The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 10, 1936 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 10, 1936
Page 8
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PAGE EIGHT • BLYTHIjjynjLE,' (ARK.) COURIER NEWS 'THURSDAY, DECEMBER 10, 1930 Brilliant 'Bama Boys Battle TCFTIS Will Meet In New ''"York on Dec. 13 (01 Clown i , BY IIAKRY GRAVSOV Spoils, Kiltlor, MA Service NEW YORK, Dec 10 — Hveiy- tMiif, Isn't ns iosj ni piofesMonnl _ football 05 mam folks Imagined We, .110 about to witness llie ."(range fpeclaclo of the champ- I us 'nf I 1 )" two divisions of Ihe rational laigup playing for the IUW, and the Fd. Thorpe inemor- | i.l trophy, before nn nllcn erovd In other woids the Green Bay) Packers, who won 10. lost 1, nnd li~d 1 game In the west and the IZcston Red-Vim, who bagged 1 r* d lo i 0 Qii the Atlantic sen- brnrJ on Dec 11 arc baling lo t f'tl tuck qn little old New York * fi make bot*> ends meet The site i Ihe I'olo a rou nds One mish 1 expect IhU In the ciie cf little Green Biy, WIs, w^cre Ihe c'ub has been a civic ro'josltlon sine" the ploncci dnjs Put when n second Boston team I as to move out whit one ob'" iei lemiiks mirl be true The IJnbs professional football herll- rsre apparently ins ben pissed lluouph Iho na^liuit'ipl windows Ororee Pir-inn Mirshill nnd his r^cclatc' 1 lime dioppcd $20,000 I'Ms jeer v 1th the finest gildlron aiTay that ever icpiesentcd Bos- Inn iinlil recciilly considcied by nran\ to be tl'c best gcneTil sports cent'r In the coimlrj N-« I'rofcssicml Allfinnoiil The Redskins beat the New Ynk Giants in rain, mud nnd darkness at the Polo Gioumls, 14, 0, nnd clinched Ihe enslcin leari- ^ ershlp lefore n home lown delegation cmnnc4c<l | of one spoils wrltei nnd the band of American Legion Post No 167 of West Rot- bury, Muss Mirshnll atlilbules his headache to Boston ( being 'Imply , c)azy about hoiscs The Eoslon clula of the new nnd now probnbly defunct American League couldn't raise sufficient money to go lo Cle\elnnd foi the finil game cf i's season Although the young Redskins e'osed wilh a'lush. they dldn I draw enough people li\ theb last two home games to pn\ the icnt nnd the visitors' guarantees The predicament will bring about a new alignment of piofesslonnl chics in 1937 Marshall cither will switch the RcdsUus to Ills home clly of Wnsl Ington oi combine them wilh 1'ie Philadelphia Enj- Ic.s Tile oulfll probably will go to Washington, for the idea now is lo. expand llie Nnlional loop to 10 clubs, wilh Cleveland being nd- milted as the fifth outnt In the In- Cleveland the American Ijcngxie Rnms <mdel Buzr \Vel?el, fpimcr Ohio Slate fullbick, dem- Sii'lrated that one of the earlier v>cats of professional football, Is rcndy to stage a complete comeback Nitlonal League moguls, long have ejcd Cleveland due lo its peifect geographical setting The plavers gel 60 nei cent of the icceipts in the pla\off aftci Ihe pirk rent is paid Tlie finalists divide 50 per cent of this, GO and 40 Tlie other 10 per cent pm In the clubs finishing second In their respective, divisions, In ^ this Cfl'e Pittsburgh __ in the cast and lha Chicago Bears In the Grayson Says Publicixecl Lxhibilion Will Never Be Staged NEW YORK, Dec. 9.—Take no ock In llie mucli-lalked-of 12- I round, no-decision contest between James J.' Brniddock and Joe Louis! tentnllvely scheduled•• for Conveh- lion Hall, Atlantic'.City, Feb. 9 Brnddock .and LouLs and their liiiiidlcrs: would like .to mnke-Hhe mntcti. So'would Ihe ; two ; great piomollonnl organisation. 1 !. Madi- 'on Square Gaiden and the 20th Century •Sporting Club/ the latter llie prize 'fight' department of the Heart; ncwpapers. Tlie trouble Is that. Max Sehmel- Ing knocked out • Louis.' That smnclilng and to jfr* uiiexptcitJ victory won the German the right lo box Bmddock for the Li tie.. Brnddock Is not only signed, but pledged, lo tackle Schmeling ii the Sunken Garden of Queens n June 3, Signals Over! This Is Basketball Season These University of Pennsylvania br*etbill players Just can t seem to lemember tint footbill seasoi is over The quMlet phjed a Wg part in the QuAers' gridiron destines this jenr, -ind now aic m-m beis of the ca s , squad They are, left to light Anton Mischo fonvaid v ho played end on the football squad Jim Hatee, cage guard and football ccnUi. DeWItt Hk*etts cente. In L-iskellnll .ind pigskin lineman, and Franny Muiray, ca!s» 8 ,md and Inckficld ice of Ihc end learn Don Unison, cntVliing, and Hiloy Smith, iitchhi'< wcie teammales nt Alnbum but they will be on OM>csllc sides whin Iho Gicen Bnj I'nckeu, pky Ihc Boston Redskins for the championship of the National Piofesslonnl Football League nt the Polo Ginnnds Kcc 13 Hutson plavs plcntj of end for the Packeis Smith doe 1 , considerable blocking iimnlng, and pissing foi the UedsHns the members of the New York' Boxing Commission, they keep heir woid ! As. a . member of the old license committee In 1926 . Brlg.-Gen. John J Phelnn, now chairman of I the bonid refused Jack Dempsey What caused Herman Taylor a ; license lo box Gene Tunney. oi Philadelphia lo launch the At- The commission, then dominated Inntic City movement was the by Big Jim Farley, now postmas- knowledge Hint Joe Gould, man- ter general,.recognized Harry Wills agcr of Brnddock, realizes that he : as the ranking challenger, made n giave mistake in permit-j ne mp , ey> or 1M , rha p, lt W as ing Schmeling to bent his shop- Rlckar(1 wanted no pail of wll|5 *oiii champion to Louis Braddoek ^ pl6ferred wnat they Mlev . would collect vastly more money ed was an easler touch m ^^ Farley and. Phelan were ada Manila Friends To Ilouot' Chick Football Team Ifarry (irayso- 1 NEW YORK—Neighbors, bill- dies, and loi me: tcamlnitss. Clmilcs Hanson Toll, Ji, and Charles Russeii Allen will come lo grips as lenm captains when Hui- vard Invades Die Princeton jungle ne\l fall Harvard and Princeton have hnd E\oter products ns captains but probably nevei befoie have elected joiing men who live close enough together to bo called neighbors Toll is the son of nn Amlierst professor of psvchology and makes Alteti's Greenfield. Is Mass. Chcsebro, nn orphan boy raised on n furm near Hamilton, played in Ihe (list foolball gimc lie evei saw Allhoiigli he scales 205 pounds, ho Ls one of the fastest tackles in Ihe same, which accounts for the fact Hint he never hns been ii substitute He lan plenty of interference for the Red Raiders Johnny Diw.e, Fordlmm end fiom mlnglon, N J, will te the (U^t baseman on the baseball teim next spi Ing Bill SiKcrmaii gunid co eiptiln of College of the ells of New York with Walter Schlmcnly, b-ick, Is Ihe college 'heavyweight,') boxing champion Sammy Donnlo, Inler- co)leglnle 1 wcltsi \velglit boxing champion and a member ~o! the ll^itest backneld'.ln the cast this year, Is ponn ^states co-captani with Johnny Economos guaid Dick -•of courts Allen's dad man- mlghtj few. If nnyi.scleclois 'sav\ ' ^U^vnrd^^nTro} ^^,-l'pooHn, bacK ottwo ™ 1S!,,K^ "L^l" 1 ^ ^,\co!^le\Sdowtrn1s lovvu inslitilllons. Amherst and Massachusclls Stntc, in qucsl of t)ie greater fnme Vhnt hns come his waj In rigeitown Neither Toll 1101 Allen vere known in high school competition Toll plnjed onlj'-one S"nsou nt HUle Amhersl High, which didn't bob into the spotlight long .enough to give anybody renson lo suspect that the gangling 14 jear-oUl joungsler al end would some day lead mighty Princeton Toll is one .af the tnllcsi, men in football. He slan'ds 6 feet 5 : Inches and weighs 220 pounds, yet Is so fast that he frcquentlj wns first down field under punts and carried tlie ball on tackle-around and lat- ernl-pnss plajs He kicked off Toll received plenty of consideration ' when nil-America lackles chibs last game Hi! also is a lei nmn In bisi.ball, basketball, iincl Iraek. < Tliese captains will do tl an toss Ihe coin Another BiiUaggip Hits Big Leagiics i Osme Worths of a Home I.ot The Rcdstms onlj three of whom stand Undei si\ feet are a g'eat defensive team In losing lo the Parkers, 'the> yielded only 28 varos from scrimmage, and In drop"'n, the easlern division lead lo Ihem Ihc PitLsbm^h Pirates owed Ihemselves two >ards In rvMng at the final whistle The Eoston-Gieen Bay contest , will ftnd Rlley Smith and Don Hulson famous Alabama athletes, Raj Flahertv the one-time Conz«Ki and Giant end, conches the Redskins, who get plenty of Necking Irom Riley Smith and r-»i- pinckert the old Southern California luminary Hlley Smith d—- -Mt C h of the po/slng Boston el«o 1-as Cliff Baltics tut Don Irvin who closed Ills college career at Colgate last sea- were named. In addition to his gridiron accomplishments he Is the varsity basketball ' center nnd a holputlcr. Inspiring Leader Helpful Allen didn't play football at GreenHeld High, w-here such slal- vvarts as' Eddie Lalor of Colgate, Hie late Connie Murphy of Pord- ham, nnd 'Joe Bonitskl oi rord- ham were turned'out, but did get Caruthersville Cagers j Open Against Wardel OAROTIIERSV1LLE. Mo., Dee 10—The CaruthcrsUlle hoop lenm opcmth.Is'scnson here Priduy night, meeting :thd;'slroiig Warden teams in tlie high school gjni the girls' game starting at 7 30 Conches Pierce and Hopke hi\i> about thlrtj-fivc out for the ghls squad this jeni, wilh about twenty out for the.bois 1 group Regulars back from last >cars girls' sqimd are Frances IXKlbetter, Mar'jorle Norment, Frances Slrouci Anna B. Oliver, Thclmn corrcll Marjprle Randolph, Betty Crysler Mar'jorle Wallace, and others who show grenl promise include Doro Ihy : fjnrp.cMt, Arlene Oliver, ^fnr^ Frances . Wallace, Juanlla Smith. Mary E. -Edwards, Esta. Bernstein. Roberta • Ow'iiby. Mary Downing, Ruth Drake and Madelon Rogers, bwl'ght NIckens and c. T. Daird for scrapping . LouLs thnn for meeting Schmeling, but it now is • , nan i too late for: Gould or anybody jk-c.lo do anything about it. Atlantic City 1 raining Camp Taylor dug up $100,000 and announced lliat he had piomoted an angel willing to guarantee Brad- Icck $100000 I doubt that Ihcie Is that much monei lying around loose for a in Iheii refusal lo permit to sidetrack Wills, despite the pressure of big business and politics The big show nnd i depiitmenl. will all the business thnt went with it | of ceremonies nnd vms transplanted to Philadelphia Need Not Worr> Standing will Phelan now is Blunt Bill Brown foi jears one MANILA, Ark.—Dec. 10.—Manila friends of the Blytheville . high school football team, leading claimant of the Arkansas ' title for 1936, will give a banquet .nt the Biplisl chmch heic tonight al 0:30 -o'clock.:for the Chickasaw learn, coaches and several special guests from Blylhevilie, W. .E. (Bill) Aumtiong, highway patrolman with the revenue i't as mnstei R."S. Hudson. lo-al bankei and allomej, will make a'short, talk on "The Value cf the Blytheville Foolball Tram »o Manila Byion Walkci captain of Ihe Ohickasaws will make a shoit talk ind each membei of The pension ended suddenly, he Eaid, without explanation and it has been a hard grind since. 'My advice to any yoims> athlete is to save his money—somethm dldn t do—but I had u good tiri when I was plajnig bill he si I ' 'Why, I was an athlete, i could -' put two barrels side by side, stand next lo them and (hen jump into one and then tlie other and out on the other side, Hartnian Is active enough to climb up the steep hillside whiM" he lives for frequent long walks BIJ money m Itaitmins dajs he said, wns $1.200 to $1,500 for a six-months contract. That was in (he days when lie played In the old National League. With the Chicago White Sox in 1901, he made nine assists without an error'to get hi:, name in the record book 1 no decision engagement featuring of New York s outstanding pro Biaddock nnd Louis Certainly, molcrs and icfeiees Brown ii tllc Chick squad will be presented uol nt Atlantic City In mid- stubborn and frank and calls a nlth n miniature football v Inter Atlantic City is a train- spade by its real name He too ing camp not i light center, and lias promised Schmeling the first a~ Braddock Louis bout would not crack at Braddock and there is be u big enough draw to tiansfomi no reason to suppose that anjone I I Into, the latter, especially with "v'nriythine am-'change his mind. he no-declslon clause. . . . | David Walker Wear,' the third bmce fe\ Rickard s time, it lias -"mnnsslonei never has failed to been llie GnrdLii Corporations uac k up his colleagues policy lo keep the heavyweight Brnddock boxing Louis; outside champion .under contract. : Chal- of ; New' York 'foi-;an 'organization cngeis. always have been .bound other than tlie Garden would o .make.-their first defense of the.'cause, legal 'entanglements. Itle foi the Garden m the event Schmeling is en route to New hat thej captured it 1 Max ;Bner intended to .hurdle the Gniden traces the night he squared off with Braddock,:; In- • deed the Butteifly Biilchei Boy ncccpled Brnddock ns n soft one lo fulfill :his ; Garden contract, tlieii •'proposed fight the more magnetic Louis on his own. But !lie amazing Braddock kept tlie Garden, championship string MARTINS TCRRY O (UP) — For the first time in seven years'. Ohio coal mines are looking for miners. A newspaper bore n 1rr |o-| I'll advertisement foi 250 loiders foi the Pouhitan Mine the stit s Ingest collierj : Yoik from Beilln to protect his interests. The Black .Uhlari need have no feir The New York com- nisslon will see .'lliat- he gets all hut,is coming to him. Braddock vs.. Louis at Atlantic 3ity Teb 9? ,1'orget il. It's'just n dream, Armorel Cagers Win Two It Vincc DiMagglo, above, | proves to be Vmlf ns good an outfielder as his brother, Joe, he's sure to stick with the Bos-, ton Bees next year. Vince,' two years older than the. New. York 'Yankees' star outfielder, was purchased by,the Ueanlqvvn National League club from San Diego for cash, Outfielder Rupert Thompson nnd Pitcher Jim Chaplin. He hit .298 with the Pacific Coast League club last season. intact b> coming down in front In a slovenly exhibition. Olbei promokis and fighters have tried :to beat, tlie law flrra representing tlie* • Garden'— and failed. A contract- is a'contract. ConinM r *"iorers Kesp Word The New Yoik Bo\mg Com mission definitely promised Ichmellng n championship .match with Bradeiock , in'. the' event that 'he Teuton eliminated Louis. Brad- Jock and Schmeling vvere to have it out last fall, arid when a Bradlock ailment forced a nent. the fistic fathers .reiterated i j'heii promise to llie Feiocious "'lankfuitci Whatever else may be sntd about In one season of baseball A hard I two regulars from last veu s bovs ' reallv made the club with his !">» hue-king In the last two contests after spending the greater jv>rt of the campaign in the Am- rr"an League Boston has Wayne Miller, the Notie Dame end of 193a and. Tuik Edwards, a rein "rkable 260-pound tactle ' Green Bav has sunerlatUc backs in Monett Hinkle, Blood Clemens ard Johrslon, and stalwart line»i"n in Hulson large Ernie Smith, anj Sch^ammel Hutson 1s one of 'he ^fastest ends snd best pass receivers In the business He was the celebrated Dixie Howclls bat- tcrj male nt Alabama Engezret- son Is an acsuralc kicker of field Boston and Green Bay collidi. In a-game worthy of a home lot plugging guard, he kicked the two pclnls after touchdown that tied Princeton and came inlo Ihe Yale engagement a play too late to deadlock that one, too. He Is a hockey luminary. Some schools cling lo tbe policy Inaugurated soma years back and choose no permanent caplnln, but an inspiring leadar remains a ^ helpful adjunct lo a college foot- i ball array squad, will be Ineligible uiilil after the holidays because of grades Other regulars (his year .include B Ownby, Clint Murphy, Gerald Hargrove. Cap Gallinn, George Walker, Bennett Cook, Marvin Tliornsberry and Wv S. Fowler,'. hvlth several others showing promise, among them Chester Stephnn, Alfred Tilman. Bob Mick, Winston Crawford and Leon Crawford. It has been estimated that, : the cost r f a television network in the Unlljd Stales would exccd $150,- tOOOt.0 And Meet Yarbro Tonight Annorcl cagers who meet Yai- bro .baskete'ers . in,.rural . school round; robin-games at the armory here lonight, won two games Tuesday night the girls defeating Lone Oak, 9 to 4, nnd the boys tiouncing Gosnell, 15 to 9 j The Lone Oak .girls saved their, school fiom n double loss by ek- ! ing out : '<av 10';to. 9 decision over' (•asnell girls in a hard fought contest. ' 1 The Gosnell .boys came through with; a 12 ,to 8 triumph over the Lone Oak bojs ' Read Conner Ntws.Want Ads. Old Infalder Tells I Players to Be Thrifty McKEESPORT. Pa. (UP1— Base- rail is still the "good old game" to Fred Hart man, who was one of baseball's best third basemen in the 90s and around the turn of the century, Now 71, Hartnian is living . In s one-room shack several miles from here His shack ndioins a coal mine l tipple, \vlieie he acts aj wit"hinHn to get n ulace to sl-4 All that he has is the shanty, his-dog, niid a hunting rifle, bill the cheers of his baseball daj-s still 'ring in his ears. Thcj tell me ' h» said tint Ibis game of football is crowding baseball out. 'Well,' I cnn't see it. It looks like nothing to me— a rough game' with nothiiibf' to watch. tlnlll seveial sears igo Hart man was getting n monthly pen sion from the Nalional League ~ Play Billiards OAR- Develops heninig giowl and stecis mean— Wiolcsome Recrfatlon Moilcrately Priced Blytheville Recreation Center 316 W- Main i- Former Home of Bell's Pharmacy GAUNER ' API'LETON MARVIN OHAPPEU, It is warn living yon lo our. hiliricnlioii and — service .Relieve llie sham nn your .'bank-- roll; -f or you'll pay too much for every neglected lubrication. ^.. —Let's Lubricate! Service Genter , Footprints More Accurate * BERKELEY, Cal (UP) — T h , tjnlverslly of California has dem cistra'ed that fooforintmn constl ''futes as such a method of identift cation 4$ finger orbiting pii prints of Identical twins shttwe r hUrn^te relationships' but still dlfferetice , •> ^ . Cotton 'and artiflcia! silk mate "rial Is being made by a proce tl-at Insures It agalnsf v-nnkllng. Excepllonnllv fine >nd versatile thletes will lead llie top gridiron orcss in 1937. Clinl Frank vvns named on sev- ral All-America teams with Larry Celley, his teammate and the end e succeeds as Yale's captain. Tile 'vnnston lad called Old Ell's plays nd >&as a great runner and passer nd defensive back. Jim Isbcll, Army captain-elect, s color Ecrgcnnt of the cadet corps, he highest honor available to a member of his class. A resident of Union city. Tenn.. he is a 200- xiund tackle and a boxer. Ray DuBots of Navy Is a guard, a lacrosse player, and a wrestler. He prepped at Andover and halls from Nnugatuck, Conn. Merrill Davis is a 6 fool 3 Inch 195-pound - Dartmouth end and president of-his class. Registering from Bradford. Pa., Davis was « Peddle . teammate of Kelley o! Yale, playing alongside htm a tacilc, then succeeding him at end Ed Hughes, center, was one of tw upper-class men. who were regu lars at Cornell. He resides ii Pittsburgh Colgate Captain Home-Grown Red chesebro Is the first Kami! ton product to caplaln Colgat slTirp Bolf west of 20 jpira ago tl. //i, ARISTOCRAT^RADIO'S MOST DISTINGUISHED FAiVlILY 1937 W HEN Old Man Winter lakes the mound and startsbcar- ing down,' nothing can pinch- hit for HANESl Get Into this union-suit, and put a short- atop to ihiyem and shakes! There's a world of warmth, a wealth of health, in HANRS Heavyweight Champion. Its close-knit ribs of fleecy nap, buttoned up your front, arc a perfect chest-protector.,. and, down on your legs, a perfect s'll be the most comfortable Winter you ever lived through, and you'll likely be freer of sneezes and £nifilo»I Here's something else about HANES: \Ve pull a double- play on our sizes — give you chest and trunk measurement*! Bend, twist, stretch, and reach — HANES never binds or cramps* Buttons, buttonholes, cuffs, and seams are sewed with-* out an error! See your ; HANES Dealer today, KANEL5 Union-Suit., « Ulu<- trated above, U up . • Shirts and Drawer* tug'in at 75< . , Boy*' Union-Suits, 75c . . Mer- rlcMia WaSil-Suit», 7$« . . cbo WINTER SETS (the nsvsJiht* anJ knit *hoHt, HJutirotcJ at rtfht}, Me «n<f 5Sc per e*r- ment. P. H. Htnt* Knltttnr Co- Wloitoa-Salem, North Carolina. THE ANTI- FREEZE FOR MEN AND UNDERWEAR BOVS ZGtl/MA And a real arislocrai if is loo! A radio lhal belongs in Ihe lines! homes in America, because ii brings wilh il a herilage of quality and character found in no olher radio. Aradio of impressivebeauiy! A radio of amazing peiforma'nce! A 15-iube superheterodyne-gels foreign and domestic programs^ police, aviation and amateur calls. CONVENIENT TERMS. ' Other RCA Viclor models item S20.CO .. »«r p,. 5 I ant ewliol clpn. Sound flowlnj tftousfc iM, ,it, lrv eo ,,,j,, J.V" S". ""'"nlcol Boon' Ii IS RCA Melal Tubes , . Super Fidelily 12" Dynamic Speaker .. Selector Dial. Phonograph Conneclion. Built-in Anlenna Cqupl«. . Ev«iry worthwhile ' Hardaway Appliance Co. phnnc 233 Main & Second

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