Ukiah Daily Journal from Ukiah, California on July 12, 1974 · Page 9
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Ukiah Daily Journal from Ukiah, California · Page 9

Ukiah, California
Issue Date:
Friday, July 12, 1974
Page 9
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Recreation calendar MONDAY— Public swimming, municipal pools, l pm - 5 pm. Recreation playground program, FZ ft Nokomis schools, l pm- 4 pm. Wght. Shed, 6 pm.. Ukiah Duplicate Bridge Club annual barbecue, municipal park, « pm.- Ukiah Duplicate Bridge Club, Palace Hotel, 7:30 pm. TUESDAY — Women's Golf Qub luncheon, Municipal Clubhouse, 12:30 pm. Public swimming, municipal pools, 1 pm - 5 pm. Recreation playground program, FZ ft Nokomis schools, 1 pm - 4 pm. Men's softball games, municipal softball field,—6:90 pm, King Kong vs Diver's Down; 8:30 pm, La-Pacific vs Coca Cola. Yoga class, Municipal Clubhouse, 7 pm. Swim meet, Ukiah Dolphins vs. Napa, municipal pool, 6 pm. WEDNESDAY — Public swimming,, municipal swimming pools, 1 pm - 5 pm, Recreation playground program, FZ ft Nokomis schools, 1 pm- 4 pm. Wght lifting program. H.S. Wght. Shed 6 pm. Men's softball games, municipal softball field — tf:30 pm, Henne's vs Black Bart; 8:30 pm, Rinehart Oil vs Ukiah Sports. Belly dancing class, Municipal Clubhouse, 7 pm. THURSDAY — Public swimming, municipal pools, 1 pm - 5 pm. Recreation playground program. FZ ft Nokomis schools, 1 pm- 4 pm. Men's Twi-light Golf League Vital statistics MARRIAGE LICENSES ISSUED Vernon Lee Kerr, 36, and Norma Jean White, 33, both of Mendocino. Issued July 1,1974. Geoffrey Gaston,. 20, and Cindy Renee Washburn, 17, both of Fort Bragg. Issued July 1, 1974. , Mark Lee Polkinghorne, 23, Redwood Valley, and Aileen Catherine Kuderna, 23, Willits. Issued July 2, 1974 Arthur Laverne Korpela, 57, Ydrkville, land Alicia Joyce Matovichy 47, Mendocino. Issued July 2, 1974. Joseph Anthony Del Valle, 26, and Pamela Sue Donaldson, 22, both of Fort Bragg. Issued July 3, 1974. George Franklyn Taylor, 19, and Merilynn Dee Mayhew, 21, both of Fort Bragg. Issued July 3, 1974. Russell Wayne Lococo, 20, and Judith Ann Gutmann, 17, both of Fort Bragg. Issued July 3, 1974. Jose Gallves Novoa, 17, and SaUy Maria Lopez, 14, both of Ukiah. Issued July 5, 1974 Richard Ira Kerwood, 19, Sacramento, and Sharleen Janise Ivec, 19, Carmichael. Issued July 9, 1974. Dennis Ray Bevan, 28, and Kathryn Elaine Chaille, ,18, both . . of Fort Bragg, issued July 9, 1974. Johnie Franklin Boggs, 21, and Kathleen -Attt^KostaneCki, 17, both of Wffl^Issued iuly 10, 1974. / - i Timothy Patrick McKenzie, 33, and Sheila gliz*beth Crawford, 28, both of Hopland. Issued July 10, 1974. DISSOLUTIONS FILED REDDING — Steven Blair vs. Pamela Margaritte. Filed July 2, 1974. DANZIG — Jay Lyndon vs. Rita Rachel. Filed June 27,1974. PERRY — Yvonne M. vs. Louis P. Filed July 3, 1974. GRUBBS — Sylvia Elaine vs. Lemuel Thomas. Filed July 5, PUBLIC NOTICE FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT FILE NO. 74-H-2 The following person (persons) is (are) doing business as: Hospitality House Motel (The Three Jays) at 601 Talmage Road - Ukiah, Calif. 95482 H. A. Thrush P.O. Box 65 Browns Valley, Cal. 95918 James T. Gettle, Jr. 601 Talmage Road Ukiah, Calif. 95482 J. E. Ward 80 Cement Hill Road Nevada City, Calif. 95959 This business is conducted by a general partnership s—James T. Gettle, Jr. This statement was filed with the County Clerk of Mendocino County on June 25, 1974. 6-28,7-5,12,19,1974 PUBLIC NOTICE U STATEMENT OF ABANDONMENT OF USE OF FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME FILENO.71-F-20 The following person (persons) have abandoned the use of the fictitious business name FRENCH - AMERICAN CLEANERS. at 110 So. School St. - Ukiah, Calif. 95482. The fictitious business name referred to above was filed in County on June J, 1971. Francis J. Sanchez 296 Banker Blvd. UWah, Calif. This business was conducted by Francis J. Sanchez. s—F. J. Sanchez. This statement was filed with the County Clerk of Mendocino County on July 2, 1974. 7-5,12,19,26,1974 1974 NOLAND — Thomas William vs. Marilyn Gayle. Filed July 8, 1974. STUART — Robert Stanley vs. Doris Zelda, .Filed July 9, 1974. play, Municipal Golf Course, 5 pm. Men's softball games. municipal softball field — 6:30 pm, Sunday Funnies vs Trinity; 8:30 pm, PV vs LD.S. Swim meet, Ukiah Dolphins vs Sebastopol,.municipal pool, 6 m- """" FRIDAY — Public swim- ming7municipal pools, 1 pm- 5 pm.' Recreation playground program. FZ ft Nokomis schools, 1 pm- 4 pm. Golf-two- .ball foursome, Municipal Golf Course, 5 pm. Men's softball games, municipal softball field — 6:30 pm, Ukiah Liq. ft Sp. vs Central Printing; 8:30 pm, Redwood Tree vs Super-Hitters. SATURDAY — Public swimming, municipal pools, 1 pm- 6 pm. Sr. Men's Golf Tournament, Municipal Golf Course, 9 am..Men's softball games, municipal softball field — 6:30 pm, Kennedy Homes vs Nazarene; 8:30 pm, Poma TV vs Maple Bar. SUNDAY — Sr. Men's Golf Tournament, Municipal Golf Course, 9 am. Public swimming; municipal pools, 1 pm - 6 pm. Merry-go-round Turkish opium threat By J UK ANDERSON WASHINGTON — The main victims fo renewed Turkish opium cultivation may be the children of America, with the likelihook of addiction even among 10-year-olds. This is the solemn view of Sen. Walter Mondale, D-Minn., whose Children and Youth subcommittee is considering the consequences of the Turkish decision to resume opium farming. The Turks, after agreeing tinuclear National Interveners. The local Sierra Club's energy chief, physicist Dr. Marvin Resnikov, is collecting affidavits from some of the young people who worked in the Getty plant. Resnikov has already produced a horror gallery of the .plant inspection reports showing workers skin accidentally punctured by discarded plutonium needles, a worker whose head was so three years ago to ban opium^contaminated it left radiation planting in return for $35 million in U.S. support payments, have now welshed and told their farmers to go back to business as usual.,Since most American heroin comes from Turkish opium, this will reopen the narcotics floodgates. The preliminary Mondale. study shows that the age of young heroin users was already creeping toward the preteens when the opium ban dried up much of the U.S supply. Even during the resulting opium famine, there were still more than 1,000 heroin overdose 'deaths a year. Ten per cent of these were teenagers, the youngest 10-year-olds. Mondale found that, at the time the Turks stopped planting opium, heroin use had spread from traditional narcotics centers such as New York City, Chicago and Los Angeles into small towns and even rural communities. The cost of heroin addiction, the study shows, has doubled since the supply from Turkey dried up. It now costs an addict $51 a day to support his habit, thus putting the drug out of reach of all except accomplished thieves and peddlers. The Turkish ban, therefore, forced young people to turn from heroin to other dangerous but less addictive drugs such as marijuana and pep pills. Now Mondale fears youngsters from 10 on up will return to heroin if it' becomes readily available. Footnote: Mondale has asked his committee staff for more detailed statistics on the entire economic and social effect of the Turkish opium reversal. One staff report will deal with how to keep the new heroin boom from reaching preteens. CONTAMINATED YOUTHS: A nuclear plant run by billionaire J. Paul Getty has hired youth of 18 and older, worked them in radiation areas, and then allegedly cut them loose in two days after they got radiated. In some cases, environmentalists charge, the young people were never given forms telling them hew much radiation they got, as required by the Atomic Energy Commission. The AEC is now holding hearings on a request by Getty's Nuclear Fuel Services to expand the plant, which has been out of major operation since 1972. At present, the sprawling facility at West Valley, N.Y!, is doing mainly waste burial, decontamination and storage work. Already, 1,300 residents of the West Valley area have petitioned against the expansion, according to the an­ on his pillow, and other incidents. Spokesmen for the company insist that the plant is well run and safe, that the doses received by workers were well within the allowable lifetime, range for radiation set by the AEC. Since its reprocessing shutdown for expansion in 1972, the spokesman said, the plant has had virtually no exposure problems, which previously were minimal, they insisted. The hiring of young people is done through a contractor, they explained, and all get close radiation monitoring. BEVERLY'S BORDELLO: Beverly Harrell, who converted a couple acres of barren government land on the Nevada desert into a bordello, credits us for her fall into politics. She has been fighting for her small business rights ever since we reported, three years ago that she had set up her Cottontail Ranch on federal land. She had stated honestly why she • wanted the site, which the Interior Department rented to her for $100, thus making Interior Secretary Rogers Morton landlord for a house of pleasure. Morton was properly mortified and began legal action to evict her. She put up a ferocious battle for private enterprise, invoking her constitutional rights. But finally, Madam Harrell was compelled to move the thriving Cottontail Ranch, complete with house trailers and bunnies, to privately owned land nearby. She said the "harassment" she suffered from the government convinced her to run for office and reform the system. She is now one of six Democratic candidates seeking a seat in the Nevada state legislature. "I can show them how to run an orderly house," she told us, with tongue only partly in cheek. For she is quite serious about her political fling. Her platform: She seeks government funds for a mill where small miners can process their ore at a fair price, more use of the giant tracts of federal Jandtn Nevada and a massive educational attack on venereal diseases. At present, she is given a good chance. Her clients and her employes have promised to support her, and visitors to the new Cottontail Ranch are likely to get a campaign button, bumper sticker and Harrell literature as bonuses. "I'd like to shake your hand and say 'thank you,' "' she told us. "If it hadn't been for you, I wouldn't be running for the Assembly, If I win, the' first telegram goes to you." Friday, July 12, 1974 Ukiah Dally Journal, Ukiah, Calif. Ann landers: She's more than a plaything NO MORE OVERFILLS — Fewer slips between cup and lip for . the blind is the purpose of thumb-sized electronic sensor developed by Dr. Richard W. Roberts right, now director of the National Bureau of Standards, and George Jernakoff. Attached to a cup by ''feeler" electrodes, the battery-operated sensor buzzes when the beverage level rises within a half-inch of the cup's lip, warning against overfilling. Developed at the General Electric Research and Development Center in Schenectady, N.Y.', the device is being offered to responsible outside manufacturers on a royalty-free license. Sabbath at Albion for SDA-Pacific Union kids Young people from the Ukiah Seventh-day Adventist Church" , will be joining Pacific Union College summer school students at Albion on Saturday. The Sabbath activities will be conducted by Dr; Ervil Clark, chairman of the Biology Department at the college. The summer students are attending extension classes in marine biology, botany and art. Dr. Clark will guide the group through the beaches, pointing out biological evidence of creation. Dinner on the beach and a vesper program con- How's the weather? By United Press International Thunderstorms rolled across the northern Plains, the south Atlantic states and the northern Rockies early today. sisting of special musical selections and thoughts on creation will close the day. The regular Sabbath morning worship service will be conducted at the church, 1390 Laws Avenue. The sermons by Associate Pastor Larry Smddley is "Fill My Cup, Lord" and concerns the most important discourse ever recorded in inspiration. Pastor Smedley's wife, Georgia, will sing the solo of the same title. Susan Hopper will be at the organ. The public is invited to attend. Dear Ann Landers:.I want to congratulate the guy, who signed himself "S.O.S. from Stoneybrook." He had the guts to say he didn't believe in premarital sex and objected to the inquiries of his roommates. ("Did you score tonight?") I'm an advocate of the feminist movement and am considered quite radical by today's standards. I, too, am against premarital sex — and let me confess, it's not easy to keep saying NO. Contrary to what some people think, the female's sex drive can be stronger than the male's. "S.O.S.," you are a real man. A male who can hang on to his convictions, in spite of peer pressure, bragging and lying, has got to be first rate. I find you much more appealing than the guys with bedroom eyes who are always on the make. They bore me. The social structure of America is changing. You are the. new breed of man. Bums who are proud of scoring are fading fast. Hang in there, fella. Your approach to sex, is beautiful and mature. You turn me on. — Tomorrow's Woman Dear Woman: Don't get TOO turned on, or you'll be heading in a direction that contradicts your basic philosophy. As your letter indicates, more feminists are saying "no" these days because they resent being used as playthings for swingers. So far as I'm concerned, it's a very good reason indeed. Dear Ann: I just finished reading the letter from the woman who was chewing your ear off about the campaign against smoking. I know how she feels. A few months ago I would have blown my top if anyone had hassled me about smoking two packs a day since I was*14., (I'm*20 now.) I finally got smart and quit out of the blue. Cold turkey. It's the only way. Any person who says he (or she) enjoys smoking is either lying or crazy. Who can enjoy that rotten taste in the mouth, the stains on the teeth and hands, the holes they bum in things — to say nothing of the cost' of die damned habit? People say they enjoy it because they are .ashamed to admit they are too weak to quit. I feel like a million since I gave up those filthy things. It's great to be able to walk up a hill or a' flight of steps without turning purple. It's a joy to wake up in the morning and not cough my fool head off. Try it, you tobacco fiends. You'll like it. —Lung Power Dear L: I hope somebody out there DOES try it. Even one less addict polluting the air would be a plus for our side. Thanks for writing. Dear Ann Landers: Id like to express my thanks to the woman who wrote that letter explaining why she's having an affair. I've already pasted it on / — my bathroom mirror. My wife was somewhat puzzled, but I didn't, think any explanation was necessary. There are'so many beautiful four-letter words in our language —"love," "kiss," "hold" and "true- Too bad that so many lovers turn into husbands after they are married. Blame on both sides, perhaps? —San Francisco Tomcat Dear Tom: If you are one of those husbands who has turned into a lover, I hope you'll consider joint counselling. CLOSE-OUT BOATS - MOTORS • ACCESSORIES • SKI VESTS • BOAT INSTRUMENTS WE WANT OUT OF THE BOAT BUSINESS NOW!!! No Reasonable Offer Refused MUST CLEAR OUT BY AUG. 1st yew* 521 Lake Mendocino Drive 462-8487 The turbulent weather spun off several tornadoes in North Dakota. Witnesses said twisters swooped down near Devils Lake, New Rockford and Strasburg, N. D. No injuries were reported. More than one-half inch of rain fell in Grand Forks, N. D., and Hopkinsville, Ky. A frontal system clouded skies from Georgia to the Dakotas. Clouds also prevailed in the Pacific Northwest, but skies were clear in the Southwest. Early morning temperatures ranged from 44 degrees at Bradford j Penn., to 87 degrees at Phoenix, Ariz. California weather summary: Higher pressures from the west are building into the state and fair weather with warmer temperatures inland areas will result. • A few light showers fell Thursday afternoon in the mountains near the Oregon border but no regularly reporting weather stations received any rainfall. Maximum temperatures Thursday varied from the lower 60s along the northern coast to near 100 degrees over the deserts. Blythe again reported the state's high with 101 degrees. Along the southern coast highs were in the 70s. The 80s were common over the remainder of California's lowland interior. Extended weather outlook for Northern and Central Califor-' nia:. Mostly fair weather but variable fog and low clouds along coast. Warming trend inland with highs in the 90s and low 100s inland, but in the 60s and low 70s along coast. Lows in the 50s near coast and 60s inland. v0 OB FAMILY ENTERTAINMENT OQ LL ^ The libretto of an opera constitutes the text, or words. JULY 15-27 GATES OPEN 10:00 AM

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