Ukiah Daily Journal from Ukiah, California on July 12, 1974 · Page 5
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Ukiah Daily Journal from Ukiah, California · Page 5

Ukiah, California
Issue Date:
Friday, July 12, 1974
Page 5
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-1' Your today, tomorrow by the stars For8atarday,Julyl3 By SYDNEY OMARR • Scorpio is aware of envy — tastes it and enjoys it and uses and manipulates it. Scorpio can be noble, gracious and a fighter for the underdog. But Scorpio wants to call the shots and, yes, be a big shot, too. Scorpio en- Joys sensing envy in others and accepts Jealousy as a part of the game, the nature, of the beast, natural, not desirable or obnoxious, just something that is and which cannot be ignored. Scorpio anticipates a look, a feeling — gets under the skin and knows what makes someone ''eat his or her. heart out." The jealousy game is played well by Scorpio. And the native is willing to take the falls as well as the victories — it is not how you play the game, but whether you win or lose. That is not a Scorpio credo, but the native can appreciate and express humor at the ap-. pellation. "The CBJ Movie" at 9, 1970's "Thel starring Waj mastermim steal priceh Vatican. Friday Night m. EDT screens Vatican Affair," r Pidgeon as the hind a scheme to treasures of the "NBC Friday Night at the Movies" at9 p.m. EDT screens 1988's "ThtNigKl They Raided Minsky's/lwith Jason Robards, Britt EkJand and Bert Lahr. Old-time burlesque gets a lift when the striptease is introduced. fortable. Do it and don't harbor guilt feelings. You have right to take easier path. Work for sake, of work is not your cup of tea and is foolish.; Improve nutritional intake. CAPRICORN (Dec. 22 - Jan. 19): Accent is on creativity, children, relations with "special .person." You come' alive. Personal magnetism soars. You might win popularity contest. Applies especially within family circle. All is forgiven and you have hero status, at least temporarily. AQUARIUS (Jan. 20 - Feb. 18): Accent on home, property, end of matters. Check loose wires. Be specific. Refine techniques. Avoid self- deception. Deal with Pisces and Virgo. Real estate values should be of interest. Genuine bargain may be beckoning. PISCES (Feb. 19-March 20): Message contains information that could lead to money, prestige, added pressure and responsibility.. Fate appears to play games. Keep sense of balance, — and humor. Capricorn individual figures in significant way. IF TODAY IS YOUR BIRTH' DAY you are independent, capable of taring for people in trouble—you were on your own at a relatively early age. You are not a follower — you lead and get involved in causes, popular and otherwise. December will see you taking steps up ladder. Aquarius, Leo and Scorpio people play important roles in your life. You are loyal, persistent and can succeed in a business of your own. ARIES (March 21 • April 19): Accent is on review of assets, ability to collect what is due; deal from . position of knowledge. Family member will make claims concerning costs and purchases. Do your homework. Be able to speak up in authoritative manner. Keep peace at home, but also stick to principles. TAURUS (April 20 - May 20): Lunar . cycle is' high; take initiative. Make new starts in new directions. Refuse to be shunted to back seat. Speak up; assert views in positive manner. You will be at right place at fight time with necessary credentials. GEMINI (May 21 - June 20): Accent is on glamor, mystery, out-of-way places. Promote illusion. Don't tell all you know. Keep some facts to yourself. Hole card must not be revealed. Capricorn, Cancer persons are in picture and you learn valuable lessons. CANCER (June 21 - July 22): Spotlight is on how you respond to member of opposite sex. You find that persons who appeared indifferent are actually very much'concerned. Your base of appeal broadens. More p«ople become conscious of wh<) you are and where you want to go. LEO (July 23 - Aug. 22/: You get recognition. You receive love. You express affection in positive manner. Obviously, this is a bell-ringef day. Another Leo and a passionate individual figure prominently. Be confident, sure ana direct. VIRGO (Aug. 23 - Sept. 22): Review, plan, perceive potential. . Trust intuition and heed inner voice Travel and learn. Practice another language. Enlarge personal horizons. Become more familiar with the world around you. Aquarian figures prominently. LIBRA (Sep'i 23 - Oct. 22): Look beyond the immediate. Check policies, legacies. You can find way to obtain needed funds. What isj required may be right under (your nose. Investigate. Experiment. Ask. Seek and find. Money affecting partner, mate is spotlighted. SCORPIO {Oct. 23 - Nov. 21) : Partnership, legal ties are featured. If single, there could be marriage talk. Another Scorpio, Leo and Aquarius are likely to be in picture. Your hunches may be slightly off center. Know it and be cautious. , Let others can signals. SAGITTARIUS (Nov., 22 Dec. 21): You find ways of making yourself more com- , Television highlights Friday's Television Highlights By United Press International "Acts of Love —and Other Comedies" on ABC, 8:30 p.m. EDT, is a Mario Thomas special in which the star portrays several worrjen in romantic situations. Sheinwold on bridge Hold up ace at suit contract We ail use the hold-up play at notrump contracts, but we sometimes forget |t at a suit contract. This is like forgetting to get out of the way when the enemy is throwing bricks. A well-aimed brick will do the job just as effectively as a bullet. (In fact, the only time you shouldn't get out of the way is when the enemy is throwing tricks.) North dealer • North -South vulnerable NORTH . , 4 Q J 6 QJ 84 O 953 * A K 3 WEST EAST f K 10 7 4 4 9852 V K5 2 - ^ None 0 14 O KQ.8 6 2 * 87 62 + QJ 10 5 SOUTH ! * A3 9 A 1097 6 3 , ; O A 10 7 1 . + 94 North East South West 1 * 10 \ V Pass 2 Z> Pass 4 9 All Pass Opening lead ~- 0 J When West leads the jack of diamonds against the contract of four hearts, South should refuse to win the first trick. This hold-up play is necessary to assure the contract. See what happens if South wins the first trick. He enters dummy! with a club to try the heart finesse. West wjns.with the king of hearts and leads his other diamond. East is thus put in position to win two diamond tricks. West later gets a spade trick, defeating the contract. Wins Second Trick At the Zoo Now see what happens if South holds up his ace of diamonds at the first trick. West leads the other diamond, and South wins. Declarer enters dummy with a club to, try the heart finesse. West wins with the king of hearts but cannot lead another diamond. East never gets the second diamond trick, for South eventually discards a diamond oh one of dummy's spades . (after trying and losing a spade finesse). At a notrump contract, the hold-up play is'executed to shut out a suit. At a trump contract, the purpose may be just to save one trick. Even one trick is sometimes very important. Daily Question Partner opens with one diamond, and the next player passes. You hold: Spades Q J 6, Hearts Q J 8 4, Diamonds 9 5 3, Clubs A K 3. What do you say? ANSWER: Bid one heart. If partner shows great enthusiasm for hearts, you will accept a heart contract. Otherwise, you will steer a course for three notrump. LUNCH ESCAPE PLEASANTON, Calif. (UPI) — Two Alameda County Jail inmates took advantage of a lunch break Monday —they escaped. Sheriff's deputies said Daryl Freeman, 37, awaiting sentence for burglary, and Gilbert Witherspoon, 27, convicted on a stolen property charge, drove out the main gate in a pickup truck while the gate guard was having lunch. Answer to Previous Puzzle TgTi ACROSS 46Antlered 1 Baby bear animal 4 Place for some 48 Honey maker animals ' 8 Male deer 12 Cuckoo blackbird 13 Adam's son 14 In this place 15 Limited (ab.) 16 Collection of ' animals 18 Fortification moat 20 Greek letter 21 Highways (ab.) 49 4th Islam caliph 51 Meadow 53 Group of lions 57 Tentacfed sea animal 60 place to sleep 61 Entire (German) 62 Feminine name 8 That girl 63 Doctor of Laws 9 Earthquake (ab.) • (Sp.) 22 House addition 64 Indian peasant 10 Dry 24 Diminutive suffix 26 Military unit 30 Person 33 Swiss river 34 Pedal digits 36 Philippine knife 37 Citrus fruit 39 Bristle 41 Small boy 42 Expunge 44 Nocturnal animals (var.) 65 True 66 English cathedral city DOWN 1 Young cow 2 Preposition ' 3 Offers 4 King Arthur's town 5 President's nickname 6 Boy's 32 Gives assent nickname 35 Pierce.with 7 Raise spirits of knife — 38 Compass point 40 Mythical headless animal 43 Slippery 45 Over (contr.) 47 Allude to 49 Slightly open 50 Dutch portrait painter 52 —^dale. , English terrier 54 Adjective suffix 55 Shaded valley 56 Swirl 58 Permit 59 Little (Scot.) 11 Horse commands 17 Philistine city (Bib.) 19 Place 23 Card games 25 Vat 26 Wan 27 Den 28 Burrowing mammal 29 At no time (poet.) 31 Hunting dog (NEWSPAPER ENTERPRISE ASSN.) 1 2 3 4~ 5 6 7 8 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 1 b • 22 1 1 25 ?6 27 28 • 30 31 32 33 • 1 ST • 36 37 38 • 1 r • •< 42 • 45 46 • 1 49 50 • "i • 53 54 55 56 57 58 59 60 61- 62 63 64 65 66 12 ectors will for pests July 15-22 During the weeks of July 15 and 22 state and county; inspectors will be conducting an urban pest detection program in the cities of Fort Bragg, UUah and Willits. The purpose of mis' activity is to inspect plants in the more densely populated areas of the county for the' possible presence of new insect and disease pests according to Ted Erik sen, Jr., Mendocino .County agricultural commissioner. Increasing interstate travel and the revision of border plant quarantine inspection station procedures has increased the necessity of detecting new and serious pests that if introduced into the area could cost large sums of money to attempt to eradicate should they become established in the state or county. "Mendocino County is weU endowed with a beautiful USI YOUR *....:> lANKAMERICARD / OR . MASTERCHARGf •*:* Bissell "Flowergarden' CARPET SWEEPER Reg. 9.97 "7 SALE I Two-way sweeping action cleans and fluffs carpet nap. Thick cushion bumper protects your furniture. B-61 No-Scrub Rug Cleaner SPRAY 'n VAC SALE! 1.79 24-Oz. Spray Can. Cleans rugs deep down ... without scrubbing) Dries in just one hour! Vacuum — and soil is whisked away! Q-13 Schick Plus Platinum INJECTOR BLADES 1.29 VALUE 79 C Pack of 7. For super-smooth shaves! Fit all injector- type razprs. Schick PHIS Platinum Injector* --Hill I" ~l Gillette Shave Cream rTHE HOT ONE" 1.25 VALUE 79* 6V4 -Oz. Aerosol Can. Self- heating shave cream for barber-type shaves! Regular scent. 54832Q selection of native trees and shrubs that if parasitized and destroyed are irreplaceable in our lifetime," says Eriksen. "Also, many other plants of economic and esthetic value have been introduced into home gardens. For example, Oak Wilt could decimate our oak tree population in a few, years if undetected; as could the Gypsy Moth that attacks many urban as well as non-urban trees of various species." When an agricultural inspector, driving a state or county car, who will present an official identification card, knocks at your door requesting" permission to inspect plant life in your yard the state and county departments of agriculture will appreciate your cooperation in helping them with a portion of a very important statewide program, Eriksen concluded. Friday, July 12, 1974 Ukiah Daily Journal, Uklah Callf.-S Sonoma County Fair opens gates SANTA ROSA - All the color and atmosphere of the, traditional county fair springs to life at the fairgrounds in Santa Rosa on Monday, July 15, for the opening of the 38th annual Sonoma County Fair and Exposition. Gates, all buildings and exhibits will open at 10:00 a.m. The event, largest county or district fair in the state, drew 428 ,197 „yisitors last year. The impressive fairgrounds area, which has now been expanded to 183 acres, will offer a varied program of displays and exhibits, "the world's largest flower show," horse racing,' free variety shows, a carnival midway and a pro rodeo. ~~ Premiums being offered for prizes at the fair total nearly $540,000 this year, a new high. Of this, a record amount, $436,248, will be distributed in horse racing purses. It isjhe most ambitious purse program in the history of the fair. Opening day ceremonies are scheduled to be held in the Hall of Flowers, starting at 11:00 a.m. The Sonoma Valley Chorale, of about 70 mixed, voices, will be on hand to sing, under the direction of, Jim Griewe. They will present a varied program of music from early Americana to "Godspell," and will include audience participation in such numbers as "America," and "America the Beautiful." Judging will be going on in various exhibit buildings throughout the day, while post- time for racing is 1:20 p.m. There are free shows in the Redwood Outdoor Theater in the afternoon and evening. The first Redwood Revue will feature Billy Armstrong, ^country fiddler;" singer Kay Austin, and country music star Eddy Fiikano. A highlight of Die. evening program will be the final judging of the F.F.A. Sweetheart contest, starting at 7:00 p.m. in the Redwood Theater. That will be followed by the Redwood Revue augmented by hypnotist Dr. Michael Dean. Both are free fair attractions. Also on the evening program is the Happytime Circus, and the spectacular fireworks show at 9:00 p.m., lighting the sky for the remaining twelve days of the fair. VALUE GIANT A DIVISION Of CASftf & COOkE MERCHANDISING 2-DAY SPECIALS! SALE PRICES EFFECTIVE Friday, July 12th and Saturday, July 13th • Quantities limited to stock on hand • No dealer sales Delicate Blooming AFRICAN VIOLETS SALE! 1.19 4" Pot. Popular house plant adds a colorful accent to any room! Lavender, Pink or Deep Purple blossoms. Children's 2-Ring Vinyl WADING POOL SALE I 2.29 Sturdy vinyl pool Inflates to a full 36 ,; x8"! Delightful nursery rhyme print. ' Repair kit Included. Give the kids summer vacation fun right in their own backyardI 277 /////* Goring "Wear Dated" Guaranteed BOAT and CAMPER HOSE SALE! 8.99 H"x 50-Ft. Flexi-foamed construction for easy coiling even at below- freezing temperatures! Reinforced with nylon for extra strength. Heavy duty nickel- plated full-flow couplings for years of use. C-176 Black s Decker Cordless Electric GRASS SHEARS 14.99 Six 3" Blades. Cuts or trims grass with 6.0Q0 scissor-like cuts per minute on 1 charge! Batteries and charger unit included. Model 8280 Lightweight 30-Qt Foam I ICE CHEST SALE! 99* Just fill with ice to keep food and beverages cold for hours! Twin handles for easy portability. 212 UKfc*nv *K-28+ GOLF BALLS SALE! 2.49 Pack of 3.90 + compression championship golf balls. Durable Surlyn cover will not chip! Fore! QO-4 AMoeMtic LIGHT CONTROL Reg. 133 e%-m SALE! O .JJ / Automatically , turns lights or appliances on or off while you're away from home. Plugs into any standard outlet. A "must" for vacationers! K -39 General Electric FLASH CUBES SALE! 89' 3-Cube Pack. 12 guaranteed flashes. Work even on weak or old batteries! Protective Solid Brass CHAIN DOOR GUARD SALE! 69° Solid brass guard allows door to open only 4V2"! Chain intruders out in! Protect Your Home! DEADB0LT LOCK SET SPECIAL! 5.99' Turn knob to throw or retract bolt. Cannot be pried back in locked position! Easy do-it- yourself installation. Complete with 2 keys. N-254 Take-Along Travel Companions! SOFT SIDE LUGGAGE «*" a497 SALE! "T Designed for people on the go! Handsomely styled luggage in decorative floral linen with water-resistant vinyl backing. Built to last with non- crush steel frame and protective Tuck-THe lock and key. Soft sides expand for extra souvenirs! Choiceof patterns. «M%" 5.47 II" 1.47 21 .7J7 LC-8 House and Garden INSECT SPRAY SALE! 1.19 12-Oz. Spray Can. Concentrated spray kills insects that "bug" you. Indoors or outdoors! B-105 Medicated Skin Cleanser MULTI-SCRUB 1.69 VALUE 99 C 2-Oz. Tube. Soapless • cleanser for acne / -A and oily skin. II fl Put on a happy and clean face! Multi Scrub 279481 LOVING CARE. Clairol Hair Color LOVING CARE $2 VALUE 1.19 One application. Washes away, only the gray. .without changing the natural color .1 of your hair! 351472 Cotton Swabs Q-TIPS® SALE! 49* Box Of 170. Double-tipped pure white cottOn swabs. Flexible safety- cushioned ends. For cosmetic and baby use. "Rapid Fire" M-16 AUTOMATIC RIFLE SALE! 1.39 Realistic automatic rifle sound! Safe, sturdy plastic replica of M-16 rifle, batteries neededt r VALUE GIANT **° $• STATE ST. AT COBBI OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK Mon. Hw 11 IFr Saturday.... ...M ) 1 <~

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