Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on February 21, 1952 · Page 25
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 25

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 21, 1952
Page 25
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Phone 4600 for a WANT AD Taker EVENING TIMES, CUMBERLAND, MD. THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 21, 1952 TWENTY-FIVE Local Men On iMcKeldin Denies Israel Drive Employe Threat ANNAPOLIS—(flV-Governor Me 'Lee L. Dopkirt, of Baltimore, state' Keldin s^ 8 there " has been n chairmen of the 1952 Israel aond* need Ior reprisals or threats of re Drive, has announced the appoint-• P risa!s " ag alnsi state employes wh ihent of Max Spear and George 'don't agree with him in the Repub """'p. this city, as co-chairmen. j llcan primary election campaign. James W. Miller, board chairmar of the Republican activities com mittee of Maryland, wrote the Gov • Robert Gerson will be city-wide advance sales chairman, and Robert Kaplon, publicity chairman -,The campaign committee will hold! ernor IasL weeic that " state J ol > ./rally at B'er Chayim Temple a tj nolder s x x x are being deterred bj 8 p. m. Thursday. The state goal in| mlno - officials from making a free fa* bond drive te $4,000,000 the' expression of their .choice of eandi- Oational mark, $200,000,00''. ' [dates for the United States Senate.' Miller is a supporter of H. Grady Gore for the GOP nomination. The Officers of the rally committee are Spear, chairman; David Kauffman,, co-chairman; Mose R. Sachs, vice!Governor has announced his sup- chairman; Robert Kaplon, vicsjport of Rep. Glenn Beall. chairman for B'nai B'rith; Harry I McKeldin replied that "I have Beneman, vice chairman for B'er Chayim Temple; Dr. Samuel M found that most of my friends see eye to eye with me under all presen Jacobson, vice chairman for Beth [circumstances. There has been no Jacob Congregation; Mrs. Herbert need for reprisals or threats of re- Wilner, vice chairman for Hadassah; Mr«- A. V J. Mirkin, vice chairman for B/er Chayim Temple Sisterhood, and JJrs. David Kauffman, vice chair- njan for Beth Jacob Sisterhood. |Other committee 'members are Ifrank Kaplon, Morris Baron, Alex Green, Mrs. Adolph Hirsch, Mrs. Max Spear, Mrs. Mose R. Sachs, Mr», Louis Lutz and Moe Kaplon of Keyser, W. Va. Tl " - ^ *«& many motorists think the jfcoe down the center of the high•was pu» there for their left lo run or*. ^ HCA I Tonight S. ON H Cablt Channel 4 = Stop the = H Music lj ~ • a p M ~ *^* O r. fVl* •—~~ The top shows In tele- ^= -_J vision are now available ^ — to Cufhberlanders thru = =1- Cable TV. Phone 4908 = Ez. today for details re- £= re garding Cable TV in- zzz is: stallation in your home. r=: J POTOMAC VALLEY If =-. TELEVISION CO. i S. 100 s. Liberty HI. Phont 180S • ==i prisals." Te Governor added that mosi state employes are classified, that a great many have held their positions for a number of years, anc that "comparatively few of them, ] believe, vote in the Republican primaries." "Threatening them with reprisals at this time would be as foolish as it would be improper," he added A spokesman at the Gore headquarters said MUler was speaking for himself, and not for the Gore campaign organization. Pageant On UN Set At School A pageant about the United Nations, entitled "Friendly Nations," will be presented by 375 pupils at Columbia Street School three times next week, according to Miss Catherine Thomas, principal. The first presentation has been scheduled from 2 until 4:30 p. m. Wednesday. Pupils and teachers from other Cumberland area schools and supervisory personnel from the Board of Education office have been invited to attend this performance. Refreshments will be served. Performances for scheduled at 7:30 p and Friday. Miss Thomas said ers in the school are the preparation of Music assistance is by Mrs. Margaret teacher. the pupils are i. m. Thursday that all teach- cooperating in the pageant, being provided Carroll, music Business Groups To Meet A meeting of the Better Businessmen's Association will be held to|day at 7:45 p. m. in the Goodfellow Building. 131 North Centre Street. TaUviiion Summary 7:30—Lone Hangar FUm—abo 8:00—Groucho Man Film—nbo Feature Show—cbs Stop the Mualo—abc This Is Music—DuMont 1:30—Treasury lien—nbo Araca 'n' Andy—cbs Bill Slater—DuMont 1:00—Detective Film—nbo Allan Young—cbs Herb Shriner Show—abe Film Theater —DuMont 1:30—James Melton Show—nbo Big Town—cbs Boxing Bouts—abe 10:00—Martin Kant—nbo Racket Squad—cb» Author Meets Critics—IhlMont 10:30—Crirn* Photographer—eb« Radio Programs THURSDAY. FEEBUAEY 21. 1952 The. programs lilted b«low ire supplied bj • the local radio stations, »hlcb ue respootlble lor their iccaracy. Tbls apace 1* provided without churg* by tba TlmM as a lenrlce to listeners. TODAY ' TM. 4:00 4:15 4:30 4:45 5:00 5:15 5:30 5:45 6:00 6:15 8 :30 6:45 7:00 7:15 7:30 7:45 8:00 8:15 8:30 8:45 9:00 9:15 9:30 9:45 10:00 10:15 10:30 10:45 11:00 11:15 11:30 11:45 12:00 WTB0 USD KO Backstage Wife (NBC) Stella Dallas (NBC) ,. Young Wldder Brown Woman In House (NBC) Five O'clock Sbow New> Willis Creek Htudown Van Eoby Sports News Dick Haymes Show Play Radio Richard Harfcneu (NBC) David Rose News (NBC) One Man's Family (NBC) Dangerous Assignment Mr. Keen (NBC) Dragnet (NBC) Counter Spy (NBC) your Hit Parade (NBC) Montgomery; Music Box Hollywood Music Box News News of the World INBC) Rio Rhythms (NBC) News— Sign Oil WCDM 1190 KO FM !«*.» MO St. Louis Matinee (CBS) The Brighter Day (CBS) Treasury Bandstand Artistry In Music Public Health Series Serenade in Blue News Sports Roundup Old Timers' Club You and World (CBS) Jack Smith (CBS) Marine Dance Parade Ed. R. Murrow (CBS) Stars Review Hits The Playhouse (CBS) Night Ride Stars In The Air (CBS) Hollywood Sound Stage Robert Q'l Waxworks News; News Analysis (Cl Johnny Long Band (CBS) Weather; Sign OH WDXK 1230 KO Valiant Lady (ABC) Thy Neighbor's Voice Mugsy's Movie Matinee Set. Preston Sky King (MBS) ; Cecil Brown Local. National N«wi Sport: Roundup Dinner Date Etg John and Sparky Pulton .Lewis (MBS) I Love A Mystery Silver Ba$3e (ABC) The Red Head (ABC) .. — Defense Attorney Original Amateur Hour Let There Be Llsht News; Bod & Gun Club Hardy Family Adventures Casanova Prank Edwards (MBS) Moonlight Reveries Reveries; 1:00 Sign Off A.M. TOMOMOW 6:00 6:15 6:30 6:45 7:00 7:15 7:30 7:45 8:00 8:15 8:30 8;4$ 9:00 9:15 9:30 9:45 10:00 18:15 10:30 10:45 11:00 11:15 im Noon 12:15 12:30 12:45 1:00 1:15 1:30 1:45 3:00 2:15 2:SO 2:45 3:00 3:15 3:30 3:45 News: Mai Jones Show >» *• World News (NBC) Mai Jones Show Morning Meditations Cofiee Time Merry Go Round Helen the Homemafcer Welc'iB* Travelers (NBC) Double or Nothing NBC Strike It Rich (NBC) Kteg; Rs* (SSC) Dave Garroway (NBC) Music at Mid-Day Mid-Day News News: Tht Bandstand Play Radio Kate Smith (NBC) Merrill Mueller News Lorenzo Jones (NBC) Ralph Edwards (NBC) Afternoon MatloM Life Can Be B'tlful (NBC) Road of Life (NBC) Pepper Young (NBC) Right To Hp'ness (NBC) 6:28 Sign On Sundial »• ft «• M • 1 « World New> (CB«) Sundial' N»ws of America (CBS) Friendship Hour (CBS) Morning Melodies Arthur .» «« Godfrey (CBS) M Msmorabl; MU5!* Rosemary (CBS) Noon News Roundup Perry Mason |CBS) Helen Trent (CBS) Our Gal Sunday (CB8) Big Sister (CBS) Ma Perkins (CBS) Susan Smith Time Guiding Light (CBS) News: .» *• Melody Ballroom *» Houseparty and Adams This I Believe Hardy Family ( (By The Associated Press) Radio tonight: NBC — 8 Father Knows Best; 8:30 Mr. Keen; 9 Dragnet; 9:30 Counter Spy; 10 Hit Parade; 10:35 Hollywood Music Box. CBS— 7:30 Pegfigy Lee; 8 FBI in Peace and War; 9:30 Hilton Playhouse; 9 Mr. Chameleon; 9:30 Stars in Air; 10 Sound Stage; 10:30 Waxworks. ABC— 8 Mary McCarty; 8:30 Defense Attorney; 9 Amateur Show; 10^30 Orchestra , tunes. MBS— 8 Modern Casanova; 8:30 Hardy Family; 9:05 Rod and Gun Club; 9:30 Reporters Roundup. Television: NBC — 8 Groucho Marx Im; 8:30 Treasury Men; 9 Mystery film; 9:30 James Melton . . . CBS — 8 Peter Lind Hayes and Mary; 8:30 Amos and Andy film; 9 Alan Newi Musical Roundup; News First Call With Carroll ff M Martin Agronsky (ABC) First Call With Carroll •r *• Breatfut Club «* M My True Story; News Marriage For Two Ag'nst The Storm (ABC) Lone , Journey When A Girl Marrle« Break The Bank C'rt Massey Time (MBS) Capitol Commentary Jack Berch Grandstand Bandstand Paul Harvey (ABC) Ted Maione (ABC) Queen For » Day MBS Ladles Tair; News (MBS) Take A Number (MBS) Pooles Paradise; News Joyce Jordan. M.D. Evelyn Winters ABC Jn Air Tonight Young; 9:30 Big Town: 10 Racket Squad; 10:30 Crime Phofcog . . . ABC 7:30 Lone Ranger film; 8 Stop the Music; 9 Herb Shriner; 9:30 Boxing bouts from Hamilton, Calif. . . . Dumont— 8 This Is Music; 8:30 Bill Slater; 9 Shadow of Cloak; 10 Author meets Critics; Sen. Taft discusses his book on foreign policy. Meeting Scheduled By Town Creek Groups The Town Creek Valley Club Will meet in Slider Hall, Pumpkin Center. 7:30 p. m. Saturday to hear a report on Town Creek Valley Improvement and to see a movie on forest conservation, shown by Brooke Bodkin, state forest supervisor. LI'L ABNER By Al Capp VIC FLINT By Michael O'Malley TWAT5-AU-I TELL M3U ABOUT WHAT'^ THE REPORT OM TWE LICENCE NUMBER ON THAT _x PEUVERV TRUCK?/ MEANWHILE, AT MADAM THEM! EXCEPT THAT^ EVERY-N THE WORTH- WENT SHOWED up! 5MOOTWLY ON THE I YOU MUST WORTHMORE JOB?/ HAVE 6CEN - - - , —^SOMEBODY EL6E IN THEIR SYMPHONY ;. TME OLD <SUY &AVE KAIL.! •you MAW. I UUiS-T PLUGGED HIM! 2--» *ALLEY OOP By V. T. Hamlin KILLUMPJYEH.'BUT NO SHCVCUM EMPTYV /HOLE IN IRON SHIRT.. BOST-UM SKULL/ LOUD TALK-/ BELLY. HE UM CHIEF POWHATA.N HERE WE HAVE A, GREAT MOMENT IN HISTORY...THE RESCUE OF CAPTAIN 3HN SMITH.BY POCAHONTAS; THAT THE TIME- MACHINE SHOWS • IT TO BE ALLEY OOP, RATHEKTHAN CAPTAIN SMITH, IS, WE THINK, A SATISFACTORY EXPLANATION AS TO WHY THERE IS NO MENTION OP THISINCIDEMTIN SMITH'S MEMOIRS LCAPTAIN EASY By Leslie Turner HEEE'S THE T J.'yv EAGER. HOTEL. MI55 \ 10 HEM2 If... TUI-LI5. I HOPE \AWD THANK-5 VOULL HEeD SO MUCH, YOUR FATHEes / OFFICER! ADVICE AGMN5f />~___^ -^i•' i^ EiopiNoi J^rr^A "- >UT THIS 1$ AgSURbl VOU KNOW T'SHH... TH& I HADU'T DREAMED OF ELOPIWGl / MAN $(W$ A BESIDES, VOU M3MIT IT^ UMLIKELV WR.TULLIS K VOUR P/\D VJOULCVE KNOWN 1 ItJ ROOM 33~. WHERE YOU WERE'SO— «g^% THIRD FLOOR S5a ™ % RfifcR.1 ! f .mill H, THEV'UE GOME UP, WJD TH'COP IS LEAVIMG! lit H^FTA WORK. FA5T...WICK MM HOT BE &6LE TO HOLD 'E« FOE LONG ... ;M PRISCILLA'S POP TM^TTRED OF DOING HOMEWORK! GUESS I'LL TUf?N ON THE RADIO' - By Al Vermeer ALWAYS REMEMBER! NO ONE EVER BECAME FAMOUS BY LEAVING HIS WORK .UNFINISHED) NOW WE MEAR ) . SCmJBERT'S MOST^X / FAMOUS WORK( MS /GOODNESS! MUST WAVE BLOWN; / H6 A FUSE! . / /SURE DID] TH' NEW SASSIETY LEADER O' ALL TOO MUCH ON vo— BUT; WHEN < AiJCS'S, W T/ME ] TSAVE. LI'i. A0M&? I FUM BJ~M'tf/LT , < -)} JACQUELINE DEMPSEY KEELED OVEF^ CROOKEX> OLE RUSTY RILEY By Frank Godwin WE'KE" TAK1N6 "SUNBEAM'S BACK TO MILESTONE FARM ^OH Yt$ FIRST THIN6 TDMOKEOW jg|/?' ..T \VANT >00 TO / JlL ^ H SET 1>PA COT NEAR HIS /m^MASS, 1 . STALL TONISHT AND HE COST WE PLENTV, BIH HE'S woi?TH rr/.,.!?u5Ty/ STEVE CANYON J5y Milton Canitf f FOR P6T£'$JT|H THE TOWN \VHEUEI SAfcE— -W eK£WUPITWA5THE WHAT DIP ) CU6-TOMR3R1»EFEULA I FOP<3ET?/To'FIKSTTH.lTHe6IRL HE LOVE$ HER-WHICH UP TO NOW you AINY PONE, CAP.' NOT yot, MY Y UETS 6ET 5ERIOU5, DAKUN0...JtL- \ POLL.' WHEN PO NEVER HIT "lOU-j WE RIP KIRBY By Alex Raymond TALK TO HER, KIRBy...CONVINCE DON'T WANTA HAFTA KILL THAT YOUNS LAMBERT PUNK.' !=•= &UNDERSTAND, \f i* SEVEN, THAT ALL I N 1 l|lj CAN DO IS PLAY PAPA FOR YOU SINCE YOU CANT TAKE THE ROLE, yOUR5ELP,,.I'LLHAVE A TALK WITH yOUK DAUSHTER.' I'VE CHECKED ON HE'S ALL YOU SAY HE IS, A PHILA.NDERIN& WASTREL STRUCK GIRLS ARE STUBBORN- CREATURES- you GOTTA MAKE UNDERSTAND, BUGS BUNNY I THINK I'LL <3>O TO SEP/ BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES By Edgar Martin MV S00.1. .1 K)O \OlAi \ fcWC'CVRS Of COOVO CVtfNVi By Lyman Young TIM TYLER'S LUCK AMD N£\VM.AM WILL HAVE TO "«PTVSiN. NO ONE >s. 5JIPE TMc SFEM5 TO kM^V Y PILOTS- TELL VVMEEE'TIMAMD ) THEM TO SPUO APE - 7 GET READY- CUT OF THIS SERABL VILLAGE FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS x' By Merrill Blosser GRAB IM, ERNIP—BEFORE" HE HA^46 ON/T Qurr WMATOM EAKTM s \ Bar. MOM, WE GOTTA HAPPENIM&? GET TM.tS HIDE HIM TlLL AFTET&l WILD BEAST our X THE GAME i OP MERE I OUT ME GOES AT ONCE: CUMBS UP AFTER. ME / I'LL RE VAJITU / TALkTlM' By Dudley Fisher - ALL. ~~= COPS v.C-L- cr=;?=s-SD is; HIS

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