Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on February 21, 1952 · Page 23
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 23

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 21, 1952
Page 23
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fnone 4600 for a WAJNT AJL) Taker fcVEJNJLNG TIMES, CUMJtJEKLAWl), MU. THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 21, I'WENTY-THKhJE Teachers Powerful Force In Shaping Child's Life BY ANNETTE GREEN NBA Staff Writer NEW YORK—(NEA)—How much time and thought do you give to the ichool teachers? Every day they exert a powerful Influence over your child's development as a mentally healthy individual. In the opinion of Dr. Florence Clothier, noted child psychiatrist and member of the faculty of Har. vard Medical School, "we do nothing to attract able and well-adjusted young men and women into public school teaching. "A neurotic, frustrated or dissatisfied teacher with 30 or 40 children in her class can hardly be expected to make up to those children for other deficiencies in their lives." When you recall the teachers who have stayed in your memories over the years, it is because of what they taught you, or the impression they ;ttiade as a personality? Your answer is the key to the type of person you should want to guide your child, says Dr. Clothier. , Teachers share with you the responsibility of building a firm foundation for the life of your youngster, she says. As you know only tpo well, all chi'dren try to be exactly like the adults who are important to them. In the confusion "of today's living, it is easy to follow the wrong standards. ; And no teacher who is emotionally unstable can possibly hide the fact from her students, Df. Clothier points out. Children grasp the pretenses of grown-ups more quickly than is sometimes believable. ; Dr. Clothier also feels that schools •and teachers are falling down tn the methods of presenting knowledge. "Teachers should teach children, not courses." It's reasonable and human that itll children'are not going to be able i to understand all subjects. But, ' then, who, can? She asks. ; Facts and skills should be taught ' with an understanding of how they , urill contribute to the whole per•; tonality development. If a child floes not get satisfaction out of the tasks he is asked to perform, the outcome can never be satisfactory. Too few parents, Dr. Clothier believes, takes the education of their children seriously. Many think school is established as nothing more than a convenience to keep the youngsters occupied while they grow up. Then there's the old enigma of the report card. Often, so much emphasis is placed on these term-end marks, children have actually been known to develop a neurosis about bringing the cards home for judge- ment, Dr. Clothier assert-. One of the greatest obligations that teachers owe to their students, Dr. Clothier stresses, "is to stimulate the individual, from kindergarten to the university, to accept his social responsibilities and equip him with the knowledge and skills to carry them out. "Education should help a child to discover useful work suited to his capacities,'' stresses Dr. Florence Clothier, prominent, in the field of child psychiatry. "Adjustment to reality is an active process, not merely a passive acceptance." In our changing world, everything must be' done by teachers and parents to prepare the younger generation for the demands that certainly will be made upon it. According to Dr. Clothier, "it must be the goal of the psychiatrist, the educator, and the parent to set every child free to develop to the limits of his potentialities for his own satisfaction and for the good of the community." German Drafted Into U. S. Army DARMSTADT, Germany— (JP) — Young Peter Fleck, who used to wear the blue-gray of the German Luftwaffe, is back in uniform again — this time it's American olive drab. .Fleck, 23, was yanked into the Luftwaffe air defenses when he was 15. Because of his youth and be- causr his service was "auxiliary" Flee* *seaped life in a," prisoner of war camp. . Last May Peter got permission and went to the United States to the home of his cousin, Arthur Fleck, of Lindenhurst, Long .Island. But Selective Service reached out soon and last Augtist Peter found himself at Ft. Knox, Ky r Soon after training he headed for the TJ. S. 1st Division and duty in his homeland. He says military service is a small price to pay for American citizenship. Car Kills Centenarian TEL AVIV — (fl>)— Aharon Man- surer had just celebrated his 105th birthday in good health when he was knocked down and killed by a hit-and-run bus driver. WISH ING Registered U. S. Patent Office. 3 A 4 U & I 5 O % E & ' N 4 A 6 A 5 V ± N 3 'A & Y & A i T 2 G 3 U 7 G 6 R 4 T 6 H i R 7 R. 8 U 4 S 2 Y i Y '/ R <J I 4 V 2 A 6 L 7 O i F 'i T 3 T 8 Y 6 I 3 I 8 L 7 F is I 7 N 3 K 5 E 8 S 4 K •t N 4 G a u 7 E • 4 R 2 B 3 L 6 M 7 T 2 E 5 L 7 L 6 F 7 D 8 G i> L t E 8 0" 3 S 7 0 8 A 5 A 3 B 6 M 4 0 8 0 4 W 2 V 3 E V U 4 L 7 A •i I 8 P 6 O '/ O 4 O 5 Y 5 O 6 D 3 C i E 8~ E 2" U 8 S H ERE is » pleasant little game that will give you a message every day. It is a numerical puzzle designed to spell out your fortune. Count the letters in your first name. If the number of letters is 6 or more, subtract 4. If the number is less than 6, add 3. The result is your key number. Start at the upper left-hand corner of the rectangle »nd check every one of your key numbers, left to right. Then te»4 the message the letters under the checked figures give you. t, list, by WlllUm 3. HlUtr. DUtrlbuUd by Kill return. Inc.2*21 Answer to Previous Puzzle Buggy Bit VERTICAL 1 Father 2 Asiatic lake 3 Biblical name 4 Hebrew ascetic 11 Young sheep (pl.) 13 Tidy 19 Prominence 22 Donkey 33 Stud with stars 24 Nobleman 25 American wild plum HORIZONTAL 1,6 Little i stinger J12 Ascended H Ester of oleic acid 115 Fire worshiper 5 Scottish ! 16 Lashing shecpfold 117 Winglike parts 8 Pistol cases : 18 Beast of 1 Palm leaf burden 8 Hurl anew 20 Exclamation 9 Brad 21 Marks down 10 Volcano !24 Prussian city ''27Frecklyskin pigmentation 31 Room recess 32 Afghan princes 34 Stomach 35 King (Fr.) 36 Alluvial matter on land surface 37 Malt drink 38 Escritoire 40 Some insects are with stingers 42 Caddoan Indian 44 Rent ' 47 By means of wine (comb form) 48 Notion 52 Medieval Spanish kingdom 1*4 This— •- 1 builds a house of paperlike matter «6 Hindu gardener 57 Sanctified person 58 Scoffs TO Masculine p» A c; 1 f= Y \ A M E= S B E K. O P E s 1 K A N T O R 1 N & S S A, O T B A L. S E C S E P l_ T A T 1 I T E S l_ 1 1 T 0 c A T 1 „ T '//,•' 3> d A N N A T U R E S L. O p. tr R M 1 M fi C !Z A P yz T e A 0 T 1 y R 1 C 1 P u E A A O M A G O 13 E A T 1 S •} ^ = ;> = R E M E R A l_ rp B R G B N e R A V l_ E S •=; i_ 0 O T E P 26 Levantine ketch 28 Mohammedan priest 29 Storm 30 Was indebted 33 Genus of rodents 39 foot fly 41 Dried grape 43 Blackbirds of cuckoo family 44 Scottish caps 45 Algerian seaport 46 Chest rattle 49 Depression 50 External (comb, form) 51 Solar disk 53 Over (contr.) 55 National aeronautic association (ab.) 15 31 J5T 38 25 Zt> appellation 14 52 56 IS 33 31 3b 53 33 r/ 27 14 11 57 8 20 18 10 28 Z9 37 30 19 50 Scout Ranks Win Approval Pour Boy Scouts have been approved for advancement in rank by a Cumberland district Board of Review which also said that seven merit badges will be awarded. Kent Smith and Neal Smith ol 'entre Street Methodist Church Troop 4,'qualified for advancement from Star to Life Scout; Eugene Rexroad, Forty-Niners' Club of La Vale Methodist Church Troop 10, and Charles Norris, Troop 4, were approved, for advancement to Second Class Scout. Gary Williams, St. Luke's Lutheran Church Troop 1. was approved for a merit badge in safety; Neal Smith, Ti-cop 4. athletics and first aid, and Kent Smith, Troop 4, personal health. Three boys of LaVale Baptist Church Troop 11 were approved for merit badges. They are Ronnie Ei- sentrout, art; Donald Davidson and James Eisentrout, carpentry. Presiding at the Board of Review was John L. Towler, district advancement chairman, assisted by Robert Huck, comciitteeman. Towler said the boys would receive awards at a Court of Honor which will be held sometime in May. jS. N. Ro§enbaum Named Red Cross Fund Chairman •>* Stuart N. Rosenbaum, The Dingle, is the new Classified Section chairman of the 1952 fund campaign for Allegany County Chapter, Red Cross. His appointment was announced yesterday by James S. Getty, drive chairman. The Classified Section involves solicitation of employes from business establishments of five or more workers. The national goal Is $35,000,000, and the campaign begins March 3. John and Samuel Adams of revolutionary fame were 'second cousins. Blood Replacing Method Described ST. LOOTS— (INS) —A blood replacement technique which has cut the American mortality rate from massive hemorrhages caused by peptic ulcers was recently described In St. Louis. Dr. Claude E. Welch of Boston, a surgeon on the faculty of Harvard Medical School, and Dr. Cyril Costello, medical director of St. Louis j City Hospital, told of the technique which now Is being used throughout the country. It consists of employing massive blood replacement to counteract effects of hemmorrhaging. With this treatment, surgery can be avoided in most cases, and if surgery is later necessary the patient has had a chance to build up his resistance, overcome shock and thus gain a much better chance of surviving the operation. Dr. Costello said the mortality rate from massive hemorrhages has been reduced at his hospital from 25 per cent to 6.7 per cent since early 1946. Dr. Welch reported a 10 per cent reduction at the Massachusetts General Hospital. The surgeons credit the massive replacement of blood by the establishment of regular • blood banks'in hospitals. Before this practice became routine it usually was impossible to provide the patient with enough transfusions to enable him to recover or to prepare him for an operation. Price Gougers Caught SINGAPORE — (IP) — Police are aiding housewives in their war against sky-high prices for vegetables. In two days police arrested 90 shopkeepers on charges of failing to display price tags on their merchandise and then charging exorbitant prices. Super Salesman Sells Iceboxes To Eskimos ANCHORAGE, Alaska— (#)— The super-salesman who sells Iceboxes i to eskimos is not just a myth. H. A. Faroe, proprietor of the Northern Supply Co.. recently sold six 11 -cubic-foot food freezers here where temperatures drop to 60 degrees below zero. The freezers are in i demand for storage of moose meat. \ HEW 2 PIECE SUITE IN LOVELY FRIEZE FABRICS RED AND GR5EN ONLY New Kroehler design that is priced well within the reach of Modest ' budgets, yet furniture, that you can own with pride, and use with satisfaction. Ask us about it! CUSTOMER PARKING LOT ... You are invited to park your car on this lot free of charge. It is maintained especially for the accommodation of our customers. NOW... SAVE More dollars on your car with SEARS SAFTI-CAP TIRES .45 9 600x14* • Retreoded from Sidewoll to Side wall— Not Merely a Top Cop • Made with X-41° Cold Rubber for Longer Tread Life • Triple Guaranteed for 6 Months, in Writing • Buy SAFTI-CAP Tires on Sears Easy Payment— 10% Down * and your old recappofe/e cosing ALL TIRES MOUNTED,..NO EXTRA CHARGE 1.10 Allstate dose-mesh refills fit most cars. Remove dtrt, grit from oil stream. A buy! Allstate Floor Mats 3.15 up cor Interior. Slock rubber mot has thick felt - backing. A buy! New Spark Plugs 49c CO. New Allstate plugs made w{ih pyrn- luml Replace >o- day for new power, gas economy. Plastic Seat Covers 2 or 4-Door Sedans. Reg. 21.50 1695 Fortified Motor Oil Hat Cleaning Additive AlUtate, 10-qt 1166 Cleanj as it lubricate, for smoother ^^ installation on finely tailored plastic seat covers. Wear longer powered performance. Big value ot ar "d fit smoother ... at, this low price! Choice of many attractive thi« price. All SAE grodej available, patterns, colorfs. Models for niost cars at similar savings. S 179 Baltimore St. Cumberland, Md. Sden/ey makes every taste better! . . , because it'i the best-tasting whiskey in agei BLENDED WHISKEY 86 PROOF. 65% GRAIN NEUTRAL SPIRITS. SCHENLfY DISTRIBUTORS, INC., NEW VORK, H. McCRORY'S FEBRUARY VALUES New Shipment Just Received! Toddlers Polo Shirts Durene combed yarn. Stripes and [acquard designs. Crew neck and short sleeves. Sizes 1 to 6x. A REGULAR 79c VALUE! A Real Savings At Tfiis Price/ Sfocfc Up Now For Summer/ 2 for 89c Children's Cotton PANTIES Combed cotton with double crotch. Sizes 2 to 6. 5 Regular 25c Value PAIRS FOR $] .00 Children's Boxer DUNGAREES Sturdy and extra well made. Long wearing for rough wear. Sizes 3 to 6. 98 C Schrafft's Choc. Covered Cherries $i 1Q Ib. lalU box MCRORYS 5-10-2&< S T 0 n E Jelly Filled Cherries 29c lb

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