The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana on April 14, 1930 · Page 6
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The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana · Page 6

Tipton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Monday, April 14, 1930
Page 6
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WON WON ATHLETIC MEET Sift 100-yard dash rossland West Siders Take Number of Events in Three-School Contest. TIPTON LOST TO PERU (P), JoaeS|'(P),"Pearciei(T), 10:8 220 • low ' hurdle — Weger Pole vault 4-^ Purvis !(T) "Weager (P), Simpson 1 (T)l':. 9 feet, 9 inches. I High jump—Baker (P), Land seadle (T), Richards (T). 5 feet, 6 inches. Shot put—Crum (T), Baker (P), Hortoh (T). 37 feet, 10% inches. " '••[:!' Broad Jump:—Pearce - '(T), Phillips !(P), Foutel (T). 19 feet, C 3-4 inches. " LANDS BOOZE CARGO Two track and field meets in •which Tipton county high schools; took part Saturday disclosed that; this county'has' some real alii-1 lests, although no records were' broken. ' [ j In the tri-augular meet held at! Boat Loaded With $200,000 the Fair 'Grounds between Kemp-j Worth, of Liquor, Taken ton. Prairie and Sbarp.sville, thei j by Guardsmen. SCHOOL WORK Exhibits at Windfall and Prairie Visited by Hun- TIPTON TOOK THIM). Commercial Team dreds Sunday. trie* Placed In Dl4- Contest. MEMBER or mm •'J'- ''-Jl•=•"•'• 'J-:J'J.--! I !|"- ! The Commercial! department of •the JTlpj.on high school; taught b Wickersham, took thin place; in ,the district contest hel at Noblisville Saturday. Miss Rut! •Xelley, [member of the 1 stiorthari j team,! lfavirig.} a p'erfect' [score oj 100} and willj represent jpis disj* trifc't Injji'he shorthand i contest • Muneie, k Saturday, April j |2'6. > Greenfield high school took fin WORK IS ODTBIAllillTO;^^^^^ in iivthe state. Three teams from th Tipton jschooli including! tvpih „. . • , , . . , , I shorthand'and bookkeeping.'too! Hundreds of persons visited the;p ar ^ '" 1 Prairie and Windfall school exhib-, The former won with .'. p score el 43 1-3 points; Prairie was second . with 33 1-3 points |and Sharps- Villc was third with 1!) 1-3 points. Reese of Kem^ton vaulted the , .bar at 10 feet one inch, beating the jump of Purvis of Tipton at the tri-apsular mriet between Peru, tV'iiiainac and Tipton heid, at Peru, by 4 inches., " j Tipton did not take first at the' Peru meet but was awarded second over Winamac. the latter school, having but 5 points. Peru, had 69 and Tipton 20. ^ Hillisoss. the Prairie basketball star, made a shot put of -15 feet ;and 9 inches, but fouled : •when be lost his balance. He won the event willi a put of 12 feet; and 5 incites, wliicb beat Crum, of Tipton in tbe Peru meet wliot had a toss' of 37 feet 10 inches.] The summary of events in l!i-vj meet held here Saturday is as] follows: | 110-yard dash—Reece < K 1. i first :Qn jK'pnbusIi (IM. second: 1 Pumphrey iS),"third. Time: lO.rl • seconds. < 220-yard dash—lleece (K ),i first: .Qiiakenfiusb (P)„ second; j Ourtis' (PJ..third. Time: 2 onds. SON(| OVER RADIO ^ping team was compose Josephine Suif its. which were open to the public of Janaiyce Rouls, Sunday afternopii,.; the day being. ratt j and;]Louise Thompson. They!ji rs J anjdealone for driving. The gen-. to °^' Mw d Place \jith- anijaveragfe !j\^nyfall. ivjords.per minute. " e shorthan'd contest, Tip- New York, April 14.:—A "hunch" whieb came to Deputy Surveyor John 11. McGiil, bead of the customs enforcement | bureau, while lie was listening to his' radio Saturday night,j resulted in the capture early yesterday of the $25,000 sub chaser Junior Annapolis, with a cargo of 2,000 sacks of high grade liquors, valued at about 8200,000. jand the arrest of her crew of sevjen. oral opinion was' that the work of was the best-ever displayed at' In | tb * either school and the "exhibits in ton .tool):;: second with a te^m-com! some-of the lines were so 0 ut-;l' os< ]d'of j Ruth jKelley, Agnes Bow standing as to'attract much com-;jandfjEva Gibbons. ! Jliss Ket nieiitj . ,! ) 1«- 'had a perfect As'usual the industrial arts audi Miss .BoW 9J6.1BJ manual training sections, tog e th-j !,ensl , 9 f C ?' "'^ing : an ; .„ A • , , for the tea mot 96.32. er with the domestic science i and; - .. t . I ,i • I. , ! . , ., . The bookkeeping team art displays attracted the most i. .• -<* ?•„. \> i posed of Charles Mullms, attention, \ •' • • .' i . ,1 „„,..,.,. ... ; :Boldon and Lowell The work in this line in the pri- 1 . . ' , , • ,- • , third place, niary grades was also a matter of ^ , • ~: Miss Kelley,;who! mucii comment by the visitors as . i ' i , . , i „, ,.j .. 'score in shorthand lt»p I ol c l»:Kl coma *' •" 1 sent [score, of 100k and! Miss Gib- average i the tots had some splendid displays ready for the inspection of the visitors. i. the district inj af Muhcjie on April Miller, corm- made a perfect and will repre' aHlie The,: luincii, McGiil said,i sa" to him in the form of a song, "Throe" o'clock in the--, Morning," on the radio, and was'strengthen­ ed by a dream, in which 1 he saw a sub chaser "passing a. long, protecting point of land." AS a, result he dispatched a coast -guard boat to Hockaway Ifoint at :', a.- in. and the capture was effected. The .luninr Annapolis, McGiil- sec-i said, has been 'chartered to ilJoy •Scout and church organizations bootleg-- .lack- by Lan- 440-yard dash—Shuck <P ).]during j the daytime by first; Orr (P), second; Webbi-srors to divert suspicion. (K), third. Time: SS.n! seconds. | I •»•• | SSO-yard mi;—Pumphrfiy (S),: 5IKKT \VKI)XKSI>AV NIGHT. first; Curtis (P). second: Cox !t (K),third. Time: 2 minntcs, '22 j Cipficring: Match llctwccii seconds. i- • son and New Ijincastoi' Mile run—Peters (S). first; j ; Foutch (K), second,; W. YanBib-i ^ The 'ciphering match between ber (P), third. Time: 5 minutes,! the Jackson school taught 39 seconds. | Earl Foster and the' New 120 high—Recce (1^). first ;• -caster schools taught by Virgil Dfshon (P), second; Sfiuck "(ip),: Ray, wiiil be held in the Curtis- third. Time: 20 seconds. u . . | ville I'schoolhouse Wednesday 220 low—Shuck (P). first: i.nigiit, kpril 23 and the general "Wilson (K), second; Webb (K),j public is invited;' i third. Time^: 29.6. [ The teams from these two High jump—Dfshon (P), first; "schools' have 'been* for Pumphreys (S). second; Henry: the contest which will be an in(P)', Reece (K), and P-. VanBib-; tcrcstin's one and many ofj the ber' (S), tied. Height, 5 feet, S ; pjirons' from both school's inches. •{ planning to attend. . Broad jump—Reece (K). first: i will start at. 7:45 sharp. Wilson. *K). second: Ritchie (S).! 1 [ . | third. Distance, 21 feet, 4'.:>'[ Held For Sliii-dir. J inches. : J | ;. . . ]'' Pole yault-pReece (KJ, ' ; first; ; -VVasliington, April 14/—(John- ,|>eters. (S), second; Pumphrey | L US an, iNegrb, is beid by police *%B), -third.. Hc-igbth. .10 feet. 1; under a charge of murdering La- nfneh.' . imar. WJafson York, prohibition „ ; "^Bhot—Hilligoss (P'», first; j agentj kder det'ectiv Beece and Harlow (K), liod t'orj tioned ^ogau for second. Distance, 42 feet, 5 inch es. are Ciphering The syle show, put on at Wind-! ter of ' and J,rs fall Sunday afternoon' was an ex-j 01 Goldt ™«h, and ceptionally good one . and waaj "' e j Tipt P" sc "°° i '^' praised by those who visited this' '• '}; school. ' Miss Carroll Blount, of Tipton, i? in chargo of the home economics department Of the Prairie schools. Frank Pennington is in charge of the manual training,, and Mrs. Bernice kinebacfc has the music and art classes. ' At Windfall, Miss-Leathe Pon- ador is in charge of the art classes, Miss Ruth Richards of the home economics department, and H. E". Nichols .'of the manual training and industrial arts section. the .state meel 26, as a daugli Harleyj Kelley is a senior in MonOax. April 14, EASTER GREETINGS) THIS-BANK estjends the hope that its customers a ad friends may en- jcy a iiappy Easte-tide, and thdlt they rcay be blessed w:1h the joy and hope that this day syrob )lizes. !] Farmers Laan&Tnist Co. Charles N}? flnfortiinate man, haste took] n |s ajssistance | but . ; . THE BAJSR Off THE PKOPVS A Voluntary Member of tjie Federal Reserve System , .Only Bank In Tipton County Under Both State and Federal Huperrislon. Detectives Hope to Get All , i HOME DESTROYED. Kin- Tought to Have Stinted l^roni Ciiiulmstioii ltmiicd House.' Evidence Through sational Arrest, Sen- TO dONVICT WIDOW At Peru the locals the following events: scored m I alley A. A. Bridge Dentist Tipton, Indiana. ives had ^iues- more than an hour. ; . , . York was shot down in'an behind i a high school building into which lie had trailed i two Negroes, whom he suspected of transporting liquor. Stafford's Every Reads glue bottles with patent robber cao.. Tribnn* Pr«ss •*rif SEE US- Be^i Personal Uan Available ?Any Amonnt Up to $300 Easy Payments m Have Should a Copy FUNERAL,. FACTS" "F 1 " ---- „ i j ' 1 1 is a complete and au­ thoritative booklet; Itcon-, : I tains information' -which; 'people havle found boUi hdpful and comfortBJg.l I Wehavealimitedniun: , teoftheKb^bpokaiw The residence of Ijevi Staffford, on -the 161-acre far of the Tipton County Finance Company, a mile north and three-quarters of a mile East-of East Union, was completely destroyed by fire Saturday night while tbe family was ' in Tipton. The farm is known as the old Wes Kinder farm and the Kinder family resided there for several years. The house was a large frame one of two stories and contained seven rooms, with numerous large closets. It was one of the go6d farm' homes of the county. The fire was discovered about 8:15 by two men from Elwood, who were fishing in la. gravel pit .nearby, and they hastened to the place! and began carrying' out the furnitjure being assisted by others who were attracted by the'blaze. Most of the furniture and furnishings of the home were saved. One bed on the upper floor was burnsd,. the flames driving' the workers away before it could be i'oached.... The r upper;' floor contained three bedrooms, all furnished. • When the men first Teached the !;omc, the .fire was-ragmg in the st.iirwnv, beneath which was a closet in which clothing and oth- r articles were 3tored. ^The supposition is that-the fire started in this) closet from spontaneous-combustion. Members - of the family did not know of the fire until about, 10 o'clock, when they were located here and informed of their misfortune. They were unable to explain the origin of the blaze as no lire, was about the home, when they left ' The finance company carried Insurance ! on the building and Mr. Stafford has some on'his furnish-' ings and household goods.'-. - tinijfe'awaiting arrest of a new provide the Maribh, Ind., April 11.--With identifications completed f as to alleged;) counectipii of five mejj held -in; Grant .county jail-'wi: the j bombing "racket," police and l y ' ! I - ! ' detectives last night were mar! ing u._. figure jexpected to final link which would fix blame for i three bombings whicii claimed the. 1 lives of five men in Mali-ion in! the last six months , i i- • I Thejjarrest,' which .-.: operatives deelarejd would border on a iser n Marion, will provide the tie on which police expect to'cloniiect Mrs. Irma Fern T widowjof one' of Rohm Miller ty>n|bray;!or Windfall, jvyejtit Rielinioiid to accompany liidfa.ll wiiere Tuesday at the to \y state niothfer. Mrs. Melissa Cr5scoe until; Tuesday time 1 in K the body it wi3l lie ; in e iioijielo Ee;Proud of Your Kitchen—Make It Beautiful With Hoosier Cabinet ; amd Breakfast of the afternoon burial will take Brooksidell cem'etery. -Th^ services will be held at lichmond j Monday and! ho service will be Winjdfail^ other than precie E!d1 which jce'-| in fluneral homei ^ftljirndQii eld at jprayer pingjlthe jburial ward .Fotlcli was abi of age and was bpr| Hii Frank "Neighbor" Foutli years rearea in | Windtall. nianyj yealrs ago, and his mother rem. rried'ito George Criso sation evidenj what thejy for "Mr .5 Lego| jthe bomb vie- Uiiis, iivith the three bombings, and; bjf which; they hope to; coil vict he|r of murder. Without reviealing believe to be jthe ^notive Legos'i alleged obnnectioh with the bombers,' the detectives'-'said they: are confident they have marshalled sufficient evidence \'c convicl at least fflur of j the- fi"e cienj njbw held in jaili«n charg ;s if murder arid conspiracy to commit murder. The | men I held a -e Harry* Danford, alias Joe Prado, alleged", kingi of the independent pineapple• racket" in! Chicago and! the Calumet; Edward Mui- tanski; allias Joe Beckett.and Peter Kmieciak, | all of Chicago, and Duke Humpllrey ofj El wood. Vernon Humphrey,: also of El- Hnnt Port ATiator. woodi arrested Iwith four irnen last Tuesday Iruse planned by , of a jthe oth|er i as resjilt [detectives and an informant, is expected be pleased soon, as it j Is jundsr- stoodil no i evidence has! been • >b- tainett to conneit hlm| with ^he bohinings. I •] n hree Wen 7 Efea(rocute<l. Chtcago,< April' li.— .With Miss Betty Cook,-. Eranaton society Ralph Tiiher fikeltoa,' Jwihf art- i*t-«Tlator who ilMPMired Thursday .wkUe flyiM '-across Uka Micklgaa far Chfcaio to uYMllantl^ Mljch., 1 April 14.— Thpele: men 11 • were ,> ajectr t ocu ted afterji ~ a plajie' became J .entaTif l9d ""high tension j ,wlfcea- 'wl )lle anarnooa They war* hnt Kapler. 84 mn oM. a t«ak talkw' of Ann deceased. JTlie mother, tl e jjvidow, - Mabie Fouch and the] sister, f " - I Lou;s Graiy of Wini hd ut 52 and father died- e, also dfijtll are. nearest relatives there- being -Mrsj. Mrs the _ T ..._ no children, j i Wli. Fouch had ;been lHjihg at Richmond; for ja number of years,' s'mpljoyedilin the Automatic Gear Works at that place, dnly re- :ently he:;purchased. the j; car in wh en hejlmet; his death ajiid was' planning to drive to • Windfall; for ( i|it with liis motheit a|nd sis-i and had not let them ljjnow of: purchase. ] n 'in we The deceased wa^ a [m'kn well iiket byiall who • knewji him. and; li'isj i ntinjely death is a [matter of, '.iuic 1 regret. 3 so ind ihe 6n| n n Condition Is CritjcaJ. &|nt Weaver of Windfall, [who hi with pneumonia, is ijeported |B in jaimost criticalj cjinditioh grave fears are expressed for !outc<jme' jof his sickness. He taken ill one week arao 1 , while week end visit to ,h ! is home , 1 it.-; ' : I H| I ' I •',! Windfall, he beingj eniployed Indianapolis, i A trained 1 nurse been in charge.of the) patient the past several days.i|; j ! lYou can now buy; Cfirard^s Tib-Top Chicks for less mon- ylgetourinew low; price list Toing into effect Tuesday. Aiffril 15. (Tioton Hatchery, me 61. i " c-165 Receipt* 50(1: -cf hogs, 5.000: c.ittlr-.. •100: sheep, 200.' : Hog prices early today at Unocal live stock market wpive-IOt stock market «w 10e o ^0c loiver. with weights of lfiO { 250 pounds at 510.SO to H0.C5: top at, $10.70:- : heavier finds sol:! at ?10.:j5 dov.u, i n- leijweigh s at .,$10.35 down, and oiy.s at :59.25 down. Cattle trading was 'slow, not Miriugji s:e'ers to make :i; market: leniand lor heifers and rows \va.- loW; with little change in vrices: calves were. 50c\lo\ver V.:- .$12.00 Iow.ii; shoej) and lambs were cjiHit.- Lbly steady. . ^hi.cprio, 111.. April 11. ^.Tto- eipts on hogs, .•13.00(1:. carried iver. 2,0j0 ! a': . the market was' 10c ower, w'ith.tlio top-$1 •>'.•!5} 15.000 cattle and 2.I.- .0 ft 5c 1 hero wejre iOO sheep. ii-'tter _, Sggs . I*n<lct* Market. (Moore & Moore) . ._! ___^--______3-5c -__;_____-23c J ljoca! Grain Market; - mobbs Grain Co.) . .Vol 3'Soft jWheat J— ^§1.02 patsi — L_L_-- ' ".3S New Coijn,| No. 4 yellow, per 100 libs. -__ 1.00 Indianapolis Produce Market. . Eggs-f-Indianapolis jobbers of", .'er country shippers -for strictly fresh stock delivered at Indianapolis, loss pff, 22c a dozen. ' -' Poultry-Ufobbers paying for owls, 4V4|lbs.'up. 2:!c lb.f.Leg­ horns, lJ9-21c; roasters, less than H,i IhsJ, 20i21c; Leghorns, 14* 17c; si^kj 'cull ,and humpback •Joultry inot bought; .roosters^ -1112s: d l ck's. - 9-1 2 c; : geese, {u 11 eatberetl, |9c; guineas, young, SC x dozen: old,'$4; snunbE;, 11 lbs. oi dozen, $4.50; old pigeons, 75c i dozen. I (Butter—j-Jobbera' selliiig nrlces .'or creamery butter.- fresh "rsts, No. 1;. 4|l : '42c a pound. . Butter Fat — Indianapolis- buy- rs are paying' 39c a pound delivered at [Indianapolis. Dr. E. E. Hicks I Chiropractor I Office Over Blue Front i Comer Jefferson and Main,. , ! Phone 64. ; .:•' Tipton., NOTICE. . " IVo Have a Well Iilghtcd Park- ink Space In the Hear of ' Ti BARGAIN GROCERY -Our Store. Life Insurance and , j iAnnnitiei Eqiittabk Life of ». Y. & FAVORITE — GAS RANGES —DANGLER Set Barrum fs enou' r jE'S paid that hill. His canceled check proves it. He receipts his own bills as he pays them, j Also he automatically *e- coras expenditures, and lets the bank do his book-keepirig. Because of the triple convenience, hei advises opening a checking account. '!;;", j Bank The Only National Bank in Tipton County i u Thanks" To YoU Who Came iu and Bought or Looked at ! Our Bargains in Living Room Suites. u Welco To You Who Have Not Seen Them Large Three-Piece Mohair Suite, Pleated Back, Linen Frieze Reverse, Large Deep Chairs, > $152.00—One of Many Bargains ! ; Still on Our Floor.

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