Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on February 25, 1952 · Page 6
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 6

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Monday, February 25, 1952
Page 6
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SIX EVENING TIMES, CUMBERLAND, MD, MONDAY, FEBRUARY 25, 1952 Phone 4600 for a WANT AD Taker Committees Scouring To Find Tourney Cage Teams Need Eleven To Fill MT, NCAA Cards Teams Already Picked Fare Badly In Games Played Over Weekend NEW YORK — (A 5 ) — Committees assigned the task of selecting teams Many district basketball fans were disappointed over the weekend when they Journeyed to Morgantown, W. Va.. to see" Marvelous Mark" Workman, high-scoring center of the ,...„. West Virginia Mountaineers. |^ orf . the , TN auonal Co legiate and Workman, roughed-up consider- Natlonal Citation basketbaJl tour- I ably two -Friday naments wl11 have to do some scour- nights ago in a infgfl f ° un ? to find quintecs worthy i am* a a „ i n c t' of the post-season competition. Washington and I The NCAA tournament call, for Lee at Lexington, 16 teams. Ten of these will go into Morgantown with Clemson. In the W. & L. _ battle, West Vir- Mark Workman ginia's six-foot, nine-inch All-American 'came away with a broken cheek bone and two black eyes. Carl Hughes, Pittsburgh sports writer, says the beating Workman Va was sidelined I the com P etition automatically as S'both the Pri-l wlnners ° f their <* nferences - The day and Saturday 8 at NIT, Square teams. Seven have been picked. They are St. John's of Brooklyn, St. Bonaventurc, Dayton, St. Louis, Seton Hall, Holy Cross and Duquesne. St. Louis, champion of the Missouri Valley, already has qualified for the NCAA and will try for a double — a feat accomplished only by took was a non-personal affair. It!city College of New York in 1950. Just happened, to be the Generals' Kentucky, perennial titleholder in the method of stopping him, he adds. An official of WVU says most of the more serious roughlnjc wag not done under the basket, where the officials would be apt, to see It, but In back court. "West Virginia's fast break usually leaves the somewhat slow Workman behind and the Wash-Lee defender took advantage to do his roughing then," says the official. "By that tirne the officials were looking in the direction of the ball as the Mountaineers worked it toward the other basket." Workman, it turns out, was being guarded by a Wash-Lee football player, Dave Hedge, i formidable youth who, according to all reports, ignored basketball for the night and engaged in a bit of early spring football drills. Hedge is said to have done the damage. But, everyone is hot on Workman's side. Dr. H. C. Carlson, Pitt's loquacious mentor, taking the stand against him. "I can understand how any opponent of Workman's would be incited to retaliate," Dr. Carlson says. "The big fellow jabs you with his shoulder, sticks his knee into you and uses both elbows liberally. In general, he knows every trick in the trade. That's why I recommended him to the pros—Joe Lapchick of the New York Knickerbockers in particular. "The boy already knows all ,the business so they won't have to teach him any. He obviously picked up most Of them in the Borscht League a couple summers ago, because as a sophomore he didn't play like that. "I know if our kids wanted to get buck at him they would do plenty," Dr. Carlson adds. "Last year, at Morgantown, we had a chance to win but Workman scored the conl that beat us by pushing John Kendrick out of the way—pushed Southeastern Conference, already has qualified for the NCAA. . Face Problem But both of the NCAA and NIT committees face problems in finding other teams. The NIT has such possibilities as Western Kentucky (23-4), winner of the Ohio-Valley Conference over the week end; LaSalle (18-5) beaten by Georgetown last Saturday; Perm State (17-4) which dropped decisions to Perm, Colgate and Syracuse in one week; Vlllanova (16-7) sole conqueror of Duquesne; New York University (16-4), West Virginia (21-2) Southern Conference leader, and possibly Lawrence Tech (22-2), which competed last year and Seattle (27-7), with spectacular scorer Johnny O'Brien. The NCAA also may draw from the same field for its six at large teams—four from the eastern part of the country and two from the west. West Virginia arid red-hot Duke may not be available for the NIT since the Southern Conference ourney at Raleigh ends the day the .ournament starts. Dukes Defeated Teams already selected for tournaments fared none too well over the week end. Duquesne, No. 3 nationally after rolling up 18 straight, fell before Villanova's late rally, 64-62, in overtime at Philadelphia. St. Bonaventure, No. 10, bowed to neighbor Canisius. 65-63. Seton Hall was upended by Loyola of Chicago, 76-73. Five of the top ranking teams In the Associated Press poll also were defeated. In addition to Duquesne and St. Bonaventure, the setbacks were handed to Kansas State (No. 2) by Colorado; Iowa (No. 7) by Illinois (No. 5), and Washington (No. 6) by Wyoming. Other highly-regarded outfits, Including top-ranked Kentucky,- had close shaves. The Wildcats just managed to slip past DePaul. 63-61. Rifle League's Top Gunners Bag Victories WESTERN MARYLAND LEAGUE STANDING OF THE CLUBS W. L. P Port Hill Junior Ever sole's 171 Points Win WMI Loop Scoring Title John "Junior" Eversole, Allegany High School forward! picked up the Western Maryland Intel-scholastic Basketball League individual scoring title with 171 points in ten games for a 17.1 average. Eversole, who waged a stirring battle with Barton's Sonny Kyle and Fort Hill's John Poling throughout most of the season, netted 68 field goals and hit for 35 of 60 free The three top teams of the Wes- j throws. Cumberland Mountain Top No. 1 ... 10 FTostburg S Mountain Top No. 2 .... 4 La Vale 3 Avilton 0 10 n .846 .763 .385 .000 RACKET STARS MEET — Tony Trabert, third-' ranking American tennis player from Cincinnati, O., who is now a seaman recruit stationed at Bainbridge,,Md., is on hand as spectator to watch Mrs. Nancy Chaffee Kiner (left) and Mrs. Pat Canning Todd (right) battle it out for women's championship at National Indoor Tennis matches in New. York yesterday. Mrs. Kiner easily downed second-seeded Mrs. Todd, 6-1, 6-0, to win her third straight crown. him a good six Iceland got open And yesterday Dayton pulled its to receive the pass from a team-[sixteenth straight victory out of the fire with an 82-80 decision over Xavier of Cincinnati in the closing seconds. Season's Top Crowd Sees Clowns Defeat Spas, 44-3 6 By J. SUTER KEGG Evening Times Sports Editor The days of defensive basketball are not over. The New York Broadway Colored Clowns proved this, much to the chagrin of the Cumberland Spas, before a packed turnout of 950 paying customers last night at the SS. Peter and Paul gym. The Spas were held to one of the lowest scores made by a Cumberland club since the professional hardwood sport was revived "here at the end of World War II, the Clowns winning 44 to 36. The Spas, in suffering their third defeat in eight games, were limited to 13 field goals by the ever-pressing invaders. mate. "This year lip hacked Mickey Zcrnlch across the hand so hard thai Mickey still has SL couple fingers bandaged. Yet we have donn nothing to retaliate, even though Workman docs claim our hoys treated him without kid gloves." Clowns Control Ball True, the locals had a miserable shooting night, before the season's" largest crowd, finishing with a .206 percentage from the floor, but their failure was due in a large measure to the tactics employed by the Clowns. The Clowns controlled both boards, thereby forcing the Spas to play their game. When the Spas did get the bail, they found themselves covered like calcimine. In fact, the Clowns forced the local pros to ditch their weaving eight- formation and the Spas were helplessly trapped either on the outside or in the corners like lions in a cage. This wouldn't have been too much of a handicap had the Spas been 'on" in their shooting, but "Lady making 19 field goals in 76 attempts for a sub-par .250 percentage. They seemed 'content to conserve their energy for defense by playing a slow control game when they had possession. The Clowns employed many tricks from the repertoire of the Harlem Globetrotters when the contest developed into an exhibition in the last several minutes of play. "Ace" McNeelie, who was the Clowns' leading scorer with 11 points, climaxed the shenanigans by spinning the ball on his finger tip and keeping it revolving with the other hand. Also emptied from the Clowns' bag of tricks was ' the hidden ball by the pivot man. The Spas were just as confused as the spectators when the ball wound up under the jersey of the pivot man. Appearing in Clowns' lineup was Jimmy Atkins, former start with the Altoona Flyers in the All-American League who had played here on a number of previous occasions. At halftime, King Tut put on a clowning show with Eddie Powelson, Calvary Methodist Church League eager. Luck" seemed to turn her head the Eddie beat, the famous clown at other way every time the locals j n ' s own game In shooting trick shots, once making one while shooting backward over his head. The fired away. There -was one exception, however, Jimmy Clevenger experiencing a good night by raging lineups seven field goals in H attempts, j j^™* most of them from the outside. | eleven Dull Game Results | g">';^ Hadn't it been for Clevenger. the I ?"'• * Seniors Boost |City Bowling Lead i The Club seniors swept their match with Tommy's yesterday to! final score would have been more i ston" ° ba " Sh ' c West Virginia and Washington increase their lead to eight games in humiliating, and Lee meet this coming Saturday | the Men's City Bowline League as Consequently, an uninteresting night at Morgantown in a return game. Prior to the incident at Lex- second-place Club Juniors won two offensive game resulted, although of three games from Pcsi-Cola. the Clowns enlivened the contest in ington, there was little interest inj The Diamonds won three from:spots with their fancy ball-handling the W. & L. battle, but WVU offi- Savoy Juniors and Savoy Seniors j and free-wheeling movements. defeated HarbauglTs. 2-1. The Spas jumped away to a 4-0 Comer, f ---Totals .. CLOWNS McNeelie, f . Johnson, f .. Thompson, c Morl.ln. g . . . Scaly. R . .,'. Dumpson, f . Atkins. E. . .. Totals clals now report a sellout. Everyone seems to be looking forward to Saturday's game—everyone, thnt is, except Van Roby. The local whistle-tooter has been assigned to i Juniors. 443; Ike Law. Club Juniors, | when Bob Pence meshed one of txvo| SPAS . officiate and he is not too happy 1187; Charles Otticro, Pepsi-Cola, 176-! fouls. The quarter ended with thpj r ' n ^"^ fi about the possibility of the "fur; 475; Joe LaGratta. Diamond, 464; j visitors on the long end of a 12 to' n. . .1 n . n 2 n l o .13 G S 4 5 'l n t High scorers were Bob Clay. Tom- lend on a couple of eye-popping my's, 168-424; Joe Felton, Club Sen-;goals by Clevenger, but. didn't score iors, 206-498: Cecil Grimes, Club! again until midway in the period I Score by periods": All. If, H 5 * 13 3 Alt. IS a 19 M 9 S r, r. .1-7 1-1 n-n o-o 3-3 2-2 o-o o-i 10-iS p. 1-2 1-3 o-n 2-2 2-3 0-1 0-0 1 2 n i 4 a i o 9 P.F. 1 3 3 4 1 0 2 Team Total Also firing: F. Poland 240. MOUNTAIN TOP NOi 1 E. E. Michael..loo 49 46 W..W. White..100 4!) 48 G. L. Porter. ..99 48 49 C. E. Miller... 97 47 43 Team Totfll Also firing: C. Calhoun 264. Rice Assists Wilt In Beating His Own Mark NEW YORK —W)— George Bice, whose indoor two-mile record stood for nine years, helped coach Fred Wilt to a new mark of 8:50.7 and today was planning to coax Horace Ashenfelter into an assault on Flying Freddie's effort. The diminutive former Notre Dame star set his record of 8:51 in 1943, and was on hand to watch Wilt shatter it. Now he thinks he can tutor Ashenfelter into a second record in two. weeks—a large order considering that his own standard was on the books nearly a decade. "My record isn't safe," said Wilt sadly. "Rice is planning Ashenfelter an 8:49 schedule for next Saturday's Knights of Columbus games." No matter what Ashenfelter doesi H - K " Edwards "8 in the future, Wilt's effort was a tremendous one and had the crowd tern Maryland Rifle League continued to set the pace by destroying their opposition in the fifteenth match of the indoor series firea | yesterday afternoon at Bowman's j Addition and Grantsville. Cumber- i land disposed of Frostburg, 11211081, at Bowman's Additidii. Paul Nycum and Harry Ranker headed the Queen City crew' with individual totals of 284 points each. Arthur Hoffa posted best score of 283 for the losers. At Grantsville, Mountain Top No. 1 rolled over La Vale, 1124 to 1067. Mountain Top's high tally and best for the meet was Ed Michael's 289. Albert Morgan's 269 topped the LaVale list. Fort Hill beat a short Avilton He regained the sad last Monday rom Kyle, 126125, and pushed Poling, in third place only two points behind Mullaney, has only one more contest in which he can try to overhaul the twin-scorinp punch of LaSalle. Eversole, with a 14.4 season's scoring average, is in fourth place only two points behind Poling, but like the Sentinel center has only the game with Westmont Saturday team, 1126 to 526, also at Grantsville. Frank Simpson's 284 was best for the winners. Mountain Top No. 2 team was not scheduled. The scores: CUMBERLAND Prone Sit Kneel Stand Total P. H. Nycum .-100 H. E. Ranker 99 J. A. McGulrc 100 C. P. Pulk ....100 45 48 49 48 47 49 41 87 85 284 284 277 276 Team Total 1121 Also firing: H. Robertson 274, L. Leasure 270, H. Rose 229. FROSTBUKG A. 6. Hoffa ..100 48 48 87 583 H. Morgan ...100 45 42 84 371 W. C. Hltchlns 99 45 43 81 268 W. W. Morley 90 43 44 73 259 .1081 94 91 83 81 279 268 LAVALE A. H. Morcan L. P. Ford--. E. T. Emmart. 99 J. S. Kerr 100 99 96 46 47 46 48 41 •J4 43 43 83 81 77 74 Team Total 269 268 265 265 .1067 FORT HILL G. F. Simpson inn N. o. White.. .ion J.O. Spitznogle 100 1. Grosh 96 47 48 46 sn 47 46 44 88 89 90 284 283 283 276 Team Total 1126 Also tiring: M- Shumaker 274, H. Lynch 272, J. Rich 263. AVILTON T. W. HCtZ.!.. 97 45 •78 76 266 2BO Team Total {26 of 11,000 watching the IC4-A games Tfcollf'Hl^ T^O in Madison Square Garden yelling •"" J -'.'- c * 1 - 0 A " itself hoarse. Flying Freddie, who usually gets beaten at the mile distance by Don Gehrmann. always has -been a great favorite with the spectators. Gehrmann= had to lake a backi seat, and was so shocked at being beaten by Reggie Pearman in a special half mile that he immediately signed up for the 880 in the Knights of Columbus meet. John Eversole The Sentinels' Poling edged Kyle with a 37-point-two game showing last week, 153-152, for the runner- up spot. "Sonny" could hit for only 27 markers in contests against Fort Hill and Beall. Erwin "Doc" Berry, Bruce High guard, captured the league's foul shooting crown by hooping 39 of 50 charity tosses for a high .750 mark. Allegany's Hcrbie Howe had 21 of 26 chances for a .808 showing. The new champions, Allegany, in stepping off ten wins without a loss, averaged 59.2 markers a game while limiting the opposition to a 46.1 score. Locally LaSalle's Paul Ackerman and Marty Mullaney have the inside track on the city title with three more games remaining on the Explorers' schedule. Three Games Left Ackerman, although third In average-per-game with a 12.9 mark, is heading the scoring parade with 284 tallies in 22 contests. Mullaney is in second with 278 tallies in the same number of tilts. n 45,, markers in Jin which to add to his total, .wo games during j i n the Mineral County High :he week to walk j school Basketball League, Ridgeley . away with the experienced one of its worst show- eroxvn. Last year, ings in years by finishing last. The Tichnell of Bar-JBlackhawks accounted for only one victory in eight games, but Ronnie Abe, string-bean center, came through as individual high scorer by swishing in 150 tallies in seven games, nipping Keyser's Neil Leary" by nine points. Abe's per-game average of 21.7 also topped Leary's 17.6. Leary finished first in foul-shooting average (Continued on Page 7) t o n, had 175 • points in ten contests to annex the title. Frostburg Church Basket Playoffs To Open Tonight First rounds of the Frostburg Church Basketball League playoffs begin tonight at the Beall High School gym with Frostburg Methodist and Congregational meeting ia the opener at 7:30, English Baptist and St. Paul'i Lutheran play the nightcap at 8:30. Winners of tonight's games will play in the finals Thursday, beginning at 8:15. The losers clash in the consolation tussle at 7:15. Game officials are Jake Carrington, Don Rice and Cliff Fearer, Harry Lennox Js timer and Enordo "Moose" Arnone scorekeeper. OUTPULLS OTHER LEADING BRANDS thi new B. F. Goodrich tMKf tf lift Wnn Shepherd Tonight Frostburg State Teachers cagers journey to Shepherdstown, W. Va., j to play Shepherd College in a "Sam j Berry Night" celebration by the host I / school. | Tlie game is in honor of the; Rams' senior forward who has scor- i 1,778 points during his four sea. , Pearman beat Gehrmann at hls !fon|. of varsity competition He will own game—coming from behind— and reeled off the fastest 880 ever on an 11-lap track, ^51.3. j be honored during intermission. j A native of Wheeling, W. Va., he; j holds seven WVIC records as a re-j Two defender., repeated. Fred! 51 " 1 of « «-P°lnt scoring splurge in Dwyer of Villanova won the mile in 4:13, and Dick Shea of Army took 1 the two-mile in 9:11. Little John O'Connell of Manhattan, which won the team title with n|40!i points, turned in the top in"i dividual performance by winning — 71 the 60-yard in 6.2, tying the Ej 2 i meet record. — Q t - . ; «. 3 « Malhias High Cagers ~ "jTrim Franklin, 66-48 I a game last season. FIVE VEAKS AGO— Robert W. Vnldls was n;unrd head foolhnll coach al Nnrfh- wr-ilrrn University. jncrrrdlrtK Lynn XVal- dnrt. BARNARD'S inning CLEATS an entirely new principle In tractor tire design Our Farm Tire SERVICE is As Near As Your Telephone! ALL SIZES IN STOCK NOW! B.F.Goodrioh >"-• vfe ""^y B.F.Good«ch / Centre MATHIAS, W. Va.-Junior Dove; = dumped in 29 points here Friday 76 6-11 13 2 i night to give Mathias a 66-48 vic- — jtory and a split in the series with Franklin High. Wimer, Koontz. 10 20 ss-36 Lambert and Hammer scored all hut ~ _ cavannh four of the losers' tallies. i SERVICE STATION | 684 Orient Stntt ~ Batteries Charged i In 1 Hour C1 Aft ~ For Only $ f lUU = Phone 6741 nimimn flying." West Vircinia, in spile of plnyinjj at home, will probably not seek revenge for the damage done to Workman, as the per- nonablc "Red" Brown rtoes not advocate that type of play. But, it's hard to tell about the upectators. Frank Hitc, Savoy Juniors. 202-472; Tom DentinRer, Savoy Seniors, 239; 10 count. Five straight points by Pence 11 Babe And Bcssclink O.scar Leasure, Savoy Seniors. 573; i enabled the Spas' to tic the score i n Two-Ball Tourney Fred Cimmino, Harbaugh's. 188-475.: with a minute and 30 seconds re-j ORLANDO, Pla. - flNS) — Babe The standincs: Basketball creatures. w. Club Seniors 41 Club Juniors 33 Savoy Srnior.i 33 Diamond 32 Hnrhaueh's 21 Psp.M Cnla 20 j t-AX-ny Juniors 19 fans can be strange Tommys s i.. 10 in rri. ,H(H in .in 31 32 45 Starker Gets Chance i Burke Plays II Safe To Win Texas Tounicv maininp in the second stanza, butiZaharias, of Tampa, Pla.. wa.? prais- field goals by Bobby Thompson andi ed today by her golf partner. A! Curtis Johnson gave the Broadway jBesselink, of Mcrchantville, N. J.. .62-, j bouncers a 24-20 advantage at half-! for sealing the mixed two-ball ; 4I ^timp. The Spas never caught up: tournament at Orlando with a 14.332 j again, with the Clowns boasting a; foot putt on the 36th hole. ]^i37-28 margin going into the final i That gave Mrs. Zaharias and Bes- frame. Clowns Conserve Energy The New Yorkers showed nothing'Mont., and Dick Chapman, of Pine- dazziing In the way of shooting.' hurst, N. C. selink a one-up victory yesterday over Edean Anderson, of Helena, HOUSTON. Tex.— i/P> —All little! "Skeets" Starkey will have an op- portunitv to make some faces red, . , V " r- i , r i OIK • ~ Jack Buvke Jr., needed was to play- when he fights La!a Sataotin in ?,n H J night at eight-rounder tomorrow Pittsburgh's Flamingo Arena. The Wiley Ford slugger will be on the short end of the odds against the classy Sabotin. but "Skccts" has a powerful punch and can be dangerous. A story in yesterday's Pittsburgh Press brands Starkry a- s * nonentity on defense. Says the Pre.-xs: "Skrc's S'arkcy, the transplanted Cumberland fistic product who now lives in Braridock. never has bothered to learn the defensive side o! the game. All he knows how to do is hit—and he usually gets hit plenty in doing it. "He'll be meeting a better rounded fighter. Lala Sabotin of Warren, O., in the top eight but even Sabotin prefers a slugging match." "One of the most highly- touted of the young light- heavywcights, the Ohio lad has lost only one bout in his pro career—a highly disputed split (Continued on Page 7) it safe to win the 310,000 Houston Open golf tournament—and he did. The 29-year-old son of an old timr, 'Houston golf professional yes-1 terday turned in an even par 72! for a 72 hole total of 277 and $2,000 first money. It was his second' tournament victory in as many weeks. His first was the Texas Open at San Antonio. Amntrur Frank Stranahan camp in second on thr Scoreboard with a 71 that cave him a 283 total. Bring it "Home 1 /or Service ST. 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