Ukiah Daily Journal from Ukiah, California on July 15, 1974 · Page 1
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Ukiah Daily Journal from Ukiah, California · Page 1

Ukiah, California
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Monday, July 15, 1974
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Wrtfh+r Northwestern Calilorala: FMr through Tuesday, eactft for variable low clouds and fog along the coast, mainly tonight and Tuesday morning; tow tonight and high Tuesday at Fort Bragg 51 and 60, Ukiah 86, and SB. 114th Year No. 62 Temperature July,1974 bate HI Le if m si Noon Today 78 Rainfall .S4 July, 1973 Date HI Le 14 m S3 Lew Today 49 Last Year 0.00 Ukiah, Mendocino County, California— Monday, July 15, 1974 12 Pages—1 Section—15.Cents 4AIL-DRIVING CHAMPS — A highlight of the Mendocino County Contractors Association annual barbecue Friday night at the Lake Mendocino clubhouse was the nail-driving contest. Nothing but determined is Madelyn Enderby of , Potter Valley, who topped the gals in the classic event, and Herb Weaver, Ukiah painting contractor, champ of the men's division. Madelyn and Herb were rewarded with $10 apiece and the right to retain the hammers they used. — Journal photo by K. Hunter. Convicts to go to hospital Tentative surrender agreement reached WASHINGTON (UPI) — A government plane was standing by today ready to take convicts Frank Gorham and Robert Jones to a federal prison hospital in Springfield, Mo., but although Gorham has agreed in principle to the government deal he does not want to go there, the Justice Department said. The tentative agreement between Gorham and chief U.S. Marshal George McKinney included the convicts' promise to send their guns up from the; basement cellblock on an" elevator, a guarantee by authorities that Gorham and Jones would not be separated; and the offer mat Gorham's mother could accompany her son out of the cellblock to ensure the two would not be hurt, spokesman Mark Sheehan said. Gorham, 26, and Jones, 23, had remained holed up in the basement cellblock they commandeered Thursday even though the seven hostages they hoped to use for bargaining in their bid for safe passage overseas escaped Sunday with an elevator key smuggled into the cellblock in a box of sanitary napkins. The Springfield prison has a medical facility, but Sheehan would not say why such a facility would be needed, except to indicate that the two have been without adequate sleep during the four-day siege. "Now you know Springfield is where they send people they can't control," Gorham told a newsman for local radio station WASH early today. "At Springfield they go in your mind, they go in your head and cut your brain and perform lobotom'y on you," he said. "They want to kill us man, you dig us, softly. But we refuse to die softly." The radio station had maintained .telephone contact with the cellblock throughout the siege but newsman Ed Tobias said a third party cut off the latest phone conversation. Sheehan said the convicts were not free to make outside calls. The courthouse was open for business today, but police continued to surround the building and officials checked passes at the door. Friday, the courthouse had been closed and trials postponed or moved to other locations. Coast land planning discussed Assemblyman Barry Keene delighted directors and members of the Mendocino County Planning Foundation Saturday during a meeting at Russian Gulch when he gave a rundown on coastal properties for which acquisition funds have been allocated or are being sought. Numbered among these were coastal properties running, roughly from Jughandle Creek to an 80-acre addition to Jackson State Forest. Keene was one of three panel members who spoke on the environmental issues and specific problems relating to the Mendocino Coast. The other panelists were Assessor Webb Brown and John W. Abbott, executive, secretary of California 'Tomorrow. Brown discussed the legal considerations relating to conservation costs and benefits including the Agricultural Conservation Act, Prop. 20, and timber exemptions. Referring to the Williamson Act, Brown pointed out that the measure has benefits as well as costs, describing the amount of acreage in this county now under the Act and the costs to the county in reference to the tax roll. Brown said that the Williamson Act would have the effect of guaranteeing that there would be open space land. Brown described Prop. 20 as having ' little effect on assessed valuation but that the measure had tied down large ownerships and created a scarcity in terms of usable lots. Brown noted that Article 13, Section 12% of the. Constitution governing' timber , exemptions had, he believed, run its course. He described,the Section as encouraging timber owners to remove standing timber before it could be returned to the tax rolls. Abbott outlined the difficulties of zoning in the coastal areas and how tax liabilities conflict with conservation and planning. President Mildred Benioff presided. A salmon barbecue provided the necessary sustenance with Bill Grader acting as chef. Lake robbers get $10,000 Three armed robbers escaped with $10,000 in cash from the Le Trianon Resort on Blue Lakes early this morning after using police-type plastic handcuff straps to tie-up the manager and a guard. The robbers, two males and one female, were armed with a blue steel .22 automatic pistol, and a machine gun with banana clip and vented barrel. They entered the resort at 2:15 a.m., left the manager, Bob Sommers, and guard Larry McLaughlin tied up in a back room, and escaped in a late model medium green car, described as possibly a Dodge Dart. The two male suspects were both described as being in their mid-to-late twenties with brown hair. The* female was described as being 19 or 20, medium build, with dark brown hair. Authorities are unsure of the direction of travel taken by the suspects following the robbery. No additional information was available from the Lake County sheriff's office. Behr was top spender in primary campaign NEED AN EXPERT? SEETHE ^ffll SERVICE GUIDE* IK DAILY IN THE CLASSIFIE Sen. Peter Behr of Marin County emerged as the top spender in the June 4 primary election, while Sheriff Reno Bartolomie spent the most in county races in his unsuccessful bid for re-election. Behr, who ran against Sonoma County Supervisor Bob Theiller for the Republican nomination for the 2nd Senatorial District seat vacated by Sen. Randolph Collier, reported spending $39,276. Theiller spent $12,918, and Mendocino County Supervisor Ernie Banker, running for the Democratic nomination against a little-known Marin County opponent, reported spending $2,488. Oscar Klee, whose "Audit the IRS" slogan helped him win the Democratic nomination to Congress in this district, was second highest spender at $35,219, according to his own figures. No report was on file at the county clerk's office. Cong. Don Clausen listed expenses totaling $14,422. Democratic contenders Pat Hanratty and, Jim Brown reported $3,978 and $5,685 respectively. Bartolomie led the county spending list with $15,380 compared to the $9,842 expended by Sheriff-elect Tom Jondahl. Supervisor Ted Galletti and challenger Taylor York were neck-and-neck in the •pending race, with Galletti reporting $1,894 in expenses and York listing $1,834. The two will vie in a November run-off. Bruce Levene spent $1,524 in that same race, while Alvin Withers reported "spending only $58. Jim Eddie outspent Supervisor Harvey Sawyers $1,771 to $1,006 to win the seat in the 3rd Supervisorial district. Treasurer-Tax Collector Sam Ray Jr. listed $2,300 in expenses compared to $1,957 for his unsuccessful challenger Tom Thurman. Assemblyman Barry Keene expended $8,152 in his re-election campaign, while Humboldt County Supervisor Don Peterson, his Republican opponent, spent $3,963. I Assessor Webb' Brown reported ex- 1 penses totaling $1,575, while his challenger, Jim Lashbrook of Fort Bragg, filed a short form indicating expenses less than $500. Short forms were also filed by County Clerk-Recorder Viola Richardson, her opponent Deborah White, Judge Galen Hathaway of the Little Lake (Willita) Judicial district, Judge Hal Storer of the Ten Mile (Fort Bragg) Judicial district and his opponent Ken Johnson, and by unopposed incumbents DA Duncan James, Auditor R. K. Shore, and County Supt. of Schools Lou Delsol. Turkish Cypriots flee their homes National Guard coup overthrows Makarios ATHENS (UPI) - National Guard officers seeking union with Greece overthrew President Makarios in a violent coup today on the Mediterranean island republic of, Cyprus and swore in newspaper publisher Nicos Sampson as president, the Greek Cypriot radio in the capital city of Nicosia said. Makarios, 60, a Greek Orthodox archbishop who led the Greek Cypriots' struggle for independence from Great Britain but then held back from union with Greece, was reported' to have taken refuge at a British base on the island and to be broadcasting appeals for help. Earlier, Radio Nicosia had said he was dead. A cable to Stockholm from the Swedish United Nations battalion at Famagusta, Cyprus, at 11:30 a.m. EDT said Makarios had sought refuge at a British base on Cyprus and had cabled U.N. headquarters in New York urging intervention, a staff spokesman said. The Israeli national radio said it had monitored a broadcast by Makarios from a clandestine radio station appealing for unity against the National Guard in­ surgents and vowing that as long as he was alive the military junta would not rule Cyprus. The coup was led by 650 Greek army officers brought to Cyprus to train the Cypriot National Guard. The revolt threatened the uneasy peace .'between Greece and Turkey. Cyprus's .population of nearly half a million is four- fifths Greek and one-fifth Turkish. The legendary birthplace of Aphrodite, the goddess of love, Cyprus has been the focus of Greek-Turkish hatred for half a century. Sixty miles wide and 140 miles long, it is 40 miles south of the Turkish mainland and 350 miles east of the Greek island of Crete. Diplomatic sources reported fighting in Nicosia, with tanks being used. UPI's Nicosia , correspondent, Andreas Had- jipapas, cabled word before communications were cut that machinegun , fire and explosions were heard coming from the presidential palace and other parts of Nicosia. With word of the coup on Cyprus, both, Greece and Turkey alerted their armed forces. The prime minister of Turkey, ' Bulent Ecevit, told a cheering crowd, "We will hot permit anyone to intervene in the lives of Cypriot Turks.!' Greece and Turkey were brought to the edge of war over Cyprus in 1964 and again in 1967. Turkey considers that union of Cyprus with Greece would threaten the lives.of the 80,000 Turkish Cypriots. Friction between Turkey and Greece, ostensibly allies in the 15-nation North Atlantic Treaty Organization, threatens U.S. naval strength in the eastern Mediterranean, since the only U.S. naval bases there are in Greece and Turkey. On Cyprus Monday, Turkish Cypriots living in Greek Cypriot neighborhoods were reported fleeing from their homes. A United Nations peacekeeping force of about 1,500 men stood by but did not intervene. A U.N. officer from Finland reported that the Turkish Cypriots had agreed not to interfere in the fighting. On Cyprus today, Turkish Cypriots living in Greek Cypriot neighborhoods were reported fleeing from their homes. A United Nations peacekeeping force of about 1,500 men stood by but did not intervene. Youth hijacks Japan airliner, demands freedom for terrorist TOKYO (UPI) — A youth armed with a knife and thought to be carrying a bomb hijacked a Japanese airliner today and demanded that the government free a jailed left-wing terrorist and fly the two of them to North Korea. The government refused and the airliner took off again with barely enough fuel to fly to Osaka. The youth seized the plane with 76 passengers and eight crewmen aboard on a domestic flight from Osaka to Tokyo. For four hours the plane sat on the ground at Tokyo airport while the hijacker argued : with officials. He had threatened to kill his hostages "three by three" and to blow up the plane. The plane landed instead at Nagoya at 1:52 a.m. Tuesday, Tokyo Time, (12:52 p.m. EDT Monday) and the pilot ordered the plane refueled for a flight to an unknown destination — possibly North Korea. A JAL spokesmen said the passengers canners Cal refuse offer for pears SAN FRANCISCO — The initial price offer of $175 per ton for No. 1 processing Bartlett pears made on July, 9 by California Canning Pear Association has been refused by the state's canners. Cameron Girton, association manager, reported that the price received insufficient acceptance by California processors to establish it throughout the industry under terms of the association contract. "It is unfortunate that processors have refused to recognize the increased costs that pear growers have had to meet on their 1974 production," Girton said. "Stocks of canned pears and fruit cocktail are at their lowest ebb in history and all of the crop will be utilized in refilling the empty pipelines. Under the supply-demand situation that prevails this year, we feel that a price of 8 % cents per pound for processing pears is extremely fair and equitable." Girton noted that the pear harvest will start in the early districts today. "The early harvest will go to fresh markets where demand for fresh pears is expected to he very strong at excellent prices," he stated. Association directors will meet on July 16 to evaluate their bargaining position and assess a second price offer. Fire Calls FRIDAY—8:16 p.m.—Fire call to 518 S. School. Residential fire. No damage. Kids playing with matches probable cause. SATURDAY—2:18 p.m.—Fire call to 70 Lorraine St. Pot on stove at Daniel Ryan residence. Minor smoke damage to home. 2:43—Fire call to 1154 W. Standley St. Plastic on stove burners. No damage, i SUNDAY—4:09 p.m.—Wood chip fire, Gobbi and Northwestern Pacific Railroad tracks. No damage. MONDAY—12:20 a.m. Resuscitate*- call to 145 Gibson. Transported Robert Lyeon to Mendocino Community Hospital. included two or more Japanese-Americans but he was not able to identify them. Also on the passenger list were two non- Japanese, identified by JAL only as "M. Richmond" and "R. Allen," both men. JAL official's .said there was one baby aboard the plane, and that its supply of food had been exhausted. Pilot Tomoo Abe told police by radio that the youth stormed into the cockpit and said he was demanding the release of Takaya Shiqmi, former chairman of an ultra-left splinter group known as the Japan Red Army (Rengo Sekigun). He told Abe to land the plane in Tokyo to pick up Shiomi, and then go on to North Korea. When the plane landed in Tokyo it was surrounded by 400 riot police who had been rushed to the airport. There was no indication whether the government would bow to the hijacker's demand. "If you do not release Shiomi," he told police by radio from the plane, "I will kill the passengers three by three." Later he said passengers would be killed if news photographers took flash pictures. He also threatened to blow-up the plane. Shiomi was the first chairman of Red Army, a violent revolutionary splinter group active in Japan since the late 1960s. In March, 1970, nine Red Army members hijacked a JAL jet carrying 122 passengers oh a domestic flight. They demanded that the plane be flown to the North Korean capital of Pyongyang. . After the pilot tricked them by landing at Seoul, South Korea, the hijackers held police at bay for three days, and finally swapped the passengers for a member of the Japanese parliament, the plane went on to Pyongyang. North Korea kept the hijackers but immediately returned the .hostages. Through the pilot, the hijacker told police: "I know where Shiomi is. Hurry up and get him out here. Then we can go to North Korea." Homicides keeping pace with last year's record While violent crime decreased in Mendocino County last year, the homicide rate, which hit a new high in 1973, is keeping pace in 1974 with last year's record. Through July 15 of last year, there.had been five homicides reported in the county. On the same date this year, there have also been five. Aggravated assaults are on the increase this year, there have been three Ud- napings in Ukiah, and the first bank robbery in the city in 20 years was recorded last month. While the frequency rate is increasing, the clearance rate is exceptionally high. Four of the five homicides this year have been cleared by arrest or other disposition, suspects have been arrested in all three kidnap cases, the alleged bank robber was apprehended, and in a majority of the aggravated assault cases, particularly stabbings, suspects have been taken into custody. This year's homicides include: — Wendell Laseter was arrested for the shooting of his 27-year-old son, Marvin Thomas Laseter, at their Ukiah home Jan. 25. It was the first homicide in the Ukiah city limits in 10 years. Laseter pled guilty in May to second degree murder, and was sentenced to state prison. ' — John Henry Azbill, 22, was shot and killed in Covelo May 16. Eric Kent Fulmor, a 60-year-old retired logger, is being held on murder charges. — A 70-year-old Redwood Valley man, Howard Thomison, shot and killed his invalid wife at their Redwood Valley home June 11 before turning the gun on himself in a murder-suicide. — Barry Kirk Pinder, 21, of Florida was bludgeoned to death at MacKerricher State Park neart Fort Bragg June 17 in the only unsolved homicide of the year. — Tommy Stout, 24, is being held on murder charges following the July 3 shooting death of his mother, Maria Stout, at their north Ukiah home. The bank robbery suspect, 28-year-old Mitchell Evan Spangler, a successful San Francisco insurance salesman, held up the Crocker Bank in Ukiah June 12 and took the bank manager, Willis Howland, hostage. Howland was released unharmed several blocks away, and Spangler was nabbed in Sonoma County less than 90 minutes after the hold-up. In one of the kidnap cases, 37-year-old Van Dean Payne is in custody here for the alleged knifing of a Ukiah man and kidnap of his companion May 26, after which he allegedly led a Ukiah police officer on a chase down Highway 101 and attempted to ram the patrol car several times before jumping a fence and escaping. He was apprehended in Yuba County five weeks later. A 24-year-old former Fortuna man was arrested June 29 for the alleged kidnap and assault upon a Ukiah woman. The suspect, William Hines, was apprehended after an alert youth took down the license number of the suspect vehicle. canning time! WE HAVE THE <fc SUPPLIES JARS ft LIDS AVAILABLE LIMITED QUANTITY SPECIAL REG. JAR LIDS 4 Bxs. of .1 doz. ea. 99' FAIRMART MARKET lOOSfc. State— rlHrlaii Ml 4144

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