Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on April 26, 1954 · Page 21
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 21

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, April 26, 1954
Page 21
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MONDAY, APRIL 26, 1954 ALTON EVluNliNG TELEGRAPH AUTOMOTIVE AUTOMOTIVE I AUTOMOTIVE ! ^ AUTOMOTIVE | BUSINESS SERVICE PERSONAL SERVICE BUSINESS SERVICE »i «. t.t crt - «• .*.gat utott < .< rt» I'm OUDSMOBILE S-Door — rtydra- M»tic. radio, heater, etc. First class condition. Ontv ***> TROTTER 8UTCK CO. Wood River, III. JPh 4-3811 or 4-M22 •TOP 0UAUTY USED CARS" We Buy. Sell lt»de -TODAY'S SPECIAL •40 PLYMOUTH S D. 4-door *59S CHILES MOTORS. INC 2:«>0 E 8ro»d*«» Oi»i_ *_ 19+a PLYMOUTH ChJD Coup* — Radio, heater, nmvlsor. etc. Just completely overhauled by our service dept. Cleanest one In town. Onlv $450 TROTTtR BUICK CO. . Woo.) River, til. Ph. 4-3811 or 4-2£? 1951 CHRYSLtR WtltoSCttt - S300 down, take over payment*. «-»40. *1 <rTfM>—>A88t!*Otl> t'AftS 1951 CrTRTSt-tt-JMroor «eeSn~Wm7 »or deluxe, fully equioped. Private p»rty. Be«t offer. Phone 7S5-W. Jer- Olds 1930 Low mileage. very good *1<*XI 3-a>15. ill PER WEEK Banfc Financing A one-owner car. S1S51 DeSoto cu*. torn 4-door that we sold new It i* fully equipped with automatic drive. radio, heater, etc. Motor, tires and paint are excellent Full price is A-1 BUY OF TMl WEEK 1950 MERCURY 4-Door Radio heater, white sldewall fires, fpnder skirts, datzltng d»rk freen finish. Call or See CURTIS CASEY At CARTER BROS, Inc. Your FORD Dealer 1400 E. Broadway Alton Phone 3-5533 or 4-8238 ................. ROBERTS MOTORS. Inc. Authorized DeSoto-Plymrmth Dealer *X) W. Ferguson Ave., Wood River Phone 4-4391 " NO DOWN PAYMENT ~ 1948 Packard 4-Door ....... $17 92 mo 1947 Meretn-jr 4-Door ...... $34.25 mo 1949 Nash 4-Door ......... $31.08 mo 1949 Ford 4-Door ......... |34 25 mo 1947 Pontlac 2-Door ...... f27 89 mo 1947 Oldsmoblle J-Door . . .127.8!) mo. 1947 Ford 4- Door .......... (21.33 mo. All these ears are mechanically good. Most are equipped with radio and 'heater. MAJOR MOTOR CO. , 1(» West Kdwardsvllle Rd. Wood River. Phone 4-9321 1947 FO%D — New tires S motor Southern end of 8*. Roxan*. *»0. 4-7101. _ ____ _ _____ __ ^^ DOWN" SB 00 PER WEEK 1949 Chrysler Windsor 4-<toor. A *cylinder car that i» ready to *o. Beautiful Je t black paint with whitewall tires, radio, heater and automatic drive that eliminates shift Ing One you would be proud to own Full price ......... SH93 ROBERTS MOTORS. Inc Authortied DeSoto-Plymouth Dealer ZOO W. Ferguson Ave . Wood River _Phone 4-4,192 i?M7~FORD^v'-«. 2- Door — Fiiilv equipped This car look" and rrniK like the day it came off the floor Only S395 TROTTER BUfCK CO. Wi*wMRIver 1 _Ill._: P? (.. .4^W] J ^^_°I_ 4 - 2B2J TKffC* HOW*. mEnT^~An4 tfump bed in perfect *ti»pe. WOO Will s*tmr»t*. B»r>irhm*n Lime twti ready to fo *1*0 NARMONT MACHINERY CO nx. TRUCKS Alton * utea true* ANY SIZE - MOSt MAKES Before rou Buy »ny truck let our orlce Se* mtr __ ~TR"S1tE"if : For club house or to live in. $MO.4-944«. _^ 1M7 FORD—fake over payments on unpaid balance, $252. Fully equipped. Call «tt«''_8 p.m. 3-0402. WILD 8ILL-fHE NO DOWN . PAYMENT MAN Says "Move 84 cars, trucks, and pickups this week. This Is possible because ot tremendous values offered. We take trades and you can buy with not one cent down. 5 Bultks, '42 - '4n . . . . S2.50 wk. Up 3 Chevrolets, '47 - '49 . . *5 wk. up I Chryclers, '40 - '47 , . .S2.SO wk. up 7 Dodges, {37 - 'SO . . . S2 wk. up B Fords, '40 - '51 ...... $3 wk. up I Kaiser, '47 $1 SO wk II Hudsons, '42 - '50 .... $2 wk. up 1 Lincoln, '49 S6.50 wk. 3 Nashes. '41 - '51 ... ,,.$l.fl(l wk. up 3 Olds. '47 - '48 ..... $4.30 wk. up 4 Pontlacs. "37 - '47 ... $1.90 wk. up 14 Plymouths, '40'- '47 . . $1.90 wk. up 4 Trucks $4.00 wk. up Open Till 9 Everyday. Sunday Till 5 ALTON AUTO MART 627 W. St. Louis, East Alton at the Islands. 4-1141 1947 PONT1AC — Radio, heater, Hydra-Matte, beautiful black finish. Runs perfect. Only $450 TROTTER BUICK CO. Wood River. 111. Ph. 4-3811 or 4-2622 4B~Htidaon only . ...\..,'. $295 BUICKS, CHEVROLETS, FORDS, FRAZIERS Chryslers, Plymouths, Nashes, Pontiacs 4Bs, 47s, ,48», 49s, 50s. 51s No Down Payment Required Free Plates — Free Tank Gas 1730 Bozzo ot E. Broadway 19S1 FORD—Blue. 2-OTB2. 1947 DESOTO ClutTcoupe — Fully equipped. It yon are looking for a real bargain, here It is. Only $205. TROTTKR BUICK CO. Wood River, 111. Ph. 4-3811 or 4-2822 MUST SACRIFICE -^T941 "~T*idllSc.~ clean Inside, new paint Job, 2 tires, like new. Motor excellent. To first With $273 cash. Call 4-2795 after 5. . __ BTCYCLES — 10" to" 2S". Bovs and girls . Tricycles, Trl-bikes. Auto- bikes We repair and repaint nil kinds of wheel goods. We trade. buv and sell PECK MITCHELLS BIKE REPAIRS, First Street, Cot tage Hills. _ GTfitTS ; "24-fflCH BtCYCt-E^ln good condition. 2-440B. _ YOIt^LL BE SAflSFTED-If we repair your bicycle, machine Install tires on vour wheel ehalrs or the kiddles tricycles f ft H BICYCLE. rear 2824 Judson 3-8975. 3-M95 BICV«.F,S "~- 1947 FLEETUNE — Chevrolet 2-door sedan; 5 new tires, motor and body perfect. Radio and heater. No down payment, $27 per month. 4-8778, DON'T MISS THIS • A-1 BUY Beautiful 1950 CHRYSLER 4-Door Seat covers, heater. This neat Windsor sedan is just like new. Equipped with automatic transmission and finished In sparkling green. Call or See AL O'NEAL At CARTER BROS., Inc. Your FORD Dealer 1400 E. Broadway Alton Phone 3-5533 HOSFMt BROS., Inc. Iff) K Brond»«v l»t> 1-W>4 „„, ~«xenm|V~ up Used tirw Miuri Uted Auto Parts 11(13 Bellt. Alton. Parts, repatftng Norntde Bicycle. 26)4 State Phone .V7I3S. ~AllTO TRIU'iur 1H51 FORD F-8 Tractor — Has new motor. 5th wheel, sntldle tanks, both air nnd vacuum brakes. 1000x20 tires, bus mlrrort, fire extinguisher, complete in every way and ready In work $1495 MAJOR MOTOR CO 102 West Edwardsville Boad, WOOD RIVER. Ph. 4-SI321 BUSINESS SERVICE BUSINESS SERVICE FOR BETTER WELDING CALL MODERN "Job Welders Since 1916" I'orlaMn equipment for arc nnd acetylene welding. Modern Welded Preducts Go, 306 W. Brondwny. Ph. 3-R282 A-1 SPECIAL 1952 PLYMOUTH Tudor Equipped with radio, heater, seat covers. Gleaming light green finish. Call or See WILBUR CLONINCER At CARTER BROS., Inc. Your FORD Dealer 1400 E. Broadway Alton Phone 3-5533 or 3-6557 BUSINESS SERVICE ELECTllOLUX IM54 New Dial Controlled All Metal Automatic — Na Dust Ban •"> Empty. CASH_OB TBRMS. H. T. BROADWAY Local Dealer 11.5 South Pence, East Alton. 4-UH49 RESIDENTIAL & COMMERCIAL AIR CONDITIONING Get the Facts on Operating Costs Before Buying! Let Us Survey Your Air Conditioning Needs to Determine Both Operating and Equipment Costs for Water Cooled and Air Cooled Units. The Only Sure Way fo Know Your Best Equipment Buyl Phone 2-9751 for Free Engineering Survey ALTON BOTTLED-GAS CO. GODFREY ROAD AND JERSEYVILLE AUTOMOTIVE AUTOMOTIVE Qarolla Pest .Control Co, If you bar* trouble call ill. For the riddance •! roach*!, m I o «, rats, a n t waterbOfi, etc. Monthly icrvlct U commercial estmb- Ilihment*. •> Deodorlzlnc Service *• Termite Control (Free dtlmatet — S Vear Guarantee) 511 East Pine St. Phone Gillespie, 111. 75 QUICK and COMPLETE '.CAR • LUBRICATION DOUBLE EAGLE STAMPS Every Frl. ft Sat. On Service Station Item! BOB & GENES SERVICE YOUR VEEDOL DEALER 1204 E. BROADWAY DIAL 2-771S FINANCIAL FINANCIAL FINANCIAL We have moved ro 626 EAST BROADWAY ONLY OUR ADDRESS HAS BEEN CHANGED WE ARE THE SAME COMPANY with remodeled and newly decorated quarters, equipped to offer better *»tUtance and add efficiency to our already well-established, home owned loan company, formerly located at 654 East Broadway. It U with pleasure that we invite you to come in and see our new offices, whether or not you have occasion to visit us on business. -STATES LOAN CO, TOM HOWARD, M|IY "CASH WITHIN THI HOUR" FRU FevWng Ut at tht R M r if •H0N| 2-9218 Pfifendr rltrd rMAr« AUiMISl M*STO*« HASH Vr\KTI.VN BMNftS Onr hot—on? pity—nne In* ftff Katlmttra—rnA ApprAvel MODERN SALES 60, 4-xm AUTOMOTIVE SOD and ftODDINQ To eofltrnctoT*. htrtMern, hwm owner*. AvntlnMft at «M ttrrtM. John J. Gtorgtwttt FINANCIAL FINANCIAL BUSINESS SERVICE RUSSELL VENETIAN BLINDS % Cample!* *** AUTOMOTIVE PLYMOUW '4» OMliMlilc J-Of, '48 Ot«|* 4*0r, '46 ChrysUr 4-Or, '47 Kaisir 4-Or, '46 Ohivralat 4-Or, Thaup Catti and Mor«^— NO DOWN 1'AYMENT If Von qtmllfy. Many Mor* Morteln t« Choodr. From. •It Ml vtsit otik rii »PM,IAN *>*»»• (»r r Rial Mlin« Her*tet »* Out N»» t«*f RtttmitM THE MAM TO SEE "Knows A// fhret" •Wtather Strip * R«ett Wdftl Insolafiftn •Sftnin, Slerm Combination Windows •Also LESCIIIP Dial 2*7832 MAN $ LOANS $ ON REAL ESTATE DIRECT with the lender meant quteft ftervtee with minimum expense and tow- est Interest rates. LONG OR SHOUT MATUftlTIGI Fred C, Weber Agency Ml REALTOR MU)Jfll AUTOMOTIVE AUTOMOTIVE AUTOMOTIVE AUTOMOTIVE" You, too. will he sold on any deal you mnke with A. P. STUAHT MOTOR CO. Our hundreds of satisfied customers are your guarantee of a fair deal. Open KvenltlK* Till 9 P.M. FARM - LIVESTOCK FARM - LIVESTOCK LOOK - DONT GOOF - LISTEN Be Present At The Illinois Valley Angus Breeders Ass'n STARS ON PARADE SALE At the Carrollton Sales Pavilion At Carrollton. Illinois Show at 10 A. M. Sale Starts at 12:30 P.M. Wednesday, April 28, 1954 SELLING 15 BULLS 55 FEMALES 1952 Nash Custom 4-Ooot COMPLETE ENGINE OVERHAUL • REPLACE ROD INSERTS • ALIGN RODS • INSTALL NEW RINGS • INSTALL NEW PINS • GRIND VALVES • COMPLETE A.B.C. TUNEUP FILL CRANKCASE WITH NEW OIL ALL FOR YOUR SAVING SI3.0S Inquiri Abftut Our Convinlint, Small Monthly Piymtnti Your Alton-Wood River Carter Bros., Inc. • 1400 EAST BROADWAY DIAL 3-5531 Carter Wood River Motor Co., Inc. 315 WOOD RIVER AVENUE DIAL 4-4385 AUCTIONS AUCTIONS AUCTIONS We have tried Bulls, hnlln of service use and some yn hulls. The quality Is Kood. Thn fcinalen ar* an ouUtnudliiK lot, nnd there are a lot ot Rood solid families represented. Try to be there. Greenfield, Illinois M. J. MELVIN, Sail Mgr. CURTIS TWITCHELL, Sec'y COL HAMILTON JAMES, Auct. Greenfield, Illinois AUCTION SALE of New Furniture and Merchandise Tuesday Evening, April 27th — 7 P.M. JOUETT AUCTION HOUSE FINANCIAL FINANCIAL i*************** "^ ... _^ ^ ALTON FINANCE £ and THRIFT CO. is a RECIPES for CAR ENJOYMENT! * * jj la a T {GOOD PLACE TO BORROW J Loans on your own signature and security. LOTS OF TIME to repay. Phone, irfrife, qr call. ALTON FINANCE 1706 WASHINGTON. ALTON, ILL. 25% • 75% SAVINGS ON EVERYTHING FURNITURE 3-pioce Walnut Bedroom Suite, Chrome Breakfast Sets, Cedar Chests, Maple Bunk Beds, Chests of Drawers, Utility Cabinets, Kneehole Desks, Oriental Rugs, Platform Rockers, Lawn Chairs, Sun Tan Cots, Lamps, New Congoleum. MERCHANDISE Hardware, Garden Hose, Drills, Skill Saws, Window Fans, Socket Sets, Aluml- num Ware, House Paint, Mixors, Deep Fryers, Pillow Cases, Sheets, Bedspreads, Portable Sewing Machines, Small Radios, Fishing Rods, Reels, 32-piece China Sets, Tools of all kinds. MANY VALUABLE GIFTS GIVEN ABSOLUTELY FREE JOHN NORRIS, AUCTIONEER REAL ESTATE SALE 1*EATE~ST~ATE~S~AL~E REAL ESTATE SALE R PAL ESTATE SALE Anil Thrift Co. 412 E. BROADWAY DIAL 3-8814 NEED CASH TODAY? Worried About Selling Your REAL ESTATE *2O to *5OO ON YOUR SIONAfWI Get extra 4Mb at Household Finance! Loan* made on •igiu lure, car or furniture— (or any good rwwoo. Many repayment plan*. MonioljP pay meat* to fit yow income. EMy*tkviipi»et requirement*. No endorser! needed- Pboae •r stop in tad*/ for frw*» friendly YOU NEEDN'T BE ... We have a substantial list of buyers wishing immediate possession of 4, 5 and 6-room homes . . . Early Spring is the best time to sell your real estate. So ... ior prompt, courteous, efficient service list your property with us NOW! *»•* i UN m 3M (5.93 11.74 17.20 2&3G 2742 $6.75 13.38 19.67 25.67 31.47 17.29 14.48 2L33 27JB 34.25 n 110X17 20.03 29.68 39.03 48.18 UM>. 1% «• •/ • MOM m ••** <i tiso »•< «g tm-**H*m**'mti*if TO LIST YOUR PROPERTY FOR QUICK SALE, SIMPLY: DIAL 2-9797 Uml. 3n* 14171 -Ait n The REAL ESTATE Exchange 716 E, 4th STREET ALTON LOYCE A. WOOFF, Manager DIAL 2<»7t?

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