Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California on February 28, 1969 · Page 4
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Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California · Page 4

Redlands, California
Issue Date:
Friday, February 28, 1969
Page 4
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fedlondj Daily Farts 4 - Fridoy, Februory 28, 1969 Local Notes Ski Sah Head Skis, jackets, ski pants' — aU on sale. Pratt Bros., 651 E. Citrus. X AtlMfien EHcs Elko Satnrday March 1. Dinner 6:30, game time 7:30. Elks and intited guests. x Rent Skii - Slads Skis —$4 day. Sleds - SIJO and $2 day, toboggans $3 and up. Pratt Bros. Sporting Goods, 651 £. Citros. z Ccr Fira RapNlarf A carburetor backfire toadied ofi a blaze that caused about $30 worth ol damage yesterday to the engine compartment and hood of a car driven by H. J. Hedrick of 228 Anita court The fire, rqwrted at 4:41 p.m., broke out near Hedrick's home, fire officlalc said. •iMd Danofs— Tbe Blood Bank wiU be at the Elks Club Tues. March 4, 1:30 to 6 p.m. The Welcome Mat is Out! X Immedial* Cash We buy and sell good used bimiture. 792-1111. x Joint Cemmissien Tour Members of the Redlands Parte Commission will join their counterparts on the Recreation Commisaon for a tour of park and playground fadlties in the Redlands area Saturday. The tour wiU 8^ under way from the School Board room at 9 a.m. and should be completed by noon. But Shirtcliff, recreation director, said today. Vital Rtcords •IRTHS lOQUE — Bon. a danchier. to Xr. and Xis. John C. Bnqae. SOS West Pioneer avcme. Rcd- Indt, N>. 21, urn. at Loma TJito hospital: OE Wnr — Bom, a son, to Mr. and Mrs. Lmis De Witt. 72S Wabnt avenue. Redlands, Feb. 23. 1969, at Loma Linda boepKal. MURBAY — Bom, a son, to Mr. and Mrs. John Murray, 31993 Baidt street, San Ber- nardiM. Feb. 26, 1969, at Redlands Community hospitaL GOEBEL — Bon, a son. to Mr. and Mn. Georfe Goebd, 522 LaVem ibeet. Apt 1, Fd>. 16, ueB, at Bwlands Comma- BARINGER — Btni. • dangh- tdr. Rhonda Lynn, to Spec 4 and Mrs. Ronald P. Baringer (Cynthia Sprague). in Baumholder, Germany, Feb. 22, 1969. The baby is the first grandchild fbr Mr. and Mrs. Tm ^ngue of San Bernardino and BIrs. Evdyn Bans- ger, 19(5 Wabash avenoe, and Hie first sreat-panddiild for| Mr. and BIrs. Roy L. Haskinc HIGH SCHOOL SCHOLARS — Winners of life memberships in the CSF at Redlands high school are: front (left to right) Elizabeth Murphy, Jeannette Haueter, Rufino Diaz, Mary Abbott, Dana Gray, Donna Huisjen. Second row, (1 to r) William Hughes, Barbara Douma, Jeannie Thomas, Amy Linsk, Kay Costello, Sandi Lachman. Back row (1 to r) Jim Snyder, Dennis Lloyd, Nancy Marquardt, Dewey Stambaugh. Not pictured are Susie Fallows and Maureen Thomas. 1947 Wabash avenue, and Mr. and Mrs. Robert Oviatt of San Bernardino. afishideiiis offered colege bonon procirains I Information regarding five dif- iferent summer programs avtB- able to junior students at Redlands high scbo<ri was released tDday by the RHS Counseling de- 'portment Hooors programs in- Deceued is survived by her volving University of Southsm husband. George S. Warden of;California, University of Colifor- inia, Santa Barbara, Riverside batioas be made to tbe Red-; Christian Scbool. Dona-^ tioiis may be left at the Bank! et America, in eaie cf Laura Van Gfomr. WAROELL - Died in Redlands. calif.. Feb. 27, 1969, Mrs. Mae D. Warden. I268S Cali- fomia street Yucaipa, aged 76 years, native of Colorado, and resident of Yucaipa for five years. Yucaipa: and the fonowingiM--, . n, brothefs and sisters: Alva Har- and Davis campuses, ana Qare- ris. Alfred Harris. Mrs. Gtaino- mont CoUege are now taking ap- U BiUings, aU of Colorado; Mrs.lpHcatk)ns. i Helen Hayson, Paramount Cali-| llie high schod honors pro- Ifbmia. gram at U.S.C. wiU be held June Gravende services wiU be'ie-Aug. 1 with a Umited num- bdd Monday at U:30 a.m. at Inglemod Memwial Park. In- Iterment in Inglewood, Calif.. Emmerson • Bartlett Memorial Chapel, Yucaipa m charge. ber of 36 students accepted. Those juniors admitted wiU be laHowed to select two courses of freshman level and will meet in an mtensiCed Humanities Sym- Remiuns win lie m sUte from F.osium. May 3rd is the dead- Sunday, 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. at the Yucaipa Chapd. HOYE — Died in San .Bernardino, Calif. Feb. 27, 1969, line for the residence program. University ol California programs wfll include a special program at Santa Barbara for ^^i. ^y'e ^^:^^bom June 23 to Aug. 1- S ^^ta^^W^ ^^iApril 30Ui is the deadline for «^«r, application. A variety of mrfer- ^M!^r'n?M™tene for 47I graduate courses will be avail- r^rfent of Mentone for 47, -^^^ ^^^^^ ^^i^ wen. A "B" average in grades Rirtli McCraary is bade at the Beauty Bank Sa- KM. 240 E. atrus, 792-2263. x P#fiMMl E incr9incy? Emergency telephone counsel- RHS scholars honored at CSF awards banquet Eighteen Redlands hi^ scfaod Isoiiors were given recognition as outstanding students with the Walker, Leslie WiUey, and,Robert Gay, Kathy Gross, Greg I Hardy, Peggy Haydon. Tom Hogan, Janice Hdman, Fourstudenh from RHS picked for honor band -n. . • ni 1. « wen. A "B" average m graaes DEATHS Funeral services wiU be Mon- jg entrance sub- MOREHOUSE — Died in Red-day. 2 p.m. at the Emmerson- •„ rcauired of all ap- lands, CaUfbmia. Feb. 27. 1 Bartlett Redlands chapd. Rev. J^'f " As a result of tryouti held [last weekend in Long Beach, four student of Redlands high linnea Smith. witfatne "Hie juniors indude: Kdthi lum noe™, .»vu.™.,,™„-„ presentaUon of life member- Bandd. UneU Binder, Karen'pam Hom«, Alan JadtsSSTlK-' w?T ^ ships in the California Scholar- Boogher, Kristine Capps, Lynnjchcle Kasbcrg, Jeff Kash, Mar- ' accepted as ship Federation at a special Chedester, Debbie Cook, Rickjgaret Kepncr, Paula ffistner j *^ ^ "^"^ ^^o" xaacnscBt^j vcurpuwuc awards banquet Wednesday Creatura, Jon Edwards, Paul'Susie Knudscn. BiU Knight'i''ie 1968-69 All Southern Califbr- ht ayaflable. can 793-1710. Con-night lEldridge. Joyce Komura. 'inia High Sdiool Honor Band. SS^ir ^nn ^^f''^?!!''^' awards program also fea- Carol Eraeridi. Bruce Ep- AbigaU .MacKenrie, Belh Mac-i Named were RHS musicians Redlands Council of Churdies. x tured Dr. Presslcy McCoy, stein. Ann Gensler. Gretel Kcnzic. Mike Masters, Weal Bla -lAnn Somere. d>oe; Martin Watt- chancellor of Johnston CoUege Gleitsman. Debbie Gray, Susan"'"""' Natbalie Mdrer, Maralee er, clarinet; Larry Morlan alto " " "• ' >-iWpvp.r. Marv Moonev. Dianeldarinct: and Phillip Hesser, 1969. Mrs. MUa (Van Arsdale) Mordiouse, 779 Campus Way, San Bernardino, aged 90 years, native of Little River, Kansas, and resident of Redlands for Wx years and a former resident of San Bernardino for 41 ycsirs. Deceased is survived by her [one brother, Byron E. Van Arsdale, Redlands; and numerous [nephews and nieces. Private cryplside services win be heki Monday at 10 a.m. from .the Blausoleum at Montedto [Memorial Park, with Rev. Harry G. Suttner. pastor of the Saalcaatint Give your driveway that New Look. Free estimates on seal- ^i'l .rUni ^eraW Redlan *,iGn)ve. «ndy Harty,^siidr3iMeyor^ SI<»M^^^ as guest speaker before Uie sey -HoUenberg, Gigi Humke, Tom^Nagas^- R»» Nooraman, Look. Free estimates on aeal- ^ YmOieA guests gathered in Jacobs, coaimg driveways and parbngi, -„ j^ands Ro-i cvnthi lots. Also paving and ^^adingT Kevari Contractors 792-5652. z MisMd Papars Fhooe Redlands Daily Facts cirenlatioa department 793-322t before 6:30 pjn. week days, or 2:30 pjn. Saturdays to report raisied twpen and obtain delivery. Yw Ara Coniiilly Invited to a Se-iing Demonstration on Mar. 5th by Miss Clara Zehnder of Berne, Switzerland. Special sewing consultant for ELNA Sening Machines. Miss Zehnder trill demonstrate tiie ELNA Sewing Machine at the Redlands Sewing Center. 422 E. State St. Terrier Hall. The Redlands Ro -j Cynthia JeUilfe, Craig Ledbet- tarj- aub was co^xmsor of the ter, EUecn May, Dan McVicker, evening affair. JGayle Miller, Mary MiUer, Su- |.Mack Nymcycr, Susie Ohlund, Alan Paton. Pat Patterson, Shyanne Reese. Rebecca Luv Rdib, Dor- sarueii neaianos cnapei, pijfgnts H. Mike Fink, pastor d the 1st!''j^^tro summer Scholar- Methodist church, ofGciatmg.1^ biobgical, physical and Private interment in Monteato g„yjj.on^en,a, sciences mil be Memorial Park. Raymond Hoye of Mentone dies at 73 Those RHS students who win;sie Moore. have permanent seals affixed to^ Christine Morais, their hish school transcripts in-;Mowll, Emily Ned. Mae Neely, dude: Mary Abbott, Kay Cos- Linda Noordman. Carol Painter,,van uuaai. «itiw« teUo. Rufino Diaz, Barbara Pat Pctkin. Sharon Ricger. \vhitc. Susie White. Susie Wfl- Douma, Susie FaUows, Dana Gary Ron-dl, Susan Rcdnid, mot. Howard Edge, Sandra othy Roberts. Kristen Schmidt, Deborah Schroter, Janet Simp- Kevin; son, Valerie Sntith. , Donald Stoker, Debbie Thom- las. Donna Van Uffdcn. Michad Gray, Jeannetfe Haueter. WU- Pai ShcWahL jliam Hughes, Donna Huisjen. i Kathy SkcUs, Susan Skomal. Sandi Lachman, Amy Unsk, Ken SmiUi, Laurd Stuber, Deb- Dennis Lloyd, Nancy Mar-hie Terrifay. Fraud WunderUch, quanit Elizabeth Murphy, Jim Elaine Haite, Pamela Nichols,! Snyder, Dewey Stanbaugh, ilar- and Leslie Day. Schcucr and Lynne Sheer. darind; and Phillip Hesser, bass. Ann is the daughter of Sir. and BIrs. WiUford Somers, 351 Lakeade avenue; Larry the son of Dr. and Mrs. Robert Morlan, 1313 E. Oolton avenue: Martin the son of Mr. and Mrs. Jack Walker. 420 \ria Vista drive; and Phillip the son of Mrs. Dorothy L. Hesser. 27411 W. Redlands boulevard. This band, composed of the guerite Jean Tbomas, and Mau reen Tliomas. PresentaUon of the awarcb i«wing (^einer, ma d. ouu; ou, by CSF advisors Miss Eli- >'U<i""»<», umuu^u Redlands, and on Mar. 6th at ^abeth Cdlins, MUs Hdene va -[Bart)ara Coe. Robert Comstock, the Redlem Sewing Center, 168 ja^. and Bernard Lowrey. Stu- Judy Cooper. The sophomores were: Phil Berger, Bruce BOlhardt Debbie Bowen. David Brown, Rene [chandler, Brandon CenterwaU, E. Hi^iland Ave. San Bemar dino. X Ti*a Playar Takan A t^ie player and nine tapes, valued at $154, were stolen yesterday from an auto parked at Fem and La Paloma. pdice sail Tbe owner. Patrkk K. Hc- Keever of 1332 La lioma drive. nU nmeoBe brake into his car betwtm 9 and 9 :15 a.m. yesterday- Barbershop *sing in' to be tomoiTOW One of the bighlighU of the forthcoming Barbershop har- dents in diarge d arrangementej Crew. \argWa Cun-r^— Louis were Kay Costdlo, Sandra Hd- ningham, Larry Dedcel, J>^ifg,yjJr^tS Aufitortam lenberg,^Liz M-^- DeLangis, ^Z'^^^Jt^^^'^^"^^^^^^ a "^psdej Perry, Ed MacDonald, Amy Fanows, Kathy Filzmaunce.; , .. ,j » .finest senior high student musicians from the eleven counties in Southern California, is spon-^ sored annually by the Southern: California School Band and Or-' chestra assodatioiL The musical director will be Don Wilcox, director of bands . at Long Beach Statt College, ac- I cording to Bany Wood, RHS band director. Mr. Wilcox is active in festival and parade adjudication, and serves as dini- Ician and guest condudor given on the Davis Campus of the University of Califonua for a five weeks summer session. Superior high school students will meet with a university priv fessor on a research project attend fidd trips and seminars, and be exposed to a diversity of professional activities from - which they may choose a ca- Bajmond R. Hoye, 2208 Nice JJ^hlst""' """""""^ ^ ry G. suttner. pastor of theif.^*'"'^- Mentone, a resMent d • ^ i„ elementary Rus- First Congregational Church, of-^f. <?nimunity for 47 yeaw, ^j^^ be made available to .ficiaUng. The family requests died m San Bemardmo yester- graduating seniors and juniors [that flowers be omitted. F. Ar -jday at the age of 73. ^^ ^^^^ Riverside campus of the thur Cbrtner Chapel in charge! Mr. Hoye was a retired su-university of CalUomia. The of Funeral arrangements. perinlendent employed by the eight-week course wiU carry [ She was a member of the Southern California Gas Com- credit for 12 college units, and I White Shrine, the Eastern Star.ipany for 30 years. He was a wiu begin June 23 the P.E.O., and the Congrega- naUve of Missouri. One of the most outstanding UMal Church, aU of San Ber- He leaves a son, Robert F. academic programs available to °^"™°- Hoye of Redlands; two daugh- high school honors students is ters, Kathleen M. Loomis of San the John Hay Summer Program Gabriel and Roberta M. Hoye being offered at Oaremont of Mentone: one grandchild; Men's College June 29-July 26, itwo brothers, Leonard and John according to Mrs. Mable Sales, J Hoy, and two sisters, Mrs. Ruth RHS Counsdor. Application years 'Parker and Mrs. Russen Whit- deadline for this intensified Uli, Funeral sen-ices were held to- Springfidd. Mo. ercl arts program is March 15. Idayatilam from the F Ar- Funeral services are sched- - "rthcr informaUon regardmg Ihur Cortner Chapd. with Rev. ded for Monday at 2 p .m. at a" programs for advanced stu- Henry Radius, pastor of thelthe Emmerson-Bartlett Red- dents is araflable at the Red- [ PORTE — Died in Redlands, California. Feb. 26, 1969, Jacob A. Porte, 1016 E. Central avenue, aged 69 years, native ol Orange City. Iowa, and res- klent of Redlands for 48 First Christian Reformed Church, dfidating. Interment was fai HUlskle Memorial Park. In lieu of flowers, the famOy requests that Memorial contri- Linsk, and Nancy Marquardt MembersWp for tbe spring semester of the Redlands high' 11/Amnn hupt chapter of C.S.F. as announced WWWmwn nwi W in accident ^f 'l.. •"^u .,n« F^w l^rfo™^*:*" «^ Meredith Wfll- Bobdte Ferns, Marilyn Fowler, melodious "Music Man." i BiU Butler d Highland, a tal ; cntcd member d the local "Cit- irus Belters" Chapter of the throughout Southern California. Performances for the an South- em California group are sched- [uled for March 2, and wffl in- chide a tour of Southern Califbr oia in April. I Wednesday inchided 62 sophomores, 46 juniors, and 34 seniors, i ys,^ These were: Saiiors-Mary Ab-: *»" W inv «M.«*c..'|«^i~=a ^j.'yrri.A" -Mjs .4^:.'^^ 3^^^^ ,Sandi Lachman. Madonna l«i-.^ avemie, San Beniardino, mous 1964 Worid Cbampkm SMe-•» • Z^Z Rpi ^H'sustained a blow on the head winders quartet wm sing sudi Unsk, Dennis Lloyd, RenaQ :_;.„;„ „...:. ,—.._ „ ,„ ,- j , Fomrfed l«9e—T»tli Y«»r WILUAM C. MOORE. Pnblijber. rSAMK E. MOOBE. Editor. WO Bnoksid* Av«. mt Center, tends. Calif. 92373. SeSmd cU«« portiae pild «t B«d- Calif. Ifpl advertisements court decree 26980. Solaeription »»«».^«», Br carrier per month SL7S, tnrea moaths ttM, six months S9.80. one j «v $11.40. Bjr mail per month UM, iSPEBSQSA, has come up with a condensed segment of the famous musical that features several of its beautiful tunes and some of its more fascinating dialogue. The brief appearances d Hardd HUl win be jJayed by Bw About People , Palar J. Rasilada, saniar chid storekeeper, USN, son of BIr. and Mrs. Pete S. Regalado, 1730 Ohio street is serving aboard tbe amphibious cargo ship USS Semnide in the West- if^' S^^M,™,trHt^^ and possible hip injuries, in.the Music Man dassics as "Lida Mahler. Nancy XIarquardt Rd)-,,-.„'~~* ,rriA„nt «>!!«. MM W- anH "Rinwrp" The* will • year <240l). ert Mott Elizabeth Murpby. Andrea Ramirez, John Riach Announcement of Funeral Services BAGLEY, Mrs. Etta 1:00 pjn. niday Loma Linda Chapd BEL6ES0N, Mrs. Olga Private Today Chapd of the GraO HERUCK. Steven D. Requiem Mass: 9:00 ajn. Saturday Sacred Heart Cburdi WARDELL. Mrs. Mae O. 11:30 aJn. Monday Gravccade: Inclewoad Memorial Park BOYE. Baymond E. 2:00 p*" MMiii »y Ptfli^T*^ Chapd Vrajf. Ifrs. Marcarct wifltirf* Chapd 10:08 a.m. acddent pdice said. Rose" and "Sincere." Hiey win She WBs taken to a nearby doc-| be backed up by the 75-voice Ndl Riddle, Susan'sandere, Jiml '°S !!°®<^e""atment ["Citrus Belters" chorus, aug- Snyder, Dewey Stambau^ Bar-| 0'"<«rs said Mrs Cereceres mented by some of their Otrus bara Tliaben. Marguerita Tbom-l"'^^ * passenger in a car driv- Belie wives. The Qtrus Bdters as Slaureen Ttomas David'™ Cereceres, of the are directed by Jerry FairchiU, I same address, whidi was east-jalso d Redlands. I bound on Vine when it was in- Tickets for "St Louis Sing- n-olved in a collision with a car In" may be obtained at Harris driven by Jacob Earl Thomas, Co. stores and Sears, or from d 30319 Sunset drive, wto was!any Barbcrshopper. For infor- pulling away from the curb, j mation call 792-8618 in Redlands. UNDER DIRECTION OF r ./UTHOt CORTNER 221 BROOKSIDE AVE. '92-1411 Weather Averaie Februarr rainfall Z.4S j A^'erafe season total rainfaU 14.03 _ S9 . 70 Jan. a _- iJan. 3S _ IJan. 30 — Jan. 31 — I Feb 1 Feb. 1 _ Feb. 3 Feb. 4 _ - 63 Feb. S _ S7 Feb. 6 53 jFeK 7 eo IFeb. 8 S7 jFeh. 9 6S Feb. 10 71 Feb. 11 n Feb. IS aa Feb. 13 «1 Temp. 14 — Boon <0B 4S 40 .OS WSH S3 31 J4 \\m SS » 31 34 35 . _ 3? 45 J8 MSt 45 1.43 1X70 37 3Z use 36 37 JACOB A. PORTE Services 11 a.m., Friday, at the F. Arthur Coctner Chapd. MRS. BERTHA MARY KESSLER Services 2 pjn., Friday, at tbe F. Arthur Cortner MBS. LULU OWEN Services 10 a.m., Saturday, at the F. Arthur Cortacr Chapd. MRS. MILA VAN ARSDALB MOREHOUSE Private ayptade cervices 10 ajn.. Monday at Moote- cito Memocial Park. 40 . 47 Tr. UJa Feb! n « €3 ~ zn Feb. is S5 45 .03 14.01 Feb. I< «J 40 JO 1431 Feb. 17 73 41 Feb. U 4e 44 .70 15.01 Feb. la 41 40 JS 1537 Feb. JO S7 34 A lajO Febi a ss 44 .ea vua. IFeb. 33 47 33 J« laji !F* L n 53 41 .13 ia.71 IFebk »4 ss 43 Zaa 1131 Feb. » 53 SI ris sua Feb. It 3a «B 34 ajo Feb. w —— aa 3S - - J X DAY SPICIALI Ml STRAWBiRRV Pll Reg. SZ.00 SPECIAL Cnaa pit aiatt atpaiH) •M. tPARttIM is«.$i^ib. Spadal SI.W k- rmoaT » MTuaear ma SACK'S RIDLANOS Who Has 0 UrfMqr FESRUARY 2f Howard Bayliat O. E. V. Mattan^ M.D. Marvin Bans J. David WillUms Chris Brashaara XnilUm Maara Vinil Dadiard INARCH I - Chariat Infram V. F. Williamiaii David Fink Jimaiy Wiliaii U. Cat M. Bakar Brani Balandar AUi F. Krynidd Michaal Schmidt Sluart Undstnim Ctiris Sawry E. J. Zainar Elmar tarr Lannwi Cratfcy WaHar Da Blauw CranvMa DauN Jatai Lam Raymand HafW, M.O. Cayia Jamas Happy BirHiday frOHl 11 I. Srala Fh. IIMW THE HOME mONT CARL DOSS Like the lobster witli iU skdton on the outside, some new buUdings proudly show their sted franung as a part of the design. • * * When a prospective buyer visits your home on a dartc day, have the lights on — for a warm, slowing wd- come. • * * The larger the unbrokea waU space in your livins room or bedroom, the easier it is to place furniture in the dear trafBc patterns (hat create an aura of spaciousness. • * • Sgn on (he door of tbt broom closet in a bank: "Office of the IVaahier." • * * The mediin sale* price of a t}-pical new single-family hons« rose from tU,000 in 1961 to C4J00 in 1968, according to the National As- sodatun of Home BuOdert. me tmmerson -narucu. mcu- — ^ , ,. .» lands diapd with Rev. H. Mike lands high scbod counsebng of- Fink, pastor of the First Meth- "ce- odist church, officiating. Private interment will foUow at Montecito Memorial Park. SELL IT TOMORROW With low - cost Classified Ads Seems as though the longor you wait the more it wiH cost DOSS 793-3354 33 E. Vin« What are the Bulls-Eye Buys off the week? Evtry Dodgt Dealw has IMH mliiorizsd to offir i special bargain price each week on selected Dodge models. Yon 'l get bonus savings on cars and trucks... even Dodge White Hat Spectab are included. Sale fimited. Huny! CHARGER King sized performuM vHht pint tin pricaMn DodgflBlll^E]f•B•yfc DART Westell Spofts Special, detigetd and priced for Ms afea eeiy. lev u ewn iruter vilNdrt«Did|elris^BqrSi Match yourself lip with 5^^!"^^ VAN DORIN MOTOR CO. 1417 W. 7f3.24f3

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