The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana on April 16, 1930 · Page 3
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The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana · Page 3

Tipton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 16, 1930
Page 3
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lOOK IT TO BUHD HER UP Strengthened by Lydia E. Pinkham'a Vegetable Compound Cv.::: Ross of Ekin in whose honor the' dinner )was given.; Other guests were Mr. and Mrs. 'Will Ross and j family, Mr. and Mrs> Arthur Wil- "hiams and daughter Barbara Ann of Tipton, Mrs. Dora Robbing and son Fred, Mr. and Mrs.. Tom Baker and daughter Lou and Mr. and •Mrs. Loyal Hall 6f Sheridan,-Mr. and Mrs. John May or Evanston, II., and Mr. and Mrs. Will Butler of Arcadia and Mrs. "Will Holman. rM":.rvd McNew of Elwood and \V.-!t"r MoNcw of Strawtown vis- '!"•• Sunday with their uncle, L.' cr M: N'ew and brothers, Leo p-nd Cloo. Martha Kaufiraan wlio has |c-:: c:y:plp"cd in Ohio tor the r'. fsv.- months returned home lay evening. Lf.;ii3r guests of Mr. and Mrs. W.'l! I'smscy .of Albright were Mr. r.r.ri Mrs. James Helton sons Courtney and Reischer • and daughter Betty of Brazil, Mrs: EIniirfce- Mohler of Kokomo, .MrJ and Mrs. Claude Gilispie and -. ijimo Gagnier of Tipton. Supper Shirl Essi.. and daughter Eve- 'quests were Mr.. and Mrs. Jack ly:"i. .Mrs. Maude Steckie and son, ;Honnold of, Atlanta.. C!;ak Max, C. P. Essie and Miss' Mr. and Mrs. Paul Jones of Eva Essig were Sunday'guests of j Mnncie were week end guests <it Mr. and Mrs. Will Essig and fam- j Mr. and Mrs. Ulysses Phifer and ily of Cicero.- ; family. Mrs. Mattlc Ciiok and souses Sunday dinner guests of Mrs. Shirl, Lester and Fred and \JMary Calhoun were Mr. andMrs. daughter Alice were Sunday din-VLeonard Lear and Mrs. John ner gtwsts'of Mr. and Mrs. Ber-^Stoops of Anderson, Mrs. Robert ~nfe Cook "of Tiptjoii. Other guests jHarbit'and so^i Otto and Miss were Mr, and Mrs. Roy Cook of,Grace Martin ofsLafayette and that place. ! Hay Calhoun of Alexandria. Mrs. Elizabeth Stillweir-return- \ Mr. and Mrs. Perry Ramsey ed to her home_ here Saturday, j and daughter, Bernice of North after having (spent the winter . West street of Tipton were Sun- ••v.-iih her son, Carl Stillweil and,day six o'clock dinner guests -jf family" of Gary arid other rela-Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Ramsey and tives in Chicago. . ; family. • Mr. and Mrs. Maynard Teal j Mrs. India Krug who has been were Friday supper guests of • working on the enumeration for Teal's paronid,, Mr. and Mrs. the census, in Atlanta finished La Junta, Colo.—"After my little daughter was born, one of my neighbors ] persuaded me to try Lydia E.Pink- liam's Vegetable Compound to build me up. The first, bottle made quite a change in me. I got an appetite and can sleep muA better, I am not so nervous as I was. I have six children and do all my own work.' I can do so much rr.orc now than I could •when I began taking the Vegetable Compound and I shall certainly recommend j'our medicine whenever 1 have ariojiportunitv."— MRS. JOHN OSHOKX, -K-f*2, Uox2IG, La'Junta, Colorado. ATLA XTA-ALUHH JUT. rraak,' Bran::: of Xohlesvlll-s. Mr., asd Mr:;. Elmer. Reisinger of Indianapolis were Sunday dinner guesir, of Dan Achenbach, Mrs. Pearl Cox and son Thomas.! Mrs. Austin Mr.-and' Mrs. A. G. Kauffman ; family, ppent Sunday with ?.I'r. and Mrs. J Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Durr and .Wax KeesMr^ a::d rjn Hilly and Uon. John William were, Sunday •?«r. and M.-rf'. Ed Cale and son, i —.jests of Mr. and Mrs. "|Vill Teal the work Friday evening. '.'Mr. and Mrs."Bert Thateheij and son Kenneth of Windfall were Sunday guests of Mr. and Collingwood and AJlen En: on.' 1 of Kokomo. Mr. and lirs. George Snyder of Albright commuuitv^.rlsited Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Dave McGuire. .' Mr. and Mrs. Jack Hounold, and Mr. and Mrs. Iris Honnoid attended a birthday dinner Sunday at the home of Mrs. L. H. and- daughter Elizabeth.} Sunday dinner guesti of Mr. ind Mrs. Roy Miller and family were': Mrs. Floyd Woods' an--' 'V.mily and Clint Woods of Tip- ten.' i , ' I dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. Clinton McNew and fanily were Mr. and Mrs. Sylves- masking Proof ••" ofgwMfcsf value All motordom saw the amazing remits of Challenger week. The New E«ex Challenger set outstanding marks in every locality. It climbed hills seldom attempted by any car. It set new marks.for acceleration. It established economy results never before associated with such performance. These feats were established«- not by |nst a te^ handpiclsed specially tuned cars-but 5 .000 Essex Challengers in attfara of the country; many of them owneHbiven. Results speak for what every New Essex Challenger can do. ' We continue our invitation, Ride -mUde,, ••• Ride! Know yourself what this brUham ! New Eases Challenger can do. Then no lesser car can satisfy. '735 !ZJ*i2S&2 t. «.». Annan ' •*' i 'ff*# , ^*f I SERVICE MO \ sirs. Irja and Mrs. Eddie ter Rood, Mr. and Mrs. Gayl Rood and Frank Tunis of Kokomo., Aftj- ernoon guests were Ruby : Major and son Merrel Lee and Jack Rushton. 'I Mr. and Mrs. John Leonard were Indianapolis' visitors Friday. Miss Alice Cook was the week end guest of Mr. and Mrs. Ray Cook of Tipton. / • jil Mr. and Mrs. Loren. Phifer and son Loren Jr., of Tipton visited Monday with Mr. and Mrs. Ulyses Phifer" and family. j Miss Lavonne. Bozell near Tipton entertaiiieu" at a birthday supper Saturday evening : ill honor of -Russell Phifer of Atlanta. Other guests were. .Mr. and Mrs." Alva Holman, Mr. and Mrs. George Fozell and Mr. and Paul Jones of Muncie. Mrs. BertBeatty of Sharpsvi}l]e returned Home after a weeks visjt With her sister, Mrs. Mary Calhoun o' /Atlanta. j Rev. and Mrs. B. C. Eirlhart, entertained Mr. and Mrs. Bowman and Mr Dick and family of Bet'hldham Wednesday evening, a. fine soch.l evening was spent. Refreshments of ice-cream ar/1 cake was served during the evening. Rev. and Mrs. B. C. Earlham and son, ' were Sunday.' dinner guests of. Mr. and Mrs. Delt Bouse of Albright community and supper guests of Mr. and Mrs. D. B Zimmerman of Cicero. ! i Mr: and Mrs. F i rank Lane of Kokomo, were Sunday eveniiig guests of Mr. and Mrs. E. B. Lane. . Mr. and Mrs. Garland Mundel! and Elwood Mundell of Indianapolis, .were Sunday guests of Mr. and Mrs. John-Mundell. ' f. , Mr. and Mrs. Victor Dunn veiled Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Julius of Elwood. j Mr. and Mrs. Everett Hrn^s left for Rochester Saturday where they will live for {he summer. • f Mrs. Chas. Murphy, who lias been confined to. her home for several day* with an acute coir is some what improved at this time. Mrs. Lee Gasho who has been ill with -:old and complicatiou: for the past \*. eek is; sUnvly in: proving. I Robert McCarty who advertised for an estrayed heifer found the animal dead in an open ditch. It had become fast in the quick sand and mud and being unable B extract her self died. They had * - • ' I ' hunted since. Thursday and as they could find no traces of• hjdr decided she had estrayed or wais stolen and on trying to extricate another heifer, who was fast jiti the mud by its hind legs, discdv- ed the missing one dead near thlc same place. Miss Daisy Barker entertained the following guests at! a quilting party Monday, Mrar Hattie Staubro. of Noblesville, Mrs. Jessie Smeltzer and sons ^Chas. Daniel, Ivan and Richard and daughter, Mardell of near Tipton, Mi|. Chas. Gasho and daughter, Edna. Mrs. John Barker and daughter, Ruth, Mrs. Roy Shirk arid son, Bobby 1 of Albright and pora Shirk of Atlanta. Mr. and Mrs. Shirk of Atlanta. ', Mr. and Mrs.. Roy Cook •>! Tipton were Saturday evening guests of Mrs. Mattie Cook ' and family. • i |i Mr. and Mrs. Ed Lane and THE TIPTpN DfILT TRIBUNE |*ere least injured are able to at. lend school, i Elmo Gustin, driver of the-car has called several Bn the injured girlsj and is| sorry indeed-for the accident. Mr. Gus -r ^in's car was damaged to the extent ot J75.00 and lit being'a ne\ x:ar unfortunately foV him the |ih- surance had;not been transferred iHe will also, pay for damages pchool hack. • j • ; -j- I Sunday dinner Ike nd Mrs_ guests of Paul | «rere Mr, 1 Mrs. Irvin Orr and json Bobby Indianapolis: Mrs. prr anjd jrenpajned oyer for a week's visii jwith Mrs. Paul aridotherj r^la ,^ives Sunday afternoon |guest^ fwere Mrs. Ethyl Meridenhall an|;" Miss Nellie Mendenhall of j ero. ' ; M -1 Mr and of SO!) Gicl : ! Mr. and Mrs. John pcott yjsi- jit'ed Sunday with tlieir son - and j;iamily, Mr. and ilrs. Frejderliclt Scott of Anderson. Mrs. Emery Dickey of Arcadiii. returned from Auburn Wednesday evening where they visited with Mr. and Mrs. Russell Riden our and family. j Ed Leonard returne^l to Pendleton after spending the - week end at his home here. Mrs.. Leonard motored'with him to Pendleton and returned 1 Monday'mo mg.. Mrs. Chas. Bobby J of Stafford and Ifillersburg irn- • 1 Thursday guests of Mr. and-Mra. Sam Stafford and family. Mrs. 'Lena Franks,, Mrs. Corft Paul and.Mrs. Bernice Orr of In- were Tipton vfsftori dianapolis Monday. Miss Thelma Lively and/ VUm Gladys Smith who. were injured In the school hack which was "if a collision with an automobile ; oi, last "Tuesday, morning whilejeE|W. rou(e to Omega school are • ' proving, though girls-have Seen' neltVer df to at school yet. Mta Spl'th" v^i en to< tlw'school ^",to\. Mrs. Jessie Long is visitin a' the home of Mr; and, Mrs. WiP |rartman of Ndblgsyiile wi:h.h^r daughter Betty Long who ha? hbf f i ' ! i . I I Ween feeling, so well j since lapj ^Vednesday. | . . j j ! J» j./( i| Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Ehmaji and Mr. and Mrs. Wesljy Rodei '•^k, visited in the lliome of -Mri; iEmma Waifs, deceBtsed:'of Kokc, mo, Saturday, Mrs! I Walls : beihj* the sister of Mr. Roderick. They' also attended thelifuneral serv- ' i ! r i- I •' |. ices which were held in Arcadia Sunday. IT Dellinger. -'Sunday afternoon guests were Mir: • and M rs. | Elmo Gustin, of ElWjOod; land Mr. and Mrs. Fred Brunson and daughter of Tipton." ' •• • | !i ; •; !l •.• .j! •! Mr: and Mrs. Joh!n Scott: were Indianapolis visitors Tuesday. Mrs-.' Maude Steckel was a Tipton visitor Monday, j ; : . .'I'! :• Sunday dinner tguests of i. Mr. and Mrs. Pete I lEhman, ditj Albright,'were Mr. and Mrs. jlAsher Crawford and Mr. and Mrs.'Lester; like, and family,'east pfi Atlanta^ '" • '" ' I -Li ' ;i! 1 ^ . ' : ill I ' . The ; Sunday i dinner guest, of IMrs. Ida Mrs. Nancy Wi Brown , aritl Elizabeth Jordan -was Mrs. .ill. Teeters, of-. Sheridan and 1 , evening guests' werejj John Afternoon Grahanf, of Tipton, and Mjr.|and Mrs. Thomas R.NBrown, ofji Area dia. Mrs.{Emma Hayworth and Mrs. Lucy Reynolds| of Arcadia; i were Kokomo. visitors ii Friday. j Martha Kaufman'was a Monday Mrs. iinher;! guest of .Mr. and Ceorge!' Phillips, of Arcadi'aL Mr. and ;Mrs. John Leonard were Arcadia visitor.-? Wednesday evening. j ! Virginia Haugh.iof Indian'app- l:r.. is' assisting in the cook'th?. at the'Hunter & Ball restaurant. Sunday dinner guests of Mr; and Mrs. Carry En'dicott and family were Mr. at<l &frs. WilljKemp- nr and family, of; Sbarpsville, and Mrs.j Laura Duncan land Miss Lelia Duncan. [Mount, of Georgia Mrs. Will iDawson; of the Berry- at thir Jnan pike was the [Thursday <jlin- tier guest of her mother,' Mrs. |Nancy W. Brown. Mrs. Brbwri ^iB •' •• ' i I ; I '' .very much improved in (health Ijsihce last reporting], i. .| J ! Mr. and Mrs] Elmer Thomar were Sunday afternoon guests of Mr. arid [Mrs. Audrey Whetstone qf| Elwood. ' Dohald, Milton, ij Merrill and Charles Hughes, s Mrs. O. A, Hughesj are suffering with the chickeiipox time. . ;j . Mr. and Mrs. Chdslie >awfordsville : visited :-nd Sunday with Dr. C. C. Ray ."ind Mrs. Ray. Dr. Ray jwho |ir luite ill with nervous disoijde'rl nnd complications is no better at) ihis time. ;• ! | . iMrs. ; Ray Wiggins wh6 >e'en ill for the past week with [cute cold is better at this Urn 4, Mr. and Mrs. George cjoenrah; ,of New Hope were)Sunday) af|ter- ' N Ray i of Saturday hap in] Lewis | grand were Sun- and. I of Ar- nooh guests of R'ey. and Mrs E. Hughes of near ;:Pendle|on.[ Mr. arid Mrs. Arthur daughter Helen Jean and son, Denzil Lewis, [jr. dajts dinner guests'* j of • Mr. Mrs. .Earl Scott and 1 family' icadia. | I -Mr. and Mrs. Leo • Becker and daughter Barbara Jpan of. 31 wood ;vere Sunday) dinnerj guestsi|Of JMi;. ind Mrs. James Leach. . ,, j Mr. and Mrs. Iy)an Jord; Indianapolis [ and Miss an of Isab'eile Jordan of Arcadia,: spent Monday] evening [with their mother, Mrs. Elizabeth Jordan. j |i ' Miss Ruby Thomas of Iridian- jipolis waSj the* week end guest of her parents, |Mr. and[ Mrs.| Elmer Thomas. . j '. '' ' j :. Mrs. A. Leigh and son j Junior md the Misses Sarah and Jimmic [lories, of Marion,- [ were Sunday ruests of Mrs. Ella Piejce. i Hope Wiggins returned i tq ; chool Tuesday after being < ab) pnt since Thursday with a casti iif chickenpox. i; :' Mr. and Mrs. Ben Gifford andj •ons John and Billy,- of Kokomo, 'isited Saturday night and-Sun- iay with John Gifford'and daughters Emma and Rena. / - j i Sunday guests of | Mr. and Mrs. Claude Lively and daughter ThelJ daughj Mariej cia, were John Lively and 'ter Vivian and Lottie andj his bed for the acute cold and is still, quite ill Mr. and Mrs. Frank. L Miss Goldie js. visiting with her mother, Mrs. Mary Mount. Anthony Yaritis_, of the Albright community, has been confined to past week with an complications He where our audiences get out of their chairs . TH IS class-room picture shows the demonstration which proves de$nitety that New Iso-Vis .does not "break down" in the automobile craokcase. Kokomo, were guests of Mr. Sowers. : The [Albrigh ,aine, of the Sunday [dinner and Mrs. George congregation will i hold their Easter pag.eant Friday evening, commencing at|j |7:30 i o'clock.-' Everyjbo'dy invited. "' M. IE. Church [ Notes: L.)jF.Ul- mer, pastor. Sunday school, 9:30 a. m., iM. A. Steckel.- superintendent, j Easter message, 10)[:p0 ]a m., 1 subject, "Scenes Along the Way." j The baccalaureate sermon will be delivered by the pastor at I lie 7:30 serviceffi sub'oct, "God's Call for a Man."' ( ']. j ' ! Prayer services Thursday^ -7;30: p. m. jThe pastor;desires.a lar! cumber present at|this service ^ Send the ' children to Junior League Thursday, j 7:30 ; p. |m. i. Choir practice Thursday F DR SEVERAL WEEKS we have been demonstrating New/ Iso-Vis Motor Oil in our laboratory lecture room to groups of engineers and others. One of the experiments made is this: A quart of "usedT Iso-Vis oil that has gone hundreds of miles in the crankcase of a car—is strained through a special filter. In goes the used {oil, black with road dust and crankcase [dirt a; And then our audience generally gets 'to its feet in astonishment. For omt cfthe filter comes a quart of oil that is exactly the - same as if it bad come from the rejuury. Not just the same clear amber color but the same {heavy body,< the same oilioess, the same lubricating quality! SEB THE BALL AND BOTTLE TEST at any Standard Oil; Service Station. The more, "body" an oil has, the" slower the little ball falls tn-ithe tube. Notice the difference between used- Iso-Vis and any. other oil drained from the crankcase. Iso-Vis does not thin out in your motor. Before their eyes Oil does not "thin is the unmistakable, dramatic proof that New Iso-Vis Motor put" or break down. :'/. p. in'. A special program 8:1a I. J is being [[arranged, arid I lit is necessary for [(all members of the choir to be present. | j \\ \ < Rev and Mrs.tjlmer, who had v I • I ' 1' ' 'I 1 been visiting relatives ini[ New Paris, 0-, returnedj home Thursday- Billy Akledsj "'the Eraridsor. ' ': • I i • ; ' ' " !l! ' accompanied them home for a few weeks' I visit. ' 1 ! . j i • More than 1251,;persons gathered at a surprise pitch-in dinner at the M. E. church basement Sunday noon, in honor of the pastor and his wife^ -^ho . were returned j by the conference at! Hartford City for another year! • Welcome addresses [were givjen by Claude Cochran, M; A. Steckel and Rev: Robert Kendall, pastor iof the Wesleyan church): Responses were by 'JRevJ and Mrs.^lmir> j| Music was) furnished by the Kendall Sisters and was much; [appreciated by those present. ; The 'day was \ a pleasant one for all? who; attended. Wesleyan Church Notes:; Rev.) W. i Kendall, pastor 1 . The i revival meetings that have: been in progress for the past three i weeks at the Wesleyan church, closed Sun- dayijevening. The) past i week the ministerial conference I was in session: Much interest was taken • u . • • .j !• n •. •. : H .. i in the meetings, 1 with many out of town visitors jeach evening. The; church I was enriched, spiritually andl] although tlie congregation |is ' New Ptlarmt is. ais* agisted by tmr new routing frpcessei— ghingit sm efficiency tcbicb it exceeded *nly by New ls»-Vis. The price is& cemtsl However, it must be changed at reasonable intervals to { get rid of the dirt it accumulates in the crankcase. TryNewIso-Vistoday.Youcangethat Standard Oil dealer or service station; s quart. nHotor 6Mr* Crajvens, -of Broad Ripple', r END TO OFFICIAL FETES. Berl and JMiss, Gwendolyn Cravens, of| Indianapolis. NEW LANCASTER. : Capital Turns To Prospect Hoover Outdoor Purties. Of Bible sihcol at -9:30; .-morning- service, 10:30. ' | Mr. and Mrs. Fred Paul, of W'ashington.l April 14'.—President and : Mrs. Hoover, it is understood, have practically decided' to forego the remainder of the official irOiL&t^ AH X fuSSna, period officially ended last TuesJay interest immediately centered in the "|\'liite House decision with respect to the postponed formal functions. While no announcement has bpen made and probably none ! will b)e forthcoming, it is believed Atlanta, wore Sunday guests; program for receptions and din- near of Mr. and Mrs. Nolari Ray;) - Mrs. Elmer Myerly, of, Tipton, Miss Minnie Lamm, of this'place, Mrs. J. O. Heflin, of Joliet, Ill- were Tuesday guests of Mr..and Mrs. Merrill Foland, of Elwc6d. ' Mr. and Mrs. George Myerly en- Su.ii- and Mrs: La'e tertained several friends- at. day) dinner. They were Mr. Mrs. jsammie Jud'ay, Mi-, and Oakley Hughes, Mr. and Mrs. Myerly, Mr. and Mrs. Cordova Ju day! Mr. and~Mrs. Owen-Beesori, Mr.fand Mrs. Leeson Jackson] Mr. and! Mrs. Faulty Yarliner. :: ; • '"iMr. and Mrs. Shirl Brunson that scheduled for the White Hojifee in the-formal season 1!),'29- 30,'!twipe • poistponed because - of olficial mourning' observance. i fetes plating some outdoor fetes later in thit i?pring season. ThAir engagements in the eirly spring do not confine the President [ind Mrs. Hoover to informal alone. While President The uncompleted portion'of the I n ao v;r thus far has steadfastly refusnd to re-establish the custom were Mrs. 'and havei 1M they received on. No durin not )ia large one. much enthusiasm tib carry newl members were: added the jmeetings, but; much, good seed hat;been sown that may yield later harvest. . • |. .jlj :.|r-'"-' | Christian ChurcA] Notes ^l Revr Austin Smith, pastor. [ Revival ineetlnga will continue: through out|the ^eek.:: Thpre haBJbeen|a good attendance each • evening |»h4e will be no ^rviceBjisatur. " iIaureai $?^rycea ^4"lN:i «iH Sunday guests of M'rl Cyrus Ray. Miss Esther Yarling apent Sunday! with Mr.- and Mrs. Ott Etchison, of Arcadia. ; i : Mrs'. J. O. Heflin: of Joli-.tJ III.. and Miss Minnie Lamm, .of: i this place; were Friday -guests of iMrs. Elmer Myerly, -of Tipion: • •>.: Mrs.- Dallice Haskett and; family, |of tUs place, Mr.' and": iMrs. Glenn Dellinger, of \DeKalb,| 111., werej Sunday guests of Mr. rand social program;is made up almost! entirely of the! "extra" functions j the incumbents of the White] House attached to the usual pro-) gram of dinners, and -receptions j siven in the executive mansion i !each-season. These were tjie five: additional- receptions, four of which were to be given in honor. of the heads oC the various gov-: eviiment departments in groups of I two- each, and the other, effected by. splitting the usual congress-; loual reception, i i - .When the 30-dav mourning at th' Mrs. of til) gates being Thcl the Hoovers are enntem- • White House, both he and Hoover are giving liberally eir time in receiving dele-, to the national convention.! held. : •battleship Texas was the hip in the world to carry !-l-iu(ih cuns. In . S. ITi a captain's pay In the navy was S7-' per month, a • annua s $6..G7. Mrs. ;Leeson Dellinger, of ' s neaT| Hobba, ' '.T . , i ! umber of friends and Tel- j tives) were in attendance at|: the birthday dinner given: in honor of Mrs. Ray, Shaw at her home: Sunday: Thosepresent wore Mc.| and •Mrs.''John. Juday, of Elwood,l-Mr.; and! J Irs: Frank Forkum.Rcv .iniul and'.Mra. iClinton 'Settle, of Kokomo,! Mr<^and Mrs: Glanta Shaw, JMrJ and Mrs. Frank Juday. Mr. and Mrs., Lester Milter, Mr.[and MrsCJWalter 1 Cook, Mf. andMrs. jWlUlaaTRay, Miss Ruby. Ray, ot thuti>lace>Mr Y aiid Mrs. RalpTi I Rnmtaeil<j Irtln Juday t of New HMt|'Marr^Yarllng.iUended) the if ' HAED COAL BURNS JUST BIGHT IN YOUR BROODEB STOVE 4.8.C0CHRAIV&S0N • : Atlanta Phone 84. Arcadia Phone 21. IP- 1-. K ATLANTA,' IMIIAIIA , ; #hy, Wofe, AboniHoW .«ktUto-TUl

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