Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on June 5, 1957 · Page 2
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 2

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 5, 1957
Page 2
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TWO' Mother Finds Children After 18-Monlh Search EVENING TIMES, CUMBERLAND, MI), WEDNESDAY, JUNE 5, 1957 Suys C'ouvt'Hs To Tell Storios KANSAS CITY, Kan.-i.?._ Mrs. Virgic Wyss. 26, I.ewisullc Ark., found lier four children licre yesterday afler an stai-i'h over much of the nation. She told ULst. Jiidijc 0. Q. ClafJm Ill she last saw tiiem the give him night of Dec 1 . ],>. i!);,r,. ;it Pij^oll, "~" Ark., where Hit family Ihcn//,-<•> A'f>/ Asked She went lo church, -hp rc-'fo D('(l l(.'(l 11 Oil, later), and when s!:i- relumed'if home her husband Walter U'yss. «'"££ XKW YORK -f—Some of the .„ „.„.„, me " and women who have made !8 ' m ° mll i"decisions for Christ" al Billy .Graham meetings are going to Marshall Plan To Help Allies Has Anniversary )VASHINGTO.\-Mi-Th« Organization for European Economic , ™ WAf lDS AIR KQRCK BASK. Cooperation honored former Secretary of Stale Qcoree C Marslnll! C ^ lf -'.''' v " A N ' av - v Ue « llllls guided Dial PA 2-1600 for a WANT 'AD TaK«! «iti Missilo Explodes In Tost Mishap today on the anniversary of a 1947 Marshall .speech pledging U. S '•/>' Claims hand in trying to get aid lo war-torn Europe , ls • peoples of l-'urrme " MA wards Set ^»TT«n_ia Ot-l out of control >,..,,v,day and crashed on (lie .Mojavc Doserl with a tremendous explosion, sending up what observers called "a miniature atomic •loud." Government Plans To Sell Newspapers In Argentina BUK.NOS AIRES i*— 1'rovision-jturn to Ihc Gainza Paz family th» al President Pedro Aramburu's Buenos Aires Daily La Prensa. be fired from siin-! Ap) .j,. A (l warships, did iiot] sl ,id i>j,] s .iovernment has invited private hids for the purchase of newspapers it took over from deposed dictator Juan D. E'cron's regime. A plan for transfer of 11 gov- nuiicfit -owned newspapers—five decree issued lam night Locsil Infiltration Seen New Kfid Plan WASHINGTON Iffi—Ally. Gen. Brovvnell says Itic Communist party now appears to he concentrating its efforts on stale and local organizations instead of on their purchase will 33. and the children wore <»«<1 this country's Marshall Plan carry a warhead, a ,avy S p 0 *e national front organizations as in I , f «ill tell you of th The (tec-ree said preference will In a report to Presidenl Eisen- General Services Administra- human qualities which you Itailroad service in and out of its'sonalK Peron previously were returned to brought lo your task al was control but the Navy said the con that lime." Thorneycroft said completed jusl before June IVeek , loday as a "wildcat" i work stoppage at its maintenance . . - u - -- - rs wc ' 1 i » l ° The road's 2.5,000 moved inlo Boston Britain's United Slates, Sir Harold Caccia. Mares asking if such been registered. Ft j ())1 "I liart received replies from air l-'loete will alteiul (lie ceremony!" 0 '" 011 hut six .states. she testified, u, accept the library on behalf u f lstan(ls ' i " when I got a letter from T..- ll,e government, llagerlv added pcka. Kan., the other day saying ,]„,! node would be there in his S'JcJi^a ear had been registered f;SA capacity and not as a per- isml.-il rpiirr^pntalii-/. of vN, t ... She came to Kansas City and'h'wer. hired two lauyers. They obtained: The Pi-million-dollar library. ... ™., MUU , .-,„,„ .,,„,.,„„„ s narvarm • ,,' .l a . P i' C . ar , a ' lce of .P'^cls from address led to establishment ofjUgypliaii-Soviet Hifl .. - . ., s<lt °«1 day. arranged to present a silver med- . Capt. Lewis N. Coxe. public works officer, will make Ihe pre- auiomouite, luiTand rapid transit - .......i~.,n,,£,. v j m IM i;.->*:m a ftnvei muo> "wi*\3 umtti, win niaKe Ine pre- commulerslal to Marshall today on behalf of scnlalion of the buildin° lo Rear .by nrivaie i ihe_OKKC L JAdm. William R. Smedberg III, In prepared remarks, the anv{academy iUllennlenden' hassador said Marshall's Harvard' trains for Portland. Maine- Troy, s .N'.V.; and other distant could be started. ro hesitancy, and feel I will hav every juslificalion, in giving mother her children." Pro lection v Skin o'f me slarfish Is covered /%l ' 1 (Continued from Page 1) Russian television and radio to reply to Communist party boss N'i- kila Khrushchev. The Soviet leader was on American TV lasl Sunday. Kisenhower, in discussing Ihe Wilson Aides To Face Quiz — mi • njjjki.u uugviuci jui lllUir UWR n t i • •••••« WASHINGTON \st - Senators salvation. American aid would be , "»?",, tcc!ers " senl < r °™ Cairo called two Defense Department forthcoming. Your inspired speech ,f" rKC J'- a kc >' member of the officials today lo discuss Sec- « r as designed to sel in train an an "- Lon """"'" Baghdad Pact, retary Wilson's hrnkf* nn cnnnri; n n iinfnrpsppahlif rsnin mfn,,*,.., ;_ _ ~~—' with delicate sfcin"gin"s (hroi"."iJ ma ',! 1er '. S|K>ke ol >l(w tl)e Sovicls ,vv,i^i, i. ,!,„.!., ;. 1 ".?_ Itould "jam' any American reply which it absorbs oxygen friTm 1 the water. To prelect them, short, heavy spines project from Ihe upper surface, as w£ claws or pincers. hut said if (hat potential obstacle and others could be eliminated for sure, then certainty some Amcri can official would accept an in vilntion lo answer Khrushchev. There was a hig round of laughter when a reporter noted that a Siamlsnn was born today to former President Truman. The news- F ' cnl agon man asked whether i'icnnii™i,~.-!sin(.'C Ijt h o u ;• li t the ;aid to points iiomenl Western "Vour speech." the ambassador Marshall, "came at a when tlie leaders of Europe were anxiously .. habeas i-Dipus order from Judge financed by private contributions, ••. — ' ••" •••"•> """i^a n-u LU usiaoiisnrr Claflin yesterday. An officer Muk will house Truman's collet-lion ofi . lcrmll >a' soon afler daybreak the economic organizalion Mrs. Wyss 10 ihe iuldrc.'.s shown prcsidi'iitial papers. «ai<i to he'. ra ' sc(l , llo l >cs "< road officials that " on the car's rc.nisiraiion anil valued at 17 million dollars, found Ihe children there. Her hus-i Ifagorty said in reply to a <aics- band was at work al a junk yan!.;tion thai so far as he knew ICiscn- Tl.e mother was recognized byjhower was nol invited by Truman Ihe three older children. Phillip", to alifnd Ihc ceremonies. Hcla1: Rhonda, 6; and Michael. -I. Bullions between the two men have the baby. Arthur, not quile 3, not been cordial since the 1952 couldn't remember her. campaign Judge Claflin said Ihe father — must appear in court and (cil his'^i V L; side of the story or "f will have ^'V seeking lor means of restoring <• :heir war-shattered economies. It Aas just what they so sorely needed. retary Wilson's brake on spending and .his:request that the Senate Europe." restore SI,220.000,000 of funds cut by the House. ,-, . 7^7- Chairman Chavez <D-N'M> of the O'/Y/IYf AtiVlSCS Defense Approprialions subcommittee called Donald A. Quarlcs, new deputy secretary of defense and James 11. nougias. who succeeded Quarles as secretary of the Air t''orco. The subcommittee is considering the defense money bill. Wilfred McNeil, assistant lether Kisenhower Slnc ' c 1W!1 ' Truman grandson' ex P lainill t.' secretary of defense who has been "business manager' spent hours yesterday the complicated con- PAY UP TO LESS for the amazing Slant-Needle SINGER* than for many Zigzag needle machines * * * Do lovely Decora tive-Stitching with Automatic Zigzagger and Smoothest Straight-Stitching- SINGER SEWING CENTER 65 BALTIMORE ST. TEL. PA 2-3060 j.T'^unj H 1 "" "I' If m'f IKK.^. ^ u Ikialism. That was an allusion lo Khrush- I'chev's prediclitin Sunday Ihal American grandchildren will live I under socialism, or the C'oirtmu- l : nist form of government. Joining in Ihe laughter. Eisen- I hower said lhat if Die child grows Jiup in the next 3'= years it w IInot be under socialism; that he llrol! defense programs. dojlar Biilgaiiin Ready OENKVA. Switzerland L viet .'said . Premier N'ikolai Bulganin today <he Soviet Union is 1 the President) certainly is going| prcl>arctl lo conclude "a general ito -baltlc liard in the remainder[ agrecmcnt °" lhe whole problem .iof his second ^erai to sec (hat! 0 ' disa fmamcnt." as well as on there is no swing to socialism in a ,' 1J ' nf tlle s «|Mrate aspects of this problem. In an unprecedented personal message read on the opening day of Ihe annual conference of the International Labor Organization the United States. POLITICS — A reporlcr reminded Kisenhower that Meade M- com, Jicpublican national chair- Ijinan. said yesterday the party is Ijliaving "some difficulty 1 ' obtaining funds from previous large ... ,.^,.^..,, tv . 'Contributors because of the sizel a oralion nntl friendly relations' of (he administration's spendingr""" 1 ^ a " nations. jp r o g r a m. Kisenhower replied| " ' jsomewhat sharply that it might'p,-,. n ,.|, II,,,„] r jbe belter for some who are co"n-|, ° lPl ( " I(;st S jplaining about Ihe budget lo look|C<'l I'rwi-r Questions |;iip Ihe facts instead of listening' lo partisan speeches. Kisenhower then put a rhelori- f Bnlganin repeated previous Rus' sian demands for "peaceful col- PARIS '.F—Tourisls staying , .French hotels will have fewer cal question himself, asking wIiatj ( l uesUu " s <•« answer in (he future. ;lhe size of the budget would bc| A government order published •today if some members of Ihe po- today says the police forms which TI • opposition—the Democrats'"' 1 ' 1 '- 1 ' hold guest is supposed to " ree J '' -had been able to pul over somej fl!l °"' »''H no longer ask from For Fill- of (he programs Ihcy liad advo-i*'' 1 " 011 " traveler came, where h< ( cated in Ihe past. jis going, or Ihe object of his /our 1?ni) \ir\f t •»- . . . .,,-.,- j""« ii Face Trial nJ Fire hi B;ir I-OS ANGELES i.^wrhree men iccnscd of touching off a Hash ire Ihat killed six persons in a neighborhood bar will go to trial relations Mwn*c"v:T'^ """GO «--Sovhcan future, c^c? "" "^^ '"* ^ |..Nationalist China. Kiscnlmwcr| <ir °PP ( ' tl arn ™d a cent or more ,\ fourth man seized after th added Ihal Nationalist leader! 31 (^ opemng on the Board of \pril 4 blaze was freed bKaus t hl.Tncr KaL^lirtl.- *.~ .1.. _. t : 1 rnnp Inflni- M'K^^t . 1 ._. i . . . ^kCLU tllXdUS FOUMOSA - Kisenhower said the recent anti-American rioting on Formosa does not mean the .imosa noes not mean there r,..,:, r , T v need for a reassessment of' .""' ' " flirp s T.owcr Kxpoclcd Over Policies CAIRO -(INS)- Differences over economic policies were leading toward a rift in Cgyptjan- "You made it clear that, if the ations of Europe got together nd worked together for their own ioviet relations today. Egyptian sources close lo (he [overnment said the Russians were imjued over Kgypfs obvious efforts to restore economic relations ivith the west and mforeseeably rapid recovery in — •-..-.. ..a.,i^ lut i\ sidiii. vdi:uum cieaner wnich ilrait _ a narrow passageway of speeds along at 25 mph sweeps water. Fiancee Not To Worry Too Mitch OMIVA. Japan (.fi-\villiams S. Girard, young Illinois soldier charged with Ihe death of a Japanese scrap collector, said today "there's nothing more I can do" when he learned he faces crim inal trial by a Japanese court. 'Must let Ihe lawyers handle everything," his Japanese fiancee, Miss Hani (Candy) Sueyama, 27, quoted him as saying. Miss Sueyama said Girard's hands "trembled continously" when she and (he 21-year-old specialist met inside Camp Whilting- lon where he is under restriction "He didn't want to fall- ahout it." she said. "He just tolrt me 'Don't w o r r y a b o u t me too much.' Father, Girl Die In Blaze RANDALLSTOWN, Mrf. vet — A man and his 10-year-old daughler were killed and the child's mother critically burned today when fire swept their rural home ., nearby Carroll County. Three other children had departed for school before the fire broke out. State Police said. Arthur llobbs. 51, and 10-year- olii Linda LOII Ifobbs died in lhe flaming one-slory home on Mar- rioltsville road. Detroit is the French name for Zoli Regime Wins Ballot ROME U-h- Christian Democrat Premier Adone Zoli's new one-! party government won its first' parliamentary vole of confidence, today. But victory was soured by' unsolicited Fascist - Monarchist support. | The 132-sa vote came after al stormy night Senate session in' which Zol^blasted Communist and Fascist deputies alike and lold them he did nol want their help •. Word spread after Ihe predawn vote that 69-ycar.old Zoli might- resign because of Hie unwanted' rightist support. I were clear. One of the Aramburu governments first acts was lo re- A giant vacuum cleaner which! U. S. jet runways clean. •HOME When we help you own your own Home, we arrange for monthly payments which include nil costs, ll's convenient. It's Easy. Investigate. WESTERN MARYLAND Building & Loan Asi'n. 60 Pershing St. DIAL PA 4-1602 SEE THESE COMING ATII^CHONSi BASEBAll; Pitliburgh Pirat«i vi. Milwaukee — juni 1, 8, 9; VI. Cincinnati— June 10, 11, 12; vj. Chi.ago— JUKI M, 15, 16. PIAYKOUSE: Croft Ave. theater — "Oil Th. Top" — thru Juni JI NIXON THEATRE: "Aiaund Ih. World in 80 DOJ/I" — thru AuguiJ [SY8IA MOSQUE: Variety Clua — All Slar Show — June 8, 9j Hnny Belolonli— Jun« 10. WRITE for bro<hu.«on Hotel Webifer HaN'i jnorrey-iofiftg WEEKEND FUN PACKAOI. Dept. » HOTEL WEBSTER HALL /« PiUliartb't BHMi'ltl Cine Cl*lrr • (415 Filth Averux, Pitiiburgfa 15^ Ft, AMERICAS LOWEST PRICED THREE . | Chiang Ka, ; .SheK ; prompllv an!f , rradc were down fractionally. corn and oa,s for Ihe rioting and shoul- | tiered blame for the incident. Muscle! move the human eve A "bn"' h conMJereT'lhe^be? ibmit times in a riav of - ' '- cnn - lflered lne «* reariinp. of lack of evidenc hearing. e in the world for hred riding camels. 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