Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California on March 18, 1959 · Page 4
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Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California · Page 4

Redlands, California
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Wednesday, March 18, 1959
Page 4
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4 - Wei, Mar. 18, 1959 Redlands Daily Facts State To Pay $72,500 For Baseball Field The State Division of Highways submitted a written offer of $72,500 for the city-owned Little League ball park at Texas street and Colton avenue last night, and it was accepted unanimously by the Gty Council, In addition to the cash offer the State agrees to permit the field to be used free of charge by the Baseball for Boys program until June 1, 1960, and, further, will permit the city to remove any existing improvements it wishes from the field at the time it is abandoned. The State is purchasing 6.82 acres of the, some 20 acres own cd by the city at that location for the Redlands freeway routing. Not touched by the freeway is the land occupied by the National Guard armor}' just south of the Little League ball site. Hardship Request Funds derived from the sale, consummated early under a "hardship" request, will be used by the city to purchase the new site and develop completely new ball park facilities. The state said it would take five weeks to complete escrow and place the cash in city hands. Already in escrow is a new field of some 10 acres at San Bernardino avenue and Church street adjoining the proposed Henry G. Clement Junior Hish school. The city and the schools have agreed on joint use of the field and some of the school facilities. The junior high, now being designed by Redlands Architect Clare Henry "OOMPH" TAKES TIME CHICAGO < CPU—Actress Lana Turner criticized m o d e r n-day starlets Monday for not working hard enough at developing their "oomph." "That's the trouble with these youngsters coming along," she said. "They don't realize that glamor takes time." Day, is being revised to make inter-use of school property and the Little League ball park possible. In submitting its offer for the old field last night, the State said the figure named "is the highest we can offer consistent with recog-| nized appraisal practices." The State and city both had expert appraisals made but neither appraisal figure was made public. High Value The State said it was making the top offer because of its recognition of the high value of such recreational facilities to the youth of Redlands. A request that the Little League field be considered in the "hardship" category was made by the, city some time ago because the park department bad indicated it should have at least a year to de velop new turf before the field is used. Other improvements will include rest room facilities, sprinkling sys terns and adequate lighting stand ards. At least two ball diamonds will be constructed at the new site and possibly three if funds will stretch that far. The new field, which is still in oranges, was purchased by the city Jan. 29 from Jean Gauthier of Pacific Palisades for $28,210. A $1,000 down payment was made to place the property in a 90-day escrow to.await completiorr-of negotiations with the State. A field planning committee of the Baseball for Boys organization | has been at work for the past! month developing the layout of[ the new field in order for the city to be ready to start work as soon as the property clears escrow. TELEVISION IN REVIEW * * By William Ewald NEW YORK i LTD — The cur tain rang down for a couple of performers Tuesday night—NBC- TV's Eddie Fisher and John Mc Intire of ABC-TV"s Naked City. Fisher put back the bung in his hour, closed down his season and I guess all those protesting letters to NBC-TV can stop now. Mclji tire, one of the two leading characters on Naked City since it started last September, was killed off Tuesday night and I guess all the protesting letters to ABC-TV can start now. Fisher seems to have amused himself considerably offstage this season, but he has not provided much entertainment in his profes-j lional capacity. His variety hour had suffered from the soggy look that afflicts a production without a vigorous personality or strong point of view. Tuesday night, however, there were selections of the Fisher hour: that had some wallop. It was a show happily unsaddled with 1 "stars" — that is, those dreary Hollywood big names who wanderj in, equipped with nervous amiability and not much else, and who simply slow down proceedings. Gene Nelson turned out some cautious, but useful dancing and then Fisher, working in harness with Ella Fitzgerald — a singer of sensitivity and style — pitched out some patches of tasteful song, almost all of it mounted with visual brilliance. I'm not sure of this point, but it seems to me that Buddy Bregman's orchestrations had more whiplash in them Tuesday night than usual. The band had a sense of shove, of urgency, that was. simply fine. Fisher is the kind of J singer who tends to sit down square on top of a note and stay PH. PY. 3-4331 TODAY - Show Start! 7 P.M. 5 Academy Nominations SOME CAME RUNNING MfT *OCO(0« CTKEMASCOMT A Dramatic Hit! RANK DC AN SINATRA-MARTIN SHIIiUT MacUUNE SOPHIA LOREN ANTHONY OUINN _ VfZTAVISIOM there. Frequently he lingers too long on syllables that need no accent and a pushing musical group is what he needs. As for Naked City, it was inevitable, I suppose, that some show would get around to killing off one of its principal players. Villains are being knocked off with such profuse regularity on TV that it's simply no fun anymore to watch one of them being carted away. Mclntire, who played detective Dan Muldoon in the series, had notified the producer of Naked City that he wished to retire to his Montana ranch and the show solved his retirement fairly neatly Tuesday night by simply having a hood murder him with an automobile, a neat trick in itself. Mclntire played a gentle cop in the series and he will be replaced by Horace McMahon, who's going to be a tough cop. Tuesday night McMahon mouthed some of his lines a little too stiffly, but he's a competent player and I'm sure he'll adjust to the pace of the series. Naked City, incidentally, is the sleeper of the season. It crashed into the top 10 of the last Nielsen ratings and it's a justly deserved position. It is a show with tremendous feeling for the settings of New York and it manufactures the most beautifully constructed chase sequences in the medium The Channel Swim: Betty Field has joined Helen Hayes, Lloyd Nolan and Burgess Meredith in the cast of NBC-TV's "Ah, Wilderness" special which will be seen April 28. Bob. Hope, Laurence Olivier, Mort Sahl, Jerry Lewis and David Niven will emcee the Motion Picture Academy awards show on NBC-TV April 6. NBC-TV's Kaleidoscope has calved ideas for three possible NBC-TV series next fall — one based on dramatizations of the Ten Commandments; one that would tell the story of America's great families and a third which would tell the behind-the-scenes story of the creation of various Broadway shows and movies. NBC-TV Vice President William McAndrew estimated Tuesday it will cost about three million dol lars to telecast both political conventions next year. .CBS-TV's March 30 special, "American Pauses For Springtime," will recreate three numbers from Broadway's "Flower Drum Song" .vith Pat Suzuki, Juanita Hall and Keye Luke from the musical's :ompany. TRIMMING SPEEDSTER—The city's long-awaited "Hi-Ranger" went into action this week for the first time and is already enabling the tree trimming crew to do three days work in one. Its first job will be a systematic trimming of fronds and date palms throughout the city. Park Superintendent Charles E. Dawson anticipates the crew with the Hi-Ranger and two new trucks can trim 25 date palms each day and more after the first year or so when growth is thinned out Shown here is Bill Pate, veteran foreman of the trimming crew, working atop the platform on the shakedown cruise of the new equipment on Park avenue by the plunge. Gregory. Kremer In San Bernardino Mayor Runoff Raymond H. Gregory and E.D (Mike) Kremer will face each other in the race for mayor of San Bernardino in the general election next April 14, complete but unofficial returns in the San Bernardino primary revealed today, Mr. Gregory was the former mayor who resigned to serve short term as state senator before being defeated last November by Stanford Shaw. Mr. Kre mer is the incumbent mayor Mr. Kremer and Bud Mauldin were running neck and neck earlier returns but the final tally howed Kremer with 3337 and Mauldin with 3059. Mr. Gregory had 4931. In the third ward council race, Roxic Garrison led the field with 686 votes while John Quimby and Chester Baxter were still vying for the runner-up spot with Quim by leading by only seven votes There are 25 • absentee ballots which must be counted to determine the general election slate, according to the San Bernardino City- clerk's office. In the fifth ward, George Blair with 127G votes faces a runoff with Arthur Townsend who had 927. Mr. Blair, a former Redland- cr and one-time San Bernardino mayor, is the incumbent. Ralph Prince and Richard Weller will vie for the city attorney's post in the general election. May Put Three Satellites Into Orbit At Once WASHINGTON (UPD—Dr. Johr. P. Hagen says the United States will try "very soon" to put three satellites into orbit simultaneously with one launching. Hagen heads the Vanguard .division of the National Aeronautics and Space Adminstration. The new launching at Cape Canaveral, Fla.. will be an experiment to measure the earth's magnetic field at various altitudes and to gauge air drag in the rarefied atmosphere a few hundred miles up. Hagen said Tuesday the rocket was nearly ready and would be fired "within weeks." The satellites will include the 52-pound third rocket stage, the magnetometer satellite weighing 21 or 22 pounds, and an inflatable. 30-inch balloon weighing a pound and a half or two pounds. Mexican Players of Padua Hills LOCATED 1 MILES SOUTH Of FOOTHILL BI VD.. , ' CLAREMONT "Trovador Californiano" — ENDS APR. 18 — MERIENDA follows each performance THEATRE _ w««.. Tkirs., rrU 1st.. »:». tttd, S»U *^»] DINING ROOM — D»ll, «e*.t Ma.dar. Reservation* advisable NAtional 6-1288 PACIFIC DRIVE-IN THEATRES TU-OTY omvc -iN U» » 1 John Wayne - Dean Martin - Ricky Nelson "RIO BRAVO" in Color Co-Hit — "Forbidden Island" Color PY 6-0777 Show Daily 6:30 P.M. BASELINE emrvc-iN ZUillnttm . CL 84134 Clifton Webb - Dorothy McOuire "REMARKABLE MR. PENNYPACKER" Color Co+lit — "Ride, Vaquero" New York Stocks NEW YORK (UPD—Profit taking in coppers, oils, leading steels, and leading chemicals today marred what might have been a new high record for industrial shares. i Big demand centered again on the electronics. Selected autos got a good lift and so did some of the aircrafts and airlines. A long list of special issues moved up sharply. The star performers were Chrys ler and Ford in the autos. North American Aviation and Martin Co. in the aircrafts, American Airlines and TWA in the airlines, Foster Wheeler in the oil equipments, and General Controls in the electronics. Philadelphia & Reading was the strong feature of the specials. Softness in oils reflected uncertainties over workability of import controls. Coppers fell on lower prices for the mental in London and in the New York futures market. Du Pont fell off more than a point and Eastman a point. American Telephone eased from its high which showed a rise of more than a point. Dow-Jones final stock averages: 30 industrials 610.87, off 1.82; 20 railroads 164.07, up 0.40; 15 utilities 94.70, up 0.13, and 65 stocks 211.40, off 0.21. Sales today were about 4,530,000 shares compared with 4,730,000 shares Tuesday. Dow-Jones Stock Averages High Low Close Clings 30 Inds 617.15 609.14 610.87 off 1.82 20 Rrs 165.39 163.40 164.07 up 0.40 I5Utk 95.07 94.19 94.70 up 0.13, 65 Stks 213.22 210.94 211.40 off 021 li Meat Acllre Slock, (Dow-J.nes Service. Cannesr Letter, Ryona m Co.! IS W. SUIe Volume Cloie Chne I05.SOO Bodd SJ«i +1H 90,100 Area .1.1 s . - 1. S3JUW Chrjrslrr +l»w 55.100 Barronrha _ 4<*t 41.000 Pin..Am. Air IS'. 47/100 Amir. Cable 13'. 4.1.SO0 Brunei - I a, 44,1100 Amer. Motors SO'fc — 44400 St«o>. Pack. _ U»« + >» 42JM Alum. Ltd + i. Strauss Snagged In Wide Range Of Issues WASHINGTON (UPD — Pres ident Eisenhower's nomination of Adm. Lewis L. Strauss as secretary' "f commerce was snagged today in a set of issues ranging from last year's nuclear program to next year's census. Strauss, who would like his ten tative appointment to the Cabinet made definite, returned for his second day of testimony before the Senate Commerce Committee Indications were that the hearings would continue for at least several weeks. Chairman Warren G. Magnuson (D-Wash.) said he expected tc question Strauss today' on merchant marine matters, plans for conducting the i960 population census, and the Coast and Geodetic Survey. He said these were among "public policy matters" on which the committee wanted the former Atomic Energy Commission chairman's views. 'We want to get these policy items out of the way before we get into personal matters," Mag nuson said. Personal matters included opposition to the Strauss nomination already announced by Sens. Estcs Kefauver tD-Tcnn.) and Eugene J. McCarthy <D-.\Iinn.) because of events and policies during t h c AEC chairmanship he vacated last year. Strauss has been serving as commerce secretary since November under a recess appointment. He volunteered Tuesday to testi/y every day next week to hasten completion of the hearings. But Magnuson said the committee had other business. Poultry and Eggs LOS ANGELES, Mar. IS (UPIi—Ell): Wholesale uncandled to producer graded for size 40 per cent grade AA large 37(4-33. AA medium 33V4-34 1 .,. AA small 33'i. Candled to retailers f.o.b. distributor plants delivered l'i cents higher: AA extra large 46'i-48li. A extra large 44<i-46>i, AA large 4u'i-43'4. A large 3G~i-38'i. B large 32'4-33H. AA medium 36'i-M 1 .*!. A medium 32'j-35>x, AA small 30'.j-34',i. A small 28'1-30'.,. Prices to consumers in cartons: Grade AA large 45-59, A large 45-55. A A medium 51-55, A medium 47-52. AA small 42-49, A small 41-43. Poultry: Fryers at ranch 18-31, caponette* fryers at ranch 22-25. light type hens 8-10, hens cross 11-12. Citrus Market LOS ANGELES, Mar. 18 (UPI)— Representative prices by size and grade all orange auction markets: 56s 72s 88s First grade .3.71 3.59 3.47 Second grade 2.71 2.66 2.71 113s 138s 163s First grade .3.45 3.17 3.20 Second grade .2.72 2.78 2.90 Trend: Steady. NEW YORK (UPD—Citrus: • California Navels: 13 cars, opened lower, closed higher, half boxes $4.46. Gen. Lemnitzer Nominated For Army Chief Staff WASHINGTON (UPI) — President Eisenhower today nominated new Army chief of staff, Gen. Lyman L. Lemnit2er, to replace Gen. Maxwell D. Taylor. At the same time, Eisenhower nominated Gen. Nathan F. Twi ning, an Air Force officer, for reappointment as chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, a post he has occupied since Aug. 15, 1957. Adm. Arleigh A. Burke was nom- nated for reappointment to a two- year term as chief of naval operations and Gen. Thomas D. White for reappointment for two years as Air Force chief of staff. White House Press Secretary' James C. Hagerty said that Taylor had informed Defense Secretary Neil H. McElroy that he did not want to be reappointed when his present term as army chief exnires June 30. Hagerty said Taylor definitely was not being dropped from the chiefs of staff because he opposed cuts in the size of the Army. Lemnitzer, 59 a native of Hones dale. Pa., is now serving as vice chief of staff of the Army. He has been in that post since July. 1957. During 3fiCQ %'Va£i )POarId War II. he accompanied Gen .Mark Clark on his secret submarine mission to negotiate with the French in North Africa. Taylor on June 30 will complete four years as Army chief of staff. When Eisenhower named him to the post in 1955. he did not limit him to a two-year term, but Lemnitzer's appointment today was for a specific two years. Burke has served two two-year terms as chief o' naval operations beginning Aug. 5, 1953. White was named Air Force chief of staff July 1, 1957. to succeed Twining who was elevated to chairmanship of the joints chiefs. Quick Thinking Sitter Saves Children From Fire Quick thinking on the part of a teenage baby sitter was credited today with saving the children in her charge from barm when fire broke out in the home and getting help to hold damage to a minimum. Firemen were called at 8:29 p.m. to the Kenneth Jacobs residence at 910 Las Feliz drive. When they arrived they found a bedroom completely, ablaze and the home full of smoke. They soon extinguished the fire and kept it from spreading to the other parts of the home. * They quoted Sandy Bacotte. 14, as saying she was baby sitting! with Kenneth 7H and Robert 5, while Mr. and Mrs Jacobs were out to dinner. She had sent Robert to prepare for bed while she and Kenneth watched TV. Firemen said they learned that Robert found a match and in lighting it the head flipped off onto Anti-Inflation Enquiry Set In Motion WASHINGTON (UPI)—The administration today set in motion its anti-inflation inquiry under Vice President Richard M. Nixon. Dr. W. Allen Wallis, an econ omist at the University of Chicago, was to be sworn in at the White House as executive vice chairman of the President's Cabinet "Committee on Price Stability for Economic Growth." Some Republicans have been fretting at failure of the commit tee to get set up faster. As its chairman and the GOP presidential frontrunner for 1960, Nixon is handling an issue critical for himself and. his party. Democrats on Capitol Hill have prepared their own investigation of inflation. The congressional Joint Economic Committee headed by Sen. Paul H. Douglas (Dm.) is ready to turn to the broad gauged inflation study requested by Senate Majority Leader Lyn don B. Johnson (D-Tex.). Eisenhower on Jan. 31 established the seven-member special committee and gave Nixon his first formal executive post The White House later said the group would study the problem of how- to maintain reasonable price stability as an essential basis for achieving a high and sustainable rate on economic growth." You'll Find a Ready Market Thru Fast-Acting Facts Classified Ads Jewelry Stolen In Hollywood HOLLYWOOD (UPI) — Policel today sought thieves who stole jewelry and jade valued at $100,000 from the home of Egyptian- born film director Fouad Aref. The .33-year-old Aref, brought here by the late Cecil B. DeMille. said the valuables taken included four watches worth between $80C and $15,000. Also included in the loot was a $10,000 decoration from the late Ibn Saud of Saudi Arabia and s gem-encrusted ring bearing the face of an Arab sheik valued at $10,000. 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(UPD-Firc which swept a five-story warehouse containing farm and industrial chemicals caused an estimated one million dollars damage here early today. The blaze, alternately controlled and repeatedly erupting again, still was raging in the ruined warehouse 10 hours after it was discovered. In addition, to other chemicals, the Woodbury Chemical Co. warehouse contained a 75,000 gallon container of deadly gas. Firemen said the tank of poisonous gas was "well protected," but because of it they remained outside the building, playing their hoses on the exterior. TREASURE HOUSE Your unused furniture or appliances vA\\ find a ready market through Classified Ads. Traffic Board Has Four Items On Agenda The City Traffic commission has four items on its published agenda for tomorrow's monthly 2 p.m. meeting in the City Council chambers. Listed in the following order are: ' —Engineer's office to present study and recommendation on a request for a stop sign at the intersection of Allcsandro road and Carob street —Discussion of a blind intersection at Lugonia and Judson where orange trees block view of vehicles travelog south on Judson. -Request for relocation of parking stalls on Fourth street because cars overhang and block driveway entrance. —Discussion of the inadequacy of railroad crossing warning system at the Santa Fe tracks on Church street. Drunk Bike Ban Voted SACRAMENTO (UPI) — A bill outlawing drunk bicycle riding has won the approval of an Assembly committee. The Criminal Procedure Committee approved and sent to the floor a measure authored by Assemblyman Louis Francis (R-San Mateo) which would apply drunk and reckless driving penalties to bicycle riding. at BURGESS & WHITE'S Prices Effective Mir. 19, 20, 21 NESTLES QUICK CHOCOLATE 95* -45* 2%-Lb. can.. 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