The Ottawa Herald from Ottawa, Kansas on May 5, 1959 · Page 8
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The Ottawa Herald from Ottawa, Kansas · Page 8

Ottawa, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 5, 1959
Page 8
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8 »e OTTAWA. HERALD Tuesday, May 5, 1950 Feel Soviets Will Go Slowly, To Avoid War By JAMES MARLOW Associated Press Newi Analyst WASHINGTON (AP) — What is the likelihood of war with the Communist world any- time soon? And where, since communism is 'dedicated to conquering the earth, will the Soviets and Red Chinese do their pushing? The State Department has provided careful answers to both questions. It doesn't rule out some shooting on e limited scale, if the Communists think it worth the price and the danger. But the department says: for the foreseeable future it is likely the Soviets and Red Chinese will •void all-out war and try to push their programs by political, eco- nomia and psychological means. . The State Department gave written answers to a series of questions from the Senate's Disarmament subcommittee. Although the department is optimistic about avoiding a world My Feet Always Get Stepped On By FRANCIS STILLEY ;NEW .YORK (AP)-lt's a big mystery to me, but for some rea son people are always stepping on my to3s. Literally, I mean. My feet seem to have a strange attraction for other people's feet. .1 can get a shoeshine and" in no time at all — crunch — somebody has clumped onto my brogans, leaving a big smudge, if no wounded toes. Even without a fresh shine, I •till get it. But I have found by dint of lengthy investigation and observation that the pedal .collisions come faster after a polish sometimes in less than a minute. : My "foot size has'nothing to do with it, because I wear an insignificant 7'i shoe. . Anybody ought to be able to miss anything that unail. Few do. Even my good wife is an of fender. My. feet are not sacred even in my own home. She can be standing 10 feel away and the next thing I know she, too, has stepped on them. . . • • And my two youngsters have unerring aim. Still, I get it from all sides. In the office, on the street, just anywhere. I must be jinssd. The problem is, what to do? I could sit on my feet, but there) would be times when this would prove something of an inconvenience. I could quit wearing shoes. This, too, would have its drawbacks, and doubtless broken toes. . Perhaps equip my shoes with spikes. I'd get sued, sure as anything. Keep my feet in my pockets? Nice trick. I'd even try that if I could be sure somebody would unravel me afterward. Well, there you are, and here am I, scuffed shoes, sore toes, and all.. Maybe somebody knows the answer I don't. I think I know now why those knights of old wore those armor- plated suits — and shoes. war, it said enough to show it ex pects this country to have its hands full trying to cope with the Red bloc for years to come. One thing the department made clear: it is satisfied that Premier Nikita Khrushchev, having eliminated his rivals, is undisputed boss of the Soviet Union and that therefore the political situation there should be stable for years. It Is ironic that just a few days jefore the May 11 meeting at Geneva-^between the Western and Soviet foreign ministers to talk about troubles in Europe—the de partment should be anticipating no end of trouble from the Communist bloc around the world. This is the picture. So long as the West remains as well armed as the Soviets — and therefore could make all-out war unendur able — there isn't likely to be a general war. But the Soviets' main thrust will probably continue to be in the un der-developed countries, with main emphasis on the Middle 2ast, where anti-Western feeling and native Communist help gives he Soviets hope for takeover. Latin America and particularly the newly emerging countries of Africa will probably become in creasingly important targets of Moscow's political-economic offen sive. The department added: "In Eu rope the basic Soviet objective is consolidation of Moscow's contro in Eastern Europe and reduction of Western military strength, par ticularly that of the United States "Soviet policies there for the foreseeable future will thus be aimed at tightening Moscow's grip on what it has and depriving the west of its advantage there rathe than at direct Soviet expansion although they will also seek t force the West from its position in Berlin." Ag for the Red Chinses: For th immediate future the most likely form of Chinese Communist ex pansion is continued effort to. in crease political and economic in fluence, especially in Southeas Asia, through trade offensives subversion and political pressure The department seems les hopeful that the Red Chinese wi refrain from shooting. It said: "An attack could o course take place anywhere along the perimeter of Communist-con Ask Khrushchev About US Fliers WASHINGTON (AP) -Nikita {hrushchev himself has been isked what happened to II Ameri an airmen whose plane went own over 7 Soviet Armenia last >eptember. U.S. Ambassador Llewellyn Thompson discussed the matter with the Soviet premier Monday >n orders from President Eisenhower. Details of their discussions were not made public. But presidential iress secretary James C. Hagerty aid, "The ambassador's repre- entatioh dealt particularly with he President's concern for the ate of the, 11 members of the crew who are still missing and un accounted for." ! ( .5eventeen men were aboard the inarmed C130 transport 'plane when, this country alleges, it was shot down Sept. 2 by Soviet fighter olanes near the Turkish border The plane admittedly was off course and inside Soviet territory. The Soviets returned six bodies o American authorities. They ,in sist they don't know what hap jened to the rest of the crew They denied attacking the plane Three months ago the U.S. government made public a diamatic tape recording of what it said were radio voices of Soviet fighter trolled territory in Asia." Underwood's Trenching - Backhoe Speeiaj Low Prices Guaranteed Plastic Pipe 1" Plastic Pipe—trench dug and pipe laid — Total price 25c per ft. plus Fittings. %" Plastic Pipe—21c per ft. 1V4 1 ' Plastic Pipe—31c per ft. These prices expire May 30. 1959. Hot Water Heaters, Pumps, Septic Tanks, Laterals Laid, Storm Cellars. Chas. Underwood 1121 N. Main Ph. CH 2-1264 WHAT WOULD t':^ WITHOUT WONDERFUL $5.95 $2.99 QUEEN'S SELF SERVICE SHOES 123 Main, Ottawa 906 Mass., Lawrence pilots as they closed in on the American transport. The Kremlin denounced the tape recording as a farce, a fraud and forgery. Fire Again After Lull Of A Week TAIPEI, Formosa (AP) — "fhe Chinese Communists fired five shells at the Quemoy Islands to- day, breaking a week's lull In th« offshore island artillery war. A Nationalist communique made no mention of casualties or return fire. VULCANIZING Tractor—Tnicli Car Tire* GILLILAND OARAGE R. 4 Pho. 6 Centropolif J. B. MICKEY COMMERCIAL PHOTOGRAPHY Baked by PMIII Hollywood Oalort* Countor and Monu Plannor. WrHot Elaanor Day. ^OO W. Monro* St., Chicago 3, III. • are you still the girl he married? Sweet, linn, trim lines! Keep them today—and th»t vitality, too. Smart wives and mothers serve Hollywood* Special Formula Bread every day. Its Special Formula •contains natural source vitamins and mineral* • from 16 basic vegetables and grains. This extra* : protein bread is better for youngsters, too. Delicunu, too! 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