The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana on April 16, 1930 · Page 1
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The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana · Page 1

Tipton, Indiana
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Wednesday, April 16, 1930
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VOL.OIE XXXV, ho. 167. Entered as second class matter, the act of March 5, 1879. 4 MUSSOLINI IS A GREAT CITY Dictator Believes Rome Willi Have 2,000.000 People | in 1950. si PLANS FOR THAT TIME Special "Hooter" Olrnrs Road fop Queen Mary's Automobile: Tells Com-rdttee to Work for: the Future: of Italy 's' j First City. London, April 16. — Queen Mary's motor car. I has been equipped wjth a musical "hoot- err to remind inattentive trainee policemen not jto: keep, her waiting behind a - stop and go signal, t ' \ "" . She.already had: an identification disc on the j automobile, but this has not always' been enough to obtain a cleat; road for her majesty, 'with 'consequent delay in keeping some of her appointments. J Special instructions have been issued to all metropolitan police 1 so 'that'they will„be able to recognize , the peculiar notes of the=-new "hooter," but the tune it plays is a carefully guarded secret from the general public. • _ THIRD REPORT ADVANCE ONi SALT STORES Three Hundred Nationalists Start March to Raid tie' British Supplies. JAPAN DAS .. AGREED TO PACT ITEM I Three Major Sea Powers Arei " Now in Accord on Safer j i p.uard Clause. U j RIOTS ARE REPORTED TOKIO GETS THE TEXT Rome, April. 16. —-The difficnl- j ties of transforming Rome; into a ' modern -city without destroying | or disfiguring its ancient monu- j ments and without spoiling \ its' character of antiquity, which is j one of its greatest charm's, were' faced squarely by Premier Mus-! solini in a speech delivered Mon-. j day at the inauguration iof the j work of the town planning com-! mittee which must draw tfp a J complete plan for the Rome of I the future. . ' I Signer Mussolini asked the \ committee to have large vision, i forecasting that Rome twenty! years hence would have a population of 2.000,000. It must be supplied with parks, wid Totals Brought to Date Are Growing as County is Searched. MUCH POULTRY FOUND County Assessor Frank S.Pugh has completed checking the third streets j bi-weekly report of the assessors and all the other adjuncts ' of a j of tl)is counly ' and has forwarded nioHern city. he.declared', but this must be achieved ^without destroying anything worthwhile in tiie ancient city.How to reconcile these aims is the problem facing the committer. Premier Mussolini gave the committee .six months i;> complete its work. He pledgort himself to find adequate- means for rapidly^ translating the result of It's labors into fact. the totals to the State Board of tax Commissioners.. The assessors are over the peak of assessing and some are. now backtracking and listing persons who iwere not seeii on the first visit. Two more reports are to be made before the assessors turn in the books as finished, which must be by May 15. 1 'Litle difference was made in Railroad Strike at Bombay Called Off by~-Workeris After Failure. London, April 16.—The [Exchange Telegraph Company in a dispatch late, today from Bomtjay, said there was danger of serious trouble there. Three hundred Nationalist volunteers marched from congress house with the !>n- tention of raiding the • government's salt- pans and stores; at Wadal, eight miles away. Adriatic Fishermen Express Dislike for Mass Production Dudley Davis, Jr. (left), scion of being commanded to Release by ye brave knight, Morgan^ comedy given!by the|Hasty Davis, Jr., leaped or fell to ^Alexander Forbes, i the. "fair i maiden/' ' D. Wheeler, in "Face the Music," a Padding Club of Harvard University, [his death from the window of a Park Avenue, New York, apartment. Suicide is hinted., 16l— by po- mob out- Karachi, India, April Several shots were fired lice to quell a riotous side the city magistrate's court this afternoon. Two European sergeants were injured in the melee in the court compound. The mob stormed the court aind smashed windows. Police arrested six leaders of the All-India National Congress. April 16. — Last Calcutta, night's rioting in the v streets (Continued oa Page 7.1 PTOMAIXE POISOXIXG. Entire Family Became III Tuesday Night After Evening)Meal. The Misses Nellie and : Nettie The Premier said a sharp. dis- I the general averages for the dif-'Brandt and Mrs. Lottie Wet are tinction must be drawn between Rome's true architectural character and the so-called local color, which often consists of ramshackle and unhygienic housss bearing witness not to the artistic taste of the Italians but to the- poverty which oppressed Italy in the past. Such "local color" may advantageously be destroyed, he / asserted, but the architectural character of the city* must be preserved because it is one of its distinguished features which " prevent Rome from ever becoming an ultra-modern city like Chicago. ',' The conservation of antiquities however, the Premier added, must, not blind the committee to the necessities of future traffic, and the city must have parks, gardens, sports grounds, public baths and gymnasiums. He said it must also possess beauty,- with special thought to be given to the scenic effects obtainable by a clever use of the sea and hills whereby Rome is surrounded. ferent groups of personal property by-the last report, although the numerical and valuation- totals are increased. • In the six weeks that the assessors have worked they have listed 6 SO sets of farm implements, with a total valuation of $92,015 or an average of $135 pet set.! The average at last report was $133 per cent. '; They shave to date listed 1,419 automobiles in the county with a total valuation 'of $335,657, or an average of $236 per auto. The average | at last report of $243. They have listed 2,113 honses with a valuation of $141,143, or an average of $66. TJhe average at last report was the 'same. One hundred and ; twenty-one mules have been listed valued at $8,845, jor an average : of $73, (Continued on Rage 2). . all confined to their home cm East; Jackson street suffering from pto-[ maine poisoining, the result jof something they had eaten | Tues-^ day evening at supper. AH were taken ill about the same time fol-* lowing the meal and all suffered the salne serious symptoms. j Miss Jane Wert, a daughter of Mrs. Wert, also suffered a slight attack, but not so severe as the] others^ and was able to go jto school Wednesday. Mrs. Wert who is night oper-j atoc at the' telephone exchange was not at her work Tuesday! night or able to be up Wednesday Miss Nellie Brandt, linotype oper-j ator at the Tribune' office was also confined ' to her bed Wednesday, while Miss Nellie Brandt was unable to be at her dressmaking- shop, and .was able to be up only part of the time through the day. 'SMILEY TRIAL SOON. Man Who Shot Bimmons'Boy Goes to Trial Monday. Scientist Sees Trips to Moon in Rocket Ships Making 50000 Miles Per Hour Next Monday at Anderson the trial of Ova Snilley, age '47, starts and several Tipton people will be in attendance. Smiley is the EIT wood man who- shot Walter^Sliri- mons, 8-year-old son of Mr. and Mrs.-Frank Silmmons, who now reside in .this city. The boy died in the Mercy hjospital at Elwood. .Smiley is charged with involuntary manslaugnter ana has been in jail since the shooting on February 2. -j, ,. ' \ Oswald Ryan of Anderson, is the prosecutor land he has askci^ that all people present at the Stanton* * borne ton 1 the night of tha ahootlag be subpoenaed which pet, MM for tha New York; April 16.—Earth dwellers! will probably be able to travel to the moon and to communicate with . their : terrestrial home by telephoning over a beam of light in another 120 years, Dr. John Q .i Stewart, Associate Professor of Astronomical Physics at Princeton University, declared at the Brooklyn Institute of ] Arts and Sciences. • , \ j . In making what he callejd an "educated guess" L about i the future of pocket travel through/Interplanetary apace, .he. predicted thai pec^ona wontd travel rocket ship at a apeed' fco.OOo miles an hour, or—and probably; by l»IO-|4t to Ukaly thUa ipa*«--rtl.pjpa mllos an hoar will *• SEE .••jr :c ,£»-ji .S"jwi:SSi le predicted ravel • In a J j of home Far loon- Fire Starting; in tfce|Brpoder House of George Robin] son Killed 526. DEPARTMENT CALLED Delegates Speed Work for Day of Signature at Lion- don j Conference. ! ; Belgrade, April 1G. — Adriatic fishermen are so little in : favor of mass production that the entire. Trau harbor police force had to use firearm* to save .the crew of a >u-\m trawler. • : - •'.' The trawler Napred, ; 6m :Sp"alato, had been driven ">y a 'storm to seek shelter in the jGulf of Soldun. Summoned by signals, the sail. fishers put to sea, -surrounded the trasvier, and ordered he^. captain to so to Trau. As. the trawler: approached- the harbor, the fishermen, armed with iron bars andoars, boarded her and tried to throw her crew into the sea. There were many casualties on both sides and then the, police stepped in., j . • '. Di UP REPORTS ON IIS WORK Endowment Fund Permits Increase in Pensions for the Members. $100,000 LIBERTY BONDS (International Newamll • i I ; ! Wednesday morning : about 11:30 the department made a rjun to the home of George Robinson, on Ash street ai)6ve tile NicKel Plate railroad aind extinguished -a blaze which li'ad started in|a isTied at the rear of| the residence. i I | . ! • ft The shed was used as. a brooder house and in some maner the floor.. ing had caught fire from the brood_ er stove. ' I ''I • . The damage to the building was slight, but the heat a id smoke 8Ufficated 520. chicks whichi we i i i • I > in the house, thej loss b-iing cojii- siderable to the owner. -' • i • i ' The owner George Robinson •a brother of James Robinson the dairyman residing nortieast. of Tipton and he recently' purchased the place ju.=t north of the rail 'road. ! ; The brooder house had been house visited just a short time befokfe and lit is a total one. .This is one- of several b:°d brooderliouse fires which have ha ».. j I.I J.I r pened in. this county within: tl ie Such a ship, he Relieved, would be spherical, perhaps 110 feet diameter. Projecting from it all directions would be a djos&i or more cannons. When one of. these was fired the ship would be propelled in the opposite direction: -The ship N would weigh about 70,000 tons, of Which 2^,tons would . he shot from the guns to give propulsion. The crew would number about, sixty andia dosen passengers might - be car-: rled on a two month's cruise, A desert woald be the starting place - to prevent damage underneath the guns. .. j Once at the mooat.Dr. StewaH declared^cpmaiuBlcatton by tte* "IT phoao with tha aarth "might carrtod P oa oitr^',hijn of^llght, at.tto KaaDally¥aav^ UM ahip woaM take off way that ate ttft t*a the Are was discovered! that timeTv-as all jrlght Mr. Robinson insu|r- ance on the; chicks < and past two weeks and: several tbo sand chicks have 1 , been this manner. I-! v the loss killed Kick Gave'-Trouble. Dr. V. H. Cooper kicked on the right who knee horse Saturday ofj last week haSs been (having trouble, with his'limb the knee being soj sore, that hp cannot drive i his with ease. Dr. -Cooper was doctoring a horsfe at the John iRenner farm northeast of Tipton,-: when i the animal kicked him, but paid little attention to the blow thinking tt would i soon mend.' j. Instead' thfe knee: has been giving him) erabW itrouble, but- he Is ft-. Iby consldj- Btill gi- tng and attending to his ^iorkk Vetaraa'a ^aaeral •.tm**? ^ ^ i hie aaa Jaaaa, In Kemptoa, Taaa- a^.^M radio ^bU J^.^n,..,^.1 th. M-h.4, 4 1Kb READY TO START London, April 16— Primel Mini ister Ramsay MacDonald', of | Great Britian; Henry L, Stiissoni | ckief of the United States delega-. ' tlon, and Reipiro; Wakpteuki, of Japan,, this afternoon reached an SPECIAL TRAIN FOR EMPLOYES Adequate Arrry and Navy for Protection Is Endorsed at Session. sifeguaking; [ Nickel Plate Runnin g one to e nart- of - the! - - - " n.i treaty power five- 1 the I Lima for Biff Basketball Game Saturday. i which is designed to protect the Contractor onj Hub West ofii i re ? maj ° r naval p °^ rs 'f ^ agreement on the clause which jvill be part of the; resulting, from' : the naVal conference, clause had been left in abeyance oyernight to enable the- Japanese' , ~~ ' tq study it. ''<•••_ .' | ! The wording of the clause, | PUBLIC CAN USE IT, TOO Washington, April 16. —Patriotic relief work, one of the outstanding activities of the national society, Daughters of the American Revolution, was an important consideration today before the ;.birty-ninth annual congress, wi*h Harriet Vaughn Rigdon, of ! Wabash. Ind., presenting the re- i port as chairman .of the commit|tee: j Mrs. Rogdon also is treasur- < er-eejneral of the organization, i '"Ijhe Liberty loan fund consists !of. SlnO.flOO invested in Liberty : bonds dring :!.ft world war." said City, Has^ About Five Days' Work BRIDGE event that nonsignatories should begin building a. : -big building pijogram, is being cabled to Tokto by the, Japanese delegation.! j |'It is understood the Japanese also are cabling the treaty text PROGRESSING i Piece by piece tb~;Japan as* it is icolmpleted in order to expedite the government's approval of it. Following' the., conference.' with li The contractor!; on the iHighway! west E jfrpm JTipton his equipment jatj'the j.west end Jefferson street and | is ready to begin "pouring cement as soon as the grade is-iii condition. Equipment which has beei^ used along; the line of the road,- in grabing and building theibeTm, has been : | moved to the west edge ; of the " I i | : • : ,; city and will start work of build ing the grade a!t o}nce.| The road, past Hub • Stlm.^on and Wakatguki, : Mac- hW s j Donald left London in an airplane 19 the a special 'Mrs. jRigdon. I-'ollowing the close lot the war these became a pertna- •nent -i ?d ti\ ; most work ; ment 'ters. ; been fund, the income devot- patriotic relief work. The important ' patriotic relief of the sociey now is the pay- of pensions to real daue.h- pension payments having increased from S-S a month to Sao and still Tater to S25.* In the which will be usejd as during the time closed is in fairljj and at present' fic so that it wi illl to open when work begins at West end of-Jefferson street. It is estimated operations start the strip of |, cement connecting the finished: porf cemetery a detoiir ithis portion is good condition is! .closed to traf- for his old home at Lossiemouth, Scotland,'where he will spend the Easter holidays. The- tfrime. minister is' much worn as- a result of the long naval negotiations. MacDonald said he would return] to London probably . Monday, or at! any rate in time for the.closing plenary session .of the.conference, | which tentatively has been:fiet for lpf30 a. m.jTuesday. \ be in condition the that as soon as tion of the road West Jefferson ' J Shortle farm.and street will be completed in about five days'! steady work Work ! j oh ih Wolf creek is and it will soon bp ready Tor pouring of cement for j the This .covering will thick in the center and re-infprc- ed so that it will through ] the On Saturday April Nickel Plate will run train, of .six coaches to Lima, O., for the purpose of permitting its employes' to witness the basketball game between Frankfort and Lima Nickel Plate teams. This is an: unusual event and the- em­ ployes will be given free transportation-. • i gress • The,Nickel"' Plate basketball! Sace team at Lima is the winner of the ;" aUf 7 al ^ has taken on P rev " state'championship last year and j io,,s PS ca8ion8 ^th respect to an the Frankfort Nickel Plate team is well known i to lochl fans, hav- ' ing played here on four occasions presenting her report as •'chairpian of legislation in the con- Mrs. Fred C. Morgan, of Me., reiterated the stand the Was Iii Had Condition. bridge across r<{>gresjsiiig jnicely the floor: be 19% Inches 'LI ' btank any! ldad. FAMILY SAVED AT SEA. ' 1 ' 1 * H'-l"' 'j • I'' 11 | Ship Reaches Stranded! Launch 1 as : Twelve Face Starvation.! I Panama City,| Apr; 16.—Stranded nine days in. a motor launch in the Caribbean sea! east of Colon; J. VV. Miller, of 'Jacksonville; Fla.. his wife, nine 'children]and a col-; orod seam on were I rescued by the Cuban gunboat Patrla when death from starvation and exposure J was imminent.- • - !.. A | .- ; . I 1.1.,--:! Up Portion of Time. ^ , I ii I I i II ..-r Jesse LaQarde;|L ''well..i/knpprnj trainer abd driver, is paid to be making a slow Improvement ht |/|il^ eliarck la Kafhaftaa Prlday mori - but 4 *k,Tary waak ^-VHaJite; __, to ntWckAin:^krtapi grohBd jReports from the St. Vincent's hospital Wednesday : 'were . ttiat Dwight the three,year old sonjof Mrl and Mrs. Ernest Richardson oflJNorth West street was getting along as well as could, be expebtr ed.l The lad jwas operated for ap-f p.endicitis Tuesday • and it necessary for the make a much larger incision as the .-during the present season and won from the! Merchants in two of.[the gariies.JThe Jlerchants in the last 'game 'were without two of their regular .players. Recently Lima .Nickel Plains, played at Frankfort and Frankfort won; by one point, hence there is unusual interest in the game to be played. Saturday-.' was - . - I --: - surgeon • to ',1 than lis ordinarily made, Not only can employes . take -tinuat; 'adeqi |ati> navy and immigration trii-.tion. Mrs. Morgan urged ui'Tiic fitness as a requisite for admission of the immigrant. Progrpss with respect to tha option of "The StarTSpangled Banner" as the national anthem vas reported by the chairman, as well ;u< - itisfaction with the res- torati^n of 0 ; d Ironsides, in which f'o :: ciety was especially interested, indor- ment of establlsh- ni<-iits of Ft, Boonesboro National Monunent in Kentucky and con- ion of the study of the con- advantage of this train without, cost but fans -syho wish to wUn e r,s the| contest can avail themselves of the speciaV at a reduced i-nie. The train going over will lea -e .Frankfort at 8j a. m. Saturday "•;'-- I and should reach Tipton about 8:35. Stops will be made at Mun- sti'tution and good citizenship. I)r:.lTH OF RELATIVE. Sis appendix was turned hack and j cie; going and coming, for taking embedded in the .liver. The fathr i on' passengers j and discharging "Ernest Richardson is an em-jthem. The special will reach Lima ; about 11:45 and returning will er, ployeot the! Perfect Circle; Company.' (Continued on Page 2). flear of War With Poland Stirs Soviet; "Colonel's Cabinet?' Is Seen as Menace j was 1 been i canceri. I oi Mrs. George Krumanaker (I Wednesday in Chicago. :rs. George Kriimanaker. of V.' Adams street, received a ::iessa;ce Wednesday morning an- nounc ng. the death of her sister- . in-law Mrs. Brumbaugh, wife of her b:-other, Jeff Brumbaugh, of ' Chicago. Mrs. Brumbaugh's death not .unexpected, as she had i|ll for several months with She died at a hospital Moscow, April • as lotherwise the i ipeace of than Eastern 16—Soviet regarded opinion is profoundly excited and, threat .to alarmed over the fear of war.withi! Eur . ope ' ** i : . - ; , ! • rWhat is really upsetting_to the Poland. Such "scares" in the past Ruaslans are two articleg by Ro . havs been more or ; less periodic^ ma „ DmovsW.-1 former leader of and generally seemed exaggerated, i the - powerful Peasant party of if npt used as a "red herring" to i Poland and ,rifgnatory for his f »_y for the Treaty of Versailles. .; ]• i \- • 1 . '. "''Dmoyski reveals the international ,'sltuatioti - in district public attention from' country for -the Internal affairs, but in the present case; i whether the: Soviet' anxiety Is warranted I or. not, there is no, 1 ooubt it Is widespread and genuine. Ah; editorial inlivestla, official organ of the Soviet (Government baiij bs thus: •"The for rmatlon of the'.'Colonels' Cabinet' in PoUnd (has drawn the war preparations are being undertaken. He speaks plainly and openly- about, the springs of action driving Polish .militarism to was with the Soviets." r Isvestia sums) up M. Dmovski's article, generally! and his reference where i she had been for the past i two months being treated. She in as about 50 years of age, and is a {survived by her husband. MrsJ Brumbaugh, was was born in Fralnce, came to this country when she* was only seven years of age. Her parents had come to this country previously and had set- tied ad Spring Valley, III. a mining town where she was reared. She., came across with another . Followiner. her marriage Brumbaugh the/ had rein Chicago. Funeral services will be held fet the late home Thursday afternoon and burial will be in Chi- | family whole' to Mr which I. -resided! public attention ahdj that;of thehn particular toi'a plan by BJuro 'hoa-ieaplUltat World' to -tbVpean captiltats;"to tight Russia JL tfcft-." .!*.]£ .... 11.. «» Dnll.k MnnA" cago. KESTUCKV FORESTS BURS. • I 1 ' Flames! Leap Toward OO Vaaka fal • Eastern Part of Stale. ~- ^V

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