The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 21, 1930 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 21, 1930
Page 3
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JANUARY 21, 1030 BLYTHEVILLE, (ARK.) PAGETHBEE would be loathe to do this, as It might throw open the way to the very thing they wilh to psevent— ft race In armanenls In the Pacific. But even It the Japanese yield In the matter of ratio, there se*m« at this time small chance of their agreeing to do awoy with'subma- rines. They are likely to be as adamant on this subject as the French The. steady argument of the Japanese for the past 15 yenra has been that, though they are not a rich j ppon Is Demanding In- j »»««> <md want • - lELEUIBKH TO DRAFT NIL LIMIT™ PACT (Continued from Page One) so that neither France nor Italy WATER SPREADS ireased Sea Strength to balance Light Cruisers.- DJTOR'S NOTE—Tills is the j atteverated over and over again I equality of naval strength with d of a series of four inteprela-1 u m ihelr attitude at the Washing-^ Grcat Britain- sufficient battle- .. „„., . naval disarmament, yet they must cou i d menace ter communications maintain at any cost a navy capa- 1 t nrough , ne Mediterranean with We of defending Japan horn attack j ner by Japanese statesmen liaye i UNITED STATES — Wants full i articles on the naval dli nt conference, opening on January 21, by Milton] inner, European manager for j A Service. Today, Bronner dis- ; • <"'••» »..w.» u.x.uw —• —- f |*_iit;4l^ UIUBI1I, au/lllllju t.<»lllc- ulsarma- ion conference showed that they U n !ps urprotect the Panama Canal at Lon- had no offensive wars in mind. [the Philippines. Alaska ami the Nation's Food Depends on Uir'nterrupled Shipping ON LITTLE (Continued From Page 1) | elite estimate. Allliougli it, U believed thit none of ihe ninny fim. lilies remaining i« me district are In clanger, s larjp number who nave remained in their liomei unUI too Ute to move am will have to be brought out In toils, officials say. In some respect* difficulties In meeting the situation svlll be great |er than they were in i«21, for EL large number of biimll tinners have moved Into I' 10 Unlc river country I tine* that time. Their houses. In office, will make another survey ol many Instances, arc built, on tow conditions in Ihe Hooded areas ground, and tliey me described southwest of-this city today and by relleJ workers as mtorli help- prob&bly will sendjm appeal to na- h«ss in the face of the conditions Uonal headquarters tonigl*. for that confront il:em. money with which to care for Ite M r . Little toM ilw Couiler New refugees. tliat on » trip yesterday down Lei The officials here.have already n an d chut* wiih Mr. Over, man; been Instructed by Die national jamilles were fcmmi u» both side headquarters to proceed with the O f tne r i v er with water from a fc\ long coast lines of the UnUed -- - • . . , ,. States- adequate quota of i ar gc! I construction wltl outfitting ol boats illcMes j 0 several Icel deep arouiii .Janan must be capable of, mak- cruisers wilh wide rndius of action i "> remove refugees. JlniiBass.'<»•- their homes and with no pos -'• • • • • """- ''""•*" h " >•»«" «IMV»IYII«I by sn,iiny O f gelling away except b , ij LilJHIl III tin I IK UUIJUUIt; UJ f 111U ft- . « «*i»v» J nt\tt T. *\>i, LIIUIUJ vii nviiwi* | i» i_ • I ».n I I ses Japan; in his next article j, jhe ch , M an(J ^^ Mas rea , ln orde r to equalize the United I "J« ^rm.lw KtntwtiMta ft will discuss the French and, . lr °. an?s<> ]akes invulnerable to al- States' deficiency of naval bases ai | Mr. Llltlc o haVe chaige of Ihe | ^1. Water Ls rising steadily. llan positions. By MILTON BON.NFR NEA Service Writer Japan gels a large mount cf her food and raw material supplies from the Asiatic mainland. These include rice and soy beans, compared with Oreat Britain; continuance of the status quo in 'th? Pacific in re!a::an to Japan. JAPAN— Wsuts a ratio of large cruisers of 10-10-7 as compared with United States ami England or «ven tins to each ten of the othlr boats used in the Red Cross work and is directing activltles-of thorn _ k _ t 11. I '.I ' AilVOC I1ILIUUI. I H.V UIIU -JVJ Ulu,*-], X3NDON-One of the great rid-, cca , d lrcn ske C9nnot s of the five-power naval con- j ff d t h „„ comraunicat ions ence Is whether janan is bluff- trading, cr In deadly earnest _ _ [en she says that, she demands | ^'"jjj,, ~ W oiiid starve to dcirtn' To' marines for coastal defense: n re- h miut have 10 per cent of ih ej J, velll lh , s , n ca , e of hosU |j Uf , s j ductton of battleships or lengthen- lount of big cruisers submarines.^ must be aWe quickly to mln( . | ing of period of service. k „„„ „.„.„, m ».. u . u ..» u uu hlna If thls satailrophe hapjien- two powers; a large: quota of sub- It' Iiwhrs Over W»rm»y emovlng families. I Tlle *"•£' , Ir0 '" " w Hk ° ;irul W W S'mver Mississippi county 8a ' 1 "' " * L> cr ' va "i* "'d heriff, and hls'deputtes vverc pre- fighltu* their »ay through low paring to go to'the aid of ma-1 lands llorlh of_ Highway 18 wer •ooned famillej today. Two boals / other auxiliary vessels that the llrd States navy is to have. Hhta the naval conference was broached, it was calmly as- deslrovcr , antl ' ne/i In I^ndon and in Washing- Qe5lro > ers an[l that the ratios for battleships cru. j•• /tiviU^i oy •••" the waters that surround her and, further, have as a threat to hostile fleets au adequate force cruisers, The French Position FRANCE—Wa>;ts to devole her lonna^e principally to submarines, small cruisers and auxiliary ships; have been estimated her ab- Arlington conference in solute minimum. Japan at present be mata alMd viz-flve for hfts four 10 ' 00 °- ton " ulsws '» M ~ oe rnmntiLiiiea, viz. uvt: iw .. _„_„.„ nnA ,„.,_ „..„.,. ui,i>rii,ii7 ! nlcatians with North Africa, Indo- China and the Antilles; a larger U. S. and Great Britain and for Japan. That gave Japan |per cent of oiir strength In cap- ships. But it so:n became iwn that Japan would ask ihe ratio. lit Washington some years ago, live service and four more building. ; compared with United States" and Greut Britain ™ 0 , ™"°' _, ., - , • -. , ne aes an rea ran If the U. S came to an agreement „ h „ f j_ , fixe , with Great Britain whereby we al „„ Wa5hlnglon conference; suf- would have 18 of that class, Japan would want four more; if the figure ' ' cr U. As the British only propose the and Atlantic seaboard ITALY—Wants naval parity will [ttauillglUll aumLT jrcai^ ttK u i * i « c fill i • r < 1 * * *»" i — »* OIIKJ unini i^wi ivj w *i >. accepted the 60 per cent '" havc I 5 ."' tlmt , f? ss ,' f a ™,, a France or some arrangement whtcl wl But she got her compensa- In article 19 rf the treat^ un- . , , ,, "i^ement is reached this would lllclt J "P a » w wil| ^tewM her against domina- tlon b >' otlwr P° wers in »' e Medl - n a r - . n ur, - whteh the United States. Great ««">»V as many in her ov.n waters terranran . sumclen t naval force. „ v ,n, f, ' hn *° prolcct her communications wit! Mcrcijvor, the Jap- the wor]( , ^^ tn Me(Ulermne an; "" ""Cement to permit her llain and Japan agreed that the ns B " taln over thewor ' |tus quo at the time of the signer the treaty with regard to _ lrw . . klncatlons and naval bases should ' 1UUUH (maintained. The U. S. had laid Ins for the development of a nnv- were'to be brought to Big Lake rom Manila early today. acro&s llic pavement al of 18 Inches ihis monUn severely handlcaiiping traffic mi. Boats K«dy Tomorrow I the highway, aliho'.isli Ijuscs The boats being nastily built to- cnrs were report^ cro^lni; II day will be. of flat bottom con- current this morning. A rise stnictlon, seme-5 by 18 feef, and lour Inches more will pracllcal others 0 by feet. Those will M 05 * " le highway to traffic. It I loved. The Red Cross cffko nt Keii- *tt, Mo. reported thnt city virally Isolated by flood waters froni e breaks along the St. Pranc'U, ill morning, although no water as reached (lie city. Traffic on 1 highways out of the Missouri ty was reported ((.'most entirely osed off with railroads offc:ins ic only sure method of traniuor itlon to and from the city. officials at Keimett reiterated altmenti mads yesterday that the (nation in Missouri was not yet cute with only one or two. case; f suffering reported to the • Red 'ross office "These have been promptly look- d ufler," Mrs. Bragg. Kennclt sec- etary of the orgunlr^tlon, told the Courier News to$iy. "So far we inve been able to care for evpry For Rheumatic ^ Aches and Pains Hlicumnllo pnlns. neuralgic head aches, and ache.i lu-compahyliv colds yli'lit ulmost Instantly I Capmllne. Being liquid it . acl much quicker than Inblela or pow tiers, Is cnsy on Iho stomach an conlalns no narcotics. Cftpudlne relives by soothing th nerves. Has been usetl over * y(M«—u true and tried remed 3Cc anil 60c bottles at drug stores (adv ncrxoncy locully." Wulcr haj already stnrlcd drain- K from the streets of Holccihu, o., near the big break on the St. 'rmicls, which was Isolated ye&j i-dny. The Hood waters In turn, clever, Imvo miuooncd While Oak, oullrof Holcomb, l)ut no one Is In cmtter. will be completed ihortly. An »greo- ncnl was recently, concluded with Portugal, and Government omclais are continuing negotiations with he United States, Germany, France and Turkey, DUBLIN lUI'J-eutlsfcicloryprog ess is being miulc in (he prepa- atlon of trade treaties untivccn Uw rlsh Free Stale ami foreign coun ries, anil it Is expected that thcsi EMULSION cop.tjveR OIL Call E. F. FRY at Wonder City Coal Yard When you want good coal Genuine MONTEVALLO 477 And Other High Grade Coal be equipped with out-board motors of C to 1« horsepower, received today from St. Louis. Difficulty was encountered In securing cured lumber of sizes neded for the boats but officials hope to have them ready by tomorrow. I About 20 families have already moved out of the area between | Kochtitzky ditch and the floodway where Iliere will be as much water as in 1921, Red Cross oftL so ,,h , , ramcd wllh 8 " 1I!Ch fU ? Sl ™* wlm thc IO ' (KK1 - ton base of some proportions in the 1 _ _,,„ „,,,„.,,„ i, ,,, n l Aft « r "«* opening meeting ihe Ud of Guam and for an Im-' ^T"^" ™1 .?. t ,"!" dc ° f ""Veeular sessions of the conference to Aemle ner naval 'strength 10 submarines and small cruisers in- .te«d of battleships.. Aft « the opening meeting ihe nd of Guam and for an Im- Inse and impregnable naval base 1 the Philippines. Under the pty we dropped those plans. *ln Concerned Orcr Australia and New Zealand Britain's enxlety about an in«d cruiser and submarine length In trie Pacific comes from .reflex from Australia nnd New and. Those great British self- , Jrer'nlng dc minions liave always I upon Japan French and the British. CHITON RECEIPTS HEBE TOP Stilt will take place in St.-James 1 Palace where in 15B8 Queen £llzabet!) summoned Sir Francis Drake to discuss plans to fight the great Spanish Armada. The five delegations number more than 250 diplomats/technical experts and secretaries. They are quartered in various hotels in' the center of the city. In all her lony history London has never wltness- rm^ihlp I Cottotl receipts at the local com-' ed suc i, an impressive gathering oi Inner to thfir ^ifetv and inde press decllned sl)arly last weelc ' bu ' inttrnational diplomats and naval Inace to their satelj and inde- stl ,, were nishest of all compress experts. "" mm mltirt, tho jAnam-so !loints in the ^^ ^ ece ^ herc i The conference has dravn the own minos ine Japanese ]a£t week as shown ty the repot ., lal . gest gatherln g of international of the Arkansas Cotton Trade as- journalists since the Treaty of .Var- pv say th«y agreed to the 5-5-3 . section on capital ships because the ^ tne ^ age of .great naval bases in 345 tales. Pacific waters ensured them Receipts for. the state last week -."attack..: gig 35,000-ton capital were HQJO ti a ies r as 'against 20,- total here- to 115,i . . , , ,,= could net readily be docked I ]18 tales for the wetk preceding were 1,181 bales, brlns- . sallles _ nearly '«00 newspaper " cor- ' responde nU representing more tha ^ '•where after they left America's 1st naval base at Pearl Harbor Itlw Hawaiian Islands. But they [ot ' lait and 12,971 bales for-the same weex | witn a comp i e te a year ago. Total for the state, as , cable ]in was 1,275,229 bales I "^ ^ ol i nations will be UTiling the story of the conference; ' ...-..' Several rooms In St. James's Pal ace were assigned as press rooms installation o ill parts of the world the rooms were In' the development of the power-1 whlch compa Tes 41th 1,108,088 up | stalled M t< . le nhone boxes 100,000-ton cruisers puts a_dif- t 0 the same date a year ago. • *nt complexion on things. These nparatively light vessels can be kked and overhauled in many pbors now existent. They thus kStitute a menace to Japan, if • >ere nghUng a purely defensive (r. because these new cruisers have ' pong steaming range and could | , clear acrcss the Paclfis from j ll-defebdea American harbors. " | ; regards England they point to ; great naval base that has been fried at Singapore in Malaysia which they say can only bo ^ied at Japan. They acknowledge Labor government has slewed |tvn the work on tills base, but > realize it can be started at any he. It is precisely by squinting at this business, however that the anese bring up a matter that ly be used as a club them. • American and British delcgat- | may say to them that if they L to re-arrange the ratios agreed bn at Washington they thereby fow everything into the melting including the, question as to |sther the United States shall proceed to fortify Guam and nlia Harbor and whether Eng- shall proceed with Singap-re. he Americans and the British Receipts at leading compresses last week and for tlio season follow; Blytheville Pine BluH Little Rocic Helena West Memphis Leachville Eudora Jonesboro Texarkana McOehee Newport Walnut Ridge Last Week 1,181 1,262 1.207 1,035 935 104 664 415 384 356 353 318 j ot them special lines connected .di Arkansas Iec t]y with newspaper offices. ; Estimates of the duration of tin conference vary from four week. to six months. For the Season 115,345 111,353 120,756 55,740 85,558 21,251 C2.033 37,950 51,955 54.937 50,352 53,252 POH'T SUFFER BLADDER Vienna Landlerds Win VIENNA tUP)—If anyone in Austria rents rooms for a workshop and uses these rooms also for living quarters the landlord may give notice to evacuate, a ruling handed down by the supreme court against, architect Johann Suck says. Dfllft i>eTniit liUiltl.'r wpafcririR? rnntimu 1 j'l-'l. ili-n't 'ruli-Tlic vtsk > Trmr trcmbl-- ,\\< (oinin? olirmiic. At"'« fir.iffijsri of jiainc MI die buck. rvd« rnlrrrO nrinn. inrnfnl r'-r frenu.- urliinrfon. <f-t Dr. KOMI'S K nni nl Pi:<*r. Jr IF n |ir>s r riii:i(jit *ii!*ri cd solely for :>'f ! niniTi(ir ; OH or irri: ti^n _nf tlie lilnclikr, ami its in I *:oot|iinc rffi'fJ? arf ncnnllv fflt w 1 ' m a frw hour?. Fir BO\O'i5 K an-' is • tTme-tcRlrd fiiccp^sfiil IIFP«' ' tion Jinrl cotitsins sprcinl iujfrfil" 1 -I'-oli act (liri-rMr fin Mrf hlr-Ir T> r[or. Wr «r *1.7ll. 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Use a doer's prescription called Thoxuie larantced to relieve wllh the very rst swallow. Gargles and salves re too slow and-it they do relieve^ is usually only temporary. Thoitine has a'double action—H elleves the soreness and gos direct the internal cause. It contains harmful druss and U safe and leasant for the wh6!e family. There is nothing better .to slop ouglitng due to Irritated throats, ust ask for Thoxinc, put up ready cr use in 35c., 60c., and $1.00 bot- !es. Money back-if not relieved. Sold by Klrby-Bell Drug Co., Kirb} Drug Co.. and all other good drug stores. adv-3 ind therefore, cannot upset lldren's delicate stomachs as King" Is so apt to do. Today i whole trend of medical practice kway from needless "dosing." to keep pace with the ever-grow- t demand, the famous slogan "17 lion Jars Used Yearly," to "31 Million" a short time This figure too has been "I never would and never did use anything on my hair or scalp, but kept reading and hearing so much good about Lea's Hair Tonic I finally got a bottle at the drug store and used as directed In the circular and to my utter amazement it did wonders for my hair. I can guarantee that it will dt. just exactly as reccfnmencied because I tried It and know. I was as skeptical as anybody but a fair trial cf Lea's works wonders," enthusiastically writes Mrs. George Penn, of Harding, South Dakota. Congressmen, doctors, famous judges, great actors and men of prominence in various walks of life have used Lea's Hair Tonic for as many as ten years. Elderly rich women sojourning In Florida began using Lea's even earlier than ot .own, as there are now "Over I that. Beauty shops bought it _. [Million Jars Used Yearly"—a jar, Mrs. Lea in Tampa, Florida, poured I every family In the United It into bottles ot their own and lies. Adv. I charged fancy prices. Today Mrs. Lea is introducing it in drug stores because anyone may easily apply it at home. It has never harmed or failed to please anyone, except a rara case where for some reason ot nature the Lea's Tonic fails to bring back the youthful color and bsauty and in those rare cases the Lea Tonic Co. cheerfully guarantees to refund the money. (See circular and directions with each bottle.) Gradually day by day perhaps as slowly as It originally began turning .gray, your hair goes back to the shade of old the shade no expert could possibly imitate The shade out of three thousand most suited to your type of style of beauty. You can defy the barber or hair dresser to detect the use ot Lea's. It desirous of trying Lea's buy a bottle of druggists. If he won't obtain of his jobber for you send dollar bill to Lea Tonic Co. Brentwopd, Md., for bottle by return mail, postpaid. Adv STORE CLOSED TUESDAY AND WEDNESDAY TO MARK DOWN STOCK Only 10 More Days THE END THE FINISH THE WINDUP Blytheville Store Co. moderate 5S»JHg--IUIllM SHADOW AVOID THAT FUTURE SHADOW* By refraining from overindulgence/ if you would maintain ihe modem figure of fashion Fashion revels in the soft, enchanting curves of (he modern figure.-Don't sacrifice that graceful contour by permitting your eyes to be bigger than your stom- • ach. Be moderate—be moderate in all things, even in smoking. Eat healthfully but not immoderately. When tempted to treat yourself too well, when your eyes are bigger than your stomach, light a Uicky instead. Coming events cast their shadows before. Avoid that future shadow by avoiding over-indulgence if you would maintain the modern, alluringly, rounded figure. tuitey Strlfc*, the finest Cigarette you ever smoked; made of the finest tobacco—The Cream of the Crop—"IT'S TOASTED." Everyone knows that heat purifies and so "TOASTING" not only removes impurities but adds to the flavor and improves the taste. "Coming events cast their shadows before'' It's toasted *Be Moderate!... Don't jeopardize the modem form by drastic diets, harmful reducing girdles, fake reducing tablets or other quack "anti-fat" remedies condemned by the Medical profession! Millions of dollars each year are wasted on these ridiculous and dangerous nostrums. Be Sensible! Be Moderate! We do not represent that smoking Lucky 8»rih» Cigarettes will bring modern figures or cause the reduction of flesh. We do declare that when tempted to do yourself too well, if you will "Reach for a Lucky" instead, you will thus avoid over-indulgence in things that cause excess weight and, by avoiding over-indulgence, maintain a modern, graceful form. TUNE IN—The Lucky Strike Daacc Orchestra, every Saturday nighl, over a coast-to -coast network of the N. B. C. © 1930, The American Tobacco Co.. U fri.

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