The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 21, 1930 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 21, 1930
Page 5
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KSD/VV, 1030 PAGB CLASSIFIED ADS TYTO cents a wcrd for first Insertion and one cent a word for each subsequtnt Insertion. No advertisement taken fcr less tlian 50c. Count the words and send the cash. 1'hone 306 Announcements The Courier News has been au- thcrked to aniuuiico the following candidates, subject to tlic Dtmo- rc:itic primary: Fur County Court ClcrU MRS. JOHN LONG. For County Treasurer W. W. NEA'Servi* Inc. JW LAURA lOU'BROOKMAN ton. jl'MOII. in. (I irk A rnl.lrB""" »rrl«»» l«> l»nl T"H> Kiilcpl • iinir. Arllilir Irll. Jn ntuBl r^llirN nr «nrr In Htnrr ni-lih" Ihf B*»l kn>i»* of Ih* f.lthrr'i I ' For County Assessor J. S. D1LLAHUNTY. K>K £Af<K BABY CHICKS—All varieties, from proven flocks. Custom Halcliing solicited. Marilyn Hatchery, Bly- thcvlllo, Ark. 9ck-tf Attractive Prices -in-Good Used Cars IKS Model Chevrolet Coarh; ?ood tires; motor A-l condition. Price .$38: 1030 Model Buick Six Sedan; a real buy fZ6 192! Model T Fordor Sedan; runs good i) JnrJIlfc rctn-k Inlnnil kniiir |n>l our Tun) 1 . Imnl ilurk" n Knl^kl nirrl* kl* 4nu n «vhrn Ikr^ nrrivr •! rinr (Knurr* Jndllk In hrr n\*n rniun. I. KnfuKt. rnrrrlnc rli* fc<iu«* t« •vrrbrnr |M». i-nrM|ifU Timr <" Mpfll.ijcl'e. Ton* trnrr» Tnr • rnvnA •! nlefcl Hufc« wllfc NlrKHY KOIITMIKK. h I * « r "» i"r'". r " A> HMy> |m*« a Klnlr nl nrnird • rnlrNltlT rslm« hrlwrrn Ikr- ulH nml J.dll. J««l,,r nrrlvr« Nornr r,,r ikr kulltfnii ni"< lrrnl» Jndlik %vlrk r«l«J. (ilnuf tinltlenfK". rfcrl«t- um* K.vr Jn4llk pnd Arlbnr Irtm n enrcrnn" Irrr 'ml HP*! mi'rnlns nl'IDir* • ! Ikr i-fclldrrn npiirni I" rcrrlvi- tin-It Elflv rlirl«tiwn» H;»J prnTrM lUiMHl. Jllnltir !• n«r\* ill n HjlKG nrld Una Tuny »tni« h.nttr tialr Infix *HH«IBk In rrrpUr brT fmkrr'ft mx*l l*K|irn>lir Kill- Thitr dnjrw Imrr Juri'lk IHI-UT" Juplor 1 * mnlfc ulirn «li» ill.cntd. • »»" uklrb bod fcrlnncril '" •'" nnlkrr. Mr Omnmnr« krr. sow uo DM WITH Tin: STOBV CHAPTMIl XVII T 'WO events ol Importance Imp peneri In the Knight household the second wrr-K fallowing tlhrlHt- runs. One vrb» tta wen such • perfect com. p«nlon tor lille d.iyi ID Bermuda, wM'an cnilrdy illR«rtDl »orl «! pc'rtfn in ,\ c .« York, lit hid M- rinloiiinl iiimscii (,i • romliif at y«r»' suiihilnt niu n w>i nol o»»; t(i ti'ry tills It :zt hnrda Hill to p«riU»il« Arthur Knlfhl iliat bll rvul|:ie mlshl necit rarylns. r t'i« two rcaib iircocillng. iliirlni wlilcli tie liad tlvcil »t the club, (ltd made li cnsy [ O i Knight to illn into Ihe h:ilili ol >|:oiiilliii; louner >nd longer ki.'.iu in |,|, nlllco. urieu no would reiiini i-rcuinKa >tle» illnner o frnruc uicmotandi (or an Iniror- am cunlimicc or study » Hlo ol corrtsponik'iico. Now thai lit hail nciiulrcil «n at- Irncllve wl«, rcn|<rncil Ills suuur liau Inline nuil coulil Mrnl ihorc cacti cvcnlug o eooil dinner. cuii;i-nlal cortipoulonshlp and every couiforl for Itirec or tour hours nl qulot r«- li\>atlon [Him (lie ilny's work, Ivnlglit was less nnu less Inclliicil to suggest Hie opera, tinnier* or a concert. Those (Ilium wcro all rlglil wlicn you i;ot tu ihcin, LenvhiR no Bgr{»> nblo chair botoro your own HrciUnce lo Imttle llironitli tralllc for nn nour and n lulf was loo ninth nt n itrsln. Juilltli, tlicrcforc. nui (InillnB her Maya, aiul eveuln^A coo. rnort and inoro conlliiccl to the (our walls ot icr. now lioiiiu. OUU HOARDING HOUSE r^'TiJSrl -TtJShl ,BEITf -+~ Lpf^ (vioT rlAv/E AxiVMOBE 0^ -TVIOSB PIPALP Pl-fflES OF-TH6 OUP •v^ E6AD — <3lV/e ME t, ACCaMPAdlMB^T To {•PROLOGUE- OF *I I «ry . V OPEMlMG "BAPS OF IKE \ CUIMAV: —N. ^J: Ul -* LX ^ " By 4^ 1923 Mode! Price A Tudor Sedan; .5385 Cars on display ut our neu 1 sales room, corner Fifth and -Main PHONE 810-811 PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. Authorized Ford Dealers PEED FOR SALE—Corn, hay, oats, special price en car loads. Phone G5, Ira Crawford. IScktf. FOR SALE—Hay, In ton or car load lots. See J. R. DoLbs & Son Blytheville Route No. 1, or A. Conway, BlythevUlc. 28pUFeb. 1. FOR SALE- Two young Jersey cows. One' wilt bs fresh soon Olher gives milk now. 1700 W Main. • 21pk2C FOR SALE—Hay and ccrn, Lei Kcrtz, Fagus, Mtsourl. 21pk FOR RENT FOR RENT—Clean., comfoiiabl sleeping room, private entrance Ideal location. 100 East Sycamcr 18pk2 the comiiiR of Aunt Helena's letter from Parts. Tlie oilier vaa the arrival ot Andy Craig. Junior left Tuesday morning. He "tVliefti T any?" he Jemandtd, in am&ti (o /ud"iJ/i's greeting. Tut tout clsarct down and com* into the aiSdyl!V> tier --Ml'3 con tir.ucd • shnr|ljr. 1 -r'W.v'8 tot 1 ,* mini ber of things ,'•('<> eeitlo »lili you. young lady, and we're eoing to settle tlieid now!" Toby hesitated. Tlien. smiling sweetly, she reulaccd the cigarct It* the hallway. 1 Then the door closed upon 'her, Judltli cotiti) hardly resist nshlng questions but she forced herself to wait. Arthur would tell her all about 11, given his time. He did. Tony had been eono only a -fei* minutes before the man »et- bani) lill Ihe tin nor her nus knew at Juit whnl hour FOR RENT—3 rooms furnished. $500 )>cr week, D14 Hcarn street. WANTED POULTRY WANTED—We I lave set the pace fcr five years. Marilyn Jlatchery. Blytheville. Dck Feb. 10 WANTED—25 colored families to lilacs crop. See Roy Brinkley, Diced?., Arkansas. 8pk22 FARM WANTED—Near Blytheville, Eiiitauio for genera! fanning, dairyins and stock raising. Write me full description and lowest cash m-ic" J D. Baker, Meno-Arkansas. ' REPRESENTATIVE — HiS'l class reliable man lo represent in this (Vslrir-J, big development projcc in Orarks Sprinefield. MIs- ronri. A-l' proposition. Something different. Must furnish good references. Write fc r full informa lion. Mczarkn Bench Corporation Springfield. Mo. 21pk24 depnrtcd (or hl« atcnnd term ot FClinnl anil Juilltli «a» frank enough lo ailmlt a tiuge sigh ol re- Met to seo hlin-eo. Since the eel s;xEe ot the vase ihe hncl oeen un ahle to meet Jiinlnr'8 eyes so.unrely She was ashnnied. enilnrrasaeil end afraid to see what be must tie thinking ol tier. To her creillt tt should be set down tliat Jutllth. who tell the (mint or the buy's auger, honored Ltm for loyalty to Ms mother. She had not mentioned the loci dent lo Junior's father and did nol Intend to. When Arthur Knight feacned noine shortly-utter rive o'clock thai eroning he came In stamping and brushing ofl'snow. "Where's Tony?" he demanded In answer to Judith's greeting. "1 think .slic's dressing! Dear SilVIl Ue duwn shortty.". . ."Tell.Tony I want« her once!". Arthur's words were gruM aril 1m snappei! out ttie seuliuic exactly ns Ihnugh he wcro In hf otlicc and Juiillh a minor membc of tho business force. "I'll send Ihe maid up," see toll film. "Is there—1 hope notlilu Ims happened—7" "Nothing happened?" The ma raised his brows. "Oh, 1 kne< when 1 got that cable, from far! tliat Tony'd hcen up to deviltry Letter canio from Helena th! afternoon. Told mo the whol story." Harriet was dispatched to iuforn Tony her fattier wished to see he Immediately. Fifteen mlnut liter the girl appeared. She strolled Into the living roc casually aad slopped la the doo way, OUQ hand renting OD ber blp "Did yon want lo SM me. Da ling?" she asked, retting langul smiling eyes on. Knight. "Yes. I did." Touy bad mo?e4 toward t reading table ana was eitracllBE cl^aret from * large silver box. (he case and followed Knight Into [tied back coiiifortahly lu his chair. " " ... . removed Ills pipe from Ills lips, the small room wlilch was known as his ttiiriy. ' ' ; The'door closed behind them. WERT lie Makes 'Em See lloyal C. Mills Public Accountant and Auditor Specializing, in Income Tas, Bookkeeping Systems. Thonc 52 Ingram Bldg. Blytheville, Ark J1J1TH was worried. It WLIB not often her luulmml used such ft r£b tuno ullh anyone. She ^vas orrled, too. • because fiho had no ea. to what lengtlm the yuangei rl's foolhardirfess 'riilght lime leil It reas nearly ee'ver/o'clocli bcrnre e eludy door opened and Arthur night and mV' daughler reap ured. They cain« bht>llh Tony's rm about her father, tier dark cad cuddling to Ills siioulder. Hoth ere smiling and Ihey looked as hough th« interview .'bad oeen a ve feast. ' ••.•_', .-:...'• 'i'ony niaintalncd.tbe'pose ot Illta 2vpilon and-iweetness' thrnughou ic evening rneal.".' : She, remained Hh Judith and"Arth'iir vibeB coffe was served In lha/.llvilis roorr bvering about her fattier, hrlnglug lim bis'pipe,: the evening newspaper, and placing an ash day at lonveufeut reach. • . ' At' length -Tony suggested best antly: ...-..;•. •'Fiither, narllng, 1 'Just wish 1 could stay hcme this 'evening! I'd lave managed to some *wny 1( only 'd known you-and^Jiklllh would here. But Caroline Mltchcl asked me toV.makp. a.- fourth at bridge with'her and her parents so 1 suppose I'll really have to BP- I'm dreadfully sorrv!" "illlcheir'-khigbt asked. "Caro line HttcbelT Oh. yes, I remember —just a couple blocks down the slrett. Weil, get in 'early. Touy. Remember we're through with nil tbia whoopce-makiug and late hours." "Yea, Fatbor. I'll b« home early." Tony disappeared for vrrapa and presently was tack again. Sho waa wearing tbe gray (ur coat and a bright r;d beret hid her hair. "By»bya." ahc.called gaily from blow Ihe smoke swirling toward the celling. "You know, Tony's really a sweet kid.' 1 ho lold hla wife. "Crazy little l Ims been ectllng Into scrapes Mil her life, but sho never means inylhiug hy It. Now take Ibis row with Helena—" . • . Tony's Aunt Helena lind written icr nrulliLir very p<)lntedly, It seemed, olie had said that the ol the Atlantic oceau was none loo hmail as a barrier between hcrFclt uml the nlcco she had so recently ticen chapcronliiB. She had cveri 1ni[ilied tliat Tony's escapades, culminating in an afTalr with a good-tor nn.tlilng uamed Mickey Mortimer, irere the talk of the American coloriy and a disgrace on the family Lonor. • « ^U?)T UKLEN'A bail wound up Hie declaration that, no Tor love or money would she under take responsibility for Tony Knrgti again. "lint that's nil right,* Arthu pointed out to Juiillh. "Becous I've persuaded the kid to sta rl^ht here all.winter. Ilome'a th place lor her. you know, and now you're here, Judith, you can loo nfter her.' "But, Arthur, you know how" ah feels toward me"That's all right now, U'» a rlglitl Tony and 1 talked ever thing over. Sho Isn't going to niak any trouble from now on. Tony Tony KnlBht arrlvtj Inline thai evening slio hail promised to lie "lu early." li was snnio lime niter they had retired. Tony slept late nest iiiiiriiliiK n» mnal. Sho nir- lirleed Juilltli Iliniiijh hy apiicaiina nl 11:3(J In > icnlttcil suurt dr<»i. It was unusual [a sec 'I'ony it such flu hour ol the ilny anil It waa unusual also to nee her alxuit the house In anything Inn ncallscc gar- IIKMUS. fc'uithcriuorc the clrl announced she utiultj nave i>n\ifcf.i!i iluwn. Etnlrs hisieail of In her room. AU she wlslicil was culfee and Irult. It <vaa a fiond sign I'crhniis I'uny actually illd Inlcml to live up In her 'program of rcforml Jinhili smllcil liai>pll; as sho went lo icll Corn to send lu Miss Tony'a bieak- fast .thirty minutes inter Jnillih returned lo tho dining room. 'I'ony had tlnlsliuil cnllng. Just tliun Ju< dlth Jtcnrd a cry from Ihe hullway: "Why. Andy! Anily Criiig— when did you get herd" Judith hesitated. Tony wa; evl- deutly Kelcoming a cnllcr. She icird a man's laugh anil heard a unibllng, Indistinct answer. They rould go Into Die living room of coiirse. Juilltli thought. Slio decided BACK GOOP Ot.' REP SHIRT BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES B1U, IS TOO SLOW By Martin agreed atop ruoniaz arnunt nlgnls, slay at homo and behave herself." "Yes sir," he mused contentedly. "Guess I'll linvo to oft a letter lo Helena tomorrow and tell her a tiling or two. lleally I'm sure she misrepresented affairs. 1 ' Arttiur Knight looked such a pic- l tire o! Kitislactlcp. Irst then tie girl did not rolce b*r Misgivings. Judith was learning that Arthur, o-sl]p through the- hall and up the slalrwnj where several Usks awaited. She, stepped lo tho hnll entrance, aavf too laic that Tony and ucr companion had both turned nt the sound. "Oh—Judith, 1 ' said tho younger girl. "Tills la Andy Craig. Andy'8 an old, old friend anil fulher's litea of perfection in modern youth* Andy—my stepmother." Judith wont forward smiling. "How do you do. Mr. Crulg. I'm glad to know any of Tony'i friends." ( Audy Craig laughed easily. Il» waa so tall ho seemed to till the hallway. Ele still wore his lopcoat lint liail pulled off a felt hat to reveal bristling, cloto-croEpcd red hair. Andy Craig had blue- eyes, very light blue, which were lllled with good humor. "I'm—I'm awfully glad to know you, Mri. Hiilght—" ho said and llieu hi stopped short. (To B« CODllnned). PERSONAL W. J. KKOX repairs shoes good. No. 2M West Main. •• STOVE Repairs by 116 S. Broadwiy. Sam Sickles, I3pk Jan 18 New York Cotton Open Iltgli Low close Jan 1694 1720 1718 1719 Mar .... 1718 1736 1132 1734 May 1742 1758 1155 July .... 1158 1172 178« 1169 Oct 1752 1770 1754 17G8 Dec 1763 1776 1773 177C Spots closed steady, advancing- five points.' Middling 1740. New Orleans Cotton Open Higr Low Close HOM'N FOP SMACK, SMACK! B YCCWAN: Jan. Mnr 1720 1735 1155 1773 17G8 1775 160D 1721 1744 1759 1757 1601 1716 mo 1755 1752 1698 1719 July Oct. Dec 1775 1763- 1763 Spots closed quiet, advancing three points. Middling 1704. 1758 1750 1766 Splinters Wiul' gco:l for my wife's fallen arches. He: ^Doctor: "Rubber Iiceis." lie: "Wliat'll t rub 'cm with?" Will Rogers says it' the cows failed to come uii and get milked one niglif. it would be move of a panic than the collapse of the Wall Street stock marlul. Tho whole 120,000,000 of us are more dependent upon the cackling of a hen than if tho stock exchange were turned into a night club. v E. C. ROBINSON LUMBER CO. v>nnwM& HNS to BC BOMC. smcE. IMM BIG CBi\SH A.UD 1WS StnUE? IT. WATCH yOUfl E -\HIS OLi) FOX STICKS HIS HEWT-AND.100.1 MttOWUM HC'S60i: THE COLONOlS B\Q CHMlCt COLONEL BOWDV KRLCKLES ANI> HIS FRIKNDS . OSCAR'S KECKI,KSS

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