Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California on February 28, 1969 · Page 6
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Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California · Page 6

Redlands, California
Issue Date:
Friday, February 28, 1969
Page 6
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UR Concert Choir to be at *Home' tonight Ihuversity oC Kedlaadfl Coo- cot Choir, voder cBrectJoii of 6 - Fridoy, Februory 28, 1969 Redlands Da!l/ Facts Church Women United of Redlands join in annual World Day of Prayer Church Womeo United of Redlands wiU join others d the National Council of Churches in celebration of World Day of- - — • _ _ . This year. U« local 'neeUas;*'»=|J5JVl^^^ viiU be in Mentone Coogrega-f?^.^ wiU be no admission Uonai church. 12M Beiyl ave -!<*i3"- Bue (just off Mentooe boule- .J"* J»« lard) from 10 to U a.m. 'Die ""f*!™ ^ ^ theme is "Growing Together in northwest Tonighrs eooeert will Qifist." inchide music both sacred andi Mrs. Ivan B. BdJ. national secular and win be represenU- president of American Baptist tive of the Renaissance, Bar- Women, will present the special <xi"e and modeni periods. I meditation. Also oo the choir's schedule! Mrs. BeU is a member of the is an appearance with (he UR national board of managers of Chamber Orchestra on March Church Women United, mendier 24- Haj-dn's "Salve Regina" and, of the executive committee of Bach's "Wedding Cantata" willi North .American Baptist Worn- be featured at that time, en's Union and a member of the Choir members will take part', commission on the ministry of in the Opera Workshop produc-i MRS IVAN B BELL American Baptist Conven- tion of "South Pacific", scbed- Pho'u. by Armand tio"- uled foT tliursday. Friday and ; She has served as state chair- Saturday. April 24. 25 and 26, man of program for Washing- and on May 14 the Concert ton and Arizona American Bap- Ch«r featured with the Univer- list Women, on the foreign stu- sit.v-Community Symphony Or- dent committee of .Arizona Stale chestra on its final concert of; University and in volunteer the season, to be climaxed with scnice for the YWCA. hospiul a performance of Hooegger's auxiliaries. American Red Cross "King David." Charter members were hon- and the Valley Christian Center A U programs will begin in^ ored at the Wednesday evening in Phoenix. Ariz. .Memorial chapel at 8:15. Admis-j raeeung of Redlands White Wife of the pastor of the Red- sion will be cfa^ed for "South Shrine in the Masonic temide. llands First Baptist church. Mrs.lpadfic" and for the May or-' Special escort and introduc-Bell is superintendent of its sen-ctest,,! concert. lions from the East, wh^e Ruth ior high department, active in' and Floyd Matteson preaded as the work of women of the! . , ^ t worthy hi^ priestess and church and as a member of the| ^CKlfl/eV ClIOS watchman of shepherds. wereiSuident Aid committee, works j ' Fred and May Reams, MaryimUi pre«rflege and coUege stu-; Qreef OUestS Of I ChamberUin, Vera Mae Crim, d^te and servicemen. i » » Edna Purinton. Florence Mc-, Scheduled for next THiesday dinner meefina Connell, Berenice Pattoo, Clara, 5;°™ 9:30 to 10 a.m. on TV » Annaba, Anne Henik, Bea Channel 13 is a program on Pack 2 met in McKinley Blomquist and Frances Harper °^ Prayer. sdiool auditorium Wednesday Van Riper • "World Day of Prayer is evening for tiieir annual Blue; Also escorted and introduced ^^^'^f Jn character and its and Gold Dinner. Special guests were seven past worthy highi^J**'?, ^l"* l'"^iot evening were Frank Zo- priestesses and three pasti Lenf'gets new kind of treatment White Shrine honors charter members DULCET TONES — Norton's Officere' Wives "Skylarks" take a cue from director Mrs. James Penn as she polishes a rehearsal of the popular singing group who have performed for numerous dubs and groups, both military and civilian. From left in front are Mmes. Penn, George Jackson, Raymond Merritt, Donald fiiiy JOSEPHINE KEAV Edit* women of Coble tea is open to public Plans are nearly completed and Clark DeRoo. ^ . «ri-ir» in fh-^^r ^flS^ J"^''^' execuuve durector of for the tea to be given Sunday Speaking for the board of di- watchmen of shepherds, an of ton^^^^ between 2 and 4 rectors of the YMCA. Clark the Redlands Shrine. l^'"?u --=JfL* nez. pnncipal of .McKmley o'clock at the YMCA honoring DeRoo. vice president, an. McNelly, Bruce Russell, Robert Manley, Garvey Meyer and Rufus Monts. Back row, from left, are John Sumter, Walter McComb, Joseph Dixon, John Garbe, Wayne Roger, Vernon Edmondson, Harold George and Hal Lansing. Mrs. Penn has directed chapel choirs and singing groups in this country and in England. W.ATTON-AT-STONE, En- ^nd (UPI)—The village rector decided he would give up his sermons for lent this year in an effort to increase attendance at services. Rev. Donald Thomson said he hoped his idea of not preaching during Lent would increase attendances at matins and evensong on Sundays. "The heating system has not been working properly lately and I thou^t that without sermons, people wouldn't have to suffer so long," he said. Visits tower HRTON. England (UPI)— Mrs. Mary Wright, who was bom the year after the American Civil War began, celebrated her 107th birthday today. She currently Irees in an old people's home but she worked until the age of 70 as a lady's maid and housekeeper. She said her most vivid memory was a visit to Paris for the opemng of the Eiffel Tower in 1889. POLLY'S POINTERS By Polly Cramer DEAR POLLY — First I side each of their winter jack- would like to tell M. D. to putj ets. Instead of having to put on a drop of machine oil on the stiff j twt> separate garments when joints of her pinking shears and; they went out the kids slipped Norton Officers were unable scheduled pFOgram, they will work more loosely. For her second problem of marks on the kitchen floor left by dirome ouiuic chairman nf fho jf>» 1,^.1 0 clocK SI ws x!>u ^A ooDonng uenoo. vicc prcsioeni, an. •TTieSkylariB," sponsored by }^'..S^^™^th^^ CoMc, retiring executive nounccs that the public fa in- Cnrtnn nffirors wi<»< ,.inh 'f: "opcd that pcopIc of Curtjs Hawkms. school secre-— „. .»,„ i. .u:, .u:. j Ir. and SI prcsiden ther conditions which made it'""^"" PT-V', "'^ ".f-^^es'^/*"""' wiU be Mmes. Ralph Davis, Od-committee with Mrs. RobertluiJe Dla "stk°a^ robli 'r MDS minister of the Brooksidc Free .- .,,^:„„, w.iii.m H,M„ <^h„u. Mm«c j,.^ i 'H'"'' ''"^V'^ ?«> ruhbcr caps on this one warmer, comfortable coat over their inside clothes., I used their old sweaters that! Wives dub. li: " ""l^.. l»1«e oi Curtis Hawkins, school secre-,, " ^rv aftor ia VMr< in Uii<: vitpH tn at»pnrt Ihit affair anH,'"/".'"'".'"'"^ "=»--J uicT oiu sweaters mai, to DnK^t *ebi""^ ^"'^ demonstrate tarj-: Mr. and Mrs Uoyd Yar- ''^^ * " .w ,ri^?!l™- '' ^"8gest that she paint might have been repaired or ^P^;„*^iChrisUan Unity by attMding the S ^u-hp^^ ^ . "^fj ^^'V""'" af« them with colorless nail polish mended, removed the ta^^ '^'^l ^^'^ltr^: program on March 7." P ™"n ,P ™W -i- f.T?^ '^"""^..l^'J}-!"^ ZT'l^'^T^'^i'"^ ''^''•""S «>« the dirt.and sewed together around the ~ ' " Kning scam. More practical to impossible for them to reach JJ'T.!?''J™ ' IT die Martinez. William Hardy. SchuUe are Mmes. Robert Leon-I ^"cSn"'te boHehr 'lbr ^ch Redlands. mey wffl. ho*-ever.! Disabled veterans and L'.';!'!"?!!!!. "'^John Coleman. James FaUows, ard. WiUiam Umbach. Paul Ger- ?^ir *^lj °to7y keep the floor clean and free from chair sing for Shrine members at ai wives plan dinner • invocation. future meeting. C3iairman for the evening was The ham dinner was prepared Chapter 90. Disabled Ameri- fcy Den Leader Coaches Mrs. Norman Martinez, James Fox rard and DonaM Leonard. Clara Annabil, assisted by Anne can Veterans and Auxfliary. William 0. Ramborger ani Cub Pock hohOrS YuCAlOa c\u)ci Klenik. "iU meet for a poUuck dimierMre. H. E. RawUnson. Mrs. Kcn-i T"*" ruuiv nvnvi 9 i^a v.iuu At the next meeting, Mardt^t « Pm. next Thursday in thelneth Sdiwoebel. Candy Bor-, knifS and odults WOmeil tO hfia 12. new members wiU be hon-1 auditorium of Yucaipa elemen- 1 gsrdt, Gail Nelson and Cheri ""f* ""^ v«i #»f* A ored and officers wiH be eiect-^ school on California street Rose assisted with the serving.- Q* (/l/iner ArthUr DietZ ed. Copa del Oro chapt« mem- 1 Those attending drouH bring a Welcomed to the pack by Cub- ^ .» bcrs of the (Wer of Eastern dish and taWe service, j master Henry Schlau were Da Star will prepare and serve the ^P*®" Commander William J. " ^' " " " dinner at 6:30. vid Wright and "Ilia Fisher vibo Adams and Auxiliary Comman-! received their Bobcat Pins. der Mrs. Arthur Huett invite all Awards were presented by pack U of Smiley school. Enter! disabled veterans and their ^tr. Schalau to Julian Saenz, tainmeot for the evening was by Cubs and adults shared hon- Yucaipa Woman's club will ors at the annual Blue and Gold,hear a talk by Dr. Arthur L. i banquet arranged for Cub Scout ; wives to attend. Square dance slated for tomorrow Order of the Arrow Scouts who Bietz at its meeting next Tuesday at 2 pjn. Dr. Bietz is a certified psy- cfaologist and a member of the Andy Wolf, John Fisher, Jeff Schalau. Uither Borgardt, JimL.ere seen in Indian ceremonial American Psychological Associ Alferd, Tim Ramborger and dances. ialion. A popular speaker who Chris Morpeth. Honored for thoir years of; has filled many engagements lo- Arcs «-ere presented for 100 service to the Pack were Pat cally. Dr. Bietz has diosen for Bridge players in charify game .Vine tables took part in an ACBL Charity Game Wednesday afternoon at the weddy rate bridge group session YMCA. i tomorrow at 8 p.m. "Skip''meetings. _ . • i .u i» _i. -Inr Mike Carlisle and ^-el ^ ro^ivmg^^^^ at ^ Z^nAT^m Halsey. assisUnt Oub meinbers, guests and Mrs. the evening. Robert Chilcoat, first; Col and^ .Mrs. Omar Esles, second; Mrs.{ jht Pruiowss L. Zeiger and Mrs. V. L. Wal- The Preakness race run lers. third. Maryland's Pimlico race track put away and keep clean, loo. — THERESE Polly's Problem DEAR POLLY — I wendtr if an>-4n« knows how to kttp felt tip pens from drying cot | when covers are lost. — RO- i BERTA DEAR POLLY — After clean- Some diiWren's pajamas have a fug and it is stfll wcU one ribbed nedc bands that stretdi often has to walk across it to out of shape because the chU-;8et from one room to another. I dren^ nit old enough to puU >?d a safe way which keeps ftSi^ properiytltokeep myld^ off a damp can«t. Put plas- uSe dau ^7 paja^ in bags over your feet, fasten place, and also tb keep her'them on with rubber bands. You . scratches. When wearing heavy elastic stockings I found that they \roukl pull by girdle down. I solved this by adding two more garters to make six instead of four and my stockings and girdle both stay "puL" ^ts-^^^i^s,sz^ SOP wo™.-. .i.c«.. isrffiirasar2 =^ii=!= were Jack Hughes and Otis Bos- the first Dinner Partv ^itaboK x- x L c j ! Olmos. uon Aoams. fliaric wai- worii.^first; |s.^CarolOsbor „iS^^^^^ meeting to b. S""d-y:--l^G;^^« AAUW book and Mrs. Gloria Adelman, sec-jname <rf his home farm. Preak- , ond: Mrs. M. Zauner and Mrs.iness. The Preakness was first club. Federated. wUl have its review Redlands Republican women's ^r '^st ^C'; Oir,;srG"i;;;'R^k:^ group to meet L. Rash, third. I run at Pimlico in 1873. warmer, I made a tiny slit in the neck ribbing, pulled a narrow, loose dastic through and sewed the ends together. Be cure to aUow enough dastic so the head will go through easily. My daughter's old pajamas look like new. Most of my rooms have several windows and they are not all the same length'. During washing, the curtains would get mixed and I spent a lot of time matching them to each other and to the right windows. I now join each pair with a stitch at , the top or bottom, or. if I want them left separate. I sew a lit- can go from one room to another' without harming your cleaning' job. - SHIRLEY ' BEAUTY PAGEANT S M Sdectian of California CITRUS QUEEN Thursday, Mareh6 MEXICAN AND AMERICAN FOOO" "Servod in an < Ph t or Elatanco" Banquet Fadiiliot AvailaMo for VP lo «S poapio Lunch or Oinnor PHONE 7n -5»IS 1S7> NO. ORANGE, REDLANDS amiual decUon and inslaUaUon^^™'.^'^ Ma* W^tc? airi , ^''.Review secUon of Red- Ue dot of cdonsd thread on the ;of officers Sunday at 3 p.m. at "^'^ T;^' 1^ branch. American Asso- WTong side, a different color for the home of the current presi-, ^'TZ1;^V^1^^^Z\,A **/ "t ^'y *^'«°«' ' »» ™>« r^.r — Wavn<> Rodcham. David wa-iu-ji n,eet on l\iesday, at l:I5l trouble. — MRS. T. B. dent. Mrs. Robert H. Wilson. . Wayne Rockham^David Wil 30K7 East Sunset drive South., ker»°' Whitaer. re- All Republican women are invited to attend and to join the dub for 19G9. Colcvtto's Black Halo •Hie Black Hole of CalcutU was a room 14 feet 10 inches ; wide and 18 feet long, into which : 146 prisoners were thrust to spend the night Only 23 of ttw 146 prisoners were still alive the next morning. cdved graduation certificates. Wdido awards went to Glen thing, Kent tfiller, Wayne Rodc- ham, Kris Boom, Daryl Lapham, Wiftur Peters, Kenny Whitmer, Richard Tatum, Bill Leiand and Kdth Gordon. p.m. at the home of Mrs. Besie CoUette, 513 Lime street Jlrs. Jeannette Ascherman win review "Young Man of Caracas" by Thomas RusseU Ybarra. DEAR PMXrY — Ob hdp them face the cold winteis wlieo my childrw were young I used to sew an Old wool sweater is- TREASURE HOUSE Your unused furniture or appliances win find a ready mar ket through Classified Ads. BASELINE >^ 203 E. Cifras Av*. tadhnds Ph. 793^21 - ROUTE SERVICE AVAILABLE NATIONAL ORANGE SHOW SPECIALS Sweaters •^-^ 49* uDies CAPRIS •^"« 59- ORANGE COLORED SWEAiaS AND CAPMS REGULAR PRICE THE ORANGE pDEE NECKTIES come to an autograph party and moot KITTY PEELING Tht author of "Tho Unwanted." a sonsitiva and inspiring book about tha rewards and problems of teaching manfally ratarded ehildran, wiH ba in Harris' Book Shop, Saturday, from 1:30 to 5 p. m. at 113 Rfth Stroat, to autograph eepias of har book. HAS OUR "CHILD PSYCHOLOGY" FAILED? CLAUDE E. PARKER, Minister God's eternal Word says, "The rod and reproof givo wisdom: but a child left to liimsdf biingetta his mother to shame." (Proverbs 29:15) Cbul it be possible that children have been left to thcmsdves entirdy too often, and too loQg? Have we leCT 'hem to themsdves because we were too invdved in everything else under the sun, and did not take the time to reaUy help them in dealing with problems that were beyond the wisdom of their young minds? If the real hearU of multitudes of young men and women could somdiow cr>- out to us, through the artificial exterior that has been bunt up m defense against reality, what wonU we bear; and would we reaUy be ready to listen? I realize that jost to ask such qnestioos seems to be a harsh passing of judgment on parenls iriwse ddUren now seem out of eontnl; but I un simply trying to hdp those of ns win are pafati ... and I have two te«a agers mysdf ... to see that it is up to ns to correct, guide and restrain the young, with love and understanding in our hearts. We know the pressures of oar modem day society, and we eertainly know our own shortcomings. Sincere faith in God. which mdudes the application of His "Chnd Ps>Tholagy," win stffl provide the answer to raising our cfandrcB to be respectable dtizens who respect the rights tA others. Then, and only then, win they be a joy to iheir pareots, and not a shame. BMa Clastot, Smrfay f :«S »M Worship AMOmUy, Swrfay W:4i AJtL Sundoy EvMbifl «brM» <:« PJM. Wednesday Sorvicei 7:N PJL Ladias BMo Class, Vhurtday IliM AJM. COmUL CHURCH OF CHRIST m .7 «31 m TWim Van Donburgh'* Christian MUSICALE Saturday, Mar. 1,7:N P.M. Velvetones TriB Gospel Lads Quarttt Pam Swan Bryan (Vocalist and Violinist) Melody Chorus and Quintatl* Riversida Muni. Auditorium 7th and Lemon, Rinrside Interdenommotionol (Freewill Offerirn] DIFFERENT ARTISTS ON 1st SAT. OF EVERY MONTH Rugged-For All Occasions AUSTIN WATCH OlAMONOMnieilANra OP AMmiCA ZOEASTSnVEST. liOeMotflNrAaORjIlftl

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