The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana on April 15, 1930 · Page 9
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The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana · Page 9

Tipton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 15, 1930
Page 9
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ENTER WORLD COURT Hoover Says U. S. Will Become Member of Inter- I national Body. i ly as the.present ships i become j| obsolete." "But most- important of all," Mr. Hoover asserted, "it hasjjeen: able finally to turn the tide of constantly increasing naval arms and to, end the poison of suspicion and ill will generated by constant. rivalry in •construction.'.' i • • - *BjE ttMON- DAILY BIG MEETING ALTO STRUCK HOKSK. Animal of. Dcwpy Osborne Injur, cd So It Had to He Killed. 1 j Dewey Osborne residing^ north 'east of Windfall lost a Valuable i work horse Saturday evening, the j animal being struck by an auto- I mobile; containing four young • ! men from Elwood and sol badly -Presi- injnred it was necessary to put it to death. ! '- * the London naval conference, the the. Republican party without a liberal; campaign contribution, j : i \j j- ' • ! following his address 1 the meet- closed with -another number | I | ! | : the •All-Democrat quartet of got much from • ln £| b: Kempton, cohiposed of four excel lem. singers. ~- ATTACKtetr Three Hundred Women and Men Attend Jefferson j Francis M. Myerly Bitten on Day Banquet. SPEAKS TO D. A. R. Washington, April J.5.- dent Hoover pointed last night to Kellogg pea•:•<;_ treaty and world court as markers along great road to peace which lit- the prevention oT war. •• _.i ' jj"lie naval-conference, lie said, provided actual reduction • :n armament and strengthened the forces of peace. "It is an accomplishment has" great 'material advantages 1o all Daughters of olution, in a speech «f welcome at-the opening of their thirty- Mr. j Osborne was taking jthe the !horses; from the barn across the the : road .to turn them into a pasture i,j ! field and the animal struck ran . i in front of the automobile. ' i is HEAR SPLENDID TALK Hand at Geo. Young [Verily the hard one Fjahcis M. candidate for to Myerly, Democrat the nomination for equity. assessor, as he! !• hurried i into ! B V DOG. Home. path of a candidate traveli" * sang Tipton yesterday afternoon j Three hundred women and men ! f °"t Wins a " enco^nter| with a ,i r, ,4 d °S at the home,' of : George from the Democrat party attend-, Y ^L g norUleast V its participants." he t.old the! the .American Uev -i! ed the Jefferson Day banquet pro- i e ft gram at the West Street Chris- plic tian church -basement night, heard an gram of short talks by excellent pro i house various candidates and a. splendid ad Monday It Uunged at him as he: entered Man jjopinion the ' ' " ' " 1 dress by John E. Fredrick of Ko- ! . and k'omc Ladies Aid of the church and the ithe women certainly did their part right, will start taking treatment. TRIBTJN'S Power of the PublicService Commission in Tnis j j State Upheld. Little' Change. CIRCUIT COURT- IS OUT ndianapoli .5, April 15.—Circuit court judges were shorn jjf Tipton, v His j [authority to dictate to jthe puDiic hand was [punctured in three: service commission hjow the com s by the animal's teeth when ? jnityjsion should write its orders |iy of the Indiana 1 Sii yard and: started for , the'preme court yesterday. had the place The decision was j written >. Myerly came into. Tipton Jud wliere he visited a ge David A. Myers •, in an I ap- doctor's office; peal from the Lake Circuit "court'; on hiB hand; which had. ordered treated. He= was told to report I service commission The banquet was Served by the'agaiji Wednesday morning and iifiitUjf in the' Winona wound did not look exactly j Company case. well. The tables were decorated; -Asj the candidates' entered the'; fused \o approve proposed p ! ur- with long streamers of red', white y-aifd and started for the! YourigHnaU of stock and assets of Itllie and blue and the .room was! deco- home, the dog a s|mall straight ! Win ona Telephone 1 Company, and | rated in colors. Before being haijrcjd yellow colored animal ad-j! the | Northwestern seated fhe program "hilt 1 ion Boxb Plot Maintains His Innocence. MADE LOAN 01" AUTO ninth annual »::,n.uress. prefer to have it jud far higher grounds of its eontri-; bution to the moral and .spiritual I welfare ,of our people and the ! world." • i The chief executive expressed confidence Hint., tiie IJtiited States would become a member of the world court upon the solution r.f contentions over the special stipulations under which the country should participate. ; He'reminded the audience that j the middle West since last Fri- through the Kellogg-rliriand pact, ; day a.s-,tl!e owner of the car in .this nation "solemnly pledged ' : which the three alleged Chicago ourselves not to rtSrrtin .ee war but ; racketeers were driving at the to seek means for pacific settle-, time of their capture here last <?«T,«/ieoiJ Van TUTn • tw !,- •* - > was opened- vancfed to meet him. There wasi! CoriJpany., The utilities! appealed ,.d on Ul0 ; supposed Key Man m Mar-1 by prayer by Rev. H. R. bark nor growl land no warn-?W • '.Ill' Marion," Ind., April 15.—Walter Mazurka,' sought throughout _ „ .. where pastor of the" church. Those as-iing hat he was attacked! they obtained a favorable ruling, sembled then sang America and'until the dog got within spring- jij T.lie Supreme court" held that after being seated, the Battle jing; listance when I it lunged at j the j utility law providing for j an Hymn of the Republic.'This was''him.-[ He threw out his left armjapjpeal from the public service followed by the'Democrat quar-'-and jthe dog seized the; hand.'j comnfesion's orders' was uncort- tet of Kempton and a solo by About that time a member of'the stittttional in so far | as it ku- John C. Bozellwho led the com-! family ^opened the idoor and the | thprjzed courts to dictate new or- munity singing. During the 1 dogj tirotted off* around the house. I dersl pf - There is, but little ' change in the condition of: • Prof. W. -H.. Smith . of Elwood, superintendent of ;the ! Elwood schools; who was taken to the Methodist hospital at Indianapolis Friday. Prof. Smith is! suffering, with diabetls and rheumatism .and also an in* ward goitre which is'seriously af; fecting jthe.heart. He 'will; be ait the; hospital ifor seyeral weeks, tin der" observation, and taking treat memt and will then undergo an operation for goitre. ..'..:'•'. Prof, jSmith is a son-in-law-of" Simon 'Rosenthal and a brother^ Rosenthal ,d£ in-law of Ernest South west "street. Mrs. spent Sunday at the hospital with' • • ' I i i| - t ' her husband. Was Operated. Smith he. commission in tile public it ' ill to revense ''m . .Ill Telephone |1928 re- Mrs.*-Wiilliam Schall of West Madison;street, who was operated Monday morning at the Methodist ! hospital j'-'at Indianapolis, I came -hrough - in very good shape and tier condition has veen very en- couraging.j Mrs. Schall was : operated for| gall duct complications; from which she has beeii'• suffer; in? for seyeral monthsl ' ! Telephone i to! the Lake "Circuit court Attack of Flu. course of the banquet Mr. Bozell: The {animal will be watched to: provide for. an appeal-for appro'v- and his daughter Miss Lois Bo-isee if it displays ; any symptoms!al ; or disapproval of commission results follow! three Man on bombings- which ences. "Those who really know war lie continued, "never glorify ; t. I have seen loo much of the tragic sufferings of men, women and j noon,, used the telephone children, of the blaek sliado\ys. | called the police station. i >' . j»valked into the Grant ; j jail here late yesterday zell sang several numbers. j of ijabies and in the ; , Miss Lucy Elliott took occasion j Myerjy will take all precautions; to explain the absence of , Mrs.,| to see that no bad John W. Kern who had been'; the i attack. asked to address the meeting but; ' | ; who could not be present. Miss I Elliott also paid a • tribute to the: old organization which following; : the primary willlose its existence I ; and introduced several present,'' ' \ j county j Including County Chairman! District Chairman W. F. meantime^Mr. I orders, the court held. that ever run on the heels of war. to wish to recall those scenes. I hope never to see them again. I know this nation can help to make war impossible and that it should so help." There are few persons who do not agree, Mr. Hoover said, as to the desirability and' necessity of such a court as the world court as an addition to the methods of pacific settlements. '"The contentions on this question rest upon the details of special stipulations under which we should.join," Mr. Hoover said." It is not my purpose to go into these contentions here. I have no doubt they can be solved and that the United States will hcr come a member of the court." Regarding the London naval conference, the chief executive said that under the terms now being finally formulated there has been brought about an actual reduction "in the armament of three nations of about twenty- five per cent Jess than the standards discussed dnring the -conference which failed at Geneva three years ago and a rqdnction of about twelve per cent below present naval programs as -rapid- after- j Louks, District Chairman W. F.! and ; Dunham, Grover Garret, Clinton j l County chairman, Mrs. Failey,! CHAMP MEET TONIGHT The Legislature can only Fire in Filling Station. Fire, thought tl .have started James^Rusi=ell has been con-j cned to his home on'South' East! stree for! several days suffering; with a severe attack of-flu. j .. : Euchre .party at Moose hall Wednesday night. fC(> RIG DROP OX"PORKERS.- Beautiful With j Be Proud of Your Kitchen—Make It Hoosier Cabinet and Decline of'jFurty Cents, Tuesday— 'attle Steady. from dis 'cO |Vered. in the filling station pf Jefferson and East strekts Monday"! spontaneous combustion, was When questioned he admitted j Ninth district vice- chairman and]' j t hat he knew Josepht Beckett, i alias Eddie. Multanski .and Pete Kmieciak and that it was to these two men that lie loaned bis car last Tuesday morning at the Western hotel at Cicero, 111. Wheni questioned by authorities if he knew Joe Prado, alias Harry Dah'ford, he stated that he met him once or twice several years ago that he had not seen him since that time. He declared that Prado was known to him as Dari- for'd. He told interrogators that he was not engaged in the baseball pool ticket racket in Chicago and.that he had never been in Marion before yesterday. Mrs. Tassy Leili Abbata, alias Betty Gordon, former Lafayette girl and now a hostess in the Cotton Club in Chicago, held as. a suspect in the bombing of the State I theater at Hammond ,tw.p years ago, has been released. Teddy Triana employe at the club, arrested at the same time, also has been released-' These two and the men held at Marion are believed to have been connected with the Hammond • bombing. County at District Match to Be Selected. A. A. Bridge Dentist Tipton, Indiana. _ Has Planted Corn. Nine acres of corn in Prairie ownship have been planted in jcorn.; ;Lora Forkner, who resides least of the Prairie school, fin- jished planting, nine acres Saturday'.* -'. ' •''...-..;' PUBLIC IS INVITED (others, sue then introduced Mrs.j Tri u : j which Will Represeni •"Grace Ackels, wife of Frank Ack-j ~ 1 je.? a candidate for trustee of j Madison township, who sang two! solos which were well received. Chairma'n Dunham then took charge_of J.he meeting and introduced in turn Curtis. Roll of Kokomo, candidate for Supreme Court .judge; Harl L. Matlock; of Howard county candidate for Congress; Ben Rockey, candidate for joint senator; Fred Jessup, Kokomo.. attorney, County Chairman Garret- of Frankfort and then called for'the various county candidates present to stand and tliey were given a glad hand. Practically all .of the candidates were, present. The chairman introduced John E. Fredrick of Kokomo who' gave a splendid address on Thomas Jefferson. 'Mr. Fredrick visited Monticello the home of this country's third president- and. described the monument erected there. Although he did not get started on his .address until 9:00 o'cibek there was no uneasiness in the audience when the speak- n^ghtL shortly before and.jwas 'extinguished b; o'clock, the fire [department with slight damage to the | iterior. Joe Altherr, the a!tf •tendtnt, had closed the! station for the night add had drivenj up town for a few minutes and returned to the station for air for one of his tiresi when he smelled snioke, and I I -J ' 1 j : opening the door, discovered Hit i i j -i | • 1 1 was coming from a small anteroom.^ He remembered jthen, of it **•. •• ] I • i i liavirg smelled smoke prior ;to leaving, the station. | The interior of the station was damaged some by smoke and-heat! er got started as his address was that. it!! Tuesday sat the high school' building in Tipton, starting at 7? 30,; the three champion spellers 6f| this county tojrepresent the county at a district spelling match to hfe held in Kokomo May 3, will us selected from a field of sixty ; I : - I- | contestants representing the various jschool units of the county, j .Tjie! spellers already chosen by elimination matches fin the various ;school, are divided into junior and senior groups, there being thirty in each group.!; The 1 last rel r 1 I maining one in the elimination in * - - P -i t the junior group tonight; will be permitted to advance and and take part in the senior group spelling. Taking part in the contest toj- nightjwill be six s :udents from JYVindfail; twq from the. Ross school; four from ! from Paririe SEE US- Besi Personal Loan Available I Any Amount Up to $300 Easy Payments Leavell & Have Should" a Copy "P«UNERAL FACTS" uncomplete and authoritative booklet. Itcon- tains information which people- have J found both' helpful' and comforting. We have a limited number of these little books on hand. A request will bring you a copy in a plain en.... , y .[. OQLKk LITTLE so intensely interesting held the attention of all. Mr: Fredrick, who is a business man and manufacturer, stated there never was a time when the situation of this, country. ' demanded more thought arid attention, more brain work andj n ight" for each group, they to be I'Out •"emp.tpn; four froiii Goldsmith. jfour from Cicero township; eight from Madison township, and twenty-four from Tipton. TWo pronouncers and six judge's j will] have charge, of the match to- Sha|rpsville| foiir from . Birthday Dinner] Mri. and Mrs. H. D entertained at a prettily eil | d nner party Sunday oh West Adama street Pickering appoint! at their hbjntj oh West Adams street in honor of the 14th birthday aunf vorsary of their daughter. Miss Ruth 1 iPickering. The dinner was ajsjj jn honor of Dr. J. r| Morgan of Kbkomo, whose anniversary falls |on the same date with Mipsj R-u'tra The two anniversaries are always celebrated together . and DrJ and Mrs. Morgan were guests ai |th]e diner. Sunday. Choir Tonight. Tlie adult choir of the First - I ; , • II II Rrjesbyterian church will meet at the church this evening at f.30 if- • T I >i | I 'clo :k for rehearsal of Easter musi:. l£ is very urgent|that everyj memlier be prelent. l 1 ^ cooler in south Wednesday more honest men than now. He |chosen l from disinterested mem- called attention to the frequent! hers of the audience ; - | bank failures in the west while j • Seplling -will start promptly at the east seemed to be sitting pretty. He called attention also that the east was building up mammoth bank mergers for the purpose of overshadowing the federal reserve- whose purpose 7; 30, and the contest isi open to the j public, there being, no charge of any kind. • Priie to the winners who will represent the county will be awarded. ' ' „ .Tipton, 1 had been to ; distribute credit evenly over the country. Prosperity can come only according -to Mr.JFredrick, when opportunities are distributed equality between agriculture anil other Industries.!: V | . -i The speaker paid, a glowing tribute to Jefferson and stated that the principles he laid down oTjBr.j a centnry-agojwerej -the • only ones which the country could safely tallow. ^ t L.The apeaker, deplored the tact ^iat svok.penoMf^KK.were ^TotT Is Very HI. Reter Orr ' of the . Njormanda community Is reported to be seriously ill at the home| of his daughter, Mrs. Cash Tyner and family near Normanda. | A -fe|r ; days |ago Mr. Orr who is one of the best known men -In ^hat sec tioi : of the county I Buffered ja slight stroke of paklyMa,< but It Adj not affect him "seriously at the] time. Monday ajarbltlt ihe wis np^ amr\y ao well aid' tjlt conejl-. ^•^waa^lnrioM?«B'|fng^ k4i ATHER—Rain tonight and poBsibly Wednesday morning IMamond 3AS ,OIL and QR SASE u. 4,-. THtEB and TUBES raiwrsfrfltia PhouslOS Indianap|olis, Ind., April 15.—Receipts on hogs, 5,500; cattle, 1,200; calves, 800; sheeb, 400;. • .; Hdg prices early today ";at the local; livej stock market were; 25c to 4Qc lower, with weights of 1G0. to 250 pounds at $10.25; a few sold at $|l|o .35 to '$l -6I 'fO;- lieav ier kinds! spld at $10.10 down, underweights at $10.25 down, and sows at $9:00 down. Cattle prices opened steady, with f' le | tendency weak; calves were ,50c lower at S11.50-down. Suite & BaiToml FAVORITE — GAS RANGES and sheep were weak, with best; spring lambs at $13.50. Chicago, 111., April 15. — Receipts on hogs, 25,000; held.'over,- G.OOO; prices were off 10c to 15c, \yith the !top $1 : 0.30; there were C.000 cattle and 17,000 sheep • • Local | lToficcie Market. . (Moore £: Moore) Butter __LL- :__ ^3 5c Egks; ; ^23c Local Grain Market. (Hobbs Grain Co.)- ' NoJ 2 Softi Wheat' .97 Oais _ii .-—-' -37 New Corn, |No. 4 yellow, .per i:O0j jibs. -1100 Indianapolis Produce Market,. Eggs^lridlanapolls jobbers of- ferj country shippers for strictly fresh i stock delivered at Indiana- polls, loss! off, 22c a dozen. Poultry-p-j-Jobbers: paying, for fowls, 4'Vi (lbs., up, 23c lb.;. l<eg- horns, 19^210,• roasters,' less" than 4 ^1 lbs^, 2'0-21c; Leghorns, 14- 17c; sick, cull and . humpback poultry not bought; rooste'TS, 8- 11c';- ducks, 9-12c; geese, full feathered, 9c; guineas, young,- $6 a dozen; bid, $4; squabs, 11 lbs. to dozen, $4.50; old pigeons, 75c a dozen, j Bntter-piTobhers' selling prices for creamery butter, fresh' firsts, No! 1, 41-4 2c a pound.. Butter Fat — Indianapolis buyers are paying 39c a pound delivered at IndlananoIIs. Cornstalk Bond station: ery (paper made from cornstalks) consular size, nacked in|bbxes,|50c each. Tribune Press/ • tf I We Have NOTICE. a Well Lighted Park- tng Space In the Rear of ! : ! j our Store. BARGAIN GROCERY I Life Insurance and. i j Annuities Equitable Lift of N. Y. j j .irAirL *oirea j«l W. »oith Ftio»^4«M See lis Before Tow stay Y<»r Tim iuid Accessories ADKIACQ. H. 1 a'i asp*-" DANGLER is enough...! LIE'S paid that bill. His canceled check " proves it. He receipts his own bills as he pays them. Also' he a cords expenditures, and leti the bank do his book-keeping. Because convenience, he advises opejning a checking account. OHzens The O^ly National Bank in Tipton County it »9 To You Who Came iu and Bought or Looked at Our Bargams in Living Room! Suites. i. To You; Who Have Not Seen Large Three Piece Mohair Suite, Pljeated Back, Linen Frieze Reverse, Large Deep Chairs, $152.00—One of Many Bargains '-•'"' i •' ' 1 Still on Our Floor. M001«*%MOORI 1# 190 tad 17 if. del! .-it

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