The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas on April 5, 1985 · Page 7
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The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas · Page 7

Salina, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, April 5, 1985
Page 7
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Depressed woman hides feelings The Salina Journal Friday. Aoril 5.1985 Paee 7 Dear Ann Landers: I have everything that should add up to a happy life — good health, a loving husband, wonderful children, a beautiful home, no financial problems, a wide circle of acquaintances and a few close friends. To all who know me my life appears to be perfect, but I am miserable about one-third of the time. Don't ask me why. I cannot answer. For no reason I will wake up some mornings and feel as if I would like to stay in bed and pull the covers over my head. I don't want to see or talk to anyone. But I know I must get up and face the world, so I put on a happy face and force myself to keep my appointments. This could mean going to the beauty salon, taking a child to the dentist, attending a committee meeting, playing cards with the girls, meeting a friend for lunch, visiting my mother-in-law, doing my stint as a volunteer worker in a Ann Landers FIELD ENTERPRISES children's hospital, having five couples in for dinner or going to the theater with my husband. I marvel at my ability to do all these things without giving the slightest clue that I want to curl up and die. I hate myself for being unable to enjoy life that most 45- year-old women would give their right eye for. This has been going on for about three years and it seems to be getting worse. The blue spells occur more frequently and they last longer. A while back I tried to explain all this to my husband. He told me there was no reason for me to be unhappy and I should "snap out of it." Telling a depressed person to "snap out of it" is like telling a paraplegic to get up and walk. But I don't blame him for being unsympathetic. People who haven't experienced it have no idea what it is like to battle a black mood. Several months ago you printed a poem called "Richard Corey." It was about a man who was admired and envied by everyone in town. They thought his life was perfect. Then one day he went home and put a bullet through his head. I saw myself in that poem and it frightened me. I have read your advice to others to "seek counseling," but I cannot bring myself to do it. I would be humiliated if anyone knew. I'm ashamed that with all the advantages I have, I am unable to enjoy life. Please, Ann Landers, tell me what to do. — No name, no city, no state Dear Friend: You need to understand the condition that is causing you pain and ruining your life. The help you seek is in a booklet called "Depression: What We Know." It will answer the following questions: What is clinical depression? Who gets depressed? Can depression be treated? Will the depressed person recover? Will the depression return? How likely is the possibility of suicide? What causes depression? Does depression run in families? Can depression be prevented? Where can the depressed person go for help? Address the envelope this way: Depression Consumer Information Center, Pueblo, Colo., 81009. You will find a gold mine of information in those 65 pages. I urge everyone in my reading audience who suffers from depression, or wants to help such a person, to send for this booklet immediately. It is free. Introducing UNCLE IRA He Could Be Ybiir Rich Uncle Current Annual Yield: 11.347% 10.75% You can open your Individual Retirement Account for as little as $ 50°° Meet Him Only At Current Interest Rate: SECURITY SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION 317 So. Santa Fc • 1830 S. Ohio MEMBER F.S.LI.C/Ph. 825-6241 Wiping up spills keeps stove burners shiny Dear Heloise: I have a new stove with clean, shiny burners and I would like to keep them that way if possible. The ones on my old stove had turned blue and were also spotted with burned-on carbon that was impossible to remove. Could you please tell me how to care for these burner pans? — Mrs. A. Myers The key rule to keeping reflector burners clean is to scrub off any spilled food or burned-on grease each time the burner is used. Otherwise the carbon will buildup so much it will be virtually impossible to remove. Reflector burners which have discolored with blue or sometimes "gold" stains usually indicate over- Heloise's hints KING FEATURES heating. Most times this is caused by using pots and pans which are larger than the burner or turning the heat too high. The reflector bowl gets too hot and eventually turns blue or gold. To help prevent this discoloration when using large utensils such as canners, start cooking on a higher setting and then, after a few minutes, reduce the heat to complete the cooking. — Heloise Dear Heloise: With the high cost of electricity these days. I try to conserve as much as possible. I have found when drying clothes if I dry them in the dryer for about five minutes, then hang them outside, I get that wonderful sunshine-fresh smell as well as dryer softness. And, ...the savings! — June Grabill Dear Heloise: Here's a hint for the "waste not, want not" person- Potato skins are an excellent source of fiber in the diet and should be eaten. When I'm using the potatoes to mash, for example, I remove the skins and dry them in the oven until they are crisp. I then pulverize them in the food processor (they resemble dark flour) and store them in a covered container in the refrigerator. When making dark muffins or dark bread, I substitute the peelings for part of the flour. The bread is delicious, nutritious and there is no waste! — Martha Barocco Dear Heloise: Charcoal is reusable! After the food is cooked, we close the air holes in our grill and put on the lid. The coals extinguish by themselves due to the lack of oxygen. When they are thoroughly cooled, we bag them and save them for the next time. This not only saves money but time as well because, when doused with lighter fluid and lit, the used coals seem to get hot in half the time. — Mary Venittelli Caffeine addiction causes severe headache Dear Dr. Donohue: L.W. wrote you about an all-encompassing headache in the early morning that •improved after he got up and ate breakfast. I too have experienced this type of headache. My doctor found ho reason after a thorough exam and brain scan. Through a process of elimination, I discovered the culprit to be caffeine addiction. If I omitted my usual coffee the night before, or happened to drink decaffeinated coffee, the headache occurred without fail. Having breakfast relieved it (the coffee Doctor Donohue FIELD ENTERPRISES , need satisfied) almost immediately. Since discovering this, I have kicked the coffee habit and now can drink decaffeinated coffee or skip coffee altogether with no morning headache. Thought you might be in- terested in this. — A.F. What can I add to the classic bit of diagnosis and remedy? You met the enemy, the caffeine withdrawal headache, and blew it out of the water. Dear Dr. Donohue: I am an ardent biker, but now I have a very painful foot, a burning sensation. Any ideas on this? — B.P.S. Might be nerve compression, common among long distance cyclists. Pedaling produces scar tissue on soles and that compresses nerves there (burning). Maybe you need stiffer soles for your shoes. Do you use pedal toe clips? They avoid slippage of the foot and lots of irritation. (Write to Dr. Paul Donohue in care of Field Newspaper Syndicate, 1703 Kaiser Ave., Irvine, Calif., 92714.) THANK YOU The support of the Salina voters is greatly appreciated. I am especially grateful for the outstanding work and help of many volunteers and friends. Stephen Ryan Political adv. paid for by the Stephen Ryan Election Committee, Ron Green, Treas. 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