The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 10, 1936 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 10, 1936
Page 11
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THURSDAY, DECEMBER io, lose IMtttEVILU, (AUK.)' COURIER NEWS , ' ' I '•*<', r~ .i?AGE'. ELEVEN v USE THE WANT-AD MARKET • CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Dally rate per line for consecutive Insertions: One time per line 10c Tuo times per line per day .. 080 Three times per line per day .. 06c 81x tiroes per line per day .. 05o Month'rate per line MJc lards 1 of' Thanks .... Me & 75c Minimum charge 60o Ads ordered lor three or blx times and 1 stopped before expiration will be charged for the number of, ttaes the ad appeared and adjustment' of bill made All, Classified Advertising copy submitted by persons'residing outside of the city must be accompanied by cash. Rates may DL easily computed, from above table .-•dverttelng ordered for Irregular 'insertions takes the one Uine rate I^o responsibility will be lak-jn for moie than one inwrrcct Insertion of any classified ad Coal & Wood Wliy worry v.'ltli smoke & soot? BURN SUNSHINE' Sold Only By JOHN BUCHANAN? "My coal- is.Black But-1 Treat You White'' Phone 107 For Sale NICE Able; Davis. FM Sate" or Trade Terms > T6 ReeponSiW* Parties. DELTA IMPLEMENTS, Inc. WE BELL Alabama" & Kentucky, CO All Blytheville Gin (So. FOIV SALE—Etgbt, good, Work Mules at. a- bftrgaiu. See Paul Byrum, 118'E, Main! Store,' fixtures &', stqck with living quarter*, ,in b«st r nctghboi- hood Doing good' business Leaving tov,n Cash only. Bos^ 'B" Courier •i-p-k-7 EXPERT SEAMSTRESS Do fancy •svork Grace McFarlaud, 013 Holly. Phone D3«. Business Directory PLASTERING BOB' MALONE And" Stucco - - Phone 350 ' OUR~6TOCK~ IS NOW COMPLETE: ON Rawlings Athletic Equipment At 6chool x Prices I'honc 35' Shouse-Henry'HHw. Co. J. W. Shouso" . Wilson: Henry Cold Weather Coming \ I Protect Your House With Nu-Metal Weather Stripping Call Us For Estimates Arkmo Lumber Co. Fhone 40 WE ' HAVE .THE' BEST.' Alabama)' Illinois & Kentucky COAL At |Ke Best''Price'- Kindling Too GIVE US A" TRIAL We Guarantee Honest Weights Shaver-Foster ; Gin Co. Phone 278-- Chickasa»b» s & R'R. O'BRIEN'S OAFB, , completes equipped' .Doing' good, business for past 18 years. BARGAIN.' Brunswick POOL CHEAP; TABLE, com JORDAN, SEDAN, in good, cond!- WARM bedroom, reason- Mrs. TOby' Long, , 325 E. ' Nlce comfortable bedi'ooin, close In. Mrs. Nolcn. 310 W. 1 Walnut. 3 room fur. apartment, bath. Mrs. Mick. 110 W AJli. 27-p-k-a Lost 1 LOST— Pair of big, bro^n nlnre mules, weight nbojit 2800 Ibs to gcthpr. Butidy Ed»ards, No. 2D store; uoHli of Dell; REWARD. 3\i klO Blnck. & White, tick' setter/ ninlo. Jlmmle' Peterson; Phone 60 8-n-k-ia GLASSES, white gold fiamei In , Woe k: o f; . Hiibb'a I'd Hdw.Co. Re : ward. Return Io Hubbard Hdw, 8-ck-ia N! W/TRANTHAltf Dealer In, , BEECH CREEK COAL Other high grade' Coal, Wood and Kindling I Hroadway - - Phone' 964 COAL PRICES Delivered' In Blytheville 1 tbn &2S tpn 55.76 ton' J6 51 ton $6 51 ton S7 « ton '57.50 Slack Coal! Nut Coal Blue Rlblo While Ash Edd foal Rock"Cr«k Lump Ben Franklin Lump Big Ben Lump PAINTING-PAPER HANGING Freeman & House - Call 749 ALADDIN LAMP PARTS f 250 each BUEKE HDW CO Mrs. I. JI Divis— Spencer CoTseliere Call'421-W for Appointments Ky. Lump, 3 to 12 in. tump ,toh 56,59 Coal Delivered Anywhere, An> Time.:- - 24 H6iir': Service'. HMLRRY BAILEY Phone 1505-F4' State Unc New Carload Shipment •MOORE'S HEATERS, .COOK STOVES. OIL & GAS BURNING STOVES, FUEL OIL HEATERS, SEE' OUR' NEW STOCK Liberal 1 Trade-in Allowance for Old Stoves' Hubbard Hdw. Co. If You Want WOOD We,Ha\e It I , ECONOMY COAL CO. Cherry & E. E. ' Phone- 448 Coal, Wood & Klndllne J P. SIMON/ Phone 764 TBCCK8 VO& SALE International/ it, Ton, i leaf wheel base". International; 1' Ton, ' , SUke body. , 1KRVA Ton. Chevrolet; , . Stake body. 19 Jt r 155, Ton Chevrolet, Stake bodr. Nkbors, Pile' TnUler,' Electric brakes.' , All.ln^aood 1 Mechanical' condition with Go&h Tires. ( ' DELTA 1 ' IMPLEMETiTS, Itxc, APPLES Bushel $145^ and $135 Home^ Killed! Meats Maxwell) Fruit Stand,' 130 E. IVUin • -_ ^ f Oipk-16 teKfenfc ; — -j _ Nicely^ furnished STEAMHEATED ; BEDHOOM) bath 1 Call 560 £ „ „ 2:c-k-l'-2 Nicely Furnished Rooms \?ltl Board Mrs Ji V. Sanders Phone 656 _ 7p k!( ) 2 or 3 Purntshed Rooms, reason i- able, x 914!Hearri: Personal FREE! STOMACH ACID, QAS PAINS; INDIGESTION, relieved qglck Get free samnle doctor's pnscription, Uciga, at Klrby Bros. Drug CO. MT?1V? GE?r VIGOR AT ONCE •IM-Cil ^ • New Ostrex Tonlo Tablet. 1 ! contain raw oyster 1m 1s- orators and! othercstlmiUants; One dose peps up organs, glands 1C not delighted, malter. refunds few cents paid Call, write Klrby Bros Drug Store.' Sal&inen Wanted MAfy WANTED-Make $J5 a Meek andTup retailing- Itywioigli Good HcaltH Prodily^lo) 1 i,teady useis ^Eevjour, own boss^ No^belllng ex- neilerictMrequlrcd' wfcl'Mipply cxcry- .thhig— Products, Scrvfce> Methods, sales and\, Advertising Literature (Large- sal^s .mean big 1 profits flist day Lowest prices Best Values ,Mobt S^rYfce Rawlelgh Mcthotlb get the' most business everywhere Write Rawlelghs, Dept AKL-27150, Memphis, /renn , or see Crill Orawford,\Blj^heville, Aik 'ALXErOOP, j. WE^ fc|V FRieMD5>>— -^f AW, FORCiET'lT, LOO- \ , IVE HWTE,TO SEE /^weve\AN WELL SOON BE \ ? M rMXljteAVej-SOU^CEETAIfilLV'S. SENDiNJQ SOU A ) * MOOVIAN5 HAVE ( ENJOVEO'OUE j &I& SHIPMENT'OF < \ FLAPPER PANNY in 1* I he Aiul)ou'll:ihva>s tell llic trnllii'' _ Oh, sure—then it'i c sicr to rcniunbcr_\Ui!tt~)Oii\c sniO," niul Tlbot, the yak lUlnclpnl ylcldci' of milk WE HAVB SKCUKEn THE SKKVICKS OK AN RADIO MECHANIC ,\Uio «lll 5»ar".itco to sour mdlo to flat clnss condition A C'omiiltte Line of Tubes uud ; Vails - - Iksl Trlcca HubburrK Tiro & lta«. Co. Phone 476 for native consumption, KLECTKIC WELDING AT BEBT PRICES i PROMPT SERVICE BarksdaleMff.Co. PHONE 19. Wry Kindling STOVE WOOD and good COAL Museum' Gcti, Met ee I'.ilnllnf TOLEDO (UP)—'Iho Toledo Mu«cum of AU, one of the nallon'h finest, hns, .nqilhcd Henry Leo McFe.s painting, ' Pctunlnb and Pli!o\," rcgaidoct ns nn outstanding American work It y>ns bequeathed to Temperance York n foimci Tolcdoin, the mubcuni bv P Reed, of Now Rend Courier.News Want .Adi. TERUY! ABSTRACT & UEALTY CO. ,_ Alt"tract's, I mds & Loans E M lerrj, 1'rct. and nigr. fhoiir CH UbHicvllfc, Ark Naturnlly jou will \\lsh the Insl tcnlcc? for jour loved to bo ns Impressive and dignified ab cnio cnn inako them lli'ic, iceiirdlcsi) of tho icbt, e\cry inlunto detail will receive coiisUtcrnlo attention. Cobb Funeral Home At Prices Yau " GREAT HKAKT • OAI GAY & BILLINGS, In*-;. Coal - Feed - Kindling PHONE 76 All Now Loculcil at 101 Norl^ Second ADtHNG' MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU DON (> I'DWAKDS, Proprietor' , m.ikc3 of Rebuilt l)i>uullor!i, Adding Maclilnn Calculators—Hcpnirliig—Parts—lllbboni an*. FOB THE BEST COAL FRf>M ALABAMA, ILLINOIS, & -WEST'KENTUCKY. ' L. I. RICE DONE SO l(UCH),STAy'HEKElN ;FOR us- Biis. Opportunities NEW CLASSES OPENING Complete' Beauty Course' DAY &'NIGHT CL'ASSES .Slate, supervised TUITION VERY "REASONABLE See Mrs. Win.- Bcrryman Elaine Deauty. Shop Night Clubs CALL'-'E.- ?. FRY. at 1 ( Wonder City Cpal Co'. FOE' ORIGINAL GENUINE; Montevallo AND OTHER HIGH GRADE COAB PHONE 4T7 COAL, WOOD, KINDLING Prompt Sfrnce -- Call 47 KIM'S 1 COAL GO. Wanted To Buy DANCING Everv Night 3 'Til-2 Silver Moon Night Glut 2 Miles.' North Missouri Line Music by Harold Sudbury and His Orcliestra NEW FLOOR SHOW FRIDAV, SATURDAY, SUNDAY DIRECT FROM NEW ORLEANS —ADDED ATTRACTIONS— Good-Comedian -: Master ol . Ceremonies We Buy CORN & SOYBEANS Blytheville Gin Co. Highest Prices Paid For Used Furniture WadeFurmtureCtt 301r393!E. MAIN WE BUY Fiirnitiire WE PAY' CASH FOlT 2ND HANJD FURNITURE Hubbard. 2nd; Hand : .Vtirnittfre*- Store- - : ' : Phone' 3 1031'. and Scrap. Iron BJythcyllle! 1 Irpn : & Metal Co. Cherrjr;&;Hi H. .;.;.. I'hone-448 Highest Prices . SGRAEi.IR.PN, METALS,; PECANS^ HIDES. &. FURS ABrANt'Airrp. PARTS . 128; E;' Main—Phone'' 176 Hotels Clean, comfortable,, steam-healed rooms, liot and'cold .wafer, reasonable rales—day, week or month. .,. FEABODY HOTEL. Realfistate FOR SALE 5 Room House, bath, large lot. Across from high..' a r nd grade schools. .Cheapest, taxes In toTO Could be made Into apartment, Cheap lor cash. .800 Chlckasawba ....'.•. '. .. .'• , diii If For Sale: 80 acres FARM land near Co. Manila. stcrnUerg Cotton 20-ck4f WOOD C6mo .to, [icrior Coal Co. Un[»»it»i Jako -linear Gin Automotive LETT. US,CHECK Y.OtTR BATTERY COLD WEATHER, 13. COMINGI J.B:CLyNE Jackson .sbrylce, S'taUoh—Call 8 FOB SALE—40 acres good Iniprqv cd land 23-4. mites' norlhwps! of Manila, 3r4 mll'o from Highway 18. 23 acres 1 mile west of Blytheville on Highway 18. Each tract $2400, $600, ; rash, balance like rent. J. M. Jontz, Plione 312. CALLING' ALL CARS ! ! GET READY' FOR WINTER Heaters,. $li!9 up Radiators anti-ffeejc, 78c gal up Texaco .Oil! 2 gal. can, 89c New GUai-antced : batteries, $335 up ' - Floor Mats; 756 up Good prices on radiators' ... changes. Heaters.and parts cheap, see Us Before You Buy Anything For Your Car AUIAN : -AUWl>AItTS : 128 E. Main—Phono no DAM& THAT FOOL OOP FOE eUNiNIM' OFF JUS' WHEKi'WE NEEDED HIS DIWOSAUR THAUL US AN' OUR SALT BACld TO MCO - , THERE, V'ALL— I JUST COME &ACK F.KPM, EVERVTHWGS A MESS." THAT BIG VAP OF A BROTHER OP /OURS, 15 ALIVE-AM HE'S JQJNED UP WITH OL' TUWK THAT, MEAN 5 TROUBLE." GOTTA 6IT HOME !M NICE H|DES IN PAY- MEWT RQE 7H|S UOAb'OF 3ALT- OLJR BlCr HANDSOME O193&BYNEA SERVICE:,|NC.*T.M BOOTS AND HE HING CEIM'AIN! 1 VOOUV.O ,to W>0 WASH: .TUBES tf- VOU \WTTS TO'GIT EUEM ' DAT.BOXEEy | WHO WA.NTS TO M«E A HUWNtRD DOLLAS? WHO CAM GITV SLICKER.-?, IS THE'RE MO MAM OF BKAV/tVi CLE. WHO'UL. VOLUNTEER-z- THEN ANY TyUQ'MEN!! WHfcT! NOT EVEN TWO,MEN7 THEN, ARE RED-BLOODED AMERICANS WHO'AINT APRAlP TO RGAt-?' ONE WAY TO SKIN A CAT. j'S nv urn SCRVJCT:, tNC. FREGRCE!s:,AND;.HISv FRIENDS; HOOK, LIN EC AND SJNKEIJ! fi TWERE.' WHAT ARE YOU<K>NMA THAK'KYoU. Mow.JUOT FDOTBALL AQAWST I^ GOIHG TD/MAkE GRAM YOU SIGNED,,..WfTH B/EPY; PAWCE G1VEW TDVME! DO Yoi. \VAWT AUTOGRAPH

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