family • and John Weismiller-and family; of:Seven Mile Ohio.. i Harry Loyd-- and family . of Richmond spent the week eijirt here wuth J. B. Colvin and wife. ! J. B. Colvin and wife and Har-i ry Loyd and family spent Sunday. at Elwood with Mrs. Lydia Loyd and son Fred. John Weismiller and family of Seven Mile O., spent the week end here with Harry Burket and family. Mrs. Mollie Avery and son Maury-of Gary spent the week .end. here. Dennis Brown and wife arrived here Wednesday from Seven Mile, Ohio for an indefinite visit with relatives. • »• ' Sunday guests of Leandar Goodwin' and wife were Truman 1 Morse and wife of - Indianapolis, Clarence Goodwin and wife at Anderson and William Haines and wife. Mrs. E. F. Wann and daughter Vivian and Mrs. Fred Horton spent Saturday at Arcadia with Mrs. Otto Drake who has been bedfast for several weeks. Thoy found her slightly improved. Carl Ilot 'i 'r and family of Alexandria and Fred Horlon and wife were Sunday guests of Ed Wana | and'wife. Notice to Hrirs, t'rvditors. Etc. In the matter of the estate of Elizabeth Ressler. deceased. In the Tipton Circuit court, February Term. 1930. Notice is hereby given that Charity E. »I\aton as administra­ trix of the estate of Elizabeth Ressler. deceased, has presented and filed her account and voach- prs in final .settlement of said es-, tate. and that the same will come up for examination and action of said Circuit Court on the 24th day of April, 19.10, at which time all heirs, creditors or legatees of said estate arc required to appear in said court and show cause, if any there be. why ^aid account and vouchers should not be approved. '' Witness the clerk and seal of said Tipton Circuit Court. a< Tipton. Indiana, this' 2Sth day of March. 1930. (Seal) IRVIN MILLER, 152-15S- Clerk Tipton 164-170 Circuit Court. Fresh Bulk Garden Seeds Compton & S§i Laura Ludlow. Mr. and Mrs. Joe Cage.- and children of Sharpsville were Sunday-dinner guests ef Mr. and Mrs- John Cage ' and'. daughter Frienda and son Frank.' ; i* Mr. and Mrs. Tunis Henderson wete Sunday afternoon guests of letter's sister Mr. and! Mrs. Jb$n Idle wine of Kokomo. Joseph Beatty returned home "with i them. Mrs. Lula Dewitt. and I Mrs Economical Transportation - "Sou more than save the first year's depreciation I in any of the cars listed below: One 1929 One 1929 One 1929 One 1928 One 1928 One 1928 One 1928 One! 1926 Chevrolet Standard Coupe. Dnrant Coupe with rumble seat, ford Model A Standard Coupe Chevrolet Sport Coupe Whippet Fordor Sedan Ford Model A Roadster

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