The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana on April 15, 1930 · Page 1
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The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana · Page 1

Tipton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 15, 1930
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Entered as second class matter, Oct. VOLOtE XXXV, SO. 160. MOPES FOR ABE GONE Reported That Improvement of Highway Will Be Postponed a Year. REASON 13 UNKNOWN Understood Contract May Be Let This Fall or Early Next Year. Police of Wichita Tse Bees to Trace Dry Xaw Breakers Wichita, Kan., April 15. :— Bees have jointed the vice sqjuad of the Wichita police department. , Jwhen ' Herscle Pennington, captain of the squad, read that a bee had a nose for__!ifljior mash, he obtained one and, according to the captain and his five faithful squad members, this bee knew its business. Anyway, a hive of bees lias been added, to the police department. BANK WILL PHY OUT EASTER EGG HUNT AT PARK TIPTON, INDIANA; Warrior R 4, 1895, at post office at Tipton, Ind., under TUESDAY EVENING, APRIL 15, 1030 eceives New lit •' Honor Kiwanis Club Sponsors the Event and Offers Prizes , \ to Lucky Finders. *|, FOR ALL CHILDREN this . v Hopes for. the paving of the Hub Highway east of Tipton, through Elwood to connect with the Alexandria road, have gone glimmering fo;r; this year, it ;is believed. Up to within the last few days the impression was that the state highway commission would award the : contract for this improvement at the ' next letting which is now scheduled for the first week in May but word from the -commission dispells these hopes. It is said that the road will not be sold earlier than next fall and that it is possible the .date for letting the contract will be postponed until jthe firrft of next. yrar. It makes little difference •whether the road is sold next fall or the first of 1931 as no work would be started this year, if the contract should be awarded fall: ; Just what has caused the delay; is not known for certain. - Early- this year a report of the finances of the commission indicated that some of , the road building would be curtailed. This may be the real reason for postponing the improvement of the Hub. Another reason may be the difficultyr in getting a route from Hobbs to Elwood which is acceptable to the commission engineers. This was understood to be the cause of delay early in the winter but weeks and weeks have passed since then and it appears that the commission has had plenty of time to Complete all details for ; the improvement this year. ' The Huh east of Tipton is not in the best of condition "due to the fact that work on the road lias been eased up in anticipation of improving the highway. Now it will be necessary, for the highway force to put more materia^ on the road and work it more. Understood, Depositors Arcadia Bank Are Protected by Assets. in Gold Prizes of $5, $2.50, and Something- for All Par! • ticipating. NO RECEIVER AS YET Goes to California. Mrs: Blanche (Devault) Franklin, accompanied by ; a friend, Mrs. Bailey of Elkhart, are in Tipton, visiting at" the. home of the former's mother, Mrs. Elizabeth Devault of South West street. They will visit there .for, several days. ' • Beecher Franklin, the husband of Mrs. Blanche Franklin, Is at this time in California, having been sent there by the Curtis publishing Company to train a group of salesmen who are working in that state. Mr. Franklin has been with the Curtis- Publishing Company for some time and is making good, recently having been promoted to supervisor of sales groups in different parts jot the COUUty. He and his wife reside in Chicago. CoMpfetf* Tbontoa Drain. , E. R. Edwards, veteran-ditch - contractor was heye from Curtts- THle.Tuesday .attending to busi- -:aa*s- matters, and greeting friends. Mr. Edwards stated he had com- •^Mtcd .th» Hay Thornton drain tn jTVeomtaMBttt and that,the The Central Bank of Arcadia, which was closed voluntarily last Wednesday will probably be li quidated as soon as possible. A receiver, will be appointed to dis tribute the assists of the institution and while no definite statement has been given out,-it is be- I A 1 1 lievedj all depositors will be paid in full. This will be good news for many who placed, their money in. the bank as several \|have been ^worried over the outcome of the affair. I It is said the assets of the bank ire sufficient to take care of the depositors and that it is possible ther£~ ;will be sufficient to safeguard the interests of the owners. The bank was regarded as solvent when, it was closed, the action being taken hyi the owners to protect their depositors when withdrawals became . heavy. With- irawals followed rumors that, were '• mysteriously started a few days -before Fred Martz, cashier of the jbank, decided to take voluntary; measures toward liquidation. It is said that notices were placed ! in some Arcadia homes, warning depositors to get out 'heir money. Such measures are unlawful and legal action can be taken, j When it became evident that many depositors w*ere frightened, .he bank officials.' took prompt i-ction. jThey may suffer financial 'oss themselves but it appears that they have /' protected their friends j and, depositors!. Arcadia v'nee'ds a bank. The town is one of the . substantial lommuhities of the state. There "s enough business, to demand a jank. A group of responsible cit- •zens sliould take steps' to providej .he community with adequate lanklng facilities.' It is believed some action along this line will be started. The Tipton park on Saturday, afternoon will be filled with chil | dren, if the weatherman only j does his part on that date, aq the Tipton Kiwanis Club is .sponsoring an Easier egg hunt, withj gold prizes of $5- . for the child finding the malt egg* ana $2.50 for second and 75 prizes for other, contestants. There will be some-; thing for every child taking part 1 in the contest. 1 j < The event will start at 2' o'clock Saturday afternoon ahd' the children will be explained the rules of the contest at that time;; Children front 12 years down are eligible to enter the search for Easter eggs, which twill be "j secreted in various parts of the park but in no inaccessible places and members of the club will be' on hand to take care of the children. Parents are invited to -acj-; company the children to the park and watch the fun. . j Members of the club were ar|; ranging the list of prizes to be; distributed and these will^be anj-; notmced, prior to Sa'turday. j As now planned the children will be divided into two groups one for the.younger ones and the prizes will be awarded on a basis of percentage of eggs found in each group. I - ! j The_p1easure of searching for varied colored ;eggs, is known only to a child and they will have a wonderful -time. The contest will also be extremely interesting^ to the adults who are invited to witness it. The contest Is not limited tt children of the city but for all ii county and if the day is at all suitable, and the weatherman has promised it will be, the park (doctor of Efleworthj Brows of Now . alaea in th'e open before' for Europe on •ha 8. 8.1 leviathan It wM prjwiiTy for the Genista! to eurtafl Ua nmjeetod trtak to the uahwaftj handings and grounda. ,' '' j Judge Makes Ruling monstrances to Knotts, Kilbert Reports' DIVORCE CASE IS TRIED Tuesday in the will be filled with one of the happiest throng it has held for many days. GettiliK Along Nicely. Mrs. William Hill of the Omega community, who % was! operated upon for removal of tumor at the Hamilton county hospital at Noblesville last 'week, is getting along very nicely and her condition lis encouraging for an early recoyj ery. . ' • • • j j Mrs. Zula Berg and Mrs. Ollie Hartley of Omega visited at the hospital Saturday with Mrs. Hill. Doom of Battleship Believed Sealed With Naval Treaty Soon to Be Signed Tipton proceedings! op court the divorce Roxje Henry against her jiusbinjl trjiejl frpiji -Benjamin E. Henry were befoTe Judge ,C. W- Mou it twenty 'or more witnesses the Sharpsville communi y here to testify as witnesses, Mrs! Henry had grounds of ifiled the case incpmpatabilily I and the husband filed | a crojss cdm(- plafnt. . | . , Most of .he : witnesses younger people who were know something of the dome$ti ivrho Hen! difficulties qt the j couple, February. Mils Circu ft on the wpr: saidi t > |she |Wds working Company, judgment for 5102 was rendered plaintiff on plaintiff in ant on'its in its j favor of. Jcomplaint [and judgment of $110.80 agajustj the favor of the set-off j and jcounjte • claim, leaving a;balance of $s |l( due the defendant for | whjicl amount - judgment j was rendered The case wak brie sent here frpuf Howard county forj trial. Letters of executorship' hav$ been issued | to Edward J. >Lein< inger as executor of the ebtatej his father,. John |p. Le: former j county ry separated in| ry testified Kokomo. In the caise of jlndiaiia!' Libjer ty Mutual insurance Company against the Kokomo Iron Me,tal 6-i h4 defend |x . uejiningi i commissioner! London, April .15.—The greatest disarmament result of the London Naval Arms Conference will not appear 'in the written treaty, or at least only indirectly. For the i London ^conference spalls the end of the battleship as it,has been known. • ; • -s. Not only the statesmen but the Admirals gathered : here . agree that it-i wouldsl »^rijB »ritoM» - If there. e^r. wa«- : oailt^a»mln,va; 16,100-ton,. K-iach i can - fleeting fortressJ: lt> is done' for:-aajjSp»£ liquated' fighting «ratt _^ and nneeonomlca^invertmont ;4tpilaii^w. : ^l»«lr^h«. M^«^SatM ^^Jl^9iil tion In this kind of armamentj The three-power treaty to he made here assures that there will be no more built before 1936J. Who.believes that England . and America' will' revert to a race in contraction of 36-000-ton capital ship* at that time? England and! America are mentioned: adTlsedlyp for there appears not the slight: eat" chance, that a»fi other nation] is hoepmiay >finm hal^IUhiiara throngh ships. Jar 112 « 2. i« whose death' occurred Januji 11, 1928. Mr. Leinlnger Imade will prior to his death, disposlni of his property ranu it was ipro- bated Januarys 31, |1928. The will named the son a^ executor,] bu . he had j neverf qualified, jone! o! the items ofj the |will provide* that after the debts of the'stati were paid the; executor sill ilthi: real, estate,,and 'divide -the pro 'Seeds asi per the terms of tjhe, Willi There are -twoiL nonB apd •.jotfl ions daughters as heiri of;the estate #hlch Is estlmatet at 12,400 j of Bononal: property and T« al tato Taliod itj|10 000. ^r^^njiw^o % flying Ii ' ilii and , <Kbotti di d i ra^oldlnk that'>th^|r|i the act of March, 5, 1879 VETERAN OF WAR Alonzo Merritt, 84, Died of Infirmities Incident to Advanced Age.. wAS WITH SHERMAN Writes Tribune of Visit Paid to the Francis Slocum ! I Monument. STATE PARK PLANNED ana Always interest Jd history] M. W. P irshing of /Tipton and Indianapolis, ] spends much of his spa je j time visiting hd of historical scenes of beauty i : interest over the i day lie] made j an Peru; aiid^ visited Slocumj monument this, trip in the letter which follows:' : ! Editors' Tribune: Sunday, mornirii and cheerful and 'day;'s! outing was in Indi ?tate. Last Sun- j the : Francis i !He ; writes' of 1' pi in Face in Skirmish in Frcn't of Atlanta; Ga., and Carried Scar.: Chiclcen Thief Sends 84.00 : for Loot He F«-nnd Tonsh Elizabeth. N. ;J., April 15.— A letter with four $1 bills flu closed has been received by Albert V. Burns, of 528 Walnut street. The note read: -"PKsase accept, this money for ciiickens taken from your hen louse some tithe ago. They wero far from- tender: sorry." Mr. Burns says that several chickens were stolen from him •about a month ago. United State3 and Britain Agree on Clause to Give Protection. AGAINST OUTSIDERS At five niinutes past 12 o'clock Tuesday- afternoon, Alonzo' -Merritt} one of the few remaining vet- grans of the civil war, answered he final summons ahd taps were founded while' he was surrounded by sorrowing relatives and friends. Mr. Merritt Uecame :crit-j ically ill Sunday arid'the end' had! been approaching fast. Born in' j )hio May 7,' 1845,.he was neariiig his 85th birthday. > ot only was he one of the few veterans of the county, but he. was the] last, survivor in .the •-town- of If Oter Stitrs Increase » - ' ... : : l'TavieH, Trsaty Nations ': ^ Have Same Right. Nothing Has Been Heard oi __. Artist-Aviator Missing Near Chicago. London. April 15. —The od States and British Naval dele, | Rations this afternoon reached i agreement regarding a safe-/ ROY SCOUTS IN SEARCH: guarding or .-^calnfor" clause j by- .which powers signing th tri- I latt ral limitation pact may pro- probably the-last meeting of t;hein Chicago. April 15.— A reward of S500-acted as a'stimulus today in the search for Ralph • Fisher Skelton, Chicago artist and sportsman who has been missing since Thursday when he hopped Keihpton and is believed to haVe- ft iH h ' ,Sr 'P ,ane for Ann Arbor, been the last veteran living in the l Mi " h - for Chicago, ^oulity who was with Shermon.on; ' An * Tm V Df Boy Scouts, 5.000 his jfamous.march to the sea. Hoi stron 5, was mobilized to search' also! was the last commander of j 'the - sand dunes .and swamps James Price Post, O. A. R., of Tip-i around Cliesterton. Ind., where ton,! and was ihere trying'to hold a j eleven-year-old John Murray re- meeting of the post August 10, | ported seeing a plane in distress. K»25, succeeding in having a. few j The territory veterans present at what was scouted by •was f plane's late yesterday "hilt no trace drl the post. ' 1 I Alonzo Merritt ; -was a son of Andrew and Catherine (Morgan) Merritt county, the -early forties.jThey came-from liio'. His fatlier is buried at auto trip | to 1 jjt^iberry and hid mother rests-in cemetery at • Michigantown. -j Ajlonzo was the young.est of six cjiildren born to this pioneer cou- and was reared on a farm in of the missing aviator was found. Miss Betty • Cook,' friend of Skelton. who was to dine with the/artist on his expected arriv.'i who settled in 'Clinton | i, ero Thursday night, took to t ,: s near the Tipton line, in! A.pril 14, 19^0. was so bright the call for a i so strdng, that the could not resist pike a drive out my; folks and I the temptation to in | the open. | j We took state' road .31 and pa^ied J through ;l||amilton, Tipton and Howard] I; counties and stoppledj at' Peru fori lunch, :^.ll the wayj tljere were evidence's of the return of spring. Trees| coming out; l|n; green ieav|es, cattle| and; sheep] grazing in the pasture fields. a«id 7 farmers ac- M I I I I I i : - I tively engaged "ip i preparing for the; summer's -cro't. I There were signs ql a|ibusy Siasoh • iall the way v , • ]. | j j- : - ; ^ • | . • pu r objective ji< i,j a yisit j to the Friincis Slociiinl', monument, located oni a! hill inear the Missis- sine wa^i river, where • the i last of the: tribe of Miami Indians lived about, 1,0 jniles np 'theast :of Peru-! Gabe I Godfrey is pel last i chief l in the: primitive days lof .the: aborigi- nessi I The Mississ newa. river ! is i tributary of the Wabash and .its hanks are rugged ind steep with caverns) carved \fa,i into the rocks, maklngl it one of: 'the attractive streams'In Indiana. The hills, river land | forests: m ike It a haven parties and scenery for j tourists, i plcnl:- curiosity seekers, j |The is so I diversified tliat a thousand . |p- ••-."If- " f | T'-l.-i--'. |.- ! -' acreB are : .now b>fng [purchased to-'be converted le to a state p^rk i. _ 4) H aonnmeati e Francis 81o lis to be; known ae t: cum park.- Most untlllable and :1s value; from'an agijicultural standpoint aj|jwlndlnUi 1 and: icrooked rile, Clinton county. In • September 1J -S86, after his Return from the civilj war he; was united in marri- ajge jto Miss Matilda Pe'sler, whose eafch occurred in 1909,. and ten des c|hi air' twicej yesterday and retraced the courses from Lake. Michigan to - Kalamazoo. Miss Cook, who was an art pupil of 5-kaItou, announced she would not fly mit tect themselves against competitive building by nonsignatories. ' The clause,' it was understood, •will b"e considerably broader than ' Article XXI of the Washington I treaty, designed for a similar purpose. By it.? provisions any of the three signatory powers may increase its navy to meet increases in navies of nonsignatory powers, with resulting raising of the levels; of the other two signatory powers An American spokesman c !i rcribeil the agreement M "vir- o- i Kvj completed." He said It wan reached by Henry L. Stimson. secretary of state, and Prime MM 'tisljer Ramsay MacDonald Just uefo: •> the latter left for Scotland co 'spend the Easter holidays. It was uW '-rstoort the only remaining feature to be settled is wording !'iir inclusion in the treaty. Dwlght V . Morrow, SUjiesj member of the drifting committee, net up as again in search of him • unless • rast that the American delegates some definite information v- :ar : ing his'whereabouts is recoive-'. CARRIED IXSl'RAXCK. United treaty- himself a prophet today by fore- ••vouid be able to sign the treaty ind stii!, ratch the Leviathan home |\v«.(inesday next week. SKI'LL WAS FRACTCRED. ldren were boim to,the couple, six lot whom % survive. . They are Jjesse, with whom) he made his homje at Kemptoii^ Charles, of Roanoke, Va.* Mrs. Albert Rayls or | Kokomo, and .tames and. John' 1 and I Mrs. John :Frye, of Elwood.; H^ is also survived by a.large number of grandchildren and great-grandchildren. ' ; . The deceased had Vbeen • a res- dentl of the Kempton community since 18G8( and'was. one. of the! 4ell ,'zcnsj timej Levi Stafford Had 8800 on His: Household Goods. :.... „ , . _ • . lilalinsli Woman Sorloosly In The' fire loss sustained by Levi J"""'! »n Range Line Road. Stafford- and -. family Saturday; night when their home on the old I Mr and Mrs. W. E. Terwllliger liured jn an automobile ac- near the Dixie Barbecue Wes Kinder farm was destroyed, who fip was covered by insurance. Mr. cident Stafford had 5800 on the contents Sun Jar night in which their car of the home with the Farmers! was damaged by a drunken drir- Luan' &--Trust Company,, and user, reported a most of. the furnishings and con- near tents, were'saved, his loss will be latter pafd. in full. .1 I one' w|c more serious sate the Fairview Inn shortly their mishap. They stated Dman was thought to have The: insurance on the dwelling: beep fitally hurt but they did not respected and'uprlgiit cltl-jhwise ori^ tlie farm was carried by' get her name _6jf that vicinity.' ' At oniejthe-Farmers ' Mutual insurance! The he served as marshal of; the (Continued on Page 2).: A Company of this county,' amount: of $2,5'00 . to Two Pilots to Fly West Over Atlantic; S Race Looms Between Coste and Briton tfce.'L. Hu "i ceived "T"'J lision Agnes New York, April 15;—The boil or of completing the. first flight westward from ;Burope to Long Tsland is to be sought twice within the next month. Indications. .ajri c f i the >|t little ,or^ jno rrfad t«irVt to^ha ,at, i«ch t tara pre^t- ewlsjeie i tfdf •m&'hhtWa ill e that- the rivalry-between .the flyers of France and England will precipitate a race over the. At- lAnt ^c to open the 1930. ocean flying; aeason. •••• • ' . . . -j--' G^orge» Orr, operations mana 7 gjer kt- Roosevelt Field, said that Dieuldonne Coste was expedted to airlve^there by plane from Paris bkfore May;8 and Frank Ambrose, opar rtloaa chief of the Curtiis- Wri|ht .Corporation of Valley fttrai mk announcadj; that prepara tw^ ! iware.tbata^.BJad«;foK.tlM^ n»*i| Scott and Mrs. Huff were rCoste on most ;of his record^mak- ] carried ilto a nearby house and ir.g achievements. The plane lias| their Injuries given first aid. aft& now motor installed and carries' ef which Mrs. Scott was taken to 1 mm (laugh distance flving: He is: to be ac-i the.j pajrents for a visit companhjd by Maurice Bellonte,- bash, his ftjine. mate, who is an expe- [ wrecked rienced pilot and has accompanied | Mrs. -fuel- enough for 6,000 miles at the cruising- speed; it Is said. | and The scheduled-flight of Kings"-] Peru. ford-Smith with the veteran Fok-j carige ker monoplane! Southern Cross, 1 came 1 as | a complete surprise to many in American aeromtutlcs. Late last summer such- a. flight was scheduled and the officials ot the Wright Aeronautical Corpor­ ation'sent a staff of motor specialists to - check the three Whirlwind engines which carried Cap- tnln CCingsford-Smlth and his c»ew~ of three iacross the Pad He froa.Oakland; Cal.* to* AstralU on tfwh^kaa been declared'one oltho Tiaeife the woman was Mrs. Charles ft. of Wabasli<.and she re- a fractured Bkull in a col- Iwith a car driven by Mrs. Scott of Indianapolis. Mrs. Huff was accompanied by her 1 hnsbaiid and her married daughter {and baby of Lebanon, the cr returning: home with In Wa- Both cars were: badly City hospital at Indianapolta Mrs. Huff to ;a fllie cars were at Westfieldi hospital at taken to a No .ImproTesaeat. is no improvement IK condition of : Mrs. Jspai CamphplI who resides near Tat* 'fe: ershjnrt and who Is NffortoK «fta}|- appendicitts. Treatment •. 'hit: till gfrejaJnd It : Wjho^' to-ajfalf •« opei!atlbtt'-If >o|adi4j|fe' - Theitr davghterl ^ Cauphlitt «WUf4l' mm* ii

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