The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 10, 1936 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 10, 1936
Page 9
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THURSDAY, DKCEMBFR 10, 1930 ? BIATHRV1LLE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Neat and Clean' Is Quins' Watchword! i '"V \, tB?- 111 103C, NT V Smlci Inc Mmhliiie poicelam ivasli-stands provide ideal fncllUlcs for the quins ablutions, and lioies Einille demonstrating wim lull it all Is Quins Learns Orderliness by Patting Clothes Away; Enjoy Their Small Duties This is. the third of a series of five new stories written by Dr. Allan Roy Dafoe, physician lo the Dionne quintuplets, exclusively for NBA Service arid Courier Newb, under i renened arrange jnent. * • « By ALLAN ROY DAFOE ,M. D., O: B, "E. (Copyright, 1036, NBA'Service, Inc.) CALLANDER, ont—Much of the quins' present program is directed toward teaching lake care ol themselves. There is'no intention to make them into ""Jittle ladies," -waited on hand 'and foot, for-that is not a propel- training for life. . In every ( possible «ay, the children, are tiiisht to look to their own \\ants, ind to assume duties ind rcspoiv bibilities ' 1 ' -JFor_mstan[.e, thry are rap'dls getting.the knack of washing thenv sel\es combing their own lian, and hanging np their own combs and towels m the appointed places when finished. hooks and closet shelves : reserved for ench girl we placed a symbol, easily identifiable. For Yvonne, a bird, for Annette a maple leaf Ce cite, a turkey; Einille, a' tulip, and Marie, a dog. KNOW THEIR SYMBOLS Now,.though.they, would not have been able to read their names thc> readily Identify the symbols, and ulace their things where they b"- long, after using them. In the shoe closet adjoining tliS bathroom, we- insist on the c same kind of orderliness \\ith all the shoes of one type placed neatlj in a row on their own; shelf. Over the fhe littie comparlment clothes closets adjoining Hie nurserj, the same symbols have .been placed. This same orderliness is sought, and" fins same sense of ' Drjliuj her hands on hci own towel, Einille grins ; happily. table, and tlie nurse says (in French, of course) "Annette, go over .ami get some more milk If sou please,' tlie child addressed does so without hesitation HELP IN DAII;Y ROUTINE It is quite clear that llicy understand perfectly any simple instructions given them, or stories. told them, and their education in helpfulness Is already beginning to beai Their growing iindeistandln» and fruit 5 their abilitj and willingness to help simplifies greatly the dailj loiiline The go to bed at 7 and almost alwajs drop oft to sleep immediately A nurse nl«a>s sleeps with them, but she 11 awakened oiilj rarelj when one of the children raises the try familiar to all parents of 'I want a drink 1 But by 6 30 a m one or another of the little girk is clamoring foi action awakening- the nurse, who gets the chill oft the room before the chilihen get up to diess Each na\\ gets her codlhcr oil t"l Ulthl 1*1* M.A Si i vi> ki~. Colij.lBhl, 1930 M.v S.I Moo tic T ^ ^ w " '>'/"*•?"«'». '-3m '-•"', "?"&&•'<>%. "v "/; f,t^\ '?, ,A tl, •KiS » must be right, so Enilllc tnkcs n turn at her Mack hnli Ihe comb will lt| blllti, in the requirement'that lojs for-outdoor plaj be taken from their, storehouse bj the girls when they begin their outdoor plaj hour, and replaced carefully when the period is'over. Th , , 1 ne growing comprehension of Ihis presented something of a the quint, is well illustrated at ta- xibleni Since the iittlp cnric An hit. Tim™ *!.„. . ». . problem Since the little not lead marking their do special places for hanging utensils was not ble, iihere thej scr\e theniieHes from n side-table to which their food Is dehveied through a half- door leading to the pantrj and kit- Then we hit on a plan which | Chen has worked quite well Above the I But If something runs short at "° casy • WANT TO BUY CORN SOY BEANS CRAWFORD & COPPEDGB GIN CO. Highway IS - Phone 331 and orange juice, which has 'become just a loutine so dimly Is (he Mbit impressed on the children. ..They-have taken this'-beneficial "aiUncial sunlight' from their earliest days, and to them it. clearly docs not.taste :bad. ' ENJOY TIIEIK' BATH The clilldren then play in thslr plajroom while the nurses breakfast at 7, easily keeping an eje on the children through the French cloois At 7 30 the qutns get their fiist bnth The bathroom, a large light room, opens oil their sleep- Ing room There Is one largo tub in the center and the children still use it two at, a time In \nrjlna or dei Thej iun about and enjoy them- All ncnl mid clean! Now (o IUIHK up (he combl Emlllc, llko hftf i>Wt'i8, believes lu "a place Coi cvciylhlng, everything in iLs plnc^ Cold Weather Coining! Don't take rtnnces, let Ui' nil your radiator with > , -i PRESTONE OR PUROT, ANTI-FREEZG We also stock Alcohol and other Antl-Frctze; Russell K. Man- Pure Oil Sen ice Station. Phone 301 . • sehcs just like little nnlmals nnd then dress in theh da> clothing, silk dresses or the like, At 8 lliey have their breakfast In a room leading dlreUlj oil the bathi'oom, helping i to serve them- sdics with the egg strip of bi con giucl, biscuits and milk Thej haic become accustomed lo Inking care of natural needs shortly thereafter, About 0, they dress 1 fov the outdoor play period, helping lo don the hoaiy \\oolui clothing Hint Is a necessary protection,', the little ovcrcoals and hoods. They walk lo Ihe ptnjground, vhcic thej anuiie IhcinscUes with linpiomptu spoil IM.AC1-: TO "WAH5I Hi'" Tliero Is h coal «tove mid lire In Ihe "dicsslng room" where n 10 lojs me kept, nt one side of Ihe plajBioundi, so If nny of the chll- (Conllnucd on Pago 12) Hntkcr Sen Ice Gns Ol'KN ALL NIGHT , PHILLIPS SERVICE CENTER . Phones 177 - 810 Sing"hi-ho" tonight without an oh! oh!" tomorrow! Keep tomorrow on your mind tonight... and you won't have tonight on your mind tomorrow! Be wise... listen to experience. Buy better whiskey . . . call for CALVERT blended whiskey. Enjoy it—in moderation. Get vip without leeling "down"... in the morning! Call for CALVERT! "My boy," advises father Hipp, "Be guided by an oldster's tip— Tomorrow's always what you make it; So call for CALVERT, and wisely take ill" [Another Scoop- Just in Time for Christmas Special Purchase Of 30 Modernistic Bedroom SUITES ONLY - ... While Then Lust y- IN YULETIDE QIFT PACKAqES! Excellent gifts, full of the perfect Christmas "spirit," with space for your personal greeting. CLEAR HEADS CALL FOR Calverl WHISKIES for one of these beautiful 3-Piece Suites consisting <pf Vanity Dresser, High Chest of Drawers and Low Bed - - - - Latest style with large round mirror on the Vanity Dresser. The bed is very low and modern in its design. These suites are beauti- v ' • """ fully decorated and finished, and NOW you can get one ol these fine Suites at this low price just in time to surprise the family for Christmas. HUBBARD FURNITURE CO. Half Down and Half Next Fall With Small Carrying Charge If Wanted. Blytheville,Ark.

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