Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on June 4, 1957 · Page 18
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 18

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 4, 1957
Page 18
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EIGHTEEN EVENING TIMES, CUMBERLAND, TUESDAY, JUNE 1957 28-Male Help Wanted 46-Televlsion Service COLLEGE MEN We hove a Summer . Job For You! Earnings will be in excess of $S4 per week! '- PLUS Chance for $1,000 Scholarship 11 Scholarships Will Be Awarded! APPLICANTS MUST BK ~ KxreplionaUy n<-:it in a r >ix?jr:ince - Abitv Hveu'-.o in ayRrrssitoneis '•f ta \at:o qualify. may continue thri fljiGciiKion next year on a part-liw fie 11*. * For interview call . , , Mr. Adams PA 2-3925 CUMBERLAND ELECTRIC CO. fV «trvlc<» oo all oiakei (juor*mf«i. N'tie-Sunday *«rvjr* evailadle PA 2 6191 Humbertson's STRAND TV S*!«/ A Service Rt 40 LaVate PA 2-72?0 Open '111 UNITED TV W* repair all II Hertford St. n»di&, T-V HA 4 H« V Sa!ce & service RKINIIAHT'S, I'AS-SHO, 9 a.m. Jl p-rn_ 47—R ca | Estate for Sale lot. \AVii;iV, part Time. G tt> 9:30 p.m.: School, 18 10 35. lo work with Library Division (,{ \alionat t'onoern, $10 l>or evening n> ^hosc uno quail!y. ,ALso,2 lull lime 't>a*itions opvn: SUM week. Apply: Ko rt Cu inherJ a nd Attention House Trailer Owi Youi monthly rent will pay Co !2U down and $15 i«*r month indudfflif :it. wau>i add clcclriclli services, icsvei lap, paved a tied S1re of lot. 10' t 120*. located near MeMuLlen i!vd., 2 inUeb from Cumberland. IKtWAKD- Bt'CIMXAN. IXC. Office 540 N, CYmrc. PA 2 G6SO, Kveninas. dial I'A 4-32'JU. '-ROOM Umi'ivi <> water, level lul. l><: INSTRIJ^JKNT Repairmen, industrial niaiinonaiiL'c experience on variety of pnrumaiic inilrumcnts. Know. 1 - ItilRc in KtertroniPi }teli>(ul. Ape 26' 45. Rale: $2.31 to $2.59 wilh dHft-rcn- ti,i[ for shift u-orK. Also liberal benefits in new industry. U'rilc P. O. JlopcwcJ), Virsinia- N'KW 3 iK'tlroom ranch ilylc. x a in ba&emcnt. City fOnv*nipnc(-j. dmk lloail. Dial I'A 2-2695. R3], MEN Are I/OK dissatisfied with your present employment? i/ so and you feel yon can handle n sales position, check into this: 1—Name product known the world over. 2—Company store here Cumberland. I 3—Transport a I ion furnished i>y Company. 4—S alary, commission and bonus. 5—FlospUal insurance and paid vacation. 6—Promotions to executive jobs according to your efforts. For further information on this opportunity coll Mr. Canby Wednesday Evening June 5 between 6 and 8 p. m. PA 2-3673. 51—Vacuum Cleaners DlarFX"2.4'6'0"0~for~I WANT AD Taker- VACUUftTCLEANERS Mew I'Anrs Kcb'lllt Funy rnin * SEHVICE. AI.I MARKS VACUUM .STOJIKS PA 1-46IC ncn up t I1EI.IVKKV HOOVER VACUUM CLEANER SERVICE PA 2-5070 1302 VA AVE Display Classified WHITACRE'S I 31 N .ftNti 444T1 4O PA-2-2790 Display Clatiified ROOFING and SIDING Call PA 2-5100 for AM Typ*t of K<voltoa am* SMinfl AppUMl by IxpwM :0 TIM WRITTIM (HJMAMTH OM LMCM AHO nftTillOlt A*k Abovt S*or» Own MODCXNI2ING CKEOfT PLAN N« M»—y P.««. Up ta M Ma^>i to T~, SEARS, ROEBUCK AND CO. 179 Ballimof. SI. Cumtxiland, MJ. ft liltllt fflQIQ^R ^^^^^^^^^^f^^^ 'WROUGHT KOM RAILINGS WARNER'S ' 1301 V*. Av* FA 4477* snp Park. City wn payment, bal- liOOM House, barli, utility room, £3r- ape. l"'i f-t Avenue, llyndman, I'cnna. Phono Hyndman 49-M. dwelling, hot water heat, automatic hot water, spriny water. 11 acres, 9 tillable, fruit trees, Rixitl barn, $9000, Opj« Annan. 58 N. IVnlr*. I'A 4-0200. Apply IK Hisli Street Phone Frojithurij 26-H LAHC'K homesites, beautifulIreeT Growing area. 100 ft. frontage. (600. cashjir j«_rm»._l»A 2-OJ17. WILL~ •J83 1 BUILD 2-Bt-droom Ilamb]«i - Level f .-— p- 1)0,500. Mauk Construction, IM REAL ESTATE SERVICE Lei us list your property We Get Results! The HAROLD n. FLETCHER CO. N. LIBERTY ST. DIAL PJA MAYIIUHY-POLAND REALTY RKAL KSTATK BROKRJtS I'HONE PIEDMONT 6011 e oorne*. Guaranteed Re&ulU or no coil! to joo. Vour Joquirlei welcomed. M- Hemlun Aj5*ncy-PA'Mill. 5% Down To Veterans 7« tlll.LTOl* Drive, 6 loom brick fcungalow, 3 bedrooms. garage. iV» baths. Phone PA 2-2322- MODEHN_2 beoioom home — kitchen. dine tic, spacious living room, good tocatio-n in La Vale. Phone J'A 4-3232. 29-Solesmen Wonted BUSINESS building, i-orncr fontre & Hanover Sis. First Moor-brer tavein, feitchVn. i-toiase and two rest rotniis. 3 room apartment in rear. Second iloor—6 rooms, 2 baths. Hot water hr/il. Kor inspection rail Mrs. Stevi-ns. 223 Union Si, PA 2-lOa*. /afer- ..- — 0 ..., , Dial PA A -1C66 alter fi p. EXECUTIVE SALESMAN National Service Organization desires experienced salesman with executive ability for Cumberland office- Excellent opportunity. Exclusive territory. For Interview: PHOXE: MR. McCOUCH PA 2-24QO Tuesday. Wednesdiiy, 10 a.m. to 8 p.m 31-Situations Wanted 650 DOWN! 5-room hnmp, Ijalh, heat. 636 IJedlonJ St. Owner left lown. MILLE.NSON Heal Estate, PA -I-55W 6 ROOM J1OU.SE7 KATM,~COAL~ FURNACE. IDEAL FOIl FAMILY DIAL RK 8-8938 COLLEGE sludcnt, 19. wants w from June 10 to Sept. 15. Will accept — »ny —**i>e—«f—eiupJoyment.—Fvvperi- encetl in office worji or laboring. H efcrences furnished. Write BOA SR3-A, c/o Times-News. CATHERMAX'S Business School student wishes afternoon a ntl S alu r J ay oliice employmcnt. Dial PA 4-0966. rn bungalow, good round. 10 miles out 32-lnstructions LEARN TO DRIVE, ~" Dual ConTroIjT Automatics, Straight Shi/is 9 to 9 Upward Twice, IM J*edford. PA 27333 MEN \VANTEnT 18-J5 Practical training . in DrnllLng, Tool and Vi\c Desi Fining and Air Conditioning an<i Relrlgcratlon. Free employment service. G. 'I. approved. Write tcr Information, Box 8£2-A\, c/o Two adjoining Iots~"'~35sl3j, Moiii- jomery Ave. 4 Koom mod vatcr, 2 acres toufe 23. Small grocery doing nice business. Stock nnd fixtures. South Knd. Terms. 6 Room frame, batli. heal, garage. Nice lot. ttooi! condition. Offutl St J. S. MUTTON. Ilealtor 45 ACRE farm, 4 room house, other buildlnge, timber, oil lease. 1 miles north ol Chaneisvllle. llotncr Kinser, E!KAi;TIF(7r, "Tc\^TnoV^n~Tra\' r Me~BuU^ able for Ranch Type Home lOQ' Ironlace near New School, Any rca- MWiable- offer consitlcred. fM -1-33 35~MisceIloneou5 SEPTIC TANKS CLEANED J25. Stoclern equip'U Bi-State Disposal Service Write or l j hone Lena coning HO 3-HO: WELL DRILLING 23 yrs. Exp. Mod Pum 23 yrs. Exp. Modern steel equipme Pump Installations, Galvanized Casi F V. CARPEXTEB IVE1.I. DH1I.U ''- "• _Hox 332 L ^rumb.. Ph. RE a 930 iVEW LbCATION~s7MTJE'S~LA.VE steel ctjuipsrenl ^•"iniied Casing r """,LIXU 19300 HOUT CONSTRUCTION Shovcts, Dozers, Trucks, Grader, Jlollcrs, Stone .Spreadi'M. FtU dirt Cum'd PA 4-5575 or PA 2-63K 1 'LOOKS - I.AVIXB. SAN'OI.VC. KlS' [SUING. Free estimates. Charles Biirch. Ml. Savage. Phone CO 4-IM1 KXCKI.tiNT IjJCMiun. 530 I'allcrson Avcnup. 3-Redrooms. Alodcrn Ralh, Good condition. Jnsulaled large yard. PA 4.5S37. Six room camp. 1 3/ly~atTvs~"cround" Fully Airnljthrd, bcnutlFullr l.nmNcaiicd. balli. Fronts on Pattersons Creek liack of VFW. Dam on l>act ol property FLOYD P. ORACE. lical Estate Ridgeley, \v. Va. Phone HE 8-9302 SHOVELS — DOZERS Mnt)il« Cranes. Back Hues, High I ifu Compressors, PavinR Breaker*, Drills Traclor-TraJJers. Lav n«| Trailers Jclt Trailers, Trucks of all kinds. Fil Ei'oiinj and road mntonal ' We ftare mart than 700 Plccct of Equipment to jertre jour needs/ BAUGHJIAA' CONTRACTING KM£_Wesl. __Diot PA 2-45S8 Septic Tanks~Cleaned ,, SM LEROV KENNELt. Ibr-dman 111.11.5; Cumberland PA> 424 £.rcni-nfi>ifj Bulldozinn Asphalt Drtct&ait — Psrilnp Loti Fill clirt Top soil Orrie Sensabattgh PA 4-595; Block Laying, Cement Work PHONE PA 2-2699 EXCAVATING OF A14. TYPES Chert Fill tor Drlveoayil I. JOHN'SOX. HT S. PA l «313 LAWS MmVEBS" SJIAnPE.VED~ 1IAXD OR POWEU. 14 OAK ST PA 2-I3fil. 36-Watch, Ciotk Repair* FAST, EFFICIENT WATCH REPAIR JOHN NEWCOMER 215 Virginia Avc. PA l-i5S 38-Moving, Storing GRAPES TRANSFER Dial PA 4.5622 HEnERS LRANSFEB Ijioil UOXG DISIANLE AUENT NORTH AMERICA?! VA.V t.l.Vfa P/l «.«( «iu) Co BENNETT „„..„ „ Local—Long Distance PHONE PA 2-6770 . '.OTTAGK- on private road, -lOO' Icont. Ijong lcai« on grounds IKDFOHO Ho.-id section - - new brick bungalow, birch kitchen, tile bath, hot water baseboard heat. PA +.0683, :OZV Bunpaltnv, Wiley -Ford, 5 rooms, modern batii. All city convenience5. Newly decorated. Excellent condition inside and out. Immediate possession. Dial HE 8-8977. The BLIND MAN Says - WELCOME To Our 16th Anniversary SALE! "When we started in business 10 years ago we never dreamed we'd grow like we have. Your wonderful acceptance of our products is alone responsible for our success. In gratitude we are holding our annual anniversary sale-in an attempt to repay you in some way "for your patronage." THIS WEEK ONLY All Merchandise 25 % off STORM DOORS STORM WINDOWS JALOUSIES Venetian Blinds — Vertical Blinds Draperies and Rods and AWNINGS John E. Sharp & Co. McMulien Highway PA 2-7620 HOUSES WANTED ANY SECTION CeorKe Wainfiold Real Kstate "lark.Kcatin« nidg.. I'A 2-2152. 4-2 K W 3 bed room brTc'k house, Jarfie" living room with Eireplacc. birch cupboards In kitchen, tile bath, full lia<.cmenf \xiih oil fiifnain-. Price itpor^ inspection. J*hone Fort A&hhr JUST COMPLETED- ljofl = rn room (tonte at Xew Turn a i oti HI, - , Cumberland. This is a he proud lo imn at a 3 biil- Acrcs s fri i hone ill ice you can Inspcclinn^by appointment- H. A-ihbw 2Ul, A S: A Build- IIS-120 Virginia Avc. s-Kitclicnette and l>ath Spaee. I[c.ll«r-New ainlrd It 1'npcred- DOUBLK r7nm nue -Six TIon end! sldr-G Root— ,\e«ly J-ar^e Jot 1 . .-nno PArkrlcw 2-1927-122 Virginia Avc. nue. ? VOU'HE plannTn^ to \i^ a nd SI1.00I) is .vilhln your i.rlre rancc This 6-Hoom Suburban lloinc in d'ei -Mrnhle 1-av.ile residential area is availahle immediately. Convenient Mnanrint: can be arranged Write ilox Stt-,\. e/r. Times.Xe.vs. Frut SALE in GarrelT"OMimi-~37~7\ cr ' c ".; «ilh Timrirr. Apply: K2 ' Baltimore BEER POPULAR BRANDS Reg. Bottlei . . . 2.59 Throwawoys . . . 2.99 Cant 3.19 German-Export 2.99 FKEE DELIVERY KLINE'S Liquor Store Mech. PA 4-37W llaworlh's Mail your further insight. You sec, pldie reasons why you've had so EdJior'a Note: Helped beyond a]| «xj>ectatLon>, wife writes again, revealing deeper problem*. DEAR MARY HAWORTH: I am deeply grateful for your counsel given me in answer to my letter printed May !0lh. It hadn't dawned on me that I was "play acting" the part of loving UL . lug u ,,, alr lo my nusDa , Wj ana wife; and my husband, as you of coursc he wa / rjgh( Due , 0 deeper problem exists—(hat -1 didn't mention before. A year ago 1 believed myself to be in love with another man. We had what might be called an „„, lllls JS affair or six months. He is gone the cl . u £ „, O ' ur trouble _ name . now. He felt he was cheating, being unfair to my husband, and say, was addressing a "phoney." It would seem, almost, that ! have no confidence in my real self. I hope I am not overstepping, taking undue advantage of your wonderful service; but you have helped me beyond all expectations—so much that I believe 1 can make a complete adjustment, if • I give you the whole picture and get the benefit of Display Classified TRY PENNSY We Give Si-H Cree» Stamps "Building Moreriali" Paint — Lumber — Hardware «OII> JO .V.r.o»» Dl»l PA* fret Eary Parking; POTATOES Best U. S. No. 1 New White Pofafoe* Peck (15 Ibs) Watermelons Good Currerj 89c each E size New White I. 49 50 Ibs. Bag A few POTATOES for SEED still on hand A Bag Delicious Beautifully Ripened BANANAS TOMATOES | Good Supply Fresh Fruits and Vegetabfes of Dependable quality with Low Prices HAGER'S SUPER FRUIT MARKET Narrows at Lover's Leap rowzee s F A D ft I 0* & ABRICS FACTORY OUTLET STORE ated 12 mile Another 8,000 yd. Shipment has been received . . . Several hundred different Patterns, up to 25 yd. Lengths. We Sell by the yard ... You Buy yardage needed! Ave-. Cumberland. M»TDE ta.ns 5 . Lovely lot on \Vempe brfv IM foot frontage. PA 2-7372 48—Roofing, Spouting . APPLICO BY CfiorEssro.vxr.,5 Cfl.l._JfCK__ABf L ll.. PA 2-7811 ROtiMNG "slIUNtir "p'iiiSins."spool tns Centra; rrpzirx. Call c-jmb P> 1 «-><«. Il;ndn>» 137 RJ. Fre« jrtj I Drip Dry Cottons Petti Point Solids Printed Soteen Safin Stripe Skirt Borders Printed Everglaze Solid Everglaze Miracle Fabrics Carnival Dots Organdy Corduroy Butcher Linerf Rayon Suiting Printed Poplins Percales Black'& Whites Printed Plisse Solid Plisse Housecoot Plisse Sheers Bark Cloth Twill Drapery. Solid Drapery Printed Cretonne Solid Embossed Sail Cloth .Cotton Marquisette Kitchen Toweling Pillowcase Cloth Skinner Linings • Simplicity Patterns • Coats & darks Thread • Zippers OPEN 10 A.M. TO 10 P.M. It's Fun—It's Economical PO-IT-YOUR5ELF All STEEl GARAGES — COTTAGES UTILITY BUILDINGS D»»)gn»d lo Compf«me-Al An)- , Architecture AsJaw-«-$4.00 Per Week (If You Pr.fe.—W« Will Iniloll; LIFEGUARD CONSTRUCTION CO. 411 LIBERTY TRUST BIDS. DIAL PA 2-3710 littje sense of solid substantial satisfaction in living. And also, of launching you in the way of correcting this psychological stale ot affairs. But possibly this is precisley- )y , in f an(i | e dependency upon somebody else (you hope) to provide a meaningful life for you, including ever-ready solutions of life's successive trials. Perhaps trial's you've put up with frustrations I've liad for years, and recently wanting this man back, I've felt many times llial I didn't care to go on living. Sinned Greatly And Wonders Why Of coursc T am accepting my daily responsibilities. I have wonderful children. I have done good things in my life ancf 1 be- havedrespectably in the eyes of Hie world, let 1 have committedjinto a mild depression, it seems, one of the greatest sins. Why? | An d emotional depression usually your husband so obligingly, trying to be his "ideal" on his terms, insofar as you could "imagine" what he wants (or might think lie prefers). Lotting Doicn Into Depression Currently you arc letting down Since I have been married, 1 includes such ingredients as liave won recognition as a writer, hopeless dependency, frustration musician and artist, ami a chunk and rage at unsatisfactory "• -••**, u»*. n L.iinin .UMU > ci£i^ <ii uijamiaiti^iu! y dsau- of fame as a contest winner. Mylciates and conditions — a mean- husband always has been proud'ingful brand of distress, that pro- pi these accomplishments. But I perly calls for personal growth have always felt that I never as the remedy, but which the loved him. Have I been trying to timid soul deeply buries in his -impress-lvim-iyid everyone else? (or_heri__u!icQii«ciQus mind, and ISobody would dream that I feel experiences only indirectly, in my life is finished and I'd just'terms of confused anxiety, and as soon bow oul tomorrow. undefined melancholy, iriueh o( I do a e>'eat deal of charily," 10 lime ' work but my heart isn't in it. Your shorl-lived affair probably To go on living happily I must^ vas a 'imid move in the direc- know [lie answers. If you could slraighien me cut, all the way, I would be eternally thankfu'l. -K. Y. .E.r/je<:» Others \To Carry Her DEAR K. Y.: As I told you FOR THE LONG DRIVE . . ' (lion to. grow a? a person, for the AS of now, it appears that sake o[ growth — not with tlie you d rather I did alt the work—lidca of being outstanding— M H of making you acquainted with " Mary Haworth counsels through Ju-r column, not by mail or per- your real self, and deciphering lion of trying 'unconsciously) to break away from your lordly hiisKind. You'd want guarantee of another protector (in the guise of volunteer helpmate) standing by, before- splitting with him, of course. When the seeming candi-. ciate faded out, you felt more happed in confused frustration In Thrf Circuit Court for A County, Maryland, Anna U. Cu widow, d al. vs. Hose C. Miller, Widow, No. 24,719 Equity. OIEDEIl MSI OJl&ERED, this 3rd day of June, 1957. by |he Circuil Court for Al!e- g a ny Cou tity, siding in equity, that Ihe sales made and reported in the above cau« by Gorman E. Getty, WLI liam C-.-vralsh and George It. Hughes. Trustees, be ratified and confirmed, unless cause tit (he contrary thereof be shown on or before the 5th day or July, 1957, provided n ropy ' of 'this der be published In some newspaper published in Cumberland, Maryland. once a week for three successive weeks before the 2flth day ol June, 1937, The report stales the amount of sales to be 527,850.00. /s/ Joseph E. Roden, Clerfc True copy; Test: . ! Joseph K. floden. Clerk. Adv. T-Junc 4-H-IB Oispfoy Classified NO DOWN PAYMENT 24 monfhs to pay Dial PA 2-2415 Courtesy car mill promptly pick you' up and drive you to our lot! 51 FORD $395 Custotnline V-8. R. II. Straight Shifl. 51PONTIAC $395 Cliic(lain Deluxe. Radio, heater, auto, matic tr.insmission. 51 PLYMOUTH $395 Radio, healer, good rubber, low mileage. Owned liy local teacher, 50 PONTIAC $295 Radio, heater, good rubber, icat cover* 50 CHRYSLER $345 Rndio, healer. Rood rubber, fine car. Worth much more, • 50 CADILLAC $995 Radio, healer, automatic transmission. Excellent. SO Others To Choose From Used Car Lot SPOERL'S CUMBERLAND .GLASS H pftll »T & GLASS , - sonal Interview. Write .to her in care ot The Evening Times. (King Features SyniUcala) D I«.P«W022 EASY RATIO BEST! Huge Grant Goes To JHU BALTIMORE HV - Johns Hopkins University has received a 10-. year grant of about one million dollars to do research work on the common cold and other "upper respiratory tract diseases." The grant of $1,056,000 came from the National Drug Co. ot Philadelphia, subsidiary of the Vick Chemical Co. of New York. Today's announcement by the Hopkins school of hygiene and public health said the work would be under the direction of Dr. Winston H. Price, associate pro-, fessor of epidemiology and bio- chemislry. Rheumatic heart disease will be included in the study. Johns Hopkins also announced that beginning July 1, effective date of (he grant, Dr. Price Will become director of a newly created division of medical ecology in the department of epidemiology. H was established to carry out research in heart disease and respiratory infections caused by vims. ... .led Solsi SKELLEr'S DA - J36 Pint Ave. *** , _ _ _ 845 N. Mechanic St. PA 2-2415 HOOFING, ftdinj All matei Root paintlnB. trpairK aa mor. to pay MLIr Brrwcr. Bntingrr. Md Cn. CH 5-2601 Hooline. SpoiiliiiB. Sidinz. A«-nir»r~ n»rf« scarj it. p»> 'iuauni.ea «or» Ana re« Witt, ptiot-o CO < M;« New Hoonnjt. Pairjnnje, <;utten vttlal Wurk. ill upe«. Ksttmite> Irec yr> F.xp Atej J srhut* PA a SSCe AGENT, MAVri.OWER TBAVSIT" LOCAL, LONT, DISTANCE MOV1NO KLAVUHN TRANSFER PA vino JOHN APPEl IRANiFER ux-vtC" LONG DISTANCE MOVING AKES1 GRRYVAN LINES PA Vliii 39-PoinHng, Poperhgoging HUMES Home Tmpro^emenl Co., gen* ra] contracting in roofjn* J M ano Inselbric Mains Also Aluminum Sid ins No do«n payment Phone PA _MMt, PA <-MM._M7J)»vnlM>n SI JAR1.IT7. Home InTpro^MnTm CV. HuildmE Contractor Johns-Manvtlu Inyelbric SidinR. Roorinc. blocfc lav in« PA 1<a-3 KBEE ESTIMATKS KXPERIEVcV-'n PAINTF.ns_i. I.. KILIlKnt PA S.65SSJ PATNTiXC. Spct-tlnc. ~RrS)irr.i " Tom"! plete repairing. Ceinrnt an<l ht^k' work. Guarsnteedl Kuhn and T - PA -^^PA Z««. 41-Professionol Services SO-Uphoistering VPIIO[.STEmSVG Truck Scats * Conr Drajxry J- Slip Cover Fatiric \\indnw scream made to order. Alum- ir.iini scrrcnine i moliling available *l t>3anc?c ShwrbrtHve, 40 V off. 6Ac vil CKO. BRAf^G.'alr. Md. PA 4-<SII FOSSELT'S Eraploymrnl. LaValc. V'A 111 Frcde'rtch ?l"oia»i. mnfrcl'tbta " -IPX 5 «Ili O\^i 15 rear» In eitj 43-4-Piono Tuning Piono Tuning & Repoirin"g Laurence Grif/itft PA 2 16.33 UPHOLSTERING [Yoxcii t2j ni»^iasot> PA 4-20* ROBPRT Pi aha* MDREI^Mt; ij^f i Srtiooi, C"hurch, Homr i-lCM VffiS Piinoi 45-RaJio Service GUARANTEED ftADlo SERVICE Spcci>l!ilne Rome ft tulo ridioi Jl N. c.orjt St. PA 4-45* 51 —Vacuum Cleaners 1 CUSTOM" "^AnifTifRNiTuriE Rcfflifnng anrt Spring Repair C. K Brodc iji Ocrtr.t PA 2-lSV IM MVNINOS AY.. PA 4OTH , . . W«ro«, Congratulations Grads! You're sittin' on top of the world! Your diploma is one of your most prized possessions. Have photostatic copies made todayl Use them in applying for jobs while you preserve the original! You may also need copies of transcript of credits and birth certificate. We'll make any size copy you wish. Including the handy billfold size. The Cumberland Engraving Co. 1X8 S. Mechanic St. PA 4-1622 B. G. CIETSAC 1951 MODEL 1 FA8MAU M IN A-l CONDITION 2 FORD 2 SPcED 1952 MOOEIS 1 A. G. 4 CIETRAC 1951 MODEL WITH ANGLE HYDRAULIC BIADE I. A. CHALMERS C. A. 1951 MODEL I D 1 CASE BACKHOE t LOADER !»5Z MOOR 1 FORD BACKHOE I LOADER 1952 MODEL I N. H. BALER 76 1 D. C. CASE S. CULTIVATORS 1951 MODEL 1 #9 FARQUAKAR SAW MILL 1 S. C. CASE I MOWER, CHEAP Morgan Brothers Industrial Sales Rt. 40 - West City Limits Phone Frostburg 1080 . 'Air Conditioning By Buy Carrier Call your dealer or AIRGON Engineering & Supply PA 2-7269 40&8 Voiture Will Elect Voilnre 164. Forty and Eight, will elect officers today at 8 P. m. al the chateau on Harrison Street. Richard Reid, cheidegare of (his fun-making branch of the American Legion, said-a nominating committee headed by Paul Weisenmtller will make a report and nominations also will be accepted from the floor The newly elected officers are to be installed July 3, Plans will be made tonight to take the voilure's two remaining candidates to the Everett Pa., voiture for initiation on Saturday. June R at 6:30 p rn A report is to be given by Keid on the banquet and dance held June 1 at the Southern Hotel Baltimore, in honor of the national commander. Chefde Chcmin de Per Chester F Nau- movvicz of Silver Spring. He is the first Marylander to hold (his office. Reid «-as accompanied to the event by Mrs. Reid, Mr. and Mrs hrtward Rider, Mr. and Jlrs Phil Fleming. M r . and Mrs. Georee , Mr. and Mrs. Clarence M ™ W " So1an and «r- and Mrs. Olm Layman. , No j\osl The whippoorwil) docs not make a nest, but lays its two eggs on dead leaves that usually are found on the ground in thick- cts when spring comes. CONCRETE SEPTIC TANKS i«,»orw,r»- » POWER « STEEL .EXCAVATING STORAGE TANKS TRENCHING v«» . PILE BROTHERS McMullti Hwj. Mart (mlormatiOD Call:

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