Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa on November 18, 1967 · Page 21
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Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa · Page 21

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 18, 1967
Page 21
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en Nights for Holiday Shoppers First Evening on Schedule Nov. 29 Extra Time to Complete Gift Lists While Assortments Are Large and Varied Carroll stores will be open eleven nights for the convenience of holiday shoppers in addition* to the usual Friday night openings. The dates for the night open- Air Conditioning o is Newest Necessity With the number of homes equipped with central air conditioning soon to e x c e e d the three-million mark, a spokesman for the home building industry has dubbed air conditioning "the newest necessity" for American families. These predictions are being borne out by the increasing number of builders whose homes-for-sale feature electric air conditioning, along with other major electric equipment. Those builders who do not install the central air-conditioning unit itself very often provide the necessary duct-work and insulation, making it easy and economical for the homeowner to have the air conditioning unit added at a later date. According to Edison Electric Institute, builders and buyers alike are beginning to realize that any house without air-conditioning may well be obsolete within a few years. In some areas today, it is difficult to sell or rent homes and apartments without air conditioning. Families now want the same comfort standards in their homes that they enjoy in offices, stores and restaurants. It is easiest to install whole- house air conditioning while the home is under construction. It then becomes a part of the initial mortgage-package, so financing is painless. Because of the growing demand, central air conditioning adds resale value to any house. Thus, it can be considered as an investment, rather than an extra expenditure. Christmas Carols Christmas carols have been sung since the 14th century when the true religious carols came into being. The word "carol" originally meant a ring dance accompanied by a song, and before the 14th century carols spoke of love, courtship return of spring and feasting. Christmas hymns were sung long before the carols, but they were sung in solemn Latin. The caroling custom originated in England in about the 18th century. Watchmen, called Waits, patrolled the streets and the name later began to apply to town musicians who carried tunes from door to door. ings were approved by the retail bureau of the Carroll Chamber of Commerce. Carroll stores will be open until 9 p.m. on the dates listed. Shoppers can make their Christmas purchases early on Wednesday, Nov. 29, the first night scheduled for general store openings. The stores will also be open Monday, Dec. 11 and 18; Tuesdays, Dec. 12 and 19; Wednesdays, Dec. 6, 13, and 20; and Thursdays, Dec. 7, 14, and 21. Stores will also be open every Friday night as usual. Chamber officials pointed out the late closing hours will give parents a chance to make family shopping excursions that will not conflict with school hours and will offer leisure shopping time to individuals whose jobs coincide with store hours. The late hours will give shoppers in the Carroll trade area extra time to complete their gift lists early when assortments are large and varied. Later in the season, the stores will be open for the always present last minute buying trips. Duane Taphorn has been appointed chairman of the Chamb e r's Christmas committee. Other members of the committee are Martin Maher, Paul Collison, Bill Hammen, and Ed Thompson. White Yule Traditional as Plum Pudding For a quarter of a century people have been sentimentally dreaming their way through a "White Christmas." It was in 1941, the black- clouded war years had already begun, when Hollywood released a motion picture entitled: "Holiday Inn." The star of this movie was the ever- popular crooner, Bing Crosby. But perhaps the real star of "Holiday Inn" was the song written especially for the movie by Irving Berlin: "White Christmas." Through the ensuing 25 years, over 100 versions of the song have been recorded by almost as many artists, yet "W h i t e Christmas" is synonymous with the name of Bing Crosby. The poignant Christmas mes sage that's found in the song has made it popular 'round the world. It has been translated into Italian, French, Chinese German, Spanish, Hungarian the Scandinavian languages, several Polynesian tongues and even Swahili. Make It An Electric Christmas . . . with a compact stereo system or stereo tape-listening and recording system. The compact features automatic turntable, direct coupled all-silicon output circuitry, stereo tuner and extended range speakers. The tape recorder- player includes dual power amplifiers and preamplifiers. A pair of omnidirectional microphones is also included. Servants Await You in Gold Medallion Home You needn't be a millionaire in order to have a home with "servants". In Gold Medallion Homes you'll find a whole staff of electrical servants, ready and waiting, to help with the work. In order to qualify for the Gold Medallion a home must contain at least four major electric appliances. One appliance must be an eleqtric range. It can be built- in or free-standing, but it must be electric, so that Mrs. Homemaker can enjoy the cleanliness and accuracy of cooking. An electric range cooks the food — not the kitchen. That's why electric kitchens are always cool, even when the oven and surface units all are in use. A new electric refrigerator or combination refrigerator- freezer also will be found in every Gold Medallion Home kitchen. It's sure to blend right in with the cabinets and may occupy less space than older refrigerators. But don't let that fool you! Electric refrigerators today are slimmed down in appearance only — not in food- keeping capacity! Third on the list of "required" appliances is an electric water heater. Like the other electric servants, it's ready and waiting to provide a constant supply of hot water. The electric water heater is so quiet and needs so little attention, you might not know it's there. Because it's electric, it could even be hidden in a closet, behind the stairs — or under a counter. But you can always count on it to keep the water hot, 24 hours a day. The fourth electric servant in every Gold Medallion Home is chosen by the builder from a list of "optional" major electric appliances. Yule Season Alwayi a Memorable Time For the children, this is the very best Christmas that ever was. The adults agree — buit still, they look back a little wistfully at the Christmases of yesteryear, with nostalgic thoughts of "a good old-fash ioned Christmas," or of a spe cial Christmas memory. Memories enhance the sea sonal joys, and with good rea son, for Christmas is a mem orable time. Since the firs Holy Night, some of the most important events of both religious and secular history have taken place ait the Christmas season. ; A look at the past reveals momentous occasions, joyous or poignant, as well as many of the little things that give bygone times living meaning— and all taking place on or about Christmas Day. Sharing With Vets Brings True Spirit Carroll's American Legion Auxiliary will be sending $24 worth of gifts to the Veterans Administration Hospital at owa City this year as part of he Iowa Department's annual "ihristmas Gift Shop project. Prompted by the desire to make the Christmas season a iltle brighter for those veterans who must spend the holidays in hospitals away from heir families, Auxiliaries Jiroughout the state participate n sending gifts to the hospitals which the veterans may select as gifts for their loved ones. The assigned new items are displayed at the hospital and after the veterans have made ;heir selections, the Auxiliary Blue Ladies gift-wrap and mail the gifts for the veterans. Funds for this project are derived from the Auxiliary's annual sale of veteran-made poppies. Unit assignments are based on last year's membership. Mrs. Paul Bachman, president of the local Maurice Dunn Jnit No. 7, has announced that the Carroll's assignment in- :ludes a pair of pillow cases, ;wo pen and pencil sets for jirls, three pairs of ...mittens for roys age 4-8 and two pairs for age 8-12; two colored T-shirts, size 1-4, two pairs of infants' socks, size 1-4; four pairs boys' stretch socks, size 8-11; two joys' colored T-shirts, size 1216; and $3.00 in cash. The cash is to be used for the purchase of additional gift items at Iowa lity. In advising the local unit of its assignment, Mrs. Glenn Warren, Department Rehabilitation committee member stated that "Sharing with our hospitalized veterans will bring the true spirit of Christmas into your homes." Carroll stores have everything you need to fill the children's stockings. GIVE YOUR WIFE HUNDREDS OF HOLIDAYS Out of the Kitchen With a KITCHENAID The Dishwasher That Needs X I JUST DUMP THE STEAK BONES OFF THE PLATES — "KITCHEN AID" WILL DO ALL THE REST OF THE WORK Why should your wife spend hours in the kitchen with the dishes when she should be enjoying the holidays with the rest of the family. This Christmas give her a KITCHENAID DISHWASHER and she can do just that. Choose from a wide choice of portable or built-in models that do the whole job. All you do is dump the steak bones off the plate and pop therft in the Kitchenaid. No scraping, no pre- rinsing, and your dishes come out sparkling clean, after benig dried in hot air. • Push-button dishwashing. No work, just push the button. • No hand rinsing, hydro- sweep action gets them really clean. • Porcelain enamel interior. • Safe thorough drying. Fan circulates sanitized hot air over, under and around all the dishes. EASY PAYMENTS Only $8.52 Per Mo. DREES Phone 2863 "Home of Dependable Service" IK'«l&!£*%^^MW€£*««^ imes Herald, Carroll, la. aturday, Nov. 18, 1967 BUZZING WITH HOLLY An English 'tradition of long ago says that sprigs of hollj should be placed in beehives a Christmas. This stems from i legend that, at the Manger bees gathered to hum a hymn of joy. Built-in Vent . . . The cover on this electric cooking surface has a built-in vent to exhaust moisture and cooking odors. Sheets Inspire Yule Sleepwear Christmas pajamas may be replacing the tie as the favorite gift item for dear old Dad and the bright-eyed young executive. Major pattern companies report that more home sewing of men's sleepwear is done at Christmas than any other time of the year. This season proves to be the one that's merriest from the standpoint of men's fashions, and sleepwear's no exception. Bold designs and lively colors are replacing the once-typical dull colors and staid prints. If you're planning to stitch up pajamas or a night shirt for the males on your Christmas gift list, you may find one of the best fabric sources in the bedding department. New collections of cotton sheets lend themselves well to sleepwear. For example, one all-cotton sheet is patterned in a hand 1 some Jacobean crewel design that converts into stylish pajamas. Two twin-size sheets will make pajamas with a slip- on top. Pattern borders of the sheets can be used for "cuffs" at the wrists and ankles and a contrasting hem around the Cook Yule Dinners the Electric Way The next best thing to having someone do the cooking for you this holiday season is to do it the electric way! Even when you're using the broiler or oven, electric cooking keeps the kitchen and you up to 12 degrees cooler. Good cooks prefer electric cooking, because it lets them concentrate on the creative side of holiday food preparation. Nothing is more discouraging than the failure of a prized recipe — because the heat got too high or too low! But creative cooks know they can rely on the precise temperature controls offered by electric ranges, both on the surface and in the oven. If you're planning to move and love to cook, a total-electric Gold Medallion Home or Apartment is the one for you! If it's just a new kitchen you're after, ee the fabulous new electric anges on display in dealers' tores! In either case, discuss •our cooking needs with the lome Service Department of /our electric utility. They can lelp you choose the electric 'ange that's right for you. pajama top. Another sheet design appropriate for men's sleepwear is in a "jungle cat" pattern with black hems. Use two twin- size sheets for a masculine- looking night shirt, complete with black collar and pocket trim made from the sheet hem. Suitable patterns for easily- made pajamas and night shirts are offered by most of the major companies. If the object of your sewing efforts is an extra special guy, you might want to accompany the sleepwear item with a gift of sheets, pillowcases or towels in the same colorful print. DECEMBER 25, 1535 Beset by cold and hunger, in fear of hostile In d i a n s, the French explorer Jacques Car tier and his band of 110 set tiers observed an early Cana dian Christmas at a fortres near what is now the city o Quebec, in 1535. The most pre cious of the scanty food sup plies were set f o r t h for a Christmas "feast" — in the courageous spirit that enablec the tiny band to hold out til spring. Municipal Trucks Replace War Toys Toy municipal services trucks are much more in evidence this Christmas than war-oriented ransportation models. A new snorkel fire truck operates hydraulically in six jositions. This new toy, which operates without lotteries, has Pow-r-r-" attachments which'. live a simulated hum of a mo;or. The advanced police rescue, ;ruck has a turbine cab and extension ladders. A new snorkel type hydraulic utility truck is modeled after advanced designs used by power companies. ' : ~; Another type of toy truck to be- found in the transportation; sec-., tor of toyland is a Kenya Karry- : all. This has cages stocked with wild animals and the doors can"; be opended to permit removal. There's also a merry-go-round : truck simulating the action of. street carousels. J- Save this issue of the Daily" Times Herald for future reference when you Christmas shop.,' <&&•&*> S'j&iK '„* NOW! Big Breakthrough In Water Softeners! MARK 3 ELECTRONIC WATER SOFTENER with the "AQUA-SENSOR"! * FULLY AUTOMATED Just as the thermostat on your furnace detects the need for heat, Aqua-Sensor detects the need for hard water. No timer or clocks to set, switches to flip or buttons to push, ever. It starts itself when it needs recharging. * UNLIMITED SOFT WATER If you have guests, if you have extra loads of washing, if the bath and shower are extra-busy—no problem. It automatically adjusts itself to the extra load of water softening. Clear, filtered soft water always. • EFFICIENT —ECONOMICAL If you are away for a day, or on vacation for a month—no problem. Aqua-Sensor does not recharge. If the hardness of the ' water coming into your home varies, same answer. Aqua-Sensor recharges only when needed. Saves salt, saves water. ii HOW AQUA- SENSOR" WORKS There are two electronic sensors located at the bottom of the ion-exchange resin bed in the softener. When the hard water reaches the supper sensor, the lower sensor is still immersed in softened water. The senors electronically detect the difference and signal the solid state controls. At the proper time the unit recharges itself automatically. • WRITTEN GUARANTEE Yes, it's guaranteed "for life" and we're here and we will be here to back up that guarantee. > WE GUARANTEE SERVICE If your Culligan softener ever needs service, you'll find us within reach of your telephone to give you prompt service. We'll deliver your salt direct to your softener, automatically, whenever it needs it. WHAT A WONDERFUL GIFT FOR YOUR WIFE Soft wateit for the rest of her life. CULLIGAN SOFT SERVICE [ >jiA'*taMi'S,3i'2,3t3t'Z.'2>^^^ •'•

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