Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California on March 1, 1969 · Page 1
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Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California · Page 1

Redlands, California
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Saturday, March 1, 1969
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ra cf Si 79th Year Phone 793-3221 REDLANDS. CALIFORNIA. SATURDAY. MARCH I, 1969 $1.75 Per Month 12 Pages 10 Cenh Eisenhower rested well last night, very weak WASHINGTON 'I'PP - Former President Dwight D. Eisenhower. 78, was reported i "very weak" today but taking, small amounts of liquids at! Walter Reed Army Ilospiul. A hospital bulletin issued; shortly alter 10 a.m. EST said: "General Eisenhower rested well last night." But it added: "There has been no further: progression of the pneumonia.; Ilij, cardiovascular (heart) sta-| luf remains stable." After] stating that he "still remains very weak." the hospital bulletin said: "The nasogastric tube was removed last nifiht and he is; being given small amounts of liquids by mouth today." The i8 -ycar-oId general, one of the nation's three surviving former presidents, had been making a remarkable recovery from major surgery until "hypostatic pneumonia" settled in his right lung. Doctors said it weakened him. and put "con- sidefable" strain on his heart. The bulletin late Friday afternoon said doctors wore, treating the pneumonia with antibiotics and by changing Eisenhower's position frequently. He was fed intravenously and given oxygen through a nose tube. The>- said he was, resting comfortably. Doctors constantly monitored his heart—which has enduredi seven atUcks through thel >cars. including four in the last' 10 months. They reported his cardiac condition during his sdback had "remained stable." Mamie Eisenhower, as shc^ has since the latest siege of illnesses set in with an intestinal obstruction one week ago. was staging in a suite ne.\t to her husband. Their only son. Ambassador- designate John S. Eisenhower, and his wife were expected during the weekend. .And their only grandchild. David Eisenhower, and his wife. Julie Ni.xon Eisenhower, visited—as they had planned previously—on Friday. President Nixon, winding up a trip to Europe, was kept informed of his old chieFs condition. Medical authorities said the pain of abdaminal surgery, which reaches a peak three or fr.ur days after the operation, makes it difficult for a patient to breathe deeply or to cough enough to clear his lungs of phlegm, which collects deep in the lung. Eisenhower underwent major surgerj- Sunday night to relieve an intestinal obstruction, and he was astonishing his doctors by his recovery. But Thursday ni;ht he was restless and had difficulty breathing. And at their Friday morning briefing. Brig. Gen. Frederick J. Hughes Jr. said he had pneumonia. LEATHERNECKS PITCH IN — Carl Burgess of- 12816 S. 14th street in Dunlap Acres looks on yes- terdav as members of the Provisional Battalion at 29 Palms Marine Base dig out his camper trailer from mud and silt caused by Tuesday's flooding- Forty Marines were sent into the Dunlap area yesterday to help unearth possessions and vehicles of residents leaving the area because their damaged and flooded homes were not habitable. (Facts photo by C. J. Kenison) Shaw acquitted of charge of JFK conspiracy Nfxofi, de Gaulle meet in good ofmospftere Astronauts better, launch to be Monday CAPE KENNEDY (UPD- Board urges study of parlcing needs /Marines, ormy men move in fo help wifh flood cleanup PARIS (UPI) — Presidents! morning with a warm hand- Xixon and de Gaulle held six shake, went on through a lunch .hours of Ulks "in a goodjof fish and roast lamb, and con-The "ircc Apollo 9 astronauts NEW ORLE.\.\S (UPI)-.\n^ atmosphere" today on thejtirued into the late afternoon. «"c reported "much better all-male jur>- today awarded;deep split dividing the United Shortly before their dclibera-'cday and their launch crew Clay L. Shaw on the second; stales and France on world tions. East Germany shut down resumed the countdown for u:. - ithe main highway from WestiMonday's start of the first mission delayed by the common anniversary of his arrest a; unanimous first-ballot acquittal • A.. n™ r,^^„:' As the two Chief Executives| Berlin to West Germany for h 1, ™c "^i^ t ^^pr concluded their meetmgs ini two hours and gave the Presi- chargc he conspired to murder, .prianon Palace at VersaiHes dents more problems to muU John K Kennedy. outside Paris, thousands of;over. On y nme votes of the 12-m3n (.„^^„„ist .^-orkers and Marines took beachlicads east relief work. .Additionally, .Army repairing flood control facilities cold. Dr. Charles A. Berry, the chief astronaut physician, said Specific details of their talks ^'^vid R. Scott was now disclosed. But the considered clear of the cold that tmosphere was em-'grounded the crew, and James McDivitt and Russell L. •'.Vixon assassin," and "Nixon Nixon drove from the Quai Schweickart much improved. Liberate Vietnam." DOrsav (foreign office) apart- ^^^'^ astronauts had been , The formal meeUngs of the ment where he spent the night ^P!} "leir 10-day I two Presidents began in the and was greeted at the palace orbital fhght test of the ' hi tho Fron-h Prociriont , ApoUo mooH landing craft .....i. .uico ...V Communist -workers and stu Specific det panel were needed for a verdict. central were not di Ihe juirs decision was an- , R ^Uque and friendly atmi nounced m court at 2 02 i^.^ ^ „ith cries of phasized. ilities t-ST. OA mmutcs after the> .. assassin," and "Nixon Nixon drov vey of future parking needs. • The Marine Corps base at bivouacked at Norton Air Force'Fort lr\vin was brought into use , m The request made at a morn-'Twent.vnine Palms sent 325 men Base, then trucked back to the to supplement the coumy faciU- ' • -f.., ..;.-(, 55.vear-o!d' SVTIfl ffirPC H^W ing session of the board in City and heavy equipment into five mud and debris of stricken tics. 5^'^"^ managi^„ di^rec. JJliO lOVCS IICH Hall, will consWer traffic flow separate areas of San Bemar- areas Saturday.^^^ "I have been assi^ed that the '^j ^j^^. Orleans g^y^|'|||||^||| following coup in the core area, and also in dino county on Friday for flood the bordering areas of the busi-, ness district.'If granted, a con-; - , _ _ sultant will be employed for the' HOrea MOSOH purpose. • U J. Chairman W. E. Malone and |OSe jObS Ot his commissioners met Thursdav • with Officials of the General: Cp StotC Telephone company, wto have wanted fo acquire parking lot SAN FRANCISCO (UPD- No. 1, which adjoins the tele- c,„;„. » T -,.I,,„ U,™ phone building. The company Sociologist Nathan Hare and They were filling sandbags,' (Continued on Page 3) Fair weather forecast for weeliend Big bill for smuggled marijuana tor IMcmationai Trade Mart, ap-1 peared stunned as a derfcl intoned the words: "Wc the jury find the defendant not guiiiy.'" Then, as the courtroom j D.\.M.\SCUS eniptcd in applause and shriek-i sources reported the S>Tian influence, ing women, his face creased in Army forming a new govern-, j^bijc statements on his b> the French President. i Friday. But the shot was While the presidents were delaved unUl 11 a.m. .Monday meeting. Secretary of State „i,^„ doctors feared the piloU' William P. Rogers and French performance might be impaired Foreign Minister Michel Debre |,y sore throats and nasal discussed separately the congestion. Mideast crisis and how to ease gerrv- said Scott was taken it. off malication today. Schneick- At the bottom of ail the art and McDivitt continued to meetings was De GauUe's vision use a hot salt water gargle to (UPI)—Political ot a Europe free ot .American sooihc their throats. piiwic uuiiuiug. Pn-ij^u ,p-.hor Georee Mason n.^\jr.uL.j "—'"^ Mexico have been nresented a I "^uanB » ine swiagmg aoors oi g ^ISTa;;'1lit""'''"='-tmrrtS^^^^^^^ ^^^^'''' f '^^osj^^^ to shake Srolonged. discussion of vari-fi.-ures in the San Francisco CaMot... which lus properties, which the city state strikes, have lost tl might acquire in the transaction: job, „,g faculty. Tempest in teapot LOS ANGELES (UPI)-Bes- J^"-^ walking to . |on stressed the oW ties of .Mexico nave oeen presemea ,, under the defense mmister. friendship between the two PmUADELPHIA (UPI) - A Lt. Gen. Hafez Al-Assad, 44, the, ^^ujpj sincere but inaccurate report by each juror's hand. ous properties. Which the city State strikes, have lost their.'S out of the last 59 days. The amount rcm^n^^, m^^^^^^^^^ ™„ir. in ,hp .„n«o.inn . . ... , relaxed warfly today with a import duty on that amount of ^ pressured bv dent Noureddin .M-AUssi with- ° f^«'''f- "'s » p", ^maj"' in,^'"a 7" a^ f"^^"-^''^;^'^ ""'"'^ "^"Sh manjuana. J" 7 ' « J -foM oul a struggle, these sources S^^^'"^ gun ^"t and speed off trigcered space, led to no .hmg definite. ka\;; VridaV i^formeli Har^ 7''!™''- ^ ,. ,, J'^„'Sa ^as IclTi^Z f^ees" in the federal govern- said. v7 n .Me wekomT" ,ho = massive search Friday The company, which has offered ,hat would not be rehired A fresh storm Friday I'Sh'^V Hl ^^X WiH? rtifliio^^^ ''^^"'^ ^"PP"-''-' Assad had paved the way for °^ vfs as "a ind ''eports of sightings of the S220.0()0 fw lot No. 1, was given „.hen his one -year appointment damped most areas but se^^^^^^ facts of the Kennedy, his seizure of power in a recent r"^^"".. ^ joy and f,,,;,;^.^ ^^^^y^^ ^^.^ addiUonal time to make a more ^^^s in June. flooding and mudslides did not -'• o| 4 "finHio CaHf assassination. shakeup of the naUon's military , , radios for 90 minutes before the acceptable offer. Hare. 35, had been acUng oecur. By late Friday, <>O»T '- Ve^^ wa\ postal VaN^^ He was not in the courtroom command which put his suppor-l ,^'^on "rged an end to -'oW "chairman 'of the conege'stowTi Los Angeles had recorded '"e™" "^^^^^ the veixiict was an-i tcrs in key posiUons, wideningls!ogans...oi pl^S black Sadies depart! only .64 inches of rain. i^oj^/ ™ tetr ^^'a ?ecor^ f^i"''"»='^' ''"^ ^ '^ef prosecu-,the. differences of_ fte_^ Arab|_ Officials said the nation's civilian and militaryi exchange of view:s between the in civilian clothes and one in two men were made "in the;uniform, and all buddies. The , gun was a toy belonging to the ;son of one of the officers. I,, „, -1 ^.„r— . . , , loeins sei. ueiieveu d ittuiu . ^ad sncnt a grueling Israel VISir .^^^^ ^.^s suspended from In Glendale, a section of road ,Uuch a high bond here. "^.'th court ref"s(rf com- leaders. JERUSALEM (UPD—Prcs -this post Feb. 17 for disnipUng apparently undermined by the Tj,e IRS Hen also was regard-: "^^j^l" One of the army's first moves I frankest possible manner. ident Nixon will visit Israeli Hayakawa's spring semesto: recent rains, sank 14 feet, as a record. I cija^, was whisked awav in a was to take over the Central! "eariy in his term of off ice."! welcoming talk to the faculty, cutting 25 homes of! from gas. The suspects were arrested af-| surrounded bv security! Bank, repladng poUcc guards! Jkl_^ eart*?/-** I<rael Radio said Friday. The TTie college also confirmed sewage and water. ler landing their plane wi">'oc ^.^^ j^^^^ Ed»-ard A. with soldiers to guard the cash nCW serirjte disclosure, it said, came from that Murray, minister of, 1 „ffi„i,ic m.-.riinana m ihp .Snnthem Cali-, • • . . Robert Health. Finch was Prefer Levi Eshkol. .English for minority students. The car was found to be initial, carrj-ing four policemen, three GmiK| up space Sirhan inferrupfs frial, 'guilfy,' demands deafh LOS ANGELES (UPD-Sir-t ban B. Siitan stood up in the] "Well, I have, sir." Weather Goldwater's son reveals candidacy "Well! now,'just a minute.!Friday: High 60, low 37 Redlandt today: High SI, l«» « „LOS ANGELES «UPI)-Barry (To 11 a m ) i Goldwatcr Jr.. son of Ari! zona's U.S. senator, Friday an- iyear ago today: High 75, tow 43!nounced hls,candidacy for the WASHINGTON (UPI)—The Pentagon is giving up its 6.300_ England (UPD— square-foot building at Washing- iai the'nearbv" motel at which or U.N. efforts to find a The vicar at Belmont Chapel ton .XaUonal Airport to cn^e 'ihey had been locked up at'settlement to the Middle East has devised a scheme fo get his congestion and save S300.000. night and were taken away in i crisis with Israel. It depended sermons across to people who The Pentagon said military taxis Two of them had been heavily on the Soviet Union to feel a sudden need for spiritual aircraft, which occasionally locked up for 39 days. They had'supply and train iU armed j g"I<'ance. used National for arrivals and court, a tmy figure, and told the Why do you want to do this? hours .27, storm .27,1 "^g^^', judge he planned and carried "I beheve. sir. that is my last year 6.93 hit, out the murder of Robert F. busuicss. isn't it?" ,eason _.o/, lasi year O.M his fa been selected on the first trial day, Jan. 21. Shaw left District minutes forces. People who dial the telephone departures of the Preskient and Troops seized Damascus Ra-i number at the chapel will be other dignitaries, will use the Criminal! dio and Television and there able to hear "Dial-A-Preachcr" Andrews Air Force Base in Court BuUding 251 was no official confirmaUon ofi-a recorded sermon. nearby Maryland after AprU 15. after the verdict. • the coup from the Arab nation j 27th congressional scat vacated I iby Lt. Gov. Ed Reinecke. Goldwatcr. 30. admitted that] v-„»_~i„ „.,-»„j .„ J- lis famous name influenced his I Kennedy and wanted to die for . . You have to give a rea- Smog: None Sunday and Mon-'decision to seek public office, of Baton Rouge. La., who said Assad probablv wiU be named day. Within smog and fire rules. ^"^ he added "there is a lot Shaw had said nothing, but lo head the new govemmem '•"Tfi^.'t "^"'^.'.l u "save me a big kiss." An official announcement was I I feel I call do the job ... It was a stunning victory expected today or Sunday , that I am qualified. • |for (he Hhilc-haircd, barrel- Assad most likely will brine rv .• , ^ . Goldwatcr made his announce-Chester Shaw, who had main-ithc nation out of iU isolationistj^^^ authorities innocence ..of POjiUon in the Ar-b worlS^"^^^^^^^ Kl ^-^ty"?], ^ "^^^^^ "^tko^^^f' a 'S it. staying out of pubUc sight with!stiU officially at war with Israel; akl^Xi^.^mml t^mmmmtm^^mmtMm. his legal staff and relatives,' in the MMdle East. NatlOnal WlffllO DrCOfiS including a cousin. Suzanne Day The Damascus sources said uo UC demonsfrafion Superior Court Judge Hebert "I kiUed Robert Kennedy burning OK. y Walker replied that Sirhan willfully, premeditatively. with , ^ ivas in no condition to 20 years maUce aforethought. Sun: Rises 6:18, seU 5:46 determine what he wanted U) do that is why." ^ i San Bennrdino Valley: MosUy and refused the defaidanls: WeU.»he evidence has to be:fgjj. ,hrough Sunday. Local fog BERKELEY. Calif. (UPD-A on charges of assault with a demand his three expert lawyers be fired. •nUs dialogue msued according to the ofBcial transcript: Sirhan —"I at this time, ar, withdraw my original plea of not guilty and submit the plea accept the plea. Proceed with of guaty as - -" —' — "= counts. produced here in court. "I withdraw all evidence, sir." "There is no such procedure." "To heU with it" "Well, the court will not zatly Sunday morning. Slightly cooler toni^t and warmer tomorrow. National WaaffiCP Ql bom eodliK 4 .1 High Lew Precip. from this case completely. Walker —"Do I understand — j stand up —Do I understand fhatl you want to plead guilty to' murder in the first degree?" Sirhan —"Yes, sir, I do." Walker —"AU right, and wtat do you want to do about ihe penally?" "I will offer no de whatsoever." tions. . . . "Sir?" "I mean by that that you win .have a face mask put on you which wni prohibit you from talking and. ftirfher, your arms will be strapped to your chair i Understand that? sir.' ; Counsel is stayuig m the triaL' law that permits a defendant want anyone to have a trial under any circumstances to shoved down my throat, sir, and enter a plea ot guilty to murder you are not going to shove it in -the first degree and ask for down my throat, sir. in any way execniion." you want" Boston 30 22 Chicago 36 30 Cincinnati Denver 43 29 Cincinnati Denver 48 23 Des Momes 33 25 .03 Fairbanks 40 3 Fort Worth 63 38 Helena 20 2 Honolulu 80 66 .01 Kansas City 35 31 Las Vegas 61 44 Los Angeles 61 49 .64 Minneapolis 38 5 New York 41 30 Oklahoma City 53 30 Omaha 32 27 .04 Palm Springs 72 54 Sacramento 51 42 J3 Salt Lake City 37 31 .05 San Francisco 53 47 .55 SealUe 54 42 Washington 48 35 ment at a news conference at the Greater Los Angeles Press Club. He urged stricter rules on college campuses and an end to the 10 per cent surtax. Gold water said there were no plans for his father to come to California and help him in his campaign. However, he added his father was "very pleased" with his decision to nm. "But I'd like to leave him out of this as much as possible,' the young stockbroker said. "This is my campaign, not his. "I plan to represent California, not Arizona.' Highest, lowett 41 tIalM North Miami Beach, Fla„ 79; Havre. Mont. -11. WASHINGTON tUPI)-Sen. Milton R. Young, B-N.D., says {people who cut down on j potatoes because they want to lose weight are wrong. "They thmk potatoes arc a fattenmg food," Young saki in asking Congress to authorize a national potato promotion program. "They are not . . . the calorie count is much less than many of die food products substituted for them." tamed his faceU of the charge that hei perhaps lean toward accepting California campus Friday m| eight-year veteran used the alias "Oem Bertrand"! a peaceful solution to the! accordance with Gov. Ronald'campus force. of the to conspire in September, 1963 with Lee Harvey Oswald and David W. Ferric to assassmate Kennedy. It was an even more stunning defeat for the six-foot-six Garrison, who for two years had called the Warren Commission report a "fairy tale," and had told the jurors in summation just before they began deliberating that the government handling of the assassination investigation was a fraud. "It was the greatest fraud ever perpetrated in the history of our country." he sakl, sitting his huge frame on a counsel table and talking intently in a modulated voice, "possibly the greatest fraud ever perpetrated on humankind." The jury's verdict indicated they not only dkl not believe Shaw had conspired to kill the PrcsMcnt, but that they might also have rejected Garrison's long courtroom attempt to "overprove" his case against Shaw by showing the Wanen Report was wrong. Middle East crisis, according to i Reagan's vow to keep colleges these sources. I open "at the pomt of a bayonet Assad reportedly was con-i if necessary.'" cemed over the growing Soviet influence in Syria. Under The latest day of violence since a student strike started Jan. 22 began with the usual picket line at the mam entrance Eight guardsmen in battle dress escorted by about 100'to the hilly 28.000-studcnt Atassi, Syria refused to join Berkeley police, sheriffs dcpu- campus. Arab summit meetings ar-ties and highway patrolmen laid As the day wore on. bands of ranged by Egypt and Jordan. down a dense fog of tear gas to students roamed the campus The Damascus sources said clear about 500 demonstrators breaking windows, overturning Assad also couM be expected tojand onlookers who had blockeditrash cans "and blocking traffic work toward coordinating Syr-'a rush hour intersection for half on streets next to the campus. Finally, a crowTi of about 500 students and sympathizers Imked arm.s to form human chains across campus and nearby street entrances, shouted taunts at police and threw bottles, rocks and bricks. At this pomt, the National 'Guard moved in with a tear gas ian. Jordanian and Iraqi troops in a united front agauist Israel's east and northeastern border. Coup soldiers also occupied the offices of the ofGcia] AI Baath and Al Tbawra newspapers The deposed president, who himself came to power In a brief violent coup in 1966, was reportedly under house arrest along with several members of his cabinet. Army troops strongman Lt Gen. Salah Jedid. the assisUnt secretary general of the ruling Baath Party, and kept him under armed guard at party headquarters, the sources said. an hour. The crowid quickly dispersed and no injuries were reported. Four persons were arrested, including three students. Earlier in the day. a campus patrolman was hospitalized with a deep scalp laceratkm and facial cuts after he was attacked by a mob of maraud-1 machine resembling a vacuum mg youths who beat him with cSraner which belched huge his own night stick. clouds of eye-smarting fumes t Officer William Yaskovic. 48, that spread over a seven-block also arrested a former San Qucntin prison area. guard, sakl be was slugged and kicked at least 20 times after he became separated from fellow officers. He required 16 stitches to ckise the gash on bis head. Two students were arrested Motorists were trapped in their cars as the clouds of gas blew around them. Several gas grenades were thrown through the windows of stores, gassiag shoppers and storekeepers.

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