Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on June 4, 1957 · Page 15
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 15

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 4, 1957
Page 15
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D!a! PA 2-4600 for a WANT AD~Taker Player Of Day Podres 'Born' As Pitcher In World Series . By Intcr'nationol News Service Baseball men agree that John-] ny Podres was born lo be a pitcher. But they claim the Brooklyn Dodger lefthander wasj born as a pitcher during Ihe 1055 World Series. Back injuries, scYe arms, an emergency appendicitis operation and a stint in the Navy LIHLE SPORT EVENING TIMES, CUMBERLAND, MP., TUESDAY, JUNK 4/195? YouiigGolfers Bi# League Baseball Taking (Florida State "* m RaF ° r Tc(Cl) ' si ° 11 ^OmalwBoum lished as the class of (lie .VCAA's NEW YORK—(NEA)-The first reaction io the likcli- " »as me mnsterfii! ctiang-. , . V up that helped him beat the " al , cn ' ry .'" New Vork Yankees twice in the lo , sl , a *' , ln inrr \u 1.1 «_. - ... lOlGMO S IlH 1355 World Scries. His memor- ,'" able 2-to-O shutout win in the seventh game of the classic rc brought the Dodgers their first w world championship. nol ,,:,„ -_ „„,, . 0 „.,„ in "The Yankees hate my guts." places in a rugged hole (est e said he said that winter. If the Yankees did, they had some reason. After bis sensa-, tional triumph, Johnny had said. 1 "1 can beat (he Yankees day of the week." Podres had a meteor-like r In. the baseball world. After 21-3 season at' hazard in the Mountain Stale League in 1951 he moved to Monlreal and then pro. and Finslcrwald. a steady winner who took down nearly $30,i prize"monevjjjolh made it. lalter came within two any irftter carne wiinin cwo breath-taking putts of failing for :he second straight year. They played on the same course at Cincinnati. Brewer, who has earned only about $2,000 in tour.« movea io Monlreal and then "IT"' w ,'. nnin . RS this J ' ear ' led the was advanced to Ihe ^Z™^^'"** «* Finsterwald. who lost his chance to qualify last year because he couldn't switch lo a different dis- ;rict after a rain-delayed Texas iournament, shot a creditable 145. His major league total before going into Ihe service in 1955 was 29-21. He was a so-so 9-10 in the 1955 season. ived he is the cur- ace Monday night snked the Philadcl- -, 4 to 0 wit h three hits.. It was his fourih shutout in five wins and his second tlraight blank job. .It also served to snap a four- game Dodger losing streak. Sports Shoppers, Peskin's Tangle One game is scheduled today m the Rec Softball League, Peskin's Shoemcn taking on Sports Shoppe al East Sfde Field, beginning at 6:15 p. m. Western Maryland Railway posted its third straight victory yesterday, battering Gary's Tavern, 2'J-B, at Fort Hill to (i e South End Merchants for first place. With the scoj-e knotted at 8-9 Ellis "Turtle" Slonaker replaced But he found ~-- ..*. . U ui,ii Miiiiavji MI d nve- uidvea mi mt: iwu-mmion marK l ll1 ^ *<i[iic inujur problem "ui"- ikj»L^u, ,->UUM; U.V^I^LIIIII me utocK, Uartmouth way playoff for last place in his at home last season for the third wiu exist in San Francisco, Losj5. lrcke - . bettt '™n Sam Snead and College (rack and cross-counlrv KPCtlrtn nn(t Viafl tn hn>o Innrr ^i.ll» rr n nr._»..t:., n Ammlnt- nt- ^^.. ->l _i__ -. ,. ICnrV \tiflHlpr-ftff ^Ili-^iiTinfT r\l ll.n rm....l. i^li:_ xi_ .. - . .._ onaer repace -- over e ran-soa Bob Russell on the mound in the Columbia Country Club course. f ' fourth inning, blanked Gray's —. .T %-mr.i ii jnoijitiiiij tuiu i^ce Cover .of Gray's were the fielding stars. ii. E . slower w F - c *"' 1 - NofHicr. E^'Slonaker. LP—Jack Ecltai^ HH- vf.'yrientl (Western ftld-) SOUTHERN- ASSOCIATION- 1 M«mpMs 9, Nashville 2 Onla' games schednted ;, 19 were exempt from had enjo el oxcmplion UP to s st yc"r ~ hail to w?" ' pl ' .aicA Jii a lugtL'U jiuiu lUM. • , , Brewer, a 25-year-old sophomore f,' seo and '-<>s Angelc _...i IA- .. ... . 'Jiftr nu'n^rc hjiirnn'i iheir owners haven't succeeded''"'-^ too well in selling their product . .—ar; — ; ---^ •»•»", ^<, i^-^^m,^ ,>.^n,,,, something like $750.000 a year, [owners insisted (hat the Dodgers!»ukc's s Franchises will continue (o be ", ave company in going (o moved as long as those running: 1 '" 1 ' Wesl - . (hem insist ujron doing this, as! ' ri ' e X agreed thai it might be l)asc bit. Lou Perini found oul in Boston.' 3 fc' 00 '! idea to act now before (lie There will he no end of transfers until (hey run out of cities. Braves Have System After losing something like $2- franchises, million in Boston, Pcrini shmvedl Antiquated park and parking iiiittmii fn uuatvti, t *-i itu sinivi L<*I -•*«!•("t*n_(j j/ai FI. atm pa. his colleagues just how well thc| ailn °yance.s helped force "a "fivei section and had to hole long putts on the two extra holes lo win oul. Such startling contrasts marked :hc play in 24 districts throughout Ihe nation. Players like Sam Snead, Jimmy Bernard, Lloyd Mangrum and Gene Sarazen, who ordinarily wouldn't have to qualify, came through comfortably but unspectacularly. Wins WASHINGTON IB-An amateur . ,. .,, , . ., ' y Cuinane . ° «•••"•"- viuco uuaKe m nail, out H ulf fc™^ e _ d .;?"_ r " 1 '!! P ro ™>'» «»» game and , nromoes a 74-70-144 over the rain-soaked attendance . The Middle Atlantic section's , ane rays e anc secion's With the Gi and yielded only one hit in 3<A other four qualifying berths went departed I another innins. Wes to thr ™ innings. Western Maryland sew- to three professionals and anothe ed it up with 13 runs in the last amateur. "ft/o frames. -. Jim,Wilson and Bob Hall shar- mum, ^, alK rjinery, pro ai vvasn- ed eight of the winners' 15 hits ingion Golf and Country Club, and iLllsworth had two hits each for second with 146s. Doser had a 74- the losers Bob Hall and C Owens 7a , Emery 72-74, and Lowe a pair of Western Slaryland and Lee of 73s. Sgt. Dick Lehm.s of Ft.Meade, won (he fifth spot in a playoff with ' " J " : amateur from the . .p , v i Clarence Doser, pro at Wood- T 6 ,u° N ^, Yofrk ,- ont, Clare Emery, pro at Wash- Jl h, v T g ' 1C '° gfon Golf and Country Club and or lh « ^ anke « would Friend blasted a two- Jack Lowe, assistant pro at'eon- ,™L ^ ~ rr *°™'. whicl1 er Abe, Morgan and "ie View in Baltimore lied ftir T «PP'"g "avo Harvey Knox Happy About Ronnie's Pay Major league Night FIFTEEN Dodgers 4, I'lnls 0 IIIIOOKLVX ab h o a Amoros Jf 5110 CilLLMn 21) 3 1 4 [} I-OS ANGELES - (INSt - The c"S ',', 4 I J I 'll<x1g>. s lb 3S 7 n Ca'|ia»'lla c 20 Id l Nyal3b 4 0 J I /iminer» 4205 I'odrcs p * 1 0 1 FJIILADKmilA ah h o • cf 4 0 0 1 I'irate* 6, Giants 5 4133 By UAKKY (JKAVSO.V N'EA Spurts ICililor volublu failier of football .slar Ronnie Knox, \vlio chmiges learns almas! -as frequently as most griildm change sweatshirts. c'xuUed today over his son's new Ihe Clii- GASTO.MA, N. C. Slate University, firmly pstab [son • the talking for his handsome called a .special news con- ifm-nce lo declare.- Tvlalt 3J S Zl ! Ilainnfr .. llei>uhl(l ]f 403 llouclieo lb 3 0 6 _ JoiH'S 3b 3010 Lopala L- 4191 »QH man it 3020 K'naKdcz S3 2 1 3 3 Cardwell p 2011 alxnnett 1000 llparn p 0001 Tolali M32J1Z a—FoulwJ oul /or CardnelJ in 7th llrookljn MO 010 102 I I'hiladrlpMa 000 000 00ft— 0 It-Cimoli, llodjios 3. K-Zimmtr. fir,'• , 1 '»'" r>cr Kni-IKxIUM. Kmmcr. inuOi. tllulgiu feared In X<\ on lloarn'sl -ltd jijtchl. 211—(.'inioli, l[o<!cr& UK— llixlMi. Cimoli. SB- (Jiltiaiii S-C-IIIIM Ili'lla 2. DP - llouchci-. FeriiaildM and llou- •: Iwainand KrrnandCL LcJt-Hiook- 6, J'MLadclphla 7. }tjj—I'odres 4. fli-arn 1. ilO-Cardm'u 7' in*%*Hearn ' ill 2. It-KH—1'txJres 0-0, Caidwell •>•- :lcarn 2-2. Wl'_llparn. W-l'odrci (5~2J! VOKK j Sch'd'nst 2b 1 1 3 3 J Lcckntan lb 5 1 6 0 j Mays rf 3131 Rhodes ir 4 1 L 0 Mueller rf 3030 cKatl o 0 0 0 llodgers 3b 0000 Virgil 3b-rf 4212 V.TIiomas c I I C 1 Conies |) 0000 il'^oneri p 0000 "" ; p 0000 (crfsi irea have lost much of their in- Polo Grounds to inherit (he bead- in professional baseball.'aches thai are driving Horace! Lefthander John lirislon, the ;•-••": ""•' .winning Inirler. and his rcliptcr,| S|)el; " vc 0| .'wry Raxer. combined to allow! '''•"•' ' Jt ' a ' taking the rap for a television! An innate Xew Yorker. Stone- Uukc only five hits ami capital-] 011 l.'ham keenly dislikes to walk outj 1 ' 01 ' on six costly Blue " ' btcncd to; rors - ; could be farther from'Stonchain to San Francisco? tb. which is that hascballj (.Valioimi Football League, it 'would have been the Hears irre- draft." -.- ,-" <3 ' 21 - l- ; Smllh. Cnnlan, Donate i Uelmoje. T—2:22. A —13.218. Burke; Giiius Wright In 1931 Ojion Golf aliarns 1 0 o 0 PITTSBURGH ab h • « Frc«se 3b S J > 2 VJrilon c/ 3100 Fondy lb 2 0 T 3 Clemente rf 4050 •F/TMnias If 4 2 2 1 M'zer'skl 2b 1 1 1 3 t'otlei, c -1230 O'Hnen «s 3234 I'ritchard ss 0 0 0 1 Law p I I 1 0 Kins p 1010 Arroyo p 0 fJ 0 I Face p 1010 Total* Yi n 27 15 Worlh'lon p 0 0 0 0 bJahl'jki 1000 \nlujifHj p 1000 Totals 319218 i-J.lne/J out /or (Jrfswvm in 5th. i-KBwl oul for Worthinslon In 7lh. f—illl sacrifice tly for Mueller In 8lh. „„. . W3 001 010—5 1'lltiburfb 032 010 Mx_6 R—Schoeridiensi, Mays 1. Virgil, v. headed for San Kran-|°" " lc '"S 'own, but li: Angeles because 1 W"^ 1 ' O'Mallcy when had drafted Honnte third round in a gamble '< appeared that he had !d«finilcly decided upon a career F. Ilioroas, .Wazeroski. Koiles J. ricn 2. K-0'Brler, 2. HBI-SeliMii- 1st 2, lx>ekman, Rhodes. Katl, Foilcs I.aiv, VLrdnn, Freeio, Kin*. 2B— -Spencer. F. Thomas 2, sites, CTHrien. vs. S-.Mareimeri. King. SF—Kail. Iliomas anil Six-ncer; .\]a;«ostl, O'Rru-n and Fondy; M.iys, Schoend ie nst ,„,,. ., antl I-oc^maii. Left -Neu- York 6, Pitts- rOl.h.DO. Ohio—</r>—Uillv [iurke bl ™ ! ' 7 - HII - <;I ""« »• Cntsom i. Worth- i»l In nlnv ui !,„!„,. .„ ;.,:,. 11,-'" 1 " 10 " '• *'">>'» 2. SO-Gomez 1. Mar- Will tnoconrii 2. Grissom 2, AntiuttlU 1. King 1. coul1 ' - , i . who earned his seventh! convinced him that hojiviii against one defeat, needed nut make a satisftictoryjhelp from Boxer who came on in while giving it away on the air!'' oal as a co-tenant at Yankee the seventh, same "time . .—forr ladimi1 : Tllc National Lciigucj Meanwhile • in motion pictures—a career tlia! begun with a flourish. Asked if he would take as prominent a part in 'his son's D 5 c k Small u-raul. f "°tball career as lie lias in the litle was over, Inverness. When runnerup George Von Elni" reported he had lost 12 pounds. The cigar-smoking Burke said: "1 gained three pounds." '•»»• - -I in I. MatRoneri 5 ID 1 2-3, I in 2 1-3, KinB 3 In 3 1-3, Arroyo I 2-3. Fare 0 in I 2-1. K-KII- (iomei 3-3. MarjioniTi 2-2. nri.ssom 0-0. Worthington M, Atitonellj 0-0, Law 3-3, King M, Arroyo 1-1. Face <M>. HIlP-By Gomez (O'rlrknl. W-King (l-0(. L-Margoneri "" " -- Gorman. Uixon, Dark- ,,,,.^ „ , v n Ljiti«uv.uuu, — ....... ^...^v, tlj Jlc - „«* in ult . teady lefty, went the dis-iP' ls '- Harvey said willi a grin: parting with to liits.l "Xu. not at these prices Kor ' Hie laiitc. parting .Neither team collected cxtiaipi'aiuits I'll money what aboul'.'" Washington and Kansas' Citv Golf Film Two Davs IV^nnliicfii- ' * - the sallLi; mavus UWIlu OO in .M1IWUU- ^ l;i a kce totally without TV swag. The Pastures Braves hit the two-million mark . Rul "'e same major problem .;ne, tnit for big is there to argue The first in a .series of golfi be presented today! movlcs OarlmoilIh Coach Looks To Future HANOVER. N. II. _ wi_ When jiLtdgucs just now wen uicj ML " 1 "j' all »- 1 --^ riuijiL'n torce the sne oay . . II. _ (^) _ When Braves could do in Milwau-j Gian(s an d Dodgers lo seek new and lolr >orrow evenings at (lie 'asked lo judge a race between .„..,,,, ,,, ^,,,,,^^ al ^iiu tiorn-vi IU JUUg(^ a luCC UCtWCCIl Maplehurst Country Club. It fea-iyomigstcis who were to run lures an 18-hole match, stroke by; a round the block. Dartmouth consecutive year. Angeles or any place else if thc|9? ry Middlc ™ff. Showing of thex-ouch tCllie Noycs said: "Go' give-away television policy is J, "' at 9 p - m - both twice around the block, we'll be Baseball's only solution is to ^,^,^ olliv b(Jlul , un Is lo from collegiate ranks grabbed adopt the policy that has worked medal honors yesterday to lead out so satisfactorily in Drofessiim- MidcUc Atlanlic qualifiers for next al football, where onlv away weeks Nahonal Open in Toledo. gam es may be televised and then ' never into a territory where one » being played. This may cut the but it also the n P dc i ii,.|.. With the Gi^K ct owners can'l I Television eventually will limitjcontinucd. every city, regardless ot size, lo| It has been clearly dcmonstrat- one club. And then there jt-ill he;ed that baseball owners c no new attendance records as play both sides of the street long as home games are tclecasl into parlors and pubs. Pay TV would swell the intake, but not the roaring crowd al the park. Why should the customer pay $3.15 for a box seat when he can see the key game of the hottest series in carpet slippers or over a beaker of suds at the neighborhood bar? days. needing distance runners. Rookie Unip (Continued from Page 14) major league umpiring, agreed. "You have to work it in reverse, loo," he said. "Sure, the play is fast. But you. have to' remember lo take your time. A! new umpire can't get panicked. He has to give himself time loj make np his mind, then call it.; dub . the R«k i v i Yofrk ,- ymi say ' '° '™ Casy ' then coii- whicl1 Del o said mean he can debate it.! You got lo call it right away." j To Smith, (lie highest comfort' outside of Conlan hustling lo his' side when an argument crops up, the rule book. | "I never knew the rules when 1 played," he says. "I know 85; .rs pcr cent of (hc pj aycrs don , t j -f; know them. So if 1 call some-' thing and they come running out. I know I can stand there and have a big edge'." TKX.VS LEAGUE Houston- 4. Foil WortJl 2 Other games ppd. rain FREE Tuesday and Wednesday An Autographed Picture of ANTQH8 ROCCO V/ith Each Advanced Ticket For Wrestling Show at State Armory Cumberland 5 June 57 Tickets on sale at Wilson Hardware, Stbrer's Va. Ave., Kellough Drug, Sport Shop, Stoops' Restaurant, Frostburg, Grayson's Sport Shop, Keyser, W. Va. C H ountry Club of Maryland in Bal(6). timore, and Ralph Morrow of An- ™ _ ished tbe regular round with 147s. Morrow bowed out on the first bole of the playoff when he three- f ^ W,™ «m the second ex- lra n °'e over Finnessy with a par Need money for (he little things in life? Raising a family often mokes it difficult to raise money ... for such things as medical bills, clothing and other expenses. For temporary assistance many families him to HFC, where they find they may borrow with complete coniidence. Household finance is America's oldest and largest consumer Imance company, providing a modern loan service lo more than 2,000,000 people each year. 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Clinton Gas Engine • Three adjustable cutting heights • Puncture-proof tire« • Trims close to walls, trees, «ta *9- ^w^T 31 7c UiCrviu $57.95 l75 "EEKLY MANY MORE SUMMERTIME > ** t.< ».^^, COOL CUSHION Aluminum Construction Cav*rad with firtttone V*ftm YACHT CHAIR You'll Want Several/ Tempered spring wire coils with open mesh cover [or free air flow Firestone 1 H.P, Air Conditioner 55 BIKES GALORE Thii d«lux« model givet »h« btil cool air circulation for yOLr money, wilh lh«rmoitor 51QO" Reg '199' $49.95 100% Am«rkon-fnade, ITOIT guaranteed For life WE GIVE S&H GREEN STAMPS BUY ON E-Z BUDGET TERMS DEZEN'S Firestone SlORES 183 Baltimore St. Cumberland. Md. Phnnc PA 2-6(6t 8 Wcsl .Main SU FroMburg, Md. Phone 1366 124-126 Mala St. Keyset, W. V«. Phone 20121

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