Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California on February 28, 1969 · Page 10
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Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California · Page 10

Redlands, California
Issue Date:
Friday, February 28, 1969
Page 10
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1 &-Friday, February 28, 1969 Redlands Daily Foeh m JH n (io)(MDi4tH S THE 6 O'CLOCK MOVIE i["HO ROOM FOR THE GROOM"-TONY CURTIS! Ofi( OXtact MMie IN Ir Iw ON CRMT (comtdy) -SZ-Toiqr Cuitu; Piper Inirifc g l|pr4C)(60) •ltaM<O (30) NMT NM! "BvoRd tiw he- tic Ciide." A film from Finland on] thi peopia tf Upland. •MM fi m flMlMilliiWt) iTilM or IMb b|i _SM« HatiMr "ShadoiT and -lombar Watafront' 9 «0 Q @(i )ffi6MMr (Q QMnrie: •VaOcf of Ifei Citnls' (drama) "38 — Wayne Morris. S Bnadcd EMMlaKMEXCC) iZI3®CSRi<rtiiooei (C) O.Morie: -Bnffal* lill ~ Television Review HOLLYWOOD (OPI)-Giwr- ics public coiAisticafiaB about mass commuDieatiaas is eaos- ing seiiaas prafessioul tiwDgbt about bow news media can alter their generally traditiaaal approach. inarine Br RICK DU BROW life and wilderness TIZZY ^^JKsss. byKateOnnn A tnoJioar prime time documentary is surdy a {artlter| major step, and important at this time, aiid, one boiies, a sign that the pmsnit of quality in life! Not the least of the problems;is very definitely ctnsidered by is how the news media can!the networts as ihajor Bens adjust so (bey can attract the j nowadays. In short, that good new generatits, with its indivi-i news—and not just the occasion- dual Talnes and its belief aboutial tearjeiting feature—can be' what is truly important and:big news also, agnififant ~ I The ABC-TV documentary More and mnc one heats the old, and legitimate, question about why good ne«« cannot more often be eossidered newsworfliy. lUs queition is frequently asked in retard to why the good and not^Ie achievements «f the young generatiaB are not coveted as passionatdy as the negative doings. m this regard, XBC-TV win present on Harefa 17 a two-hour documentary fiiat is sgnificant in its concept, partictdariy if it is a tampiing of future network programming and thought llie program, himpHy titled •TTiree Young Americans in Search of Survival,", and will focus on Gary &nith. a graduate student at UUh State University who is concerned with saving wilderness areas; Harold Haskins, an associate in community idanning at Temide Umvefsity and a worker with gangs in Norfii Philaddphia; and Mary Margaret Goodwin, 6eld director of the Caribbean Conservation Assodatim and a researcher of water pollution. The broadcast was produced, written and directed by Stcfihen Fleisdiman for ABC news. "TTie Saint," Britis* myst«y- adventure series, returns to NBC-TV Apra 18, displacing "Star Trek" on Friday nights. "Star Trdc" moves to Tuesdays "Really, Father, if I don't know the value of a dollar why would i always be asking for some?" •dianK RMMniet (C) (SO) S (Q (60) em Mnri M (30) Th* U- surdito of Silait Rims." 7«BCK fiMii« Ron (t» (30){ WaNwbwikita OMAHrlMAOO) SNMMM'NM fl CIMM (30) -ViscoMrini the Worid ef Words." mtmmtm Wnt (Q ffiTrrik m tnm\ I (C) 7de e S a) Mtar* TMT (C) (60)| A report on Presidenft meetini •Hii De Gaulle. g eWHi Ckaparral (Q (60) toNifl*SaraiSMS(C) (30) "Honeymoon at Sea." 0 ®(S ®Tfeii b TM Jaoei <Q (60) Tene Thonias, Dick (>vett TIN Fifth Dimensiofl, Sandy Shaw and Julie Driscoll fuesL OMHiM $ Mem: IBif ollkt Ron* Tacriier (drama) '61- David Janswi, Mickiy Rooney. ~|Tirti er CiMaqaami (C) (3(0 lO-JO , 1 (60) JCaKiNdelaRaa(3Q) )Uata|ritidFai«* lUCU taWM <Q (Z krs) lhal (Q (2 hr) 1 (60) P* Seeg jf\ (ueXs are Paul Cadadl, Mis- asappi John Hurt and Hedy West Batman/Sepamai (Q £SUnderdoz(C) J Movie -Cargiea TraiT (adventure) '59 — Randolph Scott, Bil! Williams. ^ChMlawlla |U:nCI9(£)®SlBiybaak SqaarO! Peter Marshall hosts. @CSCSSMrgB o( lit JM- tmt* XtrntccK. "Blonde Baif IlI-JOQgrSnt Heiarioidt (O 0 @®fflttntaMd Woiid (0 Phil Carey. SlSJCQAMricnliiidM . fJIP m (30) HaM * AM «Mn •r Ancels.' • Cap mi (giMittpo«i <0 00) •66 — Doris Cay. Rod Taylor. — Surt M* • - Hall • • ninent (uc^ <i<»i< the of art, litarabne; and the thittrt; diacMi the curient «ave of "aK-»-ar films, books, and plan, an Burrod feosis. S)%MfaCai (60) Dr. Keith Ber nek dinaet the fantastic success of Peter Max with the yountj deaiMr. Beit knoem for his peit era. Mai caadiincs • design flair with a Madi «M Avenue money sense. SN « (30) "Ihe Trial" OHeM (0 (3 (0 Tal Meyers. 8 ®Gf }CDM< iar ke BP- SM (0 (60) "An Gephant in a (Spr Bar." Jytf defends a foreign- bon lMp«kr. ata his a distn^ far an piiarwwet on a charr ef kaiw M iirtarMlhMi aminler. OMiiM BMei (30) 01M aMi(Q (30) "Hair To^ d«. COM Tomorro..- Abe Bur- fOMs and Dr. Ronald Sherman guest ffiRUHNia >(60) 'V/STOL Air- planes-Neict Chapter fai Aviation." SDicfea Rebeda IMOQMeeic: The Teog DocJaiTi (drama) '61—Fredric March, Ben Gaaara, In: Balin. / 1 (0 (30) S Carta Ski HMerii 8 UM CMb (0 Rod Sariini hosts. SSMR (0 *Baphert S»" (ad J^) '5»-Belinda IM. Rams. John Snort 82 ^^'«-Ma^ ture) •40-i5orothy Lamour. Rob•ft Preston. S THE JOEY BISHOP SHOW if THE BEACH BOYS Sing Their New CAPITOL Hit "I CAN HEAR MUSIC" CSSJMy Bidep (0 Crabbe. _ Rides Again" (mestefn) '47—Richard Arlen. Jennifer HolL Q @lSE9Spii>« Man (0 QJack U Lanne (0 SsagabnBh Tlmtr* up tsoow nms" Baiaaa Spnts (0 FaMsiieVeyafe(0 " "Behind the Mask ef Zona" and "The Brute Man." gQGiiiarrat IIfltOOO@fB2f«i*t»«»(0 GDffilaviMrtalkiCct- tbe Earfh (0 _ (0 «Mai BeWnd Ihi (wesJem) '52 — Randolpl: Sratt Phil Carey. Pattern for liwinf las Esmnat y UsW narrated by Paul Newman, June 3 in the time slot now focuses on a trio of persons jocaipied by the Jerry Lewis pnssionateiy committed to help-;.SIiow, which goes off the air; ing ^people, and preserving,May 27. Considtring ordtrly foofwMHT nMrkctiiiQ •y DICK WEST WASHINGTON (UPI) — You; packers to put chicken in their may have noticed that it is frankfiirters. becoming mcreasingly difficult If you haven't come to grips to get anything done these days.' with that one yet, my advice is The reason for this is quite to wait until some time when simple. , you have a wedc off. It requires Nothing much is accomplished) 3 •^l^^'' and a strong because we have to spend so «-oinach. much time decidmg bow we T»o weeks are the minimum stand on various issues. U>at shouM be allotted to ^^^^^^-'^ ine Act of 1989'" '""^ ^ insider a m. > »A_ ' .1 ..^ .u recent statement made by Bep. nat pretty weU shot the;Roman C. Pucuiski. D-IH.. to entire day. Ijaln, gbout the possible There were about a dozen j hazard to cities near the mattes, some dating back to proposed missile sites. last October, that I needed to attend to. But I pu^ them all aside and tried to crystallize I submit that the worst that could happen if there were an accidental detonation . . . woi :ld Times Aove changed since last election in Berlin By UnHad Press Infematiaiial clear, by previous allied deci- lliree times before, the l,086{aon to make West Beriin on West German electoral dele- 1 unincorporated state of the gates had gathered in West! West German republic, by the Berlin for the peaceful election! West German constitution and of a new president of the by precedent Federal Republic. Once, in 1954, j With two wedcs to go, the the East (German C^ntmunistlE^st Germans began prdimina- press even lauded the choice of ry harassment of land routes to Berlin as the election site. iWest Berlin, 110 miles inside But times had changed and East (Germany, and testing of so, wlien in early October it was i equipment for jamming radio announced new presidentiar communications in the air elections would be held in I corridors. Berlin on Mardi 5, Bonn and the tlu^ western allies, Britain, France and the United States, braced for a storm. It was not long in coming. Ostentatiously, Soviet Marshal Ivan I. Yakuliovsky (the "en forcer"), commander of Warsaw Pact troops, arrived in East Berlin. And from Moscow came Search continues for ALS treatment By OK. WAYNI •KANOkTAOT QHoviK "Reeky Mosntaii' (western) '50—Errol Flynn. The East (Germans denounced I announcement that Soviet the plan as "provocative" andi^^d East German troops would declared they would "be forced •'"'^ military maneuvers in to take measures" against it. | central and Western regions of A Soviet note warned of Eest Germany beginning in "extremely undesiraMe conse- ^^rly March, quences" if Bonn insisted on- Bonn, it was disclosed going ahead. lOlficials there had waited vainly; Then it developed that no less foj" some sign of compromise' a personage than West German ifr*"" East Q — In one of your columns, you mentioned a pancreatic enzyme for the treatment of amyo­ trophic lateral sclerosis. How effective is it? A — TUs treatment has not justified the hopes placed in it Hie search for an effective treatment continues. Q — How does amyotrophic lateral sclerosis differ ftom multiple sclerosis? A — ALS usually has its onset in persons in thor 4Qs and 30s and is steadily progressive. MS starts in the aos and 30s and progresses slowly, often with periods of remission. ALS is characterized by weakness, with marked wasting away of the involved muscles, fine tiem- Chancellor Kurt Georg Kiesinger also bad opposed the choice cf Beriin as a needless gesture None came. With the deadline drawing nearer, an opening suddenly '^rUta tol^rovoke^lh^'(5mmu>PI>Mi?d first ^^^^ head of nists, needless because it was to West Berim's tmy Communist |l2.«8S(E )Skazzai! (0 O High Scberi iaMbal GaM d the IDeek (0 ~Graa Teetre Samrfjf HalkM (0 12 :30 a @(£ Jenny Qast (Q OHeriK "Und" (suspense) '47 —Ludlle Bell. George Sanders. B @(I)EBHappeirinf (0 fflEn»lla«ack Report (0 SJRIw IGhbei Tkeabt (0 "HM Sun Sets at Dawn." l «)e ®3}MabrDict(Q OMevic "Sbr e( ImmT (west- em) '53-Wayne Morris, Paul l=ix OSCSSpons Special (O The Doral Open PGA Championship Go^ Tournament from Florida'a Dora Country Qub. The purse is $100,000. (DMnie: laebe OXIeck Higr (adventure) '5(Miregoiy Peck. Dear Jagger. CBDicha Robada GArMd Farces MfhliiMs (0 I -JOB @(E)TI» Lew RancH (0 ilSabvday Barito Fealm (0 "One Thing l^ds to Another anr "Attack and Retreat" R)FiMtat (0 |g Men Griffin (0 2 :0OBTkc Hear Sadely (Q OMorie: "Roadracers" (drama; '59-Jael LawrerKC. Sally Fraser. QMarskalDillen O Conect Theatre: "Curse of thr Face°>ess Man." CQ Holiday (0 CBS GoH Ctjssie (C. „ Sftefie 3 BaskaUull (C; Strange Tales (O See the DSA (0 Cbillsr (0 Baskcihan (0 Daatnw la Gloria Michigan police arrest siispect of murders JACKSON, Mich. (UPI) Michigan police today arrested Charles Johnson, 22, a suspect in two California kiUmgs. Police Lt. Det. Verne t^ver said Johnson was taken into custody here at the home of his mother, Mrs. Jesse Johnson. "He gave us no trouble," the officer said. Jdmson, of Grand Rapids, (ill a post wtich largely is i I«rty «n a suggestion that East ceremonial. Germany might permit Easter The three aUies opposed it on "siU by West Beriiners to the same grounds. relaUvcs on the otter side of -nie United States worried 'he all if, in turn, the West because it would fdlow by lessiWou'd abandon Berlin as its than a week President Richard! e'ec^o" M. Nixon's visit to West Berlin.; came simUar sugges-. . _ But by that time the fat was:t^<«s froin East Germany SS£,„J^„»;'J ^ire iff the a -e. ; Moscow itseU. ]PheIph, 19, Jackson, are Bonn's legal rights were. Exploratory talks began with- in hours. ; The Russians had sou^t a way out, and, even though indirectly, tte U.S. President could lake a large share of the credit A possible Beriin crisis was not worth the impression it would Ijc bound to make on Nixon and a further delay in U.S.-So\-iet talks which both want -e 792 --10^ laCajon Street « 7934331 Wariiday* from 7 Sat. Mnt. frem 4:4S p.m. Sun. coeit. frem 1 p.m. Wh Cairiury-Fex preaatiti "THE lOSTON SIKANGLBt" else "PRETTY POISON" Sgggnttd Malum Audimra 230 3:00 SPK. CHlDttN'S »»AT. SAT. 1 EI»i» Prwley "KISSIN' COUSINS" 0«bb!* RtynoMs "SINGING NUN" suspects in the slayings of an Oakland, Calif., dentist and a young Hollywood man. Miss Phelps was taken into custody at Muskegon Haghts Monday night after the $1,300 robbery of a liquor store owner. Johnson eluded officers, abandoning bis getaway car in Muskegon Heights. The auto belonged to Or. Glenn K. Olsen, 54, an Oakland dentist. Miss Pbelps gave police mformaUon that led to the discovery of the dentists' body in an Oakland parte. She also implicated Johnson in the killing of Loren Silliphant, 18, son of television writer and producer StirUng Silliphant Two Oakland detectives, Ray Gaul and Jack Anderson, con wouM cost what mechanics!suited with Muskegon County charged her. Miss Bardot I prosecutor Paul Ladas to deter- £of'mine if the couple would be ex- ;tradited to Califc nia to face KH RtHe high PARIS (UPD-Brigille Bardot's lawyers asked a court j Thursday to have an expert examine the actress's car to determine whether repairs on it pjn refused to pay the bill 51,337.44 and the garage went to court to collect (0 3:301 M) "SI' (dfl las ilMr lli U |Bid Taa fiV -Si-Miehael Sea Hail @l(I )SPn Baalanr TMP m Lex Barker hods a match froie Depear, New York. CQBif ndme (O 35SQIIem (O «MOMane: Tarzaa's (ad vtnture) 51—lex Barker. OIQpl'i'f tlifttrt (0 13 Wagon Tram (0 ^Breoc* 4 :30 e SAffTA ANITA RACE OF ic THE WEEK—$100,000 Satrta Marprita Stakes Otet* Arib Rate (0 Tbe S." ta Marprita Stakes at a mile one^ghth. one QgWoeiMmi (0 OOoler Umris a 8 CSS Shell 's «udctt: Warid oTMf (0 The Champion ship Haldi is held far the fa: aamiiBaMs at Medmak Camtri Cli* n CkkaiD; IHinoit. 9CtMpiMNb !p iavliei fC y @(SmiK» Ma «M( »Mb CS Iba World rnure^ " ~ riiaaplGartiiiii frem Ooto^ SdOa mm (QSteMXt IlllMS'f 'Jisnsmrl uUuA .> KING DONOVAN itoBeJkt ANDERSONS jiOU KNOUT rcANTi tti ON PERSON! 4 ^ STAGE! CAUFORMA IHEATKE Sa Fatirfli Sheet, SMI BeriMrdiiM WidMidoy. McTCh 5 at S:30 pjn. (ONLY ONE PERFORMANCE) •0X Offin OpM RMB 12 NOON t* « PJyL Oalhr CALL 1U Mdl Mt RESERVATIONS if 7k- murder charges. // pays fo adverfise SAS FRANCISCO (UPI>-Thc bank of America recently ran full-page newspaper ads regarding its "five most wanted bank robbers." lbs ads were carried in newspapers in San Francisco, Oakland and Los Angeles last December and included pictures of the five robbers in action. Four have since been arrested. "It pays to advertise," the bank said Wednesday." ors in small muscles and exaggerated knee jerks and related reflexes, while MS is characterized by numbness as well as weakness, no wasting of muscles and coarse intention trem' ors seen only when « c*ordi' nated movement sudi as raising a cup to the k'ps, is at- temped. The cause of boHi diseases is uidaiown and as yet a >ere is no cure for eiflier. Q — In your cotamn on Bell's palsy, you said it could be caused by a tumor. Where would the tumor be? I have had repeated attacks. How can I prevent further recurrences? A — For a tumor to cause facid paralysis it would have to be in the region of the facial nerve. For the recurring type of this disease, you should avoid exposure of your f^ce to wind and cold and avoid crowds during th« season when respiratory infections are prevalent Q — In a recent column you mentioned a pain killer that didn't contam any aspirin. What is the name of it? A — There are many such drugs. The following are not habit forming: acetaniiid, phe- nacetin, acetaminophen, antipy- rin, aminopyrine, dipyrone. oxy- phenbutazone and phenylbuta- rone. Frequently two or more of these are combined m a ^gle preparation. Another drug, pro­ poxyphene (Darvon) is very popular but none of the drags men tioned dioukl be taken without careful medical supervision because of possible harmful side effects. Q — In an elderly pereon could a twoKiay loss of consciousness be caused by hardening of the arteries or high blood pressure when no heart disease is evident? A — Yes. TTie two diseases may affect the braiu without af fecting the heart. my thinking on orderly footwear be one hell of a big fire and marketing. perhaps some limited eoncus- I could, of course, have sion in the area." Pucinski said, ignored the question or made a' On second thought, maybe snap judgment. Had I done so. you had belter take three however, I would have gone weeks. home that evening with a deep sense of guilt Young social reformers are always reproaching members of my generatmn for refusing to get "involved." "Your generation is copiMng out on orderly footwear market-1 ing," they say. "I In many ways, this is a bum mond Martinez, 38, of Santa rap. jAna, will be sentenced April 7 on charges of income tax frai:;; AGANA, Guam (UPD-Con- struction of a war memorial to Japanese dead is expected to begin soon on Guam, government sources saM today. Some citizens opposed to honoring the Japanese occupiers tried to defeat the memorial in the legialatnie but that efiort failed. "RACHa. RACmL" -IHE HEART IS A LONELY HUNIER" Moforcycie club leader arresfed LOS ANGELES (UPI)-The national presklent of the outlaw Hell's Angels motorcycle club was arrested Monday m'gbt and booked on suspicion of carrying a concealed weapon and possession of heroin. Ralph Hubert "Sonny" Barger Jr., 30, who also heads the Oakland, Calif., chapter of the club, was arrested in the West Hollywood area by sheriffs deputies. The officers stopped to qnestioR a group of six miTiibers of the "Iron Souls" motorcycle dub of Wtlmiogton. Calif., and an inspection of the serial numbers of their motorcycles revealed two of them were stcden. Booked on suspidon of grand theft, property, were Richard Arnold, 27. and Haric Wayne, 21. Barger was standing nearby and a search revealed he was carrying a six-mcfa knife and • quantity of heroin, sherifTs deputies sakl. Ugd Neriec iroTice OP rcBuc acAaiNC EEDLAKDS PLANNDiC DCPABTSSCMT PLEASK TAKE NOTICE Ul»t. pur- nunt to Uie pnvisloiu of Oidinanec No. 1000 Uw Plaoainc Commiaian of U>e atr of Rtdlandi wUl bold a PubUe BtmriBg in the Cooadl Chambcn of Safetjr HaU In Uw City of RcdUuto at 3M pjn.. March U. Mm. to consider Uw foDowinr , An apvUeaUoB baa been rceelMd for • CondlUonal Un Pemlt to cumuuet a UO unit apartamt pcoject ea M3 sen* of PnPKtP loatcd on the cut and wort lidaa e( BbiMn Ortro axmfd. tg- Avenue. B-»-Mee anc lUnl- mum let mm: IMSO iqiim Mininam Imstaac: ISB UM. BcqiHit rabnimcd tr rABKAt: AND MATS. Anjrana ohjactiac to. or ia or, the above K lavltad to wbp the or ibould not be fnatcd a« leqne^ limed iilriSr to me Haartw..*r aor Man sentenced for tax fraud, embezzlement LOS ANGELES (UPI)—Ray- There is no lack of commitment on the part of my and embezzling labor union generation. It is merely a lunds. matter of being overrun with! Martinez. 1965 chairman of issues. TaKng a stand on public! the Local No. 1 of the United issues has become almost a full- time job. With intense concentration, a person can determine his position on orderly footwear Industrial Employes of California in Fullerton. pleaded guilty to taking the $100 in union money. He also pleaded guilty to aid- marketing in a single afternoon, j ing in the preparaUon of fraud- and maybe even get a little ulent income tax returns of work done. But that is a fairly; ciieaU of his tax firm in Pla easy decision. It is nothing compared with making up your mind as to hOW; TREASURE HOUSE you stand on the question ofj Your unused furniture or ap- whether the Agriculture Depart- pUances will find a ready mar- ment should permit meatlket through Classified Ada. CARNIVAL By Dick Tinmer "But when you love someone, Janie, you take them as they are ... $2 .98 brithday present and all!" Shakespearean Bit Amnr !• ftrnam Penle ACROSS 1" Laurence" 6 Juliet's friend. 11 Weird 12 Upright 13 Juliet's home city 14 Lump 16 Dark (poet) ITCoosteUation 19 Small, numbered cubes 20 House extension 21 Courtesy title 22 Fire (comb. Ibnn) 23 Freed 2S Holly species (var.) Z7IUuininated 28 Plumed bcrons 30 Salt deposit on soil 330rienul 35 King , Hamlet's uncle 40 Moslem commander 41 Petroleum 42 Mariner 's direction 43 Fixed course 45 (Surged atom 46 Breed of hones 470ccunencci 49 Gloav paint SlOfaknot 52Ainaxon, for example S3Bunkhouae sound 54 Ship 's masts DOWN IWeak 2 Rewind 3MeUl 4 Spring (Bib.) 5 Naturalistic 6 Accomplish again THouatain (comb, form) 8 Score,as in pinochle 9 Darken, as the sua 10 Auditory capsule 13 Swerve 15 Persian fairies 18 Before 21 Jib. for instance 24 Ardor 25 Legal writs 26 Dry 29 Original Frenchman 30 Grant 31 Shallow ponds 32 Army quick meal (2 words) 36 Card game 37 Chemical compound 38 Escorts ofasort 39 Vend 44 Within (comb, form) 45 Small island 46 Australasian pepper 48 Pikelike fish SO Clamp TTTio-

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