Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California on February 28, 1969 · Page 7
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Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California · Page 7

Redlands, California
Issue Date:
Friday, February 28, 1969
Page 7
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contend Siiian mentdly ii Jofrn Boles, 68, singer dies of heart Mack Earthquake feit | unie real 'gjve' on San Andreas fault in PMale Redlands Doily Fodt Friday, Februory 28, IWi - 7 PALMOALE. Caltf. (UPI)-A, light eutfaqooke felt over a! distance of n mBes domed jtclepbooes and shattered a few ! windows Tbunday night but oifaerwise littl* damage was reported. Kremlin seeks meeting with President Nixon ly K. C. THALER JKremlin Troika appears to aim of the Mideast fire for VIENNA (IJPI)—Tlie Kremlinjat American recc«irition of the Russians, leavog them i wants an early neding with | "status quo" in Europe—the trenched in the area. President Nixon, but the Pres- affirmation, open or tadt of the East European diplomats in ident can expect little real'present borders in Europe, with close toudi with the situation. : SAN ANGEU). Tot. (UPI>- jlbe strains of an orchestra. ; floating on the auiet niaht air in LOS ANGELES (UPI>-&- a bod btefa Worid han B. Siitan's attonieys-War I toned a yoong Texan contend be was "mentaiy ill".towanif the petfonning career wben be shot Sen. Robert F. | that made him a silent fila slar Kennedy at point Uank range.jand a Broadway singer. Today the defense began; jbe sddier. John Love Bdes. celling witnesses to support the.«fao deserted a medical career to argument tiiat the assassination become a United States spy in S!L'^!^^^[Sf^fL!lLt,S?"i?^ raesbock centered near h« "give" ihm, the Sonet, accofd-jite dividing Ime along the through contacts with Moscow 1^ ^ ^J^^^^^ " H ""Sht ^•[^^•^^H on the San Andreas fault wbichling u> authoritative dijdomats in former Iron Curtain. The Czech and the Warsaw pact also left n,^^«.i^n ..^^Lr ^ff?f''S the length of u ,e Red Bbc's capitals. crisis was said to have UtUe doubt tbat Russia consi may be SirbansmoAer. Mary, the otcbestra leader o ^ed for a ^^^^^^^^^^^•iCahforma. sent residenU scur-j rvi„v,„,,. f^T iin-'heiehtened MOSCOW'S desire fori dered the bloc nations her Sffi'^"' ISI^^'^S^'^PS'S •••• ""^ '^'^ ^^:w ^;st"t oc ^p^l •^tboK ^^m'^li^ Americ^ pl «»Se o"J SuJsphere of power a ™l ->-^ Palesti. ^^^e ^'^tT'^ ^HaWM X^^^ l ^^'l ^^'mlL '^-r^^" '^oj^t^ desire for some form mrStt'SaS- "l ^himsdf may testify ""^i^V^^y at the ^^•SSH "I m %^'3 ^^'rS !^xon^W« h .^p^U=s ib>f accomodaUon «i.h the Nix» „nitarily and ideologicaUy. n^:*'"ri .enJlirl ;^a ^^«^1ie 'S 's ^^^M ^1'^^ review ^^^'^^^i^ns'^'.^l^ r'^lJ'^^'^^^ uo oefcnse-s proWem. .West Texas Memorial Hospital ^^^^^^^^^H most extreme I ever fell. Our under way m M«cow. MMCOW Jhe Russians, appeared Czechoslovakia has firmed up Siitan has ex|4oded in anger|Feb. 12 after suffering a heart ^^^^^^BHH^^H units (patrol cars ' " ^ several times in court wbeniattadc. He suffered another ^^^^S^^^^^H saw peoide ninnin; reference was made to his eariy Thursday and died. ^^^HlHl^^B^^^^B homes" ~'>- ~ r-r- — — — . ... -.i. menui condiUon. Tlie introduc- A London vocal teacher in the ^^B^^^^^H ' teraWor- " «« ^ ^ " '^^%J^T^:ni^rZ'- ^ tion of his notebook-diaries, in audience the night Boles per- ^^Hl^^^^^^l Richter scale, occurred at 8:51 "nis was the general assess- United StatM. to encode the The Russians were expected «tich he wrote "RFK must be jfcnncd his solo became inter-^^^^^^^^^^H p .m. Seismologists at the ment that emerged in the Soviet Union-the Kremlm s to speak more in "bloc" terms assassinated" over and over!ested in him and advised bim to ^^^^^^^^^^^B CalUomia InsUtute of Technolo-course of talks with icadmg Ponxtual nightmare. in any future dialogue with again, triggered a qiectacular give up the idea of becoming a ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ gy said the quake couW have personaUties in bloc countries Russia also wants American President Nixon and the West outburst medical man and devote his life JOHN BOLES caused slight damage to build-]and Yugoslavia over the past help in tte MUeast conflict, than had been the case in Defense attorney Russell E.l to singing. tim Teiephotoi ings around its epicenter. two weeks. having herself failed to enforce: recent years. Parsons has toM newsmen that! Boles made his Bit>adway The only reports of dcstruc- According to the generala settlement Moscow was said The Kremlin's doctrine of a Sirhan "like most mentally ai' debut in the lazos in "Little" attending the University of tion were of telephone Unes consensus, the Kremlin does not to be increasingly worried about "s o c i a I i s t commonwealth" people, doeai't like to be told Jesse James" and was an Texas, he decided to enter the down near here and broken n-ant any return to the Cold Arab disillusionment with So- which they alone want to lead he's mentally iH. He doesn't like insUnt success. A typical armed service, serving 2,windows in Los Angeles. [War. It wants an easing of viet mactivity and about the and whose members must Caller objech to remark DES MOINES. Iowa (UPP — After State Sen. Harold Tbord- sen. R-Davenport made a floor speech urging his colleagues to vote against an aborticn bill Thursday, he g^t a call from a female constituent. "She had bsen listening to the radio," Thordsen said when he returned. **Sbe told me she didn't like my last few remarks. She sort oi leans toward the bill." Ths caller wcs Mrs. Thordsen. of Long distance it when I tdl him." When Sirhan testifies on bis own behalf, the defense may be hoping bis apparently unstable leading man of the day- handsome, tan, dark combed bsdc hair and thin moustache- be sang in such musical : months as a spy. emotioaai state may work to;comedies as "Romany Love the advantage of his cause. ! Spell," "Metcenaty Maiy" and It was llkdy be would testify be was in a blackout and bad no recoDeetion of shooting and When Boles returned to the states, be took singing lessons feeling the earth quiver, from famed vocalist Oscar Seagle and later borrowed Kitty's Kisses.' Gtoria Swanson brought him to Hdlywood. w4iere be won the $1,000 from his father to study! in Europe. ! EARLY. Iowa (UPI)—The Residenu from West Los tension with the United States,ability of the ruling regimes of,accept curbs on sovereignty as Argelcs to Lancaster reported and the early start of talks on ti its proteges, notably President dictated by the Soviet Union's ; missile moratorium, the Middle !GamaI Abdel Nasser to with- security and ideological con- jEast and a series of bilateral stand the growing pressures of siderations will provide the new! problems including expanded the extremists, who are no,basis for Kremlin negotiations. mortally wounding Kennedy lastjtop role in "The Desert Song."'getting an inter%iew. Tben came.'^a™^ """"S". lHursday June 5 in * crowded pantry of[ Moviegoers of the 1980s knewi"Iitlle Jesse James" and! A blaze started in the fire the Ambassador Hotd. In Us opeung statement, the defense pamted Sirtian as a victim of spells, trances and 7V)p" and mystic ddusioos wliicfa steadily BKw after he witnessed atrocities in his native Jordan as a chad. The obsessions and fantasies became more serious after the Sirhan family emigrated to the United States, the defense Boles used the money made during bis days in films to invest m southern California real estate and Texas oil He had a home in Los Angeles and an apartment in San Angdo. He left motion pictures about him as the devilishly handsome j success, leading man who i^yed father to Shirley Temple in "Curly "The littlest Brfiel" and husband to a host of distinguished actresses such as Ros- aUnd Russen in "Craig's Wife," Baitara Stanwyck in "Stella i Dallas." im, although be appeared in Funeral services were set for one movie as late as 195L After | 3 p.m. today at Johnson Chapel leaving Hollywood, he a^ieared in San Angelo. Boles' body will | mostly on concert tours. station, scorching an engine and ''^ I burning a hole in the roof. friends of the Soviet i against the hardened back- Tbe implication of thoselground of "spheres of power explanations clearly ^wed tte between the super powers," Kremlin anxious to avoid any!according to tte informants, mcnts that wouM tie its bands. | possible confrontation witt thel Nor is Russia's push to tte It wants to keep the options United States in the expkisive Mediterranean and beyond, open on tte wider global issues. Mideast while hoping Washing-'through tte Suez Canal toward First and foremost, tte'ton would puU tte chestnuts out tte Indian Ocean likely to be. trade. But Moscow, ttey indicated, does not want at this stage any long term major policy commit- LO.NDO.V (UPl)-A letter to ihr editor i.i today's London Daily Express said: " ; 'iialcd ICD for the operator in the Post Office in Commercial Road, East London and found myself talking to a lady in .\rizona. "We had quite a long chat." basically altered. The push may be slowed down, if talks witt tte Americans prove successful in general terms. But Russia, the informants stressed, is in tte Mediterranean to stay and, apparently seriously hopes to push the American 6tt Fleet out of what she now considers her sphere. The Yugoslavs are deeply worried by this latter aspect. Iving as ttey do in Russia's way to tte Mediterranean. Yugoslav observers pointed out Israelis new have hands full wHh in-figUing contended, until he finally waslbs flown to Los Angeles after,' In his heyday he costarred incapable of premeditated mur-tte services for burial. witt such stars as Joani der. i Boles, the son of a wealtty Bennett Irene Dunne. Margaret; It was learned ttat some cotton broker and farmer from SuUavan. loretta Young. Gloria; months ago Siriian was put intoi Greenville, Tex., was bom Oct. Swanson. Barbara Stanwyck, a h>T)notic trance by a 127, 1900. His parenU wanted] Rosalind Russell and Ida psjthiatrist Under the spell, he him (o be a doctor, but after! Lupino. reacted tte shooting of Kennedy I down to tte most minute detafl, even to pulling tte trigger of an ima^nary gun. When Siriian came out of the trance, known as age regression to psydiiatrists, he again bas no memory of the assassination. Tlie blackout contentitm would support the defoise argument ttat Sirhan bad a "diminished cspadty" to pdan tte killing and the assassination was not premeditated. If tte eight-man, four-woman jury agrees, ttey presumably would not order Siriian to die in the gas chamber. The prosecution bas attempted to prove Siriian jdoOed tte murder. Before tte state rested its case Wednesday, wilw testified they saw Sirhan practicing at a target range before tte slaying and wrote in his notebook, "Kennedy must be assassinated before 5 June 1968." Germans to hold election in WestBeriin By PHIL NEWSOM UPI Fereiffi News Analytf Isradis now will keep one eye on tte Arabs and on tte in-fighting waiy snotter among their own top politicians. Ibe deatt of Premier Levi Eshkol m tte midst of the Arab- t;Jk to tte Arabs. He foresees a; long occupation but believes this is Israel's real chance to prove ttat Isradis and Palestine Arabs can live togetter. Within security limitations, he! would let tte Arabs in tte occuined areas run tteu- own Israeli crisis pits three ambi-affaurs and would count upon tious men against each other in tte race to rqilace him, i^us a woman, Mrs. Golda Meir, onetime Milwaukee school teacher and tte most poM ^ifuI woman in Isradi politics. Mrs. Mdr, former Isradi minister to Moscow, minister of labor and security and fordgn gradual economic integration witt Israel even though even-: tually they would go back to Arab rule. He brought his Rafi party into; union witt the ruling Mapai party witt the specific purpose of oustmg Eshkol. Sapir, horn in Poland in 1906, 6ERUN (UPI>-West Beriin Mayor Klaus Sebuetz announced today tte West German presidential Section would be beU in ttis isolated dty next Wednesday despite Comminiist hints it wouU provdre a new Berlin crisis. minister, will be 71 in May. i arrived as a farm laborer in which makes her age agamstj Palestine in 1930 and is a part her and any appointment if she | of tte establishmer.t which has wins it a temporary expedient! ruled Israel for 20 years. He is "nie men are acting Premier'politically tte most powerful of Vigal Allon, SO. wiio previously the ttree and disagrees sharply had ser\-ed under Eshkol as v.ith Dayan on integration of deputy premier; Moshe Dayan, ihs Arabs. 53 -yearK )]d defense minister and "We did not" Jie says, "come hero of tte 1956 and 1967 wars'back to tte lanl of Israel in against the Arabs, and Minister I order to work and shed our blood for a bi-national state. He says he i: a dove bi dealings witt tte Arabs, but enviously he is a ti.-?gh one. No one of tte ftrve will give mudi comfort to the Arahs. Drysdole not considered Dodger holdout without PortfoUo Pinhas Sapir, 63 On bis motter's side, Allon traces his history >n Palestine back to medieval times. Bom in lower Galilee, be is tfae auttor cf the A&on plan for settling tte occtqiied west bank of the River Jbrdan. He acted as Eshkol's spdcesman during tte latter's In Boon, however, a West! final inness. German rpokesman said the He also is a military hero, Communisui have until Sunday elating back to tte Israeli war to come up witt an offer ttat tor mdependence in 1948. would allow tte government to; He sees tte Jordan River as YEJU) BEACH Fla 'UPD— hoW the dection elswrfiere. Israd's natural line of defense fhe Los Amreles Dodgers do not •Time is very short and all'^"^ '"^M set up a string of j consider Don Drysdale a! signs indicate it wiU be hdd gsiPa"-«ulitar>- setflements along holdout 1 scheduled," said State Secreta-i"-"* Jordan River cease-fire line ..j ^ij-cj (<, j ,im and we're' ry Guentter Didil. "I would•f<='" security purposes while, reasonably close," player per-^ think ttat technically, Mareh 2 letuming tte remamder of ttejgonnei director Al Campanisi would be the last date on which west bank and its 600.000 Arabj said Thursday. "He wouldn't! we could change an>-thing." inhabitants to Jordanian rule. commit himself until he had^ tte elecUonI regarded as a man of talked to his wife." i as scheduled great talent, but wittout Day- yxhWe Dr\-sdale isn't consid- an s popular appeal. ercd a holdout, Claude Ostcen Dayan. easily identiHed by his and Len Gabrielson are. eye patdi. Is dassffied as a .-we 're a ways apart witt havic and a beUever in lough bott of ttem and each bas said he won't come to Florida until Itfsopeniiouse at ournew office. See how we figure your bilL See what we spend your money on. Have a cop of coffee and a doughnut on the house. Friday, February 28, 6-9 p.m., Redlands Division Service Office, 15 Redlands Plaza, Redlands. General Telephone Schuetz said would go on because tte B^t Germans refused to meet Western terms on a deal ttst would have moved Uie election to another city if tte Communists opened tte Berlin Wall several times a year. "It is clear that East Berlin refuses to talk to us wittout first setting prerequisites," Sdmetz said. "I now operate under tfae asson^ition ttat tte meeting of tte Federal Assembly (wiiich wiH cast ballots for a West German preadeat) will meet in Beriin oo March 5* as scheduled." Bott the East Germans and the Rnsaans have waned of "consequences" if the dectioa were bdd. Time could iaehide barassmeat €( ponid «nd ^ traffic betMca BetSn and West Gemany. The diy Bes UO; mBes inside Ea«t Gennaoy. T!iis Botiung the U.& Anny sent five tmck and jeep coBvqys thnngh East Germaiqr to West Lee MocPhail front hospitfll WHITE PLAINS, N.Y. (UPI) -Lee NaePbail. Yankee general manager, returned to his home in nearby Hartsdale Wednesday after being confined to a bo^ial for 10 days witt a heart attack. MaeHiail, wiiose sen Lee JfacFliail m died in an aniMnefaile accident while bis faflw wai ]ioq?aa]iied, win ncnpente - it. faono for u BdcCBitc period. vehides passing throng the cbedpoints. Tlie convoy movement was Beriin to stow Allied determina-| planned months a0>, but came tion to keq> the dty open to the just one day after President west ilfixon reaffirmed support of Tht ComfflUBsts did not harass Ihe Aany «<>B *<g- BBMMT, cin&M'trade tafiie WestBedin. "Oor to ttel hat nei tte PM»-| lv,«Hii« fte dty te'BadiDWalL we offer more money," Campanis said. "Well, we've made adjustments fivm our original offers to them and we aren't about to budge." Wes Paricer, Ken Boyer and Jeff Toraborg are expeded at tte ^ring traimng camp today. Tom HaBer and Ron Fairly have tdd Campanis they win be here by Sunday. Kings recall two players INGLEWOOD, Calif. (XTPI)- ne Las Angeles Kmgs have recalled eenter BO In^ish and left wing Gary Ctotean from Springfidd of the American Hockey League. The addition puts the Kings' roster to two over the National Hockey League player Mmit of 18. Intfisfa. Zi, and the 21-year«ld Ciutoiii are expected to report betav U» AagtM aeit cow asriBft tte nOadc^ Fiyen at tte ForaB tera -

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